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    Story Hours Index (Authors, add your own):

    The template for entries is:

    Title: Title
    Author: Name
    Number of Threads: # (NOTE: That's "Threads", not "Posts"!)

    Type: Fantasy/Horror/Humour/Modern/Sci-Fi (with subtypes, if you must).
    System: D&D 3.5e/Whatever
    Setting: Forlorn Corners/Greyhawk/Homebrew/Iron Kingdoms/Kalamar/Whatever

    Started: 28 May 2003 (Day Month 4-Digit Year - Remember, Europe & the USA do it differently! 12/5/2005 is Dec. 5th in America, 12 May on the continent, so please spell out the month!)
    Status: Completed/Inactive/Ongoing
    Average Installment Length: Short/Medium/Long/Verbose (No hard & fast rule, decide for yourself).
    Average Frequency of Installments: Daily+/Daily/Weekly/Monthly, whatever.

    Available for Download? Yes (provide link)/No
    Style: 3rd person narrative prose, with occasional winks to the underlying mechanics/Journal/Whatever.

    Overview: What's this story about, anyway? (Please keep it short!)

    Reader Comment: (Please limit it to one, and also keep it short!)

    Special: Links to web sites, Rogues Gallery threads, other such stuff (if needed).

    Any entries that you don't need (like "Special"), just leave'm out! You'll have to add your own links, if you want an entry. Sorry!
    And if you haven't done it yet, why not add one of your favorite individual updates to the Story Hour Sampler Thread?
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