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    HR Ideas

    Here I'll place Ideas lost to the void, or ideas I've seen unexploited.
    For me, and for anyone else.
    Ideas devoured by the crash:

    Weapon Mastery Feats (Strengthening the Weapon Focus chain, maybe eventually allowing it to apply to more weapons)

    Master the Mods Feats (Feats that grant benefits based in how many of the same type of feats you've got)

    Scaling the "Alertness" style feats

    Improved Saving throw feats

    Hoplite combat feats

    Prerequisites: Bab 7+, Weapon finesse, Weapon Focus (finnesseable weapon),
    Benefit: Add 1/2 your Dex bonus to damage rolls with finnesseable weapons

    Prerequisites: Bab 12+, Grace, Weapon Specialization (finnesseable weapon)
    Benefit: Add your Dex modifier as bonus damage on damage rolls with a weapon you have Weapon Specialization with. This doesn't stack with the benefits from Grace.

    Specialist Wizard strongly Diferentiated classes

    Replace a Paladin's mount by an improving Holy Armor

    Momentum: a state you are able to enter after a succesful hit and to conserve must either do a Dex (or was it Concentration) check or hit again the next round.
    This included feats which benefitted nimble warriors.


    feat that allows you to pick any one-two skill/s and make it a class skill.

    instead of a (massive - 20% XP?! ) penalty for mixing non-favored classes, it provided an incentive (bonus feat every 5 levels) to stay in the favored class.

    Take the Bard.
    Take out the magic, good reflex saves, and reduce skillpoints.
    Change the songs to "Auras" activated when an order from the commander is issued (and heard).
    Add in Armor&Shield proficiency, and Martial weapon proficiency. d8 HD and leadership at lvl 6.

    What do you think about giving the ranger a choice?:
    1-Get a Good (and improving) animal companion
    2-Follow a Fighting Style (Better than the current options)
    3-Get spellcasting as a Druid 1/2 (or 1/2+1) his level
    4-Get niffty bonuses to survival/hide/move silently/climb/jump

    Giant Paragon Class. Among other things makes them grow to Huge size.

    7-level PrC for one-handers, at lvl 5 gives Full Str Damage to off-handed weapons, and at level 7 gives x1.5 Str bonus damage with one-handed weapons as well as treating them as 2-handed weapons with respect to Power Attack.

    "Lycanthropic" Shapeshifter Core Class

    Class based on using the PC's life energy to open a "gate" through which a extraplanar being enters the Material, directed by the weakened character. Example: A shadow "monster" summoned when there is need.
    like: "a dark magic part of him that can be unleashed"

    Explore a possible Run20ft.-Jump-Spring Attack-EndJump

    Way of...
    When the PC has fulfilled the requirements for certain "Way/Style", he gains certain benefits related with Style.

    My idea: Give a non-combat feat every 2 levels, starting at 1st. On top of that give the normal feats.
    By non combat I mean: not directly enhancing specific combat prowess or spellcasting defense/offense. (examples: Endurance, Die hard, Iron Will, Lighting Reflexes, Great Fortitude, Skill focus, Run, Spell Mastery, Toughness, Track)

    Wish Points: each costs 2 AP (from those obtained not by level but through actions), from lvl 15 onwards you gain wish points equal to your character level each time you level up. You can spend 10 WP to get a similar result as from a Wish, or to get 5 AP.

    a system of "legacies" that occur every 5 levels. One of the things you can do with a legacy is gain a "mythic" feat. Some of the mythic feats are simply rewritten epic feats.

    Str only adds to damage with two-handed weapons, also adds to AC whenever wielding a shield (except when the shield doesn't provide its shield bonus).
    Dexterity adds to damage with crossbows.
    Charisma, instead of Wisdom adds to Will saves.

    2 more skillpoints per level to be spent on Jump, Climb, Swim, Tumble.
    2 more skillpoints per level to be spent on Proffession, Knowlege, Craft.

    Tumble is a check opposed by a d20+Bab of the opponent.

    "One of my players is starting out a 1st level cleric and she would really really like to have a Staff of the Python. What I'd like to do is give her an itty bitty snake staff now that would be a trivial help to her and could grow over time to become a full staff when it's appropriate.
    a) spy-snake-stick: much like a short-duration familiar, send it off to spy and report back
    b) dart-snake-stick: throw at people, weak poison
    c) sign-of-office-snake-stick: bonus to influence over the faithful when transformed, hisses at liars
    d) healing-snake-stick: first aid bonus when transformed, sheds healing scales"

    "So I was talking to someone about D&D a couple of days ago, and they mentioned a feat called "Wading Cleave".
    Prerequisites were 'Great Cleave', 'Spring Attack', and a min of x Str or Dex (cant remember). The feat worked like 'Great Cleave', but allowed the person to make a free 5ft step between each extra attack up to their curent speed."

    anything extra you roll over on your "to hit" roll turns in to damage

    ECL x 2 = "Dramatic" hp; which is used in a situation deemed "dramatic" by the DM... Not a purely mechanical mechanic...

    Tonguez posted
    MANA: Status and Influence
    While status is determined by order of descent from founder ancestors all members of a clan are related and thus all members can claim a degree of Mana (authority). As such the Influence a person has over others in the clan is often more important than status in terms of final Authority. In this manner a Matahau or in rare cases even a commoner could gain more Mana than the Ariki and so attain the Chieftainship of a clan, the Ariki maintaining only ceremonial status.
    An individuals Influence is determined by their actions, their charisma and importantly their ability to provide for others. Someone with great Influence has greater ability to access and use the resources of the clan, they will have greater support amongst the people, and greater capacity to secure the loyalty and handiworks of skilled craftsman, warriors, and tohunga. Moreover great Influence means great mana, the ability to weild powerful objects and the interest and favour of the Atua (spirits).
    Initial Mana is Level + Cha, a PC with Influence of 0 or less is of Commoner status and must seek the patronage of a more influential PC.
    As Hawaiki has no concept of a money economy (being based instead on Ritual Gift Exchange) Influence determines the relative 'wealth' of a character and their ability to access and use resources and equipment they require. Starting Characters may use the standard starting wealth in the PHB however all subsequent item acquisitions are based on Influence. All items have a Influence DC it is assumed that a PC can access all items with a DC equal or less than their Influence. Items with higher DCs require an Influence check (D20+Influence)

    more to come... (and new ones too)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Land Outcast
    Strength bonus to shields.....

    Specialist Wizard strongly Diferentiated classes......

    Momentum: a state you are able to enter after a succesful hit and to conserve must either do a Dex (or was it Concentration) check or hit again the next round.
    This included feats which benefitted nimble warriors.......

    These three really got me thinking/questioning. The Specialist Wizards is something I have on again off again worked on. I think that to truly do a Specialist Wizard, each one MUST be its own class, of course with the caveat that taking levels in one precludes taking levels in any other, or the base Wizard. This could work though. (I would of course not make one for Necromancy and instead use the Dread Necromancer as the Necro specialist.)

    I am not sure I am tracking what you are talking about with the Momentum, can you elaborate more?

    The Strength bonus to shields...I am assuming you mean to AC, right? If so, I would make this a feat. Maybe something like this:

    Strong Arm
    Prerequisites: Dodge, Combat Expertise, Str 13, Proficiency with shields
    Benefit: When using a shield with which you are proficient, in addition to the granted shield bonus, you gain a deflection bonus to your AC equal to your Strength bonus. The bonus cannot exceed the shield bonus granted by the shield.

    I think that would be a good feat, and would help out the Sword and Board guy alot. Just my $0.02

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    When in momentum you gain +2 to hit and +1 to damage.
    You can only enter momentum if wearing light, medium, or no armor.
    To enter momentum you must drop an opponent. (With a succesful attack with a melee weapon)
    You lose momentum except if you manage to make a succesful attack during your turn.

    A whole new mechanic. (similar to what I just presented)

    and then create feats related to it

    TFYT (Thanks for your thoughts)

    note: If you have any interesting undeveloped ideas, post them.

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    This post will be for campaign/society/adventure/whatever ideas.

    Work on a Roman-like Goblinoid society

    Paragons of mankind (or whatever-kind) were created to protect/rule a certain land/continent; but instead they divided the land among themselves and now each "state" has particular eccentricities(sp?) according to its master.
    Some are confronted, some are allied. Some are just organisations, not even land-bound.

    "The GM told me to come up with a backstory... thinking fast, I went to Authurian legends. the questing beast. I was chasing the questing beast.
    For those of you that don't know, the Questing Beast never existed... well, it was VERY real to the man that persued it, but otherwise it was ficticious. It was used as an excuse to set a knight to wander forever in search of that which did not exist, think, holy grail but not even theoretical."
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