Dog Moon's Creatures [Updated 10-05-13]
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    Dog Moon's Creatures [Updated 10-05-13]

    10/11/12 Update: The creatures in here are all 3.5 creatures. However, I am no longer using the 3.5 ruleset. What I am using is Pathfinder. So I will be going through and updating these creatures to Pathfinder. In addition, I have some new creations that I will be adding to make this thread more than just me updating these creatures.

    Okay, in an effort to combine my creatures into one place [highly updated, of course] and into what is likely a more appropriate Forum than the Rogue's Gallery, I am posting my creations here. Although before I didn't mind if other people posted their creations, I'd rather they not here, though comments/suggestions are of course welcome and appreciated.

    Descriptions of what I did with the creatures will go beneath the entire creature. For most, this just includes names of Monsters/Classes used, but in some cases, I've modified pre-existing Templates/Creatures to make them a little more fitting for what I had envisioned. I will mention what I did in the area below found in Dark Red. If nothing changed, I will just list the name and the source.

    As for Treasure, I have given each only magical equipment within 1-2,000gp, most of the time under the NPC listing, a couple of times over. I figure that most would have easy access to any mundane equipment you might like, especially since most are beneath the average amount for NPCs of their CR.

    Occasionally, I will be adding additional NPCs that relate to a previous creation. In this case, I will create links in both cases for ease. These will be listed after the Adventure Hooks.

    Some of these might be recognized by some, but they've been expanded, so they should still hopefully hold a little something new. I think that's all I need to explain, so enjoy.

    Creatures by CR [3.5]

    1: Dire Quail

    2: Maniac

    3: The Forgotten
    3: Possessed Ioun Stone

    4: Deranged Lizardfolk [Lizardfolk Undead-Blooded Ranger 2
    4: High Elf Unicorn
    4: Weidziec

    6: Khad
    6: Medusa Head [Vargouille'd Medusa

    7: Advanced Paper Golem Swarm-Shifter
    7: Driv'vt [Rogue 3/Fighter 2/Invisible Blade 2 Drow]
    7: Pearls of the Moon and Fallen Onyxes
    7: Suintar

    8: Doriy'ya Dor'Korath [Drow Spider (Hunter) Wizard 5]
    8: Fire Wolf [Advanced Amorphous [modified] Winter[Fire]wolf]
    8: Speigliai [Insectile Dire Porcupine Dreadnaught]

    9: Ful Hund
    9: Penein
    9: Sceaduwe Fyr

    10: Grentok [Gnoll Druid 3/Divine Oracle 6]
    10: Krempek
    10: Rokaat [Kobold Lizard (monitor) Half-Dragon (red) Druid 5]
    10: Sjal Tuv

    11: Dis'Troewe
    11: Hlikar of the Brokenclaw Tribe [Gnoll Dire Wolverine Warchief 5]
    11: Horace the Scorpion Killer [Man scorpion Marshal 7]
    11: Zakraylia [Half Medusa Half Fiend Lillend]

    12: Gelatinous Multiheaded Chimera
    12: Mayralika Okrelik [Tauric Medusa Manticore (Multi-headed)(4 heads)(Cryo)]

    13: Chimera Spawn of Juiblex
    13: Loreliana Grayeth [High Elf Unicorn Ranger 1/Cleric 1/Harper Paragon 7]
    13: Tarod [Entombed/Human Rogue 3/Assassin 8]

    14: Riliyana [Cleric 3/Fighter 3/Stoneblessed 3/Hammer of Moradin 5]
    14: Sarava [Ghost Hexblade 12]

    16: Earth Elemental Guardian [Earth Elemental Fighter 1/Knight Protector 10 Swarmshifter]

    17: Earth Elemental [Evolved Necromental Earth Elemental, Elder Tomb Warden 3]
    17: Tressa [Dryad Druid5/Blighter6 Lich Evolved Undead]

    +1: Ooze Born
    +2: Elemental Blooded
    +2: Pyre Creature

    Varies: Vargouille

    Part 1: Society
    Part 2: The Vine
    Part 3: Religion
    Part 4: Traits
    Part 5: Statted Goblins

    Creatures by CR [Pathfinder]

    9: Tauric Human Phase Spider Ninja 9

    Creature Templates [Pathfinder]
    Bloodied Snowmen
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