Dark Sun 3.5
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    Dark Sun 3.5

    Character's for this Dark Sun Campaign:

    Erianna Thyrzan - Female Human Shaper 3 played by Rystil Arden

    Heartseer Jitock - Male Pterran Telepath 3 played by Voadam

    Darkclaw Myllik - Male Pterran Psychic Warrior 3 played by Bront

    Kurvik - Male Elf Templar 1/Bard 2 played by Steve Gorak

    Quaketongue Ristu - Male Pterran Druid 3 played by jkason

    Ugg - Half-giant played by Bloodweaver1
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    Erianna Thyrzan
    Female Human Shaper 3
    Medium Humanoid
    Alignment: Neutral
    City-State: Tyr

    Height: 5' 5''
    Weight: 120lbs
    Skin: Soft creme with a light tan
    Hair: Chestnut-Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Age: 20

    Str: 8 (-1) [0 points]
    Dex: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    Con: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Int: 18 (+4) [16 point]
    Wis: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Cha: 14 (+2) [6 points]

    Racial Abilities:
    Bonus Feat, Bonus Skills

    Class Abilities:
    17 PP

    Powers Known-
    1-Astral Construct, Crystal Shard, Entangling Ectoplasm, Force Screen, Inertial Armour, Vigour
    2-Swarm of Crystals

    Hit Dice: 3d4 + 6
    HP: 15
    AC: 10 [] (AC 14 or higher with Inertial Armour)
    Armor Check Penalty: 0
    Init: +0 (+0 Dex)
    Speed: 30ft

    Fortitude +6 [+1 base, +2 Con, +2 Psicrystal, +1 Cloak]
    Reflex +2 [+1 base, +0 Dex, +1 Cloak]
    Will +6 [+3 base, +2 Wis, +1 Cloak]

    BAB: +1
    Melee Atk: +0 (melee weapon)

    Ranged Atk: +1 (as per power)

    Bluff +8
    Concentration +8
    Diplomacy +6
    Knowledge (Arcana) +10
    Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +10
    Knowledge (Psionics) +12
    Listen +4
    Psicraft +10
    Spot +4
    Use Psionic Device +8

    Overchannel (1st level)
    Psicrystal Affinity [Hero] (Human Bonus)
    Alertness (Psicrystal)
    Talented (Telepath 1)
    Boost Construct (3rd level)

    Languages: Common, Draconic, Pterran, Thri-Kreen, Infernal

    +1 Cloak of Resistance (1,000 CP)

    Current load:

    Carrying Capacity light – lbs or less, medium – lbs, heavy – lbs. Lift lbs, Lift and Stagger lbs, Push/Drag lbs

    1,700 CP

    Appearance: Erianna appears refined and full of nobility and grace when she is at her best, poised and smiling charmingly among a crowd of new friends in a beautiful gown. Out in the rough desert, she is all-too-often sweaty, itchy, and generally-uncomfortable, which mars her air of nobility and poise somewhat.

    Personality: Erianna is a kind and loyal friend with a benevolent streak that appears sporadically when she feels like it. Those who make themselves her enemy, however, are in for a carefully calculated revenge. She feels a sense of camaraderie with all other practitioners of the psionic Way, and she is quick to make friends amongst wealthy humans as well. Nonetheless, she considers those without psionic talent with a hint of suspicion, as they might be jealous of the powers she controls.

    Background: Erianna is a young member of a prominent Merchant House, and she had her way paid through an Academy because of this. Aside from the harsh strictures of the Academy's training, Erianna has had a relatively easy life so far, at least easier than many Athasians. But recently, someone in her own house, perhaps one who felt threatened by the talented young psion, whispered to those above that Erianna had taken away from the house's funds for Academy training without giving anything back in return. And so it was decided that she would accompany a trading caravan as the house's official envoy. She does not relish the task, in fact she is extremely annoyed, not used to life in the harsh desert wastelands outside of her home city-state. Even the thought of sleeping in a tent and getting sand all over her is irksome. Ultimately, she hopes to discover her secret enemy and pay back what is due...if she ever recovers from this defacto near-exile.
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    Darkclaw Myllik

    Name: Darkclaw Myllik
    Class: Psychic Warrior 3
    Race: PTerran
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: LG
    Str: 18 +4 (16p.)    Level: 3        XP: 3000 / 6000
    Dex: 12 +1 (6p.)     BAB: +2         HP: 23 (3d8+6)
    Con: 14 +2 (6p.)     Grapple: +6     Dmg Red: -/-
    Int: 10 +0 (2p.)     Speed: 30'      Power Points: 7 / 7
    Wis: 16 +3 (6p.)     Init: +1        Manifester Level: 3
    Cha: 10 +0 (0p.)     ACP: -0         Save DC: +3
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +4*    +0    +1    +0    +0    +0    15
    Touch: 11              Flatfooted: 14
    *Inertial Armor
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      3    +2    +3    +7
    Ref:                       1    +1    +1    +2
    Will:                      1    +3    +1    +4
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Thanak                    +7      2d6+6       20x3*
    Longbow (100')            +4      1d8+4       20x3
    Claws                    +6/6     1d3+4       20x2
    Bite(Secondary)          +6(6)    1d4+2       20x2
    *1 pt of Strength Damage on Crit
    Languages: PTerran, Common
    Pterran Racial Abilities
    - -2 Racial Penalty to Listen checks
    - Natural Weaponry: Claws 1d3, Bite 1d4.
    - Missive at will to other Pterrans
    - Weapon Familiarity: Thanak
    - Life Path: Path of the Mind
    Psionic Warrior Class Abilities
    - Bonus Feat: Psionic Fist
    - Bonus Feat: Psycrystal Affinity
    Psionic Powers
    Prescience, Offensive
    Inertial Armor
    Force Screen
    Psionic Fist
    Psicrystal Affinity
    Improved Multi-Attack
    Skill Points: 12       Max Ranks: 6/3
    Skills                Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Autohypnosis		5    +3    +2    +10
    Concentration		5    +2          +7
    Listen			0    +3    -2    +1
    Equipment:                      Cost  Weight
    MW Thanak			375	7
    MW Thanak			375	7
    MW Longbow +4 Str		700	3
    40 Arrows			2	6
    Stomping Boots			600	1
    Guardian Sash (Resistance +1)	1000	1
    Satchel				2	2
    -Waterskins(5)			5	20
    -Days Rations(5)		2.5	5
    -50' silk Rope			10	5
    Total Weight:50lb      Money: 3 cp 5 bit
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:               100   200   300   600   1500
    PSICRYSTAL 	Diminutive Construct
    Hit Points:	12 ((3d8+6)/2)
    Initiative:	+2
    Speed:		30 ft. (6 squares), climb 20 ft.*
    Armor Class:	17 (+4 size, +2 Dex*, +1 Natural), touch 16, flatfooted 15
    BAB/Grapple:	+0/–17
    Attack:Full Attack:Space/Reach:	1 ft./0 ft.
    Qualities:	Construct traits, hardness 8, psicrystal granted abilities
    Saves:		Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +4
    Abilities:	Str 1*, Dex 15*, Con —, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 10
    Skills:		Autohypnosis +5(5), Climb +10(0)*, Concentration +5(5), Listen +6(4), Move Silently +6(4), Hide +18(0), Search +2(4), Spot +6(4)
    Feats:		Alertness
    *With self-propulsion ability activated.
    Construct Traits:
    A psicrystal has immunity to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, necromancy effects, mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects), and any effect that requires a Fortitude save unless it also works on objects or is harmless. It is not subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, or energy drain. It cannot heal damage, but it can be repaired. Psicrystals do not have the usual construct traits of darkvision and low-light vision.
    Psicrystal Granted Abilities:
    - Speak: Common
    - Alertness - Granted to Master if within arm's reach
    - Improved Evasion - 1/2 or no damage on reflex save
    - Personality - Hero (+2 Fortitude Save)
    - Self-propulsion - Last 24 hours
    - Share Powers
    - Sighted - '40 radius
    - Telepathic Link
    - Deliver Touch Powers
    A psicrystal (with its self-propulsion ability activated) uses its Dexterity modifier instead of its Strength modifier on Climb checks. It has a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks and can always choose to take 10, even if rushed or threatened. A psicrystal has the same skill ranks as its owner, except that it has a minimum of 4 ranks each in Spot, Listen, Move Silently, and Search. (Even if its owner has no ranks in these skills, a psicrystal has 4 ranks in each.) A psicrystal uses its own ability modifiers on skill checks.

    Age: 13
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 194lb
    Eyes: Green
    Fin: Dark brown/black
    Scales: Light brown, with dark brown/black claws.
    Darkclaw was named for his dark brown/black claws and fin, which contrast greatly with the rest of his light brown scales. He is quite muscular, and wears a simple loincloth and sash, with his satchel hanging from his side, and sword over his shoulder.

    Darkclaw is generally structured and direct in his thinking. He is generally friendly but reserved till he gets to know someone. He is a fierce and protective warrior, particularly for those few who he calls friends, mostly because he has lost so many of them to the pits.

    Darkclaw Myllik was an eager youth of the Mind Wings tribe. Learning the Path of the Mind, Darkclaw opened himself up to his innate psionic powers. However, he was taken from his tribe as a youth, by a band of raiders, along with several tribal supplies and weapons. He was sold to the Verandas House, a house dealing mostly in gladiators and slaves in the city-state of Nibenay. He, along with Sunfin Illam, were selected to be gladiators, and Sunfin, a great warrior of his tribe, took Darkclaw under his wing and taught him some of the ways of Pterran combat.

    Unfortunately, Sunfin soon met his demise, in a game rigged to make him a crowd enemy. Darkclaw was given Sunfin’s Thanak, and told to train, for he was now older and presentable as a warrior. Darkclaw thrived in the pits as a strong warrior, and gained respect and cheers of the crowd, despite his young age. While he worked well with Sunfin’s Thanak, the crowd preferred when he used his natural weapons, and soon the name “Darkclaw” was chanted whenever he emerged, him having earned a very small cult following.

    Torrence Gelding purchased Darkclaw at a cheap price when you were badly wounded (though victorious) in the fighting pens, as Verandas House was interested in selling before his act got old. Gelding, who is against slaves fighting and slavery in general, had a group of ex-gladiator employees whom he finds to be loyal servants and friends. Seeing a great deal of potential in Darkclaw, he hired him as bodyguard and escort in his lucrative business as a gem dealer in the loosely organized Renythi League

    Torrance gave Darkclaw food and a place to stay, as well as got him some proper training in his blended warrior and psionic talents. Meanwhile he worked off his purchase price, at a (somewhat) fair wage as labor and guard for the merchant. He earned a few honors in the house as well, and was granted a few items of value.

    Having just finished working off his debt (and perhaps a bit more), Torrance told him that he would be willing to continue hiring him, but it was time he took care of himself. Torrance would pay Darkclaw a real wage, and Darkclaw would be free to decline and move on, for he had honored his end of the deal. Darkclaw is still new to the sands, and even newer to his freedom, and he decided that for now, staying with the merchant that he owes his freedom to would be the best thing for him. So, Torrance hired Darkclaw as a freelance operative to escort a collection of ancient amber bracelets from the Green Age that he bought in Urik but needs transported to his home in Tyr. Relying on you with this small fortune in antique jewelry, you have signed on with a mekillot caravan coming from Urik.

    In the past week, you have befriended a human shaper merchant named Erianna. You find yourself being protective of her around the some of the rougher traders and guards whom find her to be both pretty and innocent. One fight and a guard with a broken jaw has defined you as her bodyguard on this trip

    Recently, he met up with two more Pterrans, who have are hunting for a defiler. Now Darkclaw is torn between reminders of a life long past, and his new life in the sands. However, he can only do what any good Pterran would, and offer guidance and help to fellow Pterrans in a strange land.

    Erianna, Human Psion (Shaper) (Rystil Arden) – A kindred spirit in the Path of the Mind in may ways, despite not being a Pterran. She is a good friend and has helped Darkclaw adjust to a free life over the past week. He finds himself often acting as a bodyguard for her, even when not asked to.

    Quaketongue Ristu, Pterran Druid (Jkasson) – The first familiar voice of a Pterran, it was a good surprise on his first venture as a free being. He is even newer to the sands, and Darkclaw hopes he can offer himself as a guide.

    Heartseer Jitock, Pterran Psion(Telepath) – Another Pterran, and follower of the Path of the Mind. Perhaps he and Erianna may get along.

    Kurvik, Elf Templar/Bard (Steve Gorak) – Only reciently met, Darkclaw isn’t quite sure how far he can trust the man. He relates neither as a warrior nor a psion, and does not seem to follow any paths.

    Ugg the Skullcrusher, Half-Giant warrior(Bloodweaver1) – Need more background
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    Ugg The Skullcrusher

    Going Fighter 5 then something else depending on how far we get.... 
    Name: Ugg
    Class: Gaint              Age: 20
    Race: Half Gaint          Height: 7' 0"
    Size: Large               Weight: 245 lbs
    Gender: Male 		  Eyes: Sandy
    Alignment: Chaotic ****   Hair: None
    Deity: None               Skin: Bronze-ish
    Class & Racial Traits:
    Gaint ECL 3
    Giant Type : 10' Reach
    Racial Hit Dice: +2d8, +1 BaB, +3 Fort
    Racial Skills: 5x(2+int)-Climb, Jump, Listen, Spot
    Natural Armor: +2
    Darkvision 60'
    Str: 26 (+8)   Level: 0     XP: 
    Dex: 12 (+1)   BAB: +1      HP: 28 (2d8+10)
    Con: 20 (+5)   Grapple: +13 Dmg Red: -/- 
    Int:  6 (-2)   Speed: 40'   Spell Res: -
    Wis:  6 (-2)   Init: +1     Spell Save: - 
    Cha:  4 (-3)   ACP: -0      Spell Fail: 10%
           Base Armor Shld  Dex Size Nat Misc Total
    Armor:  10   +5    +0   +1  -1   +2   +0   17
    Touch: 10    Flat-Footed: 13
          Base Mod Misc Total
    Fort:  3   +5   +0   +8
    Ref:   0   +1   +0   +1
    Will:  0   -2   +0   -2
    Armor           Bonus Dex ACP ASF  Weight  Cost
    Breast Plate     +5   +3  -4  25%  60lbs   400cp
    Weapon          Attack Damage Critical Range Weight Cost  
    Macahuitl, Gr     +9   3d6+16  19-20x3   -   24lbs  400cp 
    Mual              +9   3d6+16    x2      -   20lbs  330cp  
        All weapons are large & Master work
    Equipment                   Cost / Weight
    Explorers outfit x1        (20 cp / 24 lb)
    Flint & Steel              (1 cp / 0 lb)
    Belt Pouch                 (2 cp / 1 lb)
    Backpack                   (4 cp / 4 lb) 
    Potion, Cure Light x6      (300 cp / 0 lb)
    Water SKin x4 (2 Gallons)  (8 cp / 24 lb)
    Total Gold Spent: 
    Total Gold Remaining: 1235 (2,700 cp)
    Current Capacity: Light (157)
    Carry Capacity: Light: 0 – 612 Med.: 613 – 1226 Heavy: 1227 – 1840 
                    Lift: 3680 Drag: 9200
    Languages: Common
    Feats: (1)
    Power Attack
    Skill Points: 0  Max Ranks: 5
    Skills                Abil Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Appraise              Int    0   -2         0
    Balance               Dex    0   +1         1
    Bluff                 Cha    0   -3        -3
    Climb                 Str    0   +8         8
    Concentration         Con    0   +5         5
    Craft                 Int    0   -2         0
    Decipher Script       Int    0   -2         0
    Diplomacy             Cha    0   -3        -3
    Disable Device        Dex    0   +1         1
    Disguise              Cha    0   -3        -3
    Escape Artist         Dex    0   +1         1
    Forgery               Int    0   -2        -2
    Gather Information    Cha    0   -3        -3
    Handle Animal         Cha    0   -3        -3
    Heal                  Wis    0   -2        -2
    Hide                  Dex    0   +1   -4   -3
    Intimidate            Cha    0   -3        -3
    Jump                  Str    0   +8         8
    Knowledge             Int    0   -2        -2 
    Listen                Wis    2   -2         0
    Move Silently         Dex    0   +1         1
    Open Lock             Dex    0   +1         1
    Perform               Cha    0   -3        -3
    Profession            Wis    0   -2         0 
    Ride                  Dex    0   +1         1 
    Search                Int    0   -2        -2
    Sense Motive          Wis    0   -2        -2
    Sleight of Hand       Dex    0   +1         1
    Spellcraft            Int    0   -2        -2
    Spot                  Wis    3   -2         1
    Survival              Wis    0   -2        -2
    Swim                  Str    0   +8         8
    Tumble                Dex    0   +1         1
    Use Magic Device      Cha    0   -3        -3
    Use Rope              Dex    0   +1        1
    Denotes Class Skill
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    Heartseer Jitock

    Heartseer Jitock chose the path of the mind and has learned the pterran ways of telepathy. He can see into people's state of being not only from the expressions on their face (alien or pterran) but also as physical auras that he can read like an open book.

    When Ritsu Quaketongue took on the challenge of hunting down the one who defiled in pterran territory, it was known this task would lead into the realms of others. Heartseer volunteered to join the druid and put his telepathic powers to use in aid of the hunt. Heartseer looked forward to seeing the auras of non-pterrans and seeing if he could aid in dealing with such strange beings. Little did he expect the variety of beings they encountered at the caravan, including a fellow pterran not of their village!

    Heartseer Jitock
    Pterran Psion Telepath 3
    36 pt buy, -2 dex, +2 wis, +2 cha
    Str 8 (-1)
    dex 12 6-2 (+1)
    con 14 6 (+2)
    Int 18 16 (+4)
    wis 12 2+2 (+1)
    Cha 16 6+2 (+3)

    F +3, R +2, W +4

    HP 15
    AC 12 (+1 Dex, +1 deflection) T 12 FF 11
    BAB +1
    Grapple +0
    Ranged attack +2 (+3 within 30')
    Initiative +1

    Feats: Enlarge Power, Inquisitor, Point Blank Shot

    Bluff +9
    Concentration +8
    Diplomacy +13
    Gather Information +9
    Knowledge Psionic +10
    Sense Motive +7

    Languages: Pterran, Common, Elf, Terran, Thri- Keen

    17 power points
    Crystal Shard
    Entangling Ectoplasm
    Inertial Armor
    Mind Thrust
    Levitate, Psionic

    Ring of protection +1 2,000 cp
    backpack, food, clothes, necessities
    690 cp
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    Name: Curvik the elf
    Class: Templar 1/Bard 2
    Race: Elf
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Lawful neutral
    Deity: Coraanu Star Racer, elements
    Str: 12 +1 (4 pts.)    			Level: 3	XP: 
    Con: 12 +1 (6 pts. -2 racial)		BAB: +1		HP: 17 [spoiler](2d6+1d8 + 3 con)[/spoiler]
    Dex: 18 +4 (10 pts. +2 racial)		Grapple: +2	Dmg Red: 
    Int: 16 +3 (10 pts.)  			Speed: 40'	Spell Res: 0
    Wis: 10 +0 (2 pts.)			Init: +8	Spell Save: +0
    Cha: 12 +1 (4 pts.) 	  		ACP: -1		Spell Fail: 0%
    Age: 23				[spoiler]  BAB Calculation [/spoiler]
    Height: 7'2"			[spoiler] Bard 2/Temp 1[/spoiler]
    Weight: 186lb			[spoiler]   +1  / +0 [/spoiler]
    Eyes: Deep Blue			
    Hair: Black			
    Skin: tan
    Armor class:
    	Total	Base Armor Shld Dex Misc 
    Armor: 	 18	10    +4    +0   +4  +0   
    Touch: 	 14 
    Flatfooted: 14		
    Saves:					[spoiler] Saves calculation [/spoiler]
    	Total	[spoiler]Base  Mod Misc 			 Bard 2/Temp 1 [/spoiler]
    Fort:   +6	[spoiler] +5   +1  +0     		  	 +3   / +2  [/spoiler]
    Ref:    +7	[spoiler] +3   +4  +0     		  	 +3   / +0  [/spoiler]
    Will:   +5	[spoiler] +5   +0  +0	    		   	 +3   / +2  [/spoiler]
    Attack Damage Type Threat Range 2 handed combat: Elven Longblades +3/+3 1d8+1/1d6+1 S 18-20/x2 (regular sized & small) 1 handed combat: Elven Longblade +5 1d8+1 S 18-20/x2 Small Elven longblade +5 1d6+1 S 18-20/x2 Dagger +2 1d4+1 p/s 19-20/x2 Ranged:: Composite longbow +5 1d8+1 P ×3 110 ft. (+1 str) Dagger (thrown) +5 1d4+1 p 19-20/x2 10 ft.
    Languages:Common, Elf, Pteran, Tri-Kreen, Dwarf. Abilities:
    Weapons and armor Elf: All bows, elven longblade is treated as a melee weapon (weapon familiarity) Bard: Simple weapons+ blowgun, bard’s friend, crossbow (any), garrote, whip and widow’s knife. Templar: Simple & medium armor + shield (except tower); 2 melee weapons: elven longblade Racial • Elven base land speed is 40 feet. • Low-light vision: Elves can see twice as far as a human in moonlight and similar conditions of poor illumination, retaining the ability to distinguish color and detail. • Proficient with all bows. • Weapon Familiarity: Elven Longblade. All elves treat the elven longblade as a martial weapon. • +2 racial bonus to Listen, Perform, Search and Spot checks. Elves have keen senses. • Resistance to extreme temperatures: Elves aren’t adversely affected by the heat of the day or the chill of the night. They treat extreme heat or cold as if it were only very hot or cold, but suffer normally from abysmal heat, or from magical supernatural heat and cold. • Elf Run: After a minute of warm-up and a Concentration check (DC 10), elves can induce an elf run state. This state allows elves to hustle for long distances as easily as a human can move normally, and run for long distances as easily as a human can hustle. Each day that elves continues the elf run, they must make additional Concentration skill checks to maintain their elf run state: A trivial check (DC 10) on the second day, an easy check (DC 15) on the third day, an average check (DC 20) on the fourth day, a difficult check (DC 30) on the fifth day, and an heroic check (DC 40) on the sixth day. Once the elf fails a Concentration skill check, he loses elf run benefits and suffers normal penalties for extended hustling and running. After a full day’s rest, the elf may attempt again to induce an elf run state. With a group of elves, runners add their leader’s Charisma bonus both to their movement rate and to any Fortitude checks related to movement. • Automatic Languages: Common and Elven. Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Gith, Jozhal, Pterran, Scrab, Slig, Tari and Thri-Kreen. • Favored Class: Rogue. Templar: Templars receive two martial weapons proficiencies. Templars are proficient in light and medium armor and shields (except tower shields). Spells: (0) 5: Detect magic, Detect poison, light, mending (1) 4: Bless, Cure light wounds, Shield of faith Secular authority: Once per day per templar level, a templar can use secular authority within his city state. The ability depends on ranks in Diplomacy (currenlty 6) Diplomacy Ranks Ability 2 Requisition Slave 3 Intrude on Slave 4 Accuse Slave 5 Requisition Troops 6 Intrude on freeman 7 Judge slave Sigil: Arcane Mark at will: The templar simply touches the item she wishes to mark, and concentrates for a full round. Purify Food and Water at will: as the spell. Each use of this spell-like ability purifies one cubic foot of food or water, and requires a full round of concentration. Slave Scent at will: The templar must grasp and hold his sigil, and after a full round of concentration, the spell’s effects last as long as the templar maintains concentration. Bard Bardic music Bardic knowledge: +5 to Check [spoiler] +2 level 2 bard + 3 int [/spoiler] Smuggler +1: +1 to bluff and slight of hand checks Poison Use: Bards are trained in the use of poisons, andnever risk accidentally poisoning themselves when applying poison to a blade. Streetsmart: +2 competence bonus to Gather Information and Intimidate checks
    Feats: - Level 1 (bonus): Weapon finesse, elven longblade (or bard's friend, depending on availabilityof poison) - Level 3 (bonus): 2 weapon fighting Skills Skill Points = 52 [spoiler] (6 base + 3 int)*5 (Bard 2) + (4 + 3 int) (Templar) [/spoiler]
    Total [spoiler] Ranks Mod Misc [/spoiler] Bluff (Cha) [B,T] +8 [spoiler] 6 +1 +1 smuggler [/spoiler] Concentration (Con)[B,T] +7 [spoiler] 6 +1 [/spoiler] Craft-poison(Int)[B.] +4 [spoiler] 1 +3 [/spoiler] Craft-alchemy (Int)[B.] +4 [spoiler] 1 +3 [/spoiler] Diplomacy (Cha) [B,T] +13 [spoiler] 6 +1 +6 Bluff, Sense motive & Knowledge (nobility) synergy[/spoiler] Gather Info.(Cha)[B,T] +9 [spoiler] 6 +1 +2 streetsmart [/spoiler] Hide (Dex) [B.] +3 [spoiler] 0 +4 -1 ACP [/spoiler] Intimidate(Cha)[T] +5 [spoiler] 0 +1 +2 streetsmart, +2 bluff[/spoiler] Knowledge (nobility)(Int)[B,T] +8 [spoiler] 5 +3 [/spoiler] Listen (Wis) [B.] +2 [spoiler] 0 +0 +2 racial[/spoiler] Literacy (none) 1 [spoiler] 1 [/spoiler] Move Sil. (Dex) [B.] +3 [spoiler] 0 +4 -1 ACP[/spoiler] Perform[oratory](C)[B.] +8 [spoiler] 5 +1 +2 racial[/spoiler] Search (Int) +5 [spoiler] 0 +3 +2 racial[/spoiler] Sense Motive (Wis) [B,T] +5 [spoiler] 5 +0 [/spoiler] Sleight of Hand(Dex) [B.] +11 [spoiler] 5 +4 +1 smuggler, +2 bluff, -1 ACP[/spoiler] Spot(Wis) +2 [spoiler] 0 +0 +2 racial[/spoiler] Tumble (Dex) [B.] +8 [spoiler] 5 +4 -1 ACP[/spoiler]
    Possessions & Current Wealth:

    +1 Chittin armor (as chain shirt) 1100 Cp, 25 lb. , Worn on back

    MW Elven Longblade 400 Cp, 3 lb. , Worn on back
    MW Elven Longblade (short) 400 Cp, 1.5 lb. , Worn on back
    short Elven Longblade - poisoned with 1 dose of 100 Cp, 1.5 lb. , Worn on left thigh
    Black adder venom (Injury, DC=11, 1d6 Con/ 1d6 Con) 100 Cp,

    Dart (poisoned) 0.25 Cp, 0.5 lb. , Hidden on back, close to belt, 1 on each side
    with large scorpion poison (Injury, DC=18, 1d6 St/ 1d6 Str) 100 Cp,
    Dart (poisoned) 0.25 Cp, 0.5 lb. , Hidden on back, close to belt, 1 on each side
    with drow poison (Injury, DC=13, Unconsciousness/ Unconsciousness for 2d4 hours ) 37.5 Cp,

    Composite longbow (+1 str) 200 Cp, 3 lb. , back
    20 arrows (1 quivers) 1 Cp, 3 lb. , 1 on back, 1 in backpack

    1 large sacks 1 gp, 0.05 lb, , Worn on back
    Waterskin (water) 1 gp, 2 lb, , in bag
    Trail rations (4 day) 2 gp, 2 lb, , in bag
    1 large sacks 1 gp, 0.05 lb, , in bag

    2 x vial of "stun gas" DC=12, Inhaled, stunned 1 rnd/stunned 1d4 rnd 40
    2 Tindertwigs 10 Cp, 0 lb. , In small pockets on belt
    2 potion of Cure light Wounds 100 Cp, 0 lb. , In small pockets on belt
    1 potions of pass without trace 50 Cp, 0 lb. , In small pockets on belt
    1 potions of protection from evil 50 Cp, 0 lb. , In small pockets on belt
    Flint & Steel, (1gp, -) 1 Cp, 0 lb. , In small pockets on belt

    Money (in left belt pouch): 5 Cp

    Total weight carried: 42.1 lb

    Max Weight: 43 lb Light, 86 lb medium, 130 lb heavy, 260 lb lift, 650 lb drag


    Born as the third son of the chieftan of the Windrunner tribe, Kurvik was offered at the age of 14 to King Karak in Tyr as a way to strenghten ties (and avoiding war) between the city and the tribe.

    Kurvik was brought into the Templar organisation but still kept in contact with his tribe. A few years ago, a significant number of his brethen were decimated in a slave revolt, which the tribe had assisted in trying to contain. Since then, the survivors of the tribe have spread, with most becoming merchants, traders and smugglers close to Tyr.

    Kurvik, has always used his underground connections to improve his standing within the Templars. His superiors noticed his knack for getting information, and gave him relevant assignments. He recently agreed (not that he had much choice) to join a caravan and investigate rumors of wizards being part of the convoy.

    Kurvik is a regular sized elf, with Reddish brown hair that he keeps well groomed. His left ear is scared in a way that marks his tribal affiliation to the Windrunners.

    Elves are very rarely templars and he is an exception to the rule. He has been granted access to templar power, yet his authority is never stated as being from Karak or Tyr itself. He is able to wield his templar authority as a close contact and and trusted informant of the Templars of Tyr, though the extent of his connection is unknown to most. The only templar Kurvik deals with directly is Ruix Belcabar, a mid-level bureaucrat who counts on him for information regarding the constantly changing elf underworld. With fellow elves and criminal-types, Kurvik is an invaluable tool whom provides important favors for reasonable prices. In a way, he is a trusted liason between two worlds; never truly apart of either but respected by both. Belcabar sent him to look into what kind of trade is going on by elven communities between Urik and Tyr. He is returning from Urik with the Rockswift Tribe, whom have accepted Kurvik as a temporary member of the tribe due to him helping negotiate a special tax break for them when they return to Tyr. The Rockswift have just caught up to the Urik caravan and have been traveling with them; compromising their usual swift travel to bleed the caravan guards of their wages with wine and food and out-trade the many merchants in the caravan. Kurvik has found some very interesting individuals (the other PCs) whom are about to enter Tyr and he finds it useful to learn all about them before they enter the city.
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    Name: Quaketongue Ristu
    Class: Druid 3
    Race: Pterran
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Deity: The Earth Mother
    Str: 14  +2 (6p)  Level: 3        XP: 3,000/6,000
    Dex: 12  +1 (6p)  BAB: +2         HP: 19 (3d8+3)
    Con: 12  +1 (4p)  Grapple: +4     
    Int: 14  +2 (6p)  Speed: 30'      
    Wis: 18  +4 (10p) Init: +1      
    Cha: 14  +2 (4p)  ACP: -0         
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +3    +0    +1   +0    +0    +0    14
    Touch: 11              Flatfooted: 13
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      3    +1    +1*   +5
    Ref:                       1    +1    +1*   +3
    Will:                      3    +3    +1*   +7
    * +1 Sash (cloak) of resistance
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Claw x2...................+4......1d3+2 ea......x2
    MW Shortspear.............+5......1d6+2.........x2
    MW Shortspear, thrown.....+4......1d6+2.........x2, range 20 ft
    MW Sling..................+4......1d4+2.........x2, range 50 ft
    * -5 penalty for secondary natural weapon
    Languages: Pterran (standard)
    Druidic (class)
    Common, Thri-Kreen (Int bonus)
    * -2 Dex, +2 Wis, +2 Cha
    * -2 racial to Listen
    * Natural Weapons: 2 claws / bite
    * Missive talent at will to other reptiles
    * Thanak is martial weapon
    * Favored class per life path (Path of the Druid)
    * Weapons: club, dagger, dart, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle,
       shortspear, sling, spear, blowgun, natural attacks
    * Light / medium armor proficiency (no metal), wooden shields only
    * Divine Spells per day: 
                orisons: 4 (DC 13)
                1st level: 3 (DC 14)
                2nd level: 2 (DC 15)
    * Spontaneous Summon Nature's Ally
    * Animal Companion
         Link (+4 wild emp / handle. Handle as free, push as move)
         Share Spells (within 5') 
    * Nature Sense (+2 Know (nature) and Survival)
    * Wild Empathy +6 (+3 druid, +3 Cha)
    * Woodland Stride (undergrowth can't impede movement)
    * Trackless Step (can't be tracked in natural surroundings)
    Alertness (1st level)
    Track (3rd level)
    Skill Points: 36       Max Ranks: 6/3
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Handle Animal..............3....+2..........+5 (+9 w/ companion)
    Heal.......................3....+4..........+7 (+9 w/ kit)
    Know: nature...............3....+2...+2*....+7
    Move Silently..............5....+2..........+7
    * +2 Nature Sense
    ~ -2 racial penalty
    ^ +2 Alertness feat
    Equipment:               Cost  Weight
    --Worn / Carried--
    MW Shortspear...........301cp...3lb
    MW sling................300cp...--
    Sling bullets x10........1bit...5lb
    MW Studded leath armr...175cp..20lb
    Pouch, belt...............1cp...1/2lb
    Resistance sash +1....1,000cp...1
    spell comp pouch..........5cp...2lb
    --In Backpack--
    Flint and Steel...........1cp...--
    Trail rations (x4)........2cp...4lb
    Potionfruit CLW x3.....150cp....--
    Healer's Kit............50cp....1lb
    Total Weight:50.5lbs      Money: 6gp 3sp 8bits
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                58    116   175   350   875
    Age: 12
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 190lb
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: N/A
    Skin: Brown (scales)
    Appearance: Quaketongue is fairly average in both height and build for his kind.
    While he, like most of his kin, wears little clothing, he does sport an assortment of leather armor pieces when exposed and traveling, most of them decorated with nature-inspired iconography: carrion birds, lizards, a large sun, a heavy cloud. Centralmost and most revered of these decorations is the intricate crystalline sigil he calls waterflake.

    Pterran children are named for the environmental circumstances surrounding their births, and Ristu Quaketongue is no exception. His egg rocked and cracked open amidst the violent shaking of the ground, as if the Earth Mother herself could feel the hatchling's efforts to break into the world. And as he finally did draw breath free of his egg, the earth once again grew still and silent, so that the only sound in the aftermath was the wailing of the newly-hatched child.

    It was little wonder, then, that Quaketongue's lifepath was The path of the Druid. He felt keenly the pains and triumphs of the natural world around him. Little wonder, too, that when he ran across a circle of defilement near to his village last month, Quaketongue, with the help of his animal companion [TBD] and his clansman Heartseer, set immediately to tracking the scourge.

    For more than two weeks he followed. At least once he caught sight of the blight to the Earth Mother, but a sudden sandstorm gave her a means to elude him. After that, the trail became difficult, and eventually impossible to follow, leaving the two Pterrans and the animal alone and frustrated.

    One of Quaketongue's attempts to regain the trail brought him close to a passing caravan, in which he noted the presence of another of his kind. They followed surruptitously for a time, making sure the unknown kinsman was not enslaved to the soft mammals he moved with. And when he was reasonably satisfied, Quaketongue sent a mental query, announcing the small group and asking to approach.

    While he still hopes to find the defiler he seeks, Quaketongue accepts that the Earth Mother sent her storm for a reason. As the storm diverted him to the caravan, he's chosen to tie his fortunes to them for the time being. He watches and listens and occasionally questions, learning what he can of the strange species gathered on the road, awaiting the next clue or another nudge from the Earth Mother to correct his bearing.

    Spells Prepared (morning)
    Orisons (4): Defiler Scent, Create Water, Guidance, Resistance
    1st Level (3): Cure Light Wounds, Magic Fang, Produce Flame
    2nd Level (2): Barkskin, Echo of the Lirr

    Animal Companion

    Name: Dawnsprint
    Race: Erdlu (animal companion)
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Neutral
    Str: 13  +1   HD: 4        
    Dex: 15  +2   BAB: +3       HP: 24 (4d8+4)
    Con: 13  +1   Grapple: +4     
    Int: 2   -4   Speed: 40'      
    Wis: 12  +1   Init: +2      
    Cha: 3   -4   ACP: -0         
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +0    +0    +2   +0    +3    +0    15
    Touch: 12              Flatfooted: 13
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      4    +1          +5
    Ref:                       4    +2          +6
    Will:                      1    +1          +1
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Claw x2...................+2.......1d4+1 ea......x2
    * Secondary attack
    * +10 racial bonus to Jump checks
    * Low-light vision
    --Animal Companion--
    +2 HD
    +2 Nat Armor bonus
    +1 Str / Dex
    2 bonus tricks
    BAB as Druid of level = HD
    Good Fort / Ref saves (level = HD)
    1 extra skill point per extra HD
    Share spells (5')
    Evasion (Reflex save for 1/2 = no damage)
    Base (Int 2): Come, Defend, Down, Guard, Heel, Stay
    Animal Companion Bonus: Seek, Work
    Alertness (species feat)
    Dodge (3 HD): +1 AC vs. single designated opponent
    Skills                   Base  Bonus   Total
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                50    100   150   300   750
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