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    The Game of Kings OOC

    The Game of Kings
    An Eberron Adventure

    In the late morning, many hours after the city of Tantamar had awoken and began its daily business, a modestly aged man commenced his morning routine in his private room at one of the town's rustic inns. The simple desk had been pushed under the single window, so the man sat in the small patch of sunlight while he dined on his usual bread and sweet wine. As was his routine, he occupied himself over breakfast with his various correspondences. The fresh, crisp breeze off the harbor shuffled his pile of parchment sheets a little, and played with his quill as he wrote. This morning he was composing a recruitment letter for his next mission, which had drawn him out of his comfortable metropolitan environment to this annoyingly quaint fishing village. The final copy of the letter read:

    Renowned Adventurer,

    I am writing to you because I am seeking a specialized and highly skilled team. It is no small task which I need to accomplish, and require only the finest. Your reputation as an emerging expert in your field came to my attention as soon as I began my search, and I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as a candidate for this selective and carefully coordinated group.

    While I cannot divulge the details this task to you in a letter, for any interception would be highly dangerous and most likely prove disastrous, you have my word that all you need to know will be explained at our first meeting. What I can tell you is that this mission will test you like nothing else ever has, and you will find yourself in places you never could have imagined. Furthermore, should you have any hesitations about accepting an offer with so little information, I can assure you that price is no object in my cause, and you will be rewarded duly for your efforts.

    Should you decide to accept my offer, you need only arrive at the Tantamar ferry to Port Verge on the morning of Sol, the 21st of Nymm, properly prepared and equipped, to meet myself and your partners.

    Hopeful and anticipant,

    Elinvath Sargessean

    He then reread the letter, signed his name in one gesture of his quill, and placed it on the corner of desk, to later be transcribed tenfold by his personal assistant. Already out of bread, he downed the last of his wine and stared thoughtfully across the water. Through the morning fog, one could trace the outline of a massive keep perched on the opposite shore. Shaking this distraction from his mind, the man pulled out another slip of parchment, this time to write a personal letter:

    A -

    I have finished my search for the proper team, and the letters shall be sent this afternoon. You needn’t worry; I have checked them all thoroughly, and none shall be a danger to our most honorable Cause. I shall tell them nothing that risks our plans.

    And so, it is my honor to announce to you that in approximately three weeks time, I shall bring you that Prize which you have entrusted in me task of securing, and our movement can begin. Until then I shall continue to write you regularly, and keep you informed on our progress here.

    - E

    After completing this message, the man cast a small charm on the parchment to ensure only friendly eyes would read it, then folded it and sealed it carefully with wax, but did not impress it with his signet; nor did he leave it for his assistant like the other, but carried it with him as he pulled on his cloak and left the room.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    The Game of Kings is an ECL 4 campaign set in Eberron for seven players, DMed by Ringmereth and Dark Jackalope. The game is currently full.

    Character Submissions
    If you're interested in joining this game, please submit a character background. The objective of your background is twofold: firstly, to describe your character's history, personality, and role, as well as what made them decide to accept an offer to work as a mercenary adventurer, and secondly, to impress us with your writing abilities. Full character sheets should be submitted after backgrounds, not before them, and should be in the format below:

    Character Sheet

    Name: Joe
    Class: Fighter 1
    Race: Human
    Hit Dice: 1d10+2, 12 HP
    Initiative: +1
    Speed: 20 ft
    Armor Class: 19 (10 +5 armor +1 dex +2 shield +1 dodge)
    Base Attack Bonus: +1
    Grapple: +4
    Attacks: Longsword +6 (1d8+3, 19-20 x2)
    Full Attack: Longsword +6 (1d8+3, 19-20 x2)
    Face/Reach: 5x5/5ft
    Special Qualities: Human Traits
    Special Attacks: None
    Saves: Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +1
    Abilities: Strength 16, Dexterity 12, Constitution 14, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 12, Charisma 10
    Skills: Craft (weaponsmithing) +4, Intimidate +4, Swim -5
    Feats: Weapon Focus (longsword), Dodge, Power Attack
    Action Points: 5
    Languages: Common
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Deity: None
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 195 lbs

    Spells Known: None
    Spells Memorized/Spell Slots: None

    Breastplate (200 gp)
    Masterwork Longsword (315 gp)
    Heavy Steel Shield (20 gp)
    Traveler's Outfit

    Characters who submitted characters for the original recruitment call and not taken on initially will have increased priority for joining mid-game in the event that alternates are necessary.

    Character Creation

    - Sources. The following sources, with some exceptions, are allowed in this campaign.

    Core Rulebooks
    Eberron Campaign Setting
    Races of Eberron
    Expanded Psionics Handbook

    Additionally, Racial Paragon Classes, Flaws (maximum of one), and Spelltouched Feats (only those caused by spells of 3rd level or lower if taken at character creation) from Unearthed Arcana are allowed. Additional sources may be approved on a case-by-case basis, and material in these may be vetoed.

    - Races. All races described in Chapter 1 of the Eberron Campaign Setting are allowed, and other humanoid races common to Eberron may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Other races, including those from the Expanded Psionics Handbook, are not allowed. In addition, the racial focus of the Kalashtar on their conflict with the Inspired make them a difficult fit for this campaign, but they are not prohibited.

    - Classes. A few classes are not allowed: the Samauri (and Ronin prestige class) from Complete Warrior, the Ninja from Complete Adventurer, the Shugenja from Complete Divine, and the Wu Jen from Complete Arcane. We feel that neither of these classes fit into Eberron well and do not exist in this campaign.

    - Alignments. All alignments are acceptable for player characters. However, those who wish to play characters of a darker persuasion must interpret their alignment so as to avoid causing undue inter-party conflict. Disagreement is welcomed, but never to the point where it causes a character to refuse to work with another, or resort to physical attacks on another party member. Similarily, good and lawful characters must not be so extreme in their views that they cannot work alongside their shadier colleagues.

    - Calculations. Ability scores will be determined using a 33-point buy. Note that all characters without level adjustments will have four hit dice and therefore have an ability bonus to distribute. Hit points will be calculated using the 3/4ths method after first level.

    House Rules

    When playing the game, we wish for all players to adhere to these conventions.

    - Rolls and mechanics. In order to keep the game's focus on good roleplaying and storytelling, we will attempt to keep game mechanics as far behind the scenes as is possible. To that end, we will handle all die rolls. Additionally, listing modifers and bonsues for actions a character is taking is not necessary. While informing us that your fighter's attack does 2d10+9 damage on a critical hit may be convenient, all character sheets will be stored in the Rogue's Gallery for easy access, and frequently bringing up mechanical considerations during play detracts from the narrative.

    - Modifications. A number of minor changes to standard 3.5e rules are in effect:

    1. The feat Dodge applies to all attacks, not just those from a single enemy designated each round. Treat it as a normal +1 dodge AC bonus.
    2. Half-Orcs gain +2 to Constitution along with their existing racial ability modifiers. Half-Elves gain an 4 extra skill points at first level and 1 per level thereafter, as humans do.
    3. Heighten Spell no longer exists, and spellcasters may freely prepare and cast spells at higher effective levels using higher-level spell slots. Additionally, the feats Investigate and Research have been removed, since the "expanded" options they confer should already exist for the skills to which they pertain.
    4. Sorcerers recieve 4 skill points per level instead of 2, and have access to Knowledge (all) and Diplomacy as class skills. They may also Quicken their spells, ignoring the usual increase in casting time caused by use of metamagic feats.
    5. The Diplomacy skill has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Rich Burlew's revision (found at ) is used instead of the standard rules found in the PHB.
    6. The rules regarding material components have been modified. Inexpensive material components with no listed cost are simply unncessary when casting spells. Spells requiring expensive material components worth 1000 gp or less may be cast without them at -1 caster level, but only if the new caster level of the spell is normally allowable--for example, a 7th level wizard could not cast stoneskin without the material component, since an effective caster level of 6 is too low to cast a 4th-level spell. Spells requiring expensive material components worth over 1000 gp cannot be cast without them.

    - Out-of-character text. While we prefer that posts describe actions in sufficent detail that we can determine how to translate the narrative to the d20 system, we also recognize that actions may require clarification in game terms. All out-of-character text should be made after your in-character description, and in red text. For example,

    Grehgnir grasps his intricately carved staff with his bloodied right hand and holds it aloft. Eyes narrowed and fixed on his foe, he waves his thumb and forefinger left and right while pronouncing four arcane terms in a low voice filled with anger, hoping his spell will stop the rampaging orc in its tracks.

    OOC: Grehgnir casts lightning bolt on the orc warrior.

    - Dialogue. Each player should pick one color and use it for his or her character's dialogue. For example:

    Tired and dirty from the long day spent trudging along the forest path, Jhonan raises a hand in greeting to the small town's guardsman. "Well met. Can ye tell me where I can find me'self a warm bed for th' night?"

    All NPCs will speak in orange.
    Last edited by Ringmereth; Friday, 2nd February, 2007 at 06:00 AM.

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    Hmm, while there may be no practial value to my posting here, I might as well introduce myself as the other DM of this campaign. So... here I am. You may notice I'm a new member to EN World, but worry not, I have DMed, and even co-DMed, before. (Just for "proper" D&D, rather than pbp.) No matter, though, I'm competent enough with the world of computers and the internet, and have Ringmereth to explain this all to me. (Even if he may find it slightly annoying.) The opening post was written by the both of us, and from here on out, you'll be seeing posts/replies from either of us in the capacity of DM. As of now, he's the more technical one, whereas I like to make things "pretty", and write narratives. But thats subject to change, I suppose.

    (And yes, I think things like this should be pretty. I s'pose because, whoamygod, I'm a female. So remember your chivalry, men. That, and the DM is god(dess).)

    ~Dark Jackalope

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    I'm tenitively interested, and may have a fighter I'd like to play, assuming I'd be allowed to select a few different class skills (he'd be a noble fighter from house Deneith), as some of the more aristocratic skills are more appropriate than some other skills. I'd even be willing to drop to a D8 HD to a few extra skillpoints and larger skill selection.

    Vander d'Deneith a Human Fighter heading into the Dragonmark'd Heir.
    Quote Originally Posted by Background
    Vander d‘Deneith was a Deneith house favorite long before his dragonmark surfaced. Being the 7th son of the wealthy and influential Baron Corin d’Deneith, Vander was often left to the care of others, and rarely spent time with his father. Perhaps Corin blamed Vander for his wife’s death, as she died during Vander’s birth. Vander’s older brothers reveled in the power and influence that their status and wealth gave them, and they played up their status as much as possible. They would often put servants in awkward positions, or make them do ridiculous things. Others in the House saw this lack of discipline and grew to generally dislike the elder sons.

    Vander, however, spent a lot of time with the servants, and saw the humiliation and strain that was thrust upon them. He refused to play upon his power, and as a result was often viewed with favor among the servants and respect among the House. The elder sons saw this and would often do what they could to keep Vander from view. Eventually, many in the house knew of Vander, but few had ever met him.

    Vander spent a lot of time working on his skills, often due to “Bogus” training exercises concocted by his older brothers to keep him out of sight. He trained with his father’s steward, Sir Garret Bender, in the ways of war, diplomacy and the ways of the court, and many of the servants in the ways of the outside of court. As he and his brothers grew older, Corin began to rely on the elder sons more, and relegated Garret to a more custodial role with his estate. Garret continued to spend time with Vander, and Vander regarded Garret as much as a father as a guide.

    On his 16th birthday, Vander’s dragonmark manifested. This brought him some attention that none of his brothers had gotten, and Corin took a more personal interest in the doings of his youngest son. He saw his son blossoming into a truly noble character, and continued to let Garret and the estate servants take an active role in Vander’s upbringing. However, he made sure to bring Vander to several social functions despite the brother’s best attempts to keep him out. Vander made quite the impression in the House, and quickly became the favored son as far as many of the other nobles of the House were concerned.

    Things changed drastically on his 18th Birthday. Just prior to the celebration, a changeling assassin killed Corin. The assassin was quickly dispatched, but there was no clue as to who had hired it nor why. When going to see Garret, he overhead his eldest brother Sorin speaking to him. Garret was informing Sorin that Corin had willed the estate to Vander. Enraged by this, Sorin killed Garret, made it look like the assassin had done it earlier, and then destroyed the will. Vander, fearing he was next, quickly used a house connection to flee the estate.

    Since that day, Vander has worked for the Houses Defender’s guild, keeping a fairly low profile. He has been able to use his connections to keep his activities in the guild fairly quiet, but he has an exemplary record of performance, and is well known for his nobility in word and deed. He has spent much of his days looking over his shoulder in fear of an unknown assassin, and he continues to look to find out why his father was killed when he was.
    I played him in a different game that unfortunately died, but I enjoyed him very much.

    Another character, who is somewhat humorous, but a lot of fun, is Carver Banderelli, Warforged Artifacer.
    Quote Originally Posted by background
    Carver was never really sure how he got to Port Verge. Bimbleburg Banderelli told Carver that he’d washed up on the shore, but Carver’s first memory was waking up in Bim’s (That what Carver preferred to call him) workshop. Bim tried to ask him questions while he examined Carver, but Carver didn’t know anything before waking up. Once Bim was sure there was no damage to Carver, he told Carver to stay in the workshop while he went to talk to someone. Carver stayed behind, and eventually picked up a small knife and a few blocks of wood and started carving. Bim had returned to find several small wooden blocks carved in various geometric shapes. Bim said “You’re a Carver all right; I think that’s a good name for you for now.” Carver never did get another name.

    Bim was a local gnome artificer. He had worked for the nation of Cyre for a time, and had retired here in Port Verge well before the war had ended. Bim was familiar with Warforged, but found it strange that Carver seemed like a blank slate. Bim decided to try to “raise” him almost like a son. He opened the world to Carver, and showed him endless possibilities that he could do with his life, but Carver enjoyed crafting. He took amazingly well to weapons, armor, and alchemy, and would often carve figurines when he had idle time.

    Bim told carver about the Warforged, the Last War, and how many were trained to be soldiers. Carver didn’t quite understand, having never seen another one like him, and the concept that he had been created and not born seemed strange. Carver began to study Bim’s notes on the Warforged, and began to look into the creation of magical objects and items with a renewed passion. Seeking to understand himself, he looked inside to find out what made him Carver. Bim trained Carver as an artificer, and as Bim became ill, Carver continued to work and help support Bim. Bim continued to teach Carver all he could beyond being an artificer as well. “You’ve been given a gift that perhaps no other Warforged has Carver,” Bim told him, “You’ve been allowed to be raised instead of trained. Make the most of it son.”

    Carver was taken aback by being called son, but he had come to think of Bim as what he learned most of the godforged races (as Bim had described them to Carver) called a father. He felt honored to have this relationship with the gnome. Unfortunately, several days later, Bim died of his illness, or perhaps old age. Carver was not one to understand these things. However, he did find paperwork in Bim’s stuff showing that he had had a friend create a document stating that Carver had sailed to the port to work with him, and another document that stated the shop was Carvers if Bim fell ill. Bim had truly thought of Carver as a son.

    Carver spent some time morning Bim’s death. He threw himself into his work, and kept himself busy. Carver never understood the exact operation of a business, so while he continued to craft items for customers, he never seemed to be making much. Carver didn’t care, as long as he was able to maintain the shop. However, this life alone became tedious for Carver, so he eventually sold the shop and went out to explore the world, in hopes of “Making the most of it” for his father.

    In his travels, Carver has taken the Banderelli last name, much to the confusion of most people.

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    As it is Eberron, I can't pass aside to play something coming from Eberron. The concept character is nothing fancy, but still isn't something I usually play. A Shifter Figther/Ranger. I am so used to play wizard and rogue, it will make a nice change to me. I might go for the Weretouch master or/and Eldeen Ranger.

    I was thinking for a reclusive hunter who has contact with the Gatekeepers druids. Born in the Eldeen Reach, he would have roamed the lands with a small band of mercenaries that seeks employs wherever they go. This small group had an hidden agenda of finding more information about the dangers form outer-planes and forgotten evil. There goal would be mainly to contain it until more qualified Gatekeeper could reach the place and eliminate the threat. On one such mission, my character would have been the one sent to warn the Gatekeeper. On his arrival, his team woudl have been decimated by the theart. He would have been the last of his band. Since that day, he would have returned in teh Eldreen Reach where he lives a reclusive live, ashamed to have left his fellow friends died. But inactivity isn't something he can endure well, and once the letter have reach him, he decide to take this offer to return into business, in hope this time, he will be there to make the difference.

    I'll post the complete background later with the stats.

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    I know that it's not in the books listed, but I've been itching to play a beguiler from the PHBII in a intrigue-focused campaign. If not allowed, I may try a monk instead, since I have to play one. If the monk-theme is not acceptable, I'd consider playing any other type of character to round out the party.

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    Bront: both your concepts are sound, and either one could fit in, though if forced to pick I'd suggest playing Carver. If you'd rather play Vander, I'm sure we could write a small variation on the fighter to get you your skill options--though I'd take a look at the Swashbuckler class and see if it's not a better fit.

    Velmont: sounds like a good start; we'll examine your full background when it's posted.

    Deuce Traveler: I don't own the PBH II, but I have heard good things about it, and the Beguiler sounds like a good fit for the game. I might get my hands on a copy sometime soon, but if not, a monk is perfectly acceptable.

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    Well, I can take the time to write out an excerpt for the beguiler so the rules are covered, or maybe write up my character with verbose descriptions of his class abilities. He has the skills of a rogue or bard with enchantment/illusion sphere spells, ie no real offensive magic (but casts like a sorcerer). The beguiler is a great infiltrator and can support with illusion magic, but does not gain anything like bardic songs or rogue sneak attacks.

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    Hmmm! Artificer...druid...beguiler...(curse you for nicking that )...seems like this group could use a little FIREPOWER!

    Meet Trebuchet ('Trey' to his friends), that most unusual of instruments of combat...a warforged warmage!

    Unlike most warforged, Trey was designed physically to house various arcane foci that would, in conjunction with the magical training of the Warmage Academy, enable him to utilize spells without interference from his hard mithril shell. Outwardly he appears similar to most warforged of his construction until he casts a spell. At that time, in addition to the hand gestures and vocalizations required, different panels open to expose magical amplifiers and emitters that make up for the abbreviated somatic gestures he uses. (note - a flavor description for the "Armored Mage" class ability all warmages get )

    Trey was born to war, served valiantly in war, and is more than a little nonplussed now that the war is over. He still clings to military discipline and habits as shields against the confusion and seeming chaos of the unstructured outside world. A devoted 'follower' in personality, Trey's first action in any group is to seek out the leader in search of commands to obey. This is another extension of his need to order his world, and to do so along military lines.

    In outlook, Trey is actually quite cheerful most of the time so long as he feels useful. As such, he often suggests courses of action that highlight his abilities...which are for the most part limited to destruction. Fortunately, he is not by any means bloodthirsty...just a bit of a show-off. When he has accepted a superior, he follows orders without hesitation or question, unless there are obvious flaws or contradictions that require clarification.

    Pending - A background story of the day he was discharged from the Aundairan military.

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    Anything against warlocks? I've been itching to play one for a while. And, anything against kobolds? I am thinking an iredar kobold tossed out of his group due to the taint of Khyber (manifesting itself has his warlock abilities). Had to find his way exploring the world. His role would be back-up master of magics; could be flexible depending on the invocations chosen---would be chosen once a better feel for the party existed. Could also be the odd party face if he took beguiling voice.

    If you do not care for that concept, I have plenty more. Love the Eberron!

    Let me know. Ringmereth has already seen some of my play style; see links in my sig for more. I check regularly.

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    Hey, Ringmereth, could you be persuaded into letting me play a Binder from Tome of Magic? I've been itching to try one out and I'm sure he'll fit in well in Eberron (my favorite setting, by the way). I was thinking something along the lines of him being a fugitive from Thrane where he was being hunted and marked as an evil man dealing with demons when in reality he's "just" making pacts with vestiges to grant him their power. Even though he's a marked man, he's still desperately trying to prove that he's not in any way evil and that his "evil" craft is just a way of gaining power to combat evil in its many forms.

    He's currently searching for proof to present to the Church of the Silver Flame that none of his actions can be deemed evil. Therefore he's searching far and wide and following every possible clue that might lead him to the proof he needs. Perhaps the giants of Xen'drik knew something about calling upon the powers of vestiges, or perhaps the dragons were the first to discover them? Sometimes he takes jobs from those looking for skilled adventurers in order to fund his research and expeditions and is now currently seeking employment wherever he may find it. He's a good man at heart, but some the vestiges have had a bad influence on him and he has been known to act somewhat strange at times.

    Only time can tell if he'll find the answers he's looking for...
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