Thief's Challenge Conversion?

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    Thief's Challenge Conversion?

    I've done some searching around to see if anyone's attempted converting the 2nd Ed Thief's Challenge module(s) and came up with nothing. I'd take any of them, but would prefer the Thief's. If no one knows if any of the challenge's have been converted is anyone willing to try? I'm not an experienced DM and would not want to attempt it plus I am short on time. I believe I have a copy of the Thief's Challenge and would be willing to mail it to anyone as well. Thanks.

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    In all seriousness, not since I saw Old One's Faded Glory setting have I seen a campaign setting that I would consider stealing whole-cloth. You folks, both players and DM, should be damn proud of the world you've crafted. You guys raise this hobby to an art form. If you were to ever publish this setting, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


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    I actually was thinking of making up my own small Thief's Challenge for the 2 year old-now EN Adventure submition contest. Had a pretty good 1-person adventure all lined up, but I was too busy to type it out.

    I actually never got to read through any of the original class-quests... where they pretty good? I would think balancing an adventure for only 1 person might be hard.

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