Extra Domain as a feat?

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    Extra Domain as a feat?

    Is there a feat that allows for a cleric to take an extra domain? I seem to recall one, but I don't quite remember what book it's in.


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    sounds like it would be unbalancingly powerful....

    L1 Human Cleric with 4 domains and 4 Domain powers....

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    I was thinking I would allow it in a second. They only get one domain spell per day, and most of the domain powers arn't that powerfull. I can't think of any that are gamebreaking. Strength and Travel are cool domains, but I would allow either in exchange for a feat. Without changing the mechanics, but changing the explanation of the source, I could see allowing those to a figher or rogue in exchange for a feat slot.

    PS, sorry Bront. It sounds familiar, but Don't remember where I saw it.
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    I do think it would be unbalancing, domain powers are really nice when added to the already powerful cleric.

    I don't know of a feat that does this, usually it's from PrCs.



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    According to WotC's Feat Index, there is a feat called Bonus Domain in two separate sources: Epic Level Handbook (p51) and Complete Divine (p89).
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    I believe there's also one in the Net.Book of Feats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakhran the Dark
    According to WotC's Feat Index, there is a feat called Bonus Domain in two separate sources: Epic Level Handbook (p51) and Complete Divine (p89).

    They are both Epic feats though.

    So per the RAW I'd say no, unless it was an epic feat.

    There are several prestige classes that grant a bonus domain. Also the cloistered cleric from UA grants Knowledge as a bonus domain.

    I believe that anytime a bonus domain is granted from a prestige or variatn class is is from an extremely limited list (1 or 2) and the epic feat only allows from one of the deity's other domains (normally 3 to 5 domains each).
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    Yup. Gaining the additional domain power (which may itself actually be a feat is pretty powerful for a feat. A non-epic version could probably be created that only gives you the spells in the domain as an option and not the granted power. Still limited to your deity's other domains of course.

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    I found a feat that does this in Eldritch Sorcery but it wasn't introduced into the game till we were 15th level so not nearly as bad.

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