Metropolis - The Weight of the World (and Found Wanting)
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    Metropolis - The Weight of the World (and Found Wanting)

    This will be the thread for the PCs as well as NPCs and any notes I choose to make about the storyline, post here only when you are accepted in the OOC thread.

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    Name: "Jasmine" [spoiler]Jenny Paige[/spoiler]
    Class: Rogue 3 / Urban Ranger 2
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: LN (with Evil Tendancies)
    Str: 10 +0 ( 2p.)	Level: 5	XP: 10,000 / 15, 000
    Dex: 18 +4 ( 8p.)	BAB: +4		HP: 29 (3d6+2d8+5)
    Con: 12 +1 ( 4p.)	Grapple: +4	???: XXXX
    Int: 14 +2 ( 6p.)	Speed: 30'	???:
    Wis: 10 +0 ( 2p.)	Init: +4	???: XX
    Cha: 14 +2 ( 6p.)	ACP: 0		???: X%
    	Total	Base	Armor	Shld	Dex	Size	Nat	Misc
    Armor:	15	10	+1	+0	+4	+0	+0	+0
    Touch:	14	Flatfooted: 11
    Spell Res: None
    Dmg Red: None
    	Total	Base	Mod	Misc
    Fort:	+5	4	+1	--
    Ref:	+10	6	+4	--
    Will:	+1	1	+0	--
    Weapon			Attack	Damage	Critical	Range
    Dagger +1		+9	1d4+1	19-20/x2	10 ft
    Dagger			+8	1d4	19-20/x2	10 ft
    Short Bow		+8	1d6	20/x3		60 ft
    Favored Enemy Damage may apply
    Languages: Common, XXX
    Human Raical Abilities
    - Bonus Skill Points
    - Bonus Feat
    Rogue Class Abilities
    - Trapfinding
    - Sneak Attack: +2d6
    - Evasion
    - Trap Sense +1
    Urban Ranger Class Abilities
    - Favored Enemy: Human +2
    - Wild Empathy +1
    - Combat Style: Two Weapon Fighting
    Feats:  Combat Expertise, Improved Feint, Urban Tracking, Weapon Finesse
    Spells prepared (Save DC XX + spell level; XX/XX): 0 - XX, XX; 1st - XX, XX
    Spellbook/Spells Known:
    	0 - XX, XX, XX;
    	1st - XX, XX, XX;
    Skill Points: 84	Max Ranks: 8/4
    Skills		Total	Ranks	Mod 	Misc
    Balance		+9	5	+3	+2
    Bluff*		+9	7	+2	
    Diplomacy	+10	6	+2	+4
    Disguise	+11	7	+2	+2
    Gather Info	+12	8	+2	+2
    Hide		+11	8	+3
    Intimidate	+4	0	+2	+2
    Jump		+2	0	+0	+2
    KN: Local	+7	5	+2
    Listen		+5	5	+0
    Move Silently	+10	8	+2
    Perform: Dance	+7	5	+2
    Search		+7	5	+2
    Sense Motive*	+5	5	+0
    Spot*		+5	5	+0
    Tumble		+8	5	+3
    * Favored Enemy Bonus may apply
    Equipment:			Cost	Weight
    +1 Dagger			2302	1
    Shortbow			1	3
    4 daggers			10	4
    20 arrows			30	2
    Anklet of Dexterity +2		4000	
    Bracelets of Armor +1		1000	
    Earings of Disguise		1800	
    Dust of Tracelessness		250
    A View of the Economy of the Dead	20
    -Sanctuary			50
    -Cure Light (4)			200
    -Shield of Faith		50
    Total Weight:30lb	Money: 307gp Xsp Xcp
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	33	66	100	200	500
    Eyes: Almond Shaped Emerald Green
    Hair: Dark Auburn
    Skin: Medium Tan
    Jasmine is an extremely attractive and exotic young woman. With dark auburn tresses, medium tan skin, and emerald green eyes that pear out from long lashes through their almond shaped slit. Luscious pouty lips, hide a brilliant smile. A modest bosom compliments her shapely hips, and well-toned legs walk her gracefully thought the streets and around the dance floor.

    Jasmine is a woman of many moods and personas. Sometimes she can be polite, sometimes she can be raunchy, and she can be introverted or extroverted to all extremes. However, she is calculating at heart, and those few who know her well enough really aren’t quite sure how cold she is. Truly, she is first and foremost worried about herself.

    Fate in Metropolis can be fickle. The girl now known as Jasmine is a perfect example. Orphaned at adolescence, parents dying of some unknown disease, she set out on her own. Knowing little of the city, she set out for shelter. Had she turned north instead of south, she might have found herself at one of the Church of the Heart’s orphanages. Instead, she turned south, and was offered refuge in one of the many red-light districts.

    Underneath the shadow of The Apartments, the young girl was made a servant, and then quickly used for dancing and other acts no child should have to endure. She was forced to pay to live in squalor in a small room and rarely got to keep most of her money, and named Jasmine by those who kept her. She was moved around, from being passed as a Gnome or Halfling, to being the oddity in a Dwarven club, she learned some of the seediest sides of the city first hand. Despite this, she managed to keep from being physically scarred, and the mobster Jaron Devries purchased her for his harem.

    Devries was the head man of the Black Guild, also simply referred to as The Organization, a group with far reaching power in the underworld. In his harem, she lived in what was, comparatively, exotic luxury, with time to rest, food, and a fairly clean place to live. Jasmine only She was only occasionally called on to perform at first, and was taught by the harem about the organization. The women of the harem were many, but they changed quite often, as Devries was a man of fickle tastes, and The Organization often used the harem to barter and bribe with as well. Jasmine only became close to one other woman, an older half-elf named Ruby. However, it was not long lived, for Ruby had displeased Devries, and was eventually gifted to a noble named Brandor Du’Vei. Jasmine had became well aware that Brandor’s “gifts” never lasted too long early on in her stay, and for the first, and perhaps only time, Jasmine mourned a loss. Jasmine swore to take revenge on Brandor for this.

    With newfound drive and a maturing body, Jasmine quickly became a favorite of Devries and his associates, and in particular, a half-elf named Damon. Devries never trusted Damon, and decided Jasmine could be used to his advantage. Devries had her schooled in the arts of poison and assassination, with the intent on having her take Damon out. Damon, on the other hand, grew to trust Jasmine, and spoke of overthrowing Devries in The Organization. Jasmine, meanwhile, hatched her own plan. At a dinner between the two, Jasmine was to be the entertainment, as was one of the other girls of the harem. Jasmine brought out the food and wine, but got sick after just a few sips. The other three died of a rather nasty poison that was in all the wine. Jasmine seemed to have gotten the break she needed to get free.

    There was some jockeying for position in The Organization, and Jasmine made her move. She offered her support to a crafty human named Riki Tori, on the condition he allow her freedom and independence. With some influence, plotting, and precise strikes, Jasmine helped Riki climb to the top of The Organization, and a man of his word, and fearing her wrath, let he go.

    Jasmine is now mostly independent, working through contacts she has made and a good reputation she has built. She still works with The Organization on occasion, being a favorite of Riki to use, as well has having contacts in some of the upper nobility circles. She’s been linked to Riki romantically by rumors, though she is a favorite for ‘in house’ jobs in The Organization. She has a lavish “entertainment” pad, as well as a private residence where she never takes business, and a few places she feels comfortable ducking for the night scattered though out the city. She hires herself out for many different things, from a simple escort, to “playmate”, to information gatherer, to assassin. She’s also quietly done some research on Brandor, hoping to extract her revenge.

    Jasmine acquired her magical dagger during her assassin training in The Organization, as a gift from Devries.

    Jasmine’s earrings are magical and allow her to appear in any form of clothing she wishes, and were a present from Damon.

    Jasmine’s Bracelets are something she had fashioned once she began working independently, so she could be discrete about her defenses.

    Jasmine stole the anklet from Ruby, just before the girl was gifted to Brandor Du’vei.

    A View of the Economy of the Dead

    This text details the economical benefits of animating mindless undead and using them in laborious positions. It discusses their abilities to function in work environments, their costings, and comparative calculations against living workers. There is a large section of the tome dedicated to estimating the cost of free will, initiative and creativeness. A small formulaic ritual is shown at the rear to show how free will can be increased in living workers should they be required.
    Possessing: Taking this tome will grant the owner a +1 equipment bonus to Knowledge (local – sewer community) checks and +1 to Diplomacy checks when dealing with sewer dwellers in long negotiations.
    Learning: With three hours of study one can master the Ritual of One. If given three minutes to meditate, the ritual grants a +1 bonus on all Will saves for an hour. The ritual must be studied from the book every week to remember the subtle mental exercises.


    Human: Combat Expertise
    1: Improved Feint
    3: Weapon Finesse
    4: +1 Dex
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    Name: Alexi Dimitrivitch
    Class: Noble 3/Fighter 2/Paladin 1
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: LN
    Deity: Metropolis
    Str: 16 +3 (08p.+lvl) Level: 6        XP: XXXX
    Dex: 10 +0 (02p.)     BAB: +5        HP: 42 
    Con: 12 +1 (04p.)     Grapple: +5     Dmg Red: XX/XXXX
    Int: 14 +2 (06p.)     Speed: 20'      Spell Res: XX
    Wis: 10 +0 (02p.)     Init: +0        Spell Save: +X
    Cha: 14 +2 (06p.)     ACP: -X         Spell Fail: XX%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +9    +3    +X    +X    +X    +X    22
    Touch: 10              Flatfooted: 22
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      6    +1          +7
    Ref:                       3    +0          +3
    Will:                      3    +0          +3
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Longsword                 +9     1d8+4      19-20x2
    Lance                     +9     1d8+3      20x3
    Longbow                   +9     1d8+3      20x3
    Languages: Common, Dwarvish, Gnome (Gnomes and Dwarves are particularly fond of Burgi, due to it's earthy flavor)
    Abilities: Influence +1, Coordinate +1, Intense Training, Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil 1/day, 
    Feats: Mounted Combat, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Negotiator, Persuasive, Power Attack, 
    Skill Points: 52       Max Ranks: X/X
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Appraise                   4    +2          +6
    Bluff                      5    +2    +2    +9
    Climb                      1    +3          +4
    Craft (Burgi)              1    +2          +3
    Diplomacy                  7    +2    +8    +17
    Gather Information         3    +2          +5
    Handle Animal              2    +2          +4
    Intimidate                 5    +2    +4    +11
    Jump                       0    +3          +3
    Knowledge (History)        4    +2          +6
    Knowledge (Nobility)       5    +2          +7
    Perform (Dance)            2    +2          +4
    Profession (Merchant)      3    +0          +3
    Ride                       7    +0          +7
    Sense Motive               9    +0    +2    +11
    Spot                       5    +0          +5
    Swim                       1    +3          +4
    Equipment:               Cost  Weight
    Long sword +1           2315gp
    Full plate +1           2650gp
    Large steel shield +1   1170gp
    MW Comp Mighty(+3) Longbow 700g
    20 arrows                  1gp
    MW Lance                 310gp
    Heavy Warhorse (Mikli)   200gp
    Military Saddle           20gp
    MW Banded Mail Barding  1150gp
    Bit and Bridle             2gp
    Saddlebags                 4gp
    4 Nobles Outfits         300gp
    Ruby Signet ring         100gp
    Jewelry  (Assorted)      400gp
    10 Bottles of Burgi      200gp
    Order pad
    Total Weight:XXlb      Money:580gp XXsp XXcp
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:               XXX   XXX   XXX   XXX   XXX
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 175lb
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Fair
    Appearance: Alexi is a handsome young man, the flower of Burgivini nobility. He always dresses impeccably with many jewels. He isn't as arrogant as his brothers and can mix well with the common folk, especially soldiers. But he is aware of his status and knows when to throw it around.

    Background: Duke Alexi Dimitrivitch

    In the far northern suburbs of Metropolis lie the Hills of Burgivini. This suburb is far enough north as to be rumored to be near one of the walls of Metropolis. It is even said that on a clear day you can see the mountains north of the city. Of course no one in living memory has actually seen a clear day this far north, but still it is said. The suburb is composed of gentle rolling hills. Atop each hill is a great building. A monument to the family that owns the hill. The Hills are well known for their catacombs, the entrances to which are fiercely guarded. For in these catacombs the ruling families have their servants farm and mine. The most famus product of those catacombs however is the mushrooms. Or rather the liquor that is distilled from a particular mushroom in the catacombs, called Burgi. Burgi is a highly valued drink sold at most bars and taverns through the northern reaches of Metropolis. The familes that own the hills have build huge palaces for themselves. As they wear out they build another level on top so that the spires of these building soar hundreds of feet above the hills. The servants and worked live in the lower levels which usually lead to the catacombs, so few of those workers ever see the sky. But the privaledged rich enjoy the balconies and the view. The towers of most familes are connected to each other through ornate bridges.

    It was Burgi that made the Dimitrivitch family rich. The patriarch of the family, Ivar, has the title of Tsarovich, which each head of a family carries. In Metropolis a title merely means money and power has been help for a while, enough to make people call you that. Alexi is Ivar’s third son and so carries the title of Duke rather than Grand Duke that his eldest brother carries. Alexi grew up on this lavish suburb. Attending parties, learning lessons in history and geneology. All the things that the nobility of Burgivini expect their children to learn. But Alexi was the third son and had no hope of leading the family, and in any case he had other interests. He learned his lessons well enough, how to make the Burgi, how to sell it, but always enjoyed his weapons training most. At 18 he begged his father to let him join the guard. His father initially was against this, but soon realized that here was a guard who would not be turned. So Alexi was made a captain. His men enjoyed his command as Alexi was less arrogant than his brothers and had an affable personality. The bridges that connected each palace to each other were always guarded as were the catacombs and the usually one exit on the ground. Alexi spent three years training with the guard learning the tricks of the soldiers for fighting enemies and boredom (mostly drinking and gambling, two of Alexi’s favorite past times). They guarded those gates, although there were few challenges. The occasional spy was caught or the rare peasant who tried to escape. The peasants who worked for the family belonged to the family. The best they could hope for was to show enough skill or aptitude to join the guards, the kitchen staff or the accountants and be out of the catacombs at least.

    On Alexi’s 21st birthday, his mother, Mara, came and told him he was betrothed to the daughter of an up and coming family the Valiankas, who just discovered a new vein of silver in their catacombs. While Alexi knew that his betrothal was coming, as it did for all young men in the towers, he felt confined and cornered. He begged his father to not schedule the wedding for one year. And to give him leave to explore the city in that time. It wasn’t that Gema Valiankas wasn’t attractive, she was considered very beautiful and now would be rich. The marriage was a political coup for his mother to have arranged. He had danced at the many balls with Gema and was attracted to her. Of all the many possible arrangements that the rumor mills had paired him with Gema was his own favorite before her family’s newly elevated status. But Alexi felt his heart yearning to head south, for a while a least. Something there was calling him, calling his heart. He didn’t know what it was but he needed to find out. He knew his duty lay to his family and to Gema, and he knew his future was within the Hills, but Alexi’s blood burned fiercely to find the source of that call. He had helped count the revenue from the sales of Burgi, but there was time when his beard was white to count that. He was young and wanted adventure before he settled down. He would return for Gema, his family and his responsibility.

    His father saw the fire in the boy’s eye and knew he would be hard pressed to make him stay. If this was Sasha, his eldest, the Grand Duke, there would be no question, he would stay. But Alexi was different, he had a level head and a strong arm and Ivar new men like that needed stimulation and challenge, be it through war, intrigue or mystery. But he warned Alexi he must conduct himself as a Burgivini Duke, that he must not embarrass the family. And he warned him that factions within the Hills wouldn’t mind delaying him and his wedding or even worse to try to embarrass the family. And of course if Alexi found new places that did not know about Burgi, well Alexi should introduce it!

    So Alexi saddles his warhorse, strapped on his shield, proudly bearing the Stag of the Dimitivitches and rode forth to find what Metropolis had in store for him, why She was calling him.
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    I Defended The Walls!

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    Jazick Shador Human Rogue/Fighter


    Jazick Shador
    Male Human Rogue 4th Fighter 1st lvl
    Chaotic Good

    Str 12 4 pts
    Dex 16 8 pts +1 for 4th level
    Con 10 2 pts
    Int 12 4 pts
    Wis 12 4 pts
    Cha 12 4 pts

    Hit Points 24
    AC 20, Touch 13, Flat 16
    Init +3
    BAB +4, Grap +5
    Speed 30
    Fort +1, Ref +7, Will +2

    +5 Melee, +1 Rapier, 1d6+1, 18-20/x2

    +8 Ranged, Mighty MW Longbow, 1d8+1, 20/x3, 0'r

    Medium, 6'2" tall, 155 wt, 22 yrs old
    Black hair, Green eyes, Fair skin

    Skills 74 (8x7Rogue+8Int+8Race+2Fighter)

    Speaks common and languagename

    +1 Appraise (+1Int)
    +5 Balance (+3Dex+2Syn)
    +6 Bluff (5+1Cha)
    +6/8 Climb (5+1Str+2Syn—involving ropes)
    +2 Craft (Chandler)(1+1Int)
    +2 Decipher Script (1+1Int)
    +6 Diplomacy (1+1Cha+2Syn+2Syn)
    +10 Disable Device (7+1Int+2MW Tools)
    +1/3 Disguise (+1Cha+2Syn—to act in character)
    +5 Escape Artist (+3Dex+2Syn)
    +1 Forgery (+1Int)
    +3 Gather Information (+1Cha+2Syn)
    +2 Handle Animal (1+1Cha) (Fighter)
    +7 Hide (4+3Dex)
    +3 Intimidate (+1Cha+2Syn)
    +3 Jump (+1Str+2Syn)
    +6 Knowledge (local) (5+1Int)
    +3 Listen (2+1Wis)
    +7 Move Silently (4+3Dex)
    +12 Open Lock (7+3Dex+2MW Tools)
    +1 Perform (+1Cha)
    +1 Profession (+1Wis)
    +3 Ride (+3Dex)
    +8 Search (7+1Int)
    +6 Sense Motive (5+1Wis)
    +6 Sleight of Hand (1+3Dex+2Syn)
    +4 Spot (3+1Wis)
    +2 Survival (1cc+1Wis) (Fighter)
    +2 Swim (1+1Str) (Fighter)
    +8 Tumble (5+3Dex)
    +2 Use Magic Device (1+1Cha)
    +8 Use Rope (5+3Dex)

    -Point Blank Shot
    -Rapid Shot
    -Precise Shot

    Human Traits
    -Bonus Skills
    -Bonus Feat

    Rogue Abilities
    -Sneak Attack +2d6
    -Trap Sense +1
    -Uncanny Dodge

    Fighter Abilities
    Bonus Feat
    -Simple and Martial Weapons
    -All Armor and Shields

    -+1 Mithril Chain Shirt 2,100 gp
    -Darkwood Buckler 215 gp
    -+1Darkwood Mighty Composite Longbow 2530 gp
    -+1 Rapier 2,020 gp
    -Efficient Quiver 1800 gp
    -Cloak of Resistance 1000 gp
    -Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2 100 gp

    Dagger x2 4 gp
    Sap 1 gp
    Glaive 8 gp

    Explorers' Outfit
    Nobles' Outfit /w Jewelry 175 gp
    Backpack (center back) 2 gp
    Bedroll (below backpack) 1 sp
    Blanket, winter 5 sp
    Belt pouch x2 2 gp
    Torch x2 2 cp
    Candle x6 6cp
    Flint and Steel 1 gp
    Waterskin-water (backpack) 1 gp
    Trail Rations-4 days (backpack) 2 gp
    Sun Rodx2 4 gp
    Rope 100' Grappling Hook 3 gp
    30 gp 14 sp 12cp


    Appearance: Jazick Shador is a tall thin young man of twenty-two summers. His skin is fair and his hair black. He has fine features suggesting a highborn birth and bright eyes of green that carry a hint of sadness. He carries scars of the fire on his back and the left hand. There are other scars earned more recently—a product of his life on the street. Fingerless gloves of black kidskin are perhaps the finest and least worn of his clothes. He wears a worn gray tunic over a light mail shirt. Brown leggings and soft low comfortable boots cover his legs. A once fine black cloak lined with a russet and silver herringbone swallows Jazick’s narrow shoulders. A careful observer will spot sword and bow under the cloak. He wears a low brown felt hat with a broad brim at a rakish angle on his head. He can move with grace and speed, but more often his movements are furtive as his slips from one shadow to the nest. He works to appear ordinary and anonymous on the streets. When he speaks his voice is surprisingly cultured and educated.

    History/Background: Jazick Shador is the son of a once prominent family in a once prosperous neighborhood. Candlestick Lane was a thriving district of artisans. The area produced candles, torches, lamps, scented oils, soaps, and other goods sold in fine storefronts and to other shops in neighboring areas. The area was known for its beautiful old wooden building with ornate carvings, elegant shops and sidewalk cafes. Situated on the northern bank of a major canal, trade was good. Though a small community, it was a relatively happy successful one. The Shador family ruled with a gentle hand, settling disputes, encouraging trade and protecting the neighborhood from their large chandlery and the adjacent stone tower on the waterfront. Things changed dramatically for Candlestick Lane on a hot dry night ten summers ago. No one is sure how the fire started. Any number of banked forges or cook fires could have thrown a spark in the hot breezes blowing that night. The people acted quickly, but the canal was low from the long dry season and the buckets of water had to be hauled up the steep bank. A dry wind drove the fire deeper into the neighborhood igniting tallow, wax and oil in the old wooden buildings. The blaze devoured every wooden structure in the region. Only the brick and stone buildings of abutting districts stopped the flames. In the dawn all that was left of Candlestick Lane was heaps of smoking ash and the stone tower, its interior walls and floors largely burned away. Many of the citizens perished as well, most fighting to save their neighborhood. The families of Candlestick Lane lost everything they had.

    Some moved on chasing the prosperity they had once known while others stayed digging charcoal from the ashes and selling it for coppers where they had once earned gold and silver. A shantytown of lean-tos and tents replaced the fine houses and buildings. Rabble from other areas poured into the vacant space. Soon the area was just a lawless pit. A few businesses rose from the ashes-brothels, taverns and less savory businesses crept into the lawless region.

    Young Jazick survived the blaze along with his mother who was burned badly yet lived. His father, siblings and all other family were lost. His mother turned to drink to ease her pain and heartache. She and Jazick were alone in the burned out tower. In the early years like everyone else, Jazick struggled just to survive and find enough for them to eat. As he grew into a man his mother became increasing out of touch with reality. She expected Jazick to be a proper lord ruling his people. She talked endlessly of honor and duty to the son who caught her rats for dinner. In the remains of the tower he found a few things that survived. I fine shirt of mail and a rapier were untouched by the flame. Jazick would have sold them for money to buy food and healing for his mother, but she insisted that they were Shador family heirlooms that were his birthright. As ruler they were signs of his office and he must preserve them.

    The armor saved his life on more than one occasion as he prowled the warren that had been Candlestick Lane. He ran afoul of cutpurses and muggers, but his agility and fine armor and knowledge of every alley and rooftop allowed him to escape. As a lad he had been educated and knew how to fence, but quickly learned the rougher arts of fighting for your life. The bow proved an effective weapon from the shadows as well. He grew strong, but never bold. Jazick was not a violent youth and preferred to avoid a fight. If he was forced to fight he would strike with speed and stealth. While Jazick at first just fought to survive, his mother’s words began to haunt him as he roamed. He saw many injustices and finally began to take action. He fought to defend others and even worked to drive evil men from the district. He rarely confronts others directly preferring to act from the shadows. In order to further his causes and help the people Jazick will collect ‘taxes’ from wicked men profiting from the people of the neighborhood. He keeps little for himself giving most of what he steals to help the people of the neighborhood. He considers his territory all the area that falls under the shadow of his burned out tower as the sun makes its way across the sky. After his mother died a few years ago, Jazick took to living near the top of the tower where he restored a floor. This was both for safety and to provide a vantage point from which to watch the surrounding neighborhood.

    Jazick is sometimes referred to as ‘Lord Shadow’ at first mockingly, but now with some reverence among the simple folk of the neighborhood. He has many friends: Judith Tulley daughter of a once wealthy family that has regained some small part of their former wealth as sellers of charcoal and torches. They are of an age and Jazick is given to romantic notions about her. Willie a simpleminded begger boy orphaned and disabled in the night of the fire. Rory a baker who’s oven survived the fire. He often gave young Jazick day old bread in the difficult days after the fire. Another is Margra an old woman who discovered that flowers grew well in the soil enriched by the ashes. She scrapes by selling flowers from a stand on the corner at the edge of the neighborhood. Father Lunley a homeless sidewalk preacher who also works tirelessly to help others.

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    Corbin Deeppouch - Rogue/Druid

    Class: Rogue 1/Druid 4
    Race: Halfling
    Deity: None
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Height: 3'1"
    Weight: 35 lbs
    Eyes: Two
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Skin: Yes
    Ability Scores: 
    Str: 12   
    Dex: 16   
    Con: 10  
    Int: 14  
    Wis: 14+2 = 16  
    Cha: 10 
    HP: 24
    AC: 18 = 10 + 4 armor + 3 Dex + 1 size
    Init.: +3
    BAB/Grapple: +3/+0
    Saves: Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +7
    Single Dagger at +7 for 1d3+2
    Two Daggers at +5/+0 for 1d3+2/1d3+1
    Sling at +8 for 1d3+1
    Racial Abilities:
    +2 vs. fear
    +1 with thrown weapons
    Class Abilities:
    Sneak Attack +1d6
    Nature Sense
    Wild Empathy
    Woodland Stride
    Trackless Step
    Resist Nature's Lure
    Spontaneous Rejuvenation*
    Shapeshift* (Predator Form w/ Mobility)
    *Replacement class features from PHB2.
    Two Weapon Fighting
    Weapon Finesse
    Skill: Total = Ability + Ranks + Misc
    Concentration:	 6 = 0 + 6 + 0
    Balance:	 4 = 3 + 1 - 1
    Climb: 		 2 = 1 + 1 + 1
    Decipher Script: 6 = 2 + 4 + 0
    Hide:		 9 = 3 + 4 + 3
    Jump: 		 3 = 1 + 2 + 1
    Knowledge (Hist.)4 = 2 + 2 + 0
    Knowledge (Local)6 = 2 + 4 + 0
    Knowledge (Nat.) 6 = 2 + 4 + 0
    Listen		 9 = 3 + 4 + 2
    Move Silently:   7 = 3 + 4 + 1
    Open Lock:	 5 = 3 + 2 + 0
    Search:		 6 = 2 + 4 + 0
    Sleight of Hand: 5 = 3 + 2 + 0
    Spot:		 9 = 3 + 6 + 0
    Spellcraft: 	 7 = 2 + 5 + 0	
    Tumble:		 5 = 3 + 4 - 1
    Use Mag. Dev.:	 3 = 0 + 3 + 0 
    Spells per day:
    level 0: 5
    level 1: 4
    level 2: 3
    Prepared spells:
    detect magic x2, light, create water, flare
    cure light wounds x2, magic stone, obscuring mist
    cure moderate wounds x2, flaming sphere
    Dragonhide Shirt       	(500 gp)[12.5 lbs]
    Two +1 daggers 	       	(4604 gp)[1 lb]
    Masterwork Sling       	(300 gp)
    20 sling bullets       	(3 sp) 	[5 lbs]
    Periapt of Wisdom +2   	(4000 gp)
    MWT hieves' Tools 	(100 gp)[2 lbs]
    Backpack 		(2 gp) 	[.5 lbs]
    Lantern, bullseye 	(12 gp) [1.5 lbs]
    Rope, silk: 50 ft 	(10 gp) [5 lbs]
    2 sacks, medium size 	(2 sp) 	[1 lb]
    4 belt pouches 		(4 gp) 	[.5 lbs]
    Miner's Pick             (1 cp) [5 lbs]
    30 platinum 			[.3 lbs]
    166 gold 			[1.66 lbs]
    13 silver 			[0.13 lbs]
    19 copper 			[0.2 lbs]
    Total weight: 36.7 lbs
    Description: Corbin is an average-sized halfling, standing at just a smidge over three feet tall. He is slender in build, and has dark brown hair that he keeps tied up in a short topknot. Corbin has a friendly looking face with light hazel eyes and a wide smile. He wears an small armored shirt made from the scales of a green dragon, its color signifying, at least to him, his devotion to the natural world. The dragonscale armor is just one of the many treasures unearthed by the halfling during his excavations of the old city. Under his armor he wears a matching green tunic, and Corbin's small legs sport a pair of fancy, copper-brown leggings and high boots made of thin leather.

    Background: Corbin Deeppouch started his life on the streets like so many others before him: struggling for life, eking out a meager existence, and trying one's level best to stay out of the way of the warring gangs. When the struggle finally overcame his parents, Corbin was just reaching adolescence. Forced to fend for himself, the young halfling took refuge in an ancient and mostly abandoned section on the outskirts of the city, where he would be safe from the warring gangs and corrupt authorities. One day, while skulking about his "domain," he stumbled upon some ancient tablets detailing the outside world, the way it was centuries past, before the city was walled off and separated. Something stirred within Corbin, and he suddenly became aware of his place within the natural order. With the help of the ancient tablets, he began to follow the path of the druid, continually searching the ruins of the city for the clues that could lead the city back to nature.

    Most of Corbin's average day is spent digging through the ancient ruins around the outer rim of the metropolis. He searches constantly in hope of finding yet more clues to the world that exists beyond the city walls. When Corbin ventures into the more populated areas of the town, he stays on the lookout for any upcoming expeditions beyond the walls, and he would gladly offer up his time, knowledge, and even money to help such a venture along. His extensive time in and around archeological sites has allowed him to cultivate more than a few friendships with other urban explorers and historians who frequent the same locations and share similar interests. Of no small help are his friendly, curious attitude and happy-go-lucky outlook.

    However, while Corbin is convinced that his power comes directly from nature itself, it is slightly more complicated than that. His power is actually drawn from the lifeforce of the city, though he doesn't know it. His power comes from the collective need of every living thing in the city to return to its roots and escape the metropolis.
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    Azot, Dwarven Sewer Druid



    Class: Druid 5
    Race: Dwarf
    Deity: Sebek
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 
    Age: 65
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Dark Brown
    Ability Scores: 
    Str: 12   
    Dex: 14   
    Con: 14 (12+2)  
    Int: 12  
    Wis: 17 (+1 @4)  
    Cha: 6 (8-2)
    HP: 38
    AC: 16 = 10 + 3 armor + 2 Dex + 1 RoP 
    Init.: +2
    BAB/Grapple: +3/+4
    Saves: Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +7
    Bone Club +1 (+4/1d6+1/x2/B)
    Racial Abilities:
    - 20’ Base Speed.
    - 60’ Darkvision
    - Stonecunning: +2 Search check to notice unusual stonework. Intuit
    depth underground.
    - Weapon Familiarity: Treat Dwarven Waraxes and Urgroshes as
    Martial Weapons instead of exotic.
    - Stability: +4 bonus to resist being Bull Rushed.
    - +2 saving throw vs poisons
    - +2 saving throw vs spells and spell-like effects
    - +1 racial bonus on attack rolls vs orcs and goblinoids
    - +4 Dodge bonus to AC against monsters of the Giant type
    - +2 racial bonus on Appraise and Craft checks on items made of stone or metal
    Class Abilities:
    Nature Sense
    Wild Empathy
    Woodland Stride
    Trackless Step
    Resist Nature's Lure
    Shapeshift: Azot can turn into a powerful animal or
    nature - orientated form. When in his predator form, his
    body turns into a crocidile, the chosen form of Sebek. It
    requires only a swift action for him to make this change,
    and there is no limit to the amount of times Azot can switch
    between dwarven and animal shape. When in this form, he can
    not activate magical items or cast spells and even taking the
    Natural Spell feat would not allow him to do so. His natural
    attack in this form is treated as a magical attack (a bonus of
    1/4 his current level), so currently his bite attack is a +1 bonus
    to hit, damage and overcome physical resistance.
    If there is a time when he has no other option left to him
    but to leave the ground, Azot can also turn into an avian
    creature. He has not done so at this time as Sebek does
    not smile upon the usage of this ability and considers flying
    away from any fight to be a cowardly action.* (Predator
    Form w/ Mobility; Aerial Form)
    *Replacement class features from PHB2.
    Heighten Spell
    Earth Sense*: As long as you are touching the ground, you can
    take a move action to sense the number if creatures within 20' that
    are also touching the ground and the direction to each one. You
    cannot pinpoint the location of any creature with this feet.
    *Feat from Races of Stone
    Skill: Total = Ability + Ranks + Misc
    Concentration:	 6 = 2 + 4 + 0
    Heal:                7 = 3 + 4 + 0
    Knowledge (Nat.) 11 = 1 + 8 + 2
    Listen		 8 = 3 + 5 +0
    Spot:		 8 = 3 + 5 + 0
    Spellcraft: 	 5 = 1 + 4 + 0	
    Survival:         13= 3 + 8 + 2
    Swim:               3= 1+ 2 + 0
    Spells per day:
    level 0: 5
    level 1: 4
    level 2: 3
    level 3: 2
    Prepared spells:
    Purify Food and Drinkx2, flarex2 create water
    cure light wounds, speak with animals, magic stone, Longstrider
    Bull’s Strength, summon swarm, Barkskin
    3rd – level
    cure moderate wounds, call lightening
    Crocodile Leather Armor +1 (1,160 gp) [15lbs]
    Crocodile Bone Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (2,000 gp) 
    Crocodile Hide Belt of Resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
    Bone Club +1 (2,300 gp) [3lbs]
    Bone Wand of Entangle (50) (750 gp)
    Bone Wand of CLW (50) (750 gp)
    Ring of Prot  +1 (2,000gp)
    Backpack 		(2 gp) 	[.5 lbs]
    4 belt pouches 		(4 gp) 	[.5 lbs]
    40 gold 			[.40 lbs]
    Total weight: 19.4 lbs
    Description: Azot is taller than the average dwarf, standing roughly five feet, but due to the dirt and grime that continually covers him, most think he is simply human. He is not stoutly built like many of his kin and his lean frame is covered in sinewy muscles instead of bulk, as his life in the undercity of Metropolis has stripped away any excess fat from his body. His hair and beard are wild and unkempt, both thoroughly saturated with the grime that coats his body like a second skin, and his bright emerald eyes peer out through equally shaggy brows. He wears the skins and bones of his fallen brethren and trusts that Sebek will continue to bless and protect him as long as he continues to do so.

    Background: While the dwarves he grew up with never treated him unkindly, Azot always felt like an outcast among them. Azot fled beneath the surface of Metropolis twenty-five years ago to escape the life he felt fate had cursed him into having. His hands would have allowed him to be a fine gemcutter, but he had no love to shape and work with the fruits of the earth the way his kin did. He knew early in his life that he was not like his dwarven kin, but it was not until the dreams began that the differences became too great to ignore. Feeling like the world above threatened to crush him with its rules and etiquette , Azot ventured below the city and soon found himself lost in the labyrinth below. However, instead of feeling fear, he felt a feeling of acceptance and peace, slowly losing the trappings of humanity and living as little more than a beast himself. He told none of his family about his decision to leave for the undercity and after two decades they still search for him. However since they keep their searches above ground, they never learned anything new.

    Time lost all meaning to Azot and as the animals around him began to accept him as one of their own, he felt his connection to the sewers growing stronger. As he sunk further into a primal state, Azot’s spirit reached outwards until it found the source of his strength: Sebek.

    While the god of crocodiles had lost much of its strength, it saw in Azot a vessel that could bring others to his fold and slowly restored Azot’s humanity and allowed the young dwarven druid to call upon him for assistance in surviving the dangers of his home. As Azot grew more comfortable with his abilities, Sebek began moving him closer to the settled regions of the sewers and sent Azot visions of him protecting those who shared his home and punishing those who would disrupt the balance of the world below.

    Since then, Azot has became the story that parents use when they wish to keep their children close, as well as looked upon as the silent and deadly guardian who watches over them. They know that he does not allow any to threaten his judgment over his “lands” and those who have sought to dispose of him have not returned. Sebek’s worship has also increased as many sewer dwellers offer small offerings to him in thanks for their protector, as well as to keep Azot’s stern gaze away from them.
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    Name: Ymris 
    Class: Monk 3 / Sorcerer 2
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: LN
    Str: 10 +0 (3p.)     Level: 5        XP: 0 / 0
    Dex: 12 +1 (5p.)     BAB: +3         HP: 21 (3d8+2d4)
    Con: 11 +0 (4p.)     Grapple: +0     Dmg Red: -/-
    Int: 14 +2 (5p.)     Speed: 40'      Magic Ability: Sorcerer
    Wis: 14 +2 (5p.)     Init: +1        Caster Level: 2
    Cha: 16 +3 (6p.)     ACP: -0         Save DC: 13+spell level
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +1    +0    +1    +0    +1    +2    15
    Touch: 13              Flatfooted: 14
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      3    +0    +1    +4
    Ref:                       3    +1    +1    +5
    Will:                      6    +2    +1    +9
    +2 saves vs. enchantment spells/effects
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical     Range
    Darkwood Qstaff (+1)     +4      1d6+1        x2
    MW Silver Dagger         +4      1d4-1      19-20x2      10 ft.
    Unarmed strike           +3      1d6          x2
    Flurry                  +1/+1    1d6/1d6
    Ranged attack            +4
    Languages: Common, Archaic Common
    Monk Class Abilities
    - Flurry of Blows
    - Unarmed Strike
    - Evasion
    - Still Mind
    Sorcerer Class Abilities
    - Summon Familiar
    Acrobatic (human bonus)
    Improved Unarmed Strike (monk bonus)
    Stunning Fist (monk bonus)
    Combat Expertise (1st level)
    Combat Reflexes (monk bonus)
    Skill Focus: Profession (3rd level)
    *Alertness when Thom is nearby
    Skill Points: 46       Max Ranks: 8/4
    Skills                Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Appraise                0     +2   +0    +2
    Balance                 6     +1   +2    +9
    Bluff                   4     +3   +0    +7
    Climb                   0     +0   +0    +0
    Concentration           0     +0   +0    +0
    Craft                   0     +2   +0    +2
    Diplomacy               0     +3   +2    +5
    Disguise                0     +3   +0    +3
    Escape Artist           0     +1   +0    +1
    Forgery                 0     +2   +0    +2
    Gather Information      0     +3   +0    +3
    Heal                    0     +2   +0    +2
    Hide                    0     +1   +0    +1
    Intimidate              0     +3   +0    +3
    Jump                    6     +0   +8    +14
     (Arcana)               3     +2   +0    +5
    Listen                  6     +2   +2    +10
    Move Silently           0     +1   +3    +4
    Perform                 0     +3   +0    +3   
     (Fortune-telling)      3     +2   +3    +8          
    Ride                    0     +1   +0    +1
    Search                  0     +2   +0    +2
    Sense Motive            6     +2   +0    +8
    Spot                    6     +2   +2    +10
    Survival                0     +2   +0    +2
    Swim                    0     +0   +0    +0
    Tumble                  6     +1   +4    +11
    Use Rope                0     +1   +0    +1
    Equipment:                      Cost       Weight
    Familiar ritual                 100 gp       -
    +1 Darkwood Quarterstaff      2,640 gp       2
    MW Silver Dagger                322 gp       1
    Traveler's outfit                 -          5
    Cloak of Resistance +1        1,000 gp
    Amulet of natural armor (+1)  2,000 gp
    Bracers of Armor (+1)         1,000 gp
    Items on belt:
    Spell component pouch             5 gp       2
    Flask                             3 cp       1.5
    Pouch, belt                       1 gp        .5
    - Flint & steel                   1 gp
    Heward’s Handy Haversack      2,000 gp       5
    Items in Haversack:
    Feather token, bird             300 gp
    3 potions Cure light wounds     150 gp
    Canvas (painted; 1 yd x 2 yds.)   1 gp       2
    Mirror, small steel              10 gp        .5
    Bedroll                           1 sp       5
    Tool, Masterwork                 50 gp       3 
    - +2 to Profession: Fortune-telling 
    - Commentarius ad Novem Lapillos (A Commentary concerning Nine Small Stones/The Book of Nine Stones)
    2 days rations                    1 gp       2
    Sack                              1 sp        .5
    Sewing needle                     5 gp
    Soap                              5 sp       1
    Entertainer's outfit              3 gp       4
    -layered skirts & blouse of vari-colored cloth, fringed shawl, etc.
    Assorted gold rings/necklaces    65 gp
    Peasant's outfit                  1 sp       2
    Comb: the shell is actually a composite of several pearls, delicately fitted onto a plate of ivory silversheen, electrum flecks decorating the frame (38 sp value)
    Total Weight: 17 lb      Money: 332 gp, 89 sp, 11 cp (all but a few coins in Haversack)
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                33    66    100  200   500

    Spells per day:
    0-level: 6
    1st-level: 4

    Spells Known:
    0-level: Acid Splash, Detect Poison, Flare, Light, Prestidigitation
    1st-level: Shocking Grasp, Unseen Servant


    Ragged Thom (Cat)
    Size/Type: Tiny Magical Beast
    Hit Dice: ½ d8 or 5 (10 hp)
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
    Armor Class: 15 (+2 size, +2 Dex, +1 natural armor), touch 14, flat-footed 13
    Base Attack/Grapple: +3/-9
    Attack: Claw +7 melee (1d2-4)
    Full Attack: 2 claws +7 melee (1d2-4) and bite +2 melee (1d3-4) Space/Reach: 2½ ft./0 ft.
    Special Attacks: —
    Special Qualities: Low-light vision, scent
    Familiar Qualities: Improved evasion, share spells, empathic link
    Saves: Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +7
    Abilities: Str 3, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 6, Wis 12, Cha 7
    Skills: Balance +16, Climb +6, Hide +16*, Jump +16,
    Listen +7, Move Silently +8, Spot +7
    Feats: Stealthy, Weapon FinesseB

    Ability modifiers

    Age: Str -1, Dex -1, Con -1, Int +1, Wis +1, Cha +1
    4th level: Cha +1


    Deep within the labrinth of streets that make up Metropolis is an oasis of serenity its residents call Three Stone Green. Called by less savory names by those who live outside its walls and envy its prosperity the least offensive and most common of these names is Three Crones.

    Three Stone Green takes its name from three heavily weathered stone sculptures that rest upon a small grassy patch of ground surrounded by the stone-walled suburb. Though virtually unrecognizable now, the three statues are said to represent the founders of Three Stone Green: three generations of women now referred to as the Matriarchs. And in fact, Three Stone Green is ruled by three women who proudly bear the titles of Elder, Matron, and Maid.

    As all girls of Three Stone Green must do, Ymris began training to carry a spear in the Maidens, the suburb's militia, at the age of 9. It quickly became apparent that the spear did not rest lightly within her hands and she began training in a more obscure and demanding martial style that honed her body into a weapon and supplemented it with a quarterstaff. At the age of 13, two years early, Ymris was initiated into the ranks of the Maidens along with her close companions, Haela and Eothe. The next years passed swiftly and she revelled in the sisterhood of the Maidens and in combat training.

    By her 17th year Ymris was a leader of a hand of Maidens and by the time she was 22 had secured the title of Maid and led all the Maidens and sat upon the ruling council with Elder Raitha and Matron Syali. It was her intent to keep the position of Maid for several years but she had not reckoned on the charms of Ari Kolarn of Candlestick Lane.

    In Ymris’ 24th year a group of merchants, Ari Kolarn among them, arrived at Three Stone Green’s gate market in the late spring to trade their wares with the women of Three Stone Green and the peoples of surrounding suburbs. As part of the duties of the Maidens to patrol the market and ensure the safety of those conducting trade, Ymris came into contact with many merchants and relished the duty. The attractive Ari immediately caught her eye and she found reason for several days afterward to visit his stall and buy some small item from him. What began with flirtatious haggling led to more passionate encounters and, for the first time, Ymris began to spend her nights outside Three Stone Green. By the end of summer, several weeks after Ari had returned to Candlestick Lane, Ymris knew she carried Ari’s child.

    This knowledge lay within her like a lump of ice. It meant the end of all that she held dear. With the birth of her child she would have to surrender the leadership of the Maidens and enter the ranks of the matrons. However unready she was, the child was born. Ymris surrendered her title and in a rather tense ceremony made unpleasant by Ymris’ obvious reluctance joined the matrons.

    Feeling nothing but resentment for the child, Ymris gave it up to be raised by another woman. Imagining herself cut off from the Maidens she stormed about the suburb in a foul mood for weeks until summoned by the elder Tysura, a reclusive, wrinkled, sharp-tongued old crone with an air of mystery about her. Ymris’ next days were spent serving Tysura in menial capacities though as time passed the elder set her seemingly meaningless tasks. Far from meaningless, though Ymris didn’t realize it, the tasks exercised her mind much like her previous training exercised her body until the day she experienced a break-through and successfully conjured a burst of light. Success kindled an interest that duty could not and Ymris devoured every book on the arcane that Tysura directed her towards.

    Most matrons choose their own path but Ymris was content to allow Tysura to direct her way and so when the elder ordered her to begin telling fortunes in Three Stone Green’s gate market she did not question the order.

    Ymris’ first attempts at fortune-telling were woefully inept. Several seasons of sitting her tiny carpet in Three Stone Green’s gate market taught her to read people a little better. She was surprised to discover that most people desired a little mystery when having their fortunes told and began to use a bit of magic and drama in her readings.

    Her method of telling fortunes entails having her subject cast three stones three times upon a cleared space on her carpet. These slightly larger than coin-sized stones are small, flat, round stones polished smooth by years of handling. All have the same arcane symbol etched on one side and a second symbol on the obverse. The client casts the stones and Ymris determines by the symbols appearing on the stone and by quadrant where it falls a certain runic mark predetermined and described in the Commentarius ad Novem Lapillos (The Book of Nine Stones), an ancient volume on foretelling the future. Three casts reveal three such runic marks and every possible triad of runes has a passage in the book. After years of such a process Ymris knows by heart the major passages of the book and can perform her foretelling without referencing passages in the book. (Don't think I described this well so just think I Ching.)

    Ymris may spice up the presentation of her foretelling by chanting a throaty array of arcane-seeming syllables as the client casts the stones and causing a glowing mystic symbol to appear (by means of Prestidigitation) in the air between Ymris and her client after each cast.

    And so the years passed: in the morning Ymris would serve Tysura, afternoons were spent telling fortunes in the market, she would dine with her sisters, and her evenings were spent reading and rereading the tomes of Three Stone Green’s library.

    In Ymris’ 40th year the Matron Seolor’s health took a downward turn. Rumor had it that it would not be long before she would be forced to surrender the position of Matron. A chance comment by Tysura, “You could become Matron if you’d bothered to spend some time outside of the Green,” set Ymris to thinking. Not long after she had plan in place to step through the gate of Three Stone Green and into the vaster, more dangerous world of Metropolis.

    Feeling some trepidation over leaving her home and venturing out into Metropolis, Ymris endeavored to undertake a ritual to summon an arcane companion and assistant. She meticulously gathered herbs and minerals and other ingredients detailed in the Caudex Veneficii, a tome borrowed from elder Tysura. She spent from dawn of one day to dawn of the next in fasting and performing a series of arcane rituals and meditations. And when the ritual was complete nothing happened. No puff of smoke, no mystical appearance of a wondrous creature. Somewhat dejected, Ymris steeled herself to travel alone and completed preparations for her journey.

    Setting out, Ymris soon discovered that she was being paced by a scruffy tomcat. Its orange and tan striped fur was dirty and it had a mass of scar tissue on its right shoulder that looked as if it was caused by a burn. Its left ear looked as if it were chewed half off and its tail had a permanent bend from being broken.


    Age: 40 years
    Height: 5’3”
    Weight: 120 lbs.
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Light brown with a few strands of gray beginning to show
    Skin: pale

    At first glance it is apparent that Ymris is no classic beauty though she is not unattractive. She is thin, small-breasted, and leanly muscled. A longer, second look would reveal that she seems perfectly comfortable within her body and confident of its abilities. It is this confidence and poise that is her greatest attribute.
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    Name: "Ham", owner of the Eighth Moon Inn (Dead)
    Class: Warrior/Rogue
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium, a big Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: CN (with Evil Tendancies)
    Str: 16 +3   	Level: 2/1	
    Dex: 5 -3    	BAB: +2      	HP: 21 (2d10+1d6+9)
    Con: 17 +3  	Grapple: +5	
    Int: 8 -1     	Speed: 15'	
    Wis: 7 -2    	Init: -3       
    Cha: 5 -3    	ACP: 0        
    	Total	Base	Armor	Shld	Dex	Size	Nat	Misc
    Armor:	7	10	+0	+0	+3	+0	+0	+0
    Touch:	7	Flatfooted: 7
    Spell Res: None
    Dmg Red: None
    	Total	Base	Mod	Misc
    Fort:	+6	3	+3	--
    Ref:	-1	2	-3	--
    Will:	-2	0	-2	--
    Notes:Ham has an Obese flaw, forcing him to use his Dexterity
    modifier to hit in melee in lieu of his better Strength modifier.
    Weapon			Attack	Damage	Critical	Range
    Improvised Club     	-1	1d4+3	20/x2	 
    Languages: Common (barely)
    Sneak Attack +1d6
    Power Attack, Improved Grapple, Cleave.
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    Name: Mr Blue, the diabolic halfling (Dead?)
    Class: ??
    Race: Halfling
    Size: Small
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: CE 
    Str: 12 +1   	Level: ?	XP: ???
    Dex: 14 +2    	BAB: +?      	HP: ? (?d?+?)
    Con: ?? +?  	Grapple: +?	???: XXXX
    Int: 12 +1     	Speed: 20'	???:
    Wis: 12 +1    	Init: -3       	???: XX
    Cha: 8 -1    	ACP: 0        	???: X%
    	Total	Base	Armor	Shld	Dex	Size	Nat	Misc
    Armor:	13	10	+0	+0	+2	+1	+0	+0
    Touch:	13	Flatfooted: 11
    Spell Res: None
    Dmg Red: ??
    	Total	Base	Mod	Misc
    Fort:	+?	?	+?	--
    Ref:	-?	?	+2	--
    Will:	-?	?	+1	--
    Notes:Mister Blue may have undead traits.
    Weapon			Attack	Damage	Critical	Range
    Small rapier     	+?	1d4+1	18-20/x2	 
    Languages: Common 
    Masterwork rapier, silver whistle.
    Last edited by Phoenix; Tuesday, 19th September, 2006 at 12:57 PM.

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    ø Block Phoenix

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    Name: Soldiers of the Order of Urbanus
    Class: Warrior
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: NG 
    Str: 14 +2   	Level: 3	
    Dex: 13 +1    	BAB: +3      	HP: 24 (3d10+3)
    Con: 12 +1  	Grapple: +5	
    Int: 12 +1     	Speed: 20'	
    Wis: 13 +1    	Init: +1       	
    Cha: 11 +0    	ACP: -6        	
    	Total	Base	Armor	Shld	Dex	Size	Nat	Misc
    Armor:	19	10	+5	+2	+1	+0	+0	+1
    Touch:	11	Flatfooted: 17
    Spell Res: None
    Dmg Red: None
    	Total	Base	Mod	Misc
    Fort:	+4	3	+1	--
    Ref:	+1	0	+1	--
    Will:	+1	0	+1	--
    Weapon			Attack	Damage	Critical	Range
    Lgt Crossbow     	+5	1d8+2	19-20/x2	 
    Longsword     	+6	1d8+2	19-20/x2	 
    Languages: Common, ??? 
    Point-blank Shot, Weapon Focus (longsword), Dodge.
    Light crossbow, chainmail, steel shield, longsword.
    Last edited by Phoenix; Wednesday, 30th August, 2006 at 01:27 AM.

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