The word is spreading on Living Kingdoms of Kalamar®! Both Origins and GenCon events were overflowing with attendees!

We’re a growing campaign that offers realism, accepts player input, and tries our hardest to create the best role-playing experience out there today. The richness that is the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting inspires players to rediscover the role-playing aspects of D&D®.

The newest version of the Living Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Book 566-567 IR (2006-2007) is your tool to discover a great D&D campaign that is set in the Kingdom of Pekal on the world of Tellene. This book is for players and Dungeon Masters alike. It comes jam packed with a complete listing of available adventures to date, details on the capital city of Bet Rogala including a great map and legend, character creation rules, campaign rulings, conversion to D&D v.3.5 information, character sheet and magic/event logs, FAQ, iconic characters, in-character knowledge, details on animals, equipment and spells for sale, information on metaorganizations, errata, and a mini-adventure.