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    Before leaving, Kaelvorr disappears to the rapidly growing kaorti cyst in the bottom levels of the cult's cave.
    The fiend solidifies directly behind it's cohort, who is busy, as always at a worktable. "Progress Telairnys?"

    "The wands and all four sets of communication stones you requested are complete my lord."

    "Excellent. Keep one of the stones on your person and hand two others to others who are to remain hidden and contact me in case of attack. I will the other halves of those three sets as well as the remaining full set. I have an additional task for you to complete before you returning to further crafting. This ring was given to me by one of the others that came through the abyssal gate. Determine its properties. But I advise caution, it may function exactly as described. It may hold unpleasant surprises. I will be keeping tabs on progress here from time to time. Contact me immediately should any emergencies arise." Kaelvorr upends a pouch hanging from its belt, dropping Gabriel's ring onto Telairnys' worktable.

    Upon its return, Kaelvorr asks Rose to speak privately for a moment.
    "You are wise to be cautious about accepting gifts. I am having Gabriel's ring studied before I will wear it. However, if you are willing, I ask you to keep a sending stone so that I may contact you, or you me. You need not even touch it. Merely having it upon your person will allow communication with the bearer of its sister stone." Kaelvorr reveals both identical stones, drops them in separate bags, and, still open, offers either to Rose.

    Regardless of the result, Kaelvorr leaves with Snargle, Aldred, and the gargoyle as planned.

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    [Even though we've already started in the other thread, I assume we can retroactively finish this... Let me know if I'm mistaken.]

    Rose looks at Kaelvorr with a mixture of confusion and disgust.

    "I shouldn't take the ring from the flamboyant playboy, but I should take a stone from you? I'll take it," he says, taking the bag on the left, "But I'm not getting in the middle of some pissing match between you and him. And if something happens because of this, you can expect to meet my blade."

    The tiefling waits a moment to see if Kaelvorr has more to say. If not, Rose walks away without another word.

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    OOC: I am pleased with this conclusion and it is acceptable. After all, an indeterminate amount of time has passed, enough for item forging to be finished, and there was also plenty of room to squeeze in a few meetings. In the future, of course, I would prefer to see item making noted at the start, not at its conclusion. But in this case the off-time was compressed in terms of storytelling and there is no real difference between start and finish.

    I will post a general ruling about compressed time activities and side meetings in OOC.

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