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    Old Character Interface and Tracking Thread

    This thread is closed!

    This thread contains historical records from the 3.5 Living Eberron. Please see the appropriate 4E Living Eberron thread for up-to-date information.


    This is a Thread for DMs to post which characters are currently on adventures that they are running, and any experience awards gained during each of them.

    DMs, Please only Post ONE time here. You can Edit your Post, including making allowances for multiple games that you run. The object is to have as few Posts as possible (1/DM). Thank you.

    Please provide a link to the adventure. If you want to save space, you can put participants in an sblock for awards.

    Please keep this as up to date as you can, so when you award experience, it can be tallied here.
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    Patlin's LEB Games

    Closed Games
    Zombie Hunt
    Balnibar Jimminyblivet played by InVinoVeritas; Gnome Rogue 1
    Jarik d'Velderan played by Jarik; Human Conjuror 1 (Appears to have dropped out of adventure)
    Aidan ir'Allistair played by Icycool; Human Paladin 1
    Meksoor Dhakaan played by Anti-Sean; Hobgoblin Bard 1
    Shearan played by EternalSword; Elf Fighter 1
    3 DM Credits awarded

    Traps and Wards
    Guardian, played by IcyCool; Warforged Knight 1
    Samarik, played by Penance; Human Fighter 1 (Had to leave game after first encounter, with apropriate notice.)
    Fritz, played by IamTheTest; Human Wizard 1
    Rethlin, played by JRYoung; Human Cleric 1
    Fearalan, played by Corcio; Elf Druid 1 (Left game in midst of second encounter.)
    Gimble, played by Animus; Gnome Artificer 1
    5 DM credits awarded

    Marked by Destiny, Marked by Tragedy Part II
    Sin, played by Rystil Arden; Changeling Beguiler 2
    Arvan the Chosen, played by Bront; Battle Sorceror 2
    Silvanon d'Thuranni, played by S@squ@tch; Elf Rogue 1
    Brelach, played by Wik, Human Spellthief 2
    Weapon, played by Stonegod; Warforged Fighter 2
    8 DM credits awarded

    DM Credits: 16 Remaining, 0 used to date
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    Erekose's Games

    The Forgotten Forge - started 07/17/06, completed 01/09/07 6 DM Points awarded

    Marked by Destiny, Marked by Tragedy - started 05/24/07

    [DM Points Log]
    • 6 DM Points gained for Forgotten Forge
    • 1 DM Points spent on Aethelus d'Cannith for 100xp
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    IcyCool's Living Eberron Games

    Head of the Class
    Raven Thorn played by Manzanita; Human Rogue 1/Fighter 1
    Avnuss played by Patlin; Warforged Artificer 2
    Italimelk played by drothgery; Kalashtar Soulknife 2
    Shoot played by El Jefe; Warforged Druid 2
    Seat Ib'iza played by Someone; Dwarf Archivist 2
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    Completed Adventures:

    Into Khyber's Gate

    Into Khyber's Gate
    Johanel d'Sivis played by Byronhicks; human wizard 1
    Sedar Spirewalker played by Knight Otu; human rogue 2
    Bloodtalon played by Erekose13; kenku rogue 1, warlock 1

    Exp Awarded 6/07 - 1,550xp
    15 DM Credits Earned

    Adventure Summary:
    PC's were hired by a member of the Citadel to steal the secret of transmuting an illegal drug into an undetectable form. The players encountered numerous lawless monsters in the bowels of Sharn until they reached the Wounded Dragon shop. They inadvertently tipped off the owner that they were interested in his secrets and had to come up with a new plan. They found their employer, saved him from an ambush by the Boromar clan, then came up with a way to distract the shop owner. They pitted the Boromar Clan and the Daask (who the shop owner was a member of) against each other and stole potions and books while he was gone.

    DM Credit Tracking:
    15 credits earned 10/16/07
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    Gwydion's Living Eberron Games

    The Mad God's Key (Bront Judging)
    IC Thread (Start Date: 02/06/2007)

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    past games
    The funeral (started 3/27/07, finished 7/13/07)


    Siobhan, shifter druid 2, played by Rystil Arden.
    Raven, human Rogue/fighter 1/1, played by Manzanita.
    Niccolo, human swashbuckler 1, played by inky. (level raised to 2 while adventuring)
    Latharion, elf fighter rogue, played by DrZombie.
    Stulgar, shifter ranger/barbarian 1/1, played by Bront.

    XP rewards:
    Siobhan: 600, 700, 1200, 100
    Raven: 600, 750, 1200, 150
    Niccolo: 600, 650, 1200, 100
    Latharion:600, 550, 900, 100
    Stulgar:600, 600, 1200, 100

    Treasure gained: Wand of Cure moderate wounds, potions of Heroism, Haste and Displacement

    DM points:
    Total 4
    Spent 1
    Actual 3
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    Games of Animus

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    Marked by Destiny, Marked by Tragedy (Started 5-24-07)
    Arvan the Chosen
    Silvanon d'Thuranni
    Bennit Bel-Roan



    6 sets of small leather armour
    6 short-spears
    1 golden talisman (10 gp)
    1 potion (unidentified)
    1 small rapier
    1 small studded leather
    1 set of thieves tools
    24 gp
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    stonegod's LEB Games

    Active Adventures


    Completed Adventures

    SG1: An Old Friend (8/5/2007-10/17/2007)
    A strange creature begs Brews' help in a most familiar way...
    Aldus Thunderbanner, a dwarven artificer, sends a homunculus to Brews asking for help. He was accosted by some House Tarkanan thugs who were looking for something called the "Koldoran Piece", a partial scheme Aldus and his companions found in Xen'drik many years back. It had something to do with Aberrant Marks, but was stolen before it could be studied. After conflicts with corrupt guard members, marked thugs, and a kobold of disturbingly polite manners, the group managed to rescue Master Thunderbanner.
    - Balnibar Jiminyblivet, Gnome Trapsmith (InVinoVeritas)
    - Lorth, Shifter Monk (Drerek)
    - Mathew d'Cannith, Cannith Scion (Mellub)
    - Corran D'Tharashk, Tharashk Scion (Redclaw)
    - Genithar ir'Rume, Karrnathi Elven Necromantic-Generalist (Dirk Nightbreese)
    - XP and Treasure Post
    - 3 DM Credits
    Marked By Destiny, Marked by Tragedy (took over from Patlin) (6/14/2008-9/8/2008)
    Something aberrant stirs in the depths of Sharn...
    An explosion rocks Sharn, and the dragonmarked experience strange visions. After finding the source of the explosion, fighting raving kobolds, and following divergent leads, the group discovers that aberrant dragonmarks are bursting out in the depths of Sharn. Fighting corrupted kobolds, devious traps, and Tarkanan thugs, the group arrives too late and find little evidence of a living aberrant mark.
    - Sin, played by Rystil Arden; Changeling Beguiler 3
    - Arvan the Chosen, played by Bront; Battle Sorceror 2
    - Silvanon d'Thuranni, played by S@squ@tch; Elf Rogue 2
    - Brelach, played by Wik, Human Spellthief 2
    - Weapon, played by stonegod; Warforged Fighter 3 (NPC)
    - Final Awards (with link to all awards)
    - 3 DM credits awarded
    M1: Just a Treasure Hunt? (took over from Mellubb) (6/14/2008-12/6/2008)
    A simple Xen'drik pick up job...
    A group is hired to track down a lost schema of incredible power in the jungles of Xen'drik. While successful, the group faced a treacherous brother, demanding drow, and a battle at sea before the schema was lost... supposedly for good.
    - Thral'k Kos Played By Stonegod (NPC)
    - Terran Kestral Played By Moggthegobb
    - Folashade Ofori-Tigris Played By Logicsfate
    - Coran d'Tharashk Played by Redclaw
    - Genithar ir'Rume Played By Dirk Nightbreese
    - XP and Loot
    - 6 DM credits awarded
    BLEB1: Beer Run (took over from Bront) (3/4/2008–2/15/2009)
    Brews needs a delivery picked up...
    Brews needs some Miller's L.I.T.E. beer. Its a beer run!
    - Kenn Allyard (ajanders)
    - Khoros Taural (Wik)
    - Tam Aritz (Someone)
    - Khuther Qbyer (Drowned Hero)
    - Fritz (IAmTheTest)
    - Mardigan d'Orien (Moggthegob)
    - Rionus el'Aundair (Patlin)
    - Final XP and Treasure
    - 11 DM Credits (Pending)

    DM Credits Log
    - 3 DM Credits from SG1: An Old Friend
    - Spend 3 DM Credits on XP for Thral'k
    - 3 DM Credits from Marked
    - 6 DM Credits from Just a Treasure Hunt?
    - 11 DM Credits pending from Beer Run
    - Spend 14 DM points for Tondrek (1400 GP and 1400XP)
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