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    Wik's LEB Adventures

    The Eidolon

    August 9, 2007 - Present

    T'Ranis, Githzerai Scout 1/Psychic Warrior 1, played by Patlin.
    Guardian, Warforged Knight 2, played by IcyCool
    Haltash, Kalasthar Telepath 3, Played by Velmont.
    Tondrek, Half-Orc Arificer 3, played by Stonegod.
    Lor, Changeling Wizard 3, played by Solange.
    Shadow, Changeling Telepath, Played by WarlockLord.

    Time and adventure XP rewarded on October 18, 2007
    Time and adventure XP rewarded on June 5, 2007

    Story So Far

    The PCs have been hired by a Lyrandar developer by the name of Graff, to track down a stolen airship known as the Eidolon. It is known that Graff had some role in the creation of the Eidolon.
    The PCs head towards a tower in Sharn where some hostages are being kept - these are raiders that were left behind at the scene of the crime, just outside of Sharn. The PCs have to interrogate the hostages, and quickly, in the hopes of figuring out where the Eidolon is headed. The PCs are told that once they are done, they will be picked up by a prototype airship, The Majestic (which has undisclosed powers).

    After interrogating the raiders, the tower is attacked by assassins, and the characters have to escape in a running battle, where the PCs eventually take to the air aboard the prototype airship, the Majestic. However, they soon learn that the ship has a personality of sorts, and one that is inherently unstable - to say the least.

    CLues point the PCs towards the village of black pit, on the borders of Breland. Heading there in the hopes of finding the Eidolon, the group is stunned to find the village under attack by a company of trained hobgoblin mercenaries from Darguun. Landing the ship amid plumes of black smoke, the group hopes to capture a hobgoblin for interrogation purposes. After battling numerous hobgoblins and a chained ogre slave, the PCs are able to come across information: the Eidolon was stolen by a commander Azrag, who has ties to the Darguun military. And he is heading the ship in that direction.

    Making their way back to the Majestic, the PCs are chased by the inhabitant of the black pit - an abberation from beyond the Far Realm. Barely escaping the creature with their lives, they get to the deck of the Majestic, and hope to intercept the Eidolon that is already ahead of them.
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    Moggthegob's LEB games

    What Happened Began 08/01/07
    A House Lyrandar airship disappears and nobody can explain it...
    Raven Thorn Human Rouge 2/ fighter 1 played by Manzanita
    Siobhan Swift Shifter Druid 3 played by Rystil Arden
    Stulgar SwiftShifter Ranger 2/ Barbarian 1 played by Bront
    Lily d'OrienKalashtar Wilder 2, played by Solange Seat Dwarf Archivist 3, Played by Someone
    Latharion Swiftblade Fighter 1/Rogue 1 ,played by DrZombie

    experience rewards

    So far....
    Raven:600Xp(Stirges attacking at night)300 Xp(finding and avoiding quicksand hazard)100(gatekeepers)276(combat with Kaorti and trap at entrance) 350(Combat with Kaorti and Ogre)350(Gauth) 100(RP XP)
    Siobhan:600Xp(Stirges attacking at night)150XP(excellent roleplaying thus far) 250 (gatekeepers, avoided combat brilliantly using Druidic predicating the need for diplomacy.)276(combat with Kaorti and trap at entrance) 350(Combat with Kaorti and Ogre)350(Gauth)
    Stulgar:600Xp(Stirges attacking at night)100(gatekeepers)276(combat with Kaorti and trap at entrance)350(Combat with Kaorti and Ogre)350(Gauth) 10
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    Just a Treasure Hunt??
    A well dressed treasure hunter seeks help on his latest expedition, but is he on the up and up?
    Players are:
    Thral'k Kos Played By Stonegod
    Terran Kestral Played By Moggthegobb
    Folashade Ofori-Tigris Played By Logicsfate
    Coran d'Tharashk Played by Redclaw
    Genithar ir'Rume Played By Dirk Nightbreese

    IC thread
    Game started on 10 OCT 07
    Bront is Judging
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    Block JRYoung


    Goblins in the Cellar

    Adventurers are recruited to displace a gang of Goblins from a business

    Benedict (Paragon2) - played by Velmont 600 XP awarded 2/22/08
    Justice (Paladin2) - played by RedClaw 600 XP awarded 2/22/08
    Irrinaer (Telepath2) - played by DrZombie RETURNED TO THE TAVERN
    Braiden (Scout3) - played by Mellubb 600 XP awarded 2/22/08
    Jezira (Cleric3) - played by Wik 600 XP awarded 2/22/08
    Leland (Paladin3) - played by NeoWeasel RETURNED TO THE TAVERN

    Game started on 1 DEC 07
    Chapter concluded on 22 FEB 08
    Bront is Judging


    The PCs are recruited out of the Tavern to displace a gang of Goblins out of a house down in the Cogs. The employer's story is suspect, but the deal is struck, 100gp each is promised. They overcome an arrow trap, a Worg, and 5 Goblin Rogues (who mostly flee). The house contains some crates and barrels of trade goods but little of interest to the PCs other than a document contracting the Goblin gang to serve as lookouts during some kind of "job" the next evening at a specific address in Sharn. With that their employer arrives and sends the PCs on their way, again his motives are suspect.
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    Nightbreese Tales


    DK1: Veiled Thorns
    A Sivis Message Station is Ransacked, but why and by whom???
    IC (Started 6/4/2008)
    - Alton Tealeaf, Halfling Thief (Krappleby)
    - Raekz Krusst, Hobgoblin Hexblade (Serow)
    - Experiment 354b, Warforged Psion (Hornedturtle)
    - Kaz Bolod, Hobgoblin Greatsword Fighter (Renau1g)
    - Jehennady'aashta, Human Warlock/Beguiler (Pathfinderq1)

    DM Credits Log

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    Block krappleby

    A noble elf, requires protection for a few days, can the party manage it?
    Players are:
    Nuria Perrin D'Cannith (lvl 2 Sorcerer)
    Kendra Ir'Dennon (lvl 1 mage)
    Wulfcyne Dabo (lvl 3 Fighter)

    IC thread
    Game started on 20 June 2008
    No Judge as yet

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