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    Game-Related Music Threads and Links

    Game-Related Music Threads and Links -

    scary music

    Perform and Bardic Music

    DnD Background Music Revisited - OA Edition

    Music in your sessions?

    Music in your sessions 2!

    Songs + Music Videos = DM Inspiration!

    Music in your sessions (#3)

    Bardic Music Help

    Fellowship of the Ring Music

    d&d and music

    Who Uses Music in their Game?

    Background Music

    [OT] A KNIGHT'S TALE: Um, what's up with that?

    Yet another request for music links

    My Fantasy Music

    Circus Music?

    Ever Write music for your game?

    Fantasy Music

    Your DND music soundtrack

    Character names from popular music

    Question about background music

    Music for my new campaign.

    Music in your games

    what music for a modern game in Savannah, GA

    Free background music for games

    D&D Music / Soundtracks?

    Free background music for games (revives)

    A Little Dice Music

    What is your Gaming Music

    The Enchiridion of Mystic Music

    Request: Looking for the old Music thread

    How important is Music in your games?

    Bardic music contest

    Post your favorite mood music...

    Music for the Schools of Magic

    The Greatest of RPG music


    free rpg music online?

    Background music for games

    mood music

    Written Music: how and when did it began ?

    Background music or no?

    Anime Music Videos

    Mood music & FR

    Creepy Game Music

    Background music

    Music resource

    Creepy atmospheric music for gaming?

    Halloween music

    Seeking More Good D&D Music

    Atmospheric Music

    Music and gaming, setting the mood

    Challenge me - Mood Music

    Bilbo Baggins Music Video!

    Looking for Music for Game, any help?

    GAMING MUSIC! - Make your choice!

    Battle Music?

    Gaming music

    Need help with D&D music

    role playing music

    A Bard's Music?

    Background music? (Soundtracks)

    Music for a game

    Classical Music

    Bards and healing magic?

    CREATING Game Music

    Classical Music for DnD...

    Music Suggestions for a Gothic Horror game

    Need a good source of music

    Enhancing out the Campaign: Background Music

    Need dark, gothic-feel music

    the importance of music and story-telling in a fantasy-setting

    Spy music

    Looking for Pirate Music

    bardic music - magic vs. talent?

    Two MP3's of D&D music

    Spycraft or spy music?

    DnD Music Compilation

    Scene setting music?

    Mood music for a crypt needed

    GM Hold Music

    Character Theme Songs...

    What price bardic music?

    Adventure Ideas from Songs

    What free video game soundtracks make good RPG music?

    Music to "role" by

    Background music for Mechanus

    Cue the Choir


    I need a weird song I can take literally

    Free background music for games (revives)

    Spooky Music

    4e Battle Music! My Dilemma

    The Warhammer Soundtrack of choice?

    Music to Play Pathfinder By?

    Pirate music!

    Add more if you have any, please. Thanks!
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