Biosoph Class - Archivist of Nature

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    Biosoph Class - Archivist of Nature

    Presented for your review and commentary... The Biosoph, archivist of nature.
    The class is a variant/redo of the Archivist class from the Heroes of Horror book (and also free on the WOTC site, ). Essentially, I changed the focus of the class to reflect a natural (and unnatural) world/flora/fauna/fey/giant focus instead of the standard Archivist slant towards outsider/undead/occult style.

    There are few major changes. Changes to class skills, druidic spell list instead of clerical, and simple changes to the flavor text throughout.

    Looking for commentary on the idea, or for input on ideas to further differentiate the two classes from each other if even necessary. Anyway, all comments welcome.
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    Biosoph - Nature Archivist (base class variant)

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