The Sunless Citadel (RG)
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    The Sunless Citadel (RG)

    Please post your Sunless Citadel characters here. I will also keep track of your character's experience and loot and what not in this thread.

    Talus - 75
    Gamad - 75
    Falariel -75
    Hunolf -75

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    Falariel Allundrai

    Falariel Allundrai (CR1) (75 xp)
    Female Elven Cleric 1 (Corellon Larethian)
    CG Medium Humanoid (Elf)
    Init +2; Senses Listen +5, Spot +5
    Languages Common, Elven
    Domains Protection, War
    AC 16 (+3 Armor, +2 Dex, +1 Shield), touch 12, flat-footed 14
    HP 9/9 (d8 HD)
    Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +5
    Spd 20ft. (30 ft. base)
    Melee Longsword +2 (1d8+1/19-20)
    Melee Heavy Mace +1 (1d8+1)
    Ranged Sling +2 (1d4+1)
    Base Atk +1, Grapple +0
    SA Turn Undead
    Cleric Spells (CL 1) (3/2+1)
    1st: Shield of Faith, Cause Fear, Magic Weapon(D)
    0th: Create Water, Detect Magic, Resistance
    Abilities Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 10
    SQ Elven Traits, Spontaneous Casting
    Feats Improved Turning, Bonus: Weapon Focus (Longsword)
    Skills Concentration +3, Heal +7, Listen +5, Ride +2, Search +2, Sense Motive +3, Spot +5, Survival +3, Use Rope +2, Knowledge - Religion +2
    Possessions Longsword, Heavy Mace, Sling (20 Bullets), Studded Leather, Lt. Steel Shield, Alchemists Fire, Holy Water (2), Traveler's Outfit, Backpack, Bedroll, Sunrod, Silver Holy Symbol, Waterskin, Rations (3), Belt Pouch, Sack (2), approx. 35 gp.

    Appearance & Persona: Falariel ('Fala' to those she would call friend) stands 5'6" and weighs 135 pounds. Her long, jet black hair is braided neatly away from her angular face and falls to the middle of her back, while her sparkling green eyes look upon the world with a mix of gentle compassion and fiery resolve. There is a strength in this elven warrior-priestess that belies her small stature and lean frame. She is proud of her elven heritage, and always allows her ears to show conspicuously, without any adornment (such as hats or earrings). She wears simple traveling garb...knee-high leather boots, black trousers, a simple blouse the color of fresh cream. In time of strife, she dons her studded leather armor and takes up the steel shield emblazoned with the symbol of her house...a lone oak tree in a field of orchids. Over all this, she wears a sturdy cloak of forest green, clasped tight with her silver holy symbol: that of the Father of the Elves, Corellon Larethian. Her hand never strays too far from the hilt of her longsword, and her sharp eyes are always on the lookout for the corrupt and foul creatures that are the enemies of elvenkind. She despises goblinoids of all sorts, and undead horrors only slightly less. She puts up with the lesser races (though dwarves in particular strain her patience), with the understanding that she must be an ambassador of goodwill to elf and non-elf alike.

    Background: Pending....
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    Name:           Hunolf Hjordsson
    Class:          Barbarian 1 (Ice Barbarian)
    Race:           Human
    Size:           Medium
    Gender:         Male
    Alignment:      Chaotic Good
    Deity:          Kord
    Str: 14 +2      Level:  1      XP:          75
    Dex: 12 +1      BAB:    +1     HP:          15 (currently 14)
    Con: 16 +3      Grapple:+2     Dmg Red:     nil
    Int: 12 +1      Speed:  40'    Spell Res:   nil
    Wis: 10 +0      Init:   +1     Spell Save:  n/a
    Cha: 10 +0      ACP:    -0     Spell Fail:  0%
             Base   Armor   Shld   Dex   Size   Nat   Misc   Total
    Armor:   10     +4      +0     +1    +0     +0    +0     15
    Touch:   11     Flatfooted:    14
    Saves:   Base   Mod     Misc   Total
    Fort:    +2     +3      +0     +5
    Ref:     +0     +1      +0     +1
    Will:    +0     +0      +0     +0
    Weapon          Attack  Damage       Critical
    Dagger          +3      1d4+2        19-20/x2
    Dagger, thrown  +2      1d4+2        19-20/x2
    Greataxe        +4      1d12+3       x3
    .1pt Power Attk +3      1d12+5       x3
    Shortbow        +1      1d6          x3
    Languages:      Common
    Abilities:      Fast Movement (40 ft)
                    Favoured class: any
                    Rage (1/day)
    Feats:   Power Attack
             Weapon Focus (Greataxe)
    Skill Points:   24      Max Ranks:   4/2
    Skills                  Ranks  Mod   Misc  Total
    Climb                   +4     +2    -2*   +4
    Intimidate              +4     +0    +0    +4
    Listen                  +4     +0    +0    +4
    Spot                    +2.0   +0    +0    +2	
    Survival                +4     +0    +0    +4
    Swim                    +4     +2    -4**  +2
    *  Amor check penalty
    ** 2 x armor check penalty
    Equipment:                           Cost  Weight
    Arrows (20)                            1gp  3lb
    Backpack                               2gp  2lb
    Bedroll                                1sp  5lb
    Chain shirt (Salmonskin)             100gp 25lb
    Dagger                                 2gp  1lb
    Explorer’s outfit                      -gp  -lb
    Flint & steel                          1gp  -lb
    Greataxe (Hrungar’s Kiss)             20gp 12lb
    Rations, trail (per day) x4            2gp  4lb
    Shortbow                              30gp  2lb
    Torch x4                               4cp  4lb
    Waterskin                              1gp  4lb
    Money: 1gp 8sp  7cp (0.32lb)
    Total Weight:   58.32lb (light load)
                    Light   Med    Heavy       Lift  Push
    Max Weight:     0-59    60-117 117-174     174   870
    Age: 16
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 180lb
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: blonde
    Skin: tanned
    XP Awards:
    The Sunless Citadel:
    Encounter #1   3 x dire rats                75
    Appearance: Tall and tanned from outdoor living, with hair bleached blonde by the sun, Hunolf Hjordsson is the archetypal Ice Barbarian. His voice is deep, with a Northern burr to it, and his laughter roars out at the slightest cause. Only one subject wipes away his ready smile – the treachery of Hraggi Oathbreaker.

    Background: Hunolf is rarely seen without his great axe close to hand. Hrungar’s Kiss was the birthgift his father, Hjord Hrungarsson, laid beside his firstborn son, just as Salmonskin was laid alongside his twin brother, Hreir.

    Hrungar’s Kiss - his grandfather’s greataxe - was feared throughout the northern reaches, and as a boy Hunolf would struggle to wield the heavy weapon as a hero should. Hreir would laugh at him and flash, shimmering, through the martial dance of an Ice Barbarian warrior, Salmonskin seemingly his own hide, his slender blade singing in the air as he sought the weak points of an imaginary foe’s armour.

    Hunolf would laugh with him, and watch, entranced, then turn again to his own heavier dance of death with the fearsome foeman.

    Although he nearly took his own leg off once or twice, his father never forbade him the blade for, as he said, a warrior’s weapon should be more familiar to his hands than his wife was. Hunolf nodded and learned, glad to have such sage advice – but he also smiled to himself when he realized that his father never said this when his mother was around.

    The boys’ education continued apace, and all would have been well with the house of Hjord, if only Hraggi Oathbreaker had not decided to lair in the region of their longhouse. This Hraggi was a traitor to the Kingdom of the Cruski, having helped the Stonehold scum to defeat His Most Ferocious Majesty, Lolgoff Bearhear in a massed battle. Hraggi fled, and on his way to Stonehold to claim his reward, encountered the boys as they were out hunting. Laying an ambush, he and his men attacked the unsuspecting lads, who were in advance of the rest of the party. Hraggi himself struck down Hreir, who was holding off two of his men.

    It was as he saw his brother die that Hunolf discovered that he was a baresark, one of the raging warriors rightly feared by all who opposed them. With an inhuman scream, he sprang forward and cut down one of the companions of Hraggi, then wounded the other nigh to death. Then, as he was raising Hrungar’s Kiss to deal death to the man writhing in agony on the ground, his head exploded with a bright white light that banished the red haze of rage, then was itself banished by unknowing blackness.

    He awoke to find Hraggi and his remaining men fled, the other members of the hunting party in full hue and cry around him, and Hreir lying dead upon the mold.

    Hraggi disappeared after that – reportedly seen once in Stonehold, and then no more by any man Hunolf could find in his travels. For he had left home and family, left land and lord, on a sworn quest to find his foe, cut him down, and eat the still-warm heart from his corpse. And as an earnest of that, Hunolf had sworn that no other meat should pass his lips, until he made a meal of Hraggi’s heart.
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    Gamad StoneGotz

    Character Sheet

    Gamad Stonegotz
    Male Dwarf Evoker 1
    Neutral Good
    XP - 75/1000

    Strength 12 (+1)
    Dexterity 14 (+2)
    Constitution 14 (+2)
    Intelligence 16 (+3)
    Wisdom 12 (+1)
    Charisma 6 (-2)

    Specialty: Evocation
    Gave up: Illusion Necromancy
    Total Hit Points: 6/6
    Speed: 20 feet
    Armor Class: 12 = 10 +2 [dexterity]
    Touch AC: 12 ; Flat-footed: 10

    Initiative modifier: +2 = +2 [dexterity]
    Fortitude save: +2 = 0 [base] +2 [constitution]
    Reflex save: +2 = 0 [base] +2 [dexterity]
    Will save: +3 = 2 [base] +1 [wisdom]
    Attack (Club): +1 = 0 [base] +1 [strength]
    Attack (Dagger): +1 = 0 [base] +1 [strength]
    Attack (L. Cbow): +2 = 0 [base] +2 [dexterity]
    Grapple check: +1 = 0 [base] +1 [strength]

    Languages: Common Draconic Dwarven Gnome Terran

    No familiar yet

    Spell Focus (Evocation) ; Scribe Scroll


    Skill Name/Key Ability/Skill Modifier/Ability Modifier/Ranks/Misc. Modifier
    Appraise	Int	3 = 	+3		
    Balance	Dex*	2 = 	+2		
    Bluff	Cha	-2 = 	-2		
    Climb	             Str*	1 = 	+1		
    Concentration	Con	6 = 	+2	+4	
    Craft (W. Items)    Int	5 = 	+3	+2	
    Diplomacy	Cha	-2 = 	-2		
    Disguise	Cha	-2 = 	-2		
    Escape Artist	Dex*	2 = 	+2		
    Forgery	Int	3 = 	+3		
    Gather Info	Cha	-2 = 	-2		
    Heal	Wis	1 = 	+1		
    Hide	Dex*	3 = 	+2	+1	
    Intimidate	Cha	-2 = 	-2		
    Jump	Str*	-5 = 	+1		-6 [speed 20] 
    Know (arcana)	Int	6 = 	+3	+3	
    Know (architect)	Int	4 = 	+3	+1	
    Know (history)	Int	4 = 	+3	+1	
    Know (religion)	Int	4 = 	+3	+1	
    Know (planes)	Int	4 = 	+3	+1	
    Listen	Wis	2 = 	+1	+1	
    Move Silently	Dex*	2 = 	+2		
    Ride	Dex	2 = 	+2		
    Search	Int	3 = 	+3		
    Sense Motive	Wis	1 = 	+1		
    Spellcraft	             Int	6 = 	+3	+3	
    Spot	Wis	1 = 	+1		
    Survival	Wis	1 = 	+1		
    Swim	Str**	1 = 	+1		
    Use Rope	             Dex	2 = 	+2		
    * = check penalty for wearing armor

    Spell Book + Learned Spells

    Spell Book:
    Cantrips - Resistance, Acid Splash, Detect Poison, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Daze, Dancing Lights, Flare, Light, Ray of Frost, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation.
    1st Level - Burning Hands, Floating Disk, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp, Mage Armor, Enlarge Person.

    Zero-level Evoker spells: 4 (3+1) per day
    Resistance, Mending, Mage hand, Flare
    First-level Evoker spells: 3 (1+1+1) per day
    Mage Armor, Floating Disk, Magic missle

    Class and Race Traits

    • +2 constitution / -2 charisma (already included)
    • Can move 20 feet even if in heavy armor
    • Darkvision (see 60 feet in pitch-dark)
    • Stonecunning (+2 on searching stone, intuit depth)
    • +4 to avoid being bullrushed while standing on ground
    • +2 racial bonus on saves vs. poison
    • +2 racial bonus on saves vs. spells / spell-like abilities
    • +1 racial bonus to hit orcs and goblinoids
    • +4 dodge bonus on AC against giants
    • +4 stability bonus to avoid being tripped/bull rushed standing on ground
    • +2 racial bonus on appraise checks if stone/metal
    WIZARD (Evoker):
    • Familiar / Alertness, etc.
    • Bonus Feats (already included)
    • High intelligence gains bonus spells daily
    • Specialist gets 1 extra evocation spell/level/day

    Gamad's Equipment

    Light load:43 lb. or less
    Medium load:44-86 lb.
    Heavy load:87-130 lb.
    Lift over head:130 lb.
    Lift off ground:260 lb.
    Push or drag:650 lb.

    Club — (Dmg:1d6 ; Crit:x2 ; Range:10 ft. ; Bludgeoning)
    Dagger (Dmg:1d4 ; Crit:19–20/x2 ; Range:10 ft. ; Piercing or slashing )
    Crossbow, light (Dmg:1d8 ; Crit:19–20/x2 ; Range:80 ft. ; Piercing)
    10 Bolts.
    Spellbook x1
    Spell component pouch
    Traveler’s outfit
    Personal Clay mug
    Vial of Ink
    Alchemist’s fire (flask)
    Scroll of Sleep

    Gold Coins - 11
    Silver Coins - 7
    Copper coins - 8


    Size: Medium
    Height: 4' 3"
    Weight: 170 lb
    Skin: Tan
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Black; Long Beard


    Banned from his mountain tribe after practicing the cursed arcane art, Gamad fled from the Abbor-Alz ridge to the Gnome settlement across the Cairn hills where he found refugee among a small community of gnomes who understood magical and tolerance wizards as a nature's phenomena and not abyssal as his kin thought.
    But he can't live forever among the tiny folk, so he left their underground villages and went to the human cities where fortune and arcane knowledge can be pursued.
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    Talus Goodfellow

    Talus Goodfellow
    Male Halfling, 1st Level Rogue
    Deity: Yondalla
    Small Humanoid (Halfling)

    Hit Dice: 1d6+1 (7 hp)
    Initiative: +4
    Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares)
    Armor Class: 17 (+4 Dex, +2 armor, +1 size), touch 15, flat-footed 13
    Base Attack/Grapple: +0/-4
    Attack: +1 Dagger (1d3) or +7 Sling (1d3)
    Full Attack: +1 Dagger (1d3) or +7 Sling (1d3)
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Sneak Attack +1d6
    Special Qualities: Trapfinding, +2 on saves vs fear
    Saves: Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +2
    Abilities: Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 8
    Skills: Climb +6(4), Disable Device +6(4), Hide +12(4), Jump +0(4), Listen +7(4), Move Silently +10(4), Open Lock +8(4), Search +6(4), Spot +5(4), Tumble +8(4);
    Feats: Point Blank Shot
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Current XP: 0 XP

    Languages spoken: Common, Halfling, Dwarven, and Elven

    Equipment: Explorer's outfit, Leather Armor, 2 daggers, Sling (w/ 20 bullets) backpack, bedroll, thieves' tools, 50' silk rope, 4 pieces of chalk, flint and steel, ink (1 oz. vial), inkpen, trail ration, signal whistle, full waterskin, 10 sheets of parchment, bell, fishhook, sewing needle, signet ring. Belt pouch containing 11pp 3gp, 6sp, 6cp.
    Total weight carried is 24.63/24.75lb.
    Current Load: Light

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