Four Lands - Gallery of Heros
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    Four Lands - Gallery of Heros

    The Characters listed below belong to the Four Lands.

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    Anniston Van Aalorn

    LG Male Human Paladin[15] most recent dice rolls

    STR 18
    DEX 14
    CON 13+1@4th=14
    INT 14
    WIS 11+1@8th+1@12th=13
    CHA 18
    Roll Lookup

    hitpoints: 137
    initial hitpoints
    additional hitpoints
    11th level hitpoints (1d10+2=12)
    12th level hitpoints (1d10+2=6)
    hitpoints for levelups (1d10+2=9, 1d10+2=5, 1d10+2=6) (further adjusted with 70% rule, +7hp)

    Fort: 9+2+4=15
    Ref: 5+2+4=11
    Will: 5+1+4=10

    Init: +1
    AC: 27 (28 w/Dodge) [+11 Armor, +4 Shield, +2 Dex]
    Weapon: Cudgel +19/+14/+9 to hit, 1d8+4 damage

    Skills: 90 total
    Animal Handling: 5+3=8
    Diplomacy: 15+8=23
    Heal: 4+1=5
    Knowledge, Nobility: 8+2=10
    Knowledge, Plannar(cc): 5+2=7
    Knowledge, Religion: 10+2=12
    Profession, Lawyer: 5+1=6
    Ride: 18+3=21
    Sense Motive: 15+1=16

    Languages: Illum, Northern Illum, Northern Gaullic

    [1] Combat Expertise
    [1] Dodge
    [3] Endurance
    [6] Mounted Combat
    [9] Improved Disarm
    [12] Divine Shield (from Complete Warrior)
    [15] Divine Vigor (from Complete Warrior)

    Paladin Abilities:
    Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Divine Grace, Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Special Mount
    Smite Evil, 4/day [+4 to hit, +15 damage]
    Lay on Hands, 60hp per day
    Turn Undead, 7/day
    Remove Disease, 4/week

    Spells prepared (unless otherwise specified):
    -- Divine Favor
    -- Divine Favor
    -- Protection from Evil
    -- Bull's Strength
    -- Magic Circle vs. Evil

    Money Carried:
    Pouch of Holding (1000 coin capacity):
    -- 280 silver pennies
    -- 5 gold royals
    -- 10x10gp gems [10,000sp value]
    -- 5x25gp gems [12,500sp value]
    -- 5x50gp gems [50,000sp value]

    Money on Mount:
    1000 silver pennies
    20 gold royals [2000sp value]
    4xeclesiastical warrents [1000sp each]
    Roll Lookup

    Anniston is tall and athletic (6' 250lbs), handsome in a noble-ish sort of way, strong chin, wavy dark brown hair cut short, calm honest-looking brown eyes, clean shaven, carries himself with confidence, well spoken. He wears a heavy brown pilgrim's cloak with an iron holy symbol of the Light showing plain as day (your experienced eye determines that there must be some kind of light or medium armor under the robes, but it is well concealed). He carries a cudgel that he uses as a walking stick and it looks like he knows how to use it. When travelling he has a light pack on his back and a battered shield slung over his shoulder. He could be a noble out roughing it on a religeous pilgrimage, or he could be a monk or priest of some sort.

    Anniston Van Aalorn is of noble birth, the second son of an honorable family in the Northwarden famous for its powerful knights. He grew up with all of the advantages, but was spared the familial responsibilities that fell primarily to his older brother, Robert, a preeminent ranger knight of the Brotherhood.

    He always felt a connection to the Church of the Light and in his heart he knew he was destined to serve the faith. As a boy he felt called to an ordained life, but his body was built for combat and his father pushed his "saintly" son into the Order of the Light, rather than allow him to enter the priesthood. His early career was brilliant. His skills as a paladin were identified early and encouraged by both the priesthood and the Order of the Light.

    While still a young man he was sent south to the Valley of Light so that his religious formation could be properly maintained. Eventually he was accepted into the Order of the Defenders of the Faith. In addition to his martial duties, Anniston was trained as a diplomat and lawyer by his charge and mentor, the Monsignor Nicolai d’Varlier. Thus groomed by the monsignor, Anniston participated in various diplomatic missions of the Church.

    Anniston Van Aalorn was on a promising career path with the Defenders of the Faith due to both his ability and the political influence that could be brought to bear on his behalf by various Borderlords. For over three years he was considered to be an eventual contender for the Preceptorship of the order itself which caused much grumbling and discontent among the various factions of the valley in the southern lands. Assigned to escort a senior prelate to an important meeting, Anniston and Primate Korlon, were ambushed by unknown parties. As the guards fell defending the Primate, Anniston successfully won free and fought his way back to the Primate’s side just before a figure struck from the shadows laying the Primate on death's door. Seeing their prey fallen, the attackers quickly vanished rather than face the wrath of a Paladin in fury.

    Giving what aid he could to the Primate, Anniston proved unable to save his life, despite calling forth his own healing powers. With the death of the Primate, a huge outcry was raised by Anniston’s foes from within and without the church. A trial was held but despite obviously biased and manufactured evidence the ecclesiastical court ruled that while the Knight Anniston did fail in his charge of protecting the Primate, dereliction of duty and malfeasance could not be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Having failed his charge, the court further ruled, the Knight Anniston was to be suspended from the order and charged with presenting proof of his innocence by either proof of divine favor or bringing the individual responsible for the Primate’s death to justice.

    Many pressed for Anniston to be forcibly released from his vows and remanded to the civil courts for prosecution but this movement failed. Unwilling to return to his family in disgrace, Anniston chose to make his way as best he could. He would seek the proof he needed to rejoin his brethren.

    Anniston was forced to relinquish his sword as a symbol that he no longer had the right to bear arms in the name of the Defenders of the Faith. Furthermore, his tabard was confiscated and his shield was ceremoniously stripped of the coat of arms that signified a full member of the order in good standing. Thus he no longer enjoyed the rights and privileges he might have had while serving under that banner. As he was still technically a member of the order he was allowed to keep his signet ring which attested that his vows were intact.

    Before leaving, Anniston went to visit his mentor and friend, the Monsignor Nicolai d’Varlier in his lavish apartments overlooking the city.

    Nicolai received him, saying, “Anni, you are like a son to me. If I could execute the atonement myself you know I would do it. But the Archbishop himself has signed the order and none may release this sentence save His Grace.”

    “I know you would, Father. Do not trouble yourself so.” Anniston said gently, taking the old man’s hands in his own.

    Nicolai continued, “Of course you still have your family armor, but I see they have stripped your shield. Do not fear, my boy, there remain many here who know your heart is true and will remember this day as an injustice. The Light will ensure that you find friends when you need them. Take this.” Nicolai hands Anniston a sealed leather sleeve used to transport and protect important documents. “It is a letter written in my own hand bearing my personal seal. Use it if you need help.”

    “Thank you, my friend. But I cannot accept it. If this letter should fall into the wrong hands you would suffer.”

    A well-tended fire begins to reveal itself in Nicolai’s voice, “Nonsense, I can take care of myself. I insist that you take it. It will bring me some measure of peace and I could not bear it if you left with nothing.”

    “Very well, I will take it,” replied Anniston, pushing the envelope deep into his pack.

    “What else can I do for you, my son?” asked the priest.

    “I ask only your blessing,” Anniston said as he kneels before the monsignor.

    “Of course you will have my blessing, and my prayers, but there must be something more I can do. You have only to name it and you will have it if it is in my power to give.”

    Anniston pauses in thought and then says, “I have no sword. You have spoken to me often of your journeys as a mendicant priest in your youth. I ask for your walking stick, which according to your stories has served you faithfully and perhaps will serve me as well. In any case it will remind me of you and the reason for this journey that I must make.”

    Nicolai steps back in surprise, “All these years I have kept it to remind me of my younger days. But it does not wish to sit in a corner gathering dust. I can see that it was meant for greater things.”

    Nicolai retrieves the walking stick which is too short to be a proper quarterstaff and perhaps a bit too heavy as well. It is a heavy wooden cudgel, able to be wielded with one hand or two. Its age is shown clearly by its darkened color and by its handle worn smooth from countless hands, but it is still sturdy and hard as iron, carved with religious symbols of Saint Cuthburt and of the Light. It is a rugged walking stick of the sort that a poor pilgrim might use on his journey. Nicolai continues, “You know from my stories that this cudgel is special. It is said that this is a finger bone from Saint Cuthburt.” He points to a light-colored bump in the wood, no longer recognizable as bone or anything else for that matter; it might just as well be a knot in the wood. “I have tried, but it resists any attempt to accept an enchantment. Nor could I obtain any information through divination. It is said that miracles have been attributed to this relic, though in my experience I know of only one power: when the Light is channeled through it, the cudgel is surely endowed by the spirit of Saint Cuthbert. Take it, with my blessing. And now you must go, my friend. Go in the Light; may it ever show you the way through the darkness.”

    [see also: Paladin's Mount, which describes all equipment carried on the mount]

    Food Trunk with food and drink for ship travel (500sp value in food, drink, and misc gear)
    Travel Essentials in pack (food, hardtack, watered wine, blanket, comb, mirror, soap, shaving knife, whetstone, flint/steel, length of cord, eating knife, water resistent cloak with hood, etc)
    Belt pouch of Holding (1000 coin capacity, see money details in main section)
    Iron holy symbol of the Light
    (book) A small book of prayers and meditations
    (book) Book of Light, c833YL
    (book) Discussion of the Light by Abbot Teti
    (book) Devotions to the Light by Bishop Beatrice
    Everburning Torch, in convenient leather carrying pouch
    Signet Ring, The Eternal Order of the Defenders of the Faith
    Signet Ring, House Van Aalorn
    Letter pouch from Monsignor Nicolai d’Varlier (exact contents unknown)
    Large Steel Shield +2 (4159gp)

    Cudgel of Saint Cuthburt (relic, value unknown)
    -- Non-magical, 1d8 damage, x2 crit, can be used one-handed or two-handed.
    -- Special power: As a swift action, the wielder can expend one turn undead attempt to cause the weapon to be under the effect of a Bless Weapon spell (as per the 1st level Paladin spell) for 1 minute per divine spellcasting level of the user.

    Armor of the Hand (family heirloom item)
    -- Full Plate Armor (1650gp)
    -- Enhancement +3 (9000gp)
    -- Mithral (9000gp)
    -- Glamered (2700gp)
    -- Silent Moves (3750gp)
    -- Total cost: 26,100gp

    History of the Armor of the Hand:

    Primate Porton, in his wisdom, drew upon the might and resources of the lands under the Light and beyond. From the province of Northwarden in the warring and schismatic Borderlands, in the year of the Light 812, he called Freyadin Van Aalorn, now known as Freyadin the Hand, to serve the Light. The Knight Freyadin become known by all to be selflessly loyal to the Primate and to the Light. In the fullness of time, Primate Porton recognized the service of Freyadin and took him into his inner circle. Their relationship was an enigma. Freyadin did not take the holy orders but he served Primate Porton as body guard, diplomat, and trusted councilor. So unusual was his role and so trusted their relationship, that eventually the Primate created a position for Freyadin that had never been known before and has not been used since: The Hand. As The Hand, Freyadin was allowed to carry out personal directives from the Primate and had considerable latitude with respect to executing this office. When speaking as The Hand, ex cathedra, it was understood that Freyadin represented the office of the Primacy. It is widely considered among ecclesiastical historians that as a result of this influence, the primacy of Porton became more secular in its precedent.

    In gratitude for this service, Primate Porton commissioned an exquisite suit of full plate armor, made primarily of mithral. This suit was fashioned with enchantments such that the wearer could change the appearance of the armor. The armor was further enchanted to not make any sound when moving. Thus the wearer could appear to be and sound as if he were wearing simple robes or even the finest of courtly dress and yet always remain diligent and able to discharge his knightly duties.

    As a gift from his father upon being accepted into the Eternal Order of the Defenders of the Faith, Anniston Van Aalorn, Freyadin's direct descendant 10 generations later, now wears the armor.

    Paladin's Mount
    Augustus (Heavy Warhorse)

    HD: 12d8+36 (85 hit points)
    initial hitpoint for Paladin´s Mount
    additional hitpoints for Paladin´s Mount (2d8+6=9)
    warhorse hitpoints (2d8+6=16)
    Init: +1
    Speed: 60ft
    AC: 24 (-1 size, +1 dex, +14 natural)
    Base Attack/Grapple: +9/+15
    Attack: hoof +14 melee (1d6+6)
    Full Attack: 2 hooves +14 melee (1d6+6) and bite +9 melee (1d4+4)
    Space/Reach: 10ft/5ft
    Special Attacks: none
    Special Qualities: Low-light Vision, Scent, Emapthic Link, Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Share Saving Throws, Improved Speed (+10), Command horses (DC=21), Spell Resistance (20)
    Saves: Fort +11, Ref +8, Will +5 (share saving throws)
    Abilities: STR:22, DEX:13, CON:17, INT:9, WIS:13, CHA:6
    Skills: +17 Jump, +10 Listen, +9 Spot
    Feats: Endurance, Run, Power Attack, Improved Overrun, (1 more TBD)

    Equipment on Mount:
    Masterwork longsword
    Masterwork military saddle
    Money (see main section for details on money)
    Saddlebags with 2 weeks rations, 2xbottles of fine wine, bottle of superb brandy, 4-person tent, bedroll, winter blanket, winter clothes, extra pair of boots, suit of fine courtier clothing, extra underclothes, hachet, cooking pot, salt&pepper, tea, 4 eating bowls, large cooking spoon, 4 eating spoons, cooking knife, hunting knife w/sheath, 4 drinking mugs, 50' silk rope, lantern, lamp oil, whetstone, 5 empty small sacks

    Experience Points
    45,000 starting total at 10th level
    +1000 = 46,000 (10/31/2006)
    +1000 = 47,000 (11/12/2006)
    +10,000 = 57,000 (12/24/2006) [advanced to 11th level]
    +2500 = 59,500 (3/15/2007)
    +7000 = 66,500 (10/03/2007) [advanced to 12th level]
    +3000 = 69,500 (02/13/2008)
    +5000 = 74,500 (05/08/2008)
    +1000 = 75,500 (05/18/2008)
    +30,000=105,500 (02/18/2009) [advanced to 15th level]
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    Jaroth Urkas

    Jaroth Urkas, N Male Human Sorc[7]. ElD[8]
    STR 10
    DEX 13
    CON 13
    INT 13 +1 (4th level) = 14
    WIS 16
    CHA 17 +1 (8th level) +1 (12th level) +2 (DM Gift) +4 (Shroud of the Hadeshorn) = 25

    hitpoints: 58 + + 11th level HP result 2 (rounded to 3 for 70% rule) + 2 but rounded to 3 for 70% rule at 12th level

    Armor Class:

    Normal: 11

    + 4 if shield is active (shield bonus)*
    + 6 if greater mage armor is active (armor bonus)*
    + 4 if barkskin is active (natural armor bonus)*
    +50% miss chance if greater invisibility is active*
    uncanny dodge, cannot be flanked (class ability)

    * These enhancements stack

    Flat-Footed: -1
    Touch: 11 + 4 (if shield is active) + 50% miss chance (if greater invisibility is active)

    Initiative: +5


    Fort: 6 + 1(con) +4 (resist) = 11 (+4 against poison and disease from Elder Druid Resistance, if Shroud of the Hadeshorn fails to provide the bonus)
    Ref: 6 + 1(dex) +4 (resist) = 11
    Will: 13 + 3(wis) +4 (resist) = 20

    Attacks: BAB: +7/+2, dam: 1d6+1 18-20x2 (masterwork silver scimitar)

    Skills: 78 total (+synergies, feats, ability mods and magic items) (My earlier calculation was wrong because I didn't include skill points for being human)

    Bluff: 6 (13)
    Concentration: 12 (15)
    Diplomacy: 5 (18)
    Gather Information: 1 (8)
    Hide: 0 (6)
    Knowledge, Arcana: 18 (20)
    Knowledge, History: 7 (12)
    Knowledge, Nature: 8 (10)
    Listen: 0 (5)
    Move Silently: 0 (6)
    Search: 5 (7)
    Sense Motive: 6 (9)
    Spellcraft: 16 (20)
    Spot: 0 (5)
    Survival: 2 (7)


    [1] Eschew Materials
    [1] Improved Initiative
    [3] Negotiator
    [6] Skill Focus: Knowledge, History
    [9] Extend Spell
    Item Familiar (bonus feat)
    [12] Spell Penetration
    [15] Greater Spell Penetration

    Special Abilities:

    Communication: At 1st level, the Elder Druid can invoke tongues and comprehend languages on himself as the spells of the same name, at will. This is a spell-like ability.

    Druid Fire: Once per day per two Elder Druid class levels, as a standard action, the Elder Druid can summon forth a plane of white hot flames similar to a burning hands spell. This attack takes the form of a 40-foot-long semi-circular burst of fire that deals damage equal to 1d6 per Elder Druid class level plus the Elder Druid's Wisdom modifier. Creatures in the area of effect can make a Reflex save (DC 20 + Elder Druid's Wisdom modifer) to take half damage. The fire can affect incorporeal and ethereal creatures, and spell resistance does not apply. This is a supernatural ability.

    Sense Magic: At 3rd level, the Elder Druid can detect magic and read magic as the spells of the same name, at will. This is a spell-like ability.

    Elder Druid Resistance: At 4th level, the Elder Druid's body becomes reistant to poson and disease. This results in a +4 resistance bonus to saving throws against poison and disease. This is an Extraordinary ability.

    Uncanny Dodge: Cannot be flanked

    Spells Known: 9/5/5/4/4/4/3/2

    0-6/day amanuensis, arcane mark, launch item, mage hand, prestidigitation, mending, light, disrupt undead, message [DC 17]; 1st-8/day entangle, ebon eyes, identify, magic missile, shield [DC 18]; 2nd-8/day protection from arrows, detect thoughts, see invisibility, barkskin, knock [DC 19]; 3rd-8/day greater mage armor, protection from energy, call lightning, water breathing [DC 20]; 4th-7/day ice storm, invisibility greater, dimensional anchor, dimension door [DC 21]; 5th-7/day commune with nature, control winds, private sanctum, wall of force [DC 22]; 6th-7/day dispel magic, greater, repulsion, mislead; [DC 23]; 7th-5/day control weather, limited wish [DC 24]


    Shroud of the Hadeshorn: Jaroth wears a magical cloak given him on initiation into his Order. It grants him a +4 enhancement bonus to charisma, a +4 resistance bonus to saves, a +5 enhancement bonus to move silently and hide checks, and a constant endure elements effect. The Shroud of the Hadeshorn is not unique, but each member of the Order of the Elder Druids wears one. They were initially created as relics of the Order by its founders in a ritual meant to bond the wearer to the Order's timeless call. Each shroud was dipped into the black waters of the magical pool, the Hadeshorn, in the center of the Old Forrest. A ritual was performed that infused the magics of the pool into the shrouds, thereby providing their enhancements, but also their curse. All Elder Druids are bound to return to the Hadeshorn when their final time has come, there to remain for all eternity to provide timeless advice to future generations of Elder Druids, forever robbed of their just rewards in the afterlife. In the Hadeshorn, their souls are tormented as the droning press of time whittles away their sanity. Some become insane and others become terrors to horrific to behold. But should a living Elder Druid ever need the advice of the Ancients, it is to the Hadeshorn that one goes.

    Darkrazor: Darkrazor has a "bad boy" complex. It thinks its all tough (hence its chosen name), but it would rather examine rare runes or substances than fight, if it had its druthers. No matter how hard Jaroth tries to convince Darkrazor to embrace its inner nerdiness, Darkrazor's stubborn demeanor won't allow it to. Many a time, Jaroth has been in the middle of a life or death battle when Darkrazor would see something interesting and Jaroth would hear in his head, "pardon me, Jaroth, but what's that over there?"

    "What?" Jaroth would think back to Darkrazor nearly failing to dodge a blow.

    "That shiny, sparkly thing over there, behind the ogre with the two-handed waraxe--oooo, watch that axe!--Is that alchemical silver?"

    Jaroth would roll his eyes, "O be quiet! I'm trying not to bleed on the stone floor. Pay attention!"

    Darkrazor is Jaroth's item familiar. Jaroth has invested his life energy into Darkrazor. Darkrazor has increased sapience and the following ability scores: Int: 12, Wis: 12, Cha: 16. It can see and hear in a 60-foot radius as if it were a creature and grants Jaroth the alertness feat. Darkrazor communicates with Jaroth telepathically in a recognizable language out to 120 feet and can speak audibly in Common. It can speak, read, and understand the Old Tongue. Darkrazor may also communicate using basic emotions or feelings. It may try to tell Jaroth of danger, for example, by putting forth a feeling of fear. It can only communicate in this manner while being carried by Jaroth. Darkrazor has an Ego Score of 7.

    He wears a hip satchel with a shoulder strap. In the satchel he carries:

    -- 3 flasks of acid,
    -- 4 flasks of alchemist's fire,
    -- 4 sunrods,
    -- 1 tanglefoot bags,
    -- 4 thunderstones
    -- 3 tindertwigs.

    He made these alchemical items using the lore of the old ways, combining the elemental powers of the earth (basically crude science). This is part of the lore he learned among his order. He also wears soft leather boots. He carries a waterskin and his satchel also contains trail rations and flint and steel, several pieces of parchment and ink and quill. He also carries in his satchel some soap, and eating utensils. He also carries a rosewood box.

    In the Port of Amster in the United Provinces from J. Calon, Bookseller, Jaroth purchased Demons, Devils, Elves and Dwarves and My Life As a Historian by Silas Frazier. He also purchased there four other tomes detailing history and geography and he copied some rare scrolls written by a lady called "Mistress of the Desert Springs" The appear to be dated around 800 YL and deal with the geography and area called "The Wildlands". The Wildlands are a series of hills, mountains, marshes etc running from the west coast to the border of Karshal and bewteen the elven lands, most notable the HeartWood, and R'Kashi, the United Proviecnes and the Confederated states. She also goes into some detail describing the various clans and tribes of R;kashi and their ancesteral spirits as well as know desert spirits. Great detail is given to the conflict between the desert tribes and the elves over wood.

    Also in the Port of Amster, Jaroth provisioned himself for a long sea voyage, including dried meats, tinned vegetables, a blank book, an extra quill, extra ink and a watertight chest.


    Gold Royals: 246
    Silver Pennies: 500 + 7,000 [] = 6,964
    Copper Pennies: 5

    XP: level 120,000

    Brief History:

    Jaroth Urkas was orphaned as a toddler. He was too young to remember what had happened exactly. All he remembers is flames and his mother screaming for help. His first real memories are those from his childhood growing up in an Eastland village, raised in a dwarven orphanage. Being human, and tall for his kind to boot, despite the warmth the dwarves gave him, he never truly felt like he belonged there. On his 14th birthday, he struck out on his own, guided by his intuition. Lost and alone in the wilderness, he met a hermit, named Grothe, and became fast friends with him. Life was tough in the wilderness, but Jaroth and Grothe managed. Grothe taught him the secrets of the natural world. Jaroth learned he had a knack for debate and persuasion through argument and logic. But there was always something different about Jaroth. He had the spark of magic. And it soon manifested itself.

    During a terrible hail storm, he and Grothe were caught outdoors. Soon they were being pelted with apple sized hailstones. Running for cover, Grothe fell and twisted his ankle. Jaroth came to his rescue, putting his arms above his head to shield off the hailstones, a shimmer appeared in the air just above his head and the hailstones were smashed onto it. Jaroth picked up Grothe and carried him all the way back to their cottage. Grothe was very thankful and supportive of his magical friend thereafter.

    Shortly after that incident, Grothe send a message to someone he told Jaroth was "an old friend." Two weeks later, a dark enigmatic man arrived, draped in a billowing black cowled cloak and black robes. "This man is Cirrus Oakwand. Go with him Jaroth. He will teach you more of the natural ways than I could possibly and he will teach you to hone your natural gifts."

    Jaroth was skeptical at first, but over the two weeks that Cirrus stayed with them, he learned to like the man. He was kind and very knowledgeable about the old ways and the natural world. He spoke of healing the rifts between the races and safeguarding the old ways for future generations. At the end of the visit, Jaroth went with him. After years of study, Jaroth has become a new member of Cirrus Oakwand's order and has donned his own billowing black cowled cloak and robe.

    During that time, Jaroth learned the fine art of diplomacy and negotiation and the deep history of The 4 Lands. "Always be alert for signs of history repeating itself." Cirrus taught him. "For often you can divine the future by knowing the past." Jaroth received training with the scimitar, the weapon of choice for the Order of Elder Druids. And on his initiation, he was given his very own masterfully folded silver scimitar.

    As his first mission, Jaroth had to travel to the Old Forrest from the Keep of the Elder Druids far to the south and dip his Scimitar in the waters of the Hadeshorn to awaken it. It was a harrowing journey fraught with peril. Jaroth nearly did not survive. When he arrived at the Hadeshorn, he was plagued by nightmares. Cirrus warned him to sleep at a distance from the Hadeshorn to avoid its ill effects. But even at a distance, it called to him in his slumber. One of the Ancients came to him in dream and revealed a secret. To this day, Jaroth knows not the meaning of the images the Ancient put in his head. Were they past or future?

    The following morning, Jaroth dipped his scimitar into the waters of the Hadeshorn. The waters started frothing. They became turbulent and a moaning was on the wind. One of the Horrors was stirring within the waters. Just then, his scimitar was awakened. Jaroth fled the Hadeshorn, but the memory of the Horror rising from the waters of the Hadeshorn is still with him to this day.

    His scimitar revealed its name to him, Darkrazor. Jaroth bonded himself to Darkrazor and carries Darkrazor with him.

    Jaroth is tall, perhaps 6'3" and leanly built. Not thin. Rather, athletic. He has a short cropped beard and deep blue, penetrating eyes. He wears the weight of his 32 years heavily.
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    Vadric Elareon
    Warrior-Priest and Knight of the Light, Military Attache to Patriach Grappien of Eastmarch
    Neutral Good Human Male Cleric 14
    XPs: 99,500/105,000

    Experience Earned

    Start 45,000
    + 1000 (10/31/06 roleplay award)
    +1000 (11/12/06 roleplay award)
    +10,000 (12/24/06 award)
    +2500 (3/15/07 roleplay award)
    +7000 (10/03/07 award)
    +3000 (02/13/08 award)
    +30,000 (02/18/09 award)
    Total = 99500

    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
    Weight: 195 lb.
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Blonde to Light Brown
    Skin: Fair

    STR: 14 [+2]
    DEX: 13 [+1]
    CON: 14 [+2]
    INT: 13 [+1]
    WIS: 24 [+7] (+3 level increase, +2 periapt, +2 DM bonus, +1 DM apology bonus)
    CHA: 16 [+3]
    Roll Lookup

    HP: 115 59 + 6 + 8 + 14 (6 for Level 13, 8 for Level 14) + 28 CON
    Armor Class: 23 (10 base + 9 armor + 3 shield + 1 dex)
    - Flat-footed AC: 22
    - Touch AC: 11

    Initiative: +5
    BAB: +10/+5
    - Warsong +15/+10 (1d8+4+1d6 fire/17-20)
    - Crossbow +11 (1d8/19-20)

    Speed: 20' (30’ base)

    FORT: +11 (9 base + 2 con)
    REFL: +5 (4 base + 1 dex)
    WILL: +16 (9 base + 7 wis)

    - Human Bonus Feat
    - Human Bonus Skill Points
    - Aura: Overwhelming Good Aura
    - Turn Undead 13/day
    - Spellcasting
    - Spontaneous Casting (Cure)
    - Domain Powers

    1st Level
    - Improved Initiative
    - Extra Turning
    3rd Level
    - Extend Spell
    6th Level
    - Divine Metamagic: Extend
    9th Level
    - Extra Turning
    12th Level
    - Divine Metamagic: Persistent

    Concentration +19 (17 ranks, +2 con)
    Diplomacy +17 (14 ranks, +3 cha)
    Heal +13 (6 ranks, +7 wis)
    Knowledge (Arcana) +8 (7 ranks, +1 int)
    Knowledge (History) +6 (5 ranks, +1 int)
    Knowledge (Religion) +13 (12 ranks, +1 int)
    Spellcraft +10 (7 ranks, +1 int, +2 synergy)

    - Illum, Northern Gaullic

    Armor & Shield
    - Full Plate +1(-5 ACP, 50lb)
    - Shield, heavy +1 (-1 ACP, 15lb)
    Melee weapons
    - Warsong, adamantine flaming keen longsword +2 (1d8+4+1d6 fire/17-20, 3lb)
    - Morningstar (1d8+2/20, 6lb)
    - Dagger (1d4+2/19-20, 10ft, 1lb)

    Ranged weapons
    - Light Crossbow (1d8/19-20, 80ft, 4lb)
    - 30 Bolts (3lb)

    - Handy Haversack
    - Ring of Sustenance
    - Periapt of Wisdom
    - Explorer’s Outfit (8lb)
    - Cleric’s Vestments (6lb)
    - Bedroll (5lb)
    - Flint & steel (0lb)
    - Beltpouch (1/2lb)
    - Waterskin (4lb)

    Other Goods & Gear
    - Chest of provisions for journey (200sp)

    Weight Carried:
    Remaining money:
    96sp, 17gp
    4 x ecclesiastical notes (1000sp each)
    Bag of semi-precious gemstones (17 stones, total value 2000sp)
    Purse of Holding (it contains 250 silver pennies, capable of holding 1000 coins)
    Small Packet: 5 (50gp) and 5 (100gp) warrants.

    Domains: Good, War
    - Good: +1 caster level on all spells with Good descriptor.
    - War: Martial Weapon Proficiency (Longsword), Weapon Focus (Longsword)

    Spells Per Day:
    - 0-Level (DC17): 6
    - 1st Level (DC18): 7+1 domain
    - 2nd Level (DC19): 7+1 domain
    - 3rd Level (DC20): 6+1 domain
    - 4th Level (DC21): 5+1 domain
    - 5th Level (DC22): 4+1 domain
    - 6th Level (DC23): 4+1 domain
    - 7th Level (DC24): 3+1 domain

    Typical Spells Prepared

    - 0-Level: Detect Magic x 3, Create Water, Light x 2,
    - 1st Level: Bless, Command, Remove Fear, Divine Favor, Shield of Faith, Obscuring Mist, Doom + Protection from Evil
    - 2nd Level: Consecrate, Hold Person x 2, Lesser Restoration, Silence, Resist Energy, Align Weapon + Spiritual Weapon
    - 3rd Level: Daylight, Invisibility Purge, Magic Circle vrs. Evil, Prayer, Dispel Magic, Dispel Magic + Magic Vestment
    - 4th Level: Freedom of Movement, Neutralize Poison, Death Ward, Divine Power, Air Walk + Holy Smite
    - 5th Level: Break Enchantment, Righteous Might, True Seeing, Spell Resistance + Flame Strike
    - 6th Level: Banishment, Heal, Vigorous Circle, Heroes' Feast + Blade Barrier
    - 7th Level: Holy Word, Monster Summoning VII, Ethereal Jaunt + Power Word: Blind

    Vadric definitely looks more the part of a knight than a priest. He is tall and muscular, with fine, handsome features. He has curly hair of sandy hue, and his eyes are the brown of soft suede leather. He is most often dressed in full plate armor and carries shield and sword, over which he wear his knight’s surcoat bearing the arms of the Knights of Light. He is never without at least one holy symbol bearing the symbol of his patron, Hieroneous.

    The Elareon family, once the powerful earl of Elareon, have in recent generations fallen on hard times. Three generations after the end of the Consolidation Wars, as a result of the loss of land and crushing taxes, the Elareon family sold their ancestral home near the city of Tiale and moved to the eastern reaches. Giving up the rich productive farmland that was their patrimony, the family bought vast acres of poor pastures and scrubby hills. Rebuilding the family’s life and income stream took generations. The hard work paid off though, and the lands bought by the family became fruitful and productive. The foresight of the older generations left a new legacy of a modest size manor house, productive orchards of apple and walnuts and six small satellite farms that were home to the family’s cattle and sheep.

    Growing up along the Eastern Borders meant that at a young age, Vadric was introduced to skirmish warfare. Reaching manhood he was assigned as an officer with the family levees; when they were called upon to combat marauding dwarves, Vadric experienced his first life or death fight...and came away with a near death injury.

    After this life changing experience, Vadric decided to join the church and devote his life to his patron Saint Heironeous. With the passage of years, Vadric found himself drawn into conflict after conflict with marauding bands of orcs and ogiers and dwarves along the Valley’s eastern border. Distinguishing himself in these border skirmishes and in open battle, Vadric was knighted by the Patriarch of Eastland for his noble services and was given memberships into the Knights of the Light. Choosing to stay within the ecclesiastical circle instead of one of the branches of the order, Vadric bears only the title of Knight and has no command authority within the military hierarchy of the Knights of the Light. Still, his position within the church and his experience ensure that his words carry weight, even though they are not spoken with the actual voice of command.

    Evntually, his great combat experience and his noble heritage landed Vadric the position of military attaché to the Patriarch of Eastland, where he advises on military issues. His experience, especially fighting non-humans, proved quite invaluable, and he excelled at his posting.

    Not long ago, Patriarch Grappien, an elderly man in his 80's, summoned Elareon into his office and announced that he was posting Elareon to Westmarch in the Borderlands. No reason was given other than he is to send all reports of ogiers and orcs and any type of humanoids that he can develop intelligence on. Passing to Elareon a small notebook made of black calves hide with silver bindings he told Vadric: "Write your letters and reports to me in this. They will arrive much quicker". Patriarch Grappien then dismissed the priest and in parting said "Arrangements have been made for you to take ship at Brightlaw, in the Confederation, and sail to Westmarch. Let me know if you need anything"

    Since that fateful day when Vadric set sail on the , the knight-priest has been in almost constant peril. He has found himself shipwrecked, in combat with demons, undead and other dark forces, and found himself consorting with those that he does not trust and who he would have, just short weeks before, considered evil. Still, the cleric has also found himself stalwart new companions in arms...the paladin Anniston Van Aalron, the ranger Bertrand Brookmead, and the bard Finnian Douglas.

    Prized Possessions
    Warsong (Longsword +2, flaming keen – adamantine)
    Warsong is wrought completely of adamantine, from its black, diamond-edged blade to its leather wrapped pommel. A masterfully balanced and deadly sharp weapon, Vadric undertook a quest sometime after his life-changing experience to recover the blade from an ancient weapon’s cache that had been forgotten long ago. The adamantine blade makes a unique ringing when it contacts other weapons, thus leading to the weapon’s name. On command, the blade of the sword is wreathed in silvery-gold flames...Vadric believes it to be the holy, cleansing flame of Hieroneous.


    Valorous Plate (Full Plate+1) and Bladeward (Heavy Shield +1): These two items have been in the Elareon family for many generations. Both are masterfully crafted of fine oil-slaked steel of mottled silvery-blue hue, the color having been melded into metal itself, instead of merely enameled as found on many lesser armors. Both shield and armor have the Elareon coat of arms, a stylized silver wyvern, inlaid prominently into them.

    Traveller’s Ring (Ring of Sustenance) and Traveller’s Pack (Handy Haversack): These two items were given to Vadric by the Church of the Light, to help facilitate the large amount of travel that Vadric has been required to do as part of his various assignments. The ring is a simple band of silver and steel, and the pack looks like nothing more than a well worn (if high quality) backpack.

    Pearl of Clarity (Periapt of Wisdom): Given to Vadric as a gift several years previous by one of his mentors, Bishop Charles Tolliver, Vadric continuously wears the necklace in fond remembrance of his friend. He feels that the necklace gives him a clarity and focus that he is not normally capable of. The silvery-black pearl is quite large and a perfect sphere, and is mounted in a triple linked chain of artistically wrought platinum.
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    Finnian Douglas
    Finnian Douglas

    Male Human Bard 8 / Swashbuckler 3 / Lyric Thaumaturge 3; CR 14;
    Medium Humanoid (Human); AL NG;
    Experience Points: 94500 (next level: 105000);
    XP Breakdown

    Start 45,000
    + 1000 (10/31/06 roleplay award)
    +1000 (11/12/06 roleplay award)
    +10,000 (12/24/06 award)
    +2500 (3/15/07 roleplay award)
    +7000 (10/03/07 award)
    +3000 (2/13/08 award)
    +25000 (2/28/09 restart award)
    Total = 94500

    Age: 24
    Height: 6 ft.
    Weight: 178 lb.
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Auburn
    Skin: Fair

    HD 11d6+3d10+42; hp 117;

    Str 14(+2)
    Dex 16(+3) +1@4th lvl
    Con 16(+3) +1@12th lvl
    Int 16(+3)
    Wis 14(+2) +1 bonus
    Cha 20(+5) +1@8th lvl +2 Holiday bonus 1/1/08

    Init +3; Spd 30 ft/x4;
    AC 18 (+5 armor, +3 dex), touch 13, flat-footed 15;
    Base Atk/Grapple +11/+13;

    Full Attack +15/+10/+5 One-handed (1d6+3;15-20/x2, Keen Rapier +1),
    or +15/+10/+5 One-handed (1d4+2;19-20/x2, Masterwork dagger),
    or +14/+9/+4 One-handed (1d3+2;20/x2, Unarmed Strike),
    or +15/+10/+5 Two-handed (1d6+2;20/x3, Masterwork composite shortbow [+2]);

    Fort +10 (6 base + 3 con + 1 resistance),
    Ref +15 (10 base + 3 dex + 1 grace + 1 resistance),
    Will +13 (10 base + 2 wis + 1 resistance);

    Languages: Southern Gaullic, Trade Tongue, Aram, Dashai, Illum, Old Tongue, Northern Gaullic

    Balance¹ +10 (5 ranks + 3 Dex + 2 Tumble),
    Bluff¹ +18 (13 ranks + 5 Cha),
    Climb¹ +8 (6 ranks + 2 Str),
    Decipher Script +7 (4 ranks + 3 Int),
    Diplomacy¹ +24 (13 ranks + 5 Cha + 2 Bluff + 2 Sense Motive + 2 Knowledge [Nobility]),
    Gather Information¹ +12 (7 ranks + 5 Cha),
    Jump¹ +9 (5 ranks + 2 Str + 2 Tumble),
    Knowledge (arcana) +13 (10 ranks + 3 Int),
    Knowledge (history) +10 (7 ranks + 3 Int),
    Knowledge (nobility) +10 (7 ranks + 3 Int),
    Listen¹ +13 (11 ranks + 2 Wis),
    Perform (Singing) +22 (17 ranks + 5 Cha),
    Sense Motive¹ +16 (14 ranks + 2 Wis),
    Spellcraft +16 (11 ranks + 3 Int + 2 Knowledge Arcana),
    Swim¹ +9 (7 ranks + 2 Str),
    Tumble +18 (13 ranks + 3 Dex + 2 Jump),
    Use Magic Device +10 (5 ranks + 5 Cha).

    hb) Extra Music,
    lt) Captivating Melody,
    12) Clap of Thunder (reserve),
    9) Improved Unarmed Strike,
    6) Lingering Song,
    1) Melodic Casting (Use Perform in place of Concentration, Cast spells while using Bardic Music),
    3) Versatile Performer (Oratory, String Instruments, & Percussion Instruments),
    sw) Weapon Finesse.

    Special Attacks & Special Qualities:

    *Spellcasting:You can cast bard spells while wearing light armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance.

    *Bardic Knowledge(Ex): You possess a special Knowledge skill for stray bits of trivia. This Knowledge check is 1d20+13.

    *Bardic Music: Performances can create varied magical effects 15 times per day.
    ¤ Countersong(Su): You can counter any sonic or language-dependent magical effect. Anyone within 30 feet can use your Perform check in place of their saving throw. You can maintain a countersong for 10 rounds.

    ¤ Fascinate(Sp): You can fascinate 3 creature(s) within 90 feet. If you beat their Will save with a Perform check, they will listen quietly for up to 7 round(s).

    ¤ Inspire Courage(Su): While singing, all allies who can hear you gain a +2 morale bonus to saving throws against charm and fear effects, and a +2 morale bonus to attack and weapon damage rolls. The effect lasts as long as you sing plus 5 rounds.

    ¤ Inspire Competence(Su): You can help an ally succeed at a task. They get a +2 competence bonus to skill checks as long as they are able to see and hear you and are within 30 feet. This can be maintained for 2 minutes.

    ¤ Suggestion(Sp): You can make a suggestion (as the spell) to a creature you have already fascinated. Will save (DC 17 negates).

    ¤ Inspire Greatness (Su): You can inspire incfreased fighting ability to yourself or an ally within 30'. Being gains 2 HD (d10s) with temp hit points, a +2 competanc bonus to attacks, and a +1 competance bonus on Fortitude saves.

    *Grace(Ex): When wearing light or no armor, and carrying a light load you gain a +1 competence bonus on Reflex saves.

    *Insightful Strike(Ex): When wearing light or no armor, and carrying a light load you gain a +3 as a bonus on damage rolls with any light or finesseable weapons. You do not gain this bonus to damage against creatures immune to critical hits.

    *Bonus Spells: Gain one additional 1st-level & 2nd-level bard spell slot per day.

    *Spell Secret: Add one additional 1st & 2nd level spell known from Sorceror/Wizard spell list.

    Spell Info:

    Spells per Day: 3, 6, 5, 4, 2
    Spells Known (6, 5, 5, 4, 3):
    0th level - Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
    1st level - Charm Person, Cure Light Wounds, Healthful Rest, Magic Missile, Remove Fear
    2nd level - Cure Moderate Wounds, Detect Thoughts, Invisibility, Rainbow Beam, Sound Burst
    3rd Level - Confusion, Cure Serious Wounds, Haste, Wounding Whispers
    4th Level - Cure Critical Wouds, Dimension Door, Resonating Bolt


    Battle's Wit (Keen Rapier +1)
    The blade which Finnian calls Battle's Wit is a mystery to him. This finely crafted courtier's blade is unadorned with a grip and guard designed for functionality as well as the flash expected to be mated to such a blade. Battle's Wit appears to be a new made blade, but no maker's mark can be found and no smith claims the work as his own or that of anyone he knows.
    Finnian claimed the blade from a Republic bravo that had been sent specifically to kill him. The bravo set upon him on the road as Finnian was following the trail of the theft of several valuable artworks which had led him into the Republic. 'Bloody Oliver' - as the bravo was locally known for his reputation as a sword-for-hire with a lack of conscience - set upon Finnian as he was leaving a wealthy merchant's estate who had also been robbed recently. Though Finnian was no slouch with a blade, Oliver deserved his reputation and pressed Finnian nearly beyond his ability. In the end, two things conspired to allow Finnian to prevail. The first was Oliver's overconfidence in not believing that a 'mere minstrel' could prove to be a worthy challenge. The second was the gift of mail from the Duke of Cassan which had been provided for just such an eventuality for when Oliver finally began to take Finnian seriously the mail turned several strong thrusts into mere bruises and minor cuts.
    When Finnian claimed the blade, he noted that it was a true masterpiece of the bladesmith's art and began seeking the history of the blade. So far that history has eluded him providing him only with endless hours of frustrating speculation.

    The Gleaming Guardian (Mithril Light Fortification Chain Shirt +1)
    When Finnian proved to be a capable agent and loyal friend, the Duke of Cassan had this mail shirt made for him. It was designed to be easily hidden for those times when it would be undiplomatic to be seen wearing armor yet still need the protection of armor. He also asked the priests of the Light bless the mail to be able to turn the stealthy blade or lucky strike to keep its wearer more or less unscathed. In his activities for the Duke, Finnian has had several occasions to thank the Light for the Duke's gift.

    Wanderer's Ward (Vest of Resistance +1 with continuous Endure Elements)
    Knowing their son was going to be living a lot of his life on the road, Finnian's parents asked the family chaplain if he knew of anything which would protect their son from some of the hardships. What the chaplain suggested was something known as a Wanderer's Ward.
    A Wanderer's Ward is a vest that the priests of the Light bless to provide its wearer an increased ability to resist the hazards of the road and keep the wearer comfortable no matter how extremely inclement the weather became.

    Traveler's Pack (Handy Haversack)
    While Finnian was studying more on how to control the gift of magic in Kell, he picked up one of these wonderful devices. The lessening of the weight that Finnian would be required to carry was merely a bonus to Finnian. The main benefit as far as Finnian is concerned is the ability to protect the many instruments he carries from the damage that could be caused by the hazards of the road.

    Traveler's Ring (Ring of Sustenance)
    Another acquisition of Finnian's while he was studying in Kell. Finnian acquired it so he could pack more instruments in his pack in place of the rations that most traveler's are required to carry.

    Talon (Masterwork D'ashai Dagger)
    A gift from the D'ashai general whom Finnian saved, this dagger is one of his most prized possessions. The general gifted it to Finnian remarking that sometimes even a songbird needs a sharp talon. Therefore, Finnian promptly named the dagger Talon.
    The dagger is one of the finest examples of the D'ashai's bladesmith craft with an ornate guard and Finnian's own golden harp & thrush crest inset in the hilt framed by the silken cord hilt wrappings. Although a Gwyneddian, the dagger is a mark of safe passage for him within the D'ashai Empire.

    Money Pouch (Pouch of Holding 2500 coin capacity)
    Letter of Introduction from the Duke of Cassan
    228 gold royals
    100 silver pennies
    2 diamonds (500 gold royal value each)

    Locket with Duchy of Cassan and Royal House of Gwynedde Crests on opposite sides

    Masterwork Lute
    Masterwork Traveling Harp
    Masterwork Dulcimer
    Masterwork Bodhran
    Masterwork Finger Cymbals
    Instrument Case for each Instrument

    Masterwork Composite Shortbow (Mighty +2)
    Quiver with 20 Arrows
    Quiver with 20 Silver Arrows

    Tuning Fork
    Dulcimer Key and Hammers
    Spare Instrument Strings
    Spare Drum Skins
    Masterwork Instrument Crafting Tools

    Explorer's Outfit (x2)
    Traveler's Outfit (x2)
    Courtier's Outfit (x2)
    Noble's Outfit (x2)
    Assorted Male Jewelry (750 gpv)
    Signet Ring (Harp & Thrush symbol)

    Spell Component Pouch
    Mapcase & Writing Kit
    Scrolls & Books of Music and History
    Culture of the Dragonship Peoples of the Far North by Berlei
    Atlas of the North
    Blank Book (x2)
    Parchment (20 sheets)
    Sealing Wax
    Box of Chalk (10 pieces)
    Box of Charcoal Stix (10 Pieces)

    Bedroll & Winter Blanket
    Sea Chest with Luxury Provisions
    Steel Teapot (8 cups) & Teaball
    Package of Balancing Tea
    Package of Purifying Tea
    Everburning Lantern
    Alchemist's Fire (10 Flasks)
    Holy Water (10 Vials)
    Weapon & Armor Care Kit


    Finnian Douglas had the fortune to be born to a minor noble family of the Gwynedde Kingdom. It was, however, his misfortune to be born the third son of said family. Noble families, being what they are, always want at least one son to ensure the continuance of the family line and generally welcome a second son. But a third son in a minor noble family where holdings and positions are limited has to find some other way to make his way once he achieves maturity.

    This is not to say that Finnian was unloved. To the contrary, his family loved him well and provided him with the same tutors his older brothers had. The training he received was therefore the equal of any young noble of the land in the hopes of preparing him to serve in some sort of official capacity with a more powerful noble. Finnian absorbed the teachings in history and geneology along with the basics of swordplay.

    While the training emphasized the heavy armor and weapons the knights of the kingdom favored, Finnian was drawn to the lighter weight weapons favored by the courtiers. But it was the tales and epics of the past put into song that interested him the most.

    His parents nearly despaired of their daydreaming youngest son, seeing the promise of a diplomatic career disappearing into the flighty whims of a budding wandering minstrel. Then a totally unexpected thing happened. Finnian touched the true magic. The Light had blessed him with the ability to become a bard. This development meritted new tutors be brought in to teach the use of the Light given ability and further instruction from the family chaplain to strengthen Finnian's grounding in the Light. When Finnian finally reached the age of maturity, his training in the bardic arts was fully accomplished and a more intensive training in the fighting arts of the lightly armored warrior was imparted to give him more of a chance to defend himself while traveling through the more dangerous territories.

    Finnian's first adventure was to accompany his father and the Duke of Cassan on a diplomatic mission to coordinate a joint venture with the D'ashai Empire. They were to ferret out an overly ambitious bandit lord who had set himself up in the disputed territory between Gwynedde and D'ashai. They were also there to keep order within the troops so as to prevent any incident from occurring which might spark the renewal of the war between the two countries. Finnian served with distinction, even managing to disrupt an ambush of the D'ashai general long enough to let the general cut his way out. The Duke of Cassan was pleased enough with Finnian's service to take him on for some further sensitive work for the Kingdom.

    In the several years since, Finnian has become a wandering agent of the Light with close ties to Gwynedde and the Duke of Cassan. While performing his duties, Finnian has become equally comfortable among the intrigues of various courts as well as the rough amenities of the roadside campsite. He has studied the various peoples of the Four Lands and collected a vast store of legends and histories. But no matter how much he learns, his appetite to learn has never been filled, and he is always listening for new stories and lore to add to his repetoire.
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    I Defended The Walls!

    ø Block Scotley

    ø Friend+

    Bertrand Brookmead

    Male Human Ranger 9/Rogue5
    CG Alignment
    Origin Highgate Borderlands
    Residence ‘Sweetbrook’ near Roark’s Drift

    Experience Points
    45,001 + 1000 (10/31/06 roleplay award) +1000 (11/12/06 roleplay award) +10,000 (12/24/06 award)+2500 (3/15/07 lull into stupor award)+1500 (8/223/07 name of the 'boy' remembered) +7000 recent battle awards 10-3-07)+3000 role play award for meeting with Lady and Elf.+30,000 for March 2009 reboot.

    Str 16
    Dex 18 (+1 for 4th Level)
    Con 14 (+1 for award of Aug. 17, 2008)
    Int 14
    Wis 16 (+1 for 8th Level)(+1 for 12th level)
    Cha 16

    Hit Points 8+7d8+5d6 (64+28Con)
    11th level Hit Points (1d8=6)
    12th Level Hit points (1d8=7)

    Total Hit Points: 115

    AC 22, Touch 16, Flat 17 Damage Reduction 1/-
    Init +4
    BAB +12/+7/+2, Grap +16
    Speed 30
    Fort +9, Ref +14, Will +7

    +17/+12/+7 (+14/+9/+4 2-weapon) Melee, +2 Cold Iron Flail, 1d8+5, 20/x2
    +16/+11/+6 (+13/+8/+3 2-weapon) Melee, +1 Hand Axe, 1d6+5 (+4 2-weap), 20/x3

    +17/+12/+7 Ranged, MW Mighty Composite Longbow, 1d8+4, 20/x3, 110'r

    Dirty Blond colored hair worn short, gray eyes, fair skin/tanned face/arms. Medium Build

    159 12x(6+2Int+1Race)+5x(8+2Int+1Race)

    Speaks Trade Language, Trade Dwarf, Illum, Northern Illum, Old Tongue, Northern Gaullic, Southern Gaullic, Confederation, Aram

    Appraise (2+2Int)
    Balance (2+4Dex+2Syn)
    Bluff (5+3Cha)
    Climb (2+3Str+2Syn Involving Ropes)
    Concentration (5+1Con)
    Craft (+2Int)
    Decipher Script (1+2Int)
    Diplomacy (5+3Cha+4Syn)
    Disable Device (10+2Int+2MW Tools)
    Disguise (1+3Cha+2Syn)
    Escape Artist (+4Dex+2Syn—Involving Ropes)
    Forgery (1+2Int)
    Gather Information (7+3Cha)
    Handle Animal (5+3Cha)
    Heal (5+3Wis+2 Healers Bag)
    Hide (4+4Dex)
    Intimidate (6+3Cha+2Syn)
    Jump (5+3Str+2Syn)
    Knowledge (Arcana) xx (2+2Int)
    Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (5+2Int)
    Knowledge (Geography) (5+2Int)
    Knowledge (History) xx (1+2Int)
    Knowledge (Nature) (5+2Int)
    Knowledge (Local) (1+2Int)
    Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) xx (1+2Int)
    Knowledge (Religion) xx (1+2Int)
    Listen (7+3Wis)
    Move Silently (4+4Dex)
    Open Lock (6+4Dex+2MW Tools)
    Profession (Bounty Hunter) (2+3Wis)
    Profession (Horse Breeding) (1+3Wis)
    Profession (Farming) (1+3Wis)
    Perform (2+3Cha)
    Ride (5+4Dex+2Syn+1MW Saddle--+3 to stay in saddle)
    Search (17+2Int)
    Sense Motive (5+3Wis)
    Sleight of Hand (1+4Dex+2Syn)
    Spot (10+3Wis)
    Survival (14+2Wis+2Syn—underground, nat. envir., tracking & avoid getting lost)
    Swim (3+3Str)
    Tumble (6+4Dex+2Syn)
    Use Magic Device (1+3Cha)
    Use Rope (5+4Dex)

    Feats and Abilities

    -Tracking (bonus)
    -Two Weapon Fighting (bonus)
    -Improved Two Weapon Fighting (bonus)
    -Endurance (bonus)
    -Exotic Weapon Lasso and Net (background bonus) (Lasso rules in Players guide to FR)
    -(Human Bonus) Power Attack
    -(1st Level) Cleave
    -(3rd Level) Two Weapon Defense
    -(6th Level) Leadership
    -(9th Level) Blind Fighting
    -(12th Level) Two-Weapon Pounce (trade charge bonus for attack with both weapons)
    -(special holiday bonus) Two-Weapon Rend (d1d6+1 and a half x str. bonus damage on hit with both weapons)

    Human Traits
    -Bonus Feats
    -Bonus Skills

    Ranger Abilities
    -Favored Enemy Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival and Weapon Damage Humanoid (Humans) +4/ +2Humanoid (Goblinoid)
    -Bonus Feat Track
    -Animal Empathy (1d20+7 Ranger Level +3Cha +2Syn)
    -Combat Style Two Weapon Fighting
    -Bonus Feat Endurance
    -Animal Companion Dog (Blood Hound)
    -Improved Combat Style Improved Two Weapon Fighting
    -Woodland Stride
    -Swift Tracking

    Rogue Abilities
    -Sneak Attack +3d6
    -Trapsense +1 to reflex saves and AC vs. Traps
    -Uncanny Dodge

    Spells Prepared
    1st- Entangle, Hawkeye (+5 spot and +50% range)
    2nd-Briar Web

    +2 Adamantine Chain Shirt 9100 gp
    Explorer’s Outfit
    Cold Weather Gear
    Courtier’s Outfit with jewelry

    +2 Cold Iron Flail Prelate’s Turien’s Black Scourge
    The weapon's dark black metal and unadorned ash handle belie its superior construction. It was forged by a Smith turned Priest of the Borderlands known as Turien of Candlestone. He received a calling from the Light just a few years before a dark time of troubles. Scholars suggest he was called into the priesthood in preparation for the mission he would later undertake. Having been a simple smith before the troubles, he did not know how to make swords or other fancy weapons, but was better at simple tools and farm implements. Though he did have a cunning and talent, he had simply never had cause to make weapons. Then the troubles began. Demons summoned by a particularly powerful humanoid spellcaster were wreaking terrible havoc on the people. Returning to his forge with a stock of deep mined cold iron, for his people were miners by trade, he made a flail. He took his artfully forged creation to the church of the Candlestone where he placed it on an ancient altar known as the Candlestone. There he blessed it and prayed for three days. At the end of the third day the altar's namesake power came forth and the altar burned with a living flame. The divine fire of the light infused the weapon with power from the altar. Turien took up the flail and rode into history as a slayer of demons and a man of indomitable spirit. Having come from humble beginnings Turien, though a man of great faith was not always in agreement with the church hierarchy and his reputation is that of a brave and heroic, but sometimes hardheaded and contrary man with little patients for rules.

    After Turien's death at a ripe old age the flail, typically referred to as simply the Black Scourge, passed into the hands of many knights, clerics of militant orders and other heroes. Its history is long and storied though a common theme of independence and a tendency to ruffle the feathers of the church fathers mars the weapon's otherwise noble history. In recent times the flail fell into the hands of Bartleby Strawford. A man of wealth and privilege who acquired high office and influence in the church. However, Bartleby's love of coin and power overcame his faith and he profited unduly from his position. The flail came into his hands when he seized the lands and goods of a knightly family fallen on hard times. He loaned them money at a very high return and then when a hard year hit, took all their worldly goods. Such acts were the daily bread of Bartleby. Eventually, his greed led to even greater acts of inequity and finally the church could tolerate his behavior in the name of the light no longer. He fled from the small band of special church knights sent to take him and found that his money bought him a safe place to hide in the unclaimed lands where the old faith and even darker faiths held sway. The church could not send in enough force to root him out without attracting more attention than they wished to draw to the unfortunate behavior of one of their own. It fell to Bertrand to hunt him down and bring him to justice. After a difficult hunt and an even more difficult battle, Bertrand took Bartleby in. In the end it seemed that at the crucial moment the flail turned in the wicked priest's hand and instead of a giving Bertrand a death blow it was an opening in his guard he handed over. Bertrand kept the weapon and came to find it a worthy one.

    The flail is made of cold iron +2 to hit and damage. It is normally dim and black, but a bonded wielder can call forth light the color of candle flame at will. The weapon is cunningly wrought and can hold three vials’ worth of holy water within its head. A twist of the link that attaches the head to the chain allows it to splash forth when the weapon is swung in an arc or if turned the other way to release the water on the target of the next successful hit. After 3 successful hit or 3 splash attempts the weapon is empty. Refilling the holy water compartment is a full round action that draws an attack of opportunity. Some of Turien's spirit or at least his hardheadedness remains in the weapon and it grants a bonded owner a +2 on Will saving throws saves vs. fear effects. It has also been known to resist the efforts of evil wielders to attack the good. Users not bonded to the weapon find that it is only a +1 flail. To call upon the extra damage and bonus to will or fear saves one must bond the weapon by engaging in a three day ritual of fasting and meditation before a candle flame with the weapon. At need it may hit incorporeal, extra-dimensional or out of phase targets.

    +1 Hand Axe
    MW Dagger x2
    MW Lance
    Throwing Axe x2
    MW Net x2

    MW Mighty Composite Longbow 700 gp
    Quiver 20 Arrows 1 gp
    Quiver 10 Alchemical Silver, 8 cold iron 2 adamantine arrows

    Handy Pouch and map case
    As Handy Haversack, but smaller, main pouch is 40 pounds and 4 cubic feet, while side tube will hold 120 pages of maps and scrolls. As the handy haversack the desired item is always on top.

    Scrolls of Ranger Spells
    Stalking Brand x2, Resist Elements, Snare, Heal Animal Companion x2, Neurtralize Poison, Tree Shape, Cure Serious Wounds x5, Remove Disease x2, Summon Nature’s Ally III x2, Summon Natures Ally IV x2, Polymorph Self x3, Nature’s Womb.

    An extensive collection of maps of the 4 Lands
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds (5th Level) 50 charges
    +1 Ring of Protection
    Potions: Bless Weapon Oil x3, Darkvision, Remove Curse x2, Cure Light Wounds, Water Walking, Water Breathing x2, Tongues x2, Invisibility

    Winter Blanket

    Waterskin x2- water (hip & backpack)
    Silver Flask of Brandy (Vest Pocket)
    5 Torches (backpack)
    Flint & Steel (pouch)
    Trail Rations- 2 days (backpack)
    Brass Press Pot
    Honey (from Karshal)

    Healers Bag
    MW Thieves’ Tools
    MW Manacles with an amazing lock x3
    MW Manacles with an amazing lock size large
    MW Manacles with an amazing lock size small
    Catstink x2
    Flash Pellet x5
    Healer’s Balm x10
    Lockslip Grease x3
    Nature’s Draught x3
    Animal Training Kit
    Forgery Kit
    Listening Cone
    Everburning Torch
    Acid x2 (1d6 or 1 splash)
    Alchemist Fire x4 (1d6 or 1 splash first round, 1d6 second round)
    Antitoxin x2
    Holy water x9 (2d4 or 1 splash)
    Sunrod x3
    Tanglefoot bag x2
    Thunderstone x4
    Tindertwig x6
    Silver Holy symbol x2 (one for ‘the Light’ and one for the ‘Old Religion’)

    6000 sp

    Cohorts Mounts and Companions

    Cohort Human Sorcerer 8th “Rendee tal Rendi”

    Animal Companion Bloodhound “Chaucer”

    Hunt Trained (attack, down, fetch, heel, seek and track), assist track, steal.
    Medium Animal
    4d8+8 (33) (Max 1st + 70%)
    Initiative +3
    Speed 40’
    AC 19(+3 Dex, +6 Natural)(22 /w MW studded Leather), touch 13, flat 16(19)
    Attack/Full Attack Bite +6 melee (1d6+4)
    Special Attacks: Trip (Free trip at +1 on successful bite—no attack roll required or AoO by target, if it fails the target cannot trip the attack trained dog)
    Special Qualities: Low-Light Vision, scent
    Saves: Fort +6, Ref+7, Will+2
    Abilities: Str16, Dex16, Con15, Int3, Wis12, Cha6
    Skills: Jump+9, Listen+5, Spot+5, Swim+4, Survival +3(+9 tracking)
    Feats: Alertness, Track,
    Animal Companion Abilities: Link, Share Spells, Evasion

    Horse Light
    Masterwork Military saddle, bags, blanket, bit & bridle, lance cup

    Pack Mules with pack saddles

    Spare Mount with saddle, bags, bit & bridle, blanket, lance cup

    Mounts for Cohort and Followers

    Bertrand is a tall well built man with close cropped blond hair and a neat pale beard. The cool gray eyes miss little, being the sharp eyes of a hunter. He walks with a confident rolling gate and is used to long journeys over rough ground. He is strong as befits his size and musculature, but that size belies an unexpected speed. His reflexes are sharp and he reacts to danger in an instant. His skin is naturally pale in the way of most borderlanders, but his face and hands are tanned and weathered from long exposure to the elements. His gear shows the wear of long use, but it has been properly cared for. A closer examination reveals that Bertand has done his shopping over the length and breadth of the 4 lands, all of the best quality available though with little in the way of adornment. Saddles made in R’Kashi, Westlands fur trim, thick warm woolens from Melrose, a shirt of strange dark metal the rings so fine and perfect no human hand could have made them, Tyrian leather, Dashai silk and linen from Kell are all part of his kit. He wears a simple silver locket on a stout chain. Within are miniature portrates of his late wife and his daughter along with a lock of hair from each of them. A glimpse of fine chain links just above the elbow and telltale bulges beneath his clothes suggest light armor is worn. A dark wickedly spiked flail hangs at his hip along with a collection of light axes and a carefully coiled net. A tall quiver is at his back. He rarely strays far without lance and halberd as well. Bertrand has the easy manner of one accustomed to dealing with strangers on a daily basis. He exhibits no shyness and his seemingly friendly open manner and ready wit make him easy to talk to. He has a knack for asking questions that get people talking. People who meet him would describe him as outgoing, but actually he divulges little in the way of information. His accent marks him as a child of the borderlands, but he has a comfortable fluency in several languages and whenever possible prefers to speak to people in their native tongue.

    History and Background
    Bertrand Brookmead was born to a prominent family of the Brookmoor clan in Highgate of the Borderlands some 33 years ago. This area was near to the unclaimed lands. Being a community of cow herds, sheep herds and goat herds, their place in the world was small indeed despite local standing. His father was a noted breeder of herding dogs and his mother was the clan scribe. She was the third child of what passes for a noble in the region and was more educated that anyone else in the clan. She was possessed of a facility with words and languages that she passed on to her son. Like all lads of the region he was trained as a militia man and taught to wield the halberd. He found joy in riding horses and working dogs. He worked herds sometimes far from home and developed his skills in field craft. A stout lad, he often had to defend his charges from predators. During his 14th year a raiding party came out of the unclaimed lands seizing several people including Bertrand’s elder sister Alyssa. A nearby clan had responsibility for the area of the unclaimed lands suspected of being the raider’s base. Do to politics and rivalry the clan leader refused to send his forces after the raiders. Bertrand’s own clan was angry, but the elders were old and had no will to fight. Angry at the raiders and his own people’s lack of will, Bertrand would take matters into his own hands. This would be the first of many events that led to his lack of respect for authority. He and some of his young friends gathered their Halberds and joined up with family members of other victims and road for the unclaimed lands. Bertrand and a family dog took the lead, the old dog following the scent of Alyssa. After two days of difficult travel, the band of vigilantes was considering giving up, though Bertrand and a few others intended to continue no matter what. Just when it seemed hopeless, Bertrand spotted a fire in the night. The vigilantes crept forward and set upon the raiders in their sleep. The handful of guards was quickly overcome and the raiders soon killed, many never woke that night. Only three of the vigilantes lost their lives. While Alyssa and the others had suffered at the hands of the raiders all survived. Upon their return, they were chastised by the elders and punishment for the loss of the three lads who died was even considered. This was too much for Bertrand, who packed his meager belongings and rode off to join the rangers.

    At first this was a happy time in his life, he learned the arts of war and honed his skills of forest craft. However, the independent young man soon chaffed at the basic assignments he was given. His orders, intended for his own protection, often hampered what young Bertrand considered the cause of justice. He felt too much time was spent in training and pointless reporting or scouting. They knew where the trouble spots were and Bertrand was eager to go there and see that threats were put down. Instead he found himself increasingly kept close to base as he superiors were concerned the young ranger’s zeal would get him killed. Finally, things came to head, when Bertrand very liberally interpreted the rules about pursuit of a known villain seen in the act of a crime. He took a young recruit who had actually seen the crime with him on a two week pursuit into some of the most dangerous territory in the area. While young Bertrand and his even younger recruit managed to find the villains lair only the timely arrival of a large band of rangers saved them from almost certain death trying to apprehend the nest of trouble they had stumbled onto. Both of the young men were tired dirty and malnourished, but otherwise unharmed. Only that and the fact that a large group of some of the vilest offenders in the whole kingdom were apprehended, kept Bertrand from being kicked out of the rangers. While many of the men were impressed with his amazing success the leadership felt the need to place him in increasingly ignoble duties. At the end of his 4 year term, 18 year old Bertrand struck out on his own.

    A local ecclesiastical court and its troop of officers were aggressively recruiting men from the old faith to show them the light. Bertrand soon found himself wearing the uniform of the court. He served mostly as a guard, which he found tedious at best, but he did learn more of the legal system. Listening to the lawyers on both sides he learned that there were innumerable loopholes that could be exploited if one knew the rules. Soon he got a chance to prove his worth when a prisoner escaped and Bertrand rode off in pursuit. He returned the man to justice single-handedly and was soon given jobs locating trouble makers. He preferred to be out on his own rather than lurking around the courts and it proved a good arrangement for the church and for Bertrand.

    Then he was sent to apprehend Jack ‘Lightfingers’ Mayone. He pursued the man far from his usual haunts deep into the valley of the light. His skills, so useful in the wild marked him as a bumpkin in the city. He found that the local thieves and trouble makers took great delight in sending him on wild goose chases and embarrassing him. Finally, almost by accident he stumbled into Jack’s lair. He found himself in a cunning pit trap with Jack, a loaded crossbow in each hand, looking down at him. Curious about the young man who had pursued him so doggedly if ineffectually, Jack began to talk to the young Ranger turned courtman. It soon became clear that the while Jack was no paragon of virtue the currently crimes of which he was accused were simply someone’s attempt to cover their own theft by accusing a notorious thief who was nearly 500 miles away at the time of the supposed crime. The injustice of the situation angered Bertrand who was eager to accuse the liar to the court. However, Jack decided that such publicity would do him no good and choose to keep the young man in the pit until he convinced him that another solution could be found. Slowly the men became friends. Jack was older and largely retired, while Bertrand young and eager, wanted to learn about the ways of cities and overcome his own naivety. Jack and the streets proved an able teacher. For Jack’s safety the two men moved south with Bertrand developing new skills and seeing the world. He refused to take a new commission and instead would only work for himself as an independent bounty hunter. He explored new cities with Jack and found work along the way. Bertrand developed an eye for the finer goods of the places the traveled. He was particularly fascinated by the different horses with their different strengths and weaknesses compared to those of his homeland. He also developed a passion for coffee despite its great expense. They eventually ended up in a warm coastal city, where Jack decided to stay. Bertrand enjoyed it for a while, but soon the lure of the road and the wild called to him and he said goodbye to move on. He returned to the Borderlands for a while in 1115 to take part in raids there. This time his bold style and independence were respected rather than scorned.

    The next chapter in his life would start when he met a girl. Working near Roark’s Drift he met Tessa Montaine. He found himself looking hard for work in the area to stay near her. During this time he found himself helping a wild tribe of hill men who were beset by a family of hill giants. Working with the tribal shaman’s son, a young sorcerer he eventually defeated the giants. He saved the young man’s life and in the tradition of his people he insists on serving Bertrand. The sorcerer is called Rendee tal Rendi. He even did a job for the normally reclusive Dwarves by returning a band of rampaging Orges to them for justice. This feat resulted in the awarding a fine suit of adamantine chain. Between exploits he always returned to visit Tessa. Eventually, after a long courtship punctuated by long absences Bertrand and Tessa were married. They found a long abandoned farmstead two days ride from her family at Roark’s Drift. They called the place Sweetbrook. He had developed a good reputation and many friends during his travels and his work around Roark’s Drift. He had no trouble in recruiting others to join his little settlement. Soon a watch tower and a simple log fort were built and they began to clear farmland and pastures. More buildings went up and a small community was born. The log fort was replaced by a fortified manor. Bertrand and Tessa began to settle into the life of farmers and horse breeders. While they had some success with grain, fruits and berries, the horse breeding has to date produced mixed results at best, while attempts to grow coffee in this climate were a complete disaster.

    Just when everything was as near to perfect as Bertrand could imagine, disaster struck. Soon after the fortified manor house was complete, Tessa died giving birth to their first child, Brinyn. Bertrand was devastated. He doted on his new daughter, but for him the spark had gone out of life. A barren cousin and her husband, a baker by trade, agreed to come to the farmstead and help raise the girl. With much of the parenting duties taken care of Bertrand began to turn to drink. He would spend long hours tending a rose garden around Tessa’s grave and drinking until he passed out. At first this was accepted, but as time went on with no change in sight the people became concerned. Fearing this depression would cost Bertrand his life, his cohort and his cousin worked together to convince Bertrand to pull himself together and go back to work. The little farmstead was running short of money and not yet able to feed itself. Bertrand was reluctant and only a raid on the farmstead by a roving band of wererats was able to draw Bertrand back into the saddle. Once he got moving again he began to come back to life. Slowly he sobered up and began to focus on life again. He is working and traveling again. What finally broke his depression was the need of his homeland. He returned to Highgate 1122 and joined the fighting there. He and Rendee aquited themselves well, thought Bertrand was badly wounded and took some time to recover. His daughter is now four years old and a schoolmarm was recently added to the farmstead to accommodate the education of the children there. Bertrand is currently returning from a job in the far south. It was a successful mission and he is bringing back much of the profit in the form of new breeding stock. He, Rendee, a muleskinner/groom, a man at arms and servant/cook are sailing toward home. He has been tasked by Monsignor Gorney with finding a Necromancer named Balite Dornitive. He is rumored to be in Westmarch and Bertrand has been offered a significant parcel of land adjacent to Sweetbrook and 500 gp paid in advance. Further his latest purchases of breeding stock were transported home.

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    Modjan Ravensblight
    Name: Modjan Ravensblight
    Class: Fighter
    Race: Human, Westmarch
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: NG
    Deity: Old Religion (Njord)
    Str:  20(18) +5 (XXp.) Level: 10       XP: XXXX
    Dex: 16 +3 (XXp.)     BAB: +10/+5    HP: 105 (10d10+30)
    Con: 16 +3 (XXp.)     Grapple: +10     Dmg Red: XX/XXXX
    Int: 14 +2 (XXp.)     Speed: 30'      Spell Res: XX
    Wis: 14 +2 (XXp.)     Init: +3        Spell Save: +X
    Cha: 11 +0 (XXp.)     ACP: -0         Spell Fail: XX%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +7    +x    +3    +X    +X    +1    21
    Armor:              10    +7    +3    +3    +X    +X    +1    24 (w/ shield)
    Touch: 14              Flatfooted: 18
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      7    +3          +10
    Ref:                       3    +3          +6
    Will:                      3    +2          +5
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Longspear                 +17/+12    1d8+11        20x3
          Crit                                  (1d8+11)X3 +2d10+2d8       
    Shortsword                +16/+11   1d6+10     19-20x2
    Shortbow, Comp            +14/+9     1d6+3        20x3
      Rapid Shot              +12/+12/+7   1d6+3        20x3
    Languages: Trade Language, Northern Gaullic, Old Toungue, Southern Gaullic, Northern Illum.
    Abilities: XXXX
    Feats: Simple and Martial Weapons, All Armors and Shields, Weapon Focus (longspear), Power Attack, Cleave,
     Combat Reflexes, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Weapon Specilization (longspear), Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus (shortsword), Weapon Specialization (Shortsword)
    Skill Points: 55       Max Ranks: 11/5
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Climb                      5    +4          +9 (+11 with a rope)
    Intimidate                 10   +0          +10
    Jump                      5   +4   +0     +9
    Kn: Geography      cc      5    +2          +7
    Profession (Sailor)cc      5    +2          +7
    Ride                       4    +3          +7
    Swim                       7    +4          +11
    Use Rope cc                5    +3          +8 
    Equipment:                      Cost  Weight
    Mithral breastplate  +2              8,350gp   XXlb
    Large darkwood shield +1          1,257gp   XXlb
    Darkwood Longspear +2             8,395gp   XXlb
       Shocking burst, thundering
    Shortsword +1                             2,310gp
    Shortbow Comp (Mighty+2) +1    2,525gp   XXlb
    20 arrows w/ quiver
    Gauntet's of Orge Stength         4,000gp
    Ring of Protection +1                 2,000gp
    3x Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds  900gp
    10 days of iron rations
    woolen cloak
    30 gp 
    Total Weight:XXlb      Money: 27,000gp XXsp XXcp
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:               XXX   XXX   XXX   XXX   XXX
    Age: 32
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 220lb
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blond
    Skin: Fair
    Appearance: Modjan is a large man, with the fair complexion that identifies him as a Westmarcher right away. He has broad shoulders and is heavily muscled, but walks with the lightness of a sailor. The brashness of youth has left him and his face carries a full beard. He is in the primes of manhood, the inexperiance of youth is gone, and the weight of age does not yet press upon him. Canny green eyes peer out, and can scan a field of battle in a heartbeat. Yet, once in a tavern his stern vissage is gone as if by magic, replaced with a smile as big as the sea. he loves to sit and tell and listen to stories, especially of the old gods, and of other lands. His hearty laugh is heard rooms away, but if you face him across the battlefield, few can satnd to stare at those eyes. Here is not a shieldbiter, who whips himself into a frenzy, but a calculating warrior who simple fights hard and refuses to lose.

    Background: Modjan Ravensblightwas the thrird son of a stout family of farmers that lived up the fjord from the small fishing village of Njordfath, in a northern area of the Mestmarch. Growing rye and barely, with a few sheep, goats and pigs they lived a simple life. Most of the villagers were fishermen and most boys learned to sail and haul in a net early on. Modjan helped out on his family's farm, but he always loved to go down and listen to the atories of the fishermen. He loved to hear tales of the sea, of raiding and of war. Being the third son farming wasn't going to be his future anyway. As soon as he was able he join the crew of a merchant's ship and sailed to sea. He enjoyed seeig new places and cultures and picked up a few other languages along the way. One thing that took him by surpirse was the Light and it's strength. Modjan had grown up in the old ways as the entire village had, worshipping the Gods, especially Njord who watches over all the sailors and fishermen. So Modjan had a few early learning experiances with the Light, ones he was lucky to escape with his freedom and life from. He know refers to "Saint" Njord when out of his home village. Much like the other Westmarchers, he has learned to adapt to the southern's ways, and at least speak in a manner that doesn't draw attention to his beliefs. It wasn't long though before war broke out, as it always does in the Four Lands. Modjan was aboard the merchant cutter Wave Dragon when she was made a privateer for the Marches. Being a burly lad (although at this point he was young man) from his farm days, he was assigned to the newly formed ships marines. Modjan hadn't really fought much before, just the wolves that wopuld come down during winter and the occaisonal mountain troll. But all the villagers would turn out for those. Fortunately, they did not see too much action early on and there was Olaf. Olaf was the first mate on the Dragon and had served in many wars for the Westmarch on land. He took Modjan under his wing and whipped him into fighting shape pretty quickly. Modjan was a quick learner and with his size and hearty build from the farm as well as nimble feet from years of sailing, he turned into a very adept warrior quickly.

    Modjan found the life of amarine exciting. He excelled in combat, he became skilled with many weapons and was the first over the side. The Wave Dragon was a very successful ship and won commendations among the fleet. The war did not last forever though, as thankfully they didn't. Modjan had a taste for war now though and being a simple sailor wasn't enough. He went back to the quaint village of Njorthfath for a bit. He visited his family and friends. Things didn't change in that small, remote fjord though. This time it was Modjan who was telling the stories in the tavern, small children listeing to him tell of far off lands, exciting battles and other adventures. But village life did not suit him. He thought briefly of buying a farm (he had amde a good living through spoils as a marine) and taking a wife. There were many young women who did not hide their desire who a wealthy and exciting husband. But war had bitten Modjan, and bidding his family goodbye, he set out again. This time to the army.

    War is never far away, especially in the Borderland lands. And a man who knows his way around a spear is always in demand. So Modjan found himself on patrols in the Brotherhood along the border with the northlands. He spent four long years there on the border. As much as he had learned from Olaf, it was barely enough to keep him alive here. But Modjan trusted to Njord and especially these days to Tyr and Thor. The Brotherood is a tough group, but you learn fast or you die. Modjan did learn fast and picked up many of the tricks the Brotherhood used. He emerged from the border a crafty warrior, but he had become harder as well. The border changes a man. Modjan was successful on the border. He was no noble though and would never lead and large company of men in the army, though he was put in charge of patrols often.
    But Modjan's heart was at sea. He grew up always in sight of the blue waters of the fjord and that was where Njord wanted him to be. So Modjan left the border to rejoin the marines in the next war. By the time this war ended Modjan was one of the most experianced marine in the fleet, and he often found himself training young sailors fresh off the farm. But with war ended Modjan went looking for more excitment. He wandered the southern lands for a bit, but soon found himself aboard The Retribution, sailing back towards home. Njord had always been kind toward him Modjan thought with a smile. So he stands on borad the ship, not a noble, or a commander. He is simple a warior. One of the many who have served along the borders. 10 years of nearly constant warfare have toughened him up. He is a verteran who doesn't shirk at combat, who trusts to his arm and weapon and has stared death in the eye enough to not blink anymore. Yet Modjan isn't a fool, he knows enough of war to know when to runand when to stand and fight.

    Over the course of his long years, Modjan has acquired a collection of fine weapons. Some were bought, some traded for and some taken in war or privateering.
    He was given a beautiful breastplate made of elven silver by one of the last captains he served under as captain of the marines. It was a beautiful piece of work and Modjan had an artist etch sea scenes in it along with Njord symbols. It was so light, even though it was metal that it weighed no more than the leather worn by sailors, so Modjan was safe to wear it on the ship. he renamed it Njord's Faith.

    One day while on patrol with the Brotherhood, Modjan became seperated from the rest of his group. He soon found himself wandering the Deadlands. While there he wandered into some hills, and came across a large cave. Drawn into it by a desire he did not understand, Modjan found himslef face to face with a giant. Being a follower of the Asgardians, he immediately drew his weapon. But the giant just laughed. "You have no need of those my friend" he boomed out. Modjan had found the home of the jotun druid Lurthuin. Modjan apologized, here was a preist of the old ways and, giant or no, should be respected and not attacked within his own home. For Lurthuin was a worshipper of of the Asgardians as well, and was not evil. Lurthuin gave Modjan a pair of gifts for his wisdom to not attack him. Gifts to help keep a follower of the old ways safe. He gave him a spear made from a strange ebony wood. Along with this was a shield made from the same wood with a boar on the shield. Modjan thanks the giant and took the boar as his symbol. The shield he named Boarhide and the spear he named Sky Lightning of the Allfather because Lurthuin taught him secret runes that would make the spear crackle with lightnign and boom with thunder. "The power and might of nature is within your hand now, young Modjan" said Lurthuin, "use it well and may we meet again upon the plains of Gladshiem".

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    Padraig MacOisian, Gold Dragon Shaman 5


    Here is the roll for his stats

    Character Sheet

    Dragon Shaman 4
    Lawful Good
    Str 17 (+3) (+1 at 4th)
    Dex 16 (+3)
    Con 15 (+2)
    Int 10 (+0)
    Wis 12 (+1)
    Cha 14 (+2)

    Combat Stats
    AC:19 (+6 armor, +3 dex) Touch:13 Flat-Footed:16
    HP: 50 (hit it on the First Roll, 5th level +12 )
    BAB: +3
    Initiative: +3
    Melee: MW longspear +8 (3 BAB, +3 str, +1 MW, +1 weap. foc.) 1d8+4 20/x3
    or MW cold iron Heavy Mace +7 (3 BAB, +3 str, +1 MW) 1d8+3 20/x2
    or dagger +6 (+3 BAB, +3 str) 1d4+3 19-20/x2
    Ranged: Light Crossbow +6 (3 BAB, +3 Dex) 19-20/x2

    Saving Throws
    Fort +7 (+4 Base, +3 con)
    Ref +4 (+1 Base, +3 Dex)
    Will +5 (+4 Base, +1 Wis)

    Heal +6 (2 ranks, +1 Wis, +3 skill focus)
    Intimidate +6 (4 ranks, +2 Cha)
    Knowledge (Arcana) +2 (2 ranks, +0 Int)
    Ride +5 (2 ranks, +3 Dex)
    Swim +5 (2 ranks, +3 Str)

    Feats/Class Features
    Totem Dragon--Gold (Dragon Shaman 1)
    Draconic Aura (+2) (Dragon Shaman 1, 5)
    ----Energy Shield (fire)--6 points damage to enemies who hit with melee or natural attacks
    ----Energy Resistance (fire)--15 points
    ----Vigor--3 point/round fast healing, to those under 50% of their total hp
    ----Senses--+3 to listen, spot, search and initiative
    ----Toughness--DR 3/magic
    Combat Reflexes (Human Bonus)
    Power Attack (1st level)
    Skill Focus (Heal)
    Draconic Adaptation--Water Breathing (Dragon Shaman 3)
    Weapon Focus (longspear) (3rd level)
    Breath Weapon--15' cone of fire (2d6 damage, Ref DC 15 for half) (Dragon Shaman 4)
    Draconic Resolve--immune to paralysis, sleep and dragon fear (Dragon Shaman 4)

    Masterwork Longspear (305 gp)
    Masterwork cold iron Heavy Mace (324 gp)
    Dagger (2gp)
    Light Crossbow (35 gp)
    +1 Breastplate (1350 gp)
    Least Crystal of Aquatic Action(armor) (250 gp)
    Steadfast Boots (1400 gp)
    Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (2) (600 gp)
    Oil of Magic Weapon (2) (100 gp)
    Potion of Lesser Restoration (300 gp)
    Light Warhorse (150 gp)
    Military Saddle (20 gp)
    Saddlebags (4 gp)
    Potion of Bless Weapon (100 gp)
    Potion of Bear's Endurance (300 gp)
    3 potions of Cure Light Wounds (150 gp)

    10 gp
    Ring of the Dragon Saint

    Before setting out on his journey and trial you had a dream of a golden dragon breathing fire on you. As you awoke from a searing pain in you right obserrved that a ring, glowing faintly with white heat was upon your finger. The ring is fashioned from yellow gold and has two small sapphire eyes.....feel free to make up a design for the ring if you would like......the ring confers +1 to your aura and allows you to once per day engage two auras at the same time for the number of rounds equal to your level.


    Padraig grew up in a devout family. His mother was especially devoted to the Light. She took care of the family, and she loved her husband, but she only truly came to life when she entered a church. Padraig learned to love the moments he shared with her in contemplation of the beauty of the Light.
    As he grew older, and his interests turned to martial pursuits, he found that the only way he could connect with his mother was by finding where their interests met. Thus began several years of bonding over the stories of the Dragon Saint, a gold dragon who fought on the side of the Light in the Redemption War. The stories started with his mother's recollections of sermons and history lessons, but she quickly had to supplement her memory with creativity. Over the years, Padraig began to add to the stories himself, until the version of the Dragon Saint he knew had little to do with the true wyrm. All that matters, however, is that Padraig grew to adulthood knowing that he wanted nothing more than to follow in the Dragon Saint's footsteps and bring the Light to land held by the evil humanoids.
    As soon as Padraig was old enough, he enlisted in Gwynedde's army. While some of his companions were more focused on the military skills that were being taught, Padraig found a new supply of information on his childhood hero, and he spent all of his free time learning more about the Dragon Saint, and about gold dragons in general. He yearned to have just a fraction of a dragon's powers, all so that he could use them to serve the light.
    Despite his training and desire, it wasn't until his first battle that Padraig discovered that his dreams were being answered. In the midst of the battlefield, Padraig and a small contingent of his regiment were surrounded by orcs. Padraig thought hard about the fiery strength possessed by gold dragons, and wished with all his heart that he could give some of that fearsome effect to his companions to help them keep the orcs at bay. Suddenly flames started to surround all of the Gwynedde soldiers close to Padraig, flames that didn't burn the humans, but certainly hurt the orcs as they attacked.

    Starting (4th level)=6,000
    Ogier Magi, etc.=+3,000
    Story Award (ambush & saving kids)=+500
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    ø Block Pyrex

    ø Friend+

    Aidan Bladesong, Warlock 7

    Aidan's Stats

    Name:   Aidan Bladesong
    Class:  Warlock
    Race:   Human
    Size:   Medium
    Gender: Male
    Align:  CN
    Str: 13 +1 (13r.)        Level:    7     XP: 26500
    Dex: 17 +3 (17r.)        BAB:     +5     HP: 37 (7d6+17)
    Con: 15 +2 (15r.)        Grapple: +4     
    Int: 16 +3 (16r.)        Speed:   30'    DR: 6/Cold Iron   
    Wis: 14 +2 (14r.)        Init:    +3        
    Cha: 18 +4 (17r. +1 Lvl) ACP:     -2        
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +4    +0    +3    +0    +0    +0    17
    Touch: 14              Flatfooted: 14
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      1    +2    +0     +7 (+4 from Dark One's Luck)
    Ref:                       1    +3    +0     +4
    Will:                      4    +2    +0     +6 (+3 vs Enchantment)
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical  Range
    Eldritch Blast           +8[T]      5d6         20x2  120'
    Languages: Common, Sylvan
    Feats: Fey Herigate, Fey Presence, Fey Power, Fey Skin
    Class Features: Decieve Item (Take 10 on UMD), Detect Magic, DR(2/CI), 
    Eldritch Blast (4d6)
    Skill Points: 60(60)   Max Ranks: 10
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
      Bluff                     2    +4    +6   +12
      Concentration            10    +2         +12
      Diplomacy*                4    +4    +6   +12
      Intimidate                2    +4    +6   +12
      Kn(Religion)              3    +3          +6
      Ride*                     2    +4          +6
      Sense Motive             10    +2         +12
      Spellcraft                9    +3         +12
      Spot*                    10    +2          +7
      Use Magic Device          8    +4         +12
    *Cross Class.  Half-ranks added to total bonus.
    Equipment:                         Cost  Weight
      Explorers Outfit                  0gp    0lb
      Club                                     3lb
      Chain Shirt                     100gp   25lb
      Belt of Healing                 750gp    0lb
        [ ] [ ] [ ]
      Gloves of Eldritch Admixture   2300gp    0lb
        [ ] [ ] [ ]
      Silver Bracelets[1]
      Scrolls                         225gp
        Endure Elements      x2
        Expeditious Retreat  x2
        Faerie Fire          x2
        Protection from Evil x2
        Shillelagh           x1
      Handy Haversack                2000gp    5lb
        Crowbar                         2gp    5lb
        Hammer                          5sp    2lb
        Flint & Steel                   1gp
        Piton x10                       1gp    2lb
        Rations, Trail x4               2gp    4lb
        Rope, Silk 50'                 10gp    5lb
        Winter Blanket                  5sp    3lb
    Total:                           5392gp   33lb      
    Money:                              8gp
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                 50   100   150   300   750
    One day while walking in the wilderness, you stumble across a pair of silver 
    braclets, intricatley carved with blue and green enameled knotwork. 
    The braclets fit your wrists perfectly and extend about 6 inches towards your elbow. 
    They have the following properties:
      The use of the Precise Shot for Eldritch Blast attacks.
      Increase base range of Eldritch Blast to 120'.
      Increase Eldritch Blast damage by +1d6.
    Invocations Known:
     Least: Beguiling Influence, Dark One's Luck, See the Unseen
    Lesser: Fell Flight
    Spell-like Abilities:
      Charm Monster [ ], Deep Slumber [ ], Disguise Self [ ]
    HD for Level 5 (min 70%): (1d6.minroll(4)=5)
    HD for L6 & L7 2d6=6

    Aidan's Background

    Aidan and his brother Nijel are a study in opposites.

    While Nijel took to his faith with a steadfast devotion that earned him his nickname, Aidan found their lessons stiflingly boring; preferring to spend his time outside, dragging Nijel off into the woods as often as he could get away.

    It was on one such excursion when they stumbled across the fey glade. Aidan was immediately fascinated by the circle of creatures dancing; but when he tried to sneak closer for a better look he was immediately stopped short by Nijel, who grabbed the collar of his shirt and dragged him behind a nearby oak to prevent them from being seen. In hushed tones Nijel tried to persuade him to leave but Aidan's curiosity was too great and he slipped from Nijels grip to scamper from tree to tree to try and get a closer view without being seen.

    As Aidan approached the edge of the glade, he caught a glimpse of a shimmering green and blue glyph hovering above a stone altar. All of a sudden, the creatures raised their hands and gave a great shout, and the glyph flashed in a bright green pulse.

    The next thing Aidan remembered was being jostled awake as his brother hurriedly carried him back home. Once he was steady enough to walk, Nijel herded him back home to the tune of a constant stream of "I told you so"s.

    Over the next few days it became obvious to Aidan that the viridian pulse had not left him unchanged, he could now see in the dark, and feel an underlying hum of energy from all the living creatures around him.

    While Nijel trained in the church, much to his brothers disapproval Aidan spent his time in the woods; trying to understand the power that had awakened in him. For months he searched for the glade but was unable to find it until one day when he felt a stirring of power. Following it, he did find the glade again, but by the time he arrived it was deserted. Deserted, but not empty. In the center of the glade he found a pair of silver bracers, enameled in green and blue with a pattern reminiscent of the glyph he had seen above the table. Clasping them about his wrists he immediately felt his power sharpen and focus and a brilliant emerald bolt lanced out from is outstretched hand.

    When his brother left to join the Military, Aidan felt the call of the wider world and followed him. Serving under Baron Timberhome has been an interesting experience for Aidan. While he cherishes the travel and time spent outdoors, he chafes under the authoritarian command structure. Fortunately Nijel manages to keep him out of trouble. Most of the time anyway.

    Active Effects

    Fey Heritage: +3 bonus on Will saves vs Enchantment effects.
    Fey Power: Increase DR to DR 4/Cold Iron

    Beguiling Influence: +6 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate
    Dark One's Own Luck: +4 Luck bonus on Fortitude saves
    See the Unseen: Darkvision 60' and See Invisibility
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    I Defended The Walls!

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    Alban Bastian

    Alban Bastian
    NG Male Human Cleric 1/Divine Mind 6

    Exp: 6000 base+3500 (first award on 1/11/08)+5000 (post battle 5/8/08) New total after 3/09 reboot 26500 exp

    Str 18 (+1 at 4th level)
    Dex 12
    Con 15
    Int 12
    Wis 15
    Cha 14

    Hit Points 69 (8+6d10+14) Hit Points (3d10.minroll(7)=24) hit points at 6th and 7th (2d10.minroll(7)=15, 2d10.minroll(7)=16)

    AC 21 (+10 armor+1 dex), Touch 11, Flat 20 DR 1/Bludgeoning and Slashing
    Init +1
    BAB +5, Grap +9
    Speed 20 (base 30, heavy armor) Cannot run in armor
    Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +10 (+1 all saves for saint’s finger bone) (+2 saves for divine grace)

    +10 Melee, Saint’s Kiss--MW Razor Sharp Sanctified Long Axe, 1d12+7, 20/x3 +1 damage vs evil, +1d4 vs. evil outsiders.
    +8 Melee, Morning Star, 1d8+4 20/x2
    +5 Ranged, throwing axe, 1d6+4, 20/x2, 10'r
    +5 Ranged, Javelin, 1d6+4, 20/x2, 30’

    Medium, 5'9" tall, 155 wt, 31 yrs old
    Black hair, Blue eyes, Fair skin

    Speaks common, celestial, illum, southern illuim, southern gaullic, Dashai, Orc and a little dwarven.

    +7 Autohypnosis (3) syn
    +4 Climb (0)*
    +9 Concentration (7)
    +1 Diplomacy (0)
    +8/10 Heal (5) (+2 Kit)
    +3 Knowledge (Arcana) (2)
    +7/10 Knowledge (Religion) (6) (+3 Psicrystal)
    +2 Knowledge (The Planes) (1)
    +4 Knowledge (Psionics) (3)
    +3 Profession (Soldier) (1)
    +3 Psicraft (2)
    +4/7 Ride (3) MW Military Saddle and riding straps on armor (+2 to stay in the saddle)
    +4 Spellcraft (3)
    +4 Swim (1) **
    +2/4 Listen (0) cc (+2 Psicrystal)
    +3/5 Spot (1) cc (+2 Psicrystal)
    +1 Search (0) cc
    +1 Balance (0)* cc
    +2 Survival (0) cc
    +1 Gather Information (0) cc
    +2 Sense Motive (0) cc

    *Armor check -5

    -Power Attack
    -Weapon Focus Great Axe (includes long axe)
    -Psicrystal Affinity (his crystal is a sage of religion named Maimonides)
    -Wild Talent (bonus)
    -Cleave (holiday bonus feat)
    -Psionic Weapon (6th level) Expend Psi-focus to do an extra 2d6 damage
    -Psionic Containment (bonus) Can Psi-focus crystal and then expend the extra focus

    Human Traits
    -Bonus Skills
    -Bonus Feat

    Cleric Abilities
    -Nobility Domain (Inspire allies +2 morale bonus on saves, attack, damage, ability and skill checks. Allies must hear you speak for 1 rd. Last 1 rd. per point of cha. bonus.)
    -Purification Domain (Cast all abjuration spells at +1 level)
    -Turn Undead 5/day check 1d20+2cha+2syn+2holy symbol

    Divine Mind Abilities
    -Bonus Feat
    -All armor & shields (less tower), simple & martial weapons, /w Long Axe
    -Power Points 3+3 Wis+10 earring
    -Psychic Aura 15’
    --Attack+2 moral bonus on attack and damage rolls
    --Defense +2 to AC
    --Perception +3 Initiative, Spot and Listen
    -Energy Mantle Expend focus to gain energy resistance 5 for 3+2 wis rounds
    --Deal one extra point of fire, cold or electricity damage
    -Divine Grace add Cha bonus to all saves
    -Good Mantle Expend focus to do +1d6 good damage to evil foe with melee or ranged attack, spell or power that targets one foe.
    --Aura allows allies to treat weapon as good for purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

    Psi Powers Known
    None (will gain energy ray at 5th level)
    Protection from Evil, Psionic
    Level: Good 1
    Display: Auditory and material
    Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Target: Creature touched
    Duration: 1 min/level (D)
    Saving Throw: Will Negates (harmless)
    Power Resistance: No
    Power Points: 1

    This power wards a creature from attacks by evil creatures, from mental control, and from summoned creatures. It creates a magical barrier around the subject at a distance of 1 foot. The barrier moves with the subject and has three major effects.
    First, the subject gains a +2 deflection bonus to AC and a +2 resistance bonus on saves. Both these bonuses apply against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures.
    Second, the barrier blocks any attempt to possess the warded creature (by a magic jar attack, for example) or to exercise mental control over the creature (including enchantment (charm) effects and enchantment (compulsion) effects that grant the caster ongoing control over the subject, such as dominate person). The protection does not prevent such effects from targeting the protected creature, but it suppresses the effect for the duration of the protection from evil effect. If the protection from evil effect ends before the effect granting mental control does, the would-be controller would then be able to mentally command the controlled creature.
    Likewise, the barrier keeps out a possessing life force but does not expel one if it is in place before the spell is cast. This second effect works regardless of alignment.
    Third, the power prevents bodily contact by summoned creatures. This causes the natural weapon attacks of such creatures to fail and the creatures to recoil if such
    attacks require touching the warded creature. Good summoned creatures are immune to this effect. The protection against contact by summoned creatures ends if the warded creature makes an attack against or tries to force the barrier against the blocked creature. Spell resistance can allow a creature to overcome this protection and touch the warded creature.

    Energy Ray
    Psychokinesis [see text]
    Level: Psion/wilder 1
    Display: Auditory
    Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
    Effect: Ray
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: None
    Power Resistance: Yes
    Power Points: 1
    Upon manifesting this power, you choose cold, electricity, fire, or sonic. You create a ray of energy of the chosen type that shoots forth from your fingertip and strikes a target within range, dealing 1d6 points of damage, if you succeed on a ranged touch attack with the ray.
    Cold: A ray of this energy type deals +1 point of damage per die.
    Electricity: Manifesting a ray of this energy type provides a +3 bonus on your attack roll if the target is wearing
    metal armor and a +2 bonus on manifester level checks for the purpose of overcoming power resistance.
    Fire: A ray of this energy type deals +1 point of
    damage per die.
    Sonic: A ray of this energy type deals –1 point of damage per die and ignores an object’s hardness.
    This power’s subtype is the same as the type of energy you manifest.
    Augment: For every additional
    power point you spend, this power’s
    damage increases by one die (d6).

    Cleric Spells Prepared
    0th- Detect Magic, Guidance, Mending
    1st- Bless, Protection From Evil, Nimbus of Light (D)

    +1 Dwarvencraft Reinforced Full Plate Armor /w riding straps
    Studded Leather armor
    Saint’s Kiss, MW Razor sharp Sanctified Long Axe forged with a saint’s finger bone
    Gold with Black Diamond earring grants +10 power points and 50% immunity to psionic attack
    Morning Star
    10 Javelins w/ quiver
    2 throwing axes
    Hammer, light
    2 daggers
    Earthsilk Jersey
    Explorer’s outfit
    Clerical Vestments
    Noble’s Outfit with signet and jewelry
    Light’s Heart, True Holy symbol +2 turn checks, +2 caster level fire, light and healing spells

    MW Military saddle
    Saddle Bags
    Healer’s Kit
    Scroll of cure light wounds

    Waterskin x3 (2 water, 1 wine)
    Winter Blanket
    2 person tent
    Flint & Steel
    Mess Kit
    Book of Scripture
    Trail Rations- 10 days

    Military Issue Warhorse
    Blanket, bit and bridle

    Coins- 13gp, 5sp, 6cp

    Appearance/Personality: Alban is an averaged sized man if more muscular than the norm. He wears his black hair cut short and is clean shaven. His fair skin is marked with the scars of a lifelong warrior. His blue eyes are hard from the death and destruction he has seen. His gaze is unwavering and sometimes considered arrogant by his superiors. When arrayed for battle Alban presents a fearsome sight in his reinforced suit of full plate armor. The fine dwarven craftsmanship is obvious in the dark heavy metal. The helmet is arranged in angular planes giving the armor a deliberate scowl topped with a crimson plume. His axe is also of fine make, but utilitarian in appearance with a stout red-oak haft and blued steel blade with an unusually sharp edge that shines in contrast with the darker metal of the rest of the blade. He wears a blue tabard with silver water fall above crossed staves—his family’s crest. When off duty and even while sleeping on campaign he wears a plain robe over well-broken in studded leather. He wears an outsized holy symbol of the Light in the form of a hand-sized amber crystal representing the rising sun on a dinner plate sized background of white gold. The symbol glows with and inner holy light that Alban varies from a dim glow to as bright as daylight depending on the situation. Though his own horse was slain early in the fighting, he has a particularly nice military style saddle and matching saddlebags. Other than these few items and some personal clothes for special occasions the majority of his kit is standard military issue. In spite of his hardness, Alban is always seeking to engage the people around him in candid discussion. This is partially motivated by a genuine desire to provide comfort and counsel as a priest, but in equal measure the warrior within him seeks to constantly evaluate the mental state of those around him to gage their steadfastness in time of adversity. Alban prays and meditates often and carries a book of scripture that he turns to frequently for guidance and enlightenment. He occasionally has a far away look suggesting some inner struggle or concern with some deeper mystery. He tends to see the simple actions he engages in as part of a larger holy mission. He is a difficult man to get close to, but a companion of unsurpassed loyalty and devotion to duty. His allies find him a comfort in battle his holy baring somehow adding a divine right to their on actions that sees them through the most difficult battles. He is seen as a good luck charm by some in the unit, with his presence helping those around him to rise beyond their normal skills to overcome considerable challenge.

    History/Background: Alban was born a lesser son in the minor noble house of Bastian in Stanton. His family have served the Kings of Stanton since before the founding of the light and have an ancient tradition of military service. Their land is a hard one in the foothills near the border of the Savage Mountains. The river that marks the edge of their territory powers the family mills and their tenants produce wheat and pork from the mix of rocky and swampy ground. They have always produced enough to survive, but never to amass great wealth. Bastian Hall is an ugly stark border fort on a sharp rise over looking the river. Young Alban was educated in war, languages and Psionic arts that run in his mother’s line. In the family tradition, at puberty Alban was fostered to a distant cousin of his mother, Able Standish. The Standish family in addition to possessing Psionic gifts, is deeply religious. He was raised in the Church of the Light with the three Standish sons and two daughters of Able. He choose to attend seminary with an expectation of joining a militant order, but Alban was a strong willed lad and often had questions which made his priestly tutors uncomfortable. He longed to know the deeper mysteries and history of the Church. He questioned some traditions that seemed to be followed only because they were tradition rather than from any scriptural basis. Many in the Church had little use for Alban’s strange ideas and he seemed doomed to a career in minor unimportant postings. Then during his eighteenth year he experienced a crisis of faith. Two of his foster brothers and one of his foster sisters were slain by a rampaging giant when out riding on an afternoon when Alban had chosen to stay behind to argue a minor liturgical point with church functionaries. This experience left Alban with even more questions about the value of the church and his own purpose in life as well as a hatred of giants. Alban was devastated by the loss. He brooded for days taking little food and refusing to speak. He sought to resolve his inner feelings, but was unable to turn to others. Eventually, he was sitting in one of his dead foster brother’s rooms having an internal dialogue when in an attempt to heal itself his mind fragmented. A portion of his conscious mind was transferred to the Crystal in an ancient holy symbol hanging on the wall. Maimonides the Psycrystal was formed and Alban spent three days discussing the fine points of theology with it before emerging to take up a new path. Able Standish gave Alban the old over-sized holy symbol. Alban insisted on wearing the thing about everywhere he went much to the dismay of the priests. It was much too large and in a somewhat out-moded form. Finding he no longer felt comfortable at the seminary. Alban returned home to his parents at Bastian Hall, Herold and Gwendolyn and his siblings. He took up the long axe and heavy armor long fielded by warriors of the Bastian line. His family connections two years of hard training got him a place in the elite Stanton guard. He volunteered for difficult assignments and while at best a fair warrior among the elite he none the less always seemed to be part of the most successful units. His clerical abilities further added to his utility in the forces he served with. After some years he even served in the royal household guard. Alban grew restive in the relative peace of Stanton. When the call came for forces to go to Gwynedde he was among the first to volunteer. He is still seeking and following a holy path, just not the one he first started on.
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