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    For "The Colony" -- Hennett, 12th Level Gestalt Ranger/Druid

    Hennett Gestalt Ranger/Druid. N/G. Level 12 -- XP: 66,000+5,000=71,000

    S 16, +3
    D 12, +1
    C 12+L4increase+L8increase=14. +2
    I 12, +1 Languages: Confederation (also speaks Elvish, Southern Gaulic, Trade Language see skills below)
    W16+L12increase=17, +3

    AC: 18 [10+5(+3 leather armor)+1(dex)+2(ring)]
    Flat-Footed: 17 Touch: 13

    Saving Throws: Fort:+10 [+8(class)+2(abil)]. Ref:+9 [+8(class)+1(abil)]. Will:+11 [+8(class)+3(abil)]

    HP: 85
    -48 (Sonic Blast/Rocks in city)
    -12 (battle in city) =-60 total
    +40 (cure critical) = 85-20= 65 hp

    BAB: +12/+7/+2
    Total Bonus with +4Greataxe: +12+4(magic axe)+3(str)+1(wpn foc)=+19/+14/+9 (+4.5+4 dam)
    Total Bonus with +1Composite Longbow: +12+1(magic bow)+1(dex)+2(str)+1(wpn foc)=+17/+12/+7 (+1 dam)

    Feats: Human Bonus Feat - Weapon Focus Great Axe
    1st level - Weapon Focus Composite Shortbow
    3rd level - Craft Wand
    6th level - Power Attack (subtract x from attack roll, and add 2x to damage with Greataxe)
    9th level - Mounted Combat
    12th level - Mounted Archery

    Ranger Abilities
    Combat Style (archery) (treated as having rapid shot feat)
    Animal Companion (heavy horse, "Beavis")
    Improved Combat Style (treated as having manyshot feat)
    Woodland Stride
    Swift Tracker
    Evasion (no damage on successful save vs. area attack [fireball], full damage if failed save)
    Combat Style Mastery (Improved Precise Shot feat)

    Skills (28+4 at first level, and 8 per level thereafter)
    Climb +10 (armor check) (7 ranks + 3 strength)
    Hide +10 (armor check) (9 ranks + 1 dex)
    Know. Nature +18 (15 ranks +1 int +2 Druid's Nature Sense)
    Listen +18 (15 ranks +3 wis)
    Move Silently +15 (14 ranks +1 dex)
    Search +10 (9 ranks +1 int)
    Sense Motive +11 (8 ranks +3 wis)
    Speak Elvish
    Speak Southern Gaulic
    Speak Trade Language
    Spot +18 (15ranks +3 wis)
    Survival +20 (15 ranks +3 wis +2 Druid's nature sense) (skill that covers tracking)

    Magic Items:
    +4 Great Axe (d12+4+4.5Str damage-2-hand wpn) (crit on 20, x3 dam)
    +1 Composite Shortbow (which was already a +2 str bow) (1d6+1+2Str damage)
    +3 Leather Armor (+5 total to AC)
    +2 Ring of Protection
    Wand of Pass Without Trace, CL: 11

    Wealth: Hennett retains as "spending money" 20,000 sp of the money that he had initially, and hires the brokerage services of Edarin for the investment of the remaining 230,000sp, with Edarin receiving 10% of the income earned by the investment as a broker's fee. Nightbreeze (Edarin) and JA (DM) have both approved. Hennett, as arranged by Nightbreeze now holds 200 Silver Shares and 30 Golden Shares in the "Company" (colony).

    Spells Normally Memorized:

    Ranger Spells:
    First Level: Pass Without Trace; Resist Energy
    Second Level: Protection From Energy; Protection From Energy
    Third Level: Cure Moderate Wounds; Remove Disease

    Druid Spells:
    Orisons: Detect Magic; Detect Magic; Guidance; Guidance; Guidance; Purify Food and Drink
    First Level: Cure Light Wounds; Cure Light Wounds; Cure Light Wounds; Jump; Pass Without Trace
    Second Level: Delay Poison; Delay Poison; Bull's Strength; Bull's Strength; Resist Energy
    Third Level: Neutralize Poison; Neutralize Poison; Protection From Energy; Protection From Energy; Remove Disease
    Fourth Level: Cure Serious Wounds; Flame Strike; Freedom of Movement
    Fifth Level: Cure Critical Wounds; Cure Critical Wounds; Baleful Polymorph
    Sixth Level: Cure Light Wounds, Mass; Dispel Magic, Greater
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    Ederin Scatterlight
    Human Cleric12//Druid12

    Strength        7  -2
    Dexterity      10  +0
    Constitution   11  +0
    Intelligence   18  +4
    Wisdom         22  +6
    Charisma       10  +0

    1st: Spell Focus: (evocation)
    1st: Augment Summoning
    3rd: Extend spell
    6th: Hawk's eyes
    9th: Leadership
    12th: Sudden Maximize

    Hit points: 8+11d8 = 72

    Fort: +8
    Ref: +4
    Will: +14 = +8+6

    Skill points: (8+1+3)x6+(8+1+4)x9=189
    Diplomacy:                           +26 [15 ranks, 3 item, 2 syn(bluff), 2 syn(sense motive), 2 syn(kn nobility), 2 domain]
    Bluff:                               +18 [15 ranks, 3 item]
    Sense Motive:                        +21 [15 ranks, 6 wis]
    Spot:                                +19 [13 ranks, 6 wis]
    Listen:                              +19 [13 ranks, 6 wis]
    Knowledge(Architecture&Engineering): +17 [15 ranks, 4 int]
    Knowledge(Nature):                   +19 [13 ranks, 4 int, 2 nature sense]
    Knowledge(Religion):                 +14 [10 ranks, 4 int]
    Knowledge(Ecclesiastic Law):         +14 [10 ranks, 4 int]
    Knowledge(History):                  +15 [11 ranks, 4 int]
    Knowledge(Geography):                +14 [10 ranks, 4 int]
    Knowledge(Nobility&Royalty):         + 9 [ 5 ranks, 4 int]
    Profession(Urban developer):         +19 [13 ranks, 6 wis]
    Concentration:                       +13 [13 ranks]
    Spellcraft:                          +17 [13 ranks, 4 int]
    Special Abilities

    Turn Undead 3/day
    Community domain (Complete Divine, +2 diplomacy, calm emotions 1/day)
    Travel domain (PHB, acts 12rounds/day as if under a freedom of movements spell)

    Wild empathy: 1d20+12 diplomacy checks with animals
    Nature sense: +2 to checks of Survival and Knowledge(nature)
    Spontaneous summoning
    Wild Shape 4/day (Large, Tiny, Plant
    Resist nature's lure
    Venom immunity


    druidic spells

    LVL 0:
    +Create water
    +Know direction
    LVL 1:
    +Charm animal
    +Endure elements
    +Speak with animals
    +Faerie fire
    +Hawk's eye
    LVL 2:
    +Wood shape
    +Resist energy
    +Owl's wisdom
    +Bear's endurance
    +Animal trance
    +Extended Vigor
    LVL 3:
    +Bottle of smoke
    +Plant growth
    +Diminish plants
    +Protection from energy
    +Bottle of smoke
    LVL 4:
    +Bottle of smoke [extended]
    +Flame strike
    +Flame strike
    +Vigor, mass lesser [extended]
    LVL 5:
    +Control Winds
    +Commune with nature
    +Commune with nature
    +Commune with nature
    LVL 6:
    +Antilife Shell
    +Transport via Plants
    +Fire Seeds

    clerical spells

    LVL 0:
    +Read magic
    +Detect magic
    +Detect poison
    LVL 1:
    +Divine favor
    +Protection from law
    +Protection from evil
    +Shield of faith
    +Remove fear
    +Detect evil

    LVL 2:
    +Align weapon
    +Eagle's splendor
    +Zone of truth
    +Insight of Good fortune

    +Locate object
    LVL 3:
    +Bestow curse
    +Remove curse
    +Remove Blindness/Deafness
    +Magic Vestment
    +Remove desease

    LVL 4:

    +Dimension door
    LVL 5:
    +Righteous might
    +Mark of justice
    +Spell resistance
    +True seeing

    LVL 6:
    +Wind walk

    +Rary's telepathic bond, extended


    Pariapt of Wisdom +3 9000gp
    Metamagic rod of extension, minor: 3000gp
    Portable Hole: 20000gp
    Clasp of wildlings: 4000gp (attached to an item, it allows me to gain its benefits while wildshaped)
    Circlet of persuasion: 4500gp

    Total on magic items: 40500gp
    9500 gp spent on vests, tools and books.

    15000gp kept in cash.

    Edering is a 6ft high and apparently calm and peaceful man with long black hair and brown eyes. He speaks with a perfectly controlled voice, and can use it as a tool to get any effect on his interlocutors. His words always ring true, and his calm eyes seem to pierce anyone's heart. He wears an exquisite brown robe with engraved green, silver and white decorations and little gems. He also has a feathered cap, and soft leather boots. Was he to dress something less expensive, he wouldn't seem particularly attractive, interesting or important. It would all change, of course, if one looked into his eyes, or heard him speak.

    Excerpts from the letters of Juririo Oscrenn, a noble-born cleric

    Dear Uncle,
    I was thinking about your proposition on the book trade....(cut)
    There was some new guy that arrived today. Edering Scatterlight, they call him, and he was assigned to this monastery for study and isolation. Frankly, I heard some pretty disturbing rumors: it seem that he is able to use foul and tainted magic, unblessed by the Light, may it protect us all. That is certainly impossible, because I have seen him personally bless some beggars right out of the monastery.

    Dear Uncle,
    One week has passed since that dangerous fellow, Scatterlight, came to us. And to my utter horror, I have to send you this awful message: the rumors were true!!! It seems that although he has the blessing of the Light, he has a control over the beasts and a power coming from the savage lands. It is disgusting, and made worse by the fact that he doesn't make any effort to hide this abomination: he has no problem in admitting it, casting spells, and it would seem that he doesn't understand the dreadful paradox of this situation!!! I am working hard to convince father Gilbert to send as many of the external workers away as possible...if one of them was to discover this fact, dangerous rumors would spread...

    Dear Uncle,
    Forgive me for speaking again about brother Scatterlight. It is a little bit funny for him to call him brother, and the name Scatterlight suddenly has some menacing sound in it. Since he came here, one month ago, he utterly ignored father Gilbert suggestions to hide and forget his savage powers. He retorted that he has Light's blessing, so his other powers cannot be but another effect of that. I almost chocked when I heard that blasfemy! Can you believe that? If that was to be true, it would be a short jump to the conclusion that the roaming savages and shamans to the north are blessed by the Light, too. What an heresy.

    Dear Uncle,
    Finally, I feel better and my mind is at ease. Ederin Scatterlight is still refusing to admit the heresy of his powers, but at least now he doesn't flaunt them under our eyes. He seemed to suddenly find great interest in our collection of books, and started absorbing them one after another. I can finally feel safe, and dedicate myself on impressing father Gilbert. I believe that the Light has a highest calling for me, and I am meant to do great things...but I need to hold the necessary position for that. I don't think that I fail in ambition, because it is only my call.

    Dear Uncle,
    I just got promoted!!! The Light being blessed for revealing to father Gilbert its wisdom. I am now the head librarian of the monastery. Mostly administrative duties, and certainly not the most prestigious charge, but certainly the best one. There is just...some minor draw back. Perhaps you remember that accursed heretic I wrote you about four of five years ago, named Ederin Scatterlight. He has gained some prestige among our brothers thanks to his sweet talking. They say that he has a great knowledge and thirst for further knowledge in many areas, but I don't really believe that is the case. Anyway, he gained the favor of a minor noble here around, projecting him first a fountain, and then some summer residences. Thanks to that, the count started giving him a lot of gold. Of course, as a member of this monastery, he can't hold all that gold, so he is flooding us with books bought and brought from the rest of the country, and even from the Valley. Can you believe it that no one of them regards the Holy Church, it's teachings and its law? All of them regard trees, constructions, buildings and so on. Useless stuff, but it seems that I am one of the few who didn't get enthusiast on this. I will try to hold it with every mean, and I am certain that I will manage to stop the corruption of my monastery.

    Dear Uncle,
    I feel that I am falling behind, one step after another. Although father gilbert is getting old, and I, in my wisdom and holiness, am his first counselor, Scatterlight is getting more and more powerful thanks to the favor of rich people all around: he builds for them houses, palaces, residences, fountains and so on. He is seldom seen in our monastery, and their donations (or the menace of stopping them) hold us from forcing his to stay in his cell.

    Dear Uncle,
    Light be praised!!! Father Gilbert passed out, and I am now the new Senior Father. Finally, because it was just in time to stop the madness of Edaring Scatterlight. He got a proposal from the Grand Duke of Sunbridge: the old fool noticed that heretic, and ignoring his unacceptable abilities, wanted to take him in his court. I tried to stop them, bu ultimately their money obfuscated the view of my superiors, at the Valley. I can't really see how aristocrats get so fuzzy about Scatterlight and his presumed skills. However, as a final, desperate action, I tried to expel him from our brotherhood: i didn't want him to taint the name of our monastery. Can you believe that he officially resigned of his position before I could expel him? What an arrogance!!! Anyway, I am sad to admit that he has a greater knowledge of our law than I thought, and he even managed to get away with a praise from my superiors, and an advancement. And now he roams free, rich and heretic among the faithful. I firmly believe however that he will be stricken down by the will of Light, when she deems it necessary. My task is accomplished: he is out of here now. This monastery is finally completely under my authority, to be directed as the Light wishes.


    Edarin Scatterlight was born the son of a hunter and a bard. He live his first 15 years on the borders of a forest, risen by his parents, and guided by a gentle druidess who used to hide her abilities and a blind local clergyman. When he was 15, Ethostos, the clergyman, discovered his potential for clerical career, and sent him to the nearest grand temple, to study under educated masters.

    Edarin was an extremely intelligent and wise beyond his years, but his soul was still roaming in the forests of his home. And thus he was an unruly child, often ignoring the orders of his teachers, and teasing him with his exceptional memory.

    The same day he for the first time manifested a minor curing spell upon a dying man, when his teacher was nearby and ready to intervene if necessary, he for the first time manifested a druical spell too: the first cure was unsuccessful, and the second one completed it. Tereno Ertuli, his teacher, simply lost speech, and deeply troubled, forbid him from casting spells, and spoke with his former teacher, a high prelate named Aarneviel. They came up with a solution: Edarin Scatterlight was to become a cloistered cleric, far from the eyes of the world.

    They didn't make counts with his intelligence, however: Edarin passed his first 5 years at the monastery reading history books, and came up with a conclusion: the only way from stopping humankind destroy nature in it's advance was to control and educate that advance. He manged to discover a secret and forbidden book: the diary of Geren, a traveler who visited elven lands, centuries ago. His description of elven cities flared like burning suns in the eyes of Edarin, and finally he understood what he wanted to do: become the most important and influent city planner and builder on the four lands.

    But to do that, he had to gain a name first. So he set out to help nobles, merchants and other rich man in building their homes and restructuring his cities. He manipulated both them and his fellow clergymans (even that poor fanatic, Juririon, until he found a position on the court of Sornos, Grand Duke of Sunbrige.

    That was a gym both for his social and knowledge skills, and in time, his name was know in the entire Confederated states and even the other lands.

    And thus, thanks to careful planning, persuasion and manipulation, both Church and the confederate government agreed into placing him in the ruling council of the newfound multiracial colony, on the distant land rumored to belong to the ancient Da'shais.

    The Church just wanted him out of sight and out of mind: they were extremely bothered by his existance and his prestige. Besides, his casting prowess was starting to be borderline of that of the highest and most powerful priest, and they finally had to admit that they couldn't control him. Of course, if he wanted, he could have hidden this. But Ederin knew that if they deemed him of low danger, they wouldn't have bothered to send him away. So he carefully chose to manifest a lot of high-valency clerical spells in front of some church spies.

    As for the duke of Sunbridge, he had other motives of sending him away. The Church was making haste on him to do that, but in the confederate states it had no power to force him at its bidding. However the duke of Sunbridge thought that the newfound colony would be ultimately under the control of the three states with the power of vetoe. And he was not the only duke of the Confederate States, so he wouldn't have great power. However, he know his favorite well enough and trusted him to gain a great influence in the colony. That would be his way of influencing the new colony.

    Ederin had gathered a small fortune, in the last years: because saved commissions, and percentiles on the gain of merchant outposts he projected, he had coins, precious stones and notes worth more than 15 000 gold royals. With that fortune, he intended to start financing the new colony by his own way. A new project was born in his mind...The Honorable Company of Expanse and Growth. But first, he needed to be sure that Sunbridge would grant him political and monetary support, so he headed out to speak frankly with him
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    Also reserved. (shrug, oh, well, Hennett's gone anyway)
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    Hello, all!

    I have to apologize for the slow (no) posting over the last couple of days. Had a meeting with my supervisor at work, and there are some company changes going into place I have to do a lot of thinking about to figure out if it's gonna be bad or good. Basically I'm obsessing over it to the point I can't think about much else right now.

    Bear with me - I promise I'll get back into it shortly!

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    Still have a little work to do on non-magical gear, but he is essentially complete otherwise.

    Alvar Escobedo
    Male Human Swashbuckler 12/Bard 9-Human Paragon 3 Gestalt 12th
    Alignment CN

    Str 18 +1 8th level +2 enhancement
    Dex 20 +1 4th level +2 enhancement
    Con 12
    Int 14
    Wis 12 +1 12th level
    Cha 20 +2 Human Paragon bonus

    Hit Points 10+11d10+12
    AC 23, Touch 17, Flat 16
    Init +7
    BAB +12/+7/+2, Grap +15
    Speed 30 (base 30, light armor)
    Fort +9, Ref +13, Will +9

    +1 Screaming Burst/Slow burst Rapier +17/+12/+71d6+5+1d4 sonic p or s 15-20/x2+1d8 sonic
    Two-weapon +1 Screaming Burst/Slow burst Rapier +15/+10/+51d6+5+1d4 sonic p or s 15-20/x2+1d8 sonic
    +1 Eager/Heavenly Burst Rapier +17/+12/+7 1d6+5(+2 surprise and first round) p or s 15-20/x2+3d6 to evil foes and blindness DC14 will to resist
    Two-weapon (off-hand)+1 Eager/Heavenly Burst Rapier +15/+10 1d6+3(+2 surprise and first round) p or s 15-20/x2+3d6 to evil foes and blindness DC14 will to resist
    MW Whip Dagger +17/+12/+7 1d6+4 s 19-20/x2
    Two Weapon (off-hand) MW Whip Dagger +15/+10 1d6+2 s 19-20/x2
    MW alchemical silver Warmace (two-hand only) +17/+12/+7 1d12+5 b 20x2
    MW Cold Iron Morning Star +17/+12/+7 1d8+4 p or b 20/x2

    Medium, 6'1" tall, 175wt, 30 yrs old
    Black hair, Green eyes, tan skin

    Speaks common/trade tongue, Southern Illum, Costal D’ashia, Illum, Southern Guallic, Confederation, Northern Gaullic, Imperial D’ashai.

    Appraise (2+2Int)
    Balance (2+5Dex+2syn)
    Bluff (8+5Cha)
    Climb (+4Str)
    Concentration (8+1Con)
    Craft (+2Int)
    Decipher Script (1+2Int)
    Diplomacy (5+5Cha+4syn)
    Disguise (+5Cha+2syn)
    Escape Artist (+5Dex)
    Gather Information (6+5Cha)
    Hide (+5Dex)
    Intimidate (10+5Cha+2syn)
    Jump (+4Str+2syn)
    Knowledge (arcane) (1+2Int)
    Knowledge (architecture and engineering) (1+2Int)
    Knowledge (geography) (1+1Wis)
    Knowledge (history) (5+2Int)
    Knowledge Nobility and Royalty (1+2Int)
    Knowledge Religion (1+2Int)
    Knowledge (the planes) (1+2Int)
    Listen (6+1Wis)
    Move Silently (+5Dex)
    Perform Comedy (12+5Cha)
    Perform Oratory (5+5Cha)
    Perform Guitar (2+5Cha)
    Profession Soldier (2+1Wis)
    Profession Sailor (1+1Wis)
    Ride (5+5Dex)
    Search (5+2Int)
    Sense Motive (5+1Wis)
    Slight of Hand (1+5Dex+2syn)
    Spellcraft (5+2Int)
    Swim (3+3Str)
    Spot (5+1Wis)
    Survival (1+1Wis)
    Tumble (10+5Dex)
    Use Magic Device (1+5Cha)
    Use Rope (+5Dex)

    -Two-weapon fighting
    -Oversized Two-weapon fighting
    -Weapon Finesse
    -Power Attack
    -Weapon Focus-Rapier
    -Improved Two weapon fighting
    -Improved Critical-Rapier
    -Power Critical-Rapier
    -Combat Panache (PH2)
    -Resounding Blow (BoED)

    Human Traits
    -Bonus Feat
    -Bonus Skills

    Swashbuckler Abilities
    -Proficient with all simple and martial weapons and light armor
    -Bonus Feats
    -Grace +2 to reflex saves
    -Insightful Strike add Int bonus to finessable weapon damage
    -Dodge +2
    -Acrobatic Charge Jump or Tumble over difficult terrain to charge
    -Improved Flanking +4 to hit when flanking
    -Lucky one free re-roll per day

    Human Paragon Abilities
    -All simple weapons, one martial weapon and light armor
    -Any 10 skills
    -Adaptive Learning—Intimidate
    -Bonus Feat
    -Ability Boost +2 Cha.

    Bard Abilities
    -Simple weapons plus longsword, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow and whip, light armor and shields.
    -Bardic Knowledge 9level+2Int+2syn
    -Bardic Music level x/day
    --Fascinate Will Save DC=Perform Check
    --Inspire Courage +2 moral bonus on saves vs. charm and fear attack and damage
    --Inspire Competence +2
    --Inspire Greatness
    -Spell casting

    Spells Per Day 0|4/4/4/2
    0th- Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Light, Know Direction, Mage Hand, Message
    1st- Cure Light Wounds, Feather Fall, Improvisation (sc), Iron Thunder Horn (sc)
    2nd- Invisibility, Soundburst Ray of the Python (ph2), Whirling Blade (sc)
    3rd- Charm Monster, Scrying, Sonic Shield (ph2), Good Hope
    4th- Summon Monster IV, Shout, Ruin Delvers Fortune (sc)

    +1 Mithral Breastplate of easy travel 6700 gp
    Nobles Outfit

    +1 Screaming Burst/Slow Burst Rapier 22,350 gp
    +1 Eager/Heavenly Burst Rapier 18,350 gp
    Gloves of Ogre Power and Dexterity 10000 gp
    Lyre of Building 13,000 gp

    Waterskin- water

    Coins- ??gp, ??sp, ??cp (pouch, ??wt)
    Gemname- ??gp (pouch, -wt)
    Gemname- ??gp (pouch, -wt)
    Other pouch contents (pouch, ??wt)

    Appearance/Personality: Alvar is a tall dark man of thirty years with a confident bearing and rakish charm. He wears a neat beard and mustache that like his hair are dark as coal. His flashing green eyes are intelligent and observant. While a fairly handsome man he possesses a personal magnetism that is more striking than mere appearance. Alvar often wears a knowing smile. He always has a warm smile and a hearty greeting for his friends and a derisive sneer and caustic remark for his enemies. Alvar moves with impressive grace and strength. A large signet ring is on his right hand. He wears a polished mithral breastplate over fine doublets of the best material with lace at the cuff and collar. He favors a bright red sash festooned with medals to hold the sword belt where he wears a pair of Rapiers. These are custom blades thicker at the base than usual and with an edge from mid-blade to tip on the face and a quarter edge on top leading to a razor point. He also wears a bow, warmace and whip. He seems to enjoy the sound of his own voice and often has a comment on any subject and when there is nothing to say he often sings. He derides his foes mercilessly in battle while shouting encouragement to his allies. He possesses a strong competitive spirit. Something in his demeanor suggests that he is always willing to put his ever present blades to use.

    History/Background: Alvar is of noble parents in Howece some 30 years ago. His elder brother stands to inherit most of the family holdings, but Alvar has a minor title passed down from his mother’s family. While only a small holding with modest income, Alvar has plans to advance himself with new titles and holdings in the colony.

    As a boy, Alvar was giving a good education and schooled in the arts of war. He went into the army rather than the priesthood, which were the choices offered a lesser son in his family. First, he attended a private military academy. He had the skills to do well in the army, but his strong personality and quick wit did not endear him to his superiors. After a few years his maternal uncle and his heirs were wiped out by raiders from D’Shai. The title would have fallen to his brother, but Alvar convinced his Petetro to duel for it. Alvar narrowly won the fencing match and claimed the title. At that point he left the army, but he soon found that the small holding would not be enough for so ambitious a man. At first he took to the sea in Howece and then with the Merchant Marine in Brechan. At first he was eager, but as the D’Shai Empire began to choke of the sea lanes his career came to an abrupt end. After a good performance in a couple of naval battles, Brechan backed off or stuck with large convoys. Returning to land, he joined a mercenary company and soon was commanding a unit. He went on to considerable success in the aggressive pacification of a peasant uprising in the hinterlands of Gwyneede. He gained recognition from the church, particularly missions, for help in routing out bands of unbelievers in the unclaimed lands. He fought on the fringes of several border conflicts and disputes in the south. While not always successful he did garner several accolades and his failures were never so great as to be long remembered. Alvar never hesitates to engage in a personal duel and issues challenges with a glance. He often is able to make a foe back down with a mere gaze. Despite his successes he found that his employers were loath to grant the titles and lands he sought to a mercenary commander. He has garnered several medals and official recognition as well as good pay, but no new titles. He holds the honor of ‘Blessed son of the Outreach, from the Society of the Outreach to the Unchurched, an order of Merit from the Republic and an iron eagle of Gwyneede for service to the crown, a bronze star from the Brechan Merchant Marine, and various service medals from the army of Howece among other honors. He has pressed those he has served well in both Gwyneede and the Republic to secure a place in the colony. Having worked with the Society to the Outreach of the Unchurched he has also offered to support the building of missions in the colony in exchange for their support. He wants land and titles as well as wealth from this venture.
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    Leif's new character for The Great North will go here.
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    Proposed Colony character

    Karl Arisoc
    Lawful Neutral Human Gestalt Rogue 11 / Wizard 11 (Diviner Specialist/ necromancy prohibited)
    HP 89 (min 86--53+36) HP min 70% try 1 roll #2
    +3 Dwarvencraft Keen Rapier +17/+12 d6+3 (15-20/x2+6d6 unless immune to critical hits)
    ---(ghost-touch and does +1d6 and scores critical hits against undead)
    Saves: F+9(+4+3+2)/R+13(+8+5)/W+8(+8+0)
    AC 28 (+5 Dex)(+6 Mage Armor, Greater)(+5 Spiderskin)(+2 force shield)

    11 Str +0
    20 Dex +5 (17+1+1+1)
    16 Con +3
    17 Int +3 (Languages: Confederation, Trade Language, Southern Illum, Southern Gaullic)
    11 Wis +0
    11 Cha +0

    Karl Arisoc has cast Tongues on himself using Permanency, so he can speak and understand the language of any intelligent creature. (cost 1500 XP).

    Karl is preparing to do the same with See Invisibility (1000XP) and Arcane Sight (1500XP).

    When first seen on that lonely road, Karl Arisoc, 30 years old, 6' 1", 160 lbs, was dressed as a well-to-do merchant with a pair of daggers showing the family crest and several rings, but no visible armor or other weapons. When the band of thieves attacked, Karl seemed to suddenly transform into a lightly armored, rapier-armed fighting machine. The first two thieves died quickly from rapier strikes from the deft flicks of Karl's wrists. As the next three charged from the left, ice from his hand froze them. The incantations of their leader, a sorcerer, ended with a lightning bolt jumping at Karl, but the bolt seemed to circle Karl and deflect back, leaving the sorcerer blackened and weak. Karl quickly closed with the sorcerer and ended his life. The remaining thieves fled, leaving enough booty to make the inconvenience of being "robbed" strangely worth the effort.

    The Arisoc family has always been known for their jewelry-making and their attention to presentability (which uses arcane magic). The family crest is crossed swords piercing interlinked rings, representing the marriage long ago that united two warring families. A strange symbol of the old religion sits between the blades, but most viewers think it is just frilly scrollwork to fill the space. Most details of the wizarding family (Ari-something Family)-sorcerer family (something-soc Family) feud that was ended by the marriages of the twelve are now forgotten, but loyalty to family runs extremely high for the Arisoc clan. Family lore says that at a time when the feud had caused the deaths of many on both sides, 6 cousins on each side chose to marry and take a blended name so as to so bind the families together that the fighting would have to end.

    The Arisoc family migrated from the northlands generations ago and settled in the Valley. When the great purge occurred, they fled to the border region between Kell and the Grand Dutchy of __ in the Confederated States. The Arisoc family has learned to hide well in the wizard-hating land of Kell, due to the sorcerer blood running through the family from the intermarriages long ago. Wizarding is a tightly controlled family secrets now with all members of the family being able to cast at least one cantrip, Presentability, cast by the motion from signing the Arisoc name in a stylized way taught to all children in the family. In some it is through wizardry, and in others it is through sorcerery. This cantrip is a modified version of Prestidigitation that cleans up the caster and others in his party to make them presentable to guests, customers, etc. The Arisoc family is well-known for always being presentable.

    This branch of the Arisoc family has for four generations now specialized in rings, both fine jewelry and magical. Karl is a middle child of 8 children of Lewellen and Marc Arisoc. Marc’s grandfather Yorgi mastered the art of making Rings of Spellbook Storing for the Arisoc family members, allow them to hide their spellbooks yet keep them at hand. The Ring is enchanted so that if the wearer is under enchantment or extreme duress, the spellbook cannot be summoned, for the rings act as a Mind Shield. Summoning spellsbooks from the ring requires a clear mind and free will. The rings also cast Light at will, at 1st level, and that is the ring’s stated purpose.

    The Arisoc family are jewelry merchants. Karl Arisoc has for several years been a captain in the family guard, protecting shipments and clients from all sorts of thieves. Karl is especially known for defeating undead used to waylay caravans travelling through areas of dark magic. Using his rings and his rapier, Karl has travelled to most of the lands in the known world. It has been 6 months since Karl returned home from several years of travelling and has now finally learned to make magic rings.

    The messenger arrived at the Arisoc homested right at dawn, having been riding hard all night. The presence of a member of the Arisoc family was demanded at an urgent, secret meeting.

    5 Magic Items:

    +3 Dwarvencraft Keen Rapier (+3 to hit & damage; 15-20/x2) engraved with Arisoc family crest on pommel, with attached
    Greater Truedeath Crystal (ghosttouch, crit/sneak attacks+extra 1d6 damage to undead)(21570 gp & 1693 xp / both made & rapier marked by Pandak Kaswitikan)
    Ring of Force Shield & Arming (stores armor and arms/force shield--weightless shield/+2 to AC)(8000 gp / 640 xp / made by Karl himself)
    Ring of Light & Spellbook Storing/Mind Shield (create 30' light at will/stores spellbooks/shields wearer's mind from divination)(6625 gp & 530 xp / made by Karl himself)
    Ring of Spell Battle (aware of all spells cast w/in 60', know spell? spellcraft DC15+lvl, redirect one known spell per day)(6980 gp & 480 XP / made by Karl himself with help for Spell Turning)


    1st-Weapon Finesse (use Dex for to hit for light weapons & rapier); Combat Reflexes (Karl gets up to 5 AoO per rd); Alertness (from familiar)
    3rd-Telling Blow (add sneak attack damage to critical hits)
    5th-Eschew Materials
    6th-Sneak Attack of Opportunity (1st AoO per round is a sneak attack)
    9th-Precise Strike (per round, each SA die of damage can be exchanged for a +1 to hit)
    10th-reserved until 12th (Karl has been travelling and could not learn)
    12th-Forge Ring (10th); Extra Rings (wear 4 rings)

    Rogue Special Ability: Opportunist (once per round, can make an AoO on a foe hit in melee by another)


    Skills: (8+1+3)*4+(8+1+3)*11=180
    13/Appraise (Int) 10+3 (+2 jewelry)[Magnifying glass +2 appraise][Merchant’s scale +2 appraise]
    12/Balance (Dex) 5+5 +2 (tumble)
    5/Bluff (Cha) 5+0
    0/Climb (Str) 0+0
    18/Concentration (Con) 15+3
    18/Craft Jewelry (Int) 15+3
    4/Decipher Script (Int) 1+3
    16/Diplomacy (Cha) 10+0+2 (bluff)+2kn(n&r)+2 (sense motive)
    13/Disable Device (Int) 10+3
    0/Disguise (Cha) 0+0
    5/Escape Artist (Dex) 0+5
    8/Forgery (Int) 5+3
    5/Gather Information (Cha) 5+0
    10/Hide (Dex) 5+5
    2/Intimidate (Cha) 0+0+2(bluff)
    0/Jump (Str) 0+0
    12/Knowledge (arcana) (Int) 9+3
    8/Knowledge (history) (Int) 5+3
    8/Knowledge (geography) (Int) 5+3
    8/Knowledge (nobility and royalty) 5+3
    7/Listen (Wis) 5+0+2(familiar Alertness feat)
    10/Move Silently (Dex) 5+5
    15/Open Lock (Dex) 10+5
    0/Perform (Cha)
    0/Profession (Wis)
    8/Search (Int) 5+3
    10/Sense Motive (Wis) 10+0
    12/Sleight of Hand (Dex) 5+5+2(bluff)
    20/Spellcraft (Int) 15+3+2 Kn(arcana)
    7/Spot (Wis) 5+0+2(familiar Alertness feat)
    0/Swim (Str) 0+0
    10/Tumble (Dex) 5+5
    5/Use Magic Device (Cha) 5+0
    5/Use Rope (Dex) 0+5

    Spell List:

    0:Cantrips: (10 known)(memorize 4 per day)
    Acid Splash
    Arcane Mark (Univ)
    MDiv-Detect Magic (Div)
    M-Detect Poison (Div)
    Fleeting Fame
    Mage Hand
    Read Magic (Div)
    Prestidigitation (Univ)
    M/M/M-Presentability (Univ)

    1st (10 known)(memorize 4+1 per day)
    M/MDiv-Appraising Touch (Div)
    Comprehend Languages (Div)
    Critical Strike (Div)
    M-Indentify (Div)
    M-Know Protection (Div)
    Magecraft (Div)
    Master’s Touch (Div)
    Shocking Grasp
    M-Spontaneous Search (Div)
    M-Sniper’s Shot (Div)(next ranged atk can be a sneak atk at any range)

    2nd (10 known)(memorize 4+1 per day)
    Cat’s Grace
    Detect Thoughts
    Eagle’s Splendor
    M-Familiar Pocket (Univ)
    M-Insidious Insight (Div)
    Locate Object (Div)
    Marked Man (Div)
    M-Mirror Image
    M-Phantom Foe (F:10gp pewter figure)
    M/MDiv-See Invisibility (Div)

    3rd (10 known)(memorize 4+1 per day)
    MDiv-Arcane Sight (Div)
    Dispel Magic
    Lightning Bolt
    M-Mage Armor, Greater (F:25gp tiny platinum shield)
    M-Reverse Arrow
    Steeldance (F:2 daggers)
    Tongues (Div)
    Weapon of Impact

    4th (7 known)(memorize 3 per day)
    Detect Scrying (Div)
    Fortify Familiar (Univ)
    M/MDiv-Greater Invisibility (Div)
    M-Leomund's Secure Shelter
    M-Orb of Electricity
    Scrying (Div)
    Stoneskin (M:250gp diamond)

    5th (7 known)(memorize 3 per day)
    M-Arc of Lightning
    Cone of Cold
    Major Creation
    Permanancy (Univ)(X)
    MDiv-Prying Eyes (Div)
    M-Vitriolic Sphere

    6th (4 known)(memorize 2 per day)
    MDiv-Analyze Dweomer (Div) (Focus 1500gp)
    True Seeing (Div) (M:250gp ointment)
    M-Heroism, Greater
    M-Starmantle (M:20gp pixie dust)


    Race: Rat
    Size/Type: Tiny Animal
    Hit Dice: 12 (44 hp)
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 15 ft. (3 squares), climb 15 ft., swim 15 ft.
    Armor Class: 20 (+2 size, +2 Dex, +6 nat), touch 14, flat-footed 18
    Base Attack/Grapple: +9/+4 /-12
    Attack: Bite +13 melee (1d3-4)
    Full Attack: Bite +13/+8 melee (1d3-4)
    Space/Reach: 2½ ft./0 ft.
    Special Attacks: none
    Special Qualities: Low-light vision, scent
    Saves: Fort +4, Ref +10, Will +9
    Abilities: Str 2, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 2
    Skills: Balance +10, Climb +12, Hide +16, Move Silently +10, Swim +10
    Feats: Stealthy, Weapon Finesse (bonus), Alertness (for master), Improved Evasion
    Special Abilities: Share Spells, Empathic Link, Deliver Touch Spells, Speak with master, Speak with animals of its kind, Spell Resitance (DC17)

    Rats have a +4 racial bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks, and a +8 racial bonus on Balance, Climb, and Swim checks. A rat can always choose to take 10 on Climb checks, even if rushed or threatened. A rat uses its Dexterity modifier instead of its Strength modifier for Climb and Swim checks. A rat has a +8 racial bonus on any Swim check to perform some special action or avoid a hazard. It can always choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered. It can use the run action while swimming, provided it swims in a straight line.

    equipment--not finished

    MW Studded Leather Armor (175sp)(20lbs) AB 3 Max Dex 5 ACF 15%
    MW light mace (305sp)
    MW light crossbow (sp)
    2 MW daggers with the family crest (sp)
    2 daggers
    magnifying glass (sp)
    merchant's scale (sp)
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    For the Divine Avengers campaign:

    Sir Garyd of C'ffey, Chosen of St. Krypta, Order of the Gravebane
    Lawful Good Human Male Ranger 1/Paladin 2
    XPs: 3000

    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black with gray (worn short)
    Skin: Pale

    STR: 14 [+2] (6 points)
    DEX: 15 [+2] (8 points)
    CON: 12 [+1] (4 points)
    INT: 14 [+2] (6 points)
    WIS: 12 [+1] (4 points)
    CHA: 15 [+2] (8 points)
    36 point buy

    HP: 31 (Max Hit Points: 8+10+10+3 CON)
    Armor Class: 19 (10 base + 4 armor + 2 heavy shield +2 Dex +1 Shield Specialization)
    - Flat-footed AC: 17
    - Touch AC: 15
    Initiative: +2
    BAB: +3
    - MW Longsword +6 (1d8+2/19-20)
    - Short Bow +5 (1d6/x3)

    Speed: 30' (30’ base)

    FORT: +9 (5 base + 1 con + 2 cha + 1 cloak)
    REFL: +7 (2 base + 2 dex + 2 cha + 1 cloak)
    WILL: +4 (0 base + 1 wis + 2 cha + 1 cloak)

    - Human Bonus Feat
    - Human Bonus Skill Points


    1st Level
    - Stealthy
    - Improved Shield Bash
    - Track (Ranger bonus feat)
    3rd Level
    - Shield Specialization: Heavy
    - Shield Ward (Bonus Martial Feat)


    - Handle Animal +6 (4 ranks, +2 Cha)
    - Heal +5 (4 ranks, +1 Wis)
    - Hide +8 (4 ranks, +2 Dex, +2 Feat)
    - Knowledge (Nature) +6 (4 ranks, +2 Int)
    - Knowledge (Religion) +7 (5 ranks, +2 Int)
    - Listen +5 (4 ranks, +1 Wis)
    - Move Silently +8 (4 ranks, +2 Dex, +2 Feat)
    - Ride +4 (2 ranks, +2 Dex)
    - Search +6 (4 ranks, +2 Int)
    - Sense Motive +3 (2 ranks, +1 Wis)
    - Spot +5 (4 ranks, +1 Wis)
    - Survival +5 (4 ranks, +1 Wis)
    - Swim +3 (1 ranks, +2 Str)

    - Northern Illum
    - Trade Tongue
    - Illum

    Special Abilities:

    - Favored Enemy: Undead
    - Wild Empathy
    - Aura of Good
    - Detect Evil at will
    - Smite Evil 1/day (+2 hit, +2 dmg)
    - Divine Grace
    - Lay on Hands (4hp/day)


    Armor & Shield
    - Chain Shirt, Masterwork (250 SP, 25 lbs)
    - Heavy Darkwood Shield, Masterwork (257 SP, 5 lbs) "Deadwood Shield"

    Melee weapons
    - Longsword, Masterwork (315 SP, 4 lbs) "Pax Eternum"
    - Dagger (2 SP, 1 lb)

    Ranged weapons
    - Shortbow (30 SP, 2 lbs)
    - Javelins (x5) (5 SP, 10 lbs, carried on horse)

    Other Equipment
    - Black Cloak of the Gravebane (Cloak of Resistance +1) (10 GR, 1 lb)
    - Hunter's Elixir Kit (Potions: Hide from Undead, Pass Without Trace, Protection from Evil, Remove Fear, Lesser Restoration, Shield of Faith +2) (550 SP)

    Other Goods & Gear
    - Light Horse with bit & bridle, riding saddle, and saddle bags (91 SP)
    - Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, Flint & Steel, Healer's Kit, Knight's Outfit, Trail Rations (3 days), Soap, Shovel, Waterskin, Whetstone (143 SP, carried on horse)
    - Dedicated Holy Symbol (25 SP, 1 lb)
    - Belt pouch (x2) (2 SP, 1 lb)
    - Signet Ring of the Gravebane Order (5 SP)

    Weight Carried:
    48.9 lbs (Light Encumbrance)

    Remaining money:
    33 SP

    Garyd had always been in shape from the demanding life near the Unclaimed Lands. The Order's training has brought out his full physical potential, despite his "mark." The Order has educated him and given him a confidence he had not possessed beforeas well. His pale skin is not the only indication of what happened to him as his hair has started graying. His black hair and beard is mixed with flecks of silver. He grew the beard because he looks so youthful without it.

    Garyd wears the chain shirt of the Knights of the Light and the silver-trimmed black cloak of the Gravebane Order. The skull-pommeled hilt of his longsword, Pax Eternum, is sometimes visible from the folds of the cloak. The Order's large shield appears similar to a coffin lid leading some to refer to them as "Pall Bearers."

    Garyd is still somewhat of a country bumpkin though by no means dumb. He just hasn't had a lot of exposure to the rest of the world. He is polite, respectful, and has not forgotten his peasant origins either. Sometimes he does forget his "place" as a Knight and will handle (or attempt to handle) menial tasks himself.

    However, there is obviously a shadow over him. When not engaged in conversation or a task, he seems to shut down. Some of the older or more experienced knights have commented that he already has the "Warrior's Stare."

    He doesn't like to sleep at night because he doesn't feel rested afterwards. He can never remember his dreams but knows that he had to fight for his survival in the dark. Because of that, he prefers being up all night and sleeping during the day. He never dreams if he sleeps during the daylight hours.

    He has no problem interacting with women until it appears they wish to become involved with him. He will try to immediately and politely withdraw or will simply tell them he is not interested (again, politely). He can't explain it. He just knows he feels anger starting to build inside him when it happens.

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    Thurien Hurvaal - Divine Avengers

    Name: Thurien Hurvaal
    Class: Cleric
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: NG
    Deity: Church of the Light (Saint Pelor)
    Str: 14 +2 (06p.)     Level: 3        XP: 3,000
    Dex: 10 +0 (02p.)     BAB: +2         HP: 30 (3d8+6)
    Con: 14 +2 (06p.)     Grapple: +5     Dmg Red: XX/XXXX
    Int: 10 +0 (02p.)     Speed: 20'      Spell Res: XX
    Wis: 16 +3 (10p.)     Init: +0        Spell Save: +X
    Cha: 16 +3 (10p.)     ACP: -7         Spell Fail: XX%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +9    +2    +0    +X    +X    +X    21
    Touch: 10              Flatfooted: 19
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      3    +2          +5
    Ref:                       1    +0          +1
    Will:                      3    +3          +6
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Martsan, mace of the Moon   1d8        20x2
    Morning star              +5     1d8+2      20x2
    Heavy crossbow            +2     1d10       19-20x2
    XXXX                      +X     XdXX+X     XX-XXxX
    Languages: Illum
    Abilities: Turn Undead (10/day, Turn check 1d20+5; Damage 3d6+7); Domains: Glory, Strength 
    Orisons: 4
    1st level:3+1
    2nd level:2+1
    Spell Lists
    General (default) List Remove Fear Shield Of Faith Bless Enlarge Person (D) Gentle Repose Silence Bull's Strength (D) Undead List Detect Undead Remove Fear Hide from Undead Enlarge Person (D) Gentle Repose Remove Paralysis Bless Weapon (D)
    Feats: Improved Turning, Disciple of the Sun, Extra Turning, Divine Vengance Skill Points: 18 Max Ranks: 6/3 Skills Ranks Mod Misc Total Diplomacy 2 +3 +5 Heal 5 +3 +8 Knowledge (Eccl. Law) 4 +0 +4 Knowledge (Religion) 5 +0 +5 Profession (Farmer) 2 +3 +4 Equipment: Cost Weight Marstan, Mace of the Moon MW Morning star 308sp xxlb Heavy crossbow 50sp 10 bolts 1sp Full Plate+1 101,650sp XXlb Heavy Steel Shield 20sp Silver Holy Symbol 25sp Healer's Kit 50sp Cleric's vestments 5sp Explorer's outfit free Backpack 2sp 2 flasks holy water 50sp Pearl of Power (1st lvl) 1,000 gp 2x Potions Hide from Undead 100 gp 2 x Potions Cure Light Wounds 100 gp Remove Fear Potion 50 gp Shield of Faith +2 Potion 50 gp Mahic Weapon Potion 50 gp XXXX XXgp XXlb Total Weight:XXlb Money: 12,839 sp XXsp XXcp Lgt Med Hvy Lift Push Max Weight: XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX Age: 22 Height: 6'2" Weight: 200lb Eyes: Green Hair: Blond Skin: Fair
    Appearance: Thurien is a handsome young man. Quite straping for a priest thanks to his years of farm labor. His blond hair is cut short, and his green eyes twinkle often with mischief or clarity is left to the beholder. Despite his usual garb of armor and weapons, Thurien usually has a smile on. His armor is bright and polished, decorated with motifs of the sun for Saint Pelor and the Light.

    Thurien was born the 4th son, and 6th child of Humbert and Esmerelda Hurvaal, stout farmers of the small village of Bidfell in the Valley of Light. Thurien was raised as most farm kids are, doing chores and helping on the farm. He was an outgoing child and insightful. The local preist said he would make an excellent preist, which was good since as the youngest son, the farm wasn't going to him, which left the army or the Church.

    Thurien indeed was sent off to a monestary for training as a cleric just after his 16th birthday. He liked it well enough. Farm life was actually a little tougher. But Thurien was ‘talented and obviously gifted with a close connection to the Light, but lacks the discipline required of a priest’ according to the head of the monestary, Father Jarvin. Indeed Thurien took to the lessons he like very well and became an accomplished healer, but church law, and religious history did not thrill him. He avoided learning from books as much as he could. The power that surged through him as he channeled divine energy was amazing and being able to help people where the only things that kept in him from getting kicked out of the preisthood.

    Eventually he passed his training and was assigned to a small abbey on the far west of the Valley. There he was the assistant to Father Parnik. This was what Thurien had envisioned. A small rural assignment, among farmers and farmers, healing the sick and seeing families grow and prosper in the Light. Things went well for several years. Thurien learned a great deal from Father Parnik, things that were more important than the stuff Father Jarvin taught. Like who made the best apple pie and which day to visit on, and how to decide when to use the healing power of the Light and when to simply bandage a wound and allow it to heal. Thurien grew very attached to Father Parnik and looked forward to many years there.

    One evening Thurien’s life changed forever. Father Parnik and he were out consecrating the dead. There had been a large family that became ill, and no had come for aid and so all perished. Father Parnik and Thurien has traveled for 2 days to get to the remote farm. They were consecrating the bodies and preparing them for a proper burial when the unthinkable happened. One of the bodies began to twitch. It then stood up and attacked Father Parnik. Some wretched evil had found this poor family first and defiled their corpses. Whether it was the disease itself or some vile necromancer, Thurien still to this day does not know. But the corpse attacked Father Parnik as another rose in unholy movement. Thurien stood there in his vestments, with his holy symbol and a shovel. Remembering his training (barely) from a few years ago, Thurien managed to turn the undead attacking Father Parnik. But the undead in front of him still remained. So, tears running down his face, Thurien brought he shovel down onto the zombies head, onto the face that he could still see a young girl, trapped in unholy undeath. Again and again, he beat the thing, until it no longer looked human and stopped moving. But it was too late for Father Parnik, the zombie had ripped out Father Parnik’s heart, and by extension Thurien’s. Thurien held the old priest in his arms for a long time, he then consecrated his body and buried him there near the family he died serving.

    Thurien wrote a letter to the Church explaining the heroic actions of Father Parnik and requesting a replacement. He then left the Church for some time. The Church did not know his whereabouts, until a wandering Knight of the Light found him some six months later in small cave, drawn and emaciated. Thurien was taken back to the local abbey and nursed back to health. It took a long time for his face to lose the look of horror nearly stamped upon it. He apologized for his absence but said that the experience had purged him of doubt, and the Light had shown him a new pathway. A path he was willing to go on. He swore he would not let such a tragedy occur again if he could help it. As he recovered, his eyes regained their twinkle and gleam, although now it was tempered a bit, with desire, hardened with purpose. After six long months of healing, prayer and rest, Thurien emerged with a stronger connection to the Light, but more sure of what he needed to do with it. No longer would he be content to sit in a rural abbey eating his way to retirement. He needed to be out combating evil, the corruption that was undeath.

    Armed with a new confidence he marched to the local Knights of the Light chapter house to demand membership. The fact that he was a priest if about the only thing that kept the knights from laughing outright at Thurien.

    Dejected by this refusal, Thurien still kept up his mission. And this time he was going to Lighthome. There he was confident that the Church leaders would see his new found desire and reassign him from a simple rural abbeyman to a cleric dedicated to stamping out the undead.

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    I Defended The Walls!I Defended The Walls!The Perturbed Dragon

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    Carvyn Wray - Divine Avengers

    Name: Carvyn Wray (adopted family name)
    Class: Battle Sorcerer 4
    Level: 4
    XP: 9000 / 10000
    ---3000 (starting) + 3000 (XP grant)+ 3000 (XP grant)
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Size: Medium
    Speed: 30'
    Alignment: NG
    Religion: The Light (Saint Pelor)
    +2 Str: 14 ( 6p.)
    +2 Dex: 14 ( 6p.)
    +2 Con: 14 ( 6p.)
    +0 Int: 10 ( 2p.)
    +2 Wis: 14 ( 6p.)
    +3 Cha: 17 ( 10p.) +1 4th level
    HP: 40 (3d8+6 max @3rd +10 max @4th)
    ---Currently: 40
    Init: +2
    BAB: +3
    Grapple: +5 (+3BAB+2Str+0Med)
    Dmg Red: none
    Spell Save:
    Spell Res: none
    ACP: -1
    Spell Fail: 0%
    ----------Base Armor Shld Dex Size Nat Misc Total
    Armor: 10 ------+4----- +0-- +2-- +0-- +0-- +0---- 16
    Touch: 12 ------Flatfooted: 14
    MW Chain Shirt (250sp)(25lbs)
    Base Mod Misc Total
    +3/Fort: +1(class)+2(Con)
    +5/Ref: +1(class)+2(Dex)+2(Familiar)
    +6/Will: +4(class)+2(Wis)
    Weapon Attack Damage Critical
    "Sashin, Sword of the Sun" Long Sword +5 d8+2 19-20/x2 (plus unknown magical abilities?)
    MW Long Sword (315sp) +6 d8+2 19-20/x2
    MW Javelin (x2) (602sp) +6 d6+2 20/x2
    MW Light Crossbow (335 sp) +6 d8 19-20/x2
    Languages: Illum(?)
    +2 Ref save from weasel familar
    Human L1-Divine Socerery (St. Pelor/Healing Domain/Domain healing spells & cast healing spells at +1 Level)
    L1-Eschew Materials
    L1 Sorcerer-Summon Familar
    Familiar Feat: Alertness (add to skills)
    L3-Energy Substitution (Acid)
    Bonus Divine Feat-Arcane Disciple (St. Pelor/Glory Domain spells )
    Possible Future Feats: Dodge (future?); Scribe Scroll (future?); Spell Focus (Conj)(future?); Augment Summoning (future?); Heighten Spell (future?)
    Improved Familiar (future?)
    Sorcerer Spells Known:
    Cantrips (5)
    Disrupt Undead (1d6)(Ranged Touch)(25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
    Read Magic
    Ray of Frost (1d3 RT)(25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
    Detect Magic
    1st Level (2)
    Lesser Orb of Cold (2d8 RT)(25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
    Magic Missile (1d4+1/2 levels)(100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
    2nd Level (1)
    Whirling Blade (focus on slashing weapon, attacks all opponents in 60' line using Cha bonus for 'to hit'/damage, weapon returns to hand after all attacks)
    ++ Healing Domain spells (limited to one spell [multiple castings allowed] per day)
    1st Cure Light Wounds (cures 1d8+5)
    2nd Cure Moderate Wounds (cures 2d8+5)
    ++ Glory Domain spells (limited to 4 castings per day)
    1st Disrupt Undead (1d6)(RT)(25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
    2nd Bless Weapon (1min/lvl)("good" weapon, crits auto-confirmed v. evil creatures)
    Cast 5 Cantrips, 5 1st level, and 2 2nd level spells per day,
    -------plus 1 1st level and 1 2nd level for high Charisma.
    Skill Points: 21 Max Ranks: 7/3
    +3/Bluff (Cha) 0 +3 +0
    +6/Concentration (Con) 4 +2 +0 (+2 4th level)
    +0/Craft (Int)
    +3/Intimidate (Cha) 0 +3 +0
    +5/Knowledge (arcana) (Int) 5 +0 +0
    +3/Knowledge (religion) (Int) 3 +0 +0
    +2/Knowledge (Eccesiastical Law) 2 +0 +0
    +4/Listen (Wis) 0 +2 + 2 (ALERTNESS from familar) untrained
    +3/Profession (Farmer)(Wis) 1 +2 +0
    +6/Spellcraft (Int) 6 +0 +0 (+1 4th level)
    +4/Spot (Wis) 0 +2 +2 (ALERTNESS from familar) untrained
    Equipment: Cost Weight
    - Amulet of Retributive Healing 2000 gp (MIC p. 69) (3x/day heals caster same as another healed)
    - Explorer's outfit (8sp, worn)
    - Clerical Robes ()
    - Backpack (2sp, 2lb)
    ----- Bedroll (1sp, 5lb)
    ----- Trail rations, 5 days (25sp, 5lb)
    ----- 2 sacks (2cp, 1lb)
    ----- Whetstone (2cp, 1lb)
    - Beltpouch (1sp, 0.5lb)
    ----- Flint & steel (1sp, -)
    ----- Flask, water (3cp, 1.5lb)
    ----- Flask, whisky (1sp, 1.5 lb)
    - Waterskin (1sp, 4lb)
    - Silver Holy Symbol 25sp
    - 4 flasks holy water 100sp
    - 2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds 100 gp
    - Potion of Magic Weapon 50 gp
    GP: 10, SP 25, CP 20,
    Weasel named "Static"
    Size/Type: Tiny Animal
    Hit Dice: 3
    Hit Points: 15
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares), climb 20 ft.
    Armor Class: 16 (+2 size, +2 Dex, +2 natural armor), touch 14, flat-footed 14
    Base Attack/Grapple: +2/-10
    Attack: Bite +6 melee (1d3-4)
    Full Attack: Bite +6 melee (1d3-4)
    Space/Reach: 2½ ft./0 ft.
    Special Attacks: Attach
    Special Qualities: Low-light vision, scent
    Saves: Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +4
    Abilities: Str 3, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 7, Wis 12, Cha 5
    Skills: Balance +12, Climb +10 (can take 10 anytime), Escape Artist +4,
    Hide +11, Move Silently +8, Spot +3
    Feats: Agile, Weapon Finesse
    Total Weight:0lb
    Money: 0 gp 2,700gp left
    Max Weight: <58 59-116 117-175 //
    Age: 22
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 205 lbs
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Hair: Curly Brown going prematurely gray
    Skin: Lightly Tanned

    Carvyn is the bastard son of a nobleman, who could never admit the lineage but still wanted to look after him. Carvyn was adopted by the Wray farming family, where the father was a veteran. The veteran taught him to use a long sword and wear light armor to protect the homestead, so when his sorcerer abilities manifested themselves, he had too much martial training to be a standard sorcerer. His noble (biological) father had enough pull to get the attention of a preceptor of one of the militant orders [one of the 5—which one?] who realized the value of having a battle sorcerer work in the church of the Light.

    He has been trained in socerery by a small group that works for the Primate. While training, he also took vows of service to St. Pelor, who granted him some domain access. The preceptor had him trained in the ways of the Light along with more work with the long sword for when he needed to be hidden with other solders. Carvyn wears a chain shirt, throws the javelin, and uses a light crossbow.
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