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    Tessaryl Varequin of Westridge (Tessa)
    Female human Cleric 5/Flame of Khyber 1
    CG medium human
    Init +1; Senses: Listen +3 Spot +3
    Languages Common, Draconic, Celestial
    AP 8 (at level 6)
    AC 19, touch 11, flat-footed 18; +5 armor, +3shield, +1 Dex
    HP 35 (5d8 +1d6 +6);
    Immunities: Taint
    Resistances: n/a
    Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +7;

    Speed 30 ft. (Light load to 43 lbs)
    +1 Silver morningstar +5 (1d8+1/piercing + bludgeoning)
    MW light crossbow +5 (1d8+0/19-20, x2; piercing, with a variety of ammunition)
    or cold iron light mace +4 (1d6+1 bludgeoning), or dagger +4 (1d4+1/19-20, x2; piercing or slashing)
    Attack options: Flame lash, +4 touch, range 15’, 1d8 fire

    Special Actions: turn undead or water-based creatures (4x/day, 1d20 +3 check; 2d6+6 turning damage)
    Base Atk +3; Grp +4

    Combat Gear: Potion of Bulls Strength (CL 3, x2), alchemical sun flasks (x2), Wand of CLW (CL 1; 50 charges)

    Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 5th, +4 ranged touch, +4 melee touch):
    >3rd (2+1, DC 16): Dispel magic (D), prayer, remove disease
    >2nd (3+1, DC 15): Produce flame (D), Remove paralysis, Restoration (lesser), Restoration (lesser)
    > 1st- (DC 14) Burning hands (D), Endure elements, Nimbus of light (C Div), Nimbus of light, Remove fear
    >0th (5, DC 13): Guidance, Guidance, Light, Light, Purify food and drink

    D: Domain spell. Domains: Fire, Magic

    Spell-like Abilities (CL 6th, +4 ranged touch, +4 melee touch):
    > 2/day—Produce flame
    > 2/day- Scorching ray

    Abilities Str 12, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 14 Wis 17, Cha 12
    SQ: Positive energy channeling (spontaneous healing, turn undead); Turn or destroy water-based creatures (as turn undead ability)(Fire domain power); Use scrolls, wands, and other devices with spell completion or spell trigger activation as Wizard level 2 (magic domain power)

    Feats: Education (Ecs), Aberrant dragonmark (Produce flame), Pure Soul (HoH), Lesser aberrant dragonmark (Scorching ray),

    Skills: -Concentration +10 (9 ranks)
    -Craft (alchemy) +3 (1 rank)
    -Heal +11 (+13 with kit)(8 ranks)
    -Knowledge: Arcana +11 (8 ranks)
    -Knowledge: Geography +3 (1 rank)
    -Knowledge: History +3 (1 rank)
    -Knowledge: Religion +11 (8 ranks)
    -Knowledge: The planes +3 (1 rank)
    -Spellcraft +12 (8 ranks)

    Possessions combat gear (1450 gp; 6 lbs) plus:
    -Mithril shirt +1 (2100 gp; 10 lbs); Darkwood (heavy) shield +1 (1258 gp; 5 lbs, consecrated, doubles as wooden holy symbol); Silver Morningstar +1 (2398 gp; 6 lbs); Hewards handy haversack (2000 gp; 5 lbs); Ring of sustenance (2500 gp; 0 lbs); Everbright lantern (212 gp; 3 lbs); MW light crossbow (335 gp; 4 lbs); alchemical flare bolts (x10; 150 gp; 1 lb)*; cold iron bolts (x20; 4 gp; 2 lbs)*; bolts (x40; 4 gp; 4 lbs)*; alchemical silver bolts (x10; 3 gp; 1 lb)*; cold iron light mace (10 gp; 4 lbs)*; dagger (x2; 4 gp; 2 lbs)(1*); holy water (x4; 100 gp; 2 lbs)(2*); Silver holy symbol (x2; 50 gp; 2 lbs)(1*); Healer’s kit (x2, 20 uses; 100 gp; 2 lbs)*; spell component pouch (5 gp; 2 lbs); darkweave explorers outfit (x2; 220 gp; 2x8 lbs)*; clerics vestments (5 gp; 6 lbs)*; travelers outfit (x2; 2 gp; 2x5lbs)*; bedroll (1 sp; 5 lbs)*; belt pouch (1 gp; 0.5 lbs); flint and steel (1 gp; 0 lbs); signal whistle (8sp; 0 lbs); scroll case (x2; 2 gp; 1 lb)*; small steel mirror (10 gp; 0.5 lbs)*; water skins (x2- 1 full and 1 empty; 2 gp; 5 lbs)*; identification papers (standard; 2 gp; 0 lbs)
    -1 sp, 71 gp cash (13000 gp total at level 6)
    (*) items are usually in the haversack

    Group gear added 7/9/07 (will clean up placement later): Crossbow bolts (10), silver crossbow bolts (10), scroll- (lesser restoration), scroll- (1st; endure elements, comprehend languages), scroll- (3rd; lesser restoration, augury, gentle repose, zone of truth), scroll- (3rd; healing lorecall, divine insight, dark way), scroll- (6th; find traps, spiritual weapon, water breathing), scroll- (5th; remove disease, invisibility purge, locate object, remove curse)


    Appearance: Tessa is, for the most part, a rather unremarkable-looking young woman; only a cheerful smile and a clever sparkle in her eyes saves her from being as plain as thousands of shop girls or farmer’s daughters across the land. She is just under average height and about average weight- about 5’4” and 130 lbs. She has dark brown hair (usually pulled back in a single no-nonsense braid just past shoulder length) and muddy brown eyes. She tends to dress in a simple, almost severe fashion- the only adornment she displays is her holy symbol. Her aberrant dragonmark first formed on the upper left part of her back, and it has recently spread to the shoulder on that side as well- she is careful to keep that area covered as much as possible.

    Background: Tessa was born in the rural western frontier of Breland (what is now Droaam). She was orphaned during the war, when the humanoid raiders conquered that region. Along with many other war orphans, she was sent to live in a former monastery of the Sovereign Host that had been converted to help provide a home for the dispossessed children. While many of her compatriots were often shuttled out to work in the fields of the nearby farming villages, Tessa's relative frailty and keen mind were taken into account and she was given more formal instruction. In past days the monastery had been famous for its library, and Tessa was able to learn a great deal about many subjects. She was a quick study, and the priests who ran the place soon decided that she had the makings of a priestess. In those desperate days near the end of the war, there was a great demand for new clergy, especially those gifted at healing. Tessa completed her studies quite quickly, and over the objections of her mentors she was dispatched to help heal Breland's wounded troops. While she did not fight in any battles, Tessa quickly became all too familiar with the horrors of war. Even before she completed her formal investiture, she could channel the simplest healing magics to augment her more mundane medical skills. What only she realized was that the traumatic events she had seen had awakened another force within her as well- she often dreamed of fire, and she had more than natural ability with that element as well. She had studied magics beyond those of the clergy, and she was more than a bit worried about what those signs might mean- but the church needed her, and her nation needed her. With a kind heart and strong will, she believed she could resist the lure of the fire within, and so she finished her studies and was installed as a full priestess of the Sovereign Host. It was on that very night, flushed with accomplishment and excitement, and still shocked at the powers of holy magic she had encountered, that Tessa first noticed a small mark on her shoulder, a patch of skin that seemed oddly burnt. Her healer's training told her this was no natural injury. Within the space of a week, it had blossomed into a mark that could be only one thing- the mark of an abomination, an aberrant dragonmark.

    Tessa bore that mark as she began the life of a priestess, traveling from temple to temple as the church directed. She preferred that roving life- it kept her from those who might grow suspicious. Years passed, and Tessa grew from a raw youth into a confident young woman. She traveled under the banner of her church through many lands, and she found respect for her scholarship, and for her growing talents as a healer and priestess. She even learned the basics of combat, and fought both beasts and bandits. But the powers of fire remained close at hand, and she studied many arcane secrets in an effort to master those destructive energies. For the most part she was successful, but sometimes, in the stress of combat or emotion, the fire escaped her mental leash- and the worst part was that she could not deny the visceral rush she felt as those fires surged within her. So at a time when many other priestesses of her rank were settling into permanent temples of their own, Tessa continued to wander, farther and farther from home. In time, she began to neglect the constant work of an itinerant healer-priestess, and finally began to accept the dark side of her gifts- instead of trying to deny the fire completely, she finally began to learn how to truly channel it, to make its powers truly her own, so that she might better serve her faith in the long run. That journey has taken her far from Breland, though, and she joined a small caravan headed to parts unknown. For the first part of the journey, she kept her own counsel, tending the healing needs of the caravaneers and avoiding the powerful adventurers who accompanied the troupe. It was only as they arrived in a truly strange and seemingly Host-forsaken land that she realized she had to do more, she had to step up and offer her assistance…

    Primary Role/Distinguishing Abilities: Primary healer, support level combatant, knowledge skill support

    Quirks: For the most part, Tessa tends to think of herself (and to present herself) as a gifted healer and a dabbler in scholarly issues. She enjoys reading, on a variety of topics, but she hasn’t really had the time to become a true academic expert on most subjects (except for her magical studies)- as interesting as such topics might be. New tidbits of knowledge, especially regarding arcane matters, are always of interest to her.

    Tessa really wants to be good, and for the most part she is- she enjoys helping people, and gets tremendous satisfaction from her healing gifts, both mundane and magical. She also has a strong sense of faith, and a deep belief in the strength of the Sovereign Host. But another power dwells within her, and when it surges forth, she can do little to contain it- and to her chagrin, the truth is that she doesn’t want to… Inside her heart and her soul is the power of Fire, elemental and uncontrolled- it suffuses the very essence of her being, placing its mark even on the channels of her divine faith. She tries very hard to keep that fire in check, and she is sometimes reluctant to bring such powers into play- but once she calls upon them, they are hard to resist.

    Prestige class write-up:

    Flame of Khyber
    Prereqs: Concentration 8 ranks, Craft (alchemy) 1 rank, Knowledge (arcana) 2 ranks; Aberrant Dragonmark (burning hands or produce flame), Must have set a fire just to watch it burn.

    The Flame of Khyber class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (any) (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), and Spellcraft (Int).

    All the abilities would be the same (as the Pyrokineticist PrC) save for Firewalk and Heat Death except they are Spell-like where appropriate.


    L1->Cleric 1 HP: 9 (1d8+1) SP: +20 (2+2+1= 5x4)
    (Skills: Concentration 4, Craft-alchemy 1, Heal 4, Knowledge- arcane 4, Knowledge-geography 1, Knowledge-history 1, Knowledge-religion 2, Knowledge-the planes 1, Spellcraft 2)
    Abilities: Str 12 (4 pts), Dex 12 (4 pts), Con 12 (4 pts), Int 14 (6 pts), Wis 16 (10 pts), Cha 12 (4 pts)
    Feats: Aberrant dragonmark (Produce flame); Education (racial bonus feat, gives +1 to Knowledge- arcane and religion)

    L2->Cleric 2; HP +4+1;
    L3->Cleric 3; HP +5+1; feat: pure soul (HoH);
    L4->Cleric 4; HP +4+1; WIS +1 (17);
    L5->Cleric 5; HP +4+1; Skills +5 (Concentration +1, Heal +1, Spellcraft +1, Knowledge-arcana +1, Knowledge-religion +1)

    L6->Flame of Khyber 1; HP +3+1; feat: lesser aberrant dragonmark; Skills +5 (Concentration +1, Knowledge: arcane +1, Knowledge: religion+1, Spellcraft +2);
    Last edited by pathfinderq1; Wednesday, 19th September, 2007 at 11:00 PM. Reason: group gear added

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