3.5 Psychonomicon: The Vault of Hidden 3.X Psionic PrCls, Feats & Powers
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    Psychonomicon: The Vault of Hidden 3.X Psionic PrCls, Feats & Powers

    I was cleaning up my e-mails and found a fragment of something that was lost in the "Great Server Kerfluffle" earlier this year!

    I have reprinted the text of my initial post, and hope we can rebuild this thread for the good of everyone at Enworld

    I like Psionics, but I find it annoying that even with the current support, there are some PrCls that are scattered about that many people might not be aware of.

    We all know about the ones in the XPH & Complete Psionics, and most of us know about Hyperconscious. This thread is for the ones that some people don't know about or just gloss over because they're not in the Psionic books, and it has to be a true Psionic PrCl, not just one that a psioinic PC can qualify for (like a Kensai or Ghost-Faced Killer).

    Thus, I'm starting this thread to archive the locations of these PrCls that are tucked away in various locations so we can ALL find them. Just post the name of the PrCl, a brief description, and the location of its most up-to-date version (to the best of your knowledge).

    I'll start with what I know:

    Cognition Thief: A psychic spy. Player's Guide to Faerun, P174.

    Quori Mindhunter: they hunt Quori like Van Helsing hunts undead. Magic of Eberron, p77.

    Shadowmind: psychic ninjas. Complete Adventurer, p74.

    Sanctified Mind: a class for divine spellcasters or psionic manifesters with a warrior mindset, they hunt down psionic aberrations like Paladins hunt undead. Lords of Madness, p198.

    Pyrokineticist (Variants): variations of the original distinguished by energy type. The Mind's Eye: Variant Pyrokineticist Prestige Class (v.3.5)

    Soul Manifester: the Incarnum-based equivalent to the Cerebromancer. The Mind's Eye: Psionics of Incarnum

    Percipient: grows a third eye with mystic powers- kind of a twisted monk/Soulknife. The Mind's Eye: The Percipient (Prestige Class)

    Meditant: masters of mind over body. The Mind's Eye: Meditant - Prestige Class (v.3.5)

    Planar Vanguard: psionic Heirophant. The Mind's Eye: Planar Vanguard (Prestige Class)

    Chosen of Sardior: a 3 level divinely oriented, church specific PrCl. The Mind's Eye: Chosen of Sardior (Prestige Class)

    Psychic Theurge: equivalent to Mystic Theurge. The Mind's Eye: Psychic Theurge (Prestige Class)

    Psychic Leech: a living psychic vampire. The Mind's Eye: The Body Leech (Prestige Class)

    Psychic Assassin: just what it says. The Mind's Eye: Psychic Assassin (Prestige Class)

    Psychic Weapons Master: a psychic Kensai. The Mind's Eye: Psychic Weapon Master - Prestige Class (v.3.5)

    Sangehirn: psychic healers. The Mind's Eye: Sangehirn Prestige Class (v.3.5)

    Crystal Master: the ultimate fusion of man & mineral! The Mind's Eye: Crystal Master Prestige Class (v.3.5)

    Constructor: master of Astral Constructs. The Mind's Eye: Constructor Prestige Class (v.3.5)
    In addition, there are several sidenotes that indicate that a certain arcane PrCl may be used, slightly altered, as psionic ones, like how the Spellthief PrCl may become the PsiThief.

    Psychic Rogue: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/psm/20040723b

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