Homebrew Thunder Rift!?
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Thread: Thunder Rift!?

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    Thunder Rift!?

    Anyone remember the old Thunder Rift setting? Supposedly is was the main setting of Basic D&D, or so it says. Just wondering if anyone has converted it to 3e and any of the adventures as well?

    Knights of the Newts
    Rage of the Rakasta
    The Haunted Tower boxset
    the Dragons Den boxset
    Quest for the Silver Sword
    In The Phantom's Wake
    Assualt on Raven's Ruin
    Sword and Shield
    and the boxset centered around orcs or goblins?

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    So noone remembers the setting or just don't know what Im talking about?

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    I haven't seen any conversions of these yet. BTW, I actually ran Knight of Newts several years ago. It was simple, but fun

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