The Omega Briefing?
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    The Omega Briefing?

    Adamant was releasing the Omega Briefing which contain stuff for d20 modern and Spycraft 2.0 (stuff was going to be dual statted). Any word on it's release?

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    First issue will be out this month. We've been hit with some delays, but hope to get back on track once the matter has cleared.

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    Omega Briefing

    Greetings Mr Skarka. I was wondering if you could give us any further word on the progress for your first issue of the Omega Briefing. In general I am looking forward to seeing what your ezine has to offer, and specifically I have a level 5 martial artist 300xp from level 6 with a game tomorrow ;-). Thanks either way, and good luck.

    -Devon Johnson

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    GMS has recently posted that he has been diagnosed with skin cancer and will, of course, be concentrating on getting fit and well. Expect an update sometime in February.

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    Damn. Good luck with that, GMS. As a cancer survivor myself: they can do miracles these days.


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    Best of luck to you Mr. Skarka. Heal well and quickly.

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