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    Shattered Sea Chronicles Rogues Gallery

    For the Shattered Sea Chronicles PbP campaign

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    He is of average height and weight with deep hazel eyes and bald.
    He is often clad in loose fitting travel robes with his light crossbow strung
    across his back. The bolts for his practically unused weapon hang freely on his
    waist, tucked well behind his robes. Though he convincingly gives the
    appearance of an arcane wielder he is truly anything but.
    Besides being with no hair Pauli looks like just like any ordinary
    human, however it is his mannerisms that give him away. He once was a human,
    though he has no memory of his past life. At the age of 14 he was found on
    the door steps of the Academy unconscious and with no memory of how he got
    there or who he was. Being standard policy within the Academy the school
    tenderly took him as one of there own even though the Academy’s Scholars
    debated the wisdom of that decision for many months. For it is highly unlike
    the Elan’s to abandon one of their kind like this plus given the highly
    rigorous trails of becoming an Elan it is even rare to find one of such a
    young age. None the less Pauli was taken in by the Academy Administration
    where eventually he was accept and tutored in ‘The Way’.
    Name: Pauli
    Class: Psion 3 (Kineticists)  Age: ??
    Race: Elan               Height: 5' 10"
    Size: Medium  	         Weight: 150 lbs
    Gender: Male             Eyes: Bright Green
    Alignment: Nuetral Good  Hair: Long & Black
    Deity:                   Skin: Weathered 
    Class & Racial Traits:
    Elan                   Psion & Character
    Type: Aberration       Displine: Kineticists
    Natural Psionic: +2PP  Extra Feats: 1
    Resistance: +4/round   Feats: 2
    Resiliece: 2 damage / 1 PP
    Repletion: 1PP/24hrs
    Str:  8 (-1)  Level: 3    XP:  3200
    Dex: 14 (+2)  BAB: +1     HP:  16/16 (3d4+2)
    Con: 14 (+2)  Grapple: -1 Dmg Red: -/-
    Int: 16 (+3)  Speed: 30'  Spell Res: -
    Wis: 12 (+1)  Init: +2    Spell Save: - 
    Cha: 10 (+0)  ACP: 0      Spell Fail: 0%				
           Base Armor Shld Dex Size Nat Misc Total
    Armor:  10   +2   (+4)  +2  +0   +0  +1   15 (19)
    Touch:  12   Flat-Footed: 12
          Base Mod Misc Total
    Fort:  1    +2  +0   +3
    Ref:   1    +2  +0   +3
    Will:  3    +1  +0   +4
    Armor     Bonus Dex ACP ASF  Weight Cost
    Leather    +2    +6  0  10%  15lbs  10gp
    Weapon           Attack Damage  Critical  Range  Weight Cost 
    L. Crossbow, MW    +4    1d8    19-20/x2   80ft   4lbs   2gp
    Equipment Cost / Weight
    Explorers outfit           (-gp / 0 lbs)
    Bolts (60)                 (6gp / 6 lbs)
    Flint & Steel              (1gp / 0 lbs)
    Belt Pouch                 (1gp / 0 lbs)
    Rations x3                 (1gp / 1 lbs)
    Sunrods x2                 (4gp / 2 lbs)
    Waterskin x1               (1gp / 3 lbs)
    Ring of Protection +1      (-gp / 3 lbs)
    Total Gold Spent: 1532.94gp
    Total Gold Remaining: 
    Current Capacity: Light (26) 
    Carry Capacity: Light: 0-26 Med.: 27-53 Heavy: 54-80 
    Lift: 160 Drag: 400
    Languages: Common, Orc, Dwarven, Elven
    Feats: (3)
    Overchannel, Talented, Privledge Energy (Electric)
    Skill Points: 25 Max Ranks: 6/3
    Skills                Abil Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Autohypnosis          Wis    6    +1   +2   9 [Synergy: Concentration]
    Appraise              Int    0    +3        3
    Balance               Dex    0    +2        2
    Bluff                 Cha    0    +0        0
    Climb                 Str    0    -1       -1
    Concentration         Con    6    +1        7
    Craft                 Int    0    +3        3
    Decipher Script       Int    0    +3        3
    Diplomacy             Cha    0    +0        0
    Disable Device        Dex    0    +2        2
    Disguise              Cha    0    +0        0
    Escape Artist         Dex    0    +2        2
    Forgery               Int    0    +3        3
    Gather Information    Cha    0    +0        0
    Handle Animal         Cha    0    +0        0
    Heal                  Wis    0    +1        1
    Hide                  Dex    0    +2        2
    Intimidate            Cha    0    +0        0
    Jump                  Str    0    -1       -1
    Knowledge (Psionic)   Int    6    +3   +2  11 [Synergy: Autohypnosis]
    Listen                Wis    0    +1        1
    Move Silently         Dex    0    +2        2
    Open Lock             Dex    0    +2        2
    Perform               Cha    0    +0        0
    Profession            Wis    0    +1        1
    Ride                  Dex    0    +2        2
    Search                Int    0    +3        3
    Sense Motive          Wis    0    +1        1
    Sleight of Hand       Dex    0    +2        2
    Psicraft              Int    6    +3   +2  11 [Synergy: Use Ps. Device]
    Spot                  Wis    0    +1        1
    Survival              Wis    0    +1        1
    Swim                  Str    0    -1       -1
    Tumble                Dex    0    +2        2
    Use Psionic Device    Cha    6    +0   +2   9 [Synergy: Knowledge]
    Use Rope              Dex    0    +2        2
    Total Power Points: 17 // Manifester Level: 3 (4 If Overchanneled)
    Base DC: 13 + Power Level // Bonus Power Points: +6 
    1 Level (5)      2 Level (2)
    Energy Ray       Energy Missle
    Force Screen     Crystalstorm
    Mind Thrust      
    Entangle Ecto.   
    Detect Psionics
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    Nicklas "Redbeard" Norstrom

    “Redbeard” Norstrom
    Druid 3
    XP: 250

    Str 10 (+0)
    Dex 12 (+1)
    Con 14 (+2)
    Int 14 (+2)
    Wis 16 (+3)
    Cha 8 (-1)

    Size: Medium
    HP: 23
    BAB: +2
    Init: +1
    Move: 20’ (medium load, 64/66, -3acp)

    AC: 16 (+2 armor, +2 shield, +1 Dex, +1 NA)
    Fortitude: +5
    Reflex: +2
    Will: +6

    Melee: +2 Scimitar, 1d6, 18-20/x2, 4lb
    Melee: +2 Club, 1d6, 20/x2, 10’, 3lb
    Melee: +3 MW Dagger, 1d4, 19-20x2, 1lb
    Ranged: +4 MW Dagger, 1d4, 19-20x2, 1lb
    Ranged: +3 Shortspear, 1d6, 20/x2, 20’, 3lb

    Spell Focus(conjuration)
    Augment Summoning

    Skills (bonus/ranks):
    Concentration (+8/6)
    Handle Animal (+9/6)
    Knowledge(Nature) (+9/5)
    Listen (+9/6)
    Spellcraft (+6/4)
    Spot (+9/6)
    Survival (+11/6)
    Swim (+4/2)
    Profession(Cook) (+5/2)
    Profession (Sailor) (+5/2)

    Languages Known:

    Class Features:
    Animal Companion
    Nature Sense (+2 on Knowledge(nature) and survival checks, included)
    Wild Empathy (Adjust attitude of animal +2, like diplomacy)
    Woodland Stride (may move through natural undergrowth at full speed without damage)
    Trackless step (may not be tracked in a natural setting, can be choose to leave tracks)


    Medium Animal
    HD: 4d8+8(26hp)
    Init: +3
    Speed: 40ft
    AC: 21 (+2 Armor, +3 dex, +6natural), Touch: 13, FF: 18
    BAB/Grapple: 3/+6
    Attack: Bite +6 melee (1d6+4)
    Special Attacks: Trip
    Special Qualities: Low-light vision, Scent, Link, Share spells, Evasion
    Saves: F: +6 R: +7 W: +2
    Abilities: Str: 16, Dex: 16, Con: 15, Int: 2, Wis: 12, Chr: 6
    Skills: Jump: +9, Listen: +6, Spot: +6, Swim: +3, Survival: +1*
    Feats: Alertness, Track(B), Dodge

    Skills: Riding dogs have a +4 bonus on Jump checks and a +4 racial bonus on Survival checks when tracking by scent, not included above.

    Trip: When Ralph hits with a bite attack he may make a free trip attempt without making the initial touch attack or provoking an AoO at a +3 bonus. If he fails, the opponent may not attempt to trip Ralph back.

    Racial Features:
    Bonus feat
    1 extra skill point per level/ four points at first

    0: light, cure minor wounds, cure minor wounds, cure minor wounds
    1: cure light wounds, entangle, produce flame
    2: Creeping cold, Summon Swarm

    Leather armor, 15lb
    Heavy wooden shield, 10lb
    Club, 3lb
    Scimitar, 4lb
    2 MW daggers, 2lb
    2 Shortspears, 6lb
    Longspear, 9lb
    Backpack, 2lb
    Bedroll, 5lb
    Explorers outfit
    Waterskin, 4lb
    Whetstone, 1lb
    Holly and mistletoe
    2 Sunrods, 2lb
    2 Belt Pouches, 1lb
    Pearl of power(lv 1)
    277gp, 21sp, 18cp

    Born on the northern coast of Avonleigh, Nicklas “Redbeard” Norstrom was made fun of as a kid because he was a little overweight. Nicklas spent a lot of time playing by himself in the wilderness, so the other children wouldn’t tease him. He became a skilled tracker and he knew the patterns and kinds of animals. His father was a sailor and sometimes Nicklas would join his father on fishing trips down the coast. He loved everything about the sea, the smell, the wind, and the freedom. Eventually, the druids of the Tremblewood took notice of the chubby young boy on fishing vessel and talked to the boy’s parents. Nicklas’s parents were concerned for their boy, because of his weight, and lack of any friends besides some squirrels and deer. They hoped that living and training with the druids would toughen their son up a little bit, make him loose a little weight, and maybe he’d make some friends. Nicklas was happy to go, other than his parents he wouldn’t really leave anyone else behind. He would miss the sea though. Nicklas departed to go to the druids of the Oaken Circle. Nicklas often heard the stories of the druids that fought the drow, deep in darkest parts of the Tremblewood. Nicklas never saw combat however, he wasn’t strong enough for melee combat. It was near the end of his training and almost May, so Nicklas’s main teacher, Lee, decided the two of them would travel together to Stonegate, to make his graduation official.

    Redbeard is short and overweight at 5’8” and 215lbs. His blonde hair is goes to just past his shoulders and is not kept clean. Likewise, his unruly red beard is long(about 6”)and unkempt. Redbeard is not the strongest man around, and he is still quite encumbered from his journey from the Tremblewood. If seen carrying all his gear, he is sweating profusely, red in the face, and gasping for breath. The smell of an unclean body, pine needles, and the earth follows him around. An eagle, whom he calls Polly, sits on his shoulder. When traveling, Nicklas likes to forage in the wilds, he is a pretty good cook, and would prefer eat that to having trail rations. He is patient, willing to take his time doing almost anything, except eat, this eat does rather quickly.
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    Broderick Bvarizak


    Broderick was a blacksmith’s son. Rogun raised his son in the tradition of the great dwarven blacksmiths. The problem was however that Rogun Bvarizak had moved to the city of Stonegate many years ago when Broderick was just a lad with a few hairs on his chin. Rogun was a skilled craftsman and a canny merchant and did very well in the city. Broderick went back to the Dwarven holds every week to spend time with his maternal grandfather, Dunrick Thurnsgard, and pay homage to his ancestors in the Great Hall. Broderick was learning the family trade and was serving his apprenticeship as a blacksmith. Years passed and though Broderick was becoming a skilled craftsman, his progress was not what Rogun expected from his son. One day he discovered why. During his visits with his grandfather Dunrick, Broderick had been learning to fight. Dunrick was a dwarven warrior, and while smithing is a noble profession, and well respected among dwarves, Dunrick saw within Broderick the spark of a warrior, not a craftsman. Dunrick has been secretly training the lad and Broderick had also been sparing with local mercenaries, learning what he could from them in exchange for repairing their weapons and armor.

    Broderick was ashamed by his actions and awaited his father’s judgement. Instead of anger though Broderick was met with kindness. “This is not your fault my son, I took you from the Holds before you were of age to have your talents tried by the Elders. Seeing you now I know that within you beats not the heart of a blacksmith, but a warrior. You have your grandfather’s heart and your hands were meant for an axe, not a hammer. It is time that you moved on, your apprenticeship as a blacksmith is over.”

    Broderick is a relatively young dwarf. His black hair is braided into a single braid in the back and his beard forms two braids as the warriors back home keep theirs. His youth and eagerness lead him to some early trouble that his father wasn’t pleased about, but years of hammering in the forge have given him strong arms which should serve him well.


    Male Dwarf
    Fighter 3
    XP: 3300
    Str 16 (+3) 
    Dex 12 (+1)
    Con 16 (+3)
    Int 12 (+1) 
    Wis 10 (+0)
    Cha 8 (-1) 
    Size: Medium
    HP:  31 
    BAB: +3
    Init: +5
    Move: 20’
    AC: 21 (+8 armor, +2 shield, +1 Dex)
    Fortitude: +6 (+8 vs poison)
    Reflex: +2
    Will: +1
    Dwarven Waraxe +7, 1d10+3/20x3
    Warhammer +6, 1d8+3/20x3
    Throwing axe +4, 1d6+3/19-20x2 range inc 10
    Power Attack
    Weapon Focus: Dwarven Waraxe
    Improved Initiative
    Skills (bonus/ranks):
    Appraise (+2/1 cc, +4 stone or metal)
    Climb (+5/2)  
    Craft Armor (+2/1, +4 stone or metal)
    Craft Weapons (+3/2, +4 stone or metal)
    Intimidate (+3/4)
    Kn: Dwarven History (+4/3 cc)
    Swim (+4/1)
    Languages Known:
    Class Features:
    Simple Weapon Proficiency
    Martial Weapon Proficiency
    Light Armor Proficiency
    Medium Armor Proficiency
    Heavy Armor Proficiency
    Shield Proficiency
    Racial Features:
    • +2 Constitution, –2 Charisma.
    • Medium: As Medium creatures, dwarves have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    • Dwarf base land speed is 20 feet. However, dwarves can move at this speed even when wearing medium or heavy armor or when carrying a medium or heavy load (unlike other creatures, whose speed is reduced in such situations).
    • Darkvision: Dwarves can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and dwarves can function just fine with no light at all.
    • Stonecunning: This ability grants a dwarf a +2 racial bonus on Search checks to notice unusual stonework, such as sliding walls, stonework traps, new construction (even when built to match the old), unsafe stone surfaces, shaky stone ceilings, and the like. Something that isn’t stone but that is disguised as stone also counts as unusual stonework. A dwarf who merely comes within 10 feet of unusual stonework can make a Search check as if he were actively searching, and a dwarf can use the Search skill to find stonework traps as a rogue can. A dwarf can also intuit depth, sensing his approximate depth underground as naturally as a human can sense which way is up. 
    • Weapon Familiarity: Dwarves may treat dwarven waraxes and dwarven urgroshes as martial weapons, rather than exotic weapons.
    • Stability: A dwarf gains a +4 bonus on ability checks made to resist being bull rushed or tripped when standing on the ground (but not when climbing, flying, riding, or otherwise not standing firmly on the ground).
    • +2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison.
    • +2 racial bonus on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects.
    • +1 racial bonus on attack rolls against orcs and goblinoids.
    • +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against monsters of the giant type. Any time a creature loses its Dexterity bonus (if any) to Armor Class, such as when it’s caught flat-footed, it loses its dodge bonus, too. 
    • +2 racial bonus on Appraise checks that are related to stone or metal items.
    • +2 racial bonus on Craft checks that are related to stone or metal.
    • Automatic Languages: Common and Dwarven. Bonus Languages: Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Terran, and Undercommon.
    • Favored Class: Fighter. A multiclass dwarf ’s fighter class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty for multiclassing
    Scale Armor 50 gp
    MW Full Plate 
    Large Steel Shield 
    Dwarven Waraxe 30 gp
    Throwing axe 8 gp
    Warhammer 12 gp
    Backpack 2 gp
    Crowbar 2 gp
    Flint and steel 1 gp
    Winter Blanket 5 sp
    Water flask 1 gp
    1 week trail rations 35 sp
    Belt pouch 1 gp
    2 torches
    50 feet hemp rope 1 gp
    Whetstone 2 cp
    Artisans tools (blacksmithing/ weapons/armor) 5 gp
    Explorers outfit.
    2 potions CLW
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    Name: Johanna of Birka
    Race: Human (Jotun)
    Class/level: Barbarian 1/Fighter 2
    Alignment: CG

    Description: Johanna is a tall, athletically built young woman, standing just about 5’11”, and weighing about 175 pounds. Like most Jotun-folk, she has blond hair and light colored eyes (green in her case, rather than the typical blue-grey). She wears her hair long and tied back in a single thick braid- years of exposure to sun and salt air have made her hair rather coarse and dull. Like most Jotun-folk, she has a pale complexion- no matter how much sun she gets, she cannot seem to tan. While she is fairly attractive, her features are too sharp and stern for true beauty. Her voice, however, is quite pleasant, with a husky quality like the purr of a great cat.

    Johanna prefers to dress plainly- her garb is chosen for comfort and ease of movement, not fashion. She usually wears loose-fitting trousers tucked into soft boots, a loose-cut shirt, and a wide sash belt. When she is expecting trouble (which is, in fact, most of the time), she adds a finely made shirt of darkened mail and a pair of heavy spiked gauntlets. She often wears a wide-brimmed hat, and the heavy oiled-leather longcoat of a sailor rather than a normal cloak. She also goes heavily armed- in addition to her gauntlets, she carries several knives, a quiver of light javelins, and possibly other weaponry. Her most important possession, though, is her greatsword- she occasionally calls it her “best friend”.

    Personality: Johanna is tough and independent young woman- she is eager to see the world, and to earn a name for herself- even if she is the only one who sings of it. Unfortunately, among the people of Jotun, the path of the warrior is very much the domain of men. Johanna usually deals with this by allowing free rein to her reckless and brash nature, even playing up this side of her personality when she feels the need- she basically pretends to be a bit “crazy”. She talks to her sword, and she sings war songs while in combat (and sailor’s sea chanties when in town). Those who spend much time with her soon learn that this recklessness is at least partially an act- while she is brash and impulsive, she isn’t insane.

    Johanna’s great aspiration is to be a famous warrior-bard like her grandfather. While she enjoys fighting, it is hardly her only pleasure in life. She strives to be a good and loyal companion to her friends, and a dauntless and savage force in battle. She also enjoys singing and learning old tales, though her training as a skald has only begun.


    History: Johanna of Birka:

    Johanna Esricsdottir has not let what one would call an easy life, and in truth she would have it no other way- an “easy” life would be boring, and there would be no hint of glory in it. Johanna’s father Esric was, like many men of Jotun, a sailor by trade- and more often than not a pirate and a raider, rather than an honest merchant sailor. Johanna’s mother Amera was a woman that Esric met on one of his voyages- she was neither captive nor victim, but rather a Helmanoran refugee who bartered passage aboard Esric’s ship in return for her services as a healer. By the end of the voyage Amera and Esric had fallen in love, and since she had no desire to return to Helmanor, the pair settled (albeit temporarily) at Esric’s home in the Jotun port city of Birka. In less than a year, they had a daughter- Johanna. As the time went by, though, Esric found he had no real aptitude or fondness for any common trade- the lure of the sea drew him, and the lure of quick profits earned with a sword. On some level, he also wanted to escape the shadow of his own famous father, the warrior-bard Ulric Wolfsong. Esric was the last of his ten sons, and by far the least famous, and that fact chafed him bitterly- he wanted to be feared and loved as his father was, and the stolid life of a common tradesman held no such rewards. And since he could not sing, nor memorize the lore-chants, Esric was determined to win his favor as well as his fortune by the sword.

    As it happened, Amera was no docile hearth wife, and she was in no way content to wait dutifully at home while her husband roamed the seas. So she left their daughter with some of Esric’s kin, and went to sea once more as well. At least this way, she figured, she could use her healing gifts to keep Esric alive in his desperate drive for glory. As it turned out, she was wrong- while their first voyage was successful enough, their second trip was a disaster from start to finish. It ended, in fact, with their ship sinking in a howling gale- everyone aboard perished, including both Esric and Amera.

    Johanna was left behind to be raised as an orphan in the household of one of her father’s many brothers. Walric had a grouchy wife, and quite a few children of his own- he had little time or charity for his niece. Johanna was forced to fend for herself most of the time, and to scrap with her “siblings” more often than not- quick of hand and a naturally fierce fighter even at an early age, she often came out on top in these childish “battles”. She was also treated little better than the house thralls by her adoptive “mother”. Her sole form of entertainment stemmed from listening to the recitations of the many bards who passed through Walric’s household- while he also had no trace of his father’s gifts, he did have a keen ear for a good tale or a well-performed song. While Johanna liked the tunes and songs themselves, it was really their message which called to her- the thought that, with valiant deeds and a strong arm, even those of the most humble station could earn fortune and fame.

    As Johanna grew older, matters around the house grew even less pleasant- as she and her “siblings” grew up, their little fights began to grow more serious, and actual injuries began to occur. This was especially problematic for Johanna, as her “brothers” were receiving the formal combat training that nearly all male Jotun youth get, and she was not- she fought with speed and ferocity alone.

    All of that changed on one cold winter day. Johanna awoke to find the household already in an uproar that morning- Walric’s father, the famous warrior bard, had left his desolate island home for the first time in a dozen years, and he was visiting all of his offspring. Some said the old man was dying and saying his farewells. They were wrong… While Walric and his family were preparing for Ulric’s arrival, Johanna was assigned a place with the servants. And the servants, of course, had no desire to have their smoothly honed routines upset by such rough help when the occasion was so important- so they let Johanna wander off unattended. She found herself alone, walking through the woods around Walric’s homestead- she even made an adventure of it, selecting a rough tree branch as a sword, and singing one of her favorite heroic sagas as she tramped through the trees, crudely acting out the battles in each part of the song. She didn’t even notice the cloaked figure passing by on the secluded road, and she certainly did not notice how he stopped to listen for a few moments before continuing on his way.

    That cloaked figure was, of course, her grandfather Ulric Wolfsong- despite his age and his renown he often preferred to travel in such an anonymous fashion. He was still vigorous enough to defend himself, and as a bard he often saw or learned more than he might if he traveled with a fancy entourage. As it turned out, he was not visiting his children to say goodbye- he was searching for yet another apprentice, and he was checking to see if any of his rather numerous offspring had any children with “the Gift”. He was quite disappointed with Walric’s brood, though- while a few of them had the makings of fine warriors, none of them had a shred of bardic talent. The girl he had heard on the woods road had far more ability- while she was obviously untrained, he could sense her potential. And while taking a female apprentice was practically unheard of among the skalds of Jotun, Ulric was hardly the sort of man to feel bound by convention. It took a bit of investigating to discover who the girl was, but Ulric was quite up to the task- and when he found out that she was in fact, his own orphaned granddaughter he was quite delighted. Walric and his family were much less pleased, obviously, but none of them was foolish enough to argue with the old man. Ulric left a day later with Johanna in tow.

    The two of them traveled for a few days, and as they did, Ulric tested the girl, learning of her past, and of the measure of her gifts. While she had almost no formal education, she did have an appreciation for the old songs. And her voice, still raw and undeveloped, had great potential. Her temper had potential as well- the potential for trouble… Still, she was far better than any of his other grandchildren, and Ulric realized he had trained worse students- he even appreciated a little bit of a challenge.

    Ulric and Johanna returned to his island home, and her training began in earnest. While Ulric coached her in the bardic arts, his household guardsmen (all three of them) trained her as a warrior. While most Jotuns would be appalled to see a woman trained with a man’s weapons, these men were no more conventional than their master was, and they knew that a true skald was as much a warrior as a singer. To her grandfather’s disappointment, Johanna fared far better with her martial training than she did with her bardic education. She was simply too wild, too unfocused. Ulric had seen this problem before, though, and he knew the solution for it.

    For a few years, he simply allowed her training to progress- even without the proper focus needed for a truly great student, Johanna was still learning something of the bardic arts. More importantly, though, she was growing up physically and her combat training was proceeding quite well. By her mid-teens she was tall for a woman (even among the Jotun), and her gangly adolescent frame was beginning to fill out as well. Her voice was also maturing, a fact that pleased Ulric quite a bit (it showed that his opinion of her potential was not too far off after all).

    Finally, though, the time had come. On Johanna’s seventeenth birthday, Ulric announced that the first part of his apprenticeship as a skald was over. He would train her no more- for now. Instead he insisted that she go out into the wider world for a few years, to experience the sorts of things one could never learn in formal training. When she had wandered and explored for a few years, she was to return, and her training could enter the next stage.

    Johanna was both disappointed and exhilarated. While at some level she felt that she had failed in her grandfather's eyes, she also longed to see the world. He had not cast her out entirely, after all- he wanted her to come back, after she had seen and experienced what the world had to offer. It would mean more to sing of great battles when one had actually fought in such struggles, and one could not sing properly of the green hills of Avonleigh without having seen them for real.

    With her grandfather's influence, it was easy for Johanna to sign up as a novice sailor aboard a Jotun trading ship. She proved an indifferent sailor, though, and she was quite glad when the ship arrived at its first port of call- a small harbor in northern Avonleigh. The ship's captain had business in Stonegate, and he took a few of the crew with him for the trip inland- Johanna was one of those selected. It might have been because the captain actually wanted her to see the sights, but it might also have been because he feared the trouble she might have caused if left to stew aboard the ship...

    Game stats:

    STR 15 (+2) (8 pts)
    DEX 14 (+2) (6 pts)
    CON 12 (+1) (4 pts)
    INT 12 (+1) (4 pts)
    WIS 8 (-1) (0 pts)
    CHA 14 (+2) (6 pts)
    ((28 total))

    Human female
    Barbarian 1/Fighter 2
    Hit points(max) 31 (12/6/10+3 CON)
    Hit points (current, as of 5/29/07) 31
    Armor class 17 (touch 12; flatfooted 15) (Armor +5, DEX +2)
    Melee attack: +5 (+3 BAB, +2 STR)
    Missile attack: +5 (+3 BAB, +2 DEX)
    XP: 4050 (300, OOC post 75 +300, OOC post 82 +50, OOC post 86 +600, OOC post 105 +500, IC post 241 +2100, OOC post 175 +200, OOC post 193)

    Fortitude +6 (Base +2+3; +1 CON)
    Reflex +2 (Base +0; +2 DEX)
    Will -1 (Base +0; -1 WIS)
    Languages: Jotun (native), Dwarven (INT bonus), Avonleigh (Speak language 1)

    Feats: 1. Combat reflexes (1st level)
    2. Endurance (bonus feat as human)
    3. Power attack (Fighter 1 bonus)
    4. Extra rage (level 3)
    5. Weapon focus-greatsword (Ftr 2 bonus)

    Skills (level/skill//points/rank/+att); (4 class +1 INT +1 racial= 6 x4= 24 sp initial, +4 at lvl2, +4 at lvl3)
    +5/Climb//+3/3/STR +2 (+4 in armor)
    +3/Gather information (cc)//+2/1/CHA +2
    +6/Intimidate//+4/4/CHA +2
    +5/Jump//+3/3/STR +2 (+4 in armor)
    +2/Knowledge- geography (cc)//+2/1/INT +1
    +2/Knowledge- local (Jotun) (cc)//+2/1/INT +1
    +1/Listen//+2/2/WIS -1
    +3/Perform- singing (cc)//+3/1.5/CHA +2
    +0/Profession- sailor (cc)//+2/1/WIS -1
    +0/Sense motive (cc)//+2/1/WIS -1
    +1/Speak language (cc)//+2/1/(n/a)
    +0/Survival//+1/1/WIS -1
    +4/Swim//+2/2/STR +2 (actual score depends on encumbrance)
    +3/Use rope (cc)//+2/1/DEX +2

    Racial traits (human):
    - +1 extra feat at level 1
    - +1 skill point per level (+4 at level 1)
    - Favored class: any

    Class abilities:
    +Fast movement +10'
    +Rage: 3x per day, lasts 6 rounds (1x base, +2 for feat)

    Equipment list
    MW Greatsword (attack +7, damage 2d6+3, 2-handed/slashing)
    Spiked gauntlets x2
    Daggers x2
    Darts x8 (missile +5, damage 1d4+2, range increment 20')
    Capped quiver (holds 10 darts)
    +1 Chain shirt (AC +5, check -1)

    Explorer’s outfit
    Traveler’s outfit (spare)
    Flint and steel
    Belt pouch
    Trail rations (6 days)
    Wood ax (for utility chopping, not fighting)
    Flask of alchemists fire (x2)
    Tindertwig (x2)

    691 gp, 14 sp, 13 cp available cash
    Potion of CLW x2 (caster level unknown)
    Potion of Bulls Strength x2 (CL 3)

    LEVEL 2 Updates summary

    Level added: Fighter 1
    HP +6 (d10), +1 CON= +7 total
    Skill points +4 (Climb +1, Intimidate +1, Jump +1, Swim +1)
    Fighter bonus feat: Power attack

    Level 3 update summary

    Level added: Fighter 2
    HP +10 (d10), +1 CON= +11 total
    Skill points +4 (Climb +1, Intimidate +1, Jump +1, Perform (singing) +1cc= 0.5 ranks)
    Level 3 feat: Extra rage (complete warrior)
    Fighter 2 bonus feat: Weapon focus: greatsword
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    Novice (Lvl 1)

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    Jan 2003
    Hamilton, ON, Canada
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    ø Block Imerak

    ø Friend+
    Human Cleric 3 (entropy)

    XP 3190

    STR 10
    DEX 14
    CON 12
    INT 12
    WIS 15
    CHA 12

    HP 20
    AC 18 (touch 12, flat-footed 16)
    BAB +2 (melee +2, ranged +4, grapple +2)
    Init +2
    Fort +4
    Ref +3
    Will +6
    AL CG

    Spellcraft +7 (6 ranks +1 Int)
    Hide +8 (6 ranks, +2 Dex, class skill because of Trickery domain)
    Concentration +7 (6 ranks + 1 Con)
    Bluff +7 (6 ranks, +1 Cha, class skill because of Trickery domain)

    Point Blank Shot
    Precise Shot
    Turn Undead 4/day
    Spontaneous cure

    Domains - Chaos, Trickery
    4/3+1/2+1 per day, at DC 13 + spell level
    Standard Spell Preparation:
    orisons -- detect magic, light, inflict minor wounds, detect poison
    1rst -- inflict light wounds, command, disguise self, summon monster I
    2nd -- inflict moderate wounds, hold person, invisibility

    Light crossbow w/50 bolts
    Light wooden shield
    Wooden holy symbol
    Flask of acid
    5 days' trail rations
    Flint and steel
    115 gp, 8 sp, 8 cp

    Larren is seventeen years old, and has the look of someone who has just become a
    man. He is fresh-faced with his eyes darting everywhere, trying to take in the sights. He
    was brown hair tied in a pony tail, and green eyes which betray nothing. Larren wears fancy
    or at least odd dress whenever he can.

    Larren is impulsive and loves to cause trouble -- never enough to hurt anyone, but just enough to shake things up. He has a short attention span and a shorter temper. He lives for pleasure, and has never been known to turn down indulgences. Despite this, he has a strong moral core, and is against the opression of anyone. Larren believes that everyone should be able to pursue their own pleasures, and do whatever they want to be happy.

    Larren was born and raised in a small island town on the Shattered Sea. Almost as soon as he could walk, he was causing trouble, pulling pranks and stealing small trinkets. He normally managed to get away, or talk his way out of being punished. Nevertheless, his mischief worried his parents, who sent him to be trained as a priest. Larren was bored and routinely misbehaved, and was making little progress as a cleric of Virtue. His mentor, a wise man by the name of Decius, recognized his chaotic bent and allowed a friend of his to train him.

    This friend was Thorentil, a disciple of Entropy. He instantly took Larren under his wing, recognizing more than a bit of himself in the youth. As he learned, Larren became devoted to Entropy, not just as a lifestyle but as a principle. He became a full cleric, calling on the
    powers of the Principle to help him spread his message and help people be free. Thorentil will soon end the apprenticeship, tossing Larren -- still chaotic and immature, but now with a message -- out into the world.
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    Jillian Wolfrunner : Female Elf Rogue 3

    Name: Jillian Wolfrunner
    Gender: Female
    Race: Elf
    Class: Rogue
    Level: 3
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Age: 131
    Height: 5’-4”
    Weight: 102#

    Str 12 (+1)
    Dex 16 (+3)
    Con 10 (+0)
    Int 14 (+2)
    Wis 14 (+2)
    Cha 10 (+0)

    AC: 17 (+3 Dex, +4 armor)
    Touch: 13
    Flatfooted: 14
    Initiative: +3
    Speed: 30 ft
    ACP: +0
    BAB: +2
    Max. Hit Points: 14
    Current Hit Points: 14

    Racial Abilities: Immunity to magic sleep effects, and a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects; low-light vision, weapon proficiency, +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks.

    Class Abilities: Sneak attack +2d6, trapfinding, evasion, trap sense +1.

    Fortitude +1 (base 1, +0 Con)
    Reflex +5 (base 3, +3 Dex)
    Will +3 (base 1, +2 Wis)

    MW Longsword +4 melee 1d8+1 dmg 19-20 x2 S
    Longbow +5 ranged 1d8 dmg x3 100ft P

    Feat: Nimble Fingers, Stealthy

    Balance +11 (6 ranks, +3 Dex, +2 synergy)
    Disable Device +12 (6 ranks, +2 Int, +2 feat, +2 tools)
    Hide +11 (6 ranks, +3 Dex, +2 feat)
    Listen +10 (6 ranks, +2 Wis, +2 race)
    Move Silently +16 (6 ranks, +3 Dex, +2 feat, +5 boots)
    Open Lock +13 (6 ranks, +3 Dex, +2 feat, +2 tools)
    Search +10 (6 ranks, +2 Int, +2 race)
    Sleight of Hand +9 (6 ranks, +3 Dex)
    Spot +10 (6 ranks, +2 Wis, +2 race)
    Tumble +9 (6 ranks, +3 Dex)

    Languages Known: Common, Elven, Draconic, Goblin

    Encumbrance: 43# Light; 86# Medium; 130# Heavy; 260# Lift; 650# Drag

    Possessions & Current Wealth
    Traveler’s Outfit (worn)
    Mithral Shirt (10#, worn)
    Boots of Elvenkind (1#, worn)
    MW Longsword (4#, belt)
    Longbow (3#, shoulder)
    Quiver of 17 Arrows (2.7#, shoulder)
    Belt Pouch (0.5#, belt)
    MW Thieves’ Tools (2#, pouch)
    Treasure (1pp, 1gp, 1sp, 1cp, pouch)
    Backpack (2#, back)
    3 Sunrods (3#, backpack)
    50ft of Silk Rope (5#, backpack)
    Quiver of 20 Arrows (3#, backpack)
    2 Flasks of Alchemist’s Fire (2#, backpack)
    1# of Soap (1#, backpack)
    Sheet of Parchment (backpack)
    Total (39.2#, light)

    History: Originally from Lareathorn, Jillian grew up with her older sister and brother, who were twins. Their parents had been faithful members of the Orders of the Gryphon and Unicorn. So it came as no surprise that upon their coming of age, her brother joined the Order of the Gryphon like their father and her sister joined Order of the Unicorn like their mother. Their parents had hoped that Jillian would follow her older sister’s lead and petition for membership in the Order of the Unicorn. However, she had other plans for her life. So, just before she was due to come of age, she stowed away on a departing ship. For the next fifteen years Jillian traveled from island to island until she came upon the Festival of Renewal in Stonegate. This has been her sixth festival. Each year she waits for the festival to begin and then looks for those with heavy pouches that have had too much to drink. She just helps them by lightening their pouch, thereby making it easier for them to walk. Just having acquired some items, Jillian is due to meet with her fence, Greem Stumley, at the Granite Badger. Unknown to her Greem was picked up by the local authorities earlier today for trying to sell stolen goods.
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    Nathaniel Frost, Half-Elven Bard

    Nathaniel is a half-elf born to his human mother, Jillian Frost and elven father, Levyn in the city of Stonegate. He inherited his mother's fiery red hair, and the emerald green eyes of his father. He is fair in both feature and complexion, and also favors the elves in build. He wears a goatee and moustache that draw attention to his constant smile. It is obvious that he's not the strongest fellow in the land, nor the heartiest, but his eyes glint of intelligence, and his step is light and sure.

    He is currently adorned in a sapphire noble's outfit, complete with a floppy, feathered hat. He wears soft black riding boots, though it's apparent he hasn't sat atop a horse in a very long time, if ever. On his belt hangs a belt pouch, three scroll cases, and a sap in case of emergency. He carries his prized flute with him wherever he goes, an heirloom handed down through his mother's side of the family, though none before him could play it as far as he can recall. His right hand is adorned with a signet ring bearing his self-created family standard of a snowflake wreathed in flames.

    Having been born and raised in Stonegate, Nathaniel grew up surrounded by the splendors and sights of the city. His father, an elven hunter, provided for the family hunting game for food and profit. His mother ran a small shop selling meats and hides collected by her husband. Nathaniel favored helping his mother run the shop over hunting with his father, and learned much of his skill in haggling and dealing with people from her. When running the shop on his parents' 12th anniversary, he was visited by a bard visiting for the Renewal Festival, who spied the heirloom flute on display. Surprised to learn that he wasn't instructed in how to play such a fine instrument, the bard known as Hallas Dovesong offered to teach Nathaniel how to play, for a small price. Since then Nathaniel has passed his days performing for the locals and running his family's shop and dreaming of living the plush noble life.

    Nathaniel Frost
    3 Bard
    Age: 33
    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 165
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Red
    Skin: Fair
    Alignment: Chaotic Good\
    Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven.

    Strength 8 -1
    Dexterity 14 +2
    Constitution 10
    Intelligence 14 +2
    Wisdom 12 +1
    Charisma 16 +3

    Fort. 1
    +1 base

    +3 base
    +2 dex

    Will 4
    +3 base
    +1 wis

    Base Attack Bonus: +2

    Attack: Sap +1 1d6-1

    Racial Abilities:
    Immunity to Sleep and similar effects
    +2 save vs. enchantment
    Low Light Vision
    +1 listen, search, spot
    +2 diplomacy, Gather Information

    Bardic Abilities
    Bardic Music
    Bardic Knowledge +5
    Inspire Courage +1
    Inspire Competence


    Skills (misc/stat/rank/total)
    Appraise: 0/2/6/8
    Bluff 2/3/6/11
    Diplomacy 4/3/6/13
    Gather Info. 2/3/6/11
    Perform 0/3/6/9
    +2 with MW flute
    Sense Motive 2/1/6/9
    UMD 0/3/6/9
    Disguise 0/3/6/9

    HP: 9/14
    AC: 17


    49/50 Cure light wounds wand
    Masterwork Flute
    Noble's Outfit
    Belt Pouch
    5 Chalk
    Flask (rum)
    2 ink vial
    ink pen
    small steel mirror
    10 sheets of paper
    3 scroll case
    map case
    5 Sealing Wax
    Signet Ring
    2 lbs. Soap
    Disguise Kit
    Magnifying Glass
    +1 Chain Shirt
    Journal recovered from the Tower of Gard

    Spells Known
    Level 0: 3/day
    Dancing Lights
    Ghost Sound
    Summon Instrument
    Level 1: 1/day
    Charm Person
    Comprehend Languages
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    Nottus Zok

    Nottus Zok
    Gnome Sorceror 3
    Base Attack Bonus: +1
    +1 attack vs goblins and kobolds
    AC:14 (10+2 dex+1 armor bonus+1 size)
    +4 dodge bonus vs giant type
    Fort: +3
    Ref: +3
    Will: +3
    +2 racial bonus on saving throws against illusions
    Bluff: +9
    Concentration: +8
    Spellcraft: +7
    Listen: +2 (racial)
    Hide: +4 (size)
    Eschew materials
    Still Spell
    Languages: Common, Gnome, Dwarven.
    base speed: 20 feet
    Light load: 19.5 lb.
    Summon familiar
    Low-Light Vision
    Caster level 1st, 1/day:
    speak with animals (burrowing mammal only, duration 1 minute)
    dancing lights
    ghost sound
    Spells Known:
    Detect Magic
    Read Magic
    Dancing Lights
    Ghost Sound
    Mage Hand
    Disguise Self
    Silent Image
    Magic Missile
    Spells per day:
    Cantrip: 6
    1st: 6
    Save DC:10+3 cha+spell level
    +1 DC to illusion spells
    Traveling clothes
    Dagger (1d3, 19-20)
    Light crossbow (1d6 19-20)
    19 bolts
    Bracers of armor +1
    Grappling hook
    4 days rations
    30 ft silk rope
    Spell component pouch full of flash bang powder
    5 tindertwigs
    2 smokesticks
    2 potions of cure light wounds
    1394 gp
    7 sp
    6 cp
    Nottus always had a talent for illusion. First trying his hand at showmanship,
    he never managed to learn the proffesional knack. He instead turned his
    attention to the arcane arts. He excelled naturally, focusing on the magic
    rather than the theory of it. However, he soon fell into a rut, unable to
    progress further. After some soul searching, he decided he must travel and
    experience more of life than what he had known to that point. Bidding friends
    and family goodbye, he set out from his home in Silver Hills, traveling north
    to wherever life took him.
    Nottus prefers loose, unadorned clothing to the robes some mages prefer. He
    tends to wear brightish clothing that compliments his light blonde hair and
    blue eyes. A young 48 years old, he always reacts positively to new
    experiences and tries to live life to it's fullest. However, his inexperience
    with the world as a whole  may lead to some difficult situations. He's prone
    to show off, given the chance, but is reliable enough in a pinch.
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