Has anyone tried converting the Council of Wyrms setting to third edition?

The main thing that I am interested in is what would be a good ECL for each of the dragon types at each age category.

I have some ideas for this including having the dragons take character classes after they have accumulated enough experience points to advance their hit dice to the next age category. This would remove the problem that I encountered with a mixed party of dragons where one of the characters was a crystal dragon and another was a gold dragon.

I was thinking of doing this with the following rules. At the start of the game, you have to earn enough experience points to advance to the next age category. After you have the got the experience points to do so all of the remaining experience points that you acquire before you have aged enough to reach the next age group goes towards a class. After you reach the next age category you have to again put all of your unspent experience points towards advancing to the next age category and then after that you may resume advancing as a class again.