MONTREAL—Polymancer® Studios wishes to remind readers that the anniversary issue of Polyglot™ will be available for download in 2 weeks time. That issue will feature an article about what Polyglot has contributed to the game industry.

For this occasion, people who have contributed press releases, product announcements, and other material to Polyglot in the last two years are invited to send anecdotes, commentaries, birthday wishes, and other quotables about what the game industry’s premier online newsletter has done for them. Game companies, publicists, and other interested parties should send their material to

“Polyglot is completely powered by game companies as far as its content is concerned,” said a spokesman. “It is most fitting that an expression of the newsletter’s impact be left to the companies themselves.”

For two years, Polyglot has been reporting game industry news directly from industry sources. With over 600,000 unique downloads of 52 issues, Polyglot is one of the most read sources in the game hobby industry.

There is no charge for sending in press releases, product announcements, and other game industry news to

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Polymancer® Studios, Inc. is a full service printer (both offset and POD), publisher, and a multimedia design and development company. Polymancer’s print equipment and facilities provide both game and non-game companies alike the least expensive and best value for their printing needs. In relation to the games industry, Polymancer Studios works in different areas of the game hobby industry including but not limited to the development and design of roleplaying games, miniatures wargames, boardgames, supplemental material, and related products. In its commitment to the electronics end of Multimedia, Polymancer Studios is a software developer with both gaming and business products under development.


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