Boat to No Man's Land
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    Boat to No Man's Land

    Alrighty guys, you can start posting finished works here. Remember, Fridays the cutoff date. When you post your characters, try and include a little background, what you did prior to getting on the boat and what your characters are doing while on the boats. Your not quite sure how long the trip is going to take.

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    Name:Meekor the Wise
    Alignment: CN
    Domains: Magic, Knowladge
    Str:18	+4	(-2 Racial, +1 Lvl Bns,+6 Item)	Level:20	XP: 200000
    Dex:14	+2	(+2 Racial)			BAB:+14	HP: 152 (20d8+60)
    Con:17	+3				       Grapple:+14	Dmg Red: 
    Int:18	+4	(+3 Tome)			Speed:30'	Spell Res:0
    Wis:30	+10	(+3 Lvl Bns, +4 Tome, +6 Item)	Init:+2		Spell Save: 0
    Cha:18	+4	(-2 Racial, +1 Lvl Bns, +4 Item)ACP:-4		Spell Fail: -
    		Base	Armor	Shld	Dex	Size	Nat	Misc	Total
    		10	+9	+7	+2	+1	+5	+5	39
    +5 Small Chain Shirt of Heavy Fort.
    +5 Small Heavy Steel Shield
    Touch:18		Flatfooted:37
    			Base	Mod	Misc	Total
    Fort:			13	+3	+5	+21
    Ref:			6	+2	+7	+15
    Will:			13	+10	+5	+28
    Weapon						Attack		Damage	Critical
    +5 Small Adamantine Morningstar of Speed	+23/+23/+18/+13	1d6+9	20x2
    -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma. 
    Small size: +1 bonus to Armor Class, +1 bonus on attack rolls, +4 bonus on Hide checks, -4 penalty on 
    grapple checks, lifting and carrying limits ¾ those of Medium characters. 
    A goblin’s base land speed is 30 feet. 
    Darkvision out to 60 feet. 
    +4 racial bonus on Move Silently and Ride checks. 
    Automatic Languages: Common, Goblin. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Orc. 
    Aura (Ex)
    Ability to Cast Spells
    Spontaneous Casting (Healing Spells)
    Turn or Rebuke Undead (Good Aligned) (Su) 7/day (1d20+4 check; 2d6+24)
    Heal as a Spell-like Ability 4/day
    Harm as a Spell-like Ability 2/day
    Divine Reach: Can use touch spells up to 30 feet away
    Feats: Cleric:(6) Hierophant:(3)
    Scribe Scroll
    1st-	Empower Spell
    3rd-	Lightning Reflexes 
    6th-	Craft Wonderous Item
    9th-	Spell Penetration
    12th-	Quicken Spell 
    15th-	Greater Spell Penetration
    1st-	Spell Like Ability (Heal 4/day taking 9th level slot perm.)
    2nd-	Divine Reach
    3rd-	Spell Like Ability (Harm 2/day taking 6th level slot perm.)
    Skill Points:108/108		MaxRanks:23/11.5
    Skills				Ranks	Mod	Misc	Total
    Concentration			21	+3		+24
    Heal				10	+10		+20		
    Knowladge(Religion)		20	+4		+24
    Spellcraft			21	+4		+25
    Listen(CC)			6	+10		+16
    Search(CC)			6	+4		+10
    Spot(CC)			6	+10		+16
    Equipment:					Cost  		Weight
    Tome of Clear Thought(+3)(Read)			82,500gp	-lb
    Tome of Understanding(+4)(Read)			110,000gp	-lb
    +5 Small Chain Shirt of Heavy Fort.		100,250gp	18.75lbs
    +5 Small Heavy Steel Shield			25,170gp	11.25lbs
    +5 Small Adamantine Morningstar of Speed	126,508gp	4.5lbs
    Wristbands of Wisdom(+6)			54,000gp	.75lbs
    Belt of Gaint Strength(+6)			36,000gp	.75lbs
    Ring of Protection(+5)				50,000gp	-lb
    Ring of Freedom of Movement and Resistance(+5)	90,000gp	-lb
    Cloak of Charisma(+4)				16,000gp	.75lbs
    Boots of Striding and Springing			5,500gp		.75lbs
    Amulet of Natural Armor(+5)			50,000gp	-lbs
    Belt Pouches x3					3pg		1.1lbs
    Bag of Holding Type II				5000gp		18.75lbs
    Hewards Handy Haversack				2000gp		3.75lbs
    Clerics Vestments (boccob; worn)		0gp		-lb
    Silver Holy Symbol (Boccob)			25gp		-lb
    (All Items Here on in, are in Haversack)
    Flint and Steel					1gp		-lb
    Ink,Inkpen, and Paper(50)			29gp		-lb
    Trail Rations x10				5gp		7.5lbs
    Silk Rope 50`					10gp		3.75lbs
    Soap (.75lb)					5sp		.75lbs
    SpyGlass					1000gp		.75lbs
    Waterskin					1gp		3lbs
    Total Weight:75.75(15.75lbs of Gear in Haversack) Money:6,248gp 28sp 20cp (in bag of holding)
    			Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:		75	76-100	101-150	300	750
    Eyes:Solid Black
    Hair:Jet Black
    Skin:Dark Green
    Spells Prepared
    Oth-(DC 20) Detect Magicx2, Light, Create Water, Purify Food and Drink, Detect Poison
    1st-(DC 21) Comprehend Languagesx2,Detect Undead,Hide From Undead, Remove Ferx2, Bless Waterx2, Detect Secret Doors
    2nd-(DC 22) Consecrate, Darkness, Hold Personx3, Silencex2, Zone of Truth, Identify
    3rd-(DC 23) Daylight, Deeper Darkness, Ivis. Purge, Protection from Enegryx2, Stoneshapex2, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance
    4th-(DC 24) Air Walk, Neutralize Poisonx3, Restorationx2, Tongues, Divination
    5th-(DC 25) Commune, Flamestrikex3, Planeshift, Slay Living, Spell Resistance
    6th-(DC 26) {Harm as Spell-like 2/day (DC 26)},Blade Barrier, Greater Dispell Magic, Heal, Wind Walk, Harm, Antimagic Field
    7th-(DC 27) Destruction, Holy Word, Regenerate, Repulsion, Spell Turning
    8th-(DC 28) Antimagic Field, Firestorm, Dimensional Lock, Discern Location
    9th-(DC 29){Heal as Spell-like 4/day(DC 26)}, Enegry Drain, Mordenkainen's Disjunction
    Appearance:Meekor is not what would be described as your normal, slightly inept goblin. Qiute the opposite really as his wisdom and mind are nearly unmatched for his racial sterotypes. He bathes himself, or tries to at lease semi daily and keeps his hair cropped and slicked back whereever possible. He prefers his vestments over any other type of garment he owns, the deep golden color of his god, Boccob, which is a stark contrast aginst his forest dark green skin. The rather intresting little creature stands nearly 4 feet tall and weighs in at just under 100 pounds soaking wet and holding a mud brick.

    Background:Meekor had a rather normal childhood, if you can call the lifestyles of a goblin normal. He was raised by his parents untill the age of 13 and once killed in a raid by a pack of adventurers he was on his own for nearly a year before the story of his life truely begins.

    Meekor was, at this point, leaps and bound above what his kin would consider smart, thus giving him a slight edge in survival on his own. Yet, like most of his kin, Meekor was adventually captured and sold into slavery to a pack of wondering Orge Magi. These were dark times for the little goblin as not only was he thier slave, they also forced him into the faith of thier god of choice Boccob and they issued him the task of learning the ways of Boccob to thier bennifit.

    Meekors destiny was now that of the faithfull of Boccob, he was forced to learn healing and protection spells for the use on Ogre Magi in thier raids. They used him in every way, shape, and form as thier own personal healing wand and spell fodder. At first the little goblin fought with all his will to block out thier mindless drilling of the magic gods faith and powers, he wanted nothing to do with it. Yet as time passed Meekor soon realised this may be his ticket to freedom and instead of fighting his past and present, he embraced Boccob as his future and put himself to the task of power never seen of his kind before.

    Meekor trained hard and long, day in and day out, only breaking when the Orge Magi needed his powers to thwart thier foes in there neverending quest for more power and riches. As time went by the Magi lost track of what and how the little goblin learned his holy magics and to more a point, how strong he was becomming. It was not long before Meekor was to free himself from the Magi's clutches in a bloody mass of spell and steel.

    Once slain he learned very quickly that it was anothers fate as well to slay the minions that kept the goblin at bay for so long... a strong fighter and skilled mage in that of a man named Whin presented himself and made his intentions known very quickly. At first Meekor was overpowered by the man seemingly bred for destruction and thought his life would be freed all for naught, yet once his faith and powers were made known the the stranger his attitude was changed and all for the better. The two learned from eachother, Whin more from Meekor really as the goblin told the spellfighter about the god of magic and how much more powerfull he could become once his faith was set to him.

    The two wanted nothing more than power and self control, they craved it, and recived it for a short time with little resistance at all before Boccob himself came to both in dream. Being that of a faithfull to the magic god, Meekor was able to grasp the dreams of both and make them understood and shared this information with Whin. Now both set out on the task of thier god and for themselves in something that can prove to be nothing more than the next step in supreme power.

    This shall be Meekors chance to lead, instead of being the one forced into doing what others deside. He now will prove to Boccob his powers bestowed and skills gained were not in vain...

    After getting his boat number.... meekor would venture onto the old and creeking vessel.... his black eyes wondering over the vast sea before him at the port before the boat sets sail. The little goblin searches the boat for Whin but notices he has lost him durning the loading of the boats and is sure he wandered onto another, so for now the goblin is alone with no one he knows. Meekor is a quiet type, comtemplative if you will and will remain this way unless spoken to or directed to move or help, though if this is done glares and plots of death will be churning in the goblins head not to be acted on untill boccob no longer needs his powers in this venture.
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    Eoin Cuthalion

    Eoin Cuthalion

    Male Elven Rogue 5 / Scout 15
    True Neutral

    Strength 16 (+3)
    Dexterity 32 (+11)
    Constitution 24 (+7)
    Intelligence 16 (+3)
    Wisdom 12 (+1)
    Charisma 10 (+0)

    Size: Medium
    Height: 5' 5"
    Age: 126
    Weight: 180 lb
    Skin: Pale
    Eyes: green

    Total Hit Points: 185 (
    Speed: 50 feet
    Armor Class: 37(41) = 10 + 6 [dexterity] + 9 [armor] + 7 [shield] + 5 [natural armor] (+ 4 [Skirmish])
    Touch AC: 26
    Flat-footed: -

    Initiative modifier: +13 = +11 [dexterity] +2 [scout]
    Fortitude save: +19 = 6 [base] +7 [constitution] +2 [scout] + 5 [cloak]
    Reflex save: +29 = 13 [base] +11 [dexterity] + 5 [cloak]
    Will save: +12 = 6 [base] +1 [wisdom] + 5 [cloak]

    Attack (handheld): +17/+12/+7 = 14 [base] +3 [strength]
    Attack (missile): +25/+20/+15 = 14 [base] +11 [dexterity]
    Grapple check: +17/+12/+7 = 14 [base] +3 [strength]

    Light load: 76 lb. or less
    Medium load: 77-153 lb.
    Heavy load: 154-230 lb
    Lift over head: 230 lb.
    Lift off ground: 460 lb.
    Push or drag: 1150 lb

    Languages: Common Dwarven Elven Infernal

    Long bow:
    Normal: +29/+24/+19 1d6+6+1d6 20/x3
    < 30ft: +30/+25/+20 1d6+7+1d6(+3d6( sneak)+4d6 (Skirmish)) 20/x3
    <30ft rapid: +28/+28/+23/+18 1d6+7+1d6(+3d6+4d6) 20/x3
    >30ft +29/+24/+19 1d6+6+1d6 20/x3
    >30ft rapid +27/+27/+22/+17 1d6+6+1d6 20/x3

    Point Blank Shot
    Precise Shot
    Rapid Shot
    Quick Draw
    Spring Attack
    Cunning evasion (PHB2)
    Dead Eye Shot (PHB2)
    Weapon Focus x1 Weapon(s): comp. longbow


    Balance Dex* 18 = +11 +2 [tumble]
    Disable Device Int 26 = +3 +23
    Gather Information Cha 15 = +0 +15
    Hide Dex* 49 = +11 +23 +15
    Jump Str* 13 = +3 +2 [tumble] +8 [speed 50]
    Knowledge (nature) 15 = +3 +10 +2
    Listen Wis 26 = +1 +23 +2
    Move Silently Dex* 49 = +11 +23 +15
    Open Lock Dex 26 = +11 +15
    Search Int 28 = +3 +23 +2 [elf]
    Spot Wis 26 = +1 +23 +2 [elf]
    Survival Wis 24 = +1 +23
    Tumble Dex* 34 = +11 +23
    Use Magic Device Cha 14 = +0 +14
    * = check penalty for wearing armor
    Bluff >=5 ranks gives +2 on disguise checks to act in character.
    Search >=5 ranks gives +2 on survival checks while tracking.

    +2 Dexterity, –2 Constitution:
    Immunity to magic sleep effects, and a +2 racial saving throw
    bonus against enchantment spells or effects.
    Low-light Vision
    Weapon Proficiency: Elves receive the Martial Weapon Proficiency
    feats for the longsword, rapier, longbow (including
    composite longbow), and shortbow (including compositeshortbow) as bonus feats.
    +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks. An elf who
    merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door is
    entitled to a Search check to notice it as if she were actively
    looking for it.

    Level 2: uncanny dodge
    Level 5: Evasion
    Level 6: Flawless stride
    Level 8: Camouflage
    Level 10: Blindsense 30 feet
    Level 11: Battle fortitude +2, fast movement +20 feet,
    Level 14: Hide in plain sight
    Level 15: Skirmish (+4d6, +4 AC)

    Sneak Attack +3d6
    Improved Evasion Trap Sense
    Improved Uncanny Dodge

    Equipment (760k)
    Amulet of Health +6 (36k)
    Gloves of dex +6 (36k)
    Belf of Natural Armor +5 (50k)
    Mithril chain shirt +5 of greater silent moves and shadow (93,6k)
    Mithril heavy steal shield +5 animated (50,02k)
    Tomes: str +3, con +4, dex +4 (302,5k)
    +3 Comp +3str longbow of shock (32.7k)
    Quiver of Elhonna (1.8k)
    Cloak of Resistance +5 and arachnida (46k)
    Gem of true seeing (75k)
    Ioun stone Clear Spindle (4k)
    Lockpicking ring (3,5k)
    Wand of cure serious wounds (11.25k)
    Arrows, Cold Iron (100) [200 gp; in quiver and HHH]
    Arrows, Silver (100) [300 gp; in quiver and HHH]
    Arrows, Regular (400) [400 gp in quiver and HHH]
    Smokestick (10) 0.2k
    HHH (2k)
    Left: 14,53k gc

    background and description


    Eion grew up during the war between a war between the two great elven kingdoms a century ago. The war between the drow who where trying to get a stronghold above ground from which they could conquer more then just the land below ground. So his life has been one of military and order. From a very young age his was trained in the ways of the elves which resulted in great accuracy and skill with the bow. In the service he became a member of an elite scout team. but after the war and his time in the army. he wanted to see more of the world then just the world. he was been walking the earth for more then 40 years now and heared about the Disciples of Uaedo and there plan so unleash hell on earth. He got reminded about that the drow were planning to do so many years ago. So he made for the port and joined the cause to save the world

    Eion wears a green cloak over his gray dull armor and lightbrown pants. on his back there is only a quiver stuffed with arrows and a fine looking bow made of the best wood possible.
    he has some minor scars from his time in the army.

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    Obsidian & Granite

    Stat Block
    Name: Obsidian
    Class: Barbarian 3/ Fighter 2/ Warforged Juggernaunt 5/ 
         Frenzied Berserker 10  / War Hulk 1
    Age: ??
    Race: Warforged           Height: 10' 0"
    Size: Large (Huge)        Weight: 4545 lbs
    Gender: Male 		  Eyes: Purple
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Hair: None
    Deity: Gir'Kuek           Skin: Black & Purple
    Domians: War, Choas, Strength 
    Class & Racial Traits:
    Barbarian & Fighter       Character Level
    Rage 3/day (16 rounds)    Feats: 7
    Uncanny Dodge             Ability Increases: 5
    Fast Movement             Epic Feats: 1
    Feats: 2
    Warforged Juggernaunt
    Imunnities: Critical Hits, All mind affects and
    abilities (good & bad), Non-leathal Damage, death & 
    necormancy effects, ability drain & damage, poison, 
    sleep effects, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, 
    exhaustion, sickened, healing subschool
    Expert Bull Rush: +5 Bullrush
    Superior Bull Rush: +2d8+3d6+19 damage on bullrush
    Powerful & Greater Powerful Charge: (+3d6)
    Armor Spikes: 2d6
    Reserved: -5 Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Info, Sense Motive
    Extended Charge: +5' to charge
    Charge Bonus: +4 Charge Attack
    Frenzied Berserker
    Greater Frenzy 5/day (16 rounds)
    Inspire Frenzy 3/day
    Supreme Power Attack (-1/+4)
    Diehard, Supreme Cleave, Deathless Frenzy, Tireless Frenzy
    War Hulk
    No Time to Think
    Strength Ability Boost: +2
    Str: 26/50 (+20)  Level: 21     XP: 
    Dex: 14 (+2)      BAB: +18(+1)  HP: 331 [373] (19d12+2d10+189) [Rage]
    Con: 24/28 (+9)   Grapple: +47  Dmg Red: 7/Adam [5/Adam = 150hp]
    Int: 10 (+0)      Speed: 25'    Spell Res: -
    Wis: 5  (-3)      Init: +4      Spell Save: - 
    Cha: 4  (-3)      ACP: -6       Spell Fail: 50%
           Base Armor Shld  Dex Size Nat Misc Total
    Armor:  10   +13   +7   +1   -1  +0  +0    30 (24 Rage & Frenzy)
    Touch: 13    Flat-Footed: 12
          Base Mod Misc Total
    Fort:  17  +9   +6   +32/+34 (Rage)
    Ref:   5   +2   +6   +13
    Will:  5   +9   +8   +18/+22 (Rage)
    Armor              Bonus Dex ACP ASF  Weight  Cost
    H. Shield +5        +7    -   -1 15%    -lbs  49,270gp
    - Animated
    Adam Full Pate +5   +13   +1  -5 35%    -lbs  115,000gp
    - Proof Against Transmutation
    - *Quickness (+5ft)
    - *Magic Eating: When successful save vs spell, regain HP's equal to spell's level 
    Weapon         Attack           Damage      Critical Range Weight Cost  
    Granite   +44/44/39/34/29    3d8+35 (+2d6)     x3      -   20lbs  200,000gp
        +5 Huge Starmetal Holy Maul of Wraithful Healing
          -Starmetal: +1d6 vs Outsiders (Like Adam qualities)
          -Wriathfu Healing: Channels 1/2 of damage dealt as positive energy back to wielder
     **Power Attack: -1/+4 (-2 Att or more gains +2 Dam)
     **Charge Bonus: +4 Charge Attack & +5' to Speed
     **Powerful & Greater Powerful Charge: +3d6
     **Heedless Charge: On Charge, can assign PA attack pentalty to AC instead
    Equipment                   Cost / Weight
    Strength Tome +4          (110,000gp / -lbs) [USED]
    Permanant Enlarge         (4,000 gp / -lbs)  [USED]
    Iuon Stone (Pale Green)   (30,000gp / -lbs)
    *Iron Ward Diamond        (18,000gp / -lbs) [x3]    Stackable DR5/50hps
    *Crystal of Life Drinking (18,000gp / -lbs) [x3]    Regain 5 hps per hit for 50
    Read Magic & Comp. Lang.  (5,200gp / -lbs)  [Head]
    Traker Mask               (18,000gp / -lbs) [Eyes]
    *Heartseeking Amulet      (3,000gp / -lbs)  [Neck]  3/day Melee attack counts as touch attack
    Cloak of Displ., Minor    (24,000gp / -lbs) [Back]
    Vest of Resistance +5     (50,000gp / -lbs) [Chest]
    *Belt of Battle           (12,000gp / -lbs) [Waist] Use charges to gain extra actions
    *Strongarm Armbands of    (13,100gp / -lbs) [Arms]  Gives Powerful Build
         Might                                          +2 PA damage when >-2 attack is taken
    *Skirmisher Boots         (6,800gp / -lbs)  [Feet]  2/day move >10' gain 1 extra attack
    Gloves of Gaint Str +6    (36,000gp / -lbs) [Hands]
    Freedom of Movement       (40,000gp / -lbs) [Ring 1]
    Ring of Health +6         (36,000gp / -lbs) [Ring 2]
    *Magic Item Compendium
    Total Gold Spent: 759,770
    Total Gold Remaining: 230
    Current Capacity: Light (200)
    Carry Capacity: Light: 0 – 12800 Med.: 12,801 – 25,600 Heavy: 25,601 – 38,400 
                         Lift: 76,800 Drag: 192,000
    Languages: All
    Feats: (9) Epic (1)
    Adamantine Armor, Cleave, Extra Rage, Power Attack, Improved Bullrush
    Destructive Rage, Intimidating Rage, Endurance, Steadfast Determination
    Shock Trooper
    Skill Points: 50 Max Ranks: 23
    Skills                Abil Ranks Mod Misc Total
    Climb                 Str   14   +20  -6   28
    Intimidate            Cha   23   -3        20
    Jump                  Str   15   +20  -1   34
    Rules, honor, nobility, good, evil, past and present, these things are of no concern out on the battle field. When the dust settles and the cards have been played there is one thing that matters. Whether is one against many or vast armies against each other, both sides only want one thing. Victory. For Victory is absolute. Victory means control. Victory means power. Those who have Victory creates the rules, establishes honor and nobility, determines what is good and evil, dictates the past and sets the future. Historians will argue but deep down they all agree that Victory is everything.

    As the avatar for the God of War and Destruction, Obsidian is undeniably massive and equally terrifying. Capable of lifting whole Gallons over his head with little effort and wielding a warhammer two sizes large than himself with expert persision, Obsidian is without question ‘the’ focal point of every engagement that he has been in. He has single handily turned the tables of countless battles and has claimed whole armies under his warhammer. Whenever this mammoth steps onto the field of battle there is one guarantee, death.
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    ø Block Jemal

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    Whin Z. Roe
    Male Spellscale Fgtr1/Human Sorc6/E.Knight7/Monk1/Abjurant Champion5
    AL: LE HT: 5'6"(11' enlarged) WT: 174(1392 enlarged) Age: 28 Hair: Silver, spiked Eyes: Red

    *stats/AC/etc are assuming all buffs cast*

    STR: 36 (+13) [17 Base + 6 Enhancement + 1 Level + 2 Inherent + 8 Arms + 2 size]
    DEX: 22 (+6) [17 Base + 6 Enhancement + 1 Level - 2 size]
    CON: 18 (+4) [13 Base + 6 Enhancement - 2 Racial + 1 Level]
    INT: 20 (+5) [15 Base + 4 Enhancement + 1 Level]
    WIS: 15 (+2) [11 Base + 4 Enhancement ]
    CHA: 30 (+10) [16 Base + 6 Enhancement +2 Racial + 1 Level + 5 Inherent]

    HP: 166 (6d4+2d8+12d10+80)
    AC: 58 (10 Base + 6 Dex +10 Cha + 1 Class + 5 Deflection + 5 Natural Armour + 11 Armour + 9 Shield + 2 Luck - 1 size) [44 Flat Footed, 44 touch]
    Saves: FORT: +24 (12 base + 4 con + 6 Resistance + 2 Luck) REF: +21 (7 base + 6 dex + 6 Resistance + 2 Luck) WILL: +23 (13 base + 2 wis + 6 Resistance + 2 Luck)
    Init: +6 (+6 dex). Move : 60', 120' fly.

    Bab: 16. Grapple : +37 Trip : +17
    Forcelance(Huge) : + 31/31/26/21/16, 4d6+21 damage.
    Full Flurry : +29/29/29/24/19/14, 4d6+21 damage(staff).
    Unarmed : +29/24/19/14, 4d6+13 damage
    *EXTRA whenever attack made: Claws : +29/29, 1d8+13 damage.

    Skills(Total/Ranks):[111 Points] Concentration(+27/23), Know:Arcana(+28/23), Spellcraft(+30/23), Jump(+20/5), Tumble(+12/5), Spot(+7/5), Listen(+7/5), Apraise(+6/1cc), Use Magic Device(+11/1cc),
    18 skill point left
    *Intelligence raised @ lvl 4 = 17 extra skill points)
    *cc=cross class*

    Feats: [8]
    Aesetic Mage(C.Adv), Empower Spell, Twin Spell(C.Arc), Practical Metamagic:Twin(RoDrag), Sun School(C.War), Quicken Spell, Practical Metamagic:Twin(RoDrag), Practiced Spellcaster(C.Arc)
    Bonus Feats: Combat Casting, Improved Grapple, Quick Draw

    Racial Features(RoDragon) : +2 cha, -2 con. Low-Light Vision,
    Blood Quickening. [Common Meditations : *Astilabor(+20 Appraise, Eshcew Materials), Chronepsis(+20 Listen, Silent Spell), IO(+20 Spellcraft, Empower 3/day), Lendys(+20 Concentration, Still Spell)]

    Class Features: Sorc Spellcasting@Level 17(Caster Level=20), Metamagic Specialist(PHB2), Improved Unarmed Strike, Abjurant Armour(+5), Extended Abjuration, Swift Abjuration, Arcane Boost(+5), Martial Arcanist(N/A)

    LVL X (per day after Daily Buffs) - # Known - Spell list
    LVL 0 (6) - 9 - Light, Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Stick, 2
    LVL 1 (9) - 5 - Reduce Person, Shield, Benign Transposition+, True Strike, Ebon Eyes+
    LVL 2 (9) - 5 - Wraith Strike+, See Invisibility, Heroics+, Heroism, Scorching Ray
    LVL 3 (6) - 4 - Greater Mage Armour+, Ray of the Python+, Dolorus Blow+, Ferocity of Sanguine Rage#, Greater Mighty Wallop(RoDrag)
    LVL 4 (8) - 4 - Orb of Force+, Orb of Acid+, Dimension Door, Chain Missile+, Wings of Flurry(RoDrag)
    LVL 5 (7) - 4 - Arcane Fusion*, Lightning Leap*, Greater Blink+, Greater Enlarge Person+
    LVL 6 (7) - 3 - Greater Anticipate Teleport+, Superior Resistance+, (1 spent on Wings of Flurry)
    LVL 7 (6) - 3 - Arcane Spell Surge#, Energy Absorption*, Greater Teleport
    LVL 8 (4) - 2 - Greater Arcane Fusion*, Moment of Presience
    (*=C.Mage, +=Spell Compendium, #=Dragon Magic)

    *Runestaff Spells, usable 3/day each, uses spell slot(spell level)
    Cone of cold(5), Continual Flame(2), Fireball(3), Globe of Invulnerability(4), Hold Monster(5), Levitate(2), Lightning Bolt(3), Ray of Enfeeblement(1), Wall of Force: 5' radius hemispherecentered on caster(5)

    Daily Cast Buffs :
    LVL 3 Greater Mage Armour (+11 Armour to AC), 40 hour duration
    LVL 3 Greater Mighty Wallop(Collosal weapon damage), 21 hour duration
    LVL 5 Greater Enlarge Person(Enlarged), 40 hour duration
    LVL 6 Superior Resistance(+6 saves), 24 hour duration
    LVL 7 Energy Absorption (Resist:10 all energy types; can gain immunity/Heal half damage once- ends spell), 40 hour duration
    LVL 8 Moment of Presience (+20 to one roll), 20 hour duration *When used, Whin Recasts it at the first Opportunity so long as he has 2 or more 8th level spells that day*

    Languages: Common, Draconic, Goblin, Infernal

    Other Buffs:
    LVL 1 Shield (Swift Action, +9 Shield bonus to AC), 40 round duration
    LVL 1 Ebon Eyes
    LVL 2 Heroics
    LVL 2 Heroism (Standard Action, +2 Attacks/Saves/Skills), 200 Min. duration
    LVL 2 See Invisibility (Standard Action, Allows you to see Invisible/Ethereal creatures&Objects), 200 Min.duration
    LVL 3 Ferocity of Sanguine Rage
    LVL 5 Greater Blink
    LVL 6 Greater Anticipate Teleport
    LVL 7 Arcane Spell Surge

    Equipment: (760,000 GP worth)
    BOOKS : STR+2, CHA+5 (165,000)
    *ForceLance: Sizing RuneStaff of Power and Speed [+2] (85,300)
    +1 Dagger (2,302)
    Belt of Strength +6 (36,000)
    Storing Gloves of Dexterity +6 (66,000)
    [Forcelance in one Storing Glove]
    Circlet of Mental Prowess [Wisdom&Int +4] (40,000)
    Vest of Constitution +6 (36,000)
    Cloak of Charisma +6 (36,000)
    Amulet of Natural Armour +5 (50,000)
    Ring of Protection +5 (50,000)
    Ring of Sustenance (2,500)
    Boots of Striding/Springing (5,500)
    Rod of Maximize (54,000)
    (ff)Fiendish Wings (10,000)
    (ff)2 Fiendish Legs (11,000)
    (ff)2 Fiendish Arms (100,000)

    10,398 GP

    *=Magic Item Compendium, ff=Fiend Folio.

    Antimagic Stats

    STR: 28 (+9) [17 Base + 1 Level + 2 Inherent + 8 Arms
    DEX: 18 (+4) [17 Base + 1 Level]
    CON: 12 (+1) [13 Base - 2 Racial + 1 Level]
    INT: 16 (+3) [15 Base + 1 Level]
    WIS: 11 (+0) [11 Base]
    CHA: 24 (+7) [16 Base +2 Racial + 1 Level + 5 Inherent]

    HP: 106 (6d4+2d8+12d10+20)
    AC: 22 (10 Base + 4 Dex +7 Cha + 1 Class) [ Flat Footed, touch]
    Saves: FORT: +13 (12 base + 1 Con) REF: +11 (7 base + 4 dex) WILL: +13 (13 base + 0 wis)
    Init: +4 (+4 dex). Move : 50', 100' fly.

    Bab: 16. Grapple : +29 Trip : +9
    Forcelance : + 26/21/16/11, 1d6+13 damage.
    Full Flurry(Staff) : +24/24/19/14/9, 1d6+13 damage(staff).
    Unarmed: +25/20/15/10, 1d6+9 damage
    *EXTRA whenever attack made: Claws : +25/25, 1d8+9 damage.

    Background :
    Whin Zacharius Roe was born to human parents, Father a great General, Mother a powerful mage, both patriots. They had been specifically bred together in the hopes of producing a powerful weapon for their country. From the moment of his birth, the burning eyes and scaled skin let the powers that be know that they had suceeded. Whin was raised not by parents, but by the country itself, his every want and need looked after as he was trained many hours a day. He was outfitted with a Ring of Sustenance while still young, to maximize the time he could spend training. As such, Whin does not eat or drink, neither as habit, courtesy, or for pleasure. When he reached 13, he received a rather unusual surprise... A powerful devil had been summoned by the High Mage to bestow a present on the young prodigy, and Whin was taken away for a week. When he returned, having recovered from the diabolic surgery, his arms and legs had been replaced, he had large bat wings, and any childish innocence he may have retained had been whiped away by the evil influences. By the time he was 17, he could best his father in martial combat, and was nearly the equal of his mother in spellcasting.

    Over the next years, whenever he had spare time Whin would read through the extensive library on his quest for more. He taught himself the basics of martial arts, and soon learned of secret ways to harness truley powerful abjuration spells, as well as various forms of instantaneous transportation. He learned of other's like himself, of an entire Spellscale race, and set about learning all he could about them, attempting to fill in the holes he felt in himself. He realized that he shared much with them.. Curiosity, drive, a love of magic, and he also learned of their sacred rituals, which he realized he had been performing for years without even knowing it. Once he had learned what he could, he secretly destroyed the books to keep them from being used against him, and then continued with his training and work. On his 20th birthday, Whin was presented with a speciall crafted gift, a "ForceLance" they called it, it was just like him... a custom combination of martial and magical power.

    Soon thereafter, Whin was called to perform his duties for his country. His first assignment was to destroy a tribe of trolls holed up in an old dwarven mine that the country wanted to reopen. Next was a dragon; then a band of adventurers trying to 'overturn the corrupt and evil government'; a powerful Lich; a coven of hags; A Baron planning to take over; etc, etc.

    Most recently, he was sent to destroy a tribe of Ogre-magi. When he got there, however, it had allready been destroyed, and all that remained was a rather unusual goblin. Desiring to know who or what had done this, in order to discover if it posed a threat, he began questioning the goblin. To his surprise, the goblin claimed it had been he, 'Meekor', that had destroyed the tribe. Enraged by the goblin's incredulous lies, Whin moved to strike him down, only to discover much to his surprise that this goblin was, indeed, very skilled in the divine arts. This being something Whin had no experience with, he decided instead to learn what he could about this 'Meekor', and his powers. They travelled together for a short time, becoming strangely close allies for their divergent lives.. Both desired the same things above all else... power, and to be in control of their own lives. When he returned to his country, Whin lied for the first time, omiting the existance of his friend... And of the God, Boccob, that he had come to worship. A year later, Whin awoke during the night from a dream... He had seen Meekor, and a figure he knew to be Boccob, beckoning him to the Oceans, to an island. After a week of the dream repeating every night, Whin decided to figure out some way of leaving, but as it turned out, he didn't have to. The Fiendish being that his King (And parents, and most of his country) worshiped had decreed that all of the best warriors and mages were to be sent to sea, to deal with a problem that had arisen. Though they did not tell him explicitely, Whin knew from his dream that this problem extended beyond their kingdom, beyond his parent's false god and his King's desires. He also knew that on this quest, he would find true power.

    Once he arrived at the port, he quickly went about the town, secretly gathering books that he'd never had before. Knowledge, after all, was power, else why would they have tried to keep him in the dark about so much? After finding his books, he went to meet with Meekor, but to his annoyance, could not find the priest. When the boats began to sail and he still hadn't found the goblin, the only true companion he'd ever had, he quickly boarded the first boat. During the voyage, he would have much to do... Find out where they were heading and why, discover all he could about his travelling companions, see what they knew, keep up his training, find Meekor, and (if time permitted) maybe do a litle reading about the world at large. All Whin knew was that from this point on, his life would never be the same. He was done working for the Government, he would do this for himself.

    Appearance :
    Whin is a creepy looking, Imposing individual. His face is hollow and harsh, his scales seem angry, his eyes show a soul tainted by evil since birth, and his long, silver hair is spiked. He wears no armour, and his clothing consists of Red&Black shorts and vest, revealing his fiendish appendages, which have been his so long that his scales now cover part of them, making them look as if they've always been a part of him. Large Bat-like wings extend from his back, unhindered by the jewelry embroidered cloak he is so accustomed to wearing. A pair of black gloves fit his hands like a second skin, sharp claws sticking out the specially fitted holes in the ends.
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    Ichiru is a thin human male of average height. He wears a flowing black cloak and hood that he normally keeps up. A jade circlet can be seen adorning his head when the hood is down.

    (In general, I'd prefer that people not read this sheet, but if you absolutely have to, read Ichiru's part. Thanks! )

    DM - Spells Cast

    Greater Luminous Armor
    Greater Scrying

    Energy Immunity: cold
    Mindblank x2
    Greater Mage Armor x2
    Energy Immunity: acid

    Ichiru no Kawarimi

    DM - Active effects

    Mindblank - dispelled
    Greater Luminous Armor - dispelled
    Energy Immunity: cold

    Hana (brown bear animal companion)

    Improved Invis
    Greater Mage Armor
    Energy Immunity: acid

    Ichiru no Kawarimi
    Greater Mage Armor


    CHARACTER NAME : Daidoji Ichiru
    RACE (ECL) : Human (+0)
    CLASS (LEVEL) : Ninja 2/Druid 8/Daggerspell Shaper 8/Divine Oracle 2
    ... NET LEVEL : 20
    SIZE : Medium
    SPEED : 30 ft (40 ft with longstrider, 50 ft wild shape + longstrider)
    TYPE : Humanoid (Human)

    Born into House Daidoji, proud and secretive defenders of the Crane Clan in a kingdom beyond the waves, Ichiru has not had an easy life. Trained from youth to be an assassin, he was rescued by a kind hermit following a failed mission. From him Ichiru learned the virtues of nature, reflection, and patience. After a long and grueling apprenticeship, Ichiru set out to guard another forest after its druid caretaker passed on. There he found chaos and anarchy, as a small goblin army had taken over without a strong figure to organize resistance. Massing the forest's natural defenders, Ichiru drove off or slaughtered the goblins and reestablished peace in the region in a protracted campaign. During this campaign, he met the sylph Asobika, friend to the previous guardian of the land, and the two worked together to outwit their mutual enemies.

    Ichiru now uses his skills to ensure that none despoil the wilds. Having received dire omens of a threat that imperils the world, he has journeyed to the isle to stop it.

    Books used: SRD, PHB, PHB II, C. Adv, C. Div, PGF, MoF, C. War, Eb., Und, MM2, BoED, BoVD, LM, MH, C. Arc, MM3

    EXPERIENCE : 200k xp
    CASH : 760k gp

    ABILITY SCORES 15 10 14 16 16 17
    Str 16 (+3) (10/base 6/enh)
    Dex 21 (+5) (15/base 6/enh)
    Con 22 (+6) (16/base 6/enh)
    Int 22 (+6) (16/base 6/enh)
    Wis 33 (+11) (17/base 5/bon 5/inh 6/enh)
    Cha 20 (+5) (14/base 6/enh)

    FORT +15 (6/dru 2/ds 6/con 1/luck)
    REF +17 (3/nin 2/dru 6/ds 5/dex 1/luck) Evasion
    WILL +29 (6/dru 6/ds 3/divo 11/wis 2/ki 1/luck)

    Dire Tiger: Str 33, Dex 21, Con 23, Int 16, Wis 33, Cha 14, (large), nat armor 6, +4 hide/ms (8 in grass)
    w/ Growth: Str 41, Dex 19, Con 27, Int 16, Wis 33, Cha 14, (huge), DR 10/magic, +4 resist, 10' reach

    Dire Tiger Form
    FORT +15 (6/dru 2/ds 6/con 1/luck)
    REF +17 (3/nin 2/dru 6/ds 5/dex 1/luck) Evasion
    WILL +29 (6/dru 6/ds 3/divo 11/wis 2/ki 1/luck)

    w/ Growth
    FORT +21 (6/dru 2/ds 8/con 4/res 1/luck)
    REF +20 (3/nin 2/dru 6/ds 4/dex 4/res 1/luck) Evasion
    WILL +33 (6/dru 6/ds 3/divo 11/wis 2/ki 4/res 1/luck)

    Dire Bear: Str 37, Dex 19, Con 25, Int 16, Wis 33, Cha 14, (large), nat armor 5
    w/ Growth: Str 45, Dex 17, Con 29, Int 16, Wis 33, Cha 14, (huge), DR 10/magic, +4 resist, 10' reach

    Dire Bear Form
    FORT +16 (6/dru 2/ds 7/con 1/luck)
    REF +16 (3/nin 2/dru 6/ds 4/dex 1/luck) Evasion
    WILL +29 (6/dru 6/ds 3/divo 11/wis 2/ki 1/luck)

    w/ Growth
    FORT +22 (6/dru 3/ds 9/con 4/resist 1/luck)
    REF +19 (3/nin 2/dru 6/ds 3/dex 4/resist 1/luck) Evasion
    WILL +33 (6/dru 6/ds 3/divo 9/wis 2/ki 4/resist 1/luck)

    HIT POINTS : 12d6 + 8d8 +120 = 202
    Standard : 37 (10/base 8/dex 11/wis 8/force armor)
    Touch : 29 (10/base 8/dex 11/wis) 31 vs. incorp.
    Flat-Foot : 29 (10/base 11/wis 8/force armor)

    Dire Tiger Form
    Standard : 39 (10/base 5/dex 11/wis 8/force armor 6/nat -1/size)
    Touch : 25 (10/base 5/dex 11/wis -1/size)
    Flat-Foot : 34 (10/base 11/wis 8/force armor 6/nat -1/size)

    Dire Bear Form
    Standard : 36 (10/base 3/dex 11/wis 8/force armor 5/nat -1/size)
    Touch : 23 (10/base 3/dex 11/wis -1/size)
    Flat-Foot : 33 (10/base 11/wis 8/force armor 5/nat -1/size)

    INITIATIVE : +7 (5/dex 2/comp)
    BASE ATTACK : +14
    RANGED : +19 (5/dex)
    MELEE : +18 (3/str 1/enh) Dire Tiger form: +30 (15/str 1/enh) Dire Bear form: +32 (17/str 1/enh)

    WEAPONS [DC 29 poison stored]
    +1 sure striking spellstoring spellblade magebane luck blade dagger [adamantium, overcomes align DR, redirect reaving dispel]
    +1 paralyzing spellblade magebane luck blade dagger [adamantium, will DC 17 or held; redirect greater dispel magic]

    Magebane adds +2 to hit and +2d6 damage vs. arcane or Sp.
    When wildshaped the daggers become claws (slashing + piercing), but the bonuses and properties still apply.

    Auran, Common, Druidic, Sylvan, Terran

    1 free feat, 1 extra skill point/level.

    Ninja: AC bonus, 1d6 SA, ki power invisible (12/day), +2 will, trapfinding
    Druid: Wild shape 3/day, Woodland stride, trackless step, wild empathy, animal companion, +2 to know (nat), survival
    Daggerspell Shaper: Daggercast, move action wild shape, retain bonuses from gear (daggers, +str/con/dex), +2d6 SA
    Wild shape +2/day; large and tiny.
    Divine Oracle: Oracle Domain (+2 to Divination CL), +1 to Divination DC. Trap sense +1 Ac, +1 saves.
    Prescient Sense (evasion in armor).

    Casts: 8 druid + 7 shaper +2 oracle = as 17th druid (CL 20; 22 for divinations)
    Wild shape: 5/day, 16 hrs, large/tiny.
    Sneak attack: +3d6.
    Wild empathy: 7/dip +2/ha +8/dru = +17.

    Cha 1 . Able Learner (all skills cost 1 point)
    Cha 1 . Weapon Focus (dagger)
    Cha 3 . TWF
    Cha 6 . Practiced Spellcaster (+4 CL up to HD)
    Cha 9 . Natural Spell
    Cha12 . Skill Focus: Know (religion)
    Cha15 . Leadership (+5 cha, -1 companion)
    Cha18 . Fell Drain: +2 levels means spell drains 1 level from all damaged.
    ---------------[ Epic Threshold! ]---------------
    Cha21 .
    Cha24 .

    SKILLS (5+8)*(6+4) +8*(4+4) +2*(2+4) = 130 +64 +12 = 206
    I got tired of figuring out how best to fit skills/levels together. Voila, Able Learner.

    Bluff +10 (5 ranks 5 cha) +2 to diplomacy, sleight, intimidate
    Concentration +29 (23 ranks 6 con)
    Diplomacy +10 (1 ranks 5 cha 2/bluff 2/sm)
    Handle Animal +8 (5 ranks 5 cha) +2 to ride, wild empathy
    Heal +12 (1 ranks 11 wis)
    Hide +5 (0 ranks 5 dex)
    Know (Arcana) +11 (5 ranks 6 int) +2 to ka
    Know (Nature) +31 (23 ranks 6 int 2/dru) +2 to survival
    Know (Planes) +11 (5 ranks 6 int) +2 to survival
    Know (Religion) +32 (23 ranks 6 int 3/feat) +2 to turning
    Listen +16 (5 ranks 11 wis)
    Move Silently +13 (8 ranks 5 dex)
    Search +7 (1 ranks 6 int)
    Sense Motive +31 (20 ranks 11 wis) +2 to diplomacy
    Sleight of Hand +20 (13 ranks 5 dex 2/bluff)
    Survival +16 (1 ranks 11 wis 2/dru 2/kn)
    Spellcraft +31 (23 ranks 6 int 2/ka)
    Spot +31 (20 ranks 11 wis) Notice presence of active invisible creature: DC 20; unmoving DC 30.
    Tumble +28 (23 ranks 5 dex) 150% bonus on defensive action AC

    Spent 202 ranks

    Tricks: 4 pts
    Acrobatic Backstab (enemy flatfooted if you tumble past)
    Conceal Spellcasting (Sleight of hand disguises spellcasting; no AOOs etc.)

    EQUIPMENT (total 749,074 gp 4sp; remainder 10,925 gp, 6 sp in 5k diamonds, lesser gems, and assorted coins)
    Adventurer's Outfit [- gp]
    *Belt of Magnificent Battle [212,000 gp; +6 all stats plus belt of battle (see wristband below)]
    Jade Circlet of Conscious Effort [5500 gp; 1/day-Conc check instead of fort save. Also focus for shapechange (1500 gp)]
    Gem of Spell Extending [3700 gp; Extend up to 6th level sp, 1/day]
    Skill Trinket, Clarity of Vision [1000 gp; (DC 20 spot pinpoints all invis within 30')]
    Skill Trinket, Back on your Feet [1000 gp; (as soon as you fall prone, stand immediately. No AOOs.)]
    Skill Trinket, Collector of Stories[1000 gp; (+5 know to identify creatures)]
    *Starmantle Cloak [132,000 gp; perm starmantle: ref DC 15 to halve magic weapon dmg]
    *Boots of Haste [12000 gp; haste 10 rounds/day]
    Wilding Clasp x6 [24000 gp; clasped items meld but still work in wild shape*]

    +1 sure striking spellstoring spellblade magebane luck blade dagger [54752 gp; adamantium, overcomes align DR, redirect reaving dispel; reroll 1/day]
    +1 paralyzing spellblade magebane luck blade dagger [54752 gp; adamantium, will DC 17 or held; redirect greater dispel magic; reroll 1/day]
    Tome +5 Wis [137,500 gp; consumed]
    *Strand of Prayer Beads [25,800 gp; beads of healing, karma, smiting]
    Bead of healing Wearer can cast his choice of cure serious wounds, remove blindness/deafness, or remove disease.
    Bead of karma Wearer casts his spells at +4 caster level. Effect lasts 10 minutes.
    Bead of smiting Wearer can cast chaos hammer, holy smite, order’s wrath, or unholy blight (Will DC 17 partial).
    Each special bead can be used once per day.

    *Wristband of Battle, x2 [36,000 gp. +2/comp initiative 3 charges/day, spent as a
    swift action: 1 = extra move action, 2 = extra standard action, 3 = extra full round action.]

    MW Composite Longbow [330 gp; Darkwood; 1d8 x3; in weightless storage]
    Arrows, Cold Iron (20) [40 gp; in weightless storage]
    Arrows, Silver (10) [30 gp; in weightless storage]
    Arrows, Regular (40) [40 gp; in weightless storage]
    Efficient Quiver [1800 gp; weightless storage]
    Antitoxin x2 [100 gp; +5 Fort vs. poison 1 hr.]
    Cold Iron Caltrops x5 [10 gp; in weightless storage]
    Silk Rope [20 gp; 100', +2 use rope, 10 lbs.]
    Pearl of Power I x5 [5000 gp; recall 5x 1st level spell]
    Metamagic Rod, Lesser Extend [3000 gp; extend spell up to 3rd level, 3/day]
    Metamagic Rod, Silence [11000 gp; silence spell up to 6th level, 3/day]
    Thought Bottle [20,000 gp; 500 XP: store experiences; restore later]

    Wand of Lesser Vigor [750 gp; 50 charges, fast healing 1 for 11 rounds]
    Wand of Lesser Restoration [1500 gp; 50 charges, restore 1d4 ability dmg, fatigue]
    Phaant's Luckstone [1000 gp; allows one roll to be rerolled, one use]
    Antitoxin x1 [50 gp; +5 Fort vs. poison 1 hr.]
    Shadow Eyes [400 gp; nonmagic items that serve as unique targets for scrying]
    Heward's Handy Haversack [2000 gp; weightless storage, desired item always on top]
    Particular components [1000 gp; spent]

    STUFF (14gp 4sp)

    Hooded Lantern [7 gp]
    Oil x10 [1 gp]
    Shovel [2 gp]
    Waterskin [1 gp]
    Symbol x2 [2 gp]
    Tindertwig [1 gp]
    Bedroll [1 sp]
    Parchment [2 sp]
    Chalk x5 [5 cp]
    Whetstone [2 cp]
    Flask of water [3 cp]

    DRUID SPELLS: 6 5+1 5+1 5+1 4+1 4+1 4+1 3+1 2+1 1+1
    BONUS: +11 — 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 1 1

    0 - detect magic x2, detect poison, naturewatch, purify food and drink, read magic
    1 - faerie fire x2, longstrider, omen of peril x2, pass without trace, silvered claws, winged watcher, identify*
    2 - barkskin x2, blinding spittle, master air, resist energy x2, soften earth and stone, warp wood, augury*
    3 - greater magic fang x3, mass lesser vigor x2, poison, quench, spike growth, divination*
    4 - chain of eyes, flamestrike, freedom of movement, greater luminous armor, last breath, fell draining briar web, scrying*
    5 - Animal Growth x2, Death Ward, Phantom Stag, Rejuvenation Coccoon, commune*
    6 - Cometfall, Find the Path, Greater Dispel Magic x3, Miasma, legend lore*
    7 - Heal x2, Sunbeam, fell draining quill blast, greater scrying*
    8 - Leonal's Roar, Sunburst, Word of Recall, discern location*
    9 - Shambler, Shapechange, foresight*

    *Domain spell.
    Hours: Longstrider, GLA, PWT
    10 mins: Foresight, Shapechange

    Notes for use: Unicorns are SNA 4; Huge elementals SNA 6.
    3 HD: choker
    5 HD: cloaker, reason stealer, yak folk (sp, su), quell
    6 HD: intellect devourer (su), myconid soverign (ex), spectral lyricst (bard), voidwraith (con drain/suff)
    7 HD: crypt chanter (enthrall/drain)
    8 HD: entomber, quesar
    9 HD: atropal scion
    10 HD: avolakia (sp), braxat (sp, su), cinderspawn (cha drain), ghaele, immoth (poi), nethersight mastiff (su)
    11 HD: caller in darkness (permkill su)
    12 HD: hoary steed (travel, immunities), kelvezu (+8d6 SA), leonal (aura, roar), visage (4d6 SA, spawn)
    14 HD: planetar, rampager (destroys gear), thought slayer (death gaze su)
    15 HD: bone naga, cornugon, elemental weird, nightmare beast, night twist (armykiller), throne archon, psionkiller
    16 HD: adamantine clockwork horror, brass golem, ethereal slayer, great fihyr, juvenile red, ya shadow dragon, spellgaunt
    17 HD: boneyard, dream vestige, juvenile gold, young adult copper/crystal/sapphire dragon, runic guardian
    18 HD: ocean giant, juggernaut, pit fiend, slaughterking, tulani, young adult amethyst/blue/emerald, adult mercury dragon
    20 HD: adult dragon, balor, bone ooze, ethereal doppelganger, dread linnorm, ha-naga, phoenix, spirit of the land, titan, wyrmling force dragon
    21 HD: chaos/radiant dragon, demilich (su)
    22 HD: solar, mature ethereal dragon, adult rust dragon
    23 HD: hellfire wyrm, wyrmling prismatic dragon, mature crystal dragon
    24 HD: fiendwurm, tempest
    25 HD: gloom, gravecrawler (su), very young force dragon


    Close range
    Target: Quarter circle to the end of the range
    Duration: 10 min/level

    As deathwatch, but plants/animals only. You get information about their general condition as well.

    Omen of Peril
    Full-round action
    Duration: Instantaneous

    70% + 1%/level chance to accurately foretell the next hour:
    Safety - no immediate danger on the present course
    Danger - challenging but not overwhelming
    Grave Danger - life-threatening

    Nature's Favor
    V, S, DF
    Standard action
    1 min/lvl

    Animal gains +1 luck to att and dam per 2 caster levels.

    Master Air(MoF p107)
    <Trans, VSF(feather or wing bone)/DF, 1StdAct, Personal, 1rnd/lvl>
    – The caster grows insubstantial wings & flies at a speed of 90’ (60’ if in medium or heavy armor) with Good maneuverability. ½ speed going up, 2x speed going down. If spells expires/is dispelled, subject descends at 60’ per round for 1d6 rounds before falling.

    Phantom Stag(CDiv p174) TBD
    <Con(creat), VS/DF, 1StdAct, 0’ range, 1hr/lvl(D)>
    – The caster conjures a quasi-real stag-like creature that can be used for riding or combat. The stag has the following stats:
    a) AC 20;
    b) 40 + 5/lvl hp;
    c) moves at 20’/lvl (max 300’). Its hooves hover above the ground, so it is not slowed by terrain such as undergrowth, rubble, etc.;
    d) attacks with its antlers with a +10 bonus & does 1d8+9 damage (x2 on a Charge);
    e) can Trample foes of up to Medium-size by passing through the hex. The foe takes 1d6+9 damage (RefNeg);
    f) able to carry its rider plus 10 lbs./lvl. The stag gains additional abilities at higher caster levels (abilities are cumulative):
    12th Air Walk, at will for 1 round at a time & gains a +2 Deflection bonus to AC.
    14th Movement is now Flying with Average maneuverability & gains a +4 Deflection bonus to AC.
    16th Antlers gain the ‘Ghost Touch’ and ‘Wounding’ weapon abilities & gains a +6 Deflection bonus to AC.
    18th Etherealness & gains a +8 Deflection bonus to AC.

    Quill Blast(CDiv p176)
    <Conj(creat), VSM(porcupine quill), 1StdAct, Instantaneous, Ref½, SR applies>
    – Needle-sharp quills strike all creatures in a 20’ radius Spread around the caster. Each creature is struck by a number of quills determined by its size (a successful reflex save results in ½ as many quills).
    Size #Quills Size #Quills
    Up to Tiny 1 Large 3d6
    Small 1d4 Huge+ 4d6
    Medium 2d6

    Each quill does 1d6 Piercing damage and lodges in the flesh of its living target. The target takes a –1 cumulative penalty to
    attacks, saves, & checks for each quill embedded in it. One quill can be pulled out as a Standard Action, causing 1d6 damage if the extractor fails on a Heal check vs. DC 20.

    Rejuvenation Cocoon(CDiv p177)
    <Conj(heal), VSM(butterfly cocoon), 1StdAct, Touch, 2 rounds>
    – The willing subject of this spell is surrounded by a yellow-green cocoon of force. The cocoon allows the subject to move his/her limbs, cast a spell with a somatic component, draw a weapon, reach into a backpack, etc.
    The subject cannot leave his/her current location before the two round duration ends unless the cocoon being destroyed (Hardness 10 & 10hp/lvl) or the subject can teleport. One round after the cocoon forms, the subject heals 10hp per caster level and is cured of poisons & diseases. At the end of the second round, the cocoon dissipates & the spell ends.

    Storm of Elemental Fury(CDiv p182)
    <Conj(sum), VS, 1Round, Long-range, Concentration up to 4 rounds, SR applies>
    – A 40’ radius black cloud appears 200’ over the target location. After the first round, the cloud can be moved laterally 40’ as a Move Action (in addition to the Standard Action to maintain Concentration). Those below the cloud receive the following:
    Round 1: The area from the cloud down to the ground is effected by a Whirling Windstorm(DMG3.5 p94), which requires Fortitude
    saves to avoid being knocked down, negates ranged attacks, spells require Concentration checks, etc.
    Round 2: All targets in the area of effect take 5d6 Bludgeoning damage from falling rocks (no save).
    Round 3: Torrential rain falls, reducing visibility to 5’, extinguishing unprotected flames, and reducing movement to ½;
    Round 4: All target in the area of effect take 1d6 per level Fire damage (Ref½).

    Slime Wave(CDiv p180) (CDivErrata)+
    <Conj(sum), VSM(stagnant water), 1StdAct, Closerange, 1rnd/lvl, RefNeg, no SR>
    – A 15’ radius Spread is splattered with Green Slime. Each creature or object receives one Patch of Green Slime.
    A Green Slim Patch does 1d6 Constitution damage to flesh –or– 2d6 damage to wood & metal (whose Hardness it ignores) each round If not scraped off on its 1st round, the slime must be destroyed with heat, cold, sunlight, Remove Disease, or being cut away.
    At the end of the spell’s duration, the Green Slime disappears.

    Luminous Armor
    Sacrifice 1d2 str damage
    Sanc 2
    1 hour/level
    1 good creature touched

    The subject is wrapped in armor composed of light that grants a +5 armor bonus and imposes -4 to enemy melee attacks. As with mage armor, there is no associated ACP, maxdex, or ASF. The armor shines as a light spell.

    Greater Luminous Armor
    Sacrifice 1d3 str damage
    Sanc 4

    As above, but +8 armor.


    Large Construct
    Hit Dice: keep old hps
    Initiative: +0
    Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares)
    Armor Class: 39 (-1 size, +19 natural, +11 wis), touch 20, flat-footed 39
    Base Attack/Grapple: +14/+28
    Attack: Slam +23 melee (2d10+10)
    Full Attack: 2 slams +23 melee (2d10+10)
    Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft.
    Special Attacks: Dispel psionics, sneak attack +3d6, spells
    Special Qualities: Construct traits, damage reduction 10/adamantine, darkvision 60 ft., immunity to psionics, low-light vision, AC bonus, evasion, trackless step, woodland stride, wild empathy, etc.
    Saves: Fort +8, Ref +11, Will +28
    Abilities: Str 31, Dex 10, Con -, Int 16, Wis 33, Cha 14
    Skills: as original
    Feats: as original

    A psion-killer (also called a crystal golem) is 9-1/2 feet tall and weighs around 2,500 pounds. Its body is composed of sharply faceted crystal.

    Dispel Psionics (Su): A psion-killer can use dispel psionics as a free action once per round. The effect is as an area dispel in a 30-foot-radius burst. The dispel check is 1d20+10.

    Construct Traits: A psion-killer has immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, necromancy effects, mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects), and any effect that requires a Fortitude save unless it also works on objects or is harmless. It is not subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, or energy drain. It cannot heal damage, but it can be repaired.

    Immunity to Psionics (Ex): Psion-killers completely resist psionic effects that are subject to power resistance.


    CHARACTER NAME : Asobika
    RACE (CR) : Sylph (LA +5)
    CLASS (LEVEL) : Outsider 8/Fatespinner 4
    ... NET LEVEL : 17
    SPEED : 30 ft. (90' fly)
    TYPE : Outsider (Air)

    Sylphs are mischievous natives of the Elemental Plane of Air.

    Asobika's meeting with Ichiru was not by chance. Rather, it had been carefully planned by the guardian druid who had preceded him. Knowing that his replacement would need powerful assistance, he had carefully opened the places between the planes to allow a powerful but nonoppressive being from another world to come through. Ultimately, though, that druid himself was merely playing a part.

    Recognizing the hand of destiny at work in mortals' lives, Asobika sought to understand this power and harness it for her own ends. Ichiru was well-connected with the shugenja in the kingdom beyond the waves where the two first met, and Asobika spent countless hours probing them for information on how she could manipulate the stuff of reality itself. Eventually her quest led her to the enigmatic Phoenix clan, known for their mastery of magic that surpassed the normal elements of reality. Though she discovered that she could not manipulate the workings of Void as they could - her inborn sorcerous powers did not respond as their spiritual gifts did - she did learn something of the nature of probability and fate. Eventually, her whimsical nature provided her with the insights she needed to tie this interest into her spellcasting.

    CASH : 100,000 gp as 17th NPC

    ABILITY SCORES 28 point buy: 0+4+10+2+2+10
    Str 6 (-2) (8/base -2/rac)
    Dex 14 (+2) (12/base 2/rac)
    Con 18 (+4) (16/base -2/rac 4/enh)
    Int 14 (+2) (10/base 4/rac)
    Wis 16 (+3) (10/base 6/rac)
    Cha 26 (+8) (16/base 6/rac 4/enh)

    FORT +16 (6/out 1/fsp 4/con 5/res)
    REF +14 (6/out 1/fsp 2/dex 5/res)
    WILL +18 (6/out 4/fsp 3/wis 5/res)

    Note: SR 23. +4 on saves vs. fire.

    HIT POINTS : 85 (8d8 + 4d4 + 48)
    Standard : 21 (10/base 1/size 6/force 2/shield 2/dex)
    Touch : 13 (10/base 1/size 2/dex)
    Flat-Foot : 19 (10/base 1/size 6/force 2/shield)

    INITIATIVE : +2 (2/dex)
    BASE ATTACK : +12
    RANGED : +14 (2/dex)
    MELEE : +10 (-2/str)

    Note: Asobika is always invisible and continually recasts her spell-like improved invisibility before it expires.


    See equipment.

    Common, Auran, Draconic, Ignan

    * –2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, –2 Constitution, +4 Intelligence, +6 Wisdom, +6 Charisma
    * Small: As a Small creature, a Sylph gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks.
    * Sylph base land speed is 30 feet. Sylphs fly at a speed of 90 feet (good).
    * Sylphs are Outsiders, and must begin with 3 racial hit dice. As outsiders, they have darkvision 60', and cannot be raised or resurrected.
    * Automatic Languages: Auran and Common.
    * Spell resistance equal to 11+HD.
    * Spell-Like Abilities: At will—Improved Invisibility (self only), 1/day—Summon Elemental VI (large air elemental only).
    * Spells: A Sylph can cast arcane spells as a sorcerer of its outsider hit dice +4.
    * Favored Class: A Sylph's Outsider hit dice do not count when determining multiclassing penalties.
    * Level adjustment: +5. The minimum level a Sylph can start at is 8 (3 HD + 5 LA).

    Outsider - rogue and sorc skills, full BAB.
    Fatespinner - gain 4 points/day to add to save DCs. Cause another to reroll a save 1/day. Can reroll a save 1/day.

    Overall: as Sorc 16 (CL 18 for fire spells)

    Cha 1 . Bloodline of Fire (+2 CL fire spells, +4 saves v. fire)
    Cha 3 . Improved Counterspell (may counterspell with any higher level, same school spell)
    Cha 6 . Split Ray (+2: one additional ray)
    Cha 9 . Dampen Spell (reduce target spell's DC by level of spell expended)
    Cha12 . Arcane Thesis: disintegrate (effective Caster Level is +2; Metamagic costs one less.)
    Cha15 .
    Cha18 .
    ---------------[ Epic Threshold! ]---------------
    Cha21 .
    Cha24 .

    SKILLS (8+3)*(8+2) + 4*4 = 110 + 16 = 126
    Appraise +2 (1 ranks +2 int)
    Bluff +17 (15 ranks +8 cha)
    Concentration +19 (15 ranks +3 con)
    Listen +17 (1 ranks +3 wis)
    Know (arcana) +6 (15 ranks +2 int)
    Know (planes) +6 (15 ranks +2 int)
    Know (religion) +6 (5 ranks +2 int)
    Prof (gamble) +18 (15 ranks +3 wis)
    Search +17 (1 ranks +2 int)
    Sense Motive +17 (15 ranks +3 wis)
    Spellcraft +8 (15 ranks +2 int +2 synergy)
    Spot +4 (1 ranks +3 wis)

    Spent 124 ranks, Tricks 2 pts.
    Collector of Stories (+5 know to identify creatures)

    EQUIPMENT (total 87165 gp, remainder in 5k diamonds and change)
    Adventurer's Outfit
    +1 mithral buckler of M fort [17015 gp; AC 2, no ASF or ACP, 75% chance to take normal attack]
    Antitoxin x2 [100 gp; +5 Fort vs. poison 1 hr.]
    Silk Rope [20 gp; 100', +2 use rope, 10 lbs.]
    Belt of Health and Battle [28000 gp; +4 con, +2/comp initiative, 3 charges/day, spent as a
    swift action: 1 = extra move action, 2 = extra standard action, 3 = extra full round action.]
    Cloak of Charisma [16000 gp; +4 cha]
    Vest of Resistance [25000 gp; +5 to all saves]
    Cold Iron Caltrops x5 [10 gp]
    Phaant's Luckstone [1000 gp; allows one roll to be rerolled, one use]
    Component Pouch x10 [20 gp]

    SORC SPELLS: 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 5 3
    BONUS SPELLS: 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1
    SPELLS KNOWN: 9 5 5 4 4 4 3 2 1
    0 - Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Horizikaul's Cough, Mending, Message, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
    1 - Hail of Stone, Mage Armor, Protection from Evil, Ray of Enfeeblement, Unseen Servant
    2 - Alter Self, Command Undead, Greater Alarm, Glitterdust, Scorching Ray
    3 - Anticipate Teleportation, Fireball, Greater Mage Armor, Lesser Telepathic Bond, MCvE
    4 - Enervation, Greater Mirror Image, Polymorph, Ruin Delver's Fortune
    5 - Improved Blink, Mass Fire Shield, Reciprocal Gyre, Teleport
    6 - Disintegrate, Greater Dispel Magic, Planar Binding
    7 - Energy Immunity, Simacrulum
    8 - Mind Blank

    Planar binding: 3 medium elementals, 1 large elemental, 3 mephits, 3 hellhounds, 1 nessian warhound, avg. salamander

    Hail of Stone(Und p58)
    <Conj(creat)[earth], VSM(5gp jade), 1Round, Medium-range, Instantaneous, no save, SR applies>
    – Stones fall in a 5’ radius by 40’ tall Column.
    The caster makes a standard Ranged Attack against each creature in the area of effect using (caster level + Primary Spellcasting Attribute) as the attack bonus. If the stones hit, the target takes 1d4 per level damage (max 5d4).

    Greater Alarm (Spell C p8)
    Sor/Wiz 2
    As alarm, but also detects ethereal/shadow creatures entering the warded area. Lasts 4 hrs/level.

    Ectoplasmic Web (Ghost p.52)
    Conjuration (creation)
    Sor/Wiz 3
    As web, but also affects incorporeal beings.

    DM only

    CHARACTER NAME : Daidoji Ichiru
    RACE (ECL) : Human (+0)
    CLASS (LEVEL) : Ninja 2/Druid 5/Daggerspell Shaper 3
    ... NET LEVEL : 10
    SIZE : Medium
    SPEED : 30 ft (40 ft with longstrider, 50 ft wild shape + longstrider)
    TYPE : Humanoid (Human)

    Though he is now primarily a druid, Ichiru remembers enough of his ninja upbringing to know that the use of body doubles is occasionally called for.

    EXPERIENCE : does not gain XP
    CASH : none

    ABILITY SCORES 15 10 14 16 16 17
    Str 10 (+0) (10/base)
    Dex 15 (+2) (15/base)
    Con 16 (+3) (16/base)
    Int 16 (+3) (16/base)
    Wis 19 (+4) (17/base 2/bon)
    Cha 14 (+2) (14/base)

    Not sure if an inherent bonus carries over since the base creature has it.

    FORT +8 (4/dru 1/ds 3/con)
    REF +9 (3/nin 1/dru 3/ds 2/dex)
    WILL +15 (4/dru 3/ds 4/wis 2/ki) Remains under caster's absolute command; cannot be countermanded.

    Brown Bear: Str 27, Dex 13, Con 19, Int 16, Wis 19, Cha 14, (large), nat armor 5
    w/ Growth: Str 35, Dex 11, Con 23, Int 16, Wis 19, Cha 14, (huge), DR 10/magic, +4 resist, 10' reach

    Brown Bear Form
    FORT +9 (4/dru 1/ds 4/con)
    REF +8 (3/nin 1/dru 3/ds 1/dex)
    WILL +15 (4/dru 3/ds 4/wis 2/ki) Remains under caster's absolute command; cannot be countermanded.

    w/ Growth
    FORT +15 (4/dru 1/ds 6/con 4/res)
    REF +11 (3/nin 1/dru 3/ds 0/dex 4/res)
    WILL +19 (4/dru 3/ds 4/wis 2/ki 4/res) Remains under caster's absolute command; cannot be countermanded.

    HIT POINTS : 5d6 + 5d8 +30 = 40+30 = 70
    Standard : 22 (10/base 2/dex 4/wis 6/force armor)
    Touch : 16 (10/base 2/dex 4/wis)
    Flat-Foot : 20 (10/base 4/wis 6/force armor)

    Brown Bear Form
    Standard : 26 (10/base 2/dex 4/wis 6/force armor 5/nat -1/size)
    Touch : 15 (10/base 2/dex 4/wis -1/size)
    Flat-Foot : 24 (10/base 4/wis 6/force armor 5/nat -1/size)

    INITIATIVE : +2 (2/dex)
    BASE ATTACK : +6
    RANGED : +8 (2/dex)
    MELEE : +18 (0/str 1/enh) Brown Bear form: +32 (17/str 1/enh)


    Auran, Common, Druidic, Sylvan, Terran

    1 free feat, 1 extra skill point/level.

    Ninja: AC bonus, 1d6 SA, ki power invisible (12/day), +2 will, trapfinding
    Druid: Wild shape 3/day, Woodland stride, trackless step, wild empathy, animal companion, +2 to know (nat), survival
    Daggerspell Shaper: Daggercast, +1d6 SA Wild shape +2/day; large and tiny.

    Casts: as 8th druid (CL 10)

    Cha 1 . Able Learner (all skills cost 1 point)
    Cha 1 . Weapon Focus (dagger)
    Cha 3 . TWF
    Cha 6 . Practiced Spellcaster (+4 CL up to HD)
    Cha 9 . Natural Spell
    Cha12 .
    Cha15 .
    Cha18 .
    ---------------[ Epic Threshold! ]---------------
    Cha21 .
    Cha24 .

    SKILLS (5+8)*(6+4) +8*(4+4) +2*(2+4) = 130 +64 +12 = 206
    This is going to be a mess. For now let's say that he has all skills capped at 13 rather than 23, and one less trick.
    I'll do all the math as soon as I'm able to.

    Bluff +10 (5 ranks 5 cha) +2 to diplomacy, sleight, intimidate
    Concentration +29 (23 ranks 6 con)
    Diplomacy +10 (1 ranks 5 cha 2/bluff 2/sm)
    Handle Animal +8 (5 ranks 5 cha) +2 to ride, wild empathy
    Heal +12 (1 ranks 11 wis)
    Hide +5 (0 ranks 5 dex)
    Know (Arcana) +11 (5 ranks 6 int) +2 to ka
    Know (Nature) +31 (23 ranks 6 int 2/dru) +2 to survival
    Know (Planes) +11 (5 ranks 6 int) +2 to survival
    Know (Religion) +32 (23 ranks 6 int 3/feat) +2 to turning
    Listen +16 (5 ranks 11 wis)
    Move Silently +13 (8 ranks 5 dex)
    Search +7 (1 ranks 6 int)
    Sense Motive +31 (20 ranks 11 wis) +2 to diplomacy
    Sleight of Hand +20 (13 ranks 5 dex 2/bluff)
    Survival +16 (1 ranks 11 wis 2/dru 2/kn)
    Spellcraft +31 (23 ranks 6 int 2/ka)
    Spot +31 (20 ranks 11 wis) Notice presence of active invisible creature: DC 20; unmoving DC 30.
    Tumble +28 (23 ranks 5 dex) 150% bonus on defensive action AC

    Spent 202 ranks

    Tricks: 4 pts
    Conceal Spellcasting (Sleight of hand disguises spellcasting; no AOOs etc.)

    Adventurer's Outfit [- gp]
    Wand of Lesser Vigor [750 gp; 50 charges, fast healing 1 for 11 rounds]

    STUFF (14gp 4sp)

    Hooded Lantern [7 gp]
    Oil x10 [1 gp]
    Shovel [2 gp]
    Waterskin [1 gp]
    Symbol x2 [2 gp]
    Tindertwig [1 gp]
    Bedroll [1 sp]
    Parchment [2 sp]
    Chalk x5 [5 cp]
    Whetstone [2 cp]
    Flask of water [3 cp]

    DRUID SPELLS: 6 4 3 3 2
    BONUS: +4 — 1 1 1 1

    0 - detect magic x2, detect poison, naturewatch, purify food and drink, read magic
    1 - faerie fire, longstrider, pass without trace, silvered claws, winged watcher
    2 - barkskin, master air, resist energy, soften earth and stone, warp wood
    3 - greater magic fang, mass lesser vigor x2, spike growth
    4 - freedom of movement, greater luminous armor, last breath

    Hours: Longstrider, GLA, PWT
    10 mins: Resist Energy

    Notes for use: Unicorns are SNA 4; small elementals SNA 2.
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    Munthrek Ux Darastrix Thurirl, Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut.

    Name: Munthrek Ux Darastrix Thurirl
    Class: Paladin 10 / Cavalier 10
    Race: Dragonborn (human)
    Alignment: LG
    Age: 138
    Weight: 280 Lbs
    Height: 6’
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Deity: Bahamut
    HP: 20d10 (96) + 140 = 236/236
    Experience: 200,000 / 210,000

    STR 24 (+7) (16 Base, +6 Belt, +2 Manual)
    DEX 12 (+1) (14 Base, -2 Race)
    CON 25 (+7) (15 Base, +2 Race, +6 Amulet, +2 Ioun Stone)
    INT 10 (+0) (8 Base, +2 Tome)
    WIS 15 (+2) (15 Base)
    CHA 26 (+8) (16 base, +5 Tome, +5 Lvl)

    AC 41 (10 Base, 13 Armor, 7 Shield, 5 Natural, 5 Deflection, 1 Dex) (+2 Vs Dragon)
    FORT +28 (14 base, +6 Con, +8 Cha)
    REF +15 (6 Base, +1 Dex, +8 Cha)
    WILL +18 (10 Base, +8 Cha)

    INIT +1
    BAB +20/+15/+10/+5
    Speed: 20 Ft

    Melee (Dismounted)
    +29/+24/+19/+14 Keen Holy Bastard Sword +2 (1d10+9, 17-20 x2, +2d6 Vs. Evil)

    Melee (Mounted)
    +32/+27/+22/+17 Keen Holy Bastard Sword +2 (1d10+9, 17-20 x2, +2d6 Vs. Evil)
    +33/+28/+23/+18 Flaming Burst Impaling Lance +2 (1d8+9, x3, +1d6 Fire, +2d10 Fire on crit, x3 damage while charging, counts as touch attack 3/day)

    DR 5/Magic
    Light Fortification 25% Crit Failure

    Weapon Focus (Lance) (1)
    Mounted Combat (3)
    Ride-by-Attack (6)
    Spirited Charge (9)
    Dragon Steed (12)
    Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword) (15)
    Divine Shield (18)

    Racial Features
    Heart Aspect (Breath Weapon 10d6, REF 27, every 1d4 rounds)
    Immune to Frightful Presence
    +2 Dodge AC Vs Dragons

    Class Features
    Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Divine Grace, Lay on Hands (80 HP/Day), Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Turn Undead 11/Day, Special Mount, Remove Disease 2/week, Smite Evil 3/Day, Mounted Weapon Bonus (Lance) +3, Courtly Knowledge +10, Ride Bonus +8, Mounted Weapon Bonus (Sword) +3, Burst Of Speed, Deadly Charge 4/Day, Full Mounted Attack, Unstoppable Charge 5/Day

    Skills (2+Int) x 4 + (2+Int) x 19 = 46
    Ride +31 (23 Ranks, +1 Dex, +8 Cavalier +2 Synergy -3 Armor)
    Concentration +13 (6 Ranks, +7 Con)
    Diplomacy +16 (8 Ranks, +8 Cha)
    Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +14 (4 Ranks, +0 Int, +10 Cavalier)
    Handle Animal +13 (5 Ranks, +8 Cha)


    Spells Prepared 1+1 1+1
    1st: Bless, Cure Light Wounds
    2nd: Bull’s Strength, Eagle’s Splendor

    3,840 GP, 51 Lbs.

    +2 Keen Holy Bastard Sword (50,335 GP, 6 Lbs)
    +2 Flaming Burst Impaling Lance (50,310 GP, 10 Lbs)
    Tome Cha+5 (read) (137,750 GP, -)
    Tome Int +2 (read) (55,000 GP, -)
    Manual STR +2 (read) (55,000 GP, -)
    Amulet of Natural Armor (+5) and Health (+6) (86,000 GP, -)
    Ring of Feather Falling and Protection +5 (52,200 GP, -)
    Belt of Giant’s Strength +6 (36,000 GP, -)
    Ioun Stone (+2 Con) (8,000 GP, -)
    +5 Light Fortification Heavy Darkwood Shield (36,427 GP, 5 Lbs)
    +5 Mithral Full Plate of Invulnerability (76,150 GP, 25 Lbs)
    (See also mount)

    Handy Haversack (2000 GP, 5 Lbs.)
    Holy Symbol of Bahamut (1 GP, -)
    Ever Burning Torch (110 GP, 1 Lb.)
    Flint and Steel (1 GP, -)
    Waterskin (1 GP, 4 Lbs.)
    Silk rope (50ft) (10 GP, 5 Lbs.)
    10 Trail Rations (5 GP, 10 Lbs.)

    Light Load= 233 lbs.
    Medium Load= 234-466 lbs.
    Heavy Load= 467-700 lbs.
    Lift off ground= 1,400 Lbs.
    Push / Drag= 3,500 Lbs.

    Tekumo, Young Gold Dragon

    Large Dragon (fire)
    Alignment: LG
    Age: 16
    Weight: 2,500 Lbs
    Width: 5 ft
    Height: 7 ft
    Length: 31 ft
    Wingspan: 18 ft/40 ft
    Size: Large
    Gender: Male
    HP: 16d12+42= 145/145

    STR 26 (+8)
    DEX 10 (+0)
    CON 17 (+3)
    INT 16 (+3)
    WIS 17 (+3)
    CHA 16 (+3)

    AC 36 (+17 Natural, +10 Armor,-1 Size)
    FORT +17 (14 Base, +3 Con)
    REF +9 (9 Base)
    WILL +13 (10 Base, +3 Wis)

    INIT +0
    BAB / Grapple +14/+25
    Speed: 60 ft, Swim 60ft, Fly 200 ft (Average)
    Space/Reach= 10ft/5ft

    +21 Bite (2d6+8, x2)
    +20 (2) Claws (1d8+4, x4)
    +19 (2) Wings (1d6+4, x2)
    +19 Tail (1d8+11, x2)

    Cold Resistance 20

    Bluff +7
    Concentration +17
    Heal +19
    Hide -5 (-1 armor)
    Intimidate +15
    Jump +25 (+1 Str, -1 armor)
    Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +11
    Knowledge (religion) +11
    Listen +17
    Search +17
    Sense Motive +16
    Spot +17
    Swim +22 (+1 Str, -2 armor)

    Combat Expertise, Extend Spell, Hover, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (claw), Multi-Attack

    Racial Features
    Breath Weapon (Cone of Fire (6d10, Ref DC 20 halves) or Cone of Weakening gas (3 Str damage, Fort DC 20 negates)
    Alternate form 3/Day, Immunity to Fire, Magic Sleep Effects, and Paralysis, Vulnerability to Cold, Water Breathing, Bilndsense 60ft, Darkvision 120ft, Low Light Vision

    Special Mount Abilities
    Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Empathic Link, Share Saving Throws

    Spells (15% failure in armor) (as 1st lvl Sorcerer)
    0th: Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation (5/day)
    1st: Expeditious Retreat, True Strike (4/day)

    Stuff 85 Lbs.
    +5 Mithral Breastplate of Improved Cold Resistance (83,800 GP, 30 Lbs.)
    Lesser Pectoral of Maneuverability (12,000 GP, 5 Lbs.)
    Claws of the Ripper (2,000 GP, 10 Lbs.)
    Exotic (Military) Saddle (60 GP, 40 lb.)

    Hoard worth 14,000 GP

    Light Load= 532 lbs.
    Medium Load= 533-1,066 lbs.
    Heavy Load= 1,067-1,600 lbs.
    Push / Drag= 8,000

    Upon seeing Munthrek, most people are filled with awe and wonder. His skin is a shimmer of platinum scales, his eyes glowing silver. His body shape and his gait are those of a human, but he gave up that life over a hundred years ago when he heard the call of Bahamut. He was only 20 at the time, a young and brash holy warrior who had dreamed of becoming great. When his village was threatened with destruction from a roving band of Tiamat's spawn, Munthrek (then William Aversbee) stood up to this threat and drove of the invaders. Bahamut saw this and called to him, and Munthrek answered. He was reborn a Dragonborn, and has since traveled the land hunting down the dragons of Tiamat and her spawn. He has had many friends, and many names. He now goes by his draconic name bestowed upon him at his rebirth. Tekumo, Munthrek's mount and friend, also serves Bahamut. Both of his parents served Bahamut in the war against Tiamat, and were killed by by her evil dragons. Tekumo vowed revenge, and ventured forth to find his parents killers. He found them, but was no match. He was on the brink of defeat when to his amazement, a draconic looking paladin leapt in between Tekumo and his opponents. Munthrek fought and vanquished the dragons, and healed Tekumo. Since that, they have worked together to destroy the evil of Tiamat.

    Having heard of this "No Man's Land, Munthrek and Tekumo decided to journey there on their continuing hunt. A boat though, is no place for a dragon of Tekumo's size. He has decided to swim the journey occasionally resting on the deck of the ship, polymorhed into a human. He and Munthrek also have decided to act as scouts, flying above the ship to look for threats and land.

    Munthrek is on the tall side (for a human), and his scaly skin flexes with muscles. He always carries his sword by his side, even while sleeping. His body is covered in the scars of claws and teeth, proof of his many encounters with dragons. When not out hunting the evil of Tiamat, which is not often, he reads and studies. Mostly about his foes, but he also enjoys learning of history and religion. He is charismatic, and loves to lead. He will attack any evil dragonkind on sight.

    Tekumo is....well, he's a dragon. His hate for evil dragonkind is the same of Munthrek's, attacking them on sight. Even while polymorhed he retains his draconic heritage. As a human, his hair is a golden blonde the same color as his scales. His eyes and skin still seem to shimmer in the right light. In all forms, he has a very large scar along the right side of his face, a scar from the day he met Muntrek.
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    LE Wartroll (12 Monstrous Humanoid + 6 LA), Monk 1, Rogue 1

    Str: 55/+22 (16+20(race)+6(Enhancement)+8(arms)+5(Inherent))
    Dex: 30/+10 (14+6(race)+6(Enhancement)+4(inherent))
    Con: 50/+20 (18+18(race)+6(Enhancement)+3(level)+5(inherent))
    Int: 17/+3 (13-2(race)+6(Enhancement))
    Wis: 24/+7 (14+4(race)+6(Enhancement))
    Cha: 19/+4 (13+0(race)+6(Enhancement))

    AC: 51 (10+1(monk)+7(wis)+10(dex)+14(natural)+0(armour)+5 (natural armour enhancement)+5(deflection)-1(size))
    Touch: 32
    flatfooted: 41

    HD/HP:13d8+1d6+238 = 296
    Move: 40/ Fly 60

    Init: +10
    Bab: +12
    Melee: +35/+30/+25 (2d6+33+1 (15-20x2, reach 10) Humanbane falchion +3
    Ranged: +22/+17/+12

    Fort: 30 (3+2+0+20+5) +free movement
    Ref: 26 (7+2+2+10+5)
    Will: 23 (7+2+0+9+5) +mindblank

    Race Abilities:
    Special Attacks:
    Dazing Blow (Ex): The force of a war troll's blow can be overwhelming. If a war troll hits with a weapon or claw attack, the opponent must make a DC 37 (10+1/2HD+Con) Fortitude save or be dazed for 1 round. The save DC is Constitution-based.

    Special Qualities: Damage reduction 5/adamantine, darkvision 90 ft., low-light vision, regeneration 9 (acid damage only), scent, spell resistance 20, SR 40 (with mantle)
    Regeneration (Ex): Unlike with their lesser cousins, acid (not fire) deals normal damage to a war troll. If a war troll loses a limb or a body part, the lost portion regrows in 2d4 minutes. The creature can reattach the severed member instantly by holding it to the stump.

    Class Abilities:
    AC Bonus (Ex)
    Flurry of Blows (Ex)
    Unarmed Strike (2d8)
    Bonus Feat (Improved Grapple)
    Sneak attack +1d6

    Skills: 42 (2x15+4x1+8x1)
    Listen: 17 (10+7)
    Spot: 17 (10+7)
    Use Magic Device: 19 (14cc+8c+4)
    Diplomacy: 4 or 24 (0+4+20*)
    Gather Information: 4 or 24 (0+4+20*)
    *when using item

    Power Attack
    Great Cleave
    Combat Reflexes
    Improved Critical (Falchion)

    Languages: Common, Giant

    Equipment (760k):

    Combined Monks Belt (13,000gp x1,5) and Belt of Magnificence +6 (Miniatures Handbook, 200K) +6 to all stats = 219,500 gp

    Headband of Mindblank continuously (a Ring in DMG2, 110,000 gp)

    Cloak of Resistance+5 (25,000 gp)

    Hat of Disguise (1,800 gp)

    Winds of Flying (54,000 gp)

    Ring of Freedom of Movement (40,000 gp)

    Flesh Ring of Scorn* (BoVD, 8,000 gp x1,5), Sustenance (2500 gp x1,5), and Greater Elemental (acid 30) Resistance (44,000 gp) = 59750 gp

    Amulet of Natural Armour +5: 50k

    Boots of Protection +5: 50k

    Gloves of the Master Strategist (Ghostwalk, 3600 gp)

    Handy Haversack: 2000 gp

    Wand of Cure Light Wounds x4: 3000 gp

    Scroll of Haste x8: 3000 gp

    Large Adamantium Falchion of Wrathful Healing +1: 38200 gp
    (2d6+1 (15-20x2), half total HP damage inflicted on target is transferred as healing to the wielder of the weapon))

    (ff)2 Fiendish Arms (100,000) (unnamed +8 to str)

    0 gold pieces.

    [QUOTE=Darimaus]OOC: Nephyts: Ok, heres what you manage to find.

    You find all of the Tomes you are shopping for.

    Two rings of +20 Diplomacy and Gather Information.

    You find your 2 portable holes.

    Dimensional Shackles.

    Rod of Absorption.

    Mantle of Epic SR.

    Boots of Teleportation

    Gem of Seeing.

    3000 gold pieces

    (*Flesh Ring of Scorn: Crits against good aligned enemies are automatically confirmed. Can only be used by evil aligned outsiders (UMD DC 25)

    (*Wrathful Healing
    This enchantment can only be placed on a melee weapon, creating positive energy that flows to its wielder. When the weapons deals damage to a creature, the wielder heals a number of hit points equal to half the damage dealt. If the wielder already has full hit points, there is no effect. Because the weapon channels positive energy, it damages an undead wielder instead.
    Caster Level: 15th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, regenerate; Market Price: +3 bonus.)


    Yashar was bred for war in the hidden laboratories of his kingdom. The only childhood he knew was endless exersize and martial education, interrupted only by painful injections of arcanely infused drugs. Bred for war, for strength, power and near indestructability, for unwavering loyalty and flexible thinking, he was everything his creators could have wished for and more. Always at the forefront of battle, always where the struggle was hottest, he waded trough his enemies with terrifying ease and fury. Though not every major battle the kingdom fought for those thirty four years ended in victory its power grew great with his aid.
    Until one day when they needed his help elsewhere, and he set sails to win new power and glory for his country.

    Appearance and personality

    His monstrous nature is plain for all to see, when he does not disguise it, and he carries himself with an easy arrogance. Though his loyalty to his country is without fail he has a high estimation of his own worth and he will punish those poor brave fools who slight him.
    Though he's inhumanly muscular he still carries himself with a martial grace, and unlike other trolls his straight vertebrae gives him a soldierly posture. His tough skin is dark green with a black metallic tint, eyes lighter green, and teeth surprisingly white. But most of his face and head is obscured by a mask of black iron, giving him an expression of cold machinelike menace.
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    Race: Pixie
    Level: (ecl+4, Rogue 16)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Size: Small
    Height: 2 1/2’
    Weight: 30lbs
    Speed: 20’ walk 60’ fly good maneuverability
    Type: Fey

    Str 10 +0
    Dex 26 +8
    Con 16 +3
    Int 20 +5
    Wis 20 +5
    Cha 19 +4

    BAB +12/+7/+2 Ranged +20/+15/+10 Grapple +8

    AC 38 = 10 + 8 armor + 8 dex + 1 small + 5 deflection + 6 natural armor
    Damage reduction 10/cold iron, spell resistance equal to 31
    HP 103

    Fort 8 = 5 + 3
    Ref 20 = 10 + 8 + 2(Rogues Vest)
    Will 10 = 5 + 5

    Weapons & Damage
    +3 RFDP Small Light Crossbow +24/+19/+14 1d6+7 19-20x2 80ft
    +3 DPM Small Short Sword +23/+18/+13 1d4+3 19-20x2 (True Death Crystal)
    Dagger Thrown +20/+15/+10 1d3 19-20x2
    SA 8d6 (1d6 Rogues Vest, 1d6 Deadly Precision = 10d6)

    Skills	                    total		ranks		skill mod	misc		synergy
    Bluff (Cha)	              14	=	10	+	4	+		+
    Decipher Script (Int)	      15	=	10	+	5	+		+
    Diplomacy (Cha)	              4	        =		+	4	+		+
    Disable Device (Int)	      24	=	19	+	5	+		+
    Escape Artist (Dex)	      18	=	10	+	8	+		+
    Gather Information (Cha)      14	=	10	+	4	+		+
    Hide (Dex)	              33	=	19	+	8	+	6	+
    Intimidate (Cha)	      16	=	10	+	4	+		+	2 Bluff
    Listen (Wis)	              26	=	19	+	5	+	2	+
    Move Silently (Dex)	      29	=	19	+	8	+	2	+
    Open Lock (Dex)	              27	=	19	+	8	+		+
    Search (Int)	              33	=	19	+	5	+	9	+
    Sense Motive (Wis)	      26	=	19	+	5	+	2	+
    Sleight of Hand (Dex)	      20	=	10	+	8	+		+	2 Bluff
    Spot (Wis)	              35	=	19	+	5	+	11	+
    Tumble (Dex)	              17	=	9	+	8	+		+
    Use Magic Device (Cha)	      23	=	19	+	4	+		+
    Use Rope (Dex)	              8 	=		+	8	+		+
    			240 Total Skill Points

    Magic Items Cost & Book

    Amulet of Natural Armor +5 & protection +5 125,000 DMG 246
    Bracers of Armor +8 64,000 DMG 250
    Rogues Vest 18,000 MIC 130
    Gauntlet of Infinite Blades 6,500 MIC 101
    Crystal Mask of Insight 20,000 MIC 91
    Ring of Regeneration 90,000 DMG 232
    Gwaerons belt 21,000 MIC 109
    Gwerons Boots 6,000 MIC 109
    Greater Truedeath Crystal 10,000 MIC 66
    +3 Deadly Precision Metaline Shortsword 72,310
    +3 Revealing Force Deadly Precision Light Crossbow 98,335
    Everfull Mug 200 MIC 160
    Everlasting Rations 350 MIC 160
    Personal Oasis 4,600 MIC 168
    Hewards Handy Haversack 2,000 DMG 259
    80 cases of crossbow bolts
    Wand of shatter 4,500 DMG 246
    Wand of Knock 4,500 DMG 246
    Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds 4,500 DMG 246
    Wand of fireball (5th) 11,250 DMG 246
    10 exploding spikes 15,000 MIC 160
    Rod of Bodily restoration 3,100 MIC 173
    Thorn Pouch 4,400 MIC 188
    Bag of Boulders 1,400 MIC 150
    Bag of Flames 3,500 MIC 151
    Blast Globes 8,000 MIC 152
    Harrow Rod 14,000 MIC 162
    2 Orbs of Environmental Adaptaion 4,000 MIC 166
    Orb of mental renewal 3,100 MIC 167
    Rod of Force 60,000 MIC 173
    Survival Pouch 3,300 MIC 187
    Ring of Freedom of Movement 40,000 DMG 232
    Ring of Waterbreathing 6,000 MIC 128
    Bag of Holding Type 4 10,000 DMG 248
    Bag of tricks (gray) 900 DMG 248
    Belt of Hidden Pouches 5,000 MIC 74
    Blindfold of True Darkness 9,000 MIC 75
    Lockpicking Ring 3,500 MIC 114
    Total 757,245

    Chalk 3 pieces
    Flint & Steel
    Mirror Small Steel
    Oil (1-pint flask)(x2)
    Sewing Needle
    Masterwork Thieves Picks
    Ever Burning Torch
    Explorers Outfit

    Point Blank Shot (lvl1), Precise shot (lvl3), Weapon Focus Light Crossbow (lvl6), Crossbow Sniper (lvl9), Rapid Reload (lvl12), Deadly Precision (lvl15), Savvy Rogue (rogue Spec Abil 16), Dodge (racial bonus), Weapon Finesse (racial bonus)

    rogue special abilities
    Improved Evasion, Crippling Strike, Feat, Sneak Attack 8d6, Trap sense +5, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Evasion

    Racial Abilities
    Greater Invisibility (Su) A pixie remains invisible even when it attacks. This ability is constant, but the pixie can suppress or resume it as a free action.

    Spell-Like Abilities
    1/day—lesser confusion (DC 14), dancing lights, detect chaos, detect good, detect evil, detect law, detect thoughts (DC 15), dispel magic, entangle (DC 14), permanent image (DC 19; visual and auditory elements only). Caster level 8th. The save DCs are Charisma-based.

    Grift is a rogue in employ of the Useeli Court, The council of Fey directed by their gods sent a delegation to No Mans Land to assist in stopping the actions and machinations of the Disciples of Uaedo. Grift was chosen by the Useeli Court for his ability as a scout and for his skills in infiltrating harder to access locations that may hold information or items of interest to the Court. Grift tends to be more cautious about his actions and speed to battle. His cool head has saved the lives of others teamed with him in the past and though he is not delegated as the leader of this team, it would be assumed that he would manage to be a voice of reason to a leader forced to work with mortal enemies in the face of a greater evil.

    Grift doesn't look like much and that’s the way he likes it. He long ago scorned the ways of his people. He wears clothing more similar to what could be found in the realms of humans much to everyone’s dismay. If it wasn't for his effectiveness he would have been scorned a long time back. But some things are willingly looked over for value. His hair is bright blue and close cropped. His skin is a deep olive color and his eyes a bright orange.

    Pixie characters possess the following racial traits.
    • -4 Strength, +8 Dexterity, +6 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom, +6 Charisma.
    • Small size. +1 bonus to Armor Class, +1 bonus on attack rolls, +4 bonus on Hide checks, -4 penalty on grapple checks, lifting and carrying limits ¾ those of Medium characters.
    • A pixie’s base land speed is 20 feet. It also has a fly speed of 60 feet (good).
    • Low-light vision.
    • Skills: Pixies have a +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks.
    • Racial Feats: A pixie receives Dodge and Weapon Finesse as bonus feats.
    • +1 natural armor bonus.
    • Special Attacks (see above): Spell-like abilities.
    • Special Qualities (see above): Damage reduction 10/cold iron, greater invisibility, spell resistance equal to 15 + class levels.
    • Automatic Languages: Common, Sylvan. Bonus Languages: Elven, Gnome, Halfling.
    • Favored Class: Sorcerer.
    • Level adjustment +4


    The maze was confusing. It was supposed to be, but still. In any case Grift had navigated the maze to its center. Some mazes went from location to location. This one was rather nasty as it was not meant to be left. But then the worshipers of the Grey King didn’t want anyone getting through it to the sacred alter. The traps were easy to navigate as the majority of them involved pit traps or snare lines. Though the proximity magical trap did remind him that he needed to remain on his toes. He noticed it before it was triggered, the disarming mechanism cleverly hidden but in the end Grift found the stone that disarmed the trap for enough time to cross.

    Now he was approaching the center of the maze. Some would call it a labyrinth. Grift slipped through the doorway and into the sanctuary. The room was rather simple. The whole of it was centered around the alter. It was there that the object of his desire was located. The stone upon the alter was considered by the Worshipers of the Grey King believed it to be a sacred relic. But in truth the object was ages older than the Grey King when he stole it from Oberon. The power of the litch was such that the Useeli court dared not take it from him while he lived his unlife. But now that he was dead by the hands of one of his disciples there was not so much power guarding it that one skilled rogue couldn’t remove it from this accursed place.

    The stone was a masterfully carved natural diamond in the shape of a scull. Grift studied the altar. There were more than one trap guarding the stone. The mechanical one was the easiest to find and disarm. It required a series of gears to compress. A simple wedge in the gears stopped them from spinning. The magical one was a bit more difficult, sacred words must be spoken. These sacred words were dark words. Grift had researched the tombs of the worshipers of the Grey King to find such words. He was well guarded with goodly magic, often seeking clerics to assist in cleansing his mind. But the words were there. They were in a dark speech that grated the throat as much as the soul. But still he spoke them.

    Then the final trap was defeated by using a key that he had stolen a year before from the head cleric of the Grey King. Shortly before he killed him. After a soft click Grift was able to reach over and lift the stone from the altar…

    Nothing happened. Which was exactly as it should be. Quickly the stone was stowed away into a bag slung over his shoulder. It could not go into his haversack as the stone contained within it a extra dimensional space itself. There was great magic hidden with in the stone. Magic that could be used for good or evil. Some magic was not aligned.

    There was a scrape in the hall. The sound of hooves upon the stone growing closer. Grift slipped into invisibility. The sound of a huffed breathing soon followed the clacking of hooves. The minotaur had found him. Or would have. He was invisible and so couldn’t be seen. And his boots kept him from being smelled. It was strange of his footwear to hide his scent. But it did. It was one of the strange things about magic that he did not fully comprehend. But then again he did not need to know the mechanics of it so long as he understood it enough to know how to use it.

    The Minotaur huffed into the room and let out a roar at the sight of the missing stone. Normally a simple Minotaur would cause such alarm in the pixie. But this was no simple minotaur, this was a berserker. Many men and fey had lost their lives to this foul beast. He was smarter and stronger than his kin, and he was filled with unholy might.

    Grift had avoided him so far, but there was a chance that when the stone was removed there might have been something that would draw the beast. But that was not Grift’s worry. Getting past the beast was. He took to the air and flew over the monster as it was raging in a circle. Its massive maul destroyed the altar including a few other relics of the Grey King. It would not matter all that much as Grift killing of the high priest of the Grey King all but shattered the organization. And though he stood a chance in killing the monster Grift would rather just leave.

    Grift sped through the labyrinth at full speed ignoring the traps. Most traps were set to stop people from progressing not leaving. Arrow flew and lightning bolts were loosed but all trailing the fleeting Pixie.

    The stone was returned to the Useeli Court, replaced into its honored place left aside for it through out the long years of its loss. It was upon the night of his return that Grift was called again to stand before the Court. It was here that he was told that he would not be given the opportunity to rest as he usually did between missions. But then he was also told that he would not be alone in this endeavor. He would be but a part of a larger force, and under the leadership of Thearon the Bold. Grift thanked the court for their choice and left to gather his belongings. They were unable to offer him any knowledge of what may be required so he would pack heavy. This was an opportunity to bring along the kit. He had built it a while back for a long term deep cover mission. Now he would have a chance to try it out in the field. As well, even though he was not in command, Grift knew that Thearon would be hard pressed to order the Pixie around.

    Grift never left any of his belongings anywhere beyond his own reach, and more often then not slipped among the other passengers learning of what they may know of this mission. It was strange for such diverse groups to be gathered together for a common cause. Grift remained visible for the journey for the most part and was often found on deck staring out over the ocean at the other ships all plowing the ocean toward their destination. A forbidden place that has drawn the worshipers and minions of the gods. What was going on there?
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    When the Soulforger created us dwarves, many became envious of his creations. They envied the riches that the All-Father bestowed upon us and they sought to have them as their own. Our enemies were many. They banded together and waged war against us and our kin. They did this for the precious ore and gems that were given to us by Moradin himself. Thus began the War of the Gem. In the darkest days of that war, when the enemies of the dwarves were near victory, that the clerics prayed to the the All-Father for help. Hearing their prayers, Moradin gave the dwarves a boon. He gave them the knowledge of a word of power from the ancient dwarven tongue.

    This word, when carved unto a piece of armor blessed by Moradin's clerics, enabled the wearer to channel the souls of his ancestors and mold them into solid objects. The person who donned this armor became the first Guardian of the dwarves: the Mirkan Diral, the Oathsworn. The first bearer of this armor was Alfadur Bronzebeard. It was with his help that the tides of enemies facing the dwarves were routed and the War of the Gem concluded.

    Over the millenia, the role of the Mirkan Diral grew from that of a simple defender to that of a seeker of those who have wronged the dwarves since the War of the Gem. Dwarves are proud, hearty folk who have deep memories for those who have slighted them. For every slight bestowed upon a dwarf, a pages is added in the Book of Injustices. Every dwarf is given the duty to avenge a slight but it is only in the demense of the Oathsworn to go after those who are too dangerous to be pursued by others.

    Therin Grimarmor is only the latest in a long line of Mirkan Diral. When hundreds of dwarves began to have baleful dreams regarding a cursed island across the ocean, divinations were made and every attempt made at divining the source of the dreams pointed to THAT island. No Man's Land. Fearing the worst, the dwarven kings sent Therin to the island to ensure the safety of the dwarven kingdoms.

    Now he is on his way to this island on a boat filled to the brim with creatures of all races and alignments. Worst of all, there's a goblin in the boat with him. Even though his accomodations may not be to his liking, his only duty is to serve the dwarven kings. He must persevere.

    Therin Grimarmor
    Therin Grimarmor
    Male Fireblood Dwarf Incarnate 20th lvl
    Lawful Neutral

    Str 24 (14 +6 enhancement +4 inherent)
    Dex 20 (14 +6 enhacement)
    Con 34 (17+2 racial +5 level +6 enhacement +4 inherent)
    Int 19 (13 +6 enhacement)
    Wis 18 (12 +6 enhacement)
    Cha 16 (12 -2 racial +6 enhacement)

    Hit Points 434 (74+240+120)
    AC 35 (10 base +10 armor +5 dex +5 deflection +5 natural), Touch 20, Flat 30
    Init +7
    BAB +10, Grap +17
    Speed 30 ft. (base 20 ft., load 20/233, light)
    Fort +32 (12 base +12 con +1 luck +2 enhancement +5 resistance), Ref +17 (6 base +5 dex +1 luck +5 resistance), Will +22 (12 base +4 wis +1 luck +5 resistance)

    +28 Melee, Incarnum Weapon (Longsword), 1d8+27, 19-20/x2

    Medium, 4'3" tall, 178 lbs., 68 yrs old
    Rusty Copper hair, ruby red eyes, Dark red-brown skin

    Speaks Common, Dwarven, Gnome

    +16 Jump (9 cc acp)
    +28 Spellcraft (23)
    +12 Listen (7 cc)
    +12 Spot (7 cc)

    -Power Attack
    -Cobalt Charge (Magic of Incarnum)
    -Bonus Essentia (Magic of Incarnum)
    -Double Chakra - Arms (Magic of Incarnum)
    -Necrocarnum Acolyte (Magic of Incarnum)
    -Leap Attack (Complete Adventurer)
    -Shape Soulmeld - Dragon Mantle (Dragon Magic)

    Fireblood Dwarf Traits
    -+2 Con, -2 Cha
    -Medium size
    -Outsider Type
    -Dragonblood Subtype
    -Base Land Speed 20 ft.
    -Darkvision 60 ft.
    -Weapon Familiarity: Dwarven Waraxe, Dwarven Urgosh
    -+1 racial bonus on attack rolls against orcs and goblinoids
    -+2 racial bonus on saving throws against spells and spell-like effects
    -+2 racial bonus on Appraise checks related to stone or metal
    -Dragon Dodge: +4 dodge bonus to AC against creatures of the dragon type.
    -Resistance to Fire 5
    -Automatic Languages: Common and Dwarven. Bonus Languages: Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Terran, and Undercommon.
    -Favored Class: Fighter

    Incarnate Abilities
    -Aura of Law (as aura of a cleric)
    -Detect Opposition at will
    -Expanded Soulmeld Capacity +2
    -Incarnum Radiance 4/day (+5 bonus on melee attack rolls. 15 round duration)
    -Rapid Meldshaping 3/day
    -Share Incarnum Radiance
    -Perfect Meldshaper 1/day (7 round duration)
    -True Incarnation

    Soulmelds (Magic of Incarnum)
    Soulbinds: 9 Essentia Pool: 29 Essentia Capacity: 6
    Meldshaper Level: 20
    Crown: Elder Spirit, +4 insight bonus on Knowledge (arcana), knowledge (history), and use magic device checks, and checks can be made untrained. +2 increase per essentia invested. (Bound) Immune to Frightful Presence, Sleep, and Paralysis effects as if you were a dragon. Gain +4 insight bonus to Intimidate. +2 additional bonus per essentia invested.
    Shoulders: Adamant Pauldrons, Gain DR N/ Chaos where N is equal to essentia invested. (Bound) Gain 50% chance to negate a critical hit or sneak attack.
    Arms: (7) Incarnum Weapon, Gain a longsword. +1 enhancement bonus per essentia./ (7) Bluesteel Bracers, +2 insight bonus to initiative. +1 insight bonus to damage rolls per essentia invested.
    Hands: (3) Necrocarnate Weapon, Bypasses DR as if it were evil-aligned. +1 profane bonus on damage and +1 on attack rolls to confirm critical threats. Bonuses apply only when the weapon is used against living creatures. (Bound) Gain temporary essentia equal to essentia invested when you make a critical hit on a living creature. 10 round duration.
    Heart: Dragon Mantle, +2 enhancement bonus to Fort saves. Gain resistance to acid, electricity, fire, and cold equal to 3 x essentia invested. (Bound) Gain Fast Healing equal to essentia invested when at or below half of normal hit points.
    Soul: (4) Incarnate Avatar, +1 insight bonus to melee attack rolls per essentia
    Waist: (6) Vitality Belt , +4 morale bonus on Con checks and Con-based skills. Gain hitpoints equal to meldshaper level per essentia invested.
    Feet: (2)Cerulean Sandals, you can walk on water. +5 feet enhancement bonus to base land speed per essentia invested.

    Cobalt Charge:

    note: Dragon Mantle and Elder Spirit are from Dragon Magic

    +5 Soulfire* Mithral Breastplate 85,200 gp
    Ring of Protection +5 50,000gp
    Wand of Divine Power – 50 charges (CL 20) 60,000 gp
    Manual of Bodily Health +4 -used 110,000 gp
    Manual of Gainful Excercise +4 -used 110,000 gp
    Belt of Magnificence +6 200,000 gp (Miniature's Handbook, p.42)
    Incarnum Bracers 25,000 gp (bound) (Magic of Incarnum, p.114)
    Luckstone 20,000 gp
    Amulet of Natural Armor +5 50,000gp
    Cloak of Resistance +5 25,000 gp
    24800 gp left

    *Soulfire: Book of Exalted Deeds page 112

    Last edited by Avalon®; Friday, 20th April, 2007 at 06:42 AM.

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