Homebrew 4 New Duskblade Based Classes [PEACH]
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    4 New Duskblade Based Classes [PEACH]

    Description: As masters of both the martial and the arcane, the Duskblades always practiced archery, even though they did not focus on it. Several young Duskblades who were in conflict with their masters because they lacked the prowess of a close quarters combatant and prefered archery over swordsmanship abandoned their masters and banded together to form their own fighting style. As a result, instead of mastering the art of channeling arcane spells to course through a melee weapon, they learned to focus the arcane energies on a precise point so that the spell would remain long enough for a projectile to reach it's target. The Duskbows have since grown into their own organization and maintain a brotherhood with their fellow Duskblades.

    -Lose: Armored Mage (medium, heavy shields), d8 HD, spells.

    +Gain: Arcane channeling works with ranged attacks instead but is otherwise unchanged, d6 HD, spells.

    Spells Lost: 1; blade of blood, 2; bulls strength, stretch weapon, 3; crown of might, keen edge.

    Spells Gained: 1; arrow mind, 2; curse of arrow attraction, cats grace, 3; arrow storm, mark of the hunter.

    Description: Unlike the Duskbows who created their own fighting style, the Dusknives originated from Duskblades who had turned to rogues and thieves guilds for various reasons to master the arts of stealth and taking advantage of their foes weaknesses. They have banded together and created their own underground thieves guild to train new Dusknives and provide a base of operations for their frowned upon practices. Though the guild is frowned upon by those who uphold the law, and particularly Duskblades and other Dusknives for tarnishing their name, most Dusknives are not involved with the guild, come from all sorts of alignments, and train with the master and apprentice system.

    -Lose: Armored Mage (medium, heavy shields), d8 HD, Full BAB, 2+int class skills, spells.

    +Gain: d6 HD, Medium BAB, Sneak Attack (+1d6 at levels 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20), 6+int class skills, add hide, move silently, tumble, sense motive, bluff, and sleight of hand to class skills list, spells.

    Spells Lost: 2; bulls strength, animalistic power, 3; crown of might, 4; fire shield.

    Spells Gained: 2; crown of veils, cats grace, 3; phantom battle, 4; greater invisibility.


    Description: The Dawnblades were formed by a church who seeked to train holy warriors, similar to the paladins, but did not believe in abiding by the strict paladins code and instead turned to a master Duskblade to work with their Clerics to train their holy warriors. Though the Duskblade could not use divine magic, he knew much about it from his relationship with the church and was quick to discover that, for his students who could use divine magic, it was a very similar process to channel divine magic into a weapon in the same manner a Duskblade channels arcane magic. These holy warriors called themselves the Dawnblades, and in order to spread their art to others, travelled to other churches and trained those who wanted to learn, and eventually Dawnblades of all faiths began to appear.

    -Lose: Armored Mage, Spell Power, Arcane Spells.

    +Gain: Replace arcane spells with paladin spells, spellcasting is still spontaneous and the Dawnblade must still learn spells at the rate of a Duskblade, add 5th level spells to the paladin spell list. Add the inflict spells at the level a cleric would normally get them. Wisdom becomes your casting stat.

    *Level 5 Paladin Spells: atonement, break enchantment, commune, righteous might, bolt of glory (spell compendium), lucent lance (spell compendium), raise dead, flame strike, disrupting weapon, mass cure light wounds, mass bulls strength, mass bears endurance.


    Description: Though they maintain good relationships with the Duskblades who practice a similar art, the Twilightblades were never trained by Duskblades, and instead came from an organization of Warlocks who admired the Duskblades and sought to mimic their prowess. It was not very difficult for them, as warlocks have already learned the basics of channeling their eldrich blasts into weapons using hideous blows, and was merely a matter of changing the focus of their training.

    -Lose: Arcane Spells, Arcane Channeling, Arcane Channeling (full attack).

    +Gain: Eldrich Blast and Invocations from the warlock invocation list, Blast Channeling, Blast Channeling (full attack), You may use quick cast on your eldrich blast or an invocation. Charisma becomes your casting stat.

    Blast Channeling:
    Once a Twilightblade reaches third level, as a standard action you can make a single melee attack and also deal your eldrich blast damage. You can apply an eldrich essence invocation to the blast as long as it is not of the highest invocation level you can currently cast.

    Blast Channeling (full attack): Once a Twilightblade reaches thirteenth level, as part of a full attack action, you can channel your eldrich blast into your weapon as part of a full action attack and deal your eldrich blast damage once to each enemy hit during the full attack. You can apply an eldrich essence invocation to the blast as long as it is not of the highest invocation level you can currently cast.

    Eldrich Blast and Invocation Progression.

    Note: You may combine a prefix variant with a suffix variant, such as making a Dawnbow or a Twilightknife, but the spell list changes would not apply (though you are free to make your own changes to the paladin and warlock lists for different variants).
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    I like the Dawnblade lots, I find very flavorful.

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    What's a [PEACH]?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrex
    What's a [PEACH]?
    Please Examine And Criticize Honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necromas
    Please Examine And Criticize Honestly.
    On this board, you don't need to say that. We'll rip you a new one even if you don't ask for it explicitly.

    - - -

    Now, on to the ripping:

    Duskbow: Generally good. Arcane Channeling is much too strong when applied to a full ranged attack, though. The ability to deliver one vampiric touch at range is strong; getting to do it five times at will is more than strong, it's wrong. (Full attacks are dangerous for a melee character, and often require resources to set up; these limits do not apply to an archer.)

    Suggested limit: require the spell be cast in the round before the attack ("while holding the charge for a touch spell previously cast, you may ..."). By eating a round, the full attack becomes less problematic, but this may weaken the single attack too much. Suggest that, when the full attack delivery becomes an option around level 13, the single attack option subsumes casting ("you may cast and deliver a touch attack via a ranged attack as a single standard action").

    - - -

    Dawnbow: Generally good. Paladin get some spells much earlier (in spell-level) than traditional Clerics, though, so be careful granting Paladin spells even earlier than Paladins get them. Well, it's not like having lesser restoration early is a game breaker... meh.

    Suggestion: grant spells from the Cleric list, plus the two special Paladin spells (bless weapon and holy sword -- who cares about heal mount, they don't even get a mount), perhaps plus the spells from the Good domain (holy smite please).

    - - -

    Dusknife: How about regular invisibility? And darkness? And all the fun Illusion spells (starting with silent image and going on from there)? You would do well to steal from the Bard's list a bit, too -- silence would fit here, too.

    Looks good, since all I can find to fix is the spell list.

    - - -

    Dusklock: Looks generally good, though the levels should be fiddled with a bit. He should get his 2nd invocation sooner; level 6 is already juicy enough thanks to getting his 2nd iterative attack, and of course his 6th level feat.

    The power jump from 10th to 13th level is something else you might want to look at -- he goes from one attack +3d6 to three attacks at +4d6, more if he has a way to Flurry or haste himself.

    Suggestion: full attack channeling is -2d6 (so 13th level would give you one attack +4d6 or three attacks +2d6). At 20th level, single attack is +6d6; full attack is +4d6. That's still darn sweet.

    Also, consider making Eldritch Blast an Attack action rather than a Standard action, so he can make a full ranged attack that won't totally suck. If you do this, consider not allowing some blast-shape or blast-essence Invocations -- some could be unbalanced if allowed multiple times per round.

    Obviously, disallow Eldritch Glaive. It's balanced nicely for the Warlock, but not for this guy.

    Cheers, -- N

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