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    Name: Celes
    Class: Knight 9
    Race: Centaur (4 Racial HD)
    Size: Large
    Gender: Female
    oAlignment: Lawful Good
    Deity: Heironeus 
    Str: 28  (+9)  (8 pts)   <Base 15, +8 Racial, +3 Level, +2 Enhancement>
    Dex: 12  (+1)  (0 pts)	 <Base 8, +4 Racial>
    Con: 22	 (+6)  (10 pts)	 <Base 16, +4 Racial, +2 Enhancement>
    Int: 13  (+1)  (8 pts)	 <Base 15, -2 Racial>
    Wis: 10	 (+0)  (0 pts)	 <Base 8, +2 Racial>
    Cha: 16	 (+3)  (6 pts)	 <Base 14, +2 Enhancement>
    Level: 13          XP: 79,999/91,000 (13,000 xp spent buying off +2 LA)
    BAB: +13	  HP: 181 (4d8+9d12+72)
    Grapple: +26	
    Speed: 50 ft	
    Init: +1	
    ACP: -6		
    	Base	Armor	Shld	Dex	Size	Nat	Misc	Total
    Armor:	10	+13	+6	+1	-1	+3	+3	35
    Touch:	19	Flatfooted: 33
    Spell Res: None
    Dmg Red: None
    	Total	Base	Mod	Misc
    Fort:	+12	+4	+6	+2
    Ref:	+10	+7	+1	+2
    Will:	+12	+10	+0	+2
    Weapon			     	  	   Attack		      Damage		Critical	Range
    +2 Flaming Adamantine Longsword	  	 +23/+18/+13 		 2d6+11, +1d6 fire	19-20/x2	-
    +2 Flaming Adamantine Longsword  	 +21/+16/+11		 2d6+11, +1d6 fire      19-20/x2
      and  +3 Heavy Steel Shield of Bashing	   and +20                2d6+6			20/x2
    +3 Heavy Steel Shield of Bashing	 +22/+17/+12		 2d6+6			20/x2
    +1 composite (+4) Longbow		 +14/+9/+4		 2d6+5			20/x3		110 ft
    Languages: Sylvan, Elven, European 
    Darkvision 60 ft
    Knight's Code
    Knight's Challenge (7/day)
    -Fighting Challenge +2
    -Test of Mettle 
    -Call to Battle
    Shield Block +1
    Bulwark of Defense
    Armor Mastery (Heavy)
    Vigilant Defender
    Shield Ally
    Shield Specialization (Heavy)
    Improved Shield Bash
    Agile Shield Fighter
    Quick Draw 
    Shield Ward
    Skill Points: 48  Max Ranks: 16/8
    Skills			        Total	Ranks	Mod 	Misc
    Diplomacy			 +8     5cc	+3      -
    Jump				 +14	3	+9	+2
    Listen				 +7	7 	+0      -
    Spot				 +7	7	+0	-	
    Survival 			 +16	16	+0	-
    Swim 				 +1     4       +9      -12
    1 skill point spent on literacy in European.
    Equipment:						Cost	         Weight 
    +5 Full Plate Barding 				    	31,450		 100 lbs
    +3 Heavy Steel Shield of Bashing 			16,190		 30 lbs
    +2 Flaming Adamantine Longsword				24,360		 8 lbs
    +1 Composite (+4) Longbow 				2900		 3 lbs
    20x Arrow						1		 3 lbs						
    Ring of Protection +2					8000
    Headband of Charisma +2					4000
    Gauntlets of Ogre Power					4000
    Amulet of Health +2					4000
    Cloak of Resistance +2					4000
    Dusty Rose Ioun Stone	(+1 Insight AC)			5000
    5x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds			3750	
    2x Potion of Haste					1500
    Potion of Bull's Strength				300
    Potion of Bear's Endurance				300 
    Total Weight: 144 lbs	Money: 249 gp
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	400	613	920	1840	4600	
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'11"
    Weight: 2,000 lbs
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Auburn
    Skin: Tanned
    From the waist down Celes has the body of a chestnut brown mare, in peak condition and radiant health. Above the waist her body is that of a young adult woman, just as trim and powerful as her equine half. She has the build and stance of a seasoned warrior, contrasting rather strikingly with the wide, innocent eyes that gaze from an angelically pretty face framed by long curls of deep red-brown hair. The fierce light that comes into those eyes in battle should dispel any lingering doubts, though: she may be rather naive, but she's very far from defenseless or weak.

    Celes is typically cheerful and self-assured, always interested in new people or things and always happy to chat. She's naturally quite trusting and tends to assume the best of people until she's proven wrong. Likewise, her tendency is to make the best of whatever situation she finds herself in. She has most of the characteristic knightly virtues - valour, honour, grace, and ardent loyalty. She also has most of the characteristic knightly flaws - a tendency to pride and vanity, a stubborn streak a mile long, and a tendency to paint the canvas of her worldview in broad strokes of black and white while neglecting the subtler nuances and shades of grey.

    Her expulsion from her Order and her subsequent ignominious betrayal have understandably left her usual optimism and confidence somewhat shaken. It seems likely that it may take her some time to bounce back and come to terms with her new circumstances.

    In a frontier town on the edge of a great forest, the humans began to chop trees and clear land to extend their agricultural potential and feed hungry mouths. A tribe of centaur who had been on the land before their arrival objected, sending an emissary to ask for an end to the activities. The envoy was received with open hostility by the suspicious and bigoted magistrate, and upon making his plea in more impassioned and forceful tones the order was given for his execution. Before long the village was in open war against the centaur tribe. They called for reinforcements from the nearest town, pleading that they were under attack by savage natives of the forest who wouldn't listen to reason.

    A force of knights from the town's chapter of the crown's Argent Order arrived as their reinforcement, and the impetuous young commander leading them took the villagers and their magistrate at their word. He launched a full-scale assault on the centaur tribe and with superior numbers, equipment and training his force soon won the day. It was only after the tribe's numbers had already been decimated that one of the centaur, grievously wounded, finally let go of his pride long enough to plead for mercy just before he died - not for himself, but for his tiny daughter.

    Such selfless sentiment struck deep, undermining the righteous anger of the commander, and he called a halt to the attack. Sheathing his sword and approaching another of the survivors, he demanded that the centaur explain events as he understood them. He was mortified by what he heard, as he realized the depth of the mistake he had made. He knew there was nothing he could do to make his actions right, with the tribe already shattered, but he resolved to do all he could. Finding that the centaur child had no relations or friends to take care of her among the survivors he started by taking her away with him, determined to give her the best possible life he could.

    He went further as well, appealing to the King and seeing that the village magistrate was unseated and harshly punished, and that in future the village would abide by the wishes of their fallen foes and live in harmony with the land.

    The centaur girl, meanwhile, he brought up as his own daughter. It was certainly an extraordinary arrangement, but for a relationship that had started so unhappily it brought both of them a great deal of joy. The girl, named Celes, never knew why it was that this man had taken her in and fostered her, but she loved him and was happy under his guardianship and tutelage. He taught her what he knew best - arms, and the code of chivalry. In putting special stress on the latter, perhaps he hoped to make up for his own dereliction of it in regard to her people.

    Happily for him, he never had to explain the circumstances of her adoption; he was killed in action when she was still young. She was allowed to stay on in the Order - she had many friends there, as had her late foster-father, and she was after all one of its most promising initiates despite the incongruity of a centaur in a knightly order. It was not easy for her to achieve acceptance, but for her skill and diligence she did at least achieve respect. She was a fierce warrior, loyal to the Order above everything, and she quickly also developed skills that made her especially valuable - her heritage gave her a natural empathy for the wild which she was encouraged to develop, since a knight who could track, navigate and interpret the weather would always be an asset on any protracted mission.

    And yet for all that, not all were ready to accept her presence in the Order. There were those within the Order who couldn't come to terms with the favored position enjoyed by a Centaur - a savage creature, little better than an Orc or an Ogre - and then there were others, outside the Order, who had reasons to hate her father. In truth, the young Knight who caused her downfall was but a pawn, sacrificed for the designs of others who wanted to destroy their old enemy's foster-daughter but had more sense than to tangle with the Order themselves. With poison duly poured into his ear by those others, he let slip an unpleasant remark insinuating the true reasons for her adoption, and in her passion she had challenged him then and there to a duel.

    Dueling was of course strictly forbidden between members of the order - a superior had immediately stepped in to prevent it.

    It did not stop there, though. Her enemy tormented her incessantly with snide remarks and jibes. It was more than she could bear, and more than once she had to be physically retrained (no small feat) and disciplined for her rash action. Of course, the Order's leaders were not so blind that they couldn't see that she was being goaded and pushed, and her adversary faced his share of disciplinary action. Ultimately, as the feud escalated, they were both given a final warning: stop their disruption, or leave the Order.

    It was an impossible ultimatum to accept. The loathing between the two had grown to the point where it couldn't be contained, and within a few days there had been another incident and the two were caught fighting in the courtyard. Both parties were, with the greatest of regret, ejected from the Order, and there was quiet glee in certain very un-knightly quarters.

    Feeling lost and wronged, wracked by the constant knowledge that she had let everybody down, Celes had nowhere to go. There was only one thing still clear to her - she would have her revenge on her tormentor. Though they had been made to leave seperately and every care had been taken that they wouldn't easily find each other, it was only a matter of time before Celes managed to track him down. She got a message to him, challenging him to a duel to finally end their feud. He accepted, and on the due day she set off with grim determination, knowing that she was his better in single combat and that today she could finally put an end to the matter.

    When she came to the appointed place, it was deserted. There was no sign of her opponent. She waited for some time, looking around keenly for him. Finally her patience was rewarded - not with the arrival of her enemy, but with a sharp blow to the back of the skull that rendered her instantly unconscious.

    After that she has vague memories of darkness and rough movement, the air stale and dusty and her limbs contorted and restricted by the sack into which she'd been unceremoniously bundled.

    Knowing of a portal to a plane where, so it was said, nothing could escape, her enemies had resolved upon their course of action. To kill her would be too dangerous - if the Order found out, there were still those there who might seek to avenge her. Safer, then, for her simply to disappear.

    HP: 137/166
    11 Arrows remaining
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    Ser Eoghan of Bendooragh

    Male Human Paladin 3 | Blackguard 10
    Lawful Evil (Good)

    Str 22 -- (8 pts) +1 LA +6 Gauntlets
    Dex 10 -- (2 pts)
    Con 14 -- (6 pts)
    Int 10 -- (2 pts)
    Wis 14 -- (6 pts)
    Cha 17 -- (8 pts) +2 LA

    Hit Points 117
    AC 10
    Init +0
    BAB +13/+8/+3, Grap +16
    Speed 30 ft. (unarmored)
    Fort +13 (Base 8 + 2 CON + 3 Dark Blessing)
    Ref +7 (Base 4 + 0 DEX + 3 Dark Blessing)
    Will +9 (Base 4 + 2 WIS + 3 Dark Blessing)

    +19/+14/+9 Any Melee
    +13/+8/+3 Any Ranged
    +1 Adamantine Spiked Gauntlets +20/+15/+10 1d4+7 x2

    Medium, 6'2" tall, 180 lbs., 28 yrs old
    Curly Shoulder Length brown hair, deep brown eyes, full beard

    Speaks European

    +19 Handle Animal
    +5 Hide CC
    +5 Knowledge Religion
    +18 Ride
    +2 Listen
    +2 Spot

    1st-Power Attack
    3rd-Improved Sunder
    6th-Weapon Focus Greatsword
    9th-Improved Critical Greatsword
    12th-Mounted Combat

    Blackguard Traits
    -Aura of Evil
    -Detect Good
    -Poison Use
    -Dark Blessing (Cha modifier to Saving Throws)
    -Smite Good 3/day
    -Command Undead (As cleric 2 levels lower)
    -Aura of Despair
    -Sneak Attack +3d6
    -Fiendish Servant
    -Lay on Hands (1/day, cure Cha Bonus x Level = 5x13 = 65)
    -Literacy (European)

    Human Traits
    -4 Skill Points at 1st Level
    -1 Skill Point per level
    -Extra 1st level feat


    Eoghan comes from a long line of holy knights, his family usually leading the order. So all his life he and his younger brother had been working hard to be the best possible, as the eldest, all assumed the mantle would fall to him once his father died. As the leader of this order, he would possess all the power and wealth a man could dream; a lady in waiting was promised to the leader as well, the couple to be married at the passing of the mantle.

    After the death of his father his brother was chosen in lieu of him. Instead of accepting the responsibility of second in command, as was deemed his duty and honored with the gift of one of the order's most prized weapon and armor, he tore off his order's emblem and stormed out of the hall. That evening he requested a private meeting with his brother, who graciously obliged him, not wanting to insult his elder brother anymore than had already occurred.

    At the meeting, he met the new leader of his order, his younger brother, three years his junior, with a beautiful new wife; his wife. Once he entered into the room, his new leader and new sister stood to greet him with a hug, but instead, our once noble knight plunged a dagger into his heart, killing him with a thrust and a slight twist. The woman shrieked with abject terror. Pulling the knife out, without wiping the blade, he grips the woman by her soft hair, jerking her head unnaturally back. Slowly and methodically, with as much malice as his still, cold hands can manage, he digs the double edged knife across her beautiful, slender throat, ending her maniacal sobs and cries.

    The door bursts open with half a dozen armed guards, looking on the murderous scene with nauseating surprise. Upon seeing these men surround him with sword-points aimed at his unarmored flesh, he unceremoniously dumps the womanĺs slender body onto the floor and drops the blade with a clang, raising his hands in surrender.

    Within hours, he was condemned, stripped of all titles, land, honors, and awards, as well as his newly forged equipment. Furthermore, startled at the sheer malevolence displayed in his premeditation, he was banished by the head of the priestly order. Not since the time of his great-grandfather, some 90 years ago, had someone been banished. And it wasn't until the moment of this strange, unused magic being cast, that he shed his first tear.


    Late twenties, full, thick brown beard, with deepset brown eyes under a prominent brow, topped by shoulder-length lightly wavy brown hair. He is quite tall with a good build, broad shoulders portray a well-toned body. He has a strong chin and a very pleasant smile. Eoghan is very well groomed.


    Eoghan seems to be spoiled in the slightest sense. He likes things to go his way and does not like it when they do not. He is quick to anger, but does not have outbursts, instead he simmers and seethes. He keeps his few friends close to him, but he has the wit to banter with anyone, even though he feels superior to them all.
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    Build & Workings

    NAME: Valak
    HEIGHT: 8'4"
    WEIGHT: 334lbs
    AGE: 297 - He's undead, so age cat's seem irrelevant
    RACE: Goliath (LA+1)
    TEMPLATE: Deathknight (LA+4)
    HD: 7d12
    Classes: Fighter 1
    Dungeon Crasher 5
    Blackguard 1

    Languages: Gol-Kaa, European Faerunian.

    HP: 66 (12+[6x9])

    AC: 35 (base 10 + 9 Heavy Plate + 5 nat. armour + 3 ring of protection, +3 amulet of nat. armour + 5 armour enchantment)
    Touch: 13 (Base 10, +3 Ring of protection)
    Flatfooted: 35

    Str: 30 (base 16,+4 Racial,+4 Template,+2 Gauntlets Ogre power,+4 Girdle Giant strength)
    Dex:10 (base 12, -2 Racial)
    Con:0 (12) (base 10, +2 Racial, N/A from undead)
    Int: 11 (base 10, +1 @ level 4)
    Wis: 16 (base 14, +2 Template)
    Cha: 17 (base 15, +2 Template)

    Fort: 4 (base 4, N/A - undead ability negates saves unless effect causes objects to save)
    Ref: 1 (base 1)
    Will: 4 (base 1, +3 wisdom bonus)

    Balance -8 (Base 0, ACP -8)
    Climb +5 (base 0, +5 str, -8 ACP)
    *Hide -3 (5 ranks, -8 ACP) [4pts @1st, 4pts @ 2nd, 2pts @3rd] - Xclass
    Intimidate 7 (4 Ranks, +3 cha) [2pts @ 4th, 2pts @ 5th) - Xclass
    *Knowledge (Religion) 2 (2 Ranks) [4pts @ 1st]
    Swim -8 (ACP -8)
    >Sense Motive 4 (2 Ranks, +2 racial ability) [2pts @ 6th, 2pts @ 7th] - Xclass

    1st : Power Attack
    1st : Improved Bullrush
    3rd : Knockback
    4th : Combat Reflexes
    6th : Dodge

    Goliath Abilities:
    Powerful Build (treat large weapons as medium)
    Mountain movement (climb at half speed with no penalty)
    +2 Sense Motive

    Fighter & Dungeon Crasher Abilities:
    Simple Weapon Proficiency
    Martial Weapon Proficiency (Composite Longbow)
    Light Armor Proficiency
    Medium Armor Proficiency
    Heavy Armor Proficiency
    Bonus Feat at 1st level (Power attack)
    +4 Bonus to save vs Traps
    +4 AC Bonus vs Traps
    +10 Bonus to Strength checks to break door, wall, etc.
    Bullrush target into solid object for 8d6+(Strength modifier x3)

    Deathknight Abilities:
    Aura of Evil (as 7HD)
    Detect Good (at will)
    Poison Use
    Natural Armour +5
    Touch attack d8+3+1Con (DC 16 save) - unlimited
    Abyssal Blast 7d6 (DC 16 save) - once per day, 20' radius
    Fear Aura (Creatures less than 5HD within 15' must save DC 16 or be shaken
    Undead Followers - is this going to apply? I didn't think so, so I'll leave it for now...
    Damage Reduction 15/+1
    Spell Resistance 20 (+1 per HD over 10)
    Summon Mount (upto half Deathknight HD)
    Turn Immunity
    Undead Traits

    Full Stats
    Name: Valak Killanok
    Class: Fighter / Dungeon Crasher / Blackguard
    Race: Goliath
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Deity: Orcus
    Str: 30(24) +10 ( 10p.)   Level: 1 / 5 / 1      XP: 0
    Dex: 10 +0 ( 4p.)         BAB: +7/+2            HP: 66 (7d12)
    Con: 12(0) +1 ( 2p.)      Grapple: +17          Dmg Red: 15/+1
    Int: 11     +0 ( 2p.)     Speed: 25'            Spell Res: 20
    Wis: 16     +3 ( 6p.)     Init: +0              Spell Save: -
    Cha: 17 +3 (8p.)          ACP: -8               Spell Fail: 45% 
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +9    +0    +0    +0    +5    +11    35
    Touch: 13              Flatfooted: 35
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      4    +0    +0    +4/-
    Ref:                       1    +0    +0    +1
    Will:                      1    +3    +0    +4
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Goliath Greathammer      +20     3d6+18        20x4
    of Thundering+3
    Sickle, large            +17     1d8+10        20x2
    Languages: Common, Gol-Kaa
    Powerful Build
    Mountain movement
    +2 Sense Motive
    Simple Weapon Proficiency
    Martial Weapon Proficiency (Composite Longbow)
    Light Armor Proficiency
    Medium Armor Proficiency
    Heavy Armor Proficiency   
    Bonus Feat at 1st level
    +4 Bonus to save vs Traps
    +4 AC Bonus vs Traps
    +10 Bonus to Strength checks to break door, wall, etc.  
    Bullrush target into solid object for 8d6+(Strength modifier x3)
    Aura of Evil
    Detect Good
    Poison Use
    Natural Armour +5
    Touch attack d8+3+1Con (DC 16 save)
    Abyssal Blast 7d6 (DC 16 save)
    Fear Aura
    Undead Followers
    Damage Reduction 15/+1
    Spell Resistance 20
    Summon Mount
    Turn Immunity
    Undead Traits
    1st : Power Attack
    1st : Improved Bullrush
    3rd : Knockback
    4th : Combat Reflexes
    6th : Dodge
    Skill Points: 20       Max Ranks: 28/14
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Balance                    0    +0     -8    -8
    Climb                      0    +5     -8    -3
    *Hide                      5    +0    -8    -3
    Intimidate		   4    +3    +0    +7
    *Knowledge (Religion)      2    +0          +2
    Swim                       0    +0    -8    -8
    >Sense Motive              5    +0          +5
    *Cross-class skill
    >Goliath Trait
    Equipement			    Cost    Weight
    Sickle, large masterwork	     312     4.00		    
    Goliath Greathammer, large
     of Thundering +3		   20,060    60.00
    Noble's Outfit		             75      1.00
    Heavy Plate +5		           32,150   100.00
     of Quickness
    Armour Spikes                        50
    Signet Crest                         50
    Riding Straps                        200
    Half Cape (yellow pelisse)           10      1.00
    Silk Sash (Yellow)                   4
    Holy Text                           100      3.00
    Money Belt                           4
    Banner                              150      10.00
    Platinum & Red Spinal Armband       250
    Platinum & Red Spinal Necklack      650
    Platinum & Red Spinal Bracelet      350
    Gauntlets of Ogre Power            5,000
    Ring of Protection +3             16,000
    Amulet of Natural Armour +3       16,000
    Belt of Giant Strength +4         16,000
    Bag of Holding (small)             2,500     15.00
     Grappling Hook			     1        4.00
     Rope, silk (50 feet)		    10        5.00
    Total Weight:194lb      Money:5pp 24gp 0sp 0cp
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                532   1064  1600 3200  8000
    Age: 297
    Height: 8'4"
    Weight: 334lb
    Eyes: Orange glow
    Hair: None
    Skin: Grey, ragged

    Valak, although undead, has not completely decomposed. His bones retain much of it's fleash, skin and muscle tissue, which although looks black and rotting, emmits no foul odour. His face is almost skeletal; The skin drawn tightly, distorting his features into a perpetual grin, revealing unnaturally sharp teeth, while his eyes remain unmoving, burning with a feirce reddish-orange fire.

    Valak's Blackend armour is covered with small yellow gliphs which are deeply etched into the armours surface, each radiating its own pulsing glow. Each individual plate and spike is also edged with the same strange material, as is the circular crest emblazoned on the breastplate depicting a hammer over a bear's paw print. Hanging over his right shoulder he wears a yellow pelisse with a thick, black fur trim. His standard and sash are of the same yellow, and all three items seem unravaged by time. His standard is affixed via several small catches to the back of his armour; The standard itself being made of light, flexible wood. The flag itself is of layerd yellow silk. A large black paw print resides in the centre, a metallic greathammer sits atop it diagonally. His yellow sash hang from his waist, concealing his moneybelt. His bag of holding hangs from his left hip, along with a curious, yet beautiful looking book, which hangs from a small chain. Valak's most immediately eye-catching aspects are the jewels that he adorns himself with. Clasped around the plates of his left arm he wears an ornate platinum armband set with bright red stones. The elven craftmanship is obvious to even the most untrained eyed. Valak also wears a matching bracelet and necklace of the same workmanship.

    Probably the most striking of things is his Goliath greathammer. The massive head glows softly, filling the air with an audible hum. The hammer too is etched with strange markings, but unlike his armour the runes glow a fierce white. Wild energy cackles and leaps around its head and the top of the haft; A solid piece of darkwood wrapped in a thin sheet of adamantium with a twisted silver wire grip.

    Valak is a quiet person. He says little, and when he does it's usually short and to the point. He prefers to 'sit back' and evaluate people; Keeping his eye out for people he could use, and more importantly, those who could be a threat. He is quite skepticle when it comes to things like trust; Being quite selfish himself, he struggles to comprehend why anyone would sacrifice themselves for another - though he keeps this to himself. He has no problem with others sacrificing themselves for him. He has little or no sense of humor. What remains is somewhat twisted - he'd probably giggle to himself at the thought of burying his own sense-of-humor... Another strange thing of note is the way he talks. Valak has lived too long in isolation, walking the surface world and underdark for nearly three centuries has had a strange impact on his psyche - he refers to himself in plural. Another streak of his persona shows him as somewhat competitive. He likes to throw his weight around and show off his physical power - which he knows he excels at. He reservedly withdraws from combat, thinking himself as an extreeme force to be reckoned with, but when he knows he's outmatched he'll retreat without hesitation. He has no qualms about cold-blooded killing, as long as there is some justification. He views torture through the same eyes. As far as he is concered, they are both tools.


    Throughout his life Valak always had a taste for finer things, like gold and jewels. He inherited these traits from the people he grew up around; Humans. Valak was exiled at birth for reasons he did not understand until many years later. Only when he was fully grown did venture out to find answers.

    The answers he found were with him all along. Upon meeting a wisened-one of his own race; a fellow exile no-less,and he became aware of his body's skin patterns and their relevance to his future, and his past further more. He began to believe his destiny was great, and this soon turned into an infactuation. He began to stop at nothing to get what he wanted. So obessed with power Valak began corsorting with beings of the lesser planes through underground cults using money from his adventuring exploits.

    It was this that both saved him, and condemned him. Upon his death his soul was returned to his broken body by a greater deamon to continue upon his path for power - the demon relishing in the thought of both the damage Vivek was yet to wreak on the material plane, and the destruction of Viveks souls by his own hands - when Vivek gives up his unlife...

    For nearly 3 lifetimes Valak had roamed Faerun; Searching for the very thing he now held in his hands. The Book. Ages old, possibly eons, it stood unaffected by the ravages of time. Valak laughed inside, he too had defied nature. Taking the book he turned and left... Now he had all the clues he needed to pinpoint the location of the portal...

    The man was naked, tied up in a kneedling position in the centre of the raised black marble dias, a terrified look in his eyes. Surrounding the dias were rank upon rank of darkly clad figures. The sounds of ritual murmuring filling the room. A loud voice cut cleanly above the other, "You have been chosen, fear not the paradise we send yo.." he abruptly trails off as a harrowing scream echos up the cave, accompanied with the clatter of hooves.

    Quick to recover from confusion the acolytes took no chances; picking up weapons and forming ranks at the cavern entrance, ready to defend. Suddenly, from within the midst of their ranks, a huge ball of blue-yellow fire erupted, washing over them, igniting hair and clothing alike... Only one figure remained at the carvern entrance. An 8 foot hulk sat atop a fire breathing, jet black steed of pure muscle and malice. Slowly he dismounted, walking over the carnage he had wought to step up onto the dias. He moved toward the naked man. The naked man, seeing this monsters approach could not help but whimper. "I came not for you" Valak stated as he tossed the man from the dias. "I came for this" he said, more to himself as he gazed at the intricate glyths cut into the dias.

    There Valak waited. The naked man ran off, but that was of no concern, neither were the burnt corpses that litterd the cold stone floor. He was here. Finally he could escape his fate. His soul belonged to a Demon; a gift apparently. Unlimited life and great power. But on departing his undead form, he would become the demons plaything. Valak had other ideas. Erannathal is Valak's destination - a place between places, a world between worlds, a plane between planes. A place old and forgotten to the men and Elves of the world... But more importantly, forgotten too to Gods & Demons...
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    Xing'dao Li
    Male Illumian Monk 2/ Warlock 3/ Ur-Priest 2/ Sacred Fist 6
    Chaotic Evil

    Str 12 -- (4 pts)
    Dex 14 -- (6 pts)
    Con 14 -- (6 pts)
    Int 14 -- (6 pts)
    Wis 22 -- (8 pts) +3 level +4 enhancement
    Cha 16 -- (2 pts) +6 enhancement

    Hit Points 95 (3d6+10d8+26)
    AC 23 (10 +1 monk +2 sacred fist +2 armor +6 wis +2 dex), Touch 21, Flat 21
    Init +2
    BAB +10, Grap +11
    Speed 50 ft. (base 30 ft, load 6/43, none)
    Fort +11 (9 base +2 Con), Ref +11 (9 base +2 Dex), Will +19 (11 base +6 Wis +2 Iron Will)

    +11 Melee, Unarmed Strike, 3d6+1, 20/x2
    +12 Ranged Touch, Eldritch Blast, 2d6, 60'

    Buffed Stats
    Str 18 -- (4 pts) +6 enhancement
    Dex 14 -- (6 pts)
    Con 14 -- (6 pts)
    Int 14 -- (6 pts)
    Wis 22 -- (8 pts) +3 level +4 enhancement
    Cha 16 -- (2 pts) +6 enhancement

    Hit Points 102 (3d6+10d8+26+7 temp)
    AC 23 (10 +1 monk +2 sacred fist +2 armor +6 wis +2 dex), Touch 21, Flat 21
    Init +2
    BAB +13, Grap +17
    Speed 50 ft. (base 30 ft, load 6/43, none)
    Fort +11 (9 base +2 Con), Ref +11 (9 base +2 Dex), Will +19 (11 base +6 Wis +2 Iron Will)

    +17/+12/+7 Melee, Unarmed Strike, 3d6+4, 20/x2
    +14 Ranged Touch, Eldritch Blast, 2d6/x2, 60'

    Medium, 6'11" tall, 220 lbs., 34 yrs old
    Bald, dark green eyes, pale olive skin

    Speaks Asian, European, Russian, Illumian

    +9 Bluff (6 base +3 Cha)
    +13 Concentration (11 base +2 Con) (+15 if glyphs are not suppresed)
    +12 Heal (6 base +6 Wis) (+14 if glyphs are not suppresed)
    +7 Knowledge -Arcana (5 base +2 Int) (+9 if glyphs are not suppresed)
    +7 Knowledge - The Planes (5 base +2 Int) (+9 if glyphs are not suppresed)
    +10 Knowledge - Religion (8 base +2 Int) (+12 if glyphs are not suppresed)
    +18 Spellcraft (15 base +1 cross-class +2 Int) (+20 if glyphs are not suppresed)
    +12 Tumble (10 base +2 Dex)
    +6 Listen (0 base +6 Wis) (+8 if glyphs are not suppresed)
    +6 Spot (0 base +6 Wis) (+8 if glyphs are not suppresed)

    -Iron Will
    -Stunning Fist (bonus) 5/day
    -Spell Focus (Evil)
    -Combat Reflexes (bonus)
    -Combat Casting
    -Extend Spell
    -Persistent Spell

    Illumian Traits
    -Humanoid (human)
    -Medium Size
    -30 ft. base ft.
    -Luminous Sigils (su): Floating sigils around an illumians head shed off light equal to a candle. Can be suppresed as standard action but sigil benefits and illumian words are suppresed or can't be used. Can be restored as a free action.
    -Glyphic Resonance (ex): All symbol-based spells (e.g. all spells with glyph, rune, sigil, or symbol in their name) have no effect on the illumian if his level equals or exceed the spell's caster level (he is rendered immune to their effects) or else he gains a -4 racial penalty to the saves if his level is less than the spell's caster level.
    -Power Sigils (su): These sigils can be discerened from the other sigils around an illumian's head with a DC 10 spot check and identified by a DC 15 Knowledge (Arcana) check

    The sigils below are the ones that I am planning on taking:

    *Hoon: +2 bonus on Wis & Con checks and Wis & Con-based skill checks
    *Naen: +2 bonus on Int checks and Int-based skill checks

    -Illumian Words (su): Combination of two power sigils grants benefits

    The power word below are the ones that I am planning on taking:

    Naenhoon: 2/day Divine Metamagic effect

    +2 racial bonus on saves against spells with the shadow descriptor

    Superior Literacy: Illumians are always literate. Speak Language is always a class skill.

    Automatic Languages: Common and Illumian. Bonus Languages: Any except for secret languages

    Favored Class: Any. Illumian paladins and monks can leave those classes and return to them w/o penalty

    Monk Abilities
    -Unarmed Strike
    -AC Bonus
    -Flurry of Blows

    Warlock Abilities
    -Eldritch Blast 2d6
    -Detect Magic at will CL 3
    -DR 1/ Cold Iron

    Ur-Priest Abilities
    -Rebuke Undead 6/day

    Sacred Fist Abilities
    -AC Bonus +2
    -Unarmored Speed Bonus +10 ft
    -Sacred Flames 1/day
    -Blindsense 10'

    Spells Prepared CL 8
    0th- Detect Magic x3, Read Magic x3
    1st- Deathwatch, Divine Favorx2, Cure Light Wounds x3,
    2nd- Bull's Strength x2, Close Wounds x2, Divine Insight
    3rd- Clutch of Orcus DC 20 Fort, Knight's Move, Know Vulnerabilities DC 19, Sonorus Hum
    4th- Consumptive Field, Divine Power, Revenance
    5th- Righteous Might, Earth Hammerx2
    6th- Heal

    Invocations Known CL 3
    -Baleful Utterance

    Daily Buffs:
    Persistant Divine Power

    They brought him to court chained and beaten but he still gave off an aura of dread in those present. The people in the courtroom saw him and names spread in murmured whispers. Monster they called him. Fiend, bastard, and warmonger were also heard. It was indeed true. The destroyer of Qin had been captured.

    The whispers soon stopped when the magistrate, Ping Luan, entered the room. "Xing'dao Li, Destroyer of Qin, you are charged with the crimes of heresy, consorting with fiends, conspiring against the Holy Emperor, practice of unholy magicks and the destruction of an entire province. You were once the most promising apprentice of the Iron Tiger, Ling Sai Foon. What drove you to choose this path?"

    Rising up to his full height, Xing'dao Li towered above anyone else in the room. The chains attached to the collar of his neck rattled as he stretched them to their limits. In a deep booming voice he says "The old man was a fool. He knew nothing of the way to power. He always spoke of patience being the way to enlightenment and that the gods would grant boons to those who would wait. What did he know? The gods care nothing for us! They only require us for worship. It is from this worship that they gain power. I have found a way to steal their power and make it my own. I have no remorse in my actions. Those peasants were in my way."

    The audience began to mutter angrily after this outburst by the monster with signs of a mob beginning to form. The magistrate slams his gavel and they became silent. "Xing'dao Li, you are sentenced to death in the penal dimension of Shang Hyo. May the gods have mercy on your soul."

    Hearing his fate, Xing'dao can't help but smile. "I told you, the gods don't care about us mortals. But no matter, I will not die there. Rest assured, I will come back and exact my revenge on you all. HA Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

    His maniacal laughter remained in the room several minutes after he was taken away by the guards. Shackled on hands and feet, he was brought before a gaping portal showing another land. A desolate land that showed signs of an earlier devastation but to when, he couldn't tell. With a heave and grunt, he was shoved headlong into the portal.

    Write a paragraph that describes the characters personality, manners, attitude, motivations, likes, desires, goals, aspirations, fears, habits, quirks, and similar things. Thinking about that stuff and writing it down will help you role-play much much better and your games will become more fun for you and everybody else playing with you. Who knows, your role-playing might help you win an Academy Award someday (riiiight).

    Write out another paragraph with details describing the way your PC looks when first encountered. Make him/her unique enough so that your character isn't just another boring face in the crowd. Also be sure to describe all your clothing colors and materials so that everyone isn't walking around looking like perfect clones wearing duplicate copies of Adventurer Jumpsuit Outfit #9!!


    Fanged Ring 10,000 gp
    Monkĺs Belt 13,000 gp
    Portable Hole 20,000 gp
    Cloak of Charisma +6 36,000 gp
    Periapt of Wisdom +4 16,000 gp
    Strand of Prayer Beads w/o bead of smiting 9,000 gp
    Bracers of Armor +2 4,000 gp
    Wand of Lesser Vigor -50 charges 750 gp
    Mystulĺs Magic Aura ľ caster level 10 on Portable Hole 100 gp
    Unholy Symbol, Silver 25gp
    Spell Component Pouch 5gp
    Clericĺs Vestments 5gp 6lb.
    1115 gp
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    Quill - Changling Wizard 7 / Recaster 5 / Mind Bender1

    Quill, Changeling Wizard Recaster
    Changeling Wizard 7 / Recaster 5 / Mind Bender 1
    Alignment: Neutral
    Size: Medium
    Type: Humanoid (shapechanger)
    Base Speed: 30
    Str: 10 (+0)  2 pts
    Dex: 16 (+3)  6 pts +2 enhancement
    Con: 12 (+1)  4 pts 
    Int: 23 (+7) 10 pts +3 levels(4th, 8th & 12th) +4 enhancement
    Wis: 12 (+1)  4 pts
    Cha: 14 (+2)  6 pts 
    HP: 47/47 (12d4 + 12)
    AC: 17 (10 base +3 Dex +4 arm)
    For: +10 (5 Base +1 Con +4 resist)
    Ref: +10 (3 Base +3 Dex +4 resist)
    Wil: +16 (11 Base +1 Wis +4 resist)
    Init: +7
    Base attack bonus: +6
    Skills                 Total     Ranks   Stats    Misc (Skill Points 20, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6)
    Appraise		 6        0.0      6        0
    Balance			 3        0.0      3        0
    Bluff			 8        4.0      2        2
    Climb			 0        0.0      0        0
    Concentration		11       10.0      1        0
    Craft (Carpentry)	10        4.0      6        0
    Craft (Masonry)		10        4.0      6        0
    Diplomacy		 8        4.0      2        2
    Disguise		16        2.0      2       12
    Escape Artist		 3        0.0      3        0
    Forgery			 6        0.0      6        0
    Gather Information	 2        0.0      2        0
    Heal			 2        0.0      2        0
    Hide			 3        0.0      3        0
    Intimidate		 8        4.0      2        2
    Jump			 0        0.0      0        0
    Know(Arcana)		21       15.0      6        0
    Know(Planes)		16       10.0      6        0
    Listen			 1        0.0      1        0
    Move Silently		 3        0.0      3        0
    Perform			 1        0.0      1        0
    Profession(Prison Gurard)5        4.0      1        0
    Ride			 3        0.0      3        0
    Search			 6        0.0      6        0
    Sense Motive		 7        4.0      1        2
    Speak Language		n/a       6.0     n/a       - (Fluent & Literate in Russian & Spanish)
    Spellcraft		21       15.0      6        0
    Spot			 1        0.0      1        0
    Survival		 1        0.0      1        0
    Swim			 0        0.0      0        0
    Use Rope		 3        0.0      3        0
    1  - Extend Spell 		 	
    3  - Energy Substituition(cold)		-[Comp Arcane PG79]
    5  - Lord of the Uttercold		-[Comp Arcane PG80]
    6  - Improved Initiative
    9  - Maximise Spell
    12 - Exotic Weapons Proficiency (Firearms)
    Languages: African, Asian, English, Europeon, Russian, Spanish (fluent & literate in all of them)

    Head: Headband of Intellect +4, 16000gp
    Neck: Necklace of Adaption, 9000gp
    Body: Vestment of Many Styles[+2 on Disguise checks], 500gp. (Races of Eberron PG175) - Clothes change and transforms into different fabrics and designs.
    Cloak: Cloak of Comfort +4, 18000gp. (Comp Mage PG132)
    Hands: Gloves of Dex +2 4000gp
    Ring1: Invisibility, 20000gp.
    Feet: Boots of Levitation, 7500gp, 1lb

    Other Items:
    Belt Pouch, 1gp, 0.5lb
    (MW) Dagger(silver), 322gp, 1lb
    Scrollcase, 1gp, 0.5lb
    - (5) Maximised Explosive Runes, 2gp

    Portable Hole (20000gp) [Hidden in left boot]
    - Barrel(water) 2gp
    - Bucket, 5sp, 2lb

    - Chest, 2gp
    -- Block & Tackle,
    -- MW Artisan's Tools, 55gp
    -- Shovel, 2gp, 8lb

    - Chest, 2gp
    -- (3)Spellbooks, 45gp
    -- Assorted Clothing, 20gp
    -- Inks for Scribing, 1000gp
    -- (10)Paper, 4gp
    -- (4) Soap, 2gp, 4lb

    - Ladder 10 feet, 5cp
    - (5)Sacks, 5sp
    - Tent, 10gp

    Backpack, 2gp, 2lb
    - Heward's Fortifying Bedroll, 3000gp, 2lb. (Comp Mage PG132)
    - Bowl(Wooden), 5cp
    - (10)Chalk, 1sp
    - Mug, 1sp, 1lb
    - Flint and Steel, 1gp
    - Quill of Scribing, 1750gp. (Comp Mage PG133)
    - Silk Rope 50', 10gp, 5lb
    - Small Steel Mirror, 10gp, 0.5lb
    - Waterskin, 1gp, 4lb

    Treasure: 8754gp, 7sp
    Weight Carried: 15.5lbs
    Carrying Capacity: Light(33 lb), Medium(31-66lb), Heavy(67-100lb)

    Changeling Abilities
    +2 racial bonus on saving throws against sleep and charm effects
    +2 racial bonus on Bluff, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks
    Natural Linguist: Changelings add Speak Language to their list of class skills for any class they adopt.
    Minor Change Shape(su): Changelings have the supernatural ability to alter their appearance as though using a disguise self spell that affects their bodies but not their possessions. This ability is not an illusionary effect, but a minor physical alteration of a changelings facial features, skin color and texture, and size, within the limits described for the spell. A changeling can use this ability at will, and the alteration lasts until she changes shape again. A changeling reverts to her natural form when killed. A true seeing spell reveals her natural form. When using this ability to create a disguise, a changeling receives a +10 circumstances bonus on Disguise checks. Using this ability is a full-round action.

    Wizard Abilities
    Bonus Feat: Scribe Scroll
    Summon Familiar

    Recaster Abilities
    Recaster Prestige Class (Races of Eberron PG 157)

    Entry Requirements
    Race: Changeling
    Skills: Knowledge(arcana) 4, Spellcraft 8
    Feats: Any two metamagic feats.
    Spells: Ability to cast 3rd level arcane spells.

    The Recaster				Hit Die: D4
    LVL	BAB	For	Ref	Wil	Special					Spellcasting
    1st	+0	+0	+0	+2	Metamorphic spell(components)		-
    2nd	+1	+0	+0	+3	Expanded knowledge, sudden metamagic	+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    3rd	+1	+1	+1	+3	Metamorphic spell(time)			+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    4th	+2	+1	+1	+4	Expanded knowledge, sudden metamagic	+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    5th	+2	+1	+1	+4	Metamorphic spell(space)		+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
    Class Skills: (2 + Int mod) Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Decipher Script, Disguise, Knowledge, Profession, Sense Motive, and Spellcraft.
    Metamorphic Spell:
    The recaster's speciality is the ability to alter spells on the fly to best meet the demands of a specific situation. At different levels, you gain the ability to modify your spells as you cast them.

    Components: At 1st level, you can alter the components required to cast your spells. You can freely ignore normal material components as if you had the Eschew Materials feat (though you can't ignore the need for an expensive material component or an XP component). As well, once per day per class level, you can apply the benefit of either the Silent Spell or the Still Spell feat to any spell you cast without increasing the level of the spell, specially preparing it ahead of time, or increasing it's casting time.

    Time: At 3rd level, you gain the ability to alter the temporal characteristics of your spells. Three times per day, you can cast any spell that normally has a casting time of 1 standard action and a duration longer than 1 round as a swift action, as if you had applied the Quicken Spell feat to it. The level of the spell is not altered and you do not need to specially prepare the spell ahead of time, but the duration of the spell becomes 1 round.

    Space: At 5th level, you can manipulate the spatial characteristics of your spells (including range, area and even targets) up to five times per day in the following ways.
    • You can use a spell with a range of touch on a target up to 30 feet away by making a ranged touch attack.
    • You can alter a spell that affects an area (burst, emanation, spread, cylinder, or line) in order to create spaces with the area that are not subject to the spells effect (a minimum 5 foot cube for each space). Furthermore, if the spell is shapeable, the minimum dimensions for the shaped area or effect is 5 feet instead of 10 feet. If the spell's area is a burst, emanation, or spread, you can cast it as a cone, cylinder, line or sphere. You can change areas freely within any of the following groups:
      • Group1:
        • 15 foot cone OR
        • 10 foot radius cylinder, 40 feet high OR
        • 30 foot line OR
        • 5, 10, or 15 foot radius sphere
      • Group2:
        • 30 foot cone OR
        • 20 foot radius cylinder, 40 feet high OR
        • 60 foot line OR
        • 20 or 30 foot radius sphere
      • Group3:
        • 60 foot cone OR
        • 40 foot radius cylinder, 40 feet high OR
        • 120 foot line OR
        • 40 or 80 foot radius sphere
    • If the spell targets a number of creatures, no two of which can be farther apart than a certain distance, you can have the spell affect the same number of creatures as long as each is half that distance from one other affected creature. Thus is you applied this effect to a haste spell you cast, you could affect up to one creature per level as long as each affected creature was within 15 feet of another affected creature.

    Expanded Knowledge:
    At 2nd level, and again at 4th level, choose a spell up to one level lower than the highest level spell you can cast from any class's spell list. You can add this spell to the spell list of the same arcane spellcasting class to which you added your increased spellcasting ability at that level.

    Sudden Metamagic(su):
    At 2nd level choose a metamagic feat you know from the following list: Empower Spell, Enlarge Spell, Extended Spell, Maximise Spell, or Widen Spell. Once per day per class level, you can apply the benefit of that feat to any spell you cast without increasing the level of the spell, preparing it ahead of time, or increasing it's casting time. At 4th level, you can choose another feat you know from the same list and use it in conjunction with this ability, you can't apply the effect of more than one feat to the same spell. If you don't know any feat from the above list, you gain no benefit until you acquire an appropriate feat.[/list]

    Metamorpic Spell(Components): 5/5 times per day
    Metamorpic Spell(Time): 3/3 times per day
    Metamorpic Spell(Space): 4/5 times per day
    Expanded Knowledge: Cure Critical Wounds, Silence
    Sudden Metamagic: Can be used up to 5 times per day, Extend Spell and Maximise Spell selected. (2/5)

    Mind Bender Abilities
    Telepathy: Communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet that has a language.

    Spells Memorised (4, 6, 6, 5, 4, 4, 3) Caster Level: 12th (DC 16 + Spell Level)
    0th - Detect Magic, Light, Prestigitation, Read Magic.
    1st - Alarm,Mage Armour, Magic Missle, Magic Missle, Ray of Enfeeblement, Ray of Enfeeblement
    2nd - Alter Self, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Scorching Ray, Silence, Ventriloquism
    3rd - Fireball, Fireball(Uttercold), Gaseous Form, Dispel Magic, Stinking Cloud
    4th - Black Tentacles, Cure Critical Wounds, Lesser Globe of Invulnerability, Solid Fog
    5th - Break Enchantment, Fabricate, Fire Brand(Uttercold), Wall of Force
    6th - Antimagic Field, Chain Lightning, Disintergrate

    Spell Book
    0th - All
    1st - 8 Alarm, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Identify, Mage Armour, Magic Aura, Magic Missle, Ray of Enfeeblement.
    2nd - 4 Alter Self, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Silence (Expanded Knowledge), Ventriloquism.
    3rd - 4 Dispel Magic, Fireball, Gaseous Form, Stinking Cloud.
    4th - 4 Arcane Eye, Black Tentacles, Cure Critical Wounds (Expanded Knowledge), Lesser Globe of Invulnerability, Solid Fog.
    5th - 4 Break Enchantment, Fabricate, Fire Brand(SC PG93), Wall of Force.
    6th - 4 Antimagic Field, Chain Lightning, Contingency, Disintergrate.

    Height: varies
    Weight: varies
    Eyes: varies
    Hair: varies
    Skin: varies

    Current Appearance:

    For many years Quill worked in the Central processing centre (called The Nexus) of the extra-planar prison. Quill ensured that the wards of The Nexus (which houses the central portal to the prison plane) were maintained, as well as visiting different planes to collect and transfer prisoners from their native realms to their ultimate destination of The Nexus.

    It was during such trips that Quill would receive payment from various sources to ensure that chosen prisoners would receive a few essentials to make sure that their stay was as pleasant as possible. This was a common enough practice among the various prison guards of The Nexus, with tacit permission being granted as long as the right people were bribed to look the other way.

    All of this changed when the former Director of The Nexus retired and a new self-righteous prig of man called 'Sebastian Walters' took his place. Sebastian was determined to root out the weeds among the prison staff, and it was Quill's misfortune to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Caught red-handed by Sebastian's cronies as the latest batch of prisoners entered the portal (after a very cautionary examination for contraband), Quill was put in the unenviable position of having to either act as the prison guards token scapegoat, or entering the portal himself. Realising that he'd never be allowed to live to expose the full depths of the operation, Quill was glad that his forward planning meant that he'd be leaving nothing of significance behind, and entered the portal bound for the Nexus.

    Besides with his inside knowledge of the prison plane it was a distinct possibility that he would manage to eventually escape.
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    Here's Mei-Ying the Ascendent, in full color!

    ...not really.

    Name: Mei-Ying
    Race: Human
    Class: Monk 1 / Sorc 8 / Fatespinner 4
    Align: Lawful Good

    Desc: Mei-Ying is a tall, stately woman of slim build and exotic features common only to those that live on the island chains of the east. She is dressed in an opalescent robe of fine make that obscures her form save for her head...which is bald and adorned only with a magnificent jeweled circlet that comes to three peaks and sits high on her head. A large green stone, jade or emerald perhaps, is affixed to her forehead, just above her eyeline. Her fingernails are long and curved, and laquered in brightly colored patterns, with several ornamental rings.

    Str 8 -1 0
    Dex 14 +2 6
    Con 14 +2 6
    Int 10 +0 2
    Wis 12 +1 4
    CHa 26 +8 10

    HP 70 (8+12d4+26)
    Init +2
    Move: 30'
    BAB +6
    Melee +5
    Ranged +8
    Grapple +9
    AC 28 (10 + 2 dex + 1 monk + 8 cha, +2 luck +4 armor), 24 touch, 26 flatfooted
    Buffed AC: 37 (+5 natural, +4 shield)
    Will +15 (+12 base + 1 Wis + 2 luck)
    Reflex +9 (+5 base + 2 Dex + 2 luck)
    Fort +9 (+5 base + 2 Con + 2 luck)

    Race Abilities
    Bonus Feat
    Bonus skill points

    Class Abilities
    Improved Unarmed Attack
    Improved Grapple
    Flurry of Blows

    Metamagic Specialist (PHB2 Variant Class Ability)

    Spin Fate (can apply spin to spell DC)
    Fickle Finger of Fate (cause other to reroll any roll as immed action)
    Spin Destiny (can apply spin to attacks, saves or skill checks)
    Deny Fate (autostabilize 1/day)
    Resist Fate (reroll any 1 roll /day for self)

    1 Eschew Materials
    1 Spell Penetration
    3 Empower Spell
    6 Ascetic Mage
    9 Quicken Spell
    12 Extraordinary Concentration

    Skills 20+24+12
    Bluff (Cha) +13 (5 ranks + 8 Cha)
    Concentration (Con) +18 (16 ranks + 2 Con)
    Diplomacy (Cha) +16 (4 ranks + 8 Cha + 4 synergy)
    Knowledge (arcana) (Int) +6 (6 ranks + 0 Int)
    Listen (Wis) +5 (4 ranks + 1 Wis)
    Profession (Gambler) (Wis) +6 (5 ranks + 1 Wis)
    Sense Motive (Wis) +6 (5 ranks (1cc) + 1 Wis)
    Spellcraft (Int) +6 (6 ranks + 0 Int)
    Spot (Wis) +5 (4 ranks + 1 Wis)

    Spell Slots (Caster level: 12, base DC = 18)
    0 6/6, 1 - 8/8, 2 - 8/8, 3 - 8/8, 4 - 8/8, 5 - 6/6, 6 - 4/4

    0 Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Light, Mending, Message, Prestidigitation
    1 Shield, Magic Missile, True Casting, Mage Armor, Fists of Stone
    2 Scorching Ray, Baleful Transposition, Glitterdust, Invisibility, Dimension Hop
    3 Disobedience, Major Image, Dragonskin, Dispel Magic
    4 Orb of Force, Greater Floating Disc, Dragon's Breath
    5 Telekinesis, Greater Blinking
    6 Greater Heroism


    Money: 7gp 9sp

    Unarmed, +5 to hit, 1d6-1 dmg
    Dagger, +5 to hit, 1d4-1 dmg, 1gp, 1lb

    Noble's Clothing, 75

    Jewelry, 100
    Signet Ring, 5
    Tent, 10
    Bedroll, 1sp
    Wateskin, 1gp

    Runestaff of Power, 38,300
    Circlet of Charisma +6, 36,000
    Ring of Feather Fall, 2,000
    Handy Haversack, 2,000
    Orb of Environmental Adaptation, 2,000
    Rod of Viscid Globs, 2,000

    Tome of Cha +1, 27,500

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