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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Olaf the Stout

    Great idea Oryan. Consider many names in this thread yoinked!

    Olaf the Stout
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    Block roguerouge

    Johnny Urg, Orc (original) or hill giant-sized gnome (current reincarnation), male
    Trinity, Drow, male
    John Amon, Human, male

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    Block Schmoe

    Dravos Ourimay, human, male
    Gnash Fangelorn, gnome, male
    Orson Barrelchest, 1/2 orc, male
    Threem Barrelchest, 1/2 orc, male
    Lurg Mondos, 1/2 orc, male
    Sirelanon, 1/2 elf, male
    Gwenaeli, 1/2 elf, female
    Loranthir, elf, male
    Grevin Blackthorne, human, male
    Hardin Lucas, human, male
    Naivoryn, erinyes, female

    Wow, so many characters over the years, but I can only remember a handful. I guess this explains why I can't remember an NPC name to save my life.

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    Wow, most of these were played for one-shots.

    Anurin, human, male
    Garnfellow, human, male
    Rolthir Yarl, human, male
    Hecatesseus, human, male
    Jubal iJembe, human, male
    Toran of the Red God of Storm, human, male
    Alchebath, swordwraith, male
    Tom Hop o' my Thumb, halfling, male
    Spindleshanks, human, male
    Nodkin, gnome, male

    A few more I have long since forgotten.

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    Raimon Lockpicker, Kender male
    Alisair Longreach, Elf male
    Charic, Dwarf male
    Ainez, Elf male
    Movak, Dwarf male
    Niall Lightfoot, Half-Elf male
    Gordon Lightfoot, Half-Elf male
    Aaron, Elf male
    Hawk, Huan male
    Kronos, Human male
    Kahlezir, Human male
    Krihba, Human female
    Shiny, Warforged male
    Cuthbert, Human male
    Jin, Changeling female
    Chrysar, Half-Elf male
    Vincent, Elf male
    Zhankarziz, Human male

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    Block Driddle

    Lingus the Cunning
    Eric Noah

    ((scrolls back to read instructions))

    Oh. Nevermind.
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    Block DragonLancer

    Jaya, Female, Human.
    Gallic o'Riordan, Male, Half-Elf.
    Atmos, Male, Human/Half-Dragon.
    Jallista Willows, Female, Human.
    Garric, Male, Human.
    T'Lak, Male, Thri-Kreen.
    Urkhan, Male, Aasimar.
    Maximillion Callidus, Male, Human.
    Maxwell Underhill, Male, Halfling.
    Samsara Mallensis, Female, Half-Elf.
    Sonar Swiftwing, Male, Aasimar.
    Gregor, Male, Human.
    Tarrick Moonchin, Male, Kender.
    Willow Topknot, Male, Kender.
    Cinnamon, Female, Human/Half-Dragon.
    Agamemnon, Male, Human.
    Richard Fitzwilliam, Male, Human.

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    The one's that come to mind include...

    Ulfric, human, male
    Ogborn, human, male
    Solwain, human, male
    Redgar, human, male
    Malirath, elf, male
    Tobinias Greenthorn, halfling, male
    Thorgorod, dwarf, male
    Gnigel, gnome, male
    Rayne, human, female

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    Block dpmcalister

    Just the fantasy ones:

    Narak Nurtha, dwarf, male
    Lothar Silvanestri, drow, male
    Dale Rumblebelly, halfling, male
    Wulfgar Tannerson, human, male
    Savanak, human, male
    'Kali' Kalgonard, dwarf, male
    Meldarion Utinu en Beriadan, elf, male
    Christophe du Garcen, half-elf, male
    Byron Hyton, human, male
    Briac Nomet, human, male

    And loads more that I can't remember.

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    Heinrick Danip, human, male
    Hrodo Zamolese, human, male
    Jansen Soulforger, dwarf, male
    Bourne, human, male
    Drakkar Darkblood, frostfolk, male
    Tanzia, human, female
    William Argent, human, male
    Prospero Argent, half-elf, male
    Utterdark, warforged, male
    Arax, half-elf, male
    Mestapho Adalan, human, male
    Ciaros Adalan, human, male
    Parchan Ordo, changeling, male
    Ter, goatman, male
    Hec, troll, male
    Frum, troll, male
    Xavier Warduke, human, male
    Eldritch, giant, male

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