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    ThirdWizard's Magic Item Bazaar

    I make a lot of custom magic items for my campaign, so I thought I'd make a post containing a compilation of items I've made over the years. Comments and critiques are always welcome.

    Shield Properties
    Offensive | AC can become damage | +1 bonus

    Specific Weapons
    Thug's Hand | A sinister weapon | 3,000 gp
    Rolling Blizzard | A cold themed sword | 53,000 gp
    Warhammer of the Infernal Legion | An evil weapon that commands the respect of fiends | 65,000 gp

    Bands of the Flame | Bracers burst into flames | 6,000 gp
    Bracers of the Mage | Various bonuses for wizards | 15,000 gp

    Hand-wrappings of the Vicious Blast | Your eldritch blast improves at a cost | 3,000 gp
    Gauntlets of the Brute | Gain Strength at a cost | 10,000 gp

    Shroudlifting Circlet | Wearer is less likely to be fooed by magic | 500 gp
    Lesser Crown of Personality | Use spells based on Charisma skills | 2,000 gp
    Crown of Personality | Use spells based on Charisma skills | 8,000 gp
    Greater Crown of Personality | Use spells based on Charisma skills | 60,000 gp

    Ring of Entropy | +1 to your DCs for a -1 penalty to your saves | 11,000 gp
    Zephyr Ring | You can fly or become invisible | 20,000 gp

    Tattoos of the Moon | +1 to reflex saves and fly for 1 round once a day | 3,000 gp
    Shadowstep Cloak | Move through the plane of shadow | 35,000 gp
    Cloak of Elusion | Gain bonus on saves, evasion, and invisibility | 187,000 gp

    Warding Crystal | Helps lessen the danger of Use Magic Device | 750 gp
    Aura Dampener | Hide magical auras eminating from you | 1,000 gp
    Medallion of Insight | Gain a bonus to Will saves and augury | 10,000 gp

    Pipes of Selune | Selune worshippers have questions answered | 1,500 gp
    Rod of Deafening | Your spells can deafen opponents | 2,800 gp
    Lesser Dweomerstone | Stores spells for Spellthieves | 3,000 gp

    Heart of Celestia
    Scepter of Imix’s Right Hand
    Staff of Planar Dominance
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