ThirdWizard's Magic Item Bazaar
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    ThirdWizard's Magic Item Bazaar

    I make a lot of custom magic items for my campaign, so I thought I'd make a post containing a compilation of items I've made over the years. Comments and critiques are always welcome.

    Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition

    Shield Properties
    Offensive | AC can become damage | +1 bonus

    Specific Weapons
    Thug's Hand | A sinister weapon | 3,000 gp
    Rolling Blizzard | A cold themed sword | 53,000 gp
    Warhammer of the Infernal Legion | An evil weapon that commands the respect of fiends | 65,000 gp

    Bands of the Flame | Bracers burst into flames | 6,000 gp
    Bracers of the Mage | Various bonuses for wizards | 15,000 gp

    Hand-wrappings of the Vicious Blast | Your eldritch blast improves at a cost | 3,000 gp
    Gauntlets of the Brute | Gain Strength at a cost | 10,000 gp

    Shroudlifting Circlet | Wearer is less likely to be fooed by magic | 500 gp
    Lesser Crown of Personality | Use spells based on Charisma skills | 2,000 gp
    Crown of Personality | Use spells based on Charisma skills | 8,000 gp
    Greater Crown of Personality | Use spells based on Charisma skills | 60,000 gp

    Ring of Entropy | +1 to your DCs for a -1 penalty to your saves | 11,000 gp
    Zephyr Ring | You can fly or become invisible | 20,000 gp

    Tattoos of the Moon | +1 to reflex saves and fly for 1 round once a day | 3,000 gp
    Shadowstep Cloak | Move through the plane of shadow | 35,000 gp
    Cloak of Elusion | Gain bonus on saves, evasion, and invisibility | 187,000 gp

    Warding Crystal | Helps lessen the danger of Use Magic Device | 750 gp
    Aura Dampener | Hide magical auras eminating from you | 1,000 gp
    Medallion of Insight | Gain a bonus to Will saves and augury | 10,000 gp

    Pipes of Selune | Selune worshippers have questions answered | 1,500 gp
    Rod of Deafening | Your spells can deafen opponents | 2,800 gp
    Lesser Dweomerstone | Stores spells for Spellthieves | 3,000 gp

    Heart of Celestia
    Scepter of Imix’s Right Hand
    Staff of Planar Dominance

    Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

    Specific Weapons
    Worldswell | Forged by a doomed world | legendary
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    Shadowstep Cloak
    Price (Item Level): 35,000 gp (17th)
    Body Slot: Shoulders
    Caster Level: 7th
    Aura: Moderate Conjuration
    Activation: Varies
    Weight: 1 lb.

    The dark fabric of this cloak appears to be shrouded in shadows even when there is light shining directly on it. Looking directly at it, you feel as if you're being drawn into another world, but looking away, the sensation fades.

    The wearer of this cloak appears somewhat hazy, as if he is in the shadows even when there are no shadows around. In actuality, the cloak provides a bit of the Shadow Plane to surround the wearer, offering a +2 resistance bonuses on Reflex saving throws. When in the shadows enough to afford any concealment, this increases to a +4 resistance bonus.

    The cloak allows the user to step into the Plane of Shadow for a brief time and come back to the Plane he was on up to 30 feet away from his previous location the following round. As a Move Action, the wearer may pull the cloak around himself and utter the command word (“Shadow Take Me”) designating a square within 30 feet to appear in. The user then disappears into the Plane of Shadow.

    The following round, just before the user’s turn, he reappears in the designated square. The trip is disorienting, however, and the user can only take a Standard Action or a Move Action this round instead of a Full Round Action. If he appears in a square inside a solid object, he takes 1d6 damage and is shunted in a random direction. If he appears inside a creature, they both take 1d6 damage and the user is shunted as normal. This activated uses one charge. Two charges can be used to move up to 60 feet away instead of 30 feet.

    It can also call the shadows in the area and from the Plane of Shadow to wrap around its wearer, making his form difficult to pick out of the surrounding area and giving partial concealment. Attacks made against the wearer when this is activated suffer a 20% miss chance. This activation counts as concealment for the purposes of increasing the Reflex save bonus. This effect lasts until just before the wearer’s next initiative and can be activated as an Swift Action. This uses one charge. Two charges can be used to give the wearer the benefit of a 50% miss chance to attacks made against him.

    The cloak has 3 charges per day, refreshed at midnight. The cloak must be worn for 24 hours before the wearer can make use of the charged abilities.

    It is possible to use the charged abilities when the item is out of charges for the day. However doing so permanently lowers the maximum number of charges by the amount used and can never drop the maximum charges below 0. Once the item is at 0 maximum charges, the charged abilities can never be used again, but the resistance bonuses remain.


    I really like the idea of charges per day on items that can be used for multiple abilities. I really think the Magic Item Compendium items, though, should have all had the 24 hour prep thing for these kinds of items. I tried to take it one step further with the ability to use charges even after they're used up at a great cost. I think it adds flexibility to the item and presents Players with a very hard choice should the need arise.

    The explanations for the item abilities are pretty long, but I think the abilities themselves are fairly simplistic. Teleport 30/60 feet and appear next round with reduced options and/or gain some concealment. Perhaps the conditional bonus on the Reflex save is bad, as I usually don't like forcing Players to have to remember things like that (it will probably be forgotten 50% of the time IMX), but I think it fits with the item well enough that I put it in anyway. Plus a charged use of the item activates it, so you can expect it to at least come up sometimes.

    Anyway, that's item #1.

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    Lesser Crown of Personality
    Price (Item Level): 2,000 gp (5th level)
    Body Slot: Head
    Caster Level: 3rd
    Activation: Standard Action
    Weight: -

    This is a golden crown adorned with a single ruby in its front face. Along the inside of the ring is a phrase written in Draconic which reads: “Rule as you see fit.”

    This crown gives a +5 competence bonus to the wearer’s bluff, diplomacy, and intimidate skills. Further, those with 5 ranks in bluff can use hypnotism 1/day, those with 5 ranks in diplomacy can use charm person 1/day, and those with 5 ranks in intimidate can use cause fear 1/day.

    Crown of Personality
    Price (Item Level): 8,000 gp (11th level)
    Body Slot: Head
    Caster Level: 7th
    Activation: Standard Action
    Weight: -

    This item looks exactly like the Lesser Crown of Personality and it has the same properties. Further, those with 10 ranks in bluff can use confusion 1/day, a wearer with 10 ranks in diplomacy can use charm monster 1/day, and a wearer with 10 ranks in intimidate can use crushing despair 1/day. Further, those with 10 ranks in two or more of these skills can use lesser geas 1/week.

    Greater Crown of Personality
    Price (Item Level): 60,000 gp (18th level)
    Body Slot: Head
    Caster Level: 15th
    Activation: Standard Action
    Weight: -

    This item looks exactly like the Crown of Personality and it has the same properties except it gives a +10 competence bonus to bluff, intimidate, and diplomacy. Further, those with 15 ranks in bluff can use insanity 1/day, those with 15 ranks in diplomacy can use mass charm monster 1/day, and those with 15 ranks in intimidate can use demand 1/day. Further, those with 15 ranks in two or more of these skills can use geas 1/week.


    More items inspired by MIC items. This time the requisite skill ranks to unlock abilities. For pricing, I just pegged at what level I thought the item was appropriate and then got the gp cost from that. That led to the lesser version being much lower cost than the DMG's pricing guidelines, but I'm trying to stick to MIC pricing.

    Due to the cause fear ability, it really has to be obtained before 7th level or it's benefit drops considerably. 5th seemed a good place for it, that way you get two good levels out if it if you have 5 ranks in Intimidate.

    Usually I dislike 1/week abilities because they're hard to keep track of, but I didn't want the geas effects to be daily events. I don't really like them as weekly uses, but I couldn't think of anything else to use before I gave the item out as treasure.
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    Pipes of Selune [Relic]
    Price (Item Level): 1,500 gp (5th)
    Body Slot: -
    Caster Level: 3rd
    Aura: Faint (DC 16) divination
    Activation: Standard
    Weight: -

    These golden pipes have an image of a ki'rin carved into them and inlaid with silver.

    3/day these pipes cast augury. It summons a miniature ki’rin from Selune’s Realm who answers the question for the user telepathically. The user must be a worshiper of Selune, and must succeed a Perform (pipes) DC of 15. The miniature ki'rin cannot interact with the summoner, nor anyone else, and performs the said task then disappears.

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    Lesser Dweomerstone
    Price (Item Level): 3,000 gp (7th)
    Body Slot: -
    Caster Level: 5th
    Aura: Faint (DC 16) alteration
    Activation: Standard
    Weight: -

    Looking into the transluscent gem, you see a cloudy haze swirling around.

    Any spellcaster can, as a standard action while touching the gemstone, implant the gem with any spell prepared (or spell known) up to 3rd level. The caster immediately loses preparation of that spell (or loses a slot for the day of that level), and the spell energy is now in the stone.

    While a spell is in the gem, a spellthief can use their Steal Spell ability to steal the implanted spell as if the gem were a willing creature. All restrictions for the spellthief apply. When this happens, the spell is removed from the gem, though another can be added.


    There should also be Dweomerstone and Greater Dweomerstone that allow spells up to 6th and spells up to 9th level to be put into them. I've also wanted to create a one time usable version (or perhaps X usable where X is some other number), maybe Least Dweomerstone, but it would be nice to have a 1-3, 1-6, and 1-9 version of one time only. They would, of course, cost much less, probably somewhere around the cost of a scroll because they fall very similar to that vein.

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    Ring of Entropy
    Price (Item Level): 11,000 gp (13th)
    Body Slot: Ring
    Caster Level: 10th
    Aura: Moderate (DC 20) alteration
    Activation: Use Activated
    Weight: -

    This band of green steel has the image of the Doomguard etched onto its surface.

    When the ring of entropy is put on, a multitude of sharp clamps emerge from the band and dig into the finger of the wearer, making it impossible to remove without a remove curse, limited wish, or similar magic. The wearer of this ring gains a +1 bonus to DCs of all spells cast as well as a -1 penalty to all saving throws.


    For some reason, this item was never used. It's still sitting in a PC's basement somewhere, forgotten. I can always count on players to not use the items I find most interesting.
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    Bands of the Flame
    Price (Item Level): 6,000 gp (10th)
    Body Slot: Arms
    Caster Level: 5th
    Aura: Moderate (DC 20) evocation
    Activation: - and swift (command)
    Weight: 1 lb

    These reddish leather armbands have inscribed in them runes of protection and flame of the Ignan language.

    These bands imbue a +1 deflection bonus to AC to the wearer. Also, once per day they can be activated by saying the command word Arguith ("creation" in Ignan). When said, the bracers burst into flames dealing 3d6 fire damage to the wearer and everyone within five feet of the wearer. On the next round, the flames deal 2d6 damage, then 1d6 the next, with the effect finally ending the round after that.

    After the flame effect has ended, the bracers are gone, leaving burn marks in their place on the wearer's arms. The deflection bonus remains, but the flaming effect cannot be used again for 24 hours when they reappear on the wearer's arms.


    Like many items I make, these were sold immediately because the PCs were scared of them. I swear they'll attack fortresses head on, charge dragons, and threaten foes of obviously superior standing, but use a magic item that has a drawback? Never! Wimps. So, these never got to be playtested.

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    Some nice items here, hope to see more.

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    I like the items particularly the skill based ones. Its nice to see an item that actually works WITH skills instead of AS skills. The only item of note I've ever made was more a gag item and it didn't do anything useful ever. It was a permanantly invisible and levitating anvil attached by a mithril chain to a fishing pole. The basic concept was fling it out over the bad guy then push the button to deactivate the levitation field. It was stupidly expensive and totally worthless and I don't recall WHY I made it but it was pretty goofy item to burn a crap load of experience on.

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    The reason it takes me a while to transcribe these things is that most of them are written in shorthand that only I can read. For example, the Bands there were a short description in an NPC statblock:

    Bracers of Flames (+1 deflection bonus to AC; 1/day wreathed in fire – 3d6/2d6/1d6 dmg: cannot be removed – becomes a burn; Arguith (“creation” in Ignan)

    I didn't even know what that meant when I read it a few days ago. The ones I remember are the ones that the PCs actually end up using.

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