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    Quote Originally Posted by bairdec
    I presume the -2 Dex and -1 reflex penalty stack, for a total of -2 to REF?
    Yep. I was conflicted on whether or not it was too much, but for a 6000 gp cost reduction on a +4 enhancement bonus, I decided to go with it. The original version I created for use in game didn't have the spellcasting restriction or the reflex save penalty, and so the cleric took it, not really hurt by the penalties. Oops! So this one is ramped up to make it more balanced. Playtesting helps.

    Thus far, the only items I've posted that haven't been playtested to some extent are the Greater Crown of Personality and the Ring of Entropy ('cause they refuse to use it).

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    Offensive (Shield Enhancement)
    Price (Item Level): +1 bonus
    Caster Level: 8th
    Aura: Moderate (DC 15) evocation
    Activation: Free

    An Offensive shield allows the wielder to transfer some or all of the shields enhancement bonus to his damage as a bonus that stacks with all others. As a free action, the wielder chooses how to allocate the bonus between damage and AC at the start of his turn, and the effect to damage and AC last until the start of his next turn.


    The opposite of defending. Puts a little more oomph into the hands of the sword and boarders. I should also point out that I don't allow animated shields in my game, so this is only for sword and boarders IMC. Otherwise, I'd up it to +2 or maybe +3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdWizard
    Offensive (Shield Enhancement)
    Seems fairly reasonable as +1 given that it's only half as efficient as Defending. (Offensive states that -1AC is worth +1Damage. Defending states that +1 AC is worth -1Hit&-1Damage)

    However, as worded, an Offensive Buckler is good stuff for an Archer/Crossbowman, which might be too good. Probably not quite broken though.

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    Rolling Blizzard
    Price (Item Level): 53,000 gp
    Caster Level: 15th
    Aura: Moderate (DC 20) evocation
    Activation: Swift
    Weight: -

    This adamantine longsword is always cold to the touch, one side inscribed with words of cold from various languages (Draconic, Celestial, Auran, and Aquan). A perfect sapphire adorns the pommel.

    Rolling Blizzard is a +3 adamantine longsword. In addition, everyone within 10 of the wielder when the command word "Storm" is spoken in any of the above languages suffer 1 point of cold damage per round. Those struck by the blade when activated take another 2d6 cold damage. Also when activated, the wielder gains resistance 5 to cold but suffers a -5 penalty to saving throws against fire based effects.

    Prerequisites: Craft Arms and Armor, chill metal or ice storm.
    Cost to Create: 25,000 gp + 3,000 gp, 2000 XP, 50 days.
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    Medallion of Insight
    Price (Item Level): 10,000 gp (12th level)
    Body Slot: Throat
    Caster Level: 10th
    Aura: Moderate (DC 20) abjuration
    Activation: 1 minute
    Weight: -

    This silver medallion is finely crafted with the seal of a long gone monarchy upon it. A long golden cord allows a wearer to hang it around their neck.

    Wearing this medallion gives the bearer a renewed sense of clarity in seeking their goals. The wearer receives a +1 divine bonus to Will saves. When faced with a decision, the bearer can also invoke a sense of certainty about their actions, gaining the benefit of augury by meditating on their choice for one minute. After doing this, the bonus to Will saves is lost for one hour, and the power of augury cannot be invoked again until it returns, although it is otherwise not restricted in use.

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, augury.
    Cost to Create: 5,000 gp, 400 XP, 10 days.
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    Zephyr Ring
    Price (Item Level): 20,000 gp (16th)
    Body Slot: Finger
    Caster Level: 5th
    Aura: Weak (DC 10) alteration
    Activation: Standard Action
    Weight: -

    This ring is half gold and half silver, split along the circumference.

    The Zephyr ring has two effects, depending on which way it is worn. If the silver side is worn, pointing outward, then the user can activate an invisibility effect, as the spell, on themselves. If the gold side is facing outward, the wearer gains a fly speed as the fly spell.
    Each side, once used, cannot be used again until the opposite side is activated. There is no limit to this beyond the user's willingness to flip the ring over (a Move Action) and take the time to activate the other one. When a Ring of the Zephyr is found, a random side is active.

    Prerequisites: Forge Ring, invisibility, fly.
    Cost to Create: 10,000 gp, 800 XP, 20 days.

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    Thug's Hand
    Price (Item Level): 3000 gp (7th)
    Caster Level: 3rd
    Aura: Weak (DC 10) transmutation
    Activation: Use Activated
    Weight: 2lb

    This short sword has a thin black blade and handle, but it otherwise unremarkable.

    These +1 short swords are popular with crime bosses looking to outfit their cronies with magical weapons useful in their trade. The original was first created by a powerful assassin guild looking to make quick strikes against their enemies without having to worry about body cleanup. Those struck down by the blade cannot be affected by speak with dead, getting rid of pesky victim witnesses. Also, anyone damaged by a Sneak Attack coming from this weapon has their movement halved (round up) for one round (Fort DC 15 negates), preventing victims from getting away quickly.

    Thug's Hand has a drawback, however, as the process to copy the originals was imperfect. Anyone who has the weapon on them cannot hide their alignment from detection by any means. Many have searched out the assassin guild to discover their secrets, but none have ever returned. Some say that the guild leaked the flawed formulas in order to help hunt down their own competitors, but it has never been proven.

    Versions with higher enhancement bonuses and higher Fortitude saves are not unheard of. Every once in a while an original Thug's Hand is found, but in all cases the person who discovered it winds up dead soon afterward.

    Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, creator must be evil
    Cost to Create: 1,500 gp, 120 XP, 3 days.

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    Warding Crystal
    Price (Item Level): 750 gp (3rd)
    Body Slot: Throat
    Caster Level: 1st
    Aura: Weak (DC 10) abjuration
    Activation: Use Activated
    Weight: -

    This crystal is tied to a simple copper cord to be worn around the neck. Whenever the user activates a magical item, it glows very faintly, giving away its magical nature.

    Warding Crystals are useful items for those who frequently rely on Use Magic Device. It only functions for those with 5 ranks in the skill. For those who can use it, when a Use Magic Device check is failed enough that there would be a backlash effect from the check, they may make another immediate check. If this check succeeds, there is no backlash, though the ability still fails. This uses up a charge of the Warding Crystal, which are found with 5d4 charges (20 when first created).

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, protection from chaos
    Cost to Create: 375 gp, 30 XP, 1 day.


    An interesting note on this is that due to the requirement to cast protection from chaos to create the item, Chaotic clerics cannot create it. That is quite intentional. This item has never been playtested in my game, since no one makes extensive enough use of UMD at low levels for it to be worth it. I really like the item, though.
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    Shroudlifting Circlet
    Price (Item Level): 500 gp (2nd)
    Body Slot: Head
    Caster Level: 1st
    Aura: Weak (DC 10) abjuration
    Activation: -
    Weight: -

    This is a brass or silver circlet with little to no ornamentation upon it.

    The Shroudlifting Circlet only works for those with at least 5 rank in Sense Motive, giving them a +1 resistance bonus to saving throws vs. illusion and enchantment spells, spell-like abilities, and other effects.

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, protection from evil, good, chaos, or law
    Cost to Create: 250 gp, 20 XP, 1 day.
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    Tattoos of the Moon
    Price (Item Level): 3,000 gp (7th)
    Body Slot: Shoulders
    Caster Level: 7th
    Aura: Weak (DC 10) transmutation
    Activation: Swift Action
    Weight: -

    The tattoo of a sylvan night crosses from shoulder to shoulder, depicting a scene as if from a faerie tale. The images almost seem to jump off of the skin as the person moves.

    These tattoos give the inscribed a +1 resistance bonus to all reflex saves. As a Swift Action, speaking the command word Aeluthys Selne (Selne, guide me, in Celestial) you may activate their special ability to gain a Fly Speed 20 (perfect) for one round. If you use this ability, the tattoo disappears the next round, and the bonus to reflex saves with it. Upon nightfall, it reappears and the +1 resistance bonus to reflex saves resumes.

    It is rumored that more powerful versions of these tattoos exist which will only work for worshipers of Selne. They might allow the user to fly longer, give higher or different typed bonuses to reflex saves, or other more potent abilities. If a character has the Tattoos of the Moon inscribed on them, motifs and detail can be added in order to increase the potency. The tattoos may also be removed at a cost equal to their scribing by anyone with the creation prerequisites.

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Profession (scribe), Craft (drawing), or similar, fly or air walk.
    Cost to Create: 1,500 gp, 120 XP, 3 days


    If anyone notices a lot of Selne related items, that's because there was a worshiper in a PbP game I ran and these were made for her. They can be changed fairly easily with a bit of re-flavoring.

    I never really liked adding a whole feat for Tattoo crafting. I just require anyone doing it to have at least one rank in some kind of artistry skill and Wondrous Item to do it. Yeah, it increases the amount of things Wondrous is able to do, but really its already so broad its a drop in the bucket. I consider tattoos to be a pro/con thing. They can't remove them easily, but they always have it on. It's very difficult to start using a cloak of resistance, for example. And, because these are a tattoo, you can't throw on a new cloak as soon as its daily Fly is used.
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