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    Name: Brice Fortimide
    Class: Troubador 3
    Race: Rowaini
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: LG
    Str: 16 +3	Level: 3	XP: 4340 / 6000
    Dex: 13 +1	BAB: +3		HP: 29 (3d10+6)
    Con: 15 +2	Grapple: +5	Craft Points: -
    Int: 13 +1	Speed: 30'	Stat Increases:
    Wis: 14 +2	Init: +1	Spell Save: 15
    Cha: 20 +5	ACP: -0		Spell Fail: -%
    	Total	Base	Armor	Shld	Dex	Size	Nat	Misc
    Armor:	16	10	+4	+1	+0	+0	+0	+1
    Touch:	12	Flatfooted: 15
    Spell Res: None
    Dmg Red: None
    	Total	Base	Mod	Misc
    Fort:	+5	3	+2	--
    Ref:	+4	3	+1	--
    Will:	+5	3	+2	--
    Weapon			Attack	Damage	Critical	Range
    Dueling Sabre		+7	1d8+4	18-20/x2	------
    Greatsword		+6	2d6+4	19-20/x2	------
    Dagger			+6(4)	1d4+3	19-20/x2	 10 ft
    Comp Longbow		+5	1d8+3	 20/x3		110 ft
    Languages: Rowaini, Bablyn
    Rowaini Racial Abilities
    - Legendary Item
    - +3 to Craft checks
    Troubadour Abilities
    - Bardic Music (3/day)
    -- Counter Song
    -- Fascinate (Will Save DC = Perform Check)
    -- Inspire Courage (+2 Morale bonus to Attack, DMG, and Save vs Charm/Fear)
    - Favored Terrain: Bonus to Skills, Saves, and 1/2 dodge
    -- Intimations of the Vistas: Musical Terrain effects.
    -- Urban: +2, Hide in Plain Sight or Invisibility
    - +10' Movement in Favored Terrain
     1 - Weapon Familiarity
     3 - Song of the Heart - +1 to all Inspire Bonuses.
    Spells (Save DC 15 + spell level: 0 - 3 1st - 3
    Spellbook/Spells Known:
    	0 - Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Resistance, Ghost Sound, Mending, Mage Hand;
    	1st - Cure Light Wounds, Charm Person, Hideous Laughter;
    Skill Points: 42	Max Ranks: 6/3
    Skills		Total	Ranks	Mod 	Misc
    Bluff		+10	5	+5	
    Concentration	+5	3	+2
    Diplomacy	+15	4	+5	+6
    Disguise	+9	2	+5	+2
    Gather Info	+7	2	+5	
    Intimidate	+9	2	+5	+2
    KN: Arcana	+2	1	+1	
    KN: Local	+2	1	+1
    KN: History	+2	1	+1	
    KN: Nobility	+6	5	+1	
    KN: Religion	+2	1	+1	
    Listen		+4	2	+2	
    Perform:Sing	+13	6	+5	+2	
    Sense Motive	+7	5	+2	
    Spot		+4	2	+2	
    +3 to all charisma skill uses in the eyes of Ladies
    Equipment:			Cost	Weight
    Mother's Heartstone Locket	-	-
    Greatsword			50	8
    MW Dueling Sabre /w Heartstone	450	2
    Noble Outfit			75	
    -Quicksteel Chain Shirt		1100	25
    Disguise Kit			50	8
    MW Comp Longbow Str +3		700	3
    -Arrows (20)			1	3
    Signet Ring			5	
    Silver Holy Symbol		25	1
    Backpack			2	2
    -Bottle of Fine Wine		10	1.5
    -Masterwork Manacles		50	2
    -Pitch Pipe			5	
    -Potion of Cure Light (2)	100	
    -Smokestick (2)			40	1
    -Sunrod (4)			8	4
    -Tanglefoot Bag			50	4
    -Noble Outfit			75	
    -Noble Outfit			75	
    -Jewelry			100	(For special occasions)
    Total Weight:65.5lb	Money: 28gp 9sp 10cp
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	 76	153	230	460	1150
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 137
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: Fair
    Brice is a fairly average looking lad of smaller stature and build. He is in good shape, which gives him a fair enough build and makes him attractive enough, but there is little particularly notable about the brown haired, green eyed man beyond the large sword he usually carries on his back.

    Brice is strong willed, level headed, proper, well spoken and confident. At least, he is when women are not involved. When around women, most particularly in dealing with them, he becomes star crossed, and can not help but fall for them. He begins to stammer, becomes insecure, can hardly string two sentences together, or sometimes simply fades into the background.

    Brice was born to Jean and Cosette Fortimide, their third son and child (Mathis and Sacha being the other two, in order of birth). Jean was an upstanding member of the Musketeers, and Cosette, a lesser daughter of a minor noble family. Jean was a master swordsman, skilled with the greatsword and the dualing sabre, and quite skilled in the maneuvering in the courts. He had a fine reputation as a man of the king and a musketeer, and with three healthy sons and a lovely wife, things looked promising at home as well.

    Jean, being a bit of a ladies man, had an on again off again fling with a married noblewoman, Emeline DeLosera. Emeline felt it was more than a passing fling, and had ambitions beyond her status as well as her gender. It was fate that Brice fell ill that morning, and was left by Cosette under the care of a midwife as she traveled with her other sons to see her father. Jean was in Emelineís arms when Cosetteís carriage was attacked, and the she was brutalized and raped before everyone in the carriage was killed.

    Despite his indescressions, Jean loved Cosette dearly, and her death took him hard. Harder still when he learned of Emelineís plot when he foiled an assassination plot against her husband, also orchestrated by her. Jean left the Musketeers, still in good standing, and went to concentrate on holding on to the one think he had left of his love, his son Brice. Jean, however, would never touch nor eye another woman again, feeling he had betrayed his love more than enough already.

    Brice was a mere lad of 5 when this all transpired, knew very little of his mother. His father, still in need of a living, turned his court skills towards being a merchant, and built a reputable trading business for himself, dealing with many of the courtís finer thing, and a favorable supplier of many noble families. Brice learned to work the courts and people from his father, and he also learned his fatherís skill with swords, for no son of Jeans would be a slouch in a duel.

    Brice also developed a unique voice, one that turned heads and earned him a reputation as a performer. He had range few men could match, and near perfect pitch and tone. Indeed, his voice had a near mystical quality, and Jean, no slouch with a flute, often accompanied his son when he chose to perform. Jean was proudest of his son when he sang, and Briceís few memories of his mother singing inspired him to keep practicing, to come closer to her.

    Jean taught his son what he could, imparting his morals, skills, and loyalty to the king to Brice. However, Jeanís avoidance of women rubbed off on Brice as well. Having never observed a proper loving relationship up close, nor seen his father even look at another woman, Brice found it hard dealing with the fairer sex. Indeed, upon spotting one, it sent his heart aflutter, his heart pumping, his mind racing, and his body yearning. Indeed, Brice falls hard and fast for just about anything feminine that would give him the time of day. The confident young man heíd become quickly melted away into a quivering mass of nerves.

    Often content to hide in the background when he could, he would often stammer, blush, or otherwise stumble over himself around women. Love came and went easily with him, and it was more than just the lust of spying a woman. He was putty in the hands of a woman who wished him to be. As a gentleman and a sweet, upstanding boy, he found himself always the friend, and never the lover, and that bothered him not one bit, for as long as the women were happy, he was happy. And his feelings of love, well, he had neither the confidence to act or speak of them, nor the knowledge to do so if he could get the courage.

    As Brice became old enough to fend for himself, he sought out the Musketeers, to join and serve like his father did, for the good of the King and the country. Among the ranks of men he was safe from his problems with women, or so perhaps heíd hoped, and with his fatherís sword and his motherís locket, he was off to make a name for himself, and make his father proud.

    Other Stuff
    Blessed by The Patron Saint of Lady's Men: +3 to all charisma skill uses in the eyes of Ladies

    legendary Item: Mother's Heartstone Locket: This locket is an Amulet of Protection +1 that also gives Brice a +2 bonus to Perform(Sing)

    Tristan: Tristan comes from the fine díToussaint family and does his family proud. Heís a large man, with large appetites, that would be rather scary if they did not know the soft and honorable man underneath. He is a man of principal and morals, even if he tries to hide it under the large party animal exterior, and Brice can respect that.

    Gabriel: Brice envies him. He seems so smooth, calm, and in command around women. Women around Brice just seem to run into him, need to straighten their dresses, loose something on the floor, or trip on things into his arms. Gabriel seems to have them seek him out, and has gotten into trouble on more than one occasion. Heís a gambler as well, and rather good at it. Thereís something a bit darker under his exterior though, and heís elusive about where heís been.

    Hyancinthe: The Blacksmith has an eye for blades and the heart of a gambler. He serves Gabriel, though how that came about Brice is unsure. He seems to have his own motives, but does wish to be a Musketeer some day. He needs to learn the control Gabriel has with his Gambling, before he looses more that just his coin at the table.

    Jacen: The newest Musketeer, Jacen is a fine lad that gets along wonderfully with Brice. A little naive, Jacen doesnít tease Brice about his ineptitude with women, even though heís sure Jacen finds it as humorous as his other companions. Brice has tried to take Jacen under his wing and watch over the lad, and the two have become good friends. Jacen is the one he feels he can confide in the most.


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    Tristan d'Toussaint
    Male Rowaini
    Swashbuckler 2/ Knight 1
    Str 20 +5 
    Dex 13 +1       
    Con 16 +3
    Int 14 +2
    Wis 11 +0
    Cha 16 +3
    BAB +3
    Int +1
    AC 15 (Base 10 + 4 Armor +1 Dex)
    HP 10+1d10+1d12+9 = 36
    Tristan's HP (1d10+1d12+10+6=31) 
    Fort +8
    Ref +4
    Will +2
    La force des saints - Rowani Dueling Sabre +9 1d8+6 18-20/x2
    Comp Longbow +5 1d8+4 20/x3
    Skills 32+8+4
    Appraise +8 (6+2 Int)
    Diplomacy +13 (6 + 3 Cha +2 Syn SM +2 Syn KN)
    Handle Animal +8 (5 + 3 Cha)
    Intimidate +7 (4 + 3 Cha)
    Jump +7 (2+ 5 Str)
    Kn: Nobility & Royalty +7 (5+ 2 Int)
    Perform +5 (2 +3 Cha)
    Ride +9 (6 + 1 Dex + 2 Syn HA)
    Sense Motive +6 (6 + 0 Wis)
    Swim +7 (2+5 Str)
    Proficient with all martial weapons, all armour, and shields, including tower shields
    Weapon Familiarity Rowaini Weapons
    Combat Expertise
    Imp Trip
    Imp Unarmed Combat
    Mounted Combat
    Special Abilities:
    Canny Parry
    Knight's Honor: 1st Virtue:Courage--Knight Champion Hero's Challenge
    Legendary Item: "La force des saints" Rowani Dueling Sabre +1, provides +2 to prevent disarm
    MW Comp Longbow (Str +4) 800 gp
    20 arrows 1 gp
    MW Quicksteel Chainshirt 1,250 gp
    3 Noble's outfits 225 gp
    Assorted jewelry to coordiate with Noble outfits 100gp
    Silver Holy Symbol (Patron Saint of Health and Heartiness) 25 gp
    Signet Ring with Toussaint Crest  5gp
    Sapphire pendant 250 gp with Toussaint Crest etched into the face
    Light warhorse "Puissant" 150 gp
    Military saddle 20 gp
    174 gp

    Tristan d'Toussaint is a huge man. Standing nearly seven feet tall and weighting nearly as much as two men, Tristan is a mountain of muscle. The d'Troussaints have always been known for their strength though, often staging competions of strength at their chateau. Tristan has long black hair with green eyes. As large as Tristan is, there is almost no fat on the man, his huge chest and arms ripple with muscle. This huge frame is fueled by enormous amounts of food and wine, the more the better. Tristan loves life, wine, women and song. He nearly always has a smile, even during combat. He fights with his strength, over-powering his oppenents. He has a strong sense of honor and fair play though and will not take advantage of an opponent unfairly.

    The d'Toussaint family has lived in the small and fertile valley of Colonne du Ciel for generations. There they own a large swath of land, rich with vineyards and golden wheat. They are a noble family, well respected in Rowaini society, producing strong fighting sons, and the occasional exceptionally beautiful daughter, often sought by more powerful families. In fact the strength of the d'Toussaint's is well known throughout the valley. d'Toussaint sons have been marching to war and returning with the spoils as long as any can remember. With bountiful fields and children, the d'Toussaint family is truely blessed.

    It was in this verdant land that Tristan was born. The fertile valley, always good the the d'Toussaints was doubly good to Tristan, giving him strength unheard of in the valley, rivaling that of his great-grandfather Henri d'Toussaint. It was Chevalier Henri d'Toussaint's valor and loyalty in the great war that gained him the title of Baron d'Colonne du Ciel and expanded the family lands in the valley. The d'Toussaints remember well that royal boon and have always been staunch supporters of the Throne.

    Tristan had all he could want, the finest horses, the finest tutors, both scholarly and martial. Yet d'Toussaint blood runs hot and the men do not find the bucolic life comfortable until later in life. So Tristan set out for the capital to serve in the royal musketeers. Tristan had always been taught to respect and protect the King and the Crown, for from that office eminated the power of the family and indeed Rowain itself. So while many men would have been reluctant to leave such a peaceful paradise as Colonne du Ciel, Tristan left for the excitement as well as a sense of duty.

    The Royal Knights were a possibility for Tristan. But he wanted to be in a more cosmopolitan settinf for a while, and so chose to join the musketeers. Duty to the throne does not prohibit enjoying life after all and a man is not always assigned to chores. Tristan does still plan to join the knights at some point. The blood of Henri runs strongly in Tristan and the call of battle beats strongly in his heart. The Royal Knights are his next step, but for know he serves his King as his musketeer.

    Tristan is well accustomed to living a life of luxury. He loves fine wine and food. He is very giving and treats his friends often when they go out. Tristan loves combat, it seems what the d'Toussaints were bred for, the drafthorses of the Rowaini nobility. In duels Tristan will often seek to use his strength to trip his opponents, putting them on the ground and demanding their surrender. Tristan also becasue quite well known back home for brawling, and his punches were rightly feared. Tristan's larves size and strength often lead others to think he is slow and stupid. Tristan allows other to think this as he can put it to his advantage at times, few who know him would consider him stupid however.

    Brice: Tristan just shakes his head when he sees Brice at the tavern. Here the saints have rained blessings upon him with the women, and all the boy can do is try to catch it with a leaky bucket. Brice is great to have around, and livens things up with a song or two after a fight. And the lad's got a good arm on him, if'd he focus on the sword and not the songs. But the saints lay out a different path for all, and as long as Brice keeps the woman coming around, Tristan can always find several who prefer muscles to music.

    Gabriel: Gabriel is a great deal of fun to be around, and the musketeer who seems to enjoy life almost as much as Tristan. Whether drinking, fighting or carousing, Tristan enjoys his company. After losing his shirt (literally) to him one night though, Tristan never plays cards with the man. There is that core, some black dark secret that crosses his face at unguarded times that Tristans sees. But a gentleman never pries and Gabrial is as staunch a royalist as Tristan, which shows no matter how much he cheats at cards, he can't be all bad.

    Hyancinthe: A model servant, expecially for Gabriel. Tristan doesn't think too much about Hyancinthe, as he is well a servant. But Tristan still treats him well ensuring the choicest left-overs are reserved for him. Tristan also trusts Hyancinthe to sharpen his blade, which to Tristan is no small mark of respect and trust.

    Jacen: Jacen is the sapling of the group. He is bent and twisted by the new forces that swirl around him of the court and women, yet he always straightens up, a little stronger and more mature each time. Tristan looks to the lad as upworked metal, within him lies something great, but something that needs to be hammered into shape. Tristan offer to spar with Jacen often and can't quite figure out how the boy always is needed elsewhere at that time. Now if he'd only loosen up and not quit after only 6 drinks!
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    Name: Hyancinthe
    Class: Rogue
    Race: Rowani
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Neutral 
    Deity: XXXX
    Str: 13 +1 (11)     Level: 3        XP: 5335
    Dex: 13 +1 (13)     BAB: +2         HP: 15 (6+3+3+3)
    Con: 13 +1 (11)     Grapple: +3     Dmg Red: -/-
    Int: 14 +2 (16)     Speed: 30'      Spell Res: -
    Wis: 11 +0 (11)     Init: +1        Spell Save: +0
    Cha: 15 +2 (15)     ACP: -0         Spell Fail: 20%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +4    +1    +1    +0    +0    +0    16
    Touch: 11              Flatfooted: 16
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      1    +1          +2
    Ref:                       3    +1          +4
    Will:                      1    +0          +1
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Cunning Blade             +4     1d6+2      19-20x2
    Dagger, mw                +4     1d4+1      19-20x2
    Hand crossbow             +4     1d4        19-20x2
    Languages: Rowaini, XXX, XXX
    Abilities: Trapfinding, Sneak Attack +2d6, Evasion
    Feats: Persuasive, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint
    Skill Points: 66       Max Ranks: 6/3
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Appraise                   4    +2          + 6
    Bluff                      6    +2    +2    +10(+12)*
    Climb                      2    +1          + 3
    Craft (Armorsmith)         2    +2    +3    + 7(+9)**
    Craft (Blacksmith)         2    +2    +3    + 7(+9)**
    Craft (Bower)              2    +2    +3    + 7(+9)**
    Craft (Weaponsmith)        6    +2    +3    +11(+13)**
    Diplomacy                  4    +2    +4    +10
    Disable Device             2    +2          + 4(+6)**
    Gather Information         4    +2          + 6
    Jump                       2    +1          + 3
    Intimidate                 4    +2    +4    +10
    Listen                     4    +0          + 4
    Open Lock                  2    +1          + 3(+5)**
    Search                     2    +2          + 4
    Sense Motive               6    +0          + 6
    Sleight Of Hand            6    +1    +2    + 9
    Spot                       6    +0          + 6
    *When feinting with the Cunning Blade
    **When using masterwork tools
    Equipment:               		  Cost		 Weight
    Explorer's Outift			  10.00gp	 8.00lb
    Quicksteel Chain Shirt, mw		1250.00gp  	12.50lb
    Buckler, mw				 165.00gp	 5.00lb
    Cunning Blade 				   N/A		 2.0lb
    Dagger, mw				 302.00gp  	 1.0lb
    Hand Crossbow, mw			 400.00gp  	 2.0lb
     Bolt x20		
     Thieve's Tools, mw			 100.00gp	 2.00lb
    Belt Pouch				   1.00gp	 0.50lb
     Flint & Steel				   1.00gp	  -
     Whetstone				   0.02gp	 1.00lb
    Chest					   2.00gp	25.00lb
     Artsian Outfit				   1.00gp	 4.00lb
     Servant's Outfit			  50.00gp	 6.00lb
     Armorsmith Tools, mw			  55.00gp	 5.00lb
     Blacksmith Tools, mw			  55.00gp	 5.00lb
     Bower Tools, mw			  55.00gp	 5.00lb
     Weaponsmith Tools, mw			  55.00gp	 5.00lb
     Scale, merchant's			   2.00gp	 1.00lb
    Total Weight:34.00lb      Money: 495gp 9sp 8cp
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                50   100   150   300   750
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 187lb
    Eyes: Grey
    Hair: Ruddy Auburn
    Skin: Tan

    Hyancinthe is the son of one of the blacksmith of the musketeer. As the tradition goes, he has been learning under his father tutelage his career. That have put him him all his life with the musketter, gentlemen who had more money then they needed for live, and who are spending it in games. Hyancinthe have always been interested in this and have got a great interested in gambling. He starts to play early, biding his wage and losing mroe often than winning.

    He then devellops some tricks to make sure to put the odds on his side. He played in some tavern against other commoners where he starts to win. His skills of play raising, his ability to put the odds on his side making sure he always finish with a few more coins when not all the pot allowed him to make a good sum.

    His ambition was higher, and thus, he decided to try to play against some gentlemen. An opportunity arise, and started to play. But as it seldom happen, the luck was against him and he decide to help the luck. He finish with a few good golds instead of seeing all his money drying in the sun. But as he was leaving with his money, one of the Gentlemen he played against, Gabriel, got him in a corner. He offered him to become his lackey, or he would tell to the other gentlemen what really happen during the game, and the life of a commoner is worth nothing compare to the honor of a gentlemen.

    Cunning Blade
    This +1 short sword have been covered by a special alloy that strangely reflect light, making harder to see the edge of the sword when it is in movement. That allow anyone weilding it gain +2 on feint attempt if the next attack is made with the short sword. It also make it harder to hit, and it gives +2 AC to the sword against sunder attack targeting it.
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    Gabriel, Rowaini Swashbuckler

    Gabriel Marteau (really Gabriel Vigneaux)
    Male Rowaini Swashbuckler 3
    Experience Points (required): 4,260 (6,000 for 4th level)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Homeworld: Tymadeau

    Height: 5í 11Ē
    Weight: 172 lbs
    Hair: Chestnut Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Age: 19 years

    Strength 14 (+2) [12 base, +2 racial]
    Dexterity 15 (+2) [15 base]
    Constitution 16 (+3) [14 base, +2 racial]
    Intelligence 13 (+1) [15 base, -2 racial]
    Wisdom 12 (+1) [12 base]
    Charisma 18 (+4) [14 base, +4 racial]

    Class and Racial Abilities
    +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, +4 Charisma; Medium Humanoid (Rowaini); Base Speed 30 feet; Rowaini Craftsmanship; Legendary Item

    Weapon and Armour Proficiency: All simple and martial weapons, light armour, and shields; Bonus Feat (x2); Canny Parry (+Int bonus to AC when not wearing armour and not flat-footed); Evasion; Precise Strike +1d6; Insightful Strike (+Int bonus to Precise Strike)

    Saintís Blessing: Good Fortune (general good luck and reroll a saving throw once a day)

    Armour Class: 16 (10 base, +2 Dex (max. 5), +4 armour) [touch 12, flat-footed 14]
    (Note: +1 shield bonus to AC when using total defense [from legendary rowaini dueling sabre].)
    Armour Check Penalty: 0 (armour)
    Arcane Spell Failure: n/a (armour)
    Hit Dice: 3d10+9 (10,5,5)
    Hit Points: 29
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 30 feet

    Base Attack Bonus/Grapple: +3/+5

    +6 melee / +4 melee TWF [1d8+2 + 1d6+1 PS; 18-20/x2; piercing; +1 legendary rowaini dueling sabre w/heartstone of Vigneaux]
    (Note: +2 circumstance bonus against disarm attempts [from legendary rowaini dueling sabre].)
    +6 melee / +4 melee TWF [1d8+1 + 1d6+1 PS; 18-20/x2; piercing; masterwork rowaini dueling sabre; off-hand]
    +5 melee / +3 melee TWF [1d4+1 + 1d6+1 PS; 19-20/x2; piercing or slashing; dagger; off hand]

    +5 ranged [1d8; 20/x3; range 110 ft.; piercing; composite longbow]
    +5 ranged [1d4+2; 19-20/x2; range 10 ft.; piercing or slashing; dagger]

    Fortitude +6 [3 base, +3 Con]
    Reflex +5 [3 base, +2 Dex]
    Will +2 [1 base, +1 Wis]

    (Note: Can reroll a saving throw once a day due to saints blessing.)

    Skills (42 points; max ranks: 6/3)
    Appraise +2 [1 ranks, +1 Int]
    Balance +9 [5 ranks, +2 Dex, +2 synergy Tumble]
    Bluff +9 [5 ranks, +4 Cha]
    Diplomacy +11 [3 ranks, +4 Cha, +4 synergy Bluff, Sense Motive]
    Intimidate +9 [3 rank, +4 Cha, +2 synergy Bluff]
    Jump +9 [5 ranks, +2 Str, +2 synergy Tumble]
    Listen +2 [1 rank, +1 Wis]
    Perform (dance) +6 [2 ranks, +4 Cha]
    Ride +7 [5 ranks, +2 Dex]
    Sense Motive +6 [5 ranks, +1 Wis]
    Sleight of Hand +5 [1 rank, +2 Dex, +2 synergy Bluff]
    Spot +2 [1 rank, +1 Wis]
    Tumble +9 [5 ranks, +2 Dex, +2 synergy Jump]

    Weapon Familiarity (rowaini weapons) [1st level]
    Weapon Finesse [1st level Swashbuckler bonus]
    Two-Weapon Fighting [2nd level Swashbuckler bonus]
    Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting [3rd level]

    Rowaini, Eldish

    Weight of Items Worn [23.5 lb / 28.5 lb (incl. worn clothes for mounted weight)]
    +1 Legendary Rowaini Dueling Sabre w/Heartstone of Vigneaux [2 lb] {free}
    -- with Ďfortune favours the boldí inscribed on the blade in an ancient Rowaini tongue
    -- +2 circumstance bonus against disarm attempts [from enhanced basket hilt]
    -- +1 shield bonus to AC when using total defense [from enhanced basket hilt]
    Masterwork Rowaini Dueling Sabre [2 lb] {400 gp}
    Dagger (2) {1 in right boot} [2 lb] {4 gp}
    Composite Longbow [3 lb] {100 gp}
    Arrows (20) [3 lb] {1 gp}
    Quicksteel Chain Shirt [12.5 lb] {1,100 gp}
    Travellerís Outfit [worn / 5 lb] {free}
    Signet Ring (Marteau) [0 lb] {5 gp}

    Backpack [2 lb / 31.5 lb (incl. backpack)] {2 gp}
    -- Bedroll [5 lb] {1 sp}
    -- Blanket, Winter [3 lb] {5 sp}
    -- Waterskin [4 lb] {1 gp}
    -- Mirror, Small Steel (wrapped) [0.5 lb] {10 gp}
    -- Nobles Outfit (with jewellery) [10 lb] {175 gp}
    -- Sack (2) [1 lb] {2 sp}
    -- Travellerís Outfit (spare) [5 lb] {1 gp}
    -- Whetstone [1 lb] {2 cp}

    Pouch, Belt [0.5 lb / 0.5 lb (incl. Pouch)] {1 gp}
    -- Coins and Gems (Rowaini)
    -- Flint and Steel [0 lb] {1 gp}

    Weight Carried: 55.5 lb (light load) / 60.5 lb for mounted weight

    Carrying Capacity [14 Strength]
    Light: 58 lb. or less; Medium: 59-116 lb.; Heavy: 117-175 lb.;
    Lift (over head): 175 lb.; Lift (off ground): 350 lb.; Drag: 875 lb.

    772 gp, 1 sp, 8 cp (in coins and gems)

    Heavy Warhorse ĎValariusí (Speed: 50 feet) {400 gp}
    Appearance: Bluish-black coat with no markings.
    Gear: Bit & Bridle [1 lb] {2 gp}, Military Saddle [30 lb] {20 gp}, Saddlebags [8 lb] {4 gp}.
    Weight Carried: 271.5 lb (light load) [172 lb (Gabriel) + 60.5 lb (Gabrielís gear) + 39 lb (Valariusí gear)]

    Gabriel is a handsome Rowaini of around average height, with wavy chestnut brown hair worn at the length of current fashion (whenever possible). Warm hazel eyes and a winning smile add to his youthful good looks, and give the hint that heís up for anything. He wears finely woven clothing consisting of a white shirt, under a goldenrod vest, and black trousers which are tucked into supple tan leather boots, the ensemble covered by a burgundy cloak. At his waist he wears a ornate brown leather belt, which holds a variety of bladed weapons and other items, the most noteworthy of which is the elegant Rowaini dueling sabre he carries on his left hip, the hilt of which is capped with a brilliant heartstone.

    Gabriel is a charming gentleman and a gambler, with something of a reputation as a womaniser, which seems to entice the fairer sex to his side more often than not. Optimistic and confident, sometimes annoyingly so, he seemingly has no fear, which sometimes gets him into trouble ... with inappropriate trysts and involving himself in situations which he probably shouldn't currently heading the list ... though to date it hasnít been anything he canít handle. Although an accomplished and agile swordsman, he prefers to get by on his wit and charm, rather than forcing his will on others at the point of a bared blade. His delightful manner conceals a darker side though, that of a man driven by revenge who is searching for those who murdered his family and especially those who ordered it.

    A charming gentleman and a gambler, with a bit of a reputation as a ladiesí man, which just makes him more enticing to the ladies, Gabriel appears to be the epitome of a bored nobleís son, and that is likely all he would be if not for the circumstances of his early life.

    His family murdered, after refusing to back down from their strong support of the crown in the face of dire threats, Gabriel was badly wounded and left for dead, the Vigneaux ancestral blade still in his hand. Found and nursed back to health by a friend of the family, Laurent Marteau, a childless nobleman who had retired to the country which he and his siblings had come to call an uncle. Fearing another attempt would be made on his life, Gabriel was kept in seclusion in his adopted uncleís manor, and once he was able to move about again was passed off as a distant cousin who had been sent there to learn the ways of the court.

    During the time of his convalescence though, Gabrielís thoughts were on only one thing... revenge against those who killed his family and their proud name. To that end he has studied with the best swordsmen in the realm, backed by the resources of his adopted uncle, driving himself to be the best in the hopes that one day he might find those who dealt him such a terrible blow, and return the pain they have given him tenfold.

    Determined to continue his familyís honourable service to the crown, even though he has kept his true identity a secret between him and his adopted uncle, Gabriel has recently joined the musketeers to fulfill that obligation. He also hopes his service will pit him against those that destroyed his family, so he may destroy them in turn and come forth to reclaim his family name... and even possibly the title and estates heís entitled to.

    The recent addition of Hyancinthe to his retinue, after he caught the man cheating in a card game and confronted him, has been an unexpected boon. After all, another set of eyes never hurts, and his talents could certainly be put to good use in accomplishing Gabrielís goals. While informing Hyancinthe of what he expected of him and the benefits of faithful service, Gabriel also outlined the consequences of betrayal quite clearly ... giving his new found lackey a glimpse of the darkness within the man heís sworn to serve.

    Gabriel joined the Musketeers nearly a year ago to the day.

    Background Notes
    Name: Gabriel Marteau (really Gabriel Vigneaux). Doesn't use his adopted uncles name (Marteau) when he can help it, as he doesnít want to have too much trouble disentangling his name from it should he be able to use his own family name again, but it is the name he currently goes by when a family name is required.

    Home: Arles Manor is the home of Laurent Marteau, and where Gabriel was raised after his family was murdered. The Barony of Villefort is the title and lands Gabrielís father held, both locations are in the province of Lubťron.

    Family & Family Motto: Fortune favours the bold. In line with this motto, each child receives a saints blessing for good fortune/luck. Gabriel is the last member of the Vigneaux line.

    Missing Items: Vigneaux signet ring (likely taken to show the Baron, Gabrielís father, was dead), some other family keepsakes Laurent Marteau could not find (may or may not have been taken by those who murdered his family).

    XP Log
    4,500 (start), -240 (legendary item)
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    Ý Block Shayuri

    Ý Friend+
    Jacen d'Ulat
    Male Rowaini Swashbuckler 3
    Experience Points (required): 4,340 (6,000 for 4th level)
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Homeworld: Tymadeau

    Height: 5í 7Ē
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Hair: Chestnut Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Age: 17 years

    Strength 14 (+2)
    Dexterity 17 (+3)
    Constitution 16 (+3)
    Intelligence 17 (+3)
    Wisdom 14 (+2)
    Charisma 15 (+2)

    Init: +3
    Base Attack Bonus: +3

    Fort: +7 [+3 base +3 Con +1 resistance]
    Reflex: +7 [+3 base +3 Dex +1 resistance]
    Will: +6 [+1 base +2 Wis +2 feat +1 resistance]

    Class and Racial Abilities
    +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, +4 Charisma; Medium Humanoid (Rowaini); Base Speed 30 feet; Rowaini Craftsmanship; Legendary Item

    Weapon and Armour Proficiency: All simple and martial weapons, light armour, and shields
    Bonus Feat (x2)
    Canny Parry (+Int bonus to AC when not wearing armour and not flat-footed)
    Precise Strike +1d6
    Insightful Strike (+Int bonus to Precise Strike)

    Blessing: Wit and Cunning (bonus to Intelligence)

    Armour Class: 16 (10 base, +3 Dex, +3 Intelligence) [touch 16, flat-footed 13]
    Armour Check Penalty: 0 (armour)
    Arcane Spell Failure: n/a (armour)
    Hit Dice: 10+2d10+9
    Hit Points:
    Initiative: +3
    Speed: 30 feet

    Base Attack Bonus/Grapple: +3/+5

    +7 to hit Legendary Rowaini Dueling Sabre, 1d8+3 (+3 ins strike) 18-20 x2, 550gp
    +7 to hit Masterwork dagger, 1d4+2 (+3 ins strike) 19-20 x2, 301gp

    +7 ranged [1d8+2; 20/x3; range 110 ft.; piercing; MW composite longbow]
    +7 ranged [1d4+2; 19-20/x2; range 10 ft.; piercing or slashing; MW dagger]

    Skills (54 points; max ranks: 6/3)
    Appraise +9 (6 ranks +3 int)
    Balance +10 (5 ranks +3 dex +2 synergy)
    Bluff +8 (6 ranks +2 cha)
    Climb +8 (6 ranks +2 str)
    Craft (blacksmith) +8 (5 ranks +3 int)
    Diplomacy +10 (6 ranks +2 cha +2 synergy)
    Jump +9 (5 ranks +2 str +2 synergy)
    Profession (Blacksmith) +7 (5 ranks +2 wis)
    Tumble +11 (6 ranks +3 dex +2 synergy)
    Swim +6 (4 ranks +2 str)

    Weapon Familiarity (rowaini weapons) [1st level]
    Weapon Finesse [1st level Swashbuckler bonus]
    Combat Expertise [2nd level Swashbuckler bonus]
    Iron Will [3rd level]

    Rowaini, Eldish, ?, ?

    Weight of Items Worn [13 lbs]
    +1 Legendary Rowaini Dueling Sabre [2 lb] {free}
    Masterwork Mighty +2 Composite Longbow [3lbs] {600gp}
    Masterwork Dagger (1) [1 lb] {302 gp}
    Composite Longbow [3 lb] {100 gp}
    Arrows (20) [3 lb] {1 gp}
    Travellerís Outfit [worn / 5 lb] {free}
    Witches Cloak (Cloak of Resistance +1) [1lb] {1,500gp}

    Backpack [2 lb / 30.5 lb (incl. backpack)] {2 gp}
    -- Bedroll [5 lb] {1 sp}
    -- Blanket, Winter [3 lb] {5 sp}
    -- Waterskin [4 lb] {1 gp}
    -- Mirror, Small Steel (wrapped) [0.5 lb] {10 gp}
    -- Nobles Outfit (with jewellery) [10 lb] {175 gp}
    -- Travellerís Outfit (spare) [5 lb] {1 gp}
    -- Whetstone [1 lb] {2 cp}

    Pouch, Belt [0.5 lb / 0.5 lb (incl. Pouch)] {1 gp}
    -- Coins and Gems (Rowaini)
    -- Flint and Steel [0 lb] {1 gp}

    Weight Carried: 44 lb (light load)

    Carrying Capacity [14 Strength]
    Light: 58 lb. or less; Medium: 59-116 lb.; Heavy: 117-175 lb.;
    Lift (over head): 175 lb.; Lift (off ground): 350 lb.; Drag: 875 lb.

    305gp 3sp 8cp

    Jacen is a bit of a late-bloomer, lookswise. His face still has some of the roundness of boyhood to it, and it's obvious that if he wanted to grow a beard, he'd have to wait quite awhile. His blond hair, big blue eyes, and smooth features give him a sort of 'teen idol' appeal though, and women seem to go for it. He's also very big on personal hygiene and cleanliness, so his clothing is almost always spotless and odor-free.


    Jacen is good-hearted, almost to a flaw. He's quick to take pity, slow to anger. Despite his natural skill and talent, and the training he's had, he's never been in real combat, and that naivete shows at times. Moreover, he's apparently led a fairly insular life, and can be socially awkward at times...even excessively shy, especially when a fair lady shows interest in him. At the same time though he has some steel in him, courage enough to challenge the weight of tradition and custom at times to make a case for what he knows is right with all the passionate idealism of a young boy becoming a man.


    Jacen's mother died when he was a child, leaving his rearing to his blacksmith father, Gavien. From early on, he took a lot of interest in his work, which gratified his father. The smithy wasn't the only footstep of her father that Jacen followed in either. Gavien had seen wartime, and one reason his blades were so well made was because he knew how to wield them. He agreed to teach his son what he knew of first to teach him a lesson in how serious swords were when he caught Jacen playing with some blades around the smithy, but when he saw that he had considerable talent for it the lessons became more and more serious.

    Time passed, and Gavien began to take ill. As he weakened, Jacen took over more and more of his duties at the forge. One day they were visited by Mageara, a witch who lived in the wood nearby. She was spoken of in whispers by the village folk of Ulat, for while she was known to make potent brews that could heal maladies, and some said she'd even had dealings with the strange Sages and their potent, inhuman magicks, Magaera also had a vindictive streak if she felt she was not being treated with due respect. Though no one knew how old she was, she LOOKED young, even beautiful, though terrible in her wrath. She comissioned the crafting of several small blades made from a material she provided called 'cold iron.' With the order, the witch provided exacting specifications for how it was to be forged, some of them very strange. Jacen followed the instructions faithfully, and the weapons were completed on time. When she came for them, she was very pleased...though she didn't say what she needed with such bizarrely crafted knives, nor did Jacen ask. Her reward was twofold. One, she gave him the cloak she wore as payment...she had gotten it from the mystic sages and it had magic woven into its lining. Certainly it was of fine make and exceptional quality and fit...liking the cloak and not wishing to incur her wrath should he doubt it's 'magic,' Jacen took the payment.

    What he didn't expect was the other 'payment.' Mageara was rather taken by the young lad. His youthful features and slim frame appealed to her...very different than most hulking, hirsuite, blacksmiths. She came back to the smithy more often, asking for...simple items and flirting with Jacen as he worked. Her overtures became more and more overt, until abruptly, the witch stopped. One night she departed the blacksmithy and never returned. Though folk expected to see Jacen as a frog the next day, quite the opposite. He was fine...if anything he seemed healthier and more solid than before. The speculation ran rampant, some saying that the witch had had to go, and had gifted him on her way out. Others said Jacen had spurned her, but the cloak's power had protected him from her fury. Ultimately, since no one knew, and Jacen wasn't saying, the gossip faded to rumor, and finally petered out.

    At last, Gavien was on his last bed, and told his son how proud she'd made him, and of the one thing in his life that he regretted; he'd given up on trying to be a Musketeer. In fact, the humiliation of failing the test was what convinced him to stop swinging swords and start making them. He confided in Jacen that he thought he might actually be better than he had been; even good enough to join. The news was a shock to Jacen, who had thought of himself only as a skilled amateur at best. He had no idea how skilled he'd become...especially when using his father's old sabre, a rare work of beauty with a heartstone set into the guardpiece.

    Jacen sold the smithy not long after Gavien passed. He kept his dueling fine a piece of work as she'd ever seen...and bought passage to the great city of the king, where the Musketeers commanders were located. He made her petition, bested the challenges, passed the tests...long and hard as some were. And so the son of an old soldier who had wished for him to go where he himself hadn't been able to succeeded, and became a Musketeer. A fledgeling as it were, just out of training and eager to bring his name and his family's honor through his deeds.

    XP Log
    4,500 (start), -160 (legendary item)
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