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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalSword
    "Well, here is the money for a horse, Tommy." Arngrim hands Tommy 7 dragons and 5 crowns. "And as for the greatest, though a place can be conquered many times, a method of magic can be discovered but once."
    Tommy nods agreement. "True. As Arimisfotel remarked, 'For the wizard, knowledge truly is power.'"

    ooc: Tommy goes and buys a light horse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solnath
    "Mister Keldar, could you please purchase me two days worth of trail rations and feed for Bubbles, my horse." Her hand vanishing deeper into the backpack, she rummages for a while before pulling out two Crowns. "I'm not sure about the fees of this town, but this should be enough."

    With a heart-warming smile, she adds, "Thank you!"
    "Of course, it would be my pleasure."

    Prince Keldar of Dasnia?
    Who of where? Never heard of him. Oh, darn. Silk from the Belgariad. I had to google it. I had no idea he was called Keldar. Only very vaguely aware of Eddings. That irritates me now.
    Quote Originally Posted by covaithe
    To Keldar: "I take it, then, that you are Keldar Warbray? I'd prefer that you refrain from making light of my freckles, Mister Warbray. My friends call me Tommy, and I hope you'll be one of them. Anyone capable of such philanthropy as yours is worth knowing, I think. At any rate, I would be happy to carry Rilithorne's wardstone."
    "Sorry, Tommy," says Keldar simply. It seems that someone besides Rapture can get a chastened response from him. He leaves in search of his desired items.

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    Keldar's purchases: 1 potion of CLW, 1 alchemist's fire, a hooded lantern, 2 pints of oil, trail rations for 4 days, cleric's vestments, two wooden holy symbols (Halina and Grendath), 1 flint and steel; and for Sammy, 2 days rations, and 3 days feed for a horse. Total 87 gp 2 sp (and 1 gp 2 sp for Sammy).

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    Do I even want to know what you're going to do with the holy symbols and vestments?

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    Hire a horse, obviously. Any effect on Galwynn's sanity purely incidental.

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    "I think perhaps all of us could use the advance m'lord," Rapture says to Arngrim. "I find myself without a steed, and know not of my companion's fare in the matter. If you could spare 9 platinum dragons, I would be most pleased m'lord."

    "Unless a cart might be of better use?" she asks her companions.
    Quote Originally Posted by covaithe
    Tommy nods agreement. "True. As Arimisfotel remarked, 'For the wizard, knowledge truly is power.'"
    "Perhaps m'lord, but tis only if you have the freedom to use it," Rapture comments to Tommy.

    OOC: Tommy, you might want a saddle too, otherwise might be an unplesant ride. Horse + Saddle Bags + Riding Saddle is 89 gold.

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    OOC - yes, a cart might be a good idea. Better than 5 horses how many ranks in Ride and Handle Animal between us?

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    OOC: Don't look at me, the only animals Rapture deals with are people

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    OOC: Yeah, a cart would be good.

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    Ha. Cute, Keldar, cute.

    Galwynn, with his eight gold pieces, knows he's going to hoofing it on foot. Grumbling, he shoots a glance at Keldar. "This is going to be great. Be careful, thief... I have a feeling my hands might 'slip' and push you inside one of the mage's summoning circles..."

    Galwynn pauses for a moment. "You know, I've met Rillithorne once, albeit briefly. His house was oozing smoke, and one of his apprentices tried to steal a pie from us. He waved at us... or shook his hand. I couldn't quite tell from where I was standing; too busy protecting the pie." He scowls at Keldar. "You see, thiefling, the difference between YOUR crazy stories and MY crazy stories is that mine actually happened."

    In any case, Galwynn doesn't need much. He's already got pretty much everything he needs.

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