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    Blank Slate RG

    OK guys, heres where you can post all approved gods, their descriptions and domains, and everything under their control. Please try and put the latter catagory in sblocks so this thread doesn't get too crowded. Have fun.

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    Names/Titles: Whisper, Lady of Mysteries
    Alignment: Neutral (simultaneously good and evil, lawful and chaotic)
    Portfolio: Paradoxes, Secrets
    Symbol: A black disc with two female eyes staring out.
    Dogma: Your secrets are your strength. Mask yourself as well as your actions. Embrace the union of opposites.

    Description: Whisper is the god not of knowledge, but instead of what isn't and in some cases what can't be known. Paradox, mystery, riddle and secret. She is a quiet, cold presence...not given to displays of emotion. Her favor is as subtle as her vengeance and either can easily be mistaken for luck...favorable or foul. As goddess of secrets, it's little surprise that Whisper's motives are guarded, her methods deep and subtle, and her plots often full of labyrinthine twists and turns...except when that's what one would expect.

    Whisper rarely leaves her sanctuary or sends avatars abroad; preferring to work through subordinates or, more often, through individuals who don't know who they're working for. Even those in a position to have seen the goddess can barely say they've seen her, for her form hovers at the threshold of perception, wavering between 'there' and 'not there,' though she would say she is both at once. A dark, shadowy form, visible more easily to the peripheral vision than when looked at directly, Whisper manifests from existing shadows as a distinctly female silhouette of which the eyes, starkly visible and unblinking, are the only detail that can be seen. Despite that lack of detail, there is a sense of incalculable beauty only thinly concealed that proves powerfully alluring to those she manifests to. This generally proves a maddening tease, for her 'true' appearance is one of the many secrets she never parts with. The allure is related to the curiousness of the entity she appears to. The more inquisitive the mind, the more strongly it reacts to her presence. The curious feel a need to pin her she there, or isn't she...and to define her, as well as pierce the mystery that surrounds her. Whisper is aware of this, and uses it to further her own ends.

    Abilities of Note

    Enigma: No force or magic can force Whisper to divulge information, nor can any force or magic discover information about Whisper without her explicit consent. This means that Divination magic is essentially useless when she is the subject, including 'indirect' divinations like See Invisible, True Sight, and any form of future-telling such as Augury or Divination. Even the benefits of the Foresight spell do not apply to Whisper personally, or to her avatars. If this is contested by a divine force of opposite domain (not just a god casting Scry, for example, but a God of Knowledge or God of Finding Things Out) then there could be a chance of penetration. Contested rolls with a bonus equal to each god's divine rank, perhaps.
    Paradoxical Nature: Suspended as she is between being and nonbeing, Whisper can choose to impose a 50% miss chance on any effect that affects her. This is similar to incorporeality, but nothing is exempt from it, including force, abjurations, positive and negative energy, ghost touch weapons and so on. She can move through solid objects, and transport herself to any point that is in shadow (ie - has any Concealment due to light level).
    Knowing Eye: Whisper can determine what secrets an individual has by looking at him, or a representation of him (via scrying or similar). This power works on mortals, and deities of lesser status than Whisper. A "secret" is defined as:
    - Knowledge that the subject has chosen to withold from other people.
    - Memory of an action that was done without others knowing it and that hasn't been disclosed.
    - Memories of observed or imagined events that have not been disclosed.

    Whether or not something has been witheld or disclosed is something that Whisper has a little wiggle room on. Generally to be considered 'disclosed,' the information has to be told, willingly or otherwise, personally by the secretholder to someone who matters to the secretholder...not necessarily a friend, but a disinterested stranger doesn't count as they won't retain the knowledge. eg If Stan secretly smoked pot once, but no one was around and he never told anyone, the fact that someone sold him the pot doesn't count as 'disclosure.' The dealer doesn't know him, doesn't care, and vice versa. But if he comes clean and tells a political rival, his son, his wife, a friend...anyone who would be interested basically, then it's no longer a secret. This includes PUBLIC disclosure, such as to a newspaper or other mass media source, including just getting on a rock and shouting it to everyone nearby.

    Limitations of Note

    Eye of the Beholder: Whisper is based on perception and observer effects. She has no ability to directly affect beings who cannot percieve (such as beings that are unconscious/comatose, in hibernation, etc). This includes inanimate objects (though not undead or constructs, both of which can percieve and interact with their environments), which she glides through as if she, or they, were nothing at all.
    Only the Shadow Knows: As a creature of hidden truths and shadow, Whisper must manifest in places of darkness or shadow, and cannot venture into full light. Because of this, she typically prefers doing personal business at night. In the void of space all is considered to be dark, unless a star is nearby enough that its magnitude is similar to Earth's sun at Earth's surface, at which point she can approach the star no closer unless she finds something to cast a shadow she can stay in (a meteoroid perhaps or spacecraft).
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    The Empyrean
    The Divine Nexus

    Symbol: A golden sunburst
    Alignment: Neutral
    Portfolio: Creation, time, the cosmos, fire, light, the sun, the stars, dragonkind.
    Worshipers: Dragons
    Dogma: Create, illuminate and experience.

    Created: The sun, the stars, the planets, the five elements (fire, air, earth, water and quintessence), life (plants, small mammals, reptiles and fish) and dragons.

    Background: Nothing. An unbearable, insupportable emptiness longing for purpose and action. Suddenly, time takes on meaning as the first event conspires to transpire within the void. From a single infinitesimally small point, a fracture appears to mar the surface of reality. With this minute occurrence, existence becomes defined and is thus changed forever. There can be no going back to the nothingness of the past; a spark of consciousness has taken root and an unquenchable desire to experience creation itself surges uncontrollably within the fissure.

    By the mere choice to exist, it refuses the void that came before it and learns to desire more. In the span of a mere thought, a blazing nova of light and fire explodes outwards, and what there is of reality shudders in response. With godspeed its warmth and light spreads outwards, continuing to expand and illuminate the boundaries of creation. As fire and light pour forth, the void around this nexus ripples chaotically. What may arise from these eddies the primal consciousness cannot yet imagine as, for the moment, it exalts in its own omnipotence. As both declaration and affirmation, the divine consciousness at the heart of this first blazing star utters the words:

    "I am."
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    Name: Noctuvos, the Emptiness
    Portfolio: Space, Void, Darkness, Cold, Travel
    Symbol: A black sphere.
    Doctrine: All that is must have somewhere to be, and I am the one that allows each a place.
    Alignment: Neutral

    Background: Though many wondrous things exist in the vast expanses of emptiness, never forget that the emptiness itself exists, and this emptiness has a mind, a will. In the same moment that the void ceases to be empty, this mind undergoes a transformation of its own. When there was nothing, there was nothing for it do perceive. Now that there is something else, the will of the void wakes from the slumber of perfect solitude, and begins to think and understand. However, for now, the emptiness of space remains silent, waiting, watching, to see how creation proceeds.

    Influence: Noctuvos has absolute control over the very fabric of all space and planes. However, outside of that, his power to actually do anything is very limited. Despite that, he does exert influence on darkness and cold, as they signify absence of light and energy. Travel is his, also, for as he controls space, he also controls traversing it. Theoretically, Noctuvos could return everything into nothing (or rather deny everything a place, with the same effect), but he does not desire to return to his own thoughtless slumber. He is usually content to allow everyone to regard him with awe and reverence, and leave it at that.

    Servants & Followers: Malchygara, the Starwyrm.
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    Name: Hash'Mileak
    Portfolio: Entropy, Treachery, Death, War
    Symbol: A bloody spear
    Doctrine: Cull the weak that you might live. Knowledge is power, wield it well.
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Background: Once entropy, he awakened with the creation of the first sentient. He created men, only to teach them in treachery and death. Now, he plots, and he waits.

    Personality: Hash'Mileak values knowledge, strength, and survival ability. He also is a creature of chaos, but is logical in his actions (to advance himself). He is the creator of men, and the one who brought Death (Jemal, your entrance cue).
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    Deep within the great blazing orb formed from the Nexus's own being, the motes of energy within clash against one another in frenzied motion brought about by the energy of the creator god himself. Suddenly, a form stirred within as it felt echoes of things yet to come. Fractured thoughts come to him from out of the aether. He envisions vast armies locked in deadly dances of death, creatures of metal and stone being carved with inscriptions in unknown or yet undreamed of tongues, and a creature works feverishly in a darkened enclosure to perfect a powder that can tear whole lands asunder. More thoughts come upon him. In the time to come, a hellion would find a way to part the veil between realities and make contact with the things trapped between, a warrior born of earth and fire would raise an iron hammer single-handedly against an army so vast that it shook the earth when they marched, and a being of learning would unlock powers that would earn him life everlasting. These thoughts give it strength. With but a thought, a figure tears himself from great blazing orb and careens to the one of the planets where he feels the focal point of the prime material plane will be. He peers at the vast emptiness that he is both a part of and yet now separate from. This plane is still young and yet voices call upon him and thoughts form in his mind on how to mold them to his will. With but a thought, he begins his task. Only the strong will survive and he will be the one to ensure that these visions of the future will come to fruition.

    Name: Ilem Nth Sabbatur
    Portfolio: Survival of the Fittest, Battle, Foresight, Knowledge of the Future, Progress, Invention
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Symbol: A hammer that has one side with an axe-head over a partly-open book covered in undecipherable writing.
    Dogma: Only the strongest are fit to survive. The future has many things in store that can only be brought to fruition by those who are strong in both mind and body. Nothing shall delay the advance of the inevitable future.

    Worshipping Races: Dwarves and Gnomes.
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    Name: Pluvos
    Titles: The Ever-Shifting Tide, The Rain Serpent
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Portfolio: Water, Rain, Sea, Change, Respect
    Symbol: Two back-to-back cresting waves around a sea serpent's head.
    Dogma: That which is needed may be provided in an instant, and it may be taken away just as quickly. Respect the seas and the rain and do not take for granted what you need to live, lest it be the death of you.

    A cataclysm of fire and wind, a maelstrom of heat and flame dancing across the scorched earth. All was dead, all was blasted and wasted. And then, the clouds formed. They floated over this infernal wreckage, and within them, a foggy consciousness came into being. It was stretched, weak, and formless, but it was there. The clouds burst, spilling a new element into the scorched canyons and valleys of these new worlds, quenching the earth and cooling the still-smoldering ground. And with it, the foggy, stretched mind within the clouds became aware, became alive, simply BECAME.

    Within these raging, hissing seas, this new being felt the world around him. He felt the cool caress of the new element, he felt the gentle waves wash over and through him. He decided that it felt good, and as such, this new thing WAS good. This existence was pleasurable, and this element as well. He felt his presence wherever this element was, no matter how little there was, or how far away. And yet, he did not feel stretched. He felt full, whole, complete. This new element, he did not name. He simply knew that it was Water.

    As he reveled in this new discovery, two questions came to mind; ôWho am I? What am I?ö He examined himself, and he saw nothing. He decided that this was not good, and he decided to give himself form. He thought for a moment, and, unbidden, an image sprang to his mind. He saw it, and decided that he enjoyed it. He concentrated, focusing all of his will unto himself and this image. Without warning, a long, sinewy shape burst from the seas, glistening in the light, water falling around it. And so, the Serpent came to be. He looked down upon the seasů HIS seas, and he felt his presence and power wherever the Water was. And, without a second thought, he raised his head to the sky, and bellowed, ôI AM PLUVOS, LORD OF WATER!ö And so, his questions of who and what he was were answered.

    Pluvos typically takes the form of a towering, magnificent sea serpent. He has a long, elongated body, lined with large fins from head to tail, topped with a gigantic webbed crest that begins at his forehead and ends at the tip of his tail. His scales shift in color constantly through all shades of blue, from turquoise to indigo. His head is sleek and almost Draconic in appearance, with a mouth full of razor-sharp, glittering white, shark-like teeth, and two sets of piercing blue eyes, changing color as the rest of his body does. His tail ends in a long, leaf-shaped fin extending beyond the actual tip of his tail. More often than not, though, he expresses his presence through the sea itself, whether it be by gigantic schools of nourishing fish, or by a mighty maelstrom, consuming all it encounters.

    Pluvos controls all aspects of water. He controls the rain, he controls the tides, he holds complete dominion over the raging seas themselves. As he angers, so do the oceans, and while he is in a pleasurable mood, the seas reflect that. He can manifest in any body of water large enough to contain him (lakes, oceans, rivers, etc., but not puddles), and he may observe and feel through any amount of water (including puddles). Water permeates the world, and so does Pluvos.

    He is also in control of the animals of the sea, such as fish and whales, and gladly imparts some of his creations to nourish mortalkind; provided, of course, that they acknowledge and thank him for his gift. If they neglect to do so, he grows angry, the seas toss, and the bounties of the sea are taken from the mortals. Pluvos demands that his power be known and respected by all. Those foolhardy enough to not fear the wrath of the seas and Pluvos himself will quickly fall victim to the crashing waves.

    Pluvos is also the ruler of the rain, and as such, the plants and animals of the world depend on him for sustenance. If he is pleased with the world, rain will be plentiful. If he is angered by the actions of others, most often the mortal races, he may withhold the rain entirely, or he may flood the lands completely. He holds no love of death or destruction, but he holds no love of being ignored or taken for granted, either.

    Ice, being mainly composed of water, partially falls under Pluvos' influence. Pluvos has little power over the forces of heat and cold, and as such, ice is only partially susceptible to his influence. With enough effort, he can melt glaciers and freeze rivers, but it takes much longer and requires much more effort on his part than it would take to change normal water. As such, he typically leaves ice alone, allowing his water to freeze where appropriate, and melt back into water when the time comes.

    Notable Servants & Followers
    Leviathan - Gigantic, savage shark. Punisher of those who anger Pluvos.
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    Byrrl, the Oak-Lord
    The Spirit in the Green

    Symbol: An oak tree
    Alignment: Neutral
    Portfolio: Life, particularly plants and animals of the earth; agriculture
    Dogma: Live!

    Created: Nothing, yet.
    Servants & Worshippers: Druids

    The Birth of Byrrl
    ...the divine egg, washed up on the sands at the verge of Pluvos' domain, breaks open. Fluid, imbued with the Empyean's own quintessence, spills out of the egg and upon the earth causing the sands to roil with a profusion of new life, plant and animal, that spreads across its surface. As the new dragon flies off to pay homage to the Empyrean and build a nest for its clutch of eggs a single drop of yolk, nearly pure quintessence and all that remains uneaten by the dragon, spills into this profusion of life and is drunk down by a single tree.

    The tree becomes a new thing born of matter and quintessence which grows to massive size sending branches reaching into the skies to feed upon the divine radiations that bathe the earth, and sending roots deep into the earth to touch and drink Pluvos' essence. As it grows, intelligence blooms and a god is born: Byrrl, god of living things.


    Byrrl's birth form is that of a massive oak tree. Thick branches cloaked in heavy, dark leaves stretch out and up towards the light of the sun. Gnarled roots spread outward from the base of the broad trunk and reach deep into the earth.
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    Name: Somni'Ecetes
    Titles: The Child of the Void, The Dreamer
    Alignment: Neutral
    Portfolio: Dream, Destiny, Future, Infinity, Astrology
    Symbol: A face with one eye open and the other eye covered by a hand.
    Dogma: The possibilities are infinite. Reality is what we make of it. The past, present and future is but a dream. Pierce the veil, and no door remains closed to those who seek to open it. Dream. Determine. Resolve.

    The clock ticked even before it began to tick.

    The void bellowed. The black foldings of time and space heaved, fluttered and were shattered. A black storm moved across the horizon of space as the nothingness was sundered. A black sheet of nothingness, remenant of the first act of creation, fluttered of its own accord within the void. It was a black linen that seemed to chatter as it flew: I am, I am not, I am, I am not.

    The dreamers eye opened. Saw nothing. Closed. An ear listened. Heard no one. Ached. Slow, black waves on a black beach, whispered softly in, whispered softly out. Dreams beyond young understanding flooded the dreamer.

    The child of the void knew its own solitude, yet even when the dream grew weak, the eyes stayed firmly shut, clinging to sleep, dreaming away the unmeasurable ages waiting for escape to be renewed.

    The clock still ticked unheard and the dreamer grew. Sleep was already ages old. Even the child of the void cannot derail the mechanics of time.

    A hand flailed, breaking through the soft cocoon of sleep, beyond the reality of the dream, piercing the veil of time, pushing out into space. The childs of the void eyes opened. Saw nothing. Yet remained open.

    ôThe memory of the dream is weak, it must be rescued from the dark places in the mind, must be brought to the light, cherished and tethered like a straying child.ö The child of the void imparted. The stars were dead as if they had never lived, the wheel of time was pitted, its very cradle served as its tomb.

    The child of the void roared like thunder and was answered by the imprisoned soul that yearned for a mother it had never had. The air stood still to listen, the water ceased to flow, and the rock grew soft and malleable. Darkness shuttered the dreamers eyes yet the dreamers vision was clear. This was a new vision, not the closing of a door, but the promise of a million doors to open.

    The dreamers eyes opened. Saw. Stayed open. Yet the dream flowed on. ôDream. Determine. Resolve.ö The dreamer whispered to himself.
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