Skill rank confusion

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    Skill rank confusion

    I'm playing a creature with six racial HD, and one class level. The ECL is 5. Does that mean that my max ranks are 10?


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    How is your ECL (Effective Character Level) 5 with 6HD? Do you mean LA is 5, so your Effective Character Level is 12?

    In either case, with 7HD, your max ranks in a class skill is 10 (HD+3).
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    It's the Harssaf, from MM III. They have +4 ECL. (shrug) Thanks for the help!

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    I think he means an ECL adjustment of 5, as in +5 Level Adjustment.

    OP: Only actual character level determines maximum skill rank. Class levels and racial hit dice count towards character level. ECL/LA adjustments have no effect on character level. So with 1 class level and 6 racial hit dice, your maximum rank is 10, as you guessed (character level + 3).

    ECL/LA adjustments only count for purposes of determining Experience Points. Both XP earned and XP needed to gain levels.
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    I think you are a little confused between ECL and LA.

    LA = "level adjustment"

    ECL = "effective character level"

    ECL = LA + character levels + hit dice

    So it's impossible to have a six racial hit die plus one class level and have 5 ECL unless you have a -2 LA. I suppose it's possible to have a race with a negative level adjustment, but I haven't seen one that I recall.

    The Harsaaf has a level adjustment of +4. That means your character has an ECL of 11 (4 LA + 1 class level + 6 hit dice). For the purposes of levelling up your character is treated as if he is 11th level.

    At least, that's the way I always understood it.
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    I already addressed that in part......but also, keep in mind that before 3.5, ECL was the only term for it. Level Adjustment was only introduced in 3.5; before it was simply ECL +X, which meant the same thing. ECL +1 is the same thing as LA +1. The OP probably just left out the "+" sign but meant it to be implied, most likely.

    Quick Edit: Err, maybe not, I dunno; I didn't see the middle posts a moment ago. Original Poster: ECL is equal to class level + racial hit dice. Your character's ECL is 7, from 6 racial hit dice + 1 class level. You have a +4 Level Adjustment. Your max rank and such is based on a character level of 7. Your experience points are based on an Effective Character Level of 11.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand of Horus
    It's the Harssaf, from MM III. They have +4 ECL. (shrug) Thanks for the help!

    As has been pointed out the MM III actually says it is a LA of +4 not an ECL of +4.

    This is different.

    Max skill ranks (and character level based feats and ability score increases) are based on the total of hit die and class levels. LA do not count for these purposes.
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