Gaming W/Jemal: Mutant High

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    Gaming W/Jemal: Mutant High

    Allright Ladies and Gents of the Homo-Superior race, it's time for another exciting year at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters... Affectionately known to the students as "Mutant High". We've got several new students this year, and a lot of old ones that keep coming back, and we hear that some of you are even being groomed to join the X-MEN!
    Well, good luck whether this is your first year or your 5th!

    - I'm looking to run a Mutants & Masterminds Campaign.. Heavy emphasis on the 'mutants' part. It will be set in the Marvel setting (if you didn't get that from the short intro). You will be playing young mutants - students at the Well-established house that Xavier built. I'm going to be messing with continuity a lot(As well as with the rules a tad), so here's the deal: I won't be allowing anybody to play Wolverine, Xavier, Storm, Jean Grey, Beast, or Cyclops (They're all teachers). Any other X-men (past/present, comic/movie, whatever) should be ok, as are new mutants (Of your own design) or mutants from other series. So long as all characters are done up so that they're between 14 and 19 years old.
    PL and starting points will be decided in a little while, right now I just want concepts and maybe partial backgrounds.

    A little Campgin Info: the campaign will be focused a lot around the school, character interaction, and the 'mutants vs humans' debate/war, meaning it's primarily role-playing and very player-driven. HOWEVER, I do love a good fight, and Danger-Room sessions will be part of the curriculum. I will also post story updates, control NPCs, and react to players, etc at certain intervals to keep the game moving.

    I'd like to see a mix of very cool characters, and right now I don't know if I'll be putting any limit on the # of student's I'll be allowing. If this turns out as I expect, I doubt you'll ever ALL be in the same place at the same time unless there's something major happening, so be prepared for seperate storylines, just like the comics.
    Also, I foresee different power-levels amongst players dependant on their characters, so if you have a problem with other players being more powerful than you, this may not be your cup of tea.
    Remember that everyone can contribute, regardless of power.
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    This sounds very cool. If I don't get into H4H's game, I will be all over this, either with a powered-down, still-in training version of Gravitron, with another mutant-probably an original that just happens to be one of the other Guthrie children we have never met (not Cannonball, Icarus, Husk, or Amazon). a character a friend of mine created, Lewis Guthrie aka Stonewall with powers involving making himself super-dense with a mild healing factor, or with a version of the leader of X-men 2099, Xian Qi Xan.

    Yay for playing with continuity!

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    I'm interested. Not sure of a concept just yet. I have the core M&M, 2nd at home, but I'm not as familiar with the rules as I am w/ D&D. Is there an online resource available just with reminders about combat and a quick overview of powers? Some type of SRD or quick reference guide.

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    Sounds like a blast, but unfortunately I still haven't got round to picking up M&M. So... have fun, I'll be looking forward to reading along.
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    Count me in. I'll have a look at M&M tonight....
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    I'd like to be in! I'll get you a character concept later today, if you'll have me.

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    Oh no way...this is one of those game concepts I've been wanting to try for ages...

    Gotta do it.

    As for concept...tricky not to imitate an existing mutant in the X-verse. There's already so many. Shapechanging is too Mystique...Kitty can go intangible...Storm's got weather nailed.

    I'll have to brainstorm a bit.

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    Okay, for M&M in combat, I roll an Attack Roll mod'd by Attack bonus and a damage roll (d20) modded by strength? Is that correct?

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    nope, you don't roll damage.
    You roll an attack roll, and then if you hit they make a Toughness save, DC = 15 + your Save DC modifier. (Which depends on what rank the attack you're using is)

    ALSO, RE: IC paragon's action : Total Defense is +4 dodge bonus as a full-round action.
    Intelligence is the capacity to understand old Ideas.
    Imagination is the ability to come up with New Ideas.

    Eagles may soar, but Weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

    This isn't evil! You're just a bunch of NERDS!

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    What is the save DC if Colossus is just swinging his fist? It's not technically a power although his power does make him super strong and dense.

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