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    I haven't looked through HeroHigh in a while but if i remember correctly they treated being a minor as a non-complication since its a complication built into the genre.

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    Fair nuff. It's no big deal. I was just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drerek
    I'll try to get a sheet up and statted this weekend. Only have this book at home and with no SRD it makes it a little hard to work on when away. Plus I'm pretty new to M&M.

    Was thinking of making him naturally strong of course with maybe a couple permanent ranks of growth. Alternate Form (solid) with ranks especially in immunity and protection.
    Hmm. I hadn't checked others concepts. Colossus eh?

    That could complicate matters for my concept...

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    "----------Character Details---------
    Player Name: H4H
    Character Name: Peter of the Fall People
    Character Alias: Primal
    GM's Name: Jemal
    Age: Teens
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 250
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue
    Power Level: 11
    Power Points: 180
    Appearance: Abnormally Large for a teen his age, Deep Ruddy Tanned Skin, Tribal Mohawk-Style Haircut

    During his early days with the X-Men, while in the Savage Land, Piotr (aka Colossus) had an encounter with two native women, Nereel and Shakani, who wished to make love with him after Colossus saved them from a thunder lizard. Nereel wished to bring new blood into their tribe. Piotr made love for the first time. (Uncanny X-Men #115)

    The fruits of their union was a son, Peter, born long after Piotr, the elder, left the Savage Land. Colossus is unaware that Peter is his son, despite having met him. (Uncanny X-Men Annual #12)

    Peter grew up with his tribe The Fall People in the Savage Land, during this time he was taken under the wing of Ka-Zar (aka Lord Kevin Plunder) learning traditional hunting and survival skills needed in Pangea.

    Recently it was discovered Peter, now in his early teens, could take on the attributes of various prehistoric creatures. Creatures he was all to familiar with in the Savage Land.

    At the behest of Ka-Zar and his mother Nereel, Peter has been thrown into Modern Society to attend school and cope with his newfound abilities. He bears a gift from his mentor; a hunting knife composed of "Anti-Metal" (Antartic Vibranium).

    ----------Ability Scores---------
    Strength: 20 (+5)
    Dexterity: 16 (+3)
    Constitution: 20 (+5)
    Intelligence: 10 (0)
    Wisdom: 10 (0)
    Charisma: 10 (0)

    Toughness: +5
    Fortitude: +5
    Reflex: +5
    Willpower: +0

    Attack Bonus: +11
    Damage Bonus: Unarmed +5
    Grapple: +16
    Defense Bonus: +12 (+3 flat footed)
    Initiative: +3

    ----------Lifting Capacity---------
    Light Load: 133 lbs
    Medium Load: 266 lbs
    Heavy Load: 400 lbs
    Max Load: 800 lbs
    Push/Drag: 2000 lbs

    ----------Movement Rate---------
    Base Speed: 30 ft/r / 60 ft/r / 120 ft/r
    Leap: 15 ft / 7 ft / 3 ft

    • Acrobatics - 7 (+10)
    • Climb - 15 (+20)
    • Concentration - 2 (+2)
    • Escape Artist - 0 (+3)
    • Handle Animal - 15 (+15)
    • Intimidate - 10 (+10)
    • Knowledge: Technology - 10 (+10)
    • Notice - 10 (+10)
    • Ride - 12 (+15)
    • Search - 10 (+10)
    • Stealth - 7 (+10)
    • Survival - 15 (+15)
    • Swim - 5 (+10)


    • English
    • Native Pangean
    • Atlantean

    • Animal Empathy: Use Handle Animal to affect the attitudes of animals
    • Dodge Focus (6): +6 dodge bonus
    • Fearless: Immunity to fear effects
    • Rage (1): +4 Str, +3 Fort & Will, -2 Defense

    Shapeshift {} - Power Rank 9 - Cost 64 (7 * 9 + 1)
    Flaws: Limited (Prehistoric Creatures)

    AP: Animal Mimicry {} - Power Rank 7

    Device (Antartic Vibranium Knife; Easy to Lose) {} - Power Rank 5 - Cost 15 (3 * 5)

    Corrosion {} - Power Rank 11
    Flaws: Limited to Metallic Targets
    Power Feats: Incurable, Thrown

    AP: Strike {} - Power Rank 2
    Extras: Penetrating 11
    Power Feats: Accurate x2, Improved Crit, Mighty, Thrown

    ----------Cost Summary---------
    Abilities: 26
    Combat: 34
    Saves: 2
    Skills: 30
    Feats: 9
    Powers: 79
    Total Cost: 180

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    I just fixed a major error in Llorona's powers section and I used the points she gained from the correction to increase her Life Control rank as well as giving her an additional alternate power.
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    Natalie Westlake, Switch and Wi-fi have all been moved to post #21. Take your pick Jemal, I'll happily play any one of them.
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    This is what I have so far for Xi'an Chi Xan aka Desert Ghost

    Desert Ghost[PL 11] 180pp
    Concept: A charismatic Vietnamese bad boy who has escaped a dark past to come to America and start over.
    Appearance: Male Asian, 17 years old, 510, 180 lbs, short spiky black hair, when not wearing his protective armor, he dresses in t-shirts, leather jackets, leather gloves, and blue jeans with boots.

    Character Stats

    STR 14
    DEX 16
    CON 16
    INT 16
    WIS 14
    CHA 14
    Subtotal: 30pp.


    BAB +6
    BDB +11
    TOUGH +11 (5 Impervious), +7 flat=footed
    FORT 7+3 Con
    REFLEX 7+3 Dex
    WILL 7+2 Will
    Subtotal: 55pp.


    Acrobatics [5] +8, Bluff [7] +9, Computers [7] +10, Concentration [3] +5, Diplomacy [2] +4, Drive [5] +8, Escape Artist [2] +5, Gather Information [2] +4, Intimidate [5] +7, Knowledge Art [2] +5, Knowledge - Pop Culture [5] +8, Knowledge - Streetwise [5] +8, Knowledge - Technology [7] +10, Language 1 (English, Vietnamese, Korean), Notice [5] +7, Search [5] +8, Sense Motive [7] +9, Sleight of Hand [2] +4, Stealth [5] +7, Survival [2] +4, Swim [7] +9.
    92 ranks total
    Subtotal: 23 pp.


    Accurate Attack, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll [4], Equipment 1, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Improved Trip, Stunning Attack.
    Subtotal: 12pp.


    Disintegration 15 [range: touch; Drawback-Full Power when touching anything with his right hand].45pp.
    Alt. Power-Healing 9 [energizing, action: standard, total[/b]
    Regeneration 8 [+7 bonus (total +9), Resurrection: 1 week; Drawback-Noticeable (cocoon)]. 8pp.
    Device 2. [hard to lose-Armored mask, vest, shirt, boots and gloves; Protection 5. [Impervious] 8pp.
    Subtotal: 60 pp.


    Enemy- The Lawless have contacts in America, and if they find their prized operative still alive and living it up in America, they will be mad.
    Enemy-The Vietnamese government has contacts in America too, and this powerful member of the Lawless won't escape their detection forever.


    Unarmed Strike melee +6 (non-lethal +7)
    Right Hand Touch melee +6 (Disintegrate Fort +15/Tough +20)
    Disarm melee +8 (+7 vs. Str)
    Trip melee +6 (+7 vs. Str, Dex, or Acrobatics)
    Stunning Attack melee +6 (DC 12, dazed/stunned/unconscious)
    Initiative +3
    Defense +11/+5 Flat-footed
    Toughness +11 (5 impervious)/+7 Flat-footed
    Fort +10
    Ref +10
    Will +9
    Grapple +8
    Knockback -8/-6 flat-footed

    Back Story:
    Xi'an Chi Xan led a very rough life in Vietnam. The son of poor field hands, he only ever aspired to farm once he was old enough to help-and that was at a young enough age. However, when officials discovered that his father had been keeping back too many crops in order to feed the family, they came to arrest him. Xi'an grabbed the arm of the officer, and as he did, the boy's arm grew black and grainy like sand, and the officer faded away, falling apart molecule by molecule. Eventually a organized crime syndicate heard of this ability and, fearing for their son's life and fearing him, Xi'an's parents gave him to the syndicate, known as The Lawless. From the time Xi'an was 12 until just before his 15th birthday, he served the lawless, touching vault doors and breaking them down...or even threatening shop-owners not keeping back what the Lawless felt was their due. They trained him extensively in defensive martial arts, letting his amazing hand do the rest. They also gave him the name Desert Ghost, as he was brought to the enemies of the lawless from no where, and frightened them with his corrupting and disintegrating touch. They had custom protective armor designed, both to protect him and to keep him from touching anything that he didn't want to disintegrate. Eventually, the Vietnamese government caught the lawless in a massive raid, and Xi'an was gunned down by his own country. When he awoke in the morgue, he found the remains of a cocoon surrounding him and all of his wounds healed...he also found that his left hand now glowed with a soft white light as beautiful as his right hand was hideous. He pulled one last job to keep his pockets well lined, snuck onto a ship that dropped him in Korea where he stayed for a year, taken in by a family that was sympathetic to this young man so full of promise. Eventually, he discovered Xavier's school and agents of Xavier brought him to America, where he has quickly assimilated American culture and made himself comfortably surrounded by computers, technology, and sports cars.

    Real Version:
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    Placeholder, since my concept submitted for h4h's is obviously unimportable.

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    Does anyone have stats of Dinosaurs? I know superline had an issue where they published some but that appears to be the only issue that is unavailable.

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    Work in Progress.

    Temper Stats:


    STR 12
    DEX 14
    CON 18
    INT 20
    WIS 18
    CHA 10

    F: +10
    R: +2
    W: +12

    Spd: 30 Ini: +10
    Att: +8
    Dmg: +1 punch or by power
    AC: 16/13
    Toughness: +16 (12 Impervious)

    Attractive 1, All out Attack, Accurate Attack, Fearless, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Improvised Tools, Jack of All Trades, Improved Initiative 2, Prone Fighting, Ultimate Toughness, Luck 2, Track, Skill Mastery: Survival, Climb, Swim, Stealth)

    Nearly Invincible: Protection 12 (Impervious 12 -1 no knockback reduction)
    Immunity: Critical Hits, Own Powers, Aging, Disease, Poison
    Immunity: Environmental heat, cold, radiation, pressure, and vacuum

    Annihilation: (43 point array, 3 APs)

    Focused Bolt: Disintegration +14 Distracting, Full Round Action, Affects Inbub 1

    Hellstorm: Blast Area (Cloud) +11 Progression (Increased Area) x5 (1750 ft D max), Progression (increased duration) x4 (1 hour max), Imp Range 1 (2750 ft)

    Flexible, Coherent Beam: Corrosion Area (Shapeable) +10 Progression (Increased Area) 2 (50 cubes), Affects Insub 1

    Feast on Destruction: Blast Vampiric +14, Incurable

    Survival 8 +12
    Notice 8 +12
    Sense Motive 4 +8
    Stealth 4 +6
    Craft: Artistic 4 +9
    Climb 4 +5
    Swim 4 +5
    Bluff 8 +8 (+12)
    Diplomacy 4 +4 (+8)
    Gather Info 4 +4

    Feats 16
    Stats 32
    Powers 29+46=75
    Combat: 16+12=28
    Skills: 13
    Saves: 6+8=14
    2 points free atm


    Real Name: Temperance Ashley Smith
    Gender: F
    Age: almost 16 (fixed at ~15.5)
    Height: 5' 1"
    Weight: 114
    Hair: crimson
    Eyes: brown
    Nationality: US
    Ethnicity: mixed (white, black, hispanic)
    Tradeoffs: -3 attack, -5 def


    Temper is a short, dusky complexioned girl. She's usually fit despite her slight build. Her hair, now an unnatural shade of red, has a ragged, self inflicted cut. Her clothes are generally worn or handmade/repaired.


    Temperance's body is reinforced throughout by strange energies - either as a counterpoint to the destructive, entropic forces she channels or as a secondary mutation granting her physical toughness matching her grit and determination. As a result, she's nearly immune to conventional weapons, even those striking in what might ordinarily considered a vulnerable spot. However, this protection has the side-effect of fixing her body as it was when her powers activated; Temperance doesn't age, her hair doesn't grow, etc. Presumeably, her hair would grow would back to that length if cut, but Temper hasn't managed to cut any of it.

    Temper has developed her destructive attribute into a variety of forms which generally take the form of scarlet blasts of "lightning." As best she can determine, her attacks lack an electrical charge, though. Her basic bolt provides her with an invigorating surge of energy as it consumes a living target - naturally, it took some time for her to discover this benefit. By charging and focusing the power, Temper can unleash an annihilating bolt. However, that wasn't enough for the violent girl - the highly focused bolt discharged upon a solid hit; she wanted an attack that could continue after punching through 1 target. After some experimentation (shooting straight down), she was able to get the coherent beam she wanted at the cost of range. The ability to fork and bend the stream of lightning came as pleasant surprise, although she underestimates the level of control she might develop. And of late, she's felt the potential for a wide area attack but has yet to test it. Still, she has no idea of the true scale of the lingering storm of faux lightning. Temper's powers tend to be most easily used at full power and with lethal force.

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