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    **Work in Progress**

    Player Name: Drerek
    Character Name: Peter Rasputin
    Character Alias: Colossus
    GM's Name: Jemal
    Age: 20
    Height: 7'8"
    Weight: 450
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Power Level: 11
    Power Points: 180
    Appearance: Colossus is very tall and muscular. His skin appears normal until he changes form.

    Total Points Spent: 26 (25 + 1 Free)
    STR: 24 (10 base +10 + 4 Growth) STR increases to 40 in Alternate Form
    DEX: 10 (10 base)
    CON: 18 (10 base + 6 + 2 Growth)
    INT: 10 (10 base)
    WIS: 14 (10 base + 4)
    CHA: 16 (10 base + 6)

    Total Points Spent: 58 (35 + 23 free)
    Tradeoffs: +5 Toughness, -5 Defense, +4 Saves/Str, -4 Attack
    Attack: +7
    Defense: +6
    Fortitude: +11
    Reflex: +8
    Will: +13
    Toughness: 4. In alternate form, Toughness is 15, with 11 being Impervious.

    Total Points Spent: 13
    Intimidate--4 pp: 16 ranks + 3 = +19
    Knowledge (current events)--1 pp: 4 ranks + 0 = +4
    Knowledge (popular culture)--1 pp: 4 ranks + 0 = +4
    Knowledge (streetwise)--2 pp: 8 ranks + 0 = +8
    Notice--2 pp: 8 ranks + 2 = +10
    Sense Motive--2 pp: 8 ranks + 2 = +10
    Speak Language--1 pp: Native Russian + English. Could speak 3 more due to ranks but not sure what would be appropriate.

    Total Points Spent: 7
    Improved Block
    Improved Break
    Improved Critical (unarmed)
    Improved Grab
    Improved Grapple
    Weapon Break

    Total Points Spent: 76 (60 + 16 free)
    Growth (Continuous, Permanent): 2 ranks. +4 Strength, +2 Constitution

    Alternate Form (Organic Steel): 14 ranks
    1) Density 13
    A) Impervious Protection 6
    B) Super Strength 4
    C) Immovable 4
    D) Strength +26
    2) Immunities
    A) Life Support (9)
    B) Bullets (5)
    C) Cold Damage (5)
    D) Critical Hits (2)
    3) Protection--Impervious 5


    Russian Mob has a contract out on his life.


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    Re-updated Wi-Fi in post #21 as I finally figured out how to get him to do everything I wanted.

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    Colossus updated in #71. Y'all please look at it closely. This is only the 2nd M&M character I've made so there are probably some mistakes.

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    Wow! I just found out about this thread too.
    I'd really like to get in on this if it is not too late. As for concepts...

    I can do either Medea that I created before... I'll just make her younger.
    I can do the original Power Pack concept I was working on originally.
    Or I can come up with something different. Let me know.


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    Damn... by the time the characters and alternates are selected we'll have a full high school posted in this thread.

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    Note: I've made some minor tweaks to Eric over in the RG thread (he had more Luck than he could at PL11, increased his Wealth benefit from 1 to 2, changed the drawbacks on his more powerful Boost effects, etc.).

    Eric Hassel (Quarterback / Paragon) - Exemplar and booster

    Concept: The kid who has everything... and then finds out why he's a little too good.
    Appearance: Clean-cut blonde-haired, blue-eyed, tall, athletic, and usually well-dressed.

    Player Name: drothgery
    Character Name: Eric Hassel
    Character Alias: Quarterback / Paragon
    GM's Name: Jemal
    Age: 17
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 190
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Power Level: 11
    Power Points: 180
    Appearance: Eric looks the part of the prototypical quarterback prospect; tall, strong but not overly muscular, and good-looking.

    Total Points Spent: 25 (27 Enchanced Ability powers costed under powers)
    STR: 18 (12 base + 6 Enhanced Str)
    DEX: 20 (13 base + 7 Enhanced Dex)
    CON: 18 (14 base + 4 Enhanced Con)
    INT: 18 (16 base + 2 Enhanced Int)
    WIS: 18 (14 base + 4 Enhanced Wis)
    CHA: 20 (16 base + 4 Enhanced Cha)

    Total Points Spent: 35 + 5 free + (5 from powers costed below) = 40
    Tradeoffs: none
    Attack: +7 melee/+4 (damage unarmed +4)
    Defense: +11 (shield)/+6
    Fortitude: +11
    Reflex: +11
    Will: +11
    Toughness: 11/6 flat-footed (protection 2, defensive roll)

    Total Points Spent: 18pp (18 of 20 skill/feat points)
    Acrobatics +17 (12 ranks)
    Bluff +13 (8 ranks)
    Concentration +12 (8 ranks)
    Diplomacy +13 (8 ranks)
    K (civics) +8 (4 ranks)
    K (cur events) +8 (4 ranks)
    K (pop culture) +8 (4 ranks)
    K (civics) +8 (4 ranks)
    K (life sci) +8 (4 ranks)
    K (tactics) +8 (4 ranks)
    Notice +12 (8 ranks)
    Sense Motive +8 (4 ranks)

    Total Points Spent: 32
    Attack Focus (melee) 3
    Benefit (Wealth 1)
    Defensive Roll 5
    Devasion 2
    Improved Initiative
    Improved Pin
    Improved Trip
    Inspire 5
    Luck 6
    Teamwork 3
    Uncanny Dodge (sight)

    Total Points Spent: 60pp + 5 free
    Enhanced Abilities (see above) 27pp
    Boost Array 33pp
    - Boost (Dex) 5, Shapeable 4, Slow Fade, Others Only
    - Boost (skills) 10, Shapeable 2, Tiring
    - Boost (powers) 10, Shapeable 2, Tiring, Unreliable
    Protection 2 (costume, provided by the school), 2pp
    Device 1 (shield 5, provided by the school), 3pp (disarmable)


    Eric has a small degree of Fame, due to being a highly-recruited athlete until his mutant powers were discovered, and the discovery being a story in the sports news in SoCal for a few months.


    At the end of his junior year in high school, Eric Hassel seemed like he had everything, at least to most people his age. His parents weren't fantastically wealthy, but they were a doctor and a lawyer which left their family decidedly upper class, even in southern California. He was the star quarterback which took a little slice of upper-class suburbia deep into the state playoffs. Class president. Honor student. Prom king. Had signed a letter of intent to play for USC and meant to be the next Carson Palmer. And didn't really believe them when they said he wouldn't be able to manage pre-law coursework and keep up with practice; he knew college would be harder than high school, but high school had been easy.

    And then a routine drug screen hadn't turned up that he was on steroids -- he wasn't, of course -- but it had shown something else. The kid who was a bit too good to be true really was. Mutant. Not that he had any cool powers, or so it seemed to him. He wasn't stronger than weightlifters or faster than sprinters or smarter than guys with advanced degrees in physics. He was just a lot better than most people, and had a knack for making people around him better.

    His parents had thought about fighting it. A good lawyer -- and Marie Hassel was very good -- probably could have forced USC and the NCAA to let him play. But he'd feel like he cheated, and so would the fans of every team he beat. And God help him if he ever lost a game.

    So he was spending his senior year at Charles Xavier's 'School for the Gifted' instead. And was finding everything was upside down here. The few like him, that could walk out in the 'normal' world without notice, and without posing any danger to themselves or others, were ostracised. He'd attracted friends as easily as breathing before; now he had to work at it.

    And the teachers were insisting that he work at it. They said that his physical and mental abilities were nothing special here, but leadership ability was, and that he'd had ten perfectly normal guys -- neither mutants nor even highly recruited athletes -- well beyond what they should have been able to accomplish even with him on the field with them. That he'd made his football teammates quicker, and with practice, ought to be able to enhance the powers of the mutants he would be working with.

    He hasn't settled on a 'name' yet; the other kids have tried to tag him with Quarterback, and pretty much succeeded, but he's resisted on grounds that he'll never play a down of organized football again.

    He's making the transition from football skills to melee fighting skills, and has picked up a protective costume and a shield from the school's stores, but he's not a great fighter.
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    Quick question: if young students are PL 11 with extra points (which seems kind of high, since powerful, experienced characters can be done at that level), then what are some of the more established characters and threats coming in at - roughly speaking? Basically, I'm trying to get a feel for relative power.

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    Very cool drothgery.

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    as I said before, don't worry about how powerful you are in relation to others... Does it really matter whether Profesor X is PL 10 or PL 20?

    I picked 11 for you guys b/c I felt like it, and I won't be telling you guys the relative PL's of most mutants except to say that the X-men have much more control over their powers than you guys do.

    You're supposed to create your character based off what you'd find fun, not based off what others can do.

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    Shayuri - As Relique pointed out, since it's part of the genre, age is not a complication or drawback, it's just setting. If your characters do head out to somewhere it would matter, then that's just something you have to deal with. (The same way as a normal person would have to 'deal with' travelling to another country where they couldn't speak the language. not speaking French isn't a complication, unless the campaign is SEt in France/Quebec.)
    Also, I'm not sure carrying around a skin of water would be enough to power the stuff you have.. Blast 11, Snare 10, Create Object 10...
    I'll think on it.

    Milagroso - whatever suits your fancy.

    Relique - I thought I saw an 'invisibility' power in the Ultimate Powers book, maybe that would work better?

    ALSO, Looks like Relique could be right, we've got what appears to be an entire Class this year...

    List of people with character sheets :
    Dayspire (Psylocke)
    Shayuri (Calypso)
    Lobo (Wi-fi)
    Relique (Llorana
    Insight (Spider Chick)
    Hero4Hire (Primal)
    Drerek (Colosus)
    ShaggySpellsword (Desert Ghost)
    I take it that means you don't feel like doign Gravitron anymore?

    Victim (Temper)
    BTW, I note you have -5 defense trade-off. I believe I capped it at a max tradeoff of 3.

    Also posted interest/concept but not character sheet yet:
    Imerak - Multiple Concepts.. (Molly= Interesting, I love Runaways)
    Karl Green - Chamber, Quicksilver, Thunderbird
    Drothgery - Paragon(Eric Hassel) *Hmm, I think 'paragon' might be a good name.. it means "peerless", it's basically the best example of something*
    Milagroso - Medea/Power Pack
    DM_Matt - Placeholder (He has the mutant super-power to never loose his place in line, even when he goes to the washroom, making him invaluable at getting those must-have concert tickets. )

    Allright, go ahead and post your student to the Rogue's Gallery, and I shall check them all out.

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