Mutant High - Student roll call
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    Block Jemal


    Mutant High - Student roll call

    Allright, you know what to do: post mutants that are attending this year of study at the X-mansion.

    Abilities 25pp, Combat/Saves 35pp, Skills/Feats 20pp, Powers 60pp, Freebies: 40pp
    PL 11, total 180pp, but some parts of it are decided for you.

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    Wi-Fi Telepathic Prodigy

    WI-FI (Kenny Degeorge)
    Stop, don't say anything... I already know what you're going to say.

    Attributes (25pts)
    Str 9 -1, Dex 15 +2, Con 15 +2, Int 16 +3, Wis 14 +2, Cha 16 +3
    Combat & Saving Throws (37pts)
    Attack +4 (melee +4, grapple +3, ranged +4)
    Defense: 14 (flat 12, touch 14)
    Toughness +7, Fort +8, Refl +11, Will +8 [6/9/6]
    Skills & Feats (23pts)
    Skills (6=24): Bluff [2] +5, Concentration [7] +9, Diplomacy [1] +4, Notice [10] +12, Profession: student [4] +6
    Feats (10): Defensive Roll 5, Improved Defense 2, Evasion 2, Master Plan
    Organic Networking Feats (7): Beginner's Luck, Benefit 2 (security clearance, wealth), Contacts, Eidetic Memory, Jack-of-all-trades, Well-informed
    Powers (97pts) 
    IMMUNITY +10                                          [10PP]
    	* All powers with the MENTAL descriptor. 
    SUPER-SENSES +15                                      [15PP]
      * Ranged Brain Detection (detect, ranged, new sense; 3 ranks)
        - Acute Sense (2 ranks)
        - Accurate Sense (4 ranks)
        - Radius (2 ranks)
        - Extended Range (10,000ft increments, 3 ranks)
      * Danger Sense (brain detection)
    TELEPATHY +10 (50pp array)                            [73PP]
      EX: Communication (area [+1], affects others [+1], range for affecting others [+1]), 
      EX: Mind Reading (sensory link [+1)])
      FL: Communication (range-perception [-1])
      PF: Dynamic, Progression 2 (communication), Selective (communication), Subtle 2
        DAP--Enhanced Charisma (FL: Sustained [-1], PF: Dynamic)/rank
        DAP--Enhanced Intelligence (FL: Sustained [-1], PF: Dynamic)/rank
        DAP--Enhanced Wisdom (FL: Sustained [-1], PF: Dynamic)/rank
        DAP--Quickness (FL: Sustained [-1], Limited-mental [-1], PF: Dynamic)1/3 per rank
        DAP-Shield (PF: Subtle, Dynamic)1/rank
        DAP--Stun (EX: range-perception [+2], PF: Dynamic, AP: Stun (selective area [+2])) 4/rank
        DAP--Uncanny Dodge (FL: Sustained [-1], PF: Dynamic) /rank
    Complications & Drawbacks (+2pts)
    Loses Organic Networking Feats if his Telepathy power is nullified. (infrequent, moderate)

    Personal History: Kenny Degeorges was born in Portland, Oregon. Unlike most mutants, his ability manifested as soon as cognizant thought developed in his mind. For many years his parents thought he was autistic, deaf, mute and blind as he never responded to any stimuli around him. As he matured his mind learned to cope with the constant influx of ideas and sensory and his personality emerged; While they were thrilled that their son had emerged from his own personal hell they weren't so happy to learn that he was a mutant. Seeing the truth in their minds and knowing that his mother would have preferred he remain a vegetable, he hit the road at the tender age of 8, already wise beyond his years.

    A chance delve through a motorist's memories while looking for directions enlightened him to Xavier's School for Gifted Children and what it REALLY was behind its public facade. He bought a bus ticket and never looked back.

    Kenny likes the home he's lived in for the last 7 years and ardently hopes to become an X-man one day. In the meanwhile, he wastes time in class listening to teachers tell him things that he doesn't need to learn as he can now get into their minds (most of them anyway) whenever he needs to.

    He's known around the campus by most of the cliques but doesn't really fit into any of them.

    He secretly believes that Magneto has the right idea about how things should be run, but that he's too much of a fanatic to make it work.

    Notes: Wi-fi's Organic Networking feats are a result of his abilities and minds with which he has had made contact, not actual physical contacts.

    Wi-Fi isn't much of a warrior but he's useful in gathering intelligence and at providing team communications. He's essentially a human computer network.
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    Block Insight

    GWEN DISTEFANO [PL 11] 180pp
    Concept: A teenage girl who has recently discovered that her father was Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man.
    Appearance: Female Caucasian, 16 years old, 54, 115 lbs, shoulder-length blonde hair, sometimes kept in a ponytail, usually wears blue jeans and a solid color t-shirt or baby-t.
    Trade-Offs: Toughness +10 / Defense +12


    STR 11
    DEX 18/30
    CON 13
    INT 15
    WIS 18
    CHA 16
    Subtotal: 31pp.


    BAB +5
    BDB +7
    TOUGH (+1 CON + Defensive Roll) +6 (total)
    FORT (+1 CON + 7 base) +8 (total)
    REFLEX (+10 DEX +2 base) +12 (total)
    WILL (+4 WIS + 5 base + Mind Shield 3) +12 (total)
    Subtotal: (38+31) 69pp.


    Acrobatics [4] +14, Diplomacy [4] +7, Gather Information [4] +7, Knowledge Pop Culture [2] +4, Notice [12] +16, Perform Dance [6] +9, Sense Motive [8] +12, Swim [4] +4.
    44 ranks total
    Subtotal: (11+69) 80pp.


    Defensive Roll [5], Dodge Focus [5], Evasion [2], Improved Init [2].
    Subtotal: (14+80) 94pp.


    ENHANCED DEXTERITY 12 [Ex: Uncanny Dodge 5]. 17pp.
    ESP 3 [Based on Visual; Ex: Super-Senses (Danger Sense (Mental), Vision Counters Obscure (Darkness)); PF: Subtle]. 10pp.
    MIND SHIELD 3. 3pp.
    SUPER-MOVEMENT 4. [Swinging, Wall-Crawling]. 4pp.
    SUPER-SENSES 4 [Postcognition (Fl: Uncontrolled) 2 ranks, Precognition (Fl: Uncontrolled) 2 ranks]. 4pp.
    TELEPATHY 8 [16pp Array based on Mental Communication/Mind Reading; PF: Dynamic (applies to array), AP Illusion (PF: Dynamic), AP Mind Blast (Fl: Action Full Round (-1) Unreliable (-1); 2pp/rank), AP- Mind Control (PF: Dynamic; 2pp/rank)]. 22pp.
    WEBS 11 [22pp Array based on Snare; PF: Dynamic (applies to array), AP Blast, AP Deflect (Slow/fast Projectiles, PF: Dynamic; 2pp/rank)]. 26pp.
    Subtotal: (86+94) 180pp.


    1. Secret identity (in that she tries to conceal her true identity when in public... she doesn't have a superhero name yet).
    2. Has a weakness for male heroes she thinks are 'cute'.


    Note: The following is what Gwen has told about her origin. Recent revelations have started to cast doubt on whether this origin is legitimate.

    Gwendolyn Roma DiStefano was born 16 years ago. Gwen Stacy, the girlfriend of Peter Parker (known to the world as Spider-Man), was pregnant with Peters child, but died at the hands of the Green Goblin when only three months pregnant. Peter didnt even realize Gwen was pregnant at the time. The baby was strong, however, and Dr. Curt Connors (also known as the Lizard), Peters friend and sometimes mentor, rescued the embryonic child and raised the girl in his lab to the age of twelve months. Not experienced in raising children, Dr. Connors left the baby at a local orphanage, but has kept tabs on the girl ever since.

    Adopted by the DiStefano family, Gwen grew up in Queens, New York, not far from her father. Gwen was a happy and outgoing child, and was very popular in school, and was academically successful. In the summer of her 14th year, however, things started to change. Gwens fingers started to seep with sticky material, and she found herself becoming supernaturally aware of her surroundings. Gwen feared she might be a mutant, but concealed this from her adoptive parents.

    Soon, Dr. Connors paid Gwen a visit, to check up on his project, but also to inform Gwen as to her true origin. Feeling the truth too much to take, Gwen ran away from home, and bouned from shelter to shelter, never sure of where she would end up next. During this time, Gwens powers grew, but her control of them did not.

    A chance meeting with Dr. Hank McCoy (the Beast of X-Men fame) changed Gwens life forever. Dr. McCoy took Gwen to Charles Xaviers Institute for Higher Learning, where Gwen enrolled beginning her 15th year.

    Since then, Gwen has gained control of her powers for the most part. Gwen has opened up to the X-Men and a few fellow classmates regarding her origin. Recently, Dr. McCoy, doing research on Gwens abilities, learned that Gwen Stacy was not pregnant at the time of her death. Armed with this knowledge, Gwen questions the validity of what Dr. Connors told her that fateful day, and whether she truly is the daughter of Peter Parker.
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    Block drothgery


    Eric Hassel (Quarterback)

    Eric Hassel (Quarterback) - Exemplar and booster

    Concept: The kid who has everything... and then finds out why he's a little too good.
    Appearance: Clean-cut blonde-haired, blue-eyed, tall, athletic, and usually well-dressed.

    Player Name: drothgery
    Character Name: Eric Hassel
    Character Alias: Quarterback / Paragon
    GM's Name: Jemal
    Age: 17
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 190
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Nationality: American (Californian)
    Ethnicity: White

    Initiative: +9 (+4 Improved Initiative, +5 Dex)

    Power Level: 11
    Power Points: 180
    Hero Points: 6 (Luck 5)
    Appearance: Eric looks the part of the prototypical quarterback prospect; tall, strong but not overly muscular, and good-looking.

    Total Points Spent: 25 (27 Enchanced Ability powers costed under powers)
    STR: 12/18 (12 base + 6 Enhanced Str)
    DEX: 13/20 (13 base + 7 Enhanced Dex)
    CON: 14/18 (14 base + 4 Enhanced Con)
    INT: 16/18 (16 base + 2 Enhanced Int)
    WIS: 14/18 (14 base + 4 Enhanced Wis)
    CHA: 16/20 (16 base + 4 Enhanced Cha)

    Total Points Spent: 35 + 5 free + (5 from powers costed below) = 40
    Tradeoffs: none
    Attack: +7 melee/+4 (damage unarmed +4)
    Defense: +11 (shield)/+6
    Fortitude: +11 (7 ranks, +4 Con)
    Reflex: +11 (6 ranks, +5 Dex)
    Will: +11 (7 ranks, +4 Con)
    Toughness: 11/6 flat-footed (protection 2, defensive roll 5, +4 Con)

    Total Points Spent: 18pp (18 of 20 skill/feat points; 4 skill ranks = 1 pp)
    Acrobatics +17 (12 ranks)
    Bluff +17 (12 ranks)
    Concentration +12 (8 ranks)
    Diplomacy +13 (8 ranks)
    K (civics) +8 (4 ranks)
    K (cur events) +8 (4 ranks)
    K (pop culture) +8 (4 ranks)
    K (civics) +8 (4 ranks)
    K (life sci) +8 (4 ranks)
    K (tactics) +8 (4 ranks)
    Notice +12 (8 ranks)
    Sense Motive +8 (4 ranks)

    Total Points Spent: 33 (1 feat or 1 rank of ranked feat = 1pp); 2pp skill/feat + 31 free
    Attractive 1
    Attack Focus (melee) 3
    Benefit (Wealth 1)
    Equpment 3
    Defensive Roll 5
    Evasion 2
    Improved Initiative
    Improved Pin
    Improved Trip
    Inspire 5
    Luck 5
    Master Plan 1
    Set-Up 1
    Teamwork 3
    Uncanny Dodge (visual)

    Total Points Spent: 60pp + 4 free
    Enhanced Abilities (see above) 27pp
    Boost Array 36pp
    - Team speed: Boost Dex (1pp/rank) + Burst Area (1pp/rank) + Selective (1 pp/rank) + Total Fade (1pp/rank) -1 pp/rank Others Only Flaw * Rank 11 + Subtle Feat (1 pp)= 34 pp
    - We can do this: Boost All Skills (3 pp/rank) + Burst Area (1pp/rank) + Selective (1 pp/rank) + Total Fade (1pp/rank) + Slow Fade (1 pp/rank) -1 pp/rank Others Only Flaw * Rank 5 + Subtle Feat (1 pp) = 31 pp
    - Let's go all out: Boost All Powers (4pp/rank) + Burst Area (1pp/rank) + Total Fade (1pp/rank) -1 pp/rank Others Only Flaw - Tiring Flaw (1pp/rank) * Rank 9 = 36 pp
    - You can do it: Boost All Traits (5pp/rank) + Total Fade (1pp/rank) - Tiring Flaw (1pp/rank) -1 pp/rank Others Only Flaw * Rank 9 = 36 pp
    Protection, noticeable 2 (costume, provided by the school), 1pp
    Device 1 (shield 5, provided by the school), 3pp (disarmable)


    Eric has a small degree of Fame, due to being a highly-recruited athlete until his mutant powers were discovered, and the discovery being a story in the sports news in SoCal for a few months. Most SoCal sports fan recognize him, as do many college football recruiting junkies.

    Eric's powers work by refining and distilling positive emotions (hope, confidence, determination, etc.) either within himself (for his enhanced abilities) and/or projecting them back into others (his boost power). So they don't work well (or maybe even at all) if Eric and/or those around him are depressed and/or apathetic.

    Now, Eric's normally a rather positive, upbeat, and level-headed kind of guy, so that's not going to happen very often normally (even if he is a teenager). But someone with the ability to manipulate emotions (especially on crowds, not just individuals) could possibly turn him into not much more than just another guy.

    Mechanically, if everyone around Eric is depressed/apathetic, his powers function at 3/4 normal ranks. If Eric is depressed/apathetic, his powers function at 3/4 or 1/2 normal ranks (depending on degree). If both Eric and everyone around him are depressed/apathetic, his powers function at 1/2 to 1/4 normal ranks (depending on degree).

    After Eric was discovered to be a mutant, his father (Dr. Steven Hassel) discretely tested his wife and daughter, as well as himself. Dr. Steven Hassel is a normal human (though a gifted physician). Marie Hassel (Eric's mother) is a low-level mutant (enchanced Int and Cha, and other abilities of the same general nature as Eric's, but much weaker, none obvious); Anne Hassel (Eric's little sister) is 8 years old, and shows mutant DNA, but has no identified powers yet.


    Equipment 3, costed under feats
    - masterwork laptop computer (2ep)
    - cell phone w/ PDA, camera and commlink (5ep; 4ep individually)
    - Sports Car (8ep)


    At the end of his junior year in high school, Eric Hassel seemed like he had everything, at least to most people his age. His parents weren't fantastically wealthy, but they were a doctor and a lawyer which left their family decidedly upper class, even in southern California. He was the star quarterback which took a little slice of upper-class suburbia deep into the state playoffs. Class president. Honor student. Prom king. Had signed a letter of intent to play for USC and meant to be the next Carson Palmer. And didn't really believe them when they said he wouldn't be able to manage pre-law coursework and keep up with practice; he knew college would be harder than high school, but high school had been easy.

    And then a routine drug screen hadn't turned up that he was on steroids -- he wasn't, of course -- but it had shown something else. The kid who was a bit too good to be true really was. Mutant. Not that he had any cool powers, or so it seemed to him. He wasn't stronger than weightlifters or faster than sprinters or smarter than guys with advanced degrees in physics. He was just a lot better than most people, and had a knack for making people around him better.

    His parents had thought about fighting it. A good lawyer -- and Marie Hassel was very good -- probably could have forced USC and the NCAA to let him play. But he'd feel like he cheated, and so would the fans of every team he beat. And God help him if he ever lost a game.

    So he was spending his senior year at Charles Xavier's 'School for the Gifted' instead. And was finding everything was upside down here. The few like him, that could walk out in the 'normal' world without notice, and without posing any danger to themselves or others, were ostracised. He'd attracted friends as easily as breathing before; now he had to work at it.

    And the teachers were insisting that he work at it. They said that his physical and mental abilities were nothing special here, but leadership ability was, and that he'd had ten perfectly normal guys -- neither mutants nor even highly recruited athletes -- well beyond what they should have been able to accomplish even with him on the field with them. That he'd made his football teammates quicker, and with practice, ought to be able to enhance the powers of the mutants he would be working with.

    He hasn't settled on a 'name' yet; the other kids have tried to tag him with Quarterback, and pretty much succeeded, but he's resisted on grounds that he'll never play a down of organized football again. On the other hand, it reflects what he does pretty well.

    He's making the transition from football skills to melee fighting skills, and has picked up a protective costume and a shield from the school's stores, but he's not a great fighter. Despite having completely different powers, his 'mentor' has generally been Cyclops, who's trying to groom him for a team leader in a group that emerges from his generation of X-Men.

    GM Notes

    It's possible he knows Miranda from 'normal life', and was pleasantly surprised to find out where she'd disappeared to.

    Change long

    Added in 5/2008

    Base structure: 36-pont power with 3 alternate powers (39 pp; costs 4pp more than current array)
    Each configuration can cost up to 36 pp
    - Team speed: Boost Dex (1pp/rank) + Burst Area (1pp/rank) + Selective (1 pp/rank) + Total Fade (1pp/rank) -1 pp/rank Others Only Flaw * Rank 11 + Subtle Feat (1 pp)= 34 pp
    - We can do this: Boost All Skills (3 pp/rank) + Burst Area (1pp/rank) + Selective (1 pp/rank) + Total Fade (1pp/rank) + Slow Fade (1 pp/rank) -1 pp/rank Others Only Flaw * Rank 5 + Subtle Feat (1 pp) = 31 pp
    - Let's go all out: Boost All Powers (4pp/rank) + Burst Area (1pp/rank) + Total Fade (1pp/rank) -1 pp/rank Others Only Flaw - Tiring Flaw (1pp/rank) * Rank 9 = 36 pp
    - You can do it: Boost All Traits (5pp/rank) + Total Fade (1pp/rank) - Tiring Flaw (1pp/rank) -1 pp/rank Others Only Flaw * Rank 9 = 36 pp

    Other changes:
    Add 4 ranks of Bluff to give 12 ranks and +17 (1pp)
    Add Master Plan feat (1pp)
    Add Set-Up feat (1pp)
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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri

    CODENAME Calypso
    Concept/Archetype: Elemental
    Power Level: 11
    Power Points: 180
    Experience Points:
    Hero Points: 1

    Stats and Powers
    STR 10 +0 (0 PP)
    DEX 16 +3 (6 PP)
    CON 16 +3 (6 PP)
    INT 13 +1 (3 PP)
    WIS 10 +0 (0 PP)
    CHA 20 +5 (10 PP)

    SAVES 11
    TOUG +3 (3 Con)
    FORT +6 (3 Base + 3 Con) (3 PP)
    REF +7 (4 Base + 3 Dex) (4 PP)
    WILL +4 (4 Base + 0 Wis) (4 PP)

    COMBAT 36
    INIT +3
    BASE DEF +8 (16 PP)
    DEF 18 (10 + 8 Base)
    BASE ATT +10 (20 PP)

    Water Bash: Melee Attack +10 (DC 26, 15' reach, nonlethal, water)
    Water Blast: Ranged Attack +10 (DC 26, 110', nonlethal, water, linked Trip(KB) +11)
    Ice Shards: Ranged Attack +10 (DC 26, 110', lethal, ice, autofire)

    SKILLS 40 SP (10 PP)
    Bluff +10 (5 ranks + 5 Cha)
    Concentration +5 (5 ranks + 0 Wis)
    Intimidate +10 (5 ranks + 5 Cha)
    Knowledge (current events) +5 (4 ranks + 1 Int)
    Medicine +4 (4 ranks + 0 Wis)
    Notice +5 (5 ranks + 0 Wis)
    Profession:Fishing +2 (2 ranks + 0 Wis)
    Swim +10 (10 ranks + 0 Str)

    LANGUAGES (0 Ranks)

    SPEED 30/60/120
    SWIM MPH: 25/50/100

    FEATS 10
    Attractive 1
    All Out Attack 1
    Defensive Attack 1
    Evasion 2
    Favored Environment (water) 1
    Environmental Adaptation (water) 1
    Rage 3

    POWERS 88
    Water Control +11 (28pp)
    - AP Create Object (Movable, Medium:water, PF Tether, PF Progression) +10
    - AP Nonlethal Blast (Medium: Water, Link to Trip) +11
    - - Trip (Knockback, Medium: Water, Link to Blast) +11
    - AP Lethal Blast (Medium: Water, Autofire) +11
    - AP Snare (Medium: Water, PF Reversible) +10
    - AP Strike (Medium: Water, PF Extended 2) +11
    - AP Suffocate (Medium: Water, Sustained) +11

    Rain/Sleet storm: Environment Control (distract DC 10/hamper movement 1/2) +5 (15pp)
    Fog Cloud: Obscure (all sight) +5 (5pp)

    Deflect (All Ranged, Free, Medium: Water) +10 (30pp)
    Super Move: Water Walk (2pp)
    Super Sense: Detect Water (mental, range, radius, acute) +4 (4pp)
    Swimming +4 (4pp)

    Abilities [25]
    Combat [36]
    Saves [11]
    Skills [10]
    Feats [10]
    Powers [88]
    Drawbacks [0]
    Total [180]
    Unspent [0]

    Real Name: Astrid Moore
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 120lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Nationality: American (northeasterner)
    Ethnicity: White
    Tradeoffs: None

    Description: Astrid is a hauntingly pretty girl with long straight hair that she often puts up and wears under a baseball cap, or down in a tail, and clear eyes colored like the ocean under an open sky. She has the athletic tone of a lifetime swimmer and a gentle patter of adorable freckles lightly peppering her cheeks and nose. Not the made-up posed beauty of a magazine cover, but rather the earthy girl-next-door loveliness that has neighborhood boys peeking out windows hopefully to get a glimpse. She typically wears baggy cargo shorts that go down to her knees, sandals and tank tops, or blousy summer dresses...unless it's winter and she has to wear her coat and pants.

    Unusually for troubled children, Astrid's childhood was quite happy. Her parents, formerly high finance in New York, had bought land in Maine to settle down on and semi-retire. Her father bought a small fishing boat and found to his surprise that not only could he turn some profit selling his catch, but he enjoyed doing it as well. Her mother in turn handled the family finances.

    It was clear early on that there was something different about Astrid. Even as a baby, her parents noticed that there were more problems with the water pipes when she was upset. By the time she could ask for 'wa wa,' she could bend streams of water from the sink so that it spilled over the side. They themselves had had positive experiences with mutants while in New York, and viewed their daughter's abilities with excitement. At the same time, they recognized that such cosmopolitan views were unusual, so they strictly forbade her to use her powers around anyone but them. In the meantime, she took to going out on the boat with her father, using her abilities to help him fish and catch things.

    In her teenage years, Astrid grew less and less satisfied with the restrictions on her though. More than one night was spent arguing over why she couldn't do anything even around her friends. One such night she left in a huff. When she returned, Astrid's life was turned upside down.

    She saw the glow in the night sky, saw the flashing lights long before she got to the house. The house was on fire. Not just 'had fire in it.' The whole thing was ablaze, as if some mad god had touched a vast match to it and used it as a campfire. Firemen were pumping water from the duck pond nearby with a hose connected to their engine. Astrid had a much more efficient idea. She simply caused the whole pond to sluice up, over, and down onto the house...dousing the entire thing at once. As the firemen stared at her, completely floored, Astrid yelled her parents names and ran for the house...not caring about what she'd done, or the consequences, or anything but making sure her loved ones were okay.

    Tragically, they were not. The search of the premises turned up two human remains, male and female. The temperature of the fire made dental records difficult, but it was close enough to make any other conclusion wildly speculative. The Moores were dead. Her mother's brother, Thomas Renwick, became her legal guardian...but by then, there were other complications. The fire fighting team was composed of local volunteers, and none of them were quiet about how the blaze had been extinguished. By the time the red tape was unstuck, Astrid's mutant nature was officially outed.

    She would never forget, nor forgive, how friends turned away when she needed them most. How people she'd only met in passing before now either scowled at her or hurried away as she went by. Other people, strangers, started making trouble, and that made people blame Astrid all the more. Thomas, who still lived in New York, made a quick decision. She obviously couldn't stay in the lazy, small...but very conservative...Maine fishing town she still owned the family land in. And she -definitely- couldn't stay with Thomas, who was living a comfortable bachelor's life and simply had no room for (mutant) little girl. So he sent her to Xavier's after doing some discrete poking around in "mutant circles."

    Despite the fact that Astrid feels more at home at Xavier's than she had at home (at least after her parent's death), she still feels that her uncle sent her there just to get rid of her, and it's therefore still a betrayal...again, just when she was most hurt, and needed comfort the most. She has become an angry, lonely child...desperate for companionship, but unable to trust anyone enough to let them get close. This anger is especially apparent when confronted by anti-mutant prejudice, as she's started to see that as the reason why her friends and uncle abandoned her.

    Astrid has taken the 'mutant name' of Calypso, which her father used to call her, in reference to the sea nymph from The Odyssey.

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    Desert Ghost[PL 12] 187pp
    Concept: A charismatic Vietnamese bad boy who has escaped a dark past to come to America and start over.
    Appearance: Male Asian, 17 years old, 510, 180 lbs, short spiky black hair, when not wearing his protective armor, he dresses in t-shirts, leather jackets, leather gloves, and blue jeans with boots.


    STR 14
    DEX 16
    CON 16
    INT 16
    WIS 14
    CHA 14
    Subtotal: 30pp.


    BAB +6
    BDB +12
    TOUGH +11 (5 Impervious), +7 flat-footed
    FORT 7+3 Con
    REFLEX 7+3 Dex
    WILL 7+2 Will
    Subtotal: 57pp.


    Acrobatics [5] +8, Bluff [7] +9, Computers [8] +10, Concentration [3] +5, Diplomacy [2] +4, Drive [5] +8, Escape Artist [2] +5, Gather Information [2] +4, Intimidate [5] +7, Knowledge Art [2] +5, Knowledge - Pop Culture [5] +8, Knowledge - Streetwise [5] +8, Knowledge - Technology [7] +10, Language 2 (English, Vietnamese, Korean), Notice [5] +7, Search [5] +8, Sense Motive [7] +9, Sleight of Hand [2] +4, Stealth [5] +7, Survival [2] +4, Swim [7] +9.
    92 ranks total
    Subtotal: 23 pp.


    Accurate Attack, Attack Focus (melee) 2, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll [4], Equipment 1, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Improved Trip, Luck, Stunning Attack.
    Subtotal: 14pp.


    Corrosion 16 3pp/rank [affects objects, full action] 48pp.
    Alt. Power-Healing 9 [energizing, action: standard, total] 5pp/rank
    Regeneration 8 [+7 bonus (total +9), Resurrection: 1 week; Drawback-Noticeable (cocoon)]. 1pp/rank 7pp.
    Device 2. [hard to lose-Armored mask, vest, shirt, boots and gloves; Protection 5. [Impervious] 4pp/rank 8pp.
    Subtotal: 63 pp.


    Enemy- The Lawless have contacts in America, and if they find their prized operative still alive and living it up in America, they will be mad.
    Enemy-The Vietnamese government has contacts in America too, and this powerful member of the Lawless won't escape their detection forever.
    Code- Avoids killing with his atomizing power


    Night-Vision goggles, cell phone, desktop computer, PDA, multi-tool


    Tradeoff-4 attack/+4 damage
    Unarmed Strike melee +8 (non-lethal DC 17)
    Right Hand Touch melee +8 (Disintegrate Fort DC 26/Tough DC 31)
    Disarm melee +10 (+7 vs. Str)
    Trip melee +8 (+7 vs. Str, Dex, or Acrobatics)
    Stunning Attack melee +8 (DC 12, dazed/stunned/unconscious)
    Initiative +3
    Defense +12/+6 Flat-footed
    Toughness +11 (5 impervious)/+7 Flat-footed
    Fort +10
    Ref +10
    Will +9
    Grapple +8
    Knockback -8/-6 flat-footed

    Back Story:
    Xi'an Chi Xan, or "X" to his American friends, led a very rough life in Vietnam. The son of poor field hands, he only ever aspired to farm once he was old enough to help-and that was at a young enough age. However, when officials discovered that his father had been keeping back too many crops in order to feed the family, they came to arrest him. Xi'an grabbed the arm of the officer, and as he did, the boy's arm grew black and grainy like sand, and the officer faded away, falling apart molecule by molecule. Eventually a organized crime syndicate heard of this ability and, fearing for their son's life and fearing him, Xi'an's parents gave him to the syndicate, known as The Lawless. From the time Xi'an was 12 until just before his 15th birthday, he served the lawless, touching vault doors and breaking them down...or even threatening shop-owners not keeping back what the Lawless felt was their due. They trained him extensively in defensive martial arts, letting his amazing hand do the rest. They also gave him the name Desert Ghost, as he was brought to the enemies of the lawless from no where, and frightened them with his corrupting and disintegrating touch. They had custom protective armor designed, both to protect him and to keep him from touching anything that he didn't want to disintegrate. Eventually, the Vietnamese government caught the lawless in a massive raid, and Xi'an was gunned down by his own country. When he awoke in the morgue, he found the remains of a cocoon surrounding him and all of his wounds healed...he also found that his left hand now glowed with a soft white light as beautiful as his right hand was hideous. He pulled one last job to keep his pockets well lined, snuck onto a ship that dropped him in Korea where he stayed for a year, taken in by a family that was sympathetic to this young man so full of promise. Eventually, he discovered Xavier's school and agents of Xavier brought him to America, where he has quickly assimilated American culture and made himself comfortably surrounded by computers, technology, and sports cars. Despite his cool demenour, he has completely bought into Professor X's vision, and is very loyal to him--though he still occasionally has nightmares about the things he has done in the past and hopes he'll never snap and resort to doing those things again.

    Real Version:
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    Block Relique du Madde

    Miranda "(La) Llorona" Del Flores PL 12 [187pp]
    "Do you believe in ghosts? If you're smart, you would.."

    Concept: A teen actress turned ghostly life-force manipulator
    Appearance: A tall and leanly built beautiful Latina girl with light olive skin and shoulder-length wavy black hair who wears rock-a-billy styled clothing.

    Character Information

    Real Name: Miranda Del Flores
    Identity: (La) Llorona
    Occupation: Student (unemployed actress)
    Marital Status: Single
    Age: 16
    Height: 58
    Weight: 135 lb.
    Hair: Black (shoulder-length and wavy)
    Eyes: Brown
    Nationality: American
    Ethnicity: Latino
    Place of Birth: San Diego, California

    Allegiance: Xavier Institute, Family, Friends
    Motivations: Acceptance, Recognition

    First Appearance: Mutant High: Issue #1, The House that Xavier Built


    Miranda del Flores is a young Latina girl with light olive colored skin and dark raven-colored shoulder length wavy hair that she wears in a manor suggestive of a vintage pin-up girl. Miranda is a beautiful, who is well aware of her natural beauty and is not above exploiting her attractiveness, and as a result, she tends to wear clothing that teasingly shows off her body's youthful curves as well as her lean athletic body.

    Personality wise, Miranda is a young woman of extremes who has managed to earn herself a reputation as being one of the most enigmatic of the female students at Charles Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Miranda tends to act in an outgoing, mischievous, and blatantly flirtatious manor which is marked by brief moments of coyness and sardonic wit.
    In stressful and risky situations, Miranda tends to act in serious somewhat reserved and professional manor not unlike how she would conduct herself while on a set but is not afraid of making a quip or two to lighten the mood. However, when she is faced with a grim or a humiliating situation, Miranda tends to easily be overcome by feelings of negativity and falls into a melancholic and somewhat pensive state.

    Character Bio

    Miranda Del Flores is the youngest of child of the Fernando and Susan Del Flores. Fernando Del Flores is internationally successful Latino actor who stars in the Besame, a bi-lingual soap opera set in Puerto Rico. Susan Del Flores is a extremely popular anchorwoman for Fox TV Channel 11 in Los Angeles California who begun her career in broadcasting after being deemed to be "too pretty for radio." Miranda's Monte is a USC film student and is mutant with superior eyesight.

    Due to her parent's fame and fortune, Miranda has lived an exciting and rather privileged life. From an early age, Miranda's parents began grooming her top become a young starlet by entering her into beauty pageants as well as giving her acting and dancing lessons. When Miranda was four years old, she was formally discovered by and given her first role in a commercial,

    Like her parents, after she was discovered, Miranda soon found herself entering into the Hollywood life-style and was offered multiple television roles which her her parents refused. When Miranda was seven years old, she was offered a role on a hit-sitcom which her parents accepted. Lasting for three seasons, Miranda played the part of the young, perky and often annoying Tina Gomez on the show Inner City Blues.

    Inner City Blues was canceled after after it's star Henry James O'Neill was caught up in a career ending scandal. Luckily for Miranda, almost immediately after the cancellation of the show, received the job of a life time in the form of Gloria Hernandez on the tween comedy Girl's Court. Her character Gloria, was a mousy girl yet quirky who was the best friend of the show's main protagonist. Although the show was popular, it came to an abrupt end after the show's production company was forced into bankruptcy; however, luckily the show was sold off to another producer who created its spin-off Broken Heart High.

    Due to Gloria's cult-like popularity, Miranda was one of the few actors from Girl's Court who was allowed to reprise her previous role on Heart Break High. Unfortunately, Miranda's character's became the show's token nerd even though Miranda was blossoming into the show's most attractive actress, a fact that would be widely known after the show's Summertime Fun! television special. While filming Heart Break High, which was shot on location at a Southern Californian High School, Miranda met and became an acquittance of Eric Hassel, who like Miranda became a future student at the Xavier Institute.

    A few weeks after filming the Heart Break High: Sumertime Fun special, during the night of Miranda's Quinceanera, the celebration of her 15th birthday, her life changed forever; Miranda's mutant powers began to manifest for their time. In the view of her family, her friends, and a film crew, Miranda's body began to become insubstantial during her first dance causing her her father's hands to pass through her own. A brief moment of panic soon followed as a result of Miranda unknowingly draining her father's life-force which caused him to collapse onto the dance floor. Luckily, Miranda's father recovered from the life drain a few hours later.

    The next morning awoke to a horrific surprised when she discovered that her body had become fully incorporeal and invisible. She had became a ghost. Miranda began to scream in terror and within a few moments her family entered the room in order to calm her down only to discover that only Monte was able to see Miranda as a result of his own mutant abilities. Fortunately, her family had had discovered about her mutant nature during the previous hour while reviewing the footage from the Quincenera, although they did not know the scope of her mutation until just then.

    Within a few hours, after becoming obvious that Miranda was having difficulty returning her body back to its natural form, her parents decided that it was in Miranda's best interest if they contacted Professor Xavier. While speaking with the professor, Miranda's mother came to the realization that the nature of Miranda's mutation required her to be under constant the supervision of the school's staff. Miranda's parents then made the difficult decision to to send her to Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters while hoping that she would learn to overcome the limitations imposed on her due due to her mutation. Soon after she arrived to the Institute, Miranda selected the name La Llorona as her mutant name since she though that the name was appropriate due to her ghostly nature.

    In the year that passed, Gloria's role on Heart Break High was scaled back dramatically as a result of her studying at the institute and due to the anti-mutant sentimentalities held by the show's producer. To explain Miranda's disappearance from the Heart Break High's regular cast, the producer decided to have Gloria's transfered out of the the show's high school, Holbrook High, thus limiting her appearances due to the almost entirely location based nature of the series. Meanwhile, Miranda's agent released a press release mentioning that Miranda was sent to an exclusive boarding school in New York as a cover story to explain Miranda's sudden disappearance from Hollywood. Even with a cover story firmly in place, Miranda's mutant nature and her disappearance from the show had become shrouded in rumor and speculation.

    Character Sheet

    Str 12 (+1) Dex 18 (+4) Con 12 (+1) Int 14 (+2) Wis 12 (+1) Cha 20 (+5)

    Toughness +5/+4 (+2/+1 unarmored), Fortitude +3 (2+1), Reflexes +9 (5+4), Will +4 (3+1)

    Base Attack +4 (range +4, melee +4, grapple +4), Base Defense +10 (Defense 20, flatfooted 15), Initiative +4

    Acrobatics 8 (+12), Bluff 5 (+10/+14), Concentration 2 (+3), Diplomacy 4 (+9/+13) Disguise 5 (+10), Knowledge (Popular Culture) 3 (+5), Language 1 (Native English, Spanish), Notice 3 (+4), Performance (Acting) 5 (+10), Performance (Dance) 8 (+13), Profession (Actor) 2 (+3), Sense motive 3 (+4), Search +1 (+2), Stealth 6 (+10)

    Appearance 1, Distract 1 (Bluff), Fascination 1 (Performance), Quick Change, Taunt, Wealth
    Fighting Style: Accurate Attack, Acrobatic Bluff, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 1, Evasion 1, Move-by Action, Uncanny Dodge 1 (Hearing)
    Bonus: Luck (Rank 1 As Per OOC post 151 )

    Insubstantial 4 [26pp]
    Alteration, Free Action, Personal Range, Duration: Permanent (Insubstantial), Sustained (Materialization); Affected by Electricity. PF: Innate; Extras: Duration: Continuous(+1), Materialize(+1, Sustained); Flaws: Permanent (-1)
    • AP: Insubstantial 4 (Affects Others) [25pp]
      Alteration, Free Action, Personal Range, Duration: Sustained; Affected by Electricity. PF: Progression 1 (2 Others); Extras: Affects Others

    LINKED TO INSUBSTANTIAL: Invisibility [7pp]
    Concealment (normal vision) 2, Free Action, Personal Range, Duration: Permanent; PF: Close Range, Innate, Selective; Extras: Continuous (+1); Flaws: Permanent (-1)
    La Llorona is totally concealed by default and is able to vary her concealment at will (as a free action) from full concealment to no concealment and anywhere in between.

    Movement, Move Action (active), Personal Range, Duration: Permanent; 100mph; Extras: Continuous (+1); Flaws: Permanent (-1)
    LINKED TO INSUBSTANTIAL: Immunity 2 [2pp]
    Defense, No Action (passive), Personal Range, Duration: Permanent; Save: None; Suffocation (no need to breath)

    Bio-kinesis Array: Life Control 5 [32pp]
    Array (Nauseate), Standard Action, Perception Range, Duration: Instant (lasting); Save: Fortitude; Extras: Affects Corporeal;
    La Llorona has the ability to manipulate an living organism's bio-kinetic energy (life force) to a varying degree. When using her bio-kinetic abilities, La Llorona's body gives off a faint green glow of bio-kinetic energy.

    • AP: Bio-Empathic Assault: Emotion Control 8 [23pp]
      Sensory (mental), Standard Action (active), Perception Range, Duration: Sustained; Save: Fortitude (staged); Extras: Affects Corporeal, Alternate Save (Fortitude, +0); Drawback: Noticeable (Eyes glow)
    • AP: Bio-Kinetic Whip: Damage 12 [16pp]
      Attack, Standard Action (active), Touch Range, Duration: Instant; Save: Toughness (stage); PF: Extended Reach (20ft, 4); Extras: Affects Corporeal; Flaws: Limited (Targets Living creatures)
      La Llorona's bio-kinetic whip is a green tendril-like manifestation of bio-kinetic energy emanates from her hands.
    • AP: Death Touch 9 [25pp]
      Drain Constitution, Standard Action, Touch Range, Duration: Instant (lasting); Save: Fortitude (staged); PF: Incurable, Slow fade 6 (1 day); Extra: Effects Corporeal;
    • AP: Entropic Healing: Healing 6 [25pp]
      Alteration, Full Action (active), Touch Range, Duration: Instant; Save: Fortitude (harmless); PF: Stabilize; Extras: Affects Corporeal, Restoration, Total; Flaws: Temporary (Fades in an hour, -1)
    • AP: Fatigue 7 [24pp]
      Attack, Standard Action, Touch Range, Duration: Instant; Save: Fortitude (Staged); PF: Incurable, Reversible, Sedation; Extras: Affects Corporeal
    • AP: Stun 7 [23pp]
      Attack, Standard Action, Touch Range, Duration: Instant (Lasting); Save: Fortitude (staged); PF: Reversible, Sedation; Extras: Affects Corporeal
    • AP: Wasting Sickness: Drain Constitution 5 [23pp]
      Drain Constitution, Standard Action, Touch Range, Duration: Instant (lasting); Save: Fortitude (staged); PF: Dormant, Incurable, Reversible; Extra: Effects Corporeal, Disease

    Life-Force Detection: Super Senses 14 [11pp]
    Sensory, None (Passive), Personal Range, Duration: Continuous; New mental sense; Detect Life-Force and Detect Physical Condition (both ranged), Accurate, Acute, Extended Range (1,000 ft.), Penetrate Concealment, Radius; Drawbacks: Reduced Range (Penetrate Concealment within 2 Increments, -2), Noticeable (eyes glow eerily)
    La Llorona's Life-Force Detection power allows her to detect the bio-kinetic energy (life force) of a living individual/organism. Although this super sense is mental, La Llorona is able to perceive life-force in a visual and almost tactile manner. La Llorona's eyes glow faintly with green bio-kinetic energy when she uses this ability.

    Telekinesis 2 [7pp]
    Move Object, Standard Action, Touch Range, Duration: Sustained; Effective Strength 10 PW: Precise, Subtle; Extras: Affects Corporeal; Flaw: Range (Touch)
    • AP: Telekinesis 1 [ 6pp]
      Move Object, Standard Action, Ranged, Duration: Sustained; Effective Strength 5 PW: Precise, Subtle; Extras: Affects Corporeal, Damage

    Costume: Protection 3 [2pp]
    Defense, No Action (passive), Personal Range, Duration: Permanent; Save: None; Drawbacks: Noticeable
    La Llorona's costume consists of a dark gray and black bodice/corset, a full-length side-slit skirt (often replaced by a pair of skin-tight pants), thigh-length boots, and a pair of long black gloves.

    EQUIPTMENT Costume, clothes

    TRADE OFFS: -2 Toughness/ +2 Defense

    Abilities 28pp + Skills/Feats 26pp + Powers 95pp + Combat/saves 38pp Drawbacks 0 = 187

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    Player Name: Drerek
    Character Name: Peter Rasputin
    Character Alias: Colossus
    GM's Name: Jemal
    Age: 20
    Height: 7'8"
    Weight: 450
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Power Level: 11
    Power Points: 180
    Appearance: Colossus is very tall and muscular. His skin appears normal until he changes form.

    Total Points Spent: 26 (25 + 1 Free)
    STR: 24 (10 base +10 + 4 Growth) STR increases to 40 in Alternate Form
    DEX: 10 (10 base)
    CON: 18 (10 base + 6 + 2 Growth)
    INT: 10 (10 base)
    WIS: 14 (10 base + 4)
    CHA: 16 (10 base + 6)

    Total Points Spent: 58 (35 + 23 free)
    Tradeoffs: +5 Toughness, -5 Defense, +4 Saves/Str, -4 Attack
    Attack: +7
    Defense: +6
    Fortitude: +11
    Reflex: +8
    Will: +13
    Toughness: 4. In alternate form, Toughness is 15, with 11 being Impervious.
    Initiative: +0

    Total Points Spent: 13
    Intimidate--4 pp: 16 ranks + 3 = +19
    Knowledge (current events)--1 pp: 4 ranks + 0 = +4
    Knowledge (popular culture)--1 pp: 4 ranks + 0 = +4
    Knowledge (streetwise)--2 pp: 8 ranks + 0 = +8
    Notice--2 pp: 8 ranks + 2 = +10
    Sense Motive--2 pp: 8 ranks + 2 = +10
    Speak Language--1 pp: Native Russian + English. Could speak 3 more due to ranks but not sure what would be appropriate.

    Total Points Spent: 7
    Improved Block
    Improved Break
    Improved Critical (unarmed)
    Improved Grab
    Improved Grapple
    Weapon Break

    Total Points Spent: 76 (60 + 16 free)
    Growth (Continuous, Permanent, Innate): 2 ranks. +4 Strength, +2 Constitution

    Alternate Form (Organic Steel): 14 ranks
    1) Density 13
    A) Impervious Protection 6
    B) Super Strength 4
    C) Immovable 4
    D) Strength +26
    2) Immunities
    A) Life Support (9)
    B) Bullets (5)
    C) Cold Damage (5)
    D) Critical Hits (2)
    3) Protection--Impervious 5


    Russian Mob has a contract out on his life.


    Peter Rasputin reluctantly worked as an arms smuggler for the Russian mob. Peter was saved from a firing squad as a young child by a boss in the Russian Mafia called Big Boris, who smuggled Peter from Siberia to the United States. Colossus was revealed as a mutant during an illegal arms transaction gone wrong. Everyone was killed by gunfire except for Peter, whose mutant ability savedhim. Jean Grey found him soon after and offerred him a place among the X-Men.

    Peter is grateful to the school. He never liked working for Big Boris, but felt he did not have any choice. Now he wants to make up for the wrongs of his past and work with the good guys for a change.
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    Work in Progress. (Still)

    Temper Stats:

    PL 12


    STR 12
    DEX 14
    CON 18
    INT 20
    WIS 18
    CHA 10

    F: +12 (4 stat, +8 ranks)
    R: +2 (+2 stat, +0 ranks)
    W: +14 (+4 stat, +10 ranks)

    Spd: 30 Ini: +10
    Att: +8
    Dmg: +1 punch or by power
    DEF: 16/13
    Toughness: +17 (12 Impervious)
    KB Resist: 2

    Attractive 1, All out Attack, Accurate Attack, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Improvised Tools, Jack of All Trades, Improved Initiative 2, Prone Fighting, Ultimate Toughness, Luck 1, Track, Skill Mastery: (Survival, Climb, Swim, Stealth), Attack Focus: Ranged

    Nearly Invincible: Protection 13 (Impervious 12) (doesn't reduce knockback -3?) [1+1 x12-3=21]
    Immunity: Critical Hits, Own Powers, Aging, Disease, Poison [2+1+1+1+1=6]
    Immunity: Environmental heat, cold, radiation, pressure, and vacuum [5]

    Annihilation: (43 point array, 3 APs) Drawback: No Knockback -1

    Focused Bolt: Disintegration +14 Distracting, Full Round Action , Affects Insub 1 [5-2 x14+1=43]

    Hellstorm: Blast Area (Cloud) (Reflex) +12 Progression (Increased Area) x4 (600 ft D max), Imp Range 1 (1750 range) [2+1 x12+5=41]

    Flexible, Coherent Beam: Corrosion Area (Shapeable) +10 Progression (Increased Area) 2 (50 cubes), Affects Insub 1 [2+2 x10 +3=43]

    Feast on Destruction: Blast Vampiric +14, Incurable [2+1 x14+1=43]

    Survival 8 +12
    Notice 8 +12
    Sense Motive 8 +12
    Stealth 6 +8
    Craft: Artistic 4 +9
    Climb 6 +7
    Swim 4 +5
    Bluff 8 +8 (+12)
    Diplomacy 6 +6 (+10)
    Gather Info 4 +4
    Medicine 2 +6

    Feats 15
    Stats 32
    Powers 33+45=78
    Combat: 16+12=28
    Skills: 16
    Saves: 8+10=18

    +5 general pp


    Real Name: Temperance Ashley Smith
    Gender: F
    Age: almost 16 (fixed at ~15.5)
    Height: 5' 1"
    Weight: 114
    Hair: crimson
    Eyes: brown
    Nationality: US
    Ethnicity: mixed (white, black, hispanic)
    Tradeoffs: -3 attack, -5 def


    Temper is a short, dusky complexioned girl. She's usually fit despite her slight build. Her hair, now an unnatural shade of red, has a ragged, self inflicted cut. Her clothes are generally worn or handmade/repaired.


    Temperance's body is reinforced throughout by strange energies - either as a counterpoint to the destructive, entropic forces she channels or as a secondary mutation granting her physical toughness matching her grit and determination. As a result, she's nearly immune to conventional weapons, even those striking in what might ordinarily considered a vulnerable spot. However, this protection has the side-effect of fixing her body as it was when her powers activated; Temperance doesn't age, her hair doesn't grow, etc. Presumeably, her hair would grow would back to that length if cut, but Temper hasn't managed to cut any of it. It seems likely that being stuck in an immature body would eventually grow tiresome. Despite her impressive resistance to damage, Temper is rather light and lacks any boost to intertia; she's easily tossed around by blasts, punches, and explosions.

    Temper has developed her destructive attribute into a variety of forms which generally take the form of scarlet blasts of "lightning." As best she can determine, her attacks lack an electrical charge, though. Her basic bolt provides her with an invigorating surge of energy as it consumes a living target - naturally, it took some time for her to discover this benefit. By charging and focusing the power, Temper can unleash an annihilating bolt. However, that wasn't enough for the violent girl - the highly focused bolt discharged upon a solid hit; she wanted an attack that could continue after punching through 1 target. After some experimentation (shooting straight down), she was able to get the coherent beam she wanted at the cost of range. The ability to fork and bend the stream of lightning came as pleasant surprise, although she underestimates the level of control she might develop. And of late, she's felt the potential for a wide area attack but has yet to test it. Still, she has no idea of the true scale of the lingering storm of faux lightning. Temper's powers tend to be most easily used at full power and with lethal force.

    Temper's abilities require increased intake of food. Of course, she can offset that demand by using her consumptive blast. Even she finds this more than a little disturbing.


    "I think I got my powers in a sort of dream, actually. Are you familiar with the phenomenon known as Night Terrors or sleep paralysis? Okay, good. Well, I had been experiencing that for a few weeks, with the hallucinations of shadowy figures and a slight color shift - as if a watered down coat of red had been washed over my vision. By the twenty-first night, I was fed up with the thing, so instead of just resisting the feeling of pressure, I dug deeper and sort of pushed back. That's when my power struck one of the shadows and destroyed it. The feeling of pressure diminished, and I felt stronger, so I shot the others too. Then I woke up/recovered and was a bit different. There were holes in the floor where hands were, but otherwise no damage. Yeah, I know; my research indicated that the disorder is not really supposed to work like that, so it was a bit weird."

    "I have some reservations about being part of this team you're putting together, but I would like the combat training. I developed a good handle on powers by myself, I think, but testing their upper limits seemed difficult and imprudent. And my powers made the hand to hand stuff my Dad and I were doing a bit one sided. ... Yes, I understand that sort of thing is a bit unusual - on the other hand, I can't think of a good reason why that's so. Self defense seems to be most basic right of a person, since without it, all the other rights they nominally possess can be taken away without much difficulty. Also, if all that is required for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing, then it seems like it's the responsibility of moral people to develop the skills and tools to intervene should the situation require. I tend to be quick learner apparently - my grandparents call me gifted and make a fuss, but I don't learn things fast enough for my taste - so maybe I was picking up those skills faster than normal. Why? I think it's been my lack of conventional education. In my opinion, the school system seems designed to crush one's love of learning so that the general population can kept ignorant and thus oppressed more readily. Hopefully, the results of that placement test you gave back that theory up."

    The car ride was painfully awkward. Normally she liked leaving her grandparent's house after the summer. It wasn't that it was awful there, Temperance mused (of course, only her mother had persisted in using her full given name and she had died almost a decade before in automobile accident). Certainly, their questions could prove somewhat tiresome. And the vapid 'peers' they introduced her to... But they were good people, and strong too - defying the prejudice of their times to both become doctors. x

    Leaving her father indefinitely would hurt. Not leaving would be logistial suicide - the way her demand for calories had grown with her control over powers meant that continueing the way they had would be impossible. Ending the silence x[/spoiler]

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    Nothing to see here.
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