Alvar Thorne & Associates, Part 1 - orsal judging

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    Alvar Thorne & Associates, Part 1 - orsal judging

    Dawn in Orussus is never really silent. No sooner has the rumble of the night carts ceased than the drays and wains of merchants and wagoners appear on the roads. The Night Watch calls the hours, and the catcalls of revellers on their way home disturb the honest citizens as they seek desperately to cling to one more hour of sleep.

    Even before first light, the warehouses of Alvar Thorne & Associates are a-bustle with sounds of shifting and loading, the curses of labourers and the fretful whinny of horses led too soon from warm stalls to cold traces.

    As the adventurers Thorne has recruited make their appearance at the loading bay, they see a tall, slender woman organizing the workers, chivvying them to work harder and load faster, dashing all around the warehouse, attending to a hundred and one different details.

    They see Jendral Thay, the fleet of foot young man who led them such a merry chase the day before. When he notices the group he grins and nods in cheery greeting, before turning back to the business of coaxing the horses into the wagon traces.

    His wagon is one of two which is being loaded this day. The other is in the care of a grubby dwarf who curses the workers for being so slow, and grumbles continually at the twitchiness of the horses, the chill of the dawn and the thumping of his head after too much ale and not enough sleep.

    Despite the delay in posting this first entry, I know how frustrating it is if a game bogs down. So, while I'm not going to demand that everyone post daily (although if you do, that's fine by me ), I'll try to move things along on a daily basis.

    As a player, I appreciate the simplicity of having the DM make all the rolls. I'm happy to do that if you want to just indicate your actions - but I'm also happy for players to make their own rolls (on Invisible Castle, please), so please decide. One thing though - we'll use just one system or the other, not a mix of both.

    To chat out of character, please use sblocks. If you don't know how to use them, just ask and I'll show you.

    Using coloured text for speech is helpful. I've already used Teal for Alvar Thorne and Purple for Jendral Thay, so please avoid those colours. Be aware that some of the more 'out-there' colours may be difficult to read - and I may request a change if I'm struggling to read your text (dark red is a real pain ). (Actually, having said that, Drerek, I can read your posts without too much trouble. )

    To express thoughts, use quotation marks and italics. Don't forget to use your colour. "I really hope they can remember all this," Jendral thinks to himself.

    I'll give you XP awards at appropriate points in the adventure, and I'll assign time awards by the month.

    I think that's all for now. Let me know if you have any questions.

    The Party
    Ciprinus Leth'los, Half-Elf Druid 1
    Ruud von Nistelrooy, Gnome Illusionist 1
    Taelythenihel Nimmilemar, Grey Elf Necromancer 1
    Valdaris Roth, Human Fighter 1
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    Ruud approaches the woman, and gives a short bow, "Good morning, madam. Ruud von Nistelrooy at your service. Mr. Thorne said I should assemble here this morning to help in the escort of the caravan."

    Ruud, Gnome Illusionist 1, HP 6, AC 14.
    Spells Prepared:
    0--Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Ghost Sound
    1--Shield, Color Spray, Reduce Person

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    Taelythenihel, Necromancer 1, AC 13, HP 4/4

    Taelythenihel approaches, looking pale in the dawn light. Ossa is a step behind her, dressed as always from head to toe in heavy dark green winter clothing, and with a shield on her arm. "My name is Taelythenihel. This is Ossa, my serving woman and bodyguard," she says.

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    Valdaris Roth [AC 18, HP 13/13, Init +2]

    As always, Valdaris grumbles at the hour of day. He rubs his hands together to warm them as he makes his way from the Red Dragon Inn to loading bay at Thorne’s warehouse. When he reaches the others, he surveys the scene and makes a quick mental note of those who are most likely to be accompanying the caravan on their journey, paying particular attention to the tall slender woman amongst them who seems busy with other affairs. Thay’s cheery greeting is met with contemptuous sneer, though fortunately, the young man is already busy with other things by the time Valdaris was able to respond. Waaaay too early to be in a good mood.

    After hearing the gnome and the elf announce themselves, Valdaris grunts to signal his own arrival to no-one in particular, though loud enough for those in the immediate vicinity to hear. “I am Valdaris... Who here’s in charge of this outfit?”

    I’ll have no problem keeping up with the pace. It would be great if everyone is posting quite regularly if possible and we can really keep the momentum up.

    Since you’re asking for opinions…

    I think it’s better if each player includes any rolls that may apply whenever posting. Then, the DM can use the ones that are appropriate and ignore the rest. Players know their own stats best, are less likely to miss anything and can RP the results more accurately. Plus, it would make it easier on the DM.

    However, I think the DM should make any silent spot/listen rolls and anything else deemed appropriate.

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    Ciprinus walks next to the others, not introducing himself. This kind of things, city issues, dislikes him, all the mess, the shouts, the so called 'goods' been packed on the shoulders of the horses just to make their owner get profit. He looked at Felmin, his old donkey friend, who have carried out his stuff all the way. It was different, he didn't force Felmin to do so, he was the one who wanted to follow the druid. After all, Felmin life was much more pleasant than other donkeys. As Ciprinus looked at his donkey, Carpio sprout out of one of the saddle packs. The druid smiled
    "What's next? Do we have to wait for the cart to be loaded? I'm anxious to leave this town. Need some fresh air." says Ciprinus to his fellows guards.


    Spells ready:
    Level 0:
    Cure Minor Wounds x2

    Level 1: (I do have spontaneous nature ally cast, don't I?)
    Cure light wounds
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    Taelythenihel, Necromancer 1, AC 13, HP 4/4

    "Friends," Taelythenihel says, "I regret that when we met in the tavern, the sum total of my coinage was... this." She holds out her cupped hand, which is empty. "As a result, I am not prepared for this journey to my complete satisfaction. If any of you has a spare weapon with which to equip Ossa, I would be grateful for its loan. I believe she is adept with many weapons, though due to my poverty, she has only a dagger to go with her shield. Valdaris, while you fight with your sword, will you allow me the use of your longbow? Though I am not strong, I have practised with the bow in the past, of course. If we face a situation that does not require the expenditure of spells, I would much prefer to fight with bow than staff."

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    Valdaris looks over the mage with a weary eye, wondering what the hell he’d got himself into. The longbow was a well-worn piece of equipment that had served him well many-a-time, though only him, and he was reluctant to part with his only ranged weapon. He weighs up the situation for a moment, before deciding to give her the weapon.

    “Hrmph. You make me question what we are doing on this quest, Elf. Don’t let me regret my decision.”

    Valdaris gives Taelythanihel the bow and a quiver of twenty arrows, making sure that she knows how to use it [which is not a problem, since all elves are proficient with the longbow].

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    Ciprinus was looking over in Felmin bag when Valdaris gave the mage the bow.
    "Well, she could wear my sword, I have a spear too, but don't hope to see me in the front he he." said Ciprinus addressing Ossa, scimitar in hand. "Are you proficient with this kind of weapon?" he asks to her
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    "Don't all volunteer to let me do all the hard work at once!" Valdaris says with disdain.

    "Some of you may actually need to get your hands dirty and fight if the need arises. You don't expect me to take the whole front-line single-handedly... do you?!"

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    "I'll be there with you Valdaris" Ciprinus clap the warriors back. "But just some feets bhind, remember I'm using a spear" the druid smiles.
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