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    Onces Ciprinus calmed he horses down, he returned to his own mount. Carpio rises his head, hissing, wile his master softly rubs his chin. His face is hard, and serious. He avoids watching Valdaris in his butchering.

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    Jendral calms the horses with Ciprinus' help, then dashes off to help Allistra recapture her mount. Meanwhile Milak joins Valdaris in stripping the bear's carcase. Despite his inability to cook it, it turns out that Milak is quite a dab hand at dressing meat.

    All in all, it takes about two hours to finish stripping the carcase. Allistra and Jendral have returned, horse in tow, long before the job is complete. Finally, there's a pile of about 200 pounds of fresh bear meat loaded on the wagons, as well as a fine bearskin pelt for Valdaris.

    Allistra looks at the bear steaks appraisingly and says, "Right, I should be able to get a reasonable price for this. I'll pay you a crown per pound - that's 200 gold, all up. Do we have a deal?"

    "Now, we're behind schedule. Let's go!"

    XP award:
    Bear, black     600 XP
    Viper, medium   300 XP
    Total           900 XP (225 XP per PC)
    Bear meat       200 gp (50 gp per PC)
    Bearskin         25 gp* (Valdaris only)
    * Note: this is the price Allistra will give him if he wants to sell it.

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    Taelythenihel looks with distaste at the heaped flesh. "I believe Ossa and I shall walk the rest of the way." They take up a position between the wagons.

    OOC: oh good. That takes T to 450 XP total. Almost half way!
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    Seeing that thereĺs very little the group could do with the meat, Valdaris agrees to the offer.

    ôVery well. You have a dealů though, for the moment, I should like to hold onto the pelt as a souvenir. It will serve as a reminder of the trip.ö

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    I'm going to Germany tomorrow for 10 days. I'll try to get online when I can, but I doubt I'll manage to do so for more than half an hour a day every two or three days. Sorry, it's unavoidable.

    OOC: I'm now back, and ready to move on!
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    Second time award. Each of your characters gains 50 XP.

    Character XP Totals:
    Ciprinus: 500 XP
    Ruud: 400 XP
    Taelythenihel: 500 XP
    Valdaris: 400 XP

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    "How much further to Allimon?" inquires Taelythenihel. "Will we not pass through the settlement of Grenton on the way?"

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    The druid gallops in his horse, at the rear of the wagons, he seems lost in his thoughts, watching the trees and evaluating the weather.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trouvere
    "How much further to Allimon?" inquires Taelythenihel. "Will we not pass through the settlement of Grenton on the way?"
    "Grenton?" Allistra responds. "No, if we'd wanted to go to Grenton, we would have taken the southern fork where the road divided this morning. Why, what interests you about Grenton? There's not much there."

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    "I have no particular interest," the elf answers. "I have been thinking it is time to learn more about the world in which I live. I have seen nothing except parts of the city of my birth and parts of Orussus, and even a small settlement would hold some interest for me. Until now, my concerns have been more inward."

    She begins musing half to herself. "There is perhaps one great difference between elves and the shorter lived races. Time moves differently for us, since we have so much of it. Or should. The promise is not always kept."

    "We gain maturity of body almost as quickly as you do. But in our youth, we think nothing of devoting a decade to a skill - weaving, or knowledge of plants, or music, or magic. It is not the mastery that matters, but the path to gaining it. We might spend a week contemplating the patterns of leaves on a tree, or the words in a poem, or the angle of a swordstroke. Many of us continue like this for our entire lives."

    "But there are some, a few, in whom a change takes place, when we pass our first century, or a little later. We see the accomplishments made by humans in their lives, which are to our own as dogs are to yours. I mean no insult - I refer to the comparative length. We grow impatient, by our own standards, and we leave off our slow lives, and some of us burn bright and accomplish great things in the space of only a few years, and others burn out in the attempt. Some say we must have distant human blood, but I do not believe this to be true."

    "There, I have answered a question you did not ask. But such thoughts were in my head."

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