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    Third time award. Each of your characters gains 50 XP.

    Character XP Totals:
    Ciprinus: 550 XP
    Ruud: 450 XP
    Taelythenihel: 550 XP
    Valdaris: 450 XP

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    Allistra ponies up for the drinks and settles to a long draught of cold beer, then sits back and wipes her lips with a sigh. As the party taste their drinks, they find that theyre all of excellent quality - better, in fact, than Joe serves at the Red Dragon Inn. Mind you, they do cost more!

    Urs pops out of the kitchen, lifts down a blackboard from its hook behind the bar, and adds something to the bottom of it. When he puts it back, the adventurers see that its the menu. It reads:

    The New Constantine

    Baked Trout - 1 gold, 5 silver

    Wild Boar sausage & caramelised pear bedded on champ, with red wine jus - 1 gold, 3 silver

    Nymphs Hair pasta with smoked salmon, capers and cream - 1 gold, 5 silver

    Bear Steak (half pound) - 2 gold, 5 silver

    From tomorrow:

    Ursine Pie - 2 gold

    Its clear he isnt catering for the working class.

    The party can eat together, if they like. Otherwise there are plenty of drinks, plenty of people to chat with, and a good half dozen different types of dice games, if youd like to try your hand at a little gambling.

    Allistra will pay for meals, though if anyone chooses the bear steak, shell grumble about eating up the profits and promise lean rations on the morrow.

    If, however, you want to fast forward to the next morning, we can do that too.
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    "I'm tempted with the Nymphs Hair pasta with smoked salmon, capers and cream, sounds delicious." Cirpinus states after he finish reading the menu.

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    Valdaris eats and drinks his fill, also engaging in a few games of chance too.

    FF to tomorrow, by my account.

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    Perhaps I should have been a bit clearer. If you want to experience the thrills of gambling with your PC's hard-earned cash, I can run a number of dice-based games which the PCs can enjoy (and win ... or lose ... money on). However, if you just want the fluff of, "and they have a flutter on the gaming tables" then that's fine too.

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    "How are you at three shell thimblerig?" asks Taelythenihel of Valdaris in a low voice, momentarily considering using him as her front man in a prestidigitated game, but this is probably not the right sort of establishment.

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    After eating, Ciprinus will have some rest upstairs.

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    Valdaris looks around the tavern and the kind of patronage as he considers Taelythenihel's offer.

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    Allistra observes Valdaris' response to Taelythenihel's suggestion and says, quietly, "If you get caught, you're on your own. And if you queer the pitch for Alvar Thorne & Associates, don't expect to be paid for your services!"

    With that, she stands up and makes her way upstairs.

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    "You're right." Valdaris replies as she leaves. "Such a notion is folly."

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