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    "Indeed it is. The Red Dragon is a far more suitable venue for such trickery. And I do not wish to put in jeopardy your growing sympatico with our employer. I think I shall take some food upstairs and dine with Ossa."

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    Valdaris will spend some time in the tavern before heading upstairs to join the others.

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    Taelythenihel sinks into trance immediately and returns to alertness again partway through the night. As the darkness of the sky lessens, she rises and retrieves her spellbook from Ossa's pack. She is ready as soon as anyone knocks for her.

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    OOC: I'm going to be away from tomorrow until New Year's Eve, and I won't have Net access during that time.

    When I get back, I'm going to award XP for yet another month which has passed ... and I'm going to update this thread, too!

    No, really!

    Happy Christmas & Happy New Year!


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    Fourth time award. Each of your characters gains 50 XP.

    Character XP Totals:
    Ciprinus: 600 XP
    Ruud: 500 XP
    Taelythenihel: 600 XP
    Valdaris: 500 XP

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    After the gastronomic enthusiasms of the previous evening, breakfast at the New Constantine seems positively Spartan. Fresh, hot damper, blueberries, and aged cheese make up the basis of the morning meal, presented on huge platters and left on the scarred and smoke-stained tables of the taproom for the patrons to serve themselves. A blackened kettle whistles asthmatically over the fire, and bunches of herbs suitable for tisanes hang nearby, along with clusters of mugs like battered old fruits.

    A surprising number of other guests are already up and about when the party comes downstairs, rubbing sleep from their eyes. Allistra greets them, and bids them grab a handful of food.

    The others are already unloading the first wagon. From here we make deliveries across the road to Old Gertrude. Theyve ordered the Potian brandy, and the cases of silverware. Taelythenihel, you and Ciprinus accompany Jendral and Milak. Valdaris, Ruud, I want you with me.

    With that the caravan marshall sits back and finishes her own breakfast, obviously eager to get underway as soon as possible.

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    The half elf nods and eat his breakfast quietly.

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    After breakfast the two groups separate, heading off to their various duties.

    Ruud, Valdaris
    Allistra beckons the two to follow and goes out to the stable. Going up to the second wagon, she unlocks a previously unnoticed compartment in the bed of the wagon and removes a small, iron-bound chest. With a nod of her head, she indicates that the guards are to follow her and she makes her way out onto the street.

    Turning towards the interior of the city, she makes her way past a variety of vendors and merchants, always heading towards the centre. The main street is broad and well paved. The crowds, even at this early hour, are building in number. It promises to be a busy day.
    Ciprinus, Taelythenihel
    When the two adventurers (OOC: and Ossa?) make their way to the stable, they find that Jendral and Milak have been busy. The first wagon is all but unloaded, and a small handcart has been laden with the goods. It's not clear what there is for the two guards to do, particularly as the destination for this load is just across the road, but it seems that Allistra is not taking chances. They can almost hear her saying, "What's the point of hiring guards if I don't put them on guard duty?"

    Whatever the reason, Ciprinus and Taelythenihel soon find themselves entering the inn across the road from the New Constantine. It is a much more formal setup than its neighbour, with a deep room running the length of the building and a discrete bar off to one side. Many square tables, already set with white tablecloths and cutlery, are in evidence, and a number of waiting staff - all fair, all tall, all dressed in immaculate costume - are on hand, bringing breakfast to a wide variety of patrons. There's a definite air of opulence and wealth which is missing from the Constantine. The food, from what the party can see, is standard breakfast fare.

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    Ciprinus, Taelythenihel
    Taelythenihel stands silently with Ossa by her side, content to allow Jendral to complete the delivery.

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    Ciprinus, Taelythenihel
    One of the waiting staff, a tall, thin human with greying hair and a harried face, rushes over to them when they set foot inside the dining room.

    Yes, yes, the delivery. Youre late, he says irascibly, all the while shooing them outdoors and into the stableyard.

    Dont you know better than to come tramping into the main restaurant? Theres the entrance to the kitchen over there - step in and ask for Rollo. Hell tell you where to put the goods.

    With that he gone, dashing back into the restaurant, smoothing his uniform as he goes.

    Jendral grins, shrugs, and heads for the kitchen.
    Valdaris, Ruud
    Allistra strides out, carrying the chest in her arms, counting on her guards to provide an impressive escort. After a moment she slows down a little, so that it is a more stately progress. This has the effect of making her look more relaxed, while still ensuring that Ruud doesnt have to scurry to keep up with her.

    The crowds continue to swell in number as they move towards the centre of the city. A number of street children run around. One or two of them decide that the little procession may be fun to follow.

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