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    OK, sorry about that!

    I'll write a wrap-up to get characters back to the RDI some time in the next few days.

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    The party go about their duties, Valdaris and Ruud escorting Allistra to the Mages Guild, where she hands over the precious chest of documents, and receives another small chest in payment, and Taelythenihel and Ciprinus helping Jendral unload the supplies for the Old Gertrude.

    The rest of that day, and indeed the rest of the trip, is totally uneventful. Two weeks after leaving Orussus, the caravan returns, and Allistra pays off the guards.

    "Now, the original agreement was for 5 gp a week. Taelythenihel, your cantrip made our meals a much more agreeable experience than usual."

    At this, Milak snorts, and Allistra, distracted, frowns at him and flaps her hand to keep him quiet.

    "I promised that I'd double your pay, or perhaps triple it. Well, triple it I will - and not just yours, but everyone's. That's 30 gp each - which, I think you'll agree, isn't bad money for such a quiet run."

    "A sight better than 10 gold, at any rate," she mutters to herself as she turns away. "Blast Alvar and his penny-pinching!"

    Then she turns back and says, "I'll have my crossbow back now, and the quarrels, please." She nods her thanks as Taelythenihel returns the weapon.

    "Fare well. May the road rise to meet you!"

    With that, she turns and sees to the unloading of the wagons. Jendral flashes the party another of his signature grins and starts to undo the horses' traces.

    Milak scowls at the adventurers before, to her astonishment, he winks at Taelythenihel. "Noo 'en, sweetheart. Onie time ye want tae gie together again, ye jist lit me ken. We can cuik up a feest fit fur a kin'. An' 'en, efter tatties an' neebs, fa knows?"

    He then proceeds to pucker up, as if for a kiss. It's not a pretty sight, and Taelythenihel takes a step back in horror. From the warehouse a peal of laughter rings out, and the dwarf, abashed, hurriedly rubs his mouth with the back of his hand before stumping off, muttering to himself.

    Final awards
    Each of the party members receives 30 gp.

    There's also a time award for the last eight months, equal to 400 XP each.

    Character XP Totals:
    Ciprinus: 1000 XP
    Ruud: 900 XP
    Taelythenihel: 1000 XP
    Valdaris: 900 XP
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    Taelythenihel stands for a time as motionlessly as Ossa habitually does. When she speaks, it is with a sad distant tone in her voice. "I find I am not yet as suited to the so-called adventuring life as I had thought. We shall leave Orussus and return to our home in Rivenblight... and wait for a clearer sign. Farewell."

    With more resignation in her voice, she concludes with the words she has so often said before: "Come, Ossa." She walks away without looking back, Ossa following a step behind like her dark shadow.
    What a lovely send off for Taelythenihel!
    Though she's technically retired, and I'm not sure we deserve the last few months of time XP, I'm inclined to level her, on the off-chance that I one day use her as an NPC. I can almost see her hiring some adventurers.

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    Ciprinus takes the gold with a smile. "Well this is nice, for a change. It was a most pleasure to be of your help, most beautiful Alistra. I shall return to the Red Dragon's Inn, if destiny smiles at me, we may find each other again. Fare you well partners" The half elf said, before disappearing through the streets.

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    As judge, I approve the XP awards.

    I also grant Boddynock 8 DM credits, from August 2007 to April 2008.

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