The iconic elven warrior/mage

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    The iconic elven warrior/mage

    So how would you create the iconic elven warrior/mage -- the warrior who also has some skill with the arcane arts and can sling a spell as well as a sword ... and possibly also has some affinity with nature to emphasize his "elvenness"

    There are a lot of ways to do this within the scope of the current rules (I can think of a hlaf-dozen or so). I'm interested less in "optimal builds", and more in the variety of ways this could be done mechanically and what the pros/cons of each are.

    For example, compare/contrast the mutliclass fighter/wizard or ranger/wizard approach with an alternate base class like duskblade with the various prestige class options (elritch knight, spellsword, etc).

    Oh, and if you use the term "gish", I'm going to set this thread to self-destruct.

    Edit: emphasis added.
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