Death of the Dragons
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    Death of the Dragons

    Right now I'm looking for people intrested in playing

    This is a D&D game set in the BoF3 world
    Though its small, heres a map.

    It's been 100 years after Ryu faced aganst Myria. The dragons are returning, and the land has been peaceful and prospered. It is now common for people to travel the Outer Sea and Caer Khan has been rebuilt (the orbital platform was never remade)
    People live peacfully with the dragons, most of which exchange services for livestock. Though for the last 5 months, a lot of dragons have been disappearing.

    These are variations to regular D&D rules,

    *There are no gods- clerics worship Ideals. If you don't know the Ideals, just pick a god and choose their domains
    *Fighters may know limited magic- Instead of taking a bonus feat, a fighter can take a spell level of sorcerer or cleric (or a bit of both) up to level 8(access to 3rd level spells at 8th level) all penalties for wearing armor occur, these levels do not stack with regular sorcerer or cleric levels

    character info

    *Character level 4th or lower
    *level adjustment+2
    *No Evil
    *No Lawful Good
    *32pt buy
    *EXP start:8000
    *GP start:5,400
    *Pistol and Musket are allowed though they cost twice as much
    *No item can cost more than 3500gp
    *though you will all start out in the same area, you don't have to know eack other
    *you have simple, peasant backgrounds
    *no older than 23yrs old no younger than 12 you get no penalties from being teen or adult

    books you can use....

    Core Rules
    Complete Warrior
    Races of the Dragon
    Complete Arcane
    Complete Scoundrel
    Complete Adventurer
    If you would like to use a source not on this list post it and i'll see

    I'm looking for 1 person
    1. Mista Collins/ Vemo the Brave -fighter
    2.Steve Gorak/ Gorgoroth -fighter/warlock/monk
    4.Shayuri/ Emi -Dragonmage
    5.WarShrike/ Navar-Eth -Druid
    6.WarlockLord/ Mekaz'zan -Hexblade

    I will start with 3 players
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    I'm interested! Question: what level, what books, prefered alignments?
    I've always wanted to play a warlock-warrior build, but am open to other options.
    Thanks and cheers,


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    Block chakken98

    I'd be interested in playing in this as well, I think I'd be inclined to play a specailist wizard...but need to know what i can and cannot use as well as level, chacacter creation, etc...

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    Ok, character info up

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    Block chakken98

    Excellent I'll get working on it today and hopefully have something tomorrow.

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    Block Voadam

    What is the BoF3 world and is knowledge of it necessary?

    The fighter option sounds really interesting.

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    Block Mista Collins

    I am very interested in this game.

    Concept: 4th level Fighter who's focus is on armor and outsmarting his opponents.
    Race: Human

    Str 18 (17+1 from 4th level increase)
    Dex 12
    Con 16
    Int 13
    Wis 8
    Cha 8

    1st level fighter bonus: Weapon Focus (Flail)
    1st level human bonus: Combat Expertise
    1st level: Improved Trip
    2nd level fighter bonus: Improved Toughness (Complete Warrior)
    3rd level: Power Attack
    4th level fighter bonus: Weapon Specialization (Flail)

    I just wanted to put that out there. I will fully stat him out later tonight or tomorrow along with his equipment.

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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri

    I would like to play as well!

    Perhaps a sorceror, either using Draconic Heritage feats, the Draconic template (ECL +1) or both!

    I've wanted to give a 'dragonmage' a try since my old OpenRPG game ground to a halt years ago...

    I'll get some stats together posthaste.

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    BoF3, or Breath of Fire3 is 1of5 games with the BoF title, the storys focuses around a boy named ryu who is a dragon
    In BoF3, Ryu is the last of the dragons, known as brood. All the other dragons were killed in the 'Great War' because a god, Myria, feared that the brood, would cause the destruction of the world.This adventure takes place 100 years after the events of the game

    No special knowledges are necessary BUT
    *Knowledge arcana includes the most powerful dragon races

    Looks good Mista Collins
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