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    Sounds like a plan! I look forward to hearing about it.

    I'll certainly comment here about how the players enjoy E6 once they've been 6th level for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordUrban View Post
    I was wondering if anyone had worked on including prestige classes in E6? For the most part I've found that you need to hit 7 before you can think about taking one. Are there any feats that would allow for the reproduction of prestige classes?
    Something I've considered doing with prestige classes, is lowering the entry requirements, making them a little more generic, and running them like advanced classes from d20 Modern. Most of those where 3rd or 4th level entry.

    My thoughts were make the classes generic so that they represent more of an archetype or role than the usually more specific prestige classes. d20 Modern had things like Soldier, Martial Artist, Field Scientist, and Celebrity as advanced classes. Give the class two or three levels, and then provide feats that mimic the remaining class abilities, within reason.

    Something like that should work for prestige classes. I'd probably limit the class to one level (most can't be entered until 6 at the earlier anyways), and then feats to mimic the specific class abilities, but for some of the generic prcs there's no reason you can't treat them like advanced classes or even base classes (Duellist...I'm looking at you).

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