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    Block s@squ@tch


    S@squ@tch's Against the Giants - Team Gold

    Team Gold:

    Strahd_Von_Zarovich - Githzerai (LA 2) Rogue 1 Monk 5
    Vertexx69 - dwarf fighter 2/rogue 2/dragonmarked heir 4 (formerly played by graf)
    ScottDewar - dwarf cleric 8 (formerly played by renau1q)
    Tailspinner – gnome archivist 8 (formerly played by rolzup)
    Rathan - human warlock 8
    Herobizkit - half-orc duskblade 8

    DM Controlled PC:
    Virashil - Sorcerer 5/Dragonheart Mage 3

    Past Cast:
    EvolutionKB - warforged transmuter 3/master specialist 4/master transmorgifist 1
    stonegod - shifter druid 6/warshaper 2
    Zurai -- Human warlock 8 - rended in twain by pseudonatural apes in the jungle
    Nac Mac Feegle - Goliath Ranger 1/Fighter 2/Barbarian 4 - plane shifted by mind flayer
    OnlytheStrong – human cleric 8 - brain consumed by a mind flayer in the jungle
    Shayuri – warforged fighter 2/warblade 6

    3.5 Edition rules
    # of characters: 7 or 8
    Level: 8th
    Starting Equipment: 27K (8th) -- no item more than 1/2
    Alignment: No requirement, but if you plan an evil character, a good reason, plus a good cover, would be required.
    Ability Generation: 32 point buy
    Hit Points: Max HP at 1st level, leveling up, take 3/4 of the maximum possible roll for your hit points. For classes using a d6 or d10, round down, but make it up at the next level.
    Source Material: Core + Complete Series, Magic Item Compendium, Eberron Campaign Setting, Races of Eberron, subject to approval by me. No: Incarnum, Tome of Battle, Psionics
    Setting: Eberron -- so only races present on Eberron would qualify.
    Speed: Very important: I try to post once a day, I am looking for a fast paced game, but allowing time for character development and interaction with the world. This is a long series of modules, so I am looking for people into it for the long haul. Your posting record will be looked into and used with your character concept submission.
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    Block s@squ@tch


    Dramatis Personae

    1) Dalwir d'Lyrander: Captain of the Airship Precarious Retreat
    2) Barrak: House Tharashk finder/first contact - deceased
    3) Nardon: House Tharashk Contact
    4) Ganyon: House Tharashk Guide
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    Block s@squ@tch


    Encounters and Treasure

    1) Defeating the Air Elementals: 686 xp (All but Lo-Kag)
    2) Defeating the advanced Tendriculos: 343 xp
    3) Defeating the Pseudonatural Dire Apes: 400 xp (All original members) Domoris/Hudder added to group
    4) Defeating the Aquatic Gelatinous Cubes in the Canals of Titan's Teeth: 200 xp (Hudder/Domoris/Void/Darv/Dreadnought/Morph)
    5) Defeating Hill Giant in Titan's Teeth: 267 xp (Hudder/Domoris/Void/Darv/Dreadnought/Morph)
    6) Defeating Harpy in Titan's Teeth tower: 1200 xp (Hudder/Domoris/Void/Darv/Dreadnought/Morph)

    Found Treasure:

    • Ring of Protection +1
    • Studded leather armor +3
    • Cloak of Protection +2
    • 16 magic arrows
    • 15 silver arrows
    • 5 adamantine arrows
    • Efficient Quiver
    • 2 magic potions
    • Garjon's Amulet
    • Large Mighty (+2) Flame Longbow +1
    • 1251 gp, 49 pp, 483 silver
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    Void - Githzerai (2) Sleeping Tiger Monk 5 / Rogue 1

    Current Status

    HP: 36/36
    SA: Daze (DC 9) 3/3 ; shatter (DC 11) 2/3 ; feather fall 3/3
    AP: 8/8


    Male Githzerai Sleeping Tiger Monk 5 / Rogue 1
    Lawful Neutral

    Strength 14 (+2)
    Dexterity 24 (+7) (+2 Gloves)
    Constitution 10 (+0)
    Intelligence 8 (-1)
    Wisdom 20 (+5) (+2 Periapt)
    Charisma 12 (+1)

    Total Hit Points: 36 (42 with amulet of health worn)
    Action points: 8
    Speed: 40 feet [monk]

    Armor Class: 28 = 10 +7 [dexterity] +5 [wisdom] +1 [monk level] +4 [inertial armor] +1 [Ring]
    Touch AC: 28
    Flat-footed: 21
    Spell Resistance: 11

    Initiative modifier: +11 = +7 [dexterity] +4 [improved initiative]
    Fortitude save: +4 = 4 [base] +0 [Constitution]
    Reflex save: +13 = 6 [base] +7 [dexterity]
    Will save: +9/+11 = 4 [base] +5 [wisdom] +2 [vs. enchantment]
    Attack (handheld): +6 = 3 [base] +2 [strength]
    Weapon Finesse: +11 = 3 [base] +7 [dexterity]
    Attack (unarmed): +6 = 3 [base] +2 [strength] +1 [Weapon Focus]
    Weapon Finesse: +12 = 3 [base] +7 [dexterity] +1 [Weapon Focus]
    Flurry of Blows: +5/+5 [includes strength modifier]
    Attack (missile): +10 = 3 [base] +7 [dexterity]
    Grapple check: +4 = 3 [base] +2 [strength]

    Languages: Common Gith
    Unarmed Damage: 1d8 +2 [strength]


    Weapon Finesse [sleeping tiger]
    Improved Initiative [sleeping tiger]
    Improved Unarmed Strike [monk]
    Power Attack
    Flying Kick (+1d12 dmg when charging)
    Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike)

    (27 sp Rogue ; 15 sp Monk)
    Name Key Ability Skill Modifier = Ability Modifier + Ranks + Misc Modifier .

    Appraise Int -1 = -1
    Balance Dex* 13 = +7 +3 +2 [tumble]
    Bluff Cha 1 = +1
    Climb Str* 2 = +2
    Concentration Con 0 = 0
    Diplomacy Cha 1 = +1
    Disable Device Int 4 = -1 +5
    Disguise Cha 1 = +1
    Escape Artist Dex* 8 = +7 +1
    Forgery Int -1 = -1
    Gather Information Cha 1 = +1
    Heal Wis 5 = +5
    Hide Dex* 20 = +7 +6 +2 [sleeping tiger] +5 [Cloak]
    Intimidate Cha 1 = +1
    Jump Str* 12 = +2 +4 +2 [tumble] +4 [speed 40]
    Knowledge (religion) Int 1 = -1 +2
    Listen Wis 5 = +5
    Move Silently Dex* 20 = +7 +8 +5 [Boots]
    Ride Dex 7 = +7
    Search Int 5 = -1 +6
    Sense Motive Wis 5 = +5
    Spot Wis 6 = +5 +1
    Survival Wis 5= +5
    Swim Str** 2 = +2
    Tumble Dex* 14 = +7 +7
    Use Rope Dex 8 = +7
    * = check penalty for wearing armor

    Githzerai Traits

    • +6 dexterity, -2 intelligence, +2 wisdom
    • Darkvision to 60 feet
    • Spell resistance 5+class level
    • Daze DC 9, shatter DC 11, feather fall 3/day each
    • Inertial armor +4 to AC
    • Character level +2

    Sleeping Tiger Monk Traits

    • Need Hide, Power Attack
    • AC Bonus for Wisdom
    • AC Bonus for level (begins level 5)
    • Flurry of Blows
    • Unarmed Strike
    • +2 on Hide
    • Fast Movement (already included)
    • Weapon Finesse (bonus feat level 1)
    • Evasion (level 2)
    • Improved Initiative (bonus feat level 2)
    • Fast Movement (level 3)
    • Still Mind level 3)
    • Ki Strike (level 4) unarmed attacks are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of dealing damage to creatures with damage reduction
    • Slow Fall (level 4)
    • Purity of Body (level 5) immunity to all diseases except for supernatural and magical diseases

    Rogue Traits

    • Sneak Attack +1d6
    • Trapfinding

    Void's Equipment

    Light load: 58 lb. or less.
    Medium load: 59-116 lb
    Heavy load: 117-175 lb.
    Lift over head: 175 lb.
    Lift off ground: 350 lb.
    Push or drag: 875 lb.

    Kama +1 (2302gp) (2 lb.)
    20 Shurikans (1 lb.)
    10 Shurikans +1 (2301gp) (0.5 lb.)
    Gloves of Dex +2 (4000gp) (0 lb.)
    Periapt of Wisdom +2 (4000gp) (0 lb.)
    Amulet of Health +2 (4000gp) (0 lb.) unworn.
    Cloak of Elven kind (2500gp) (1 lb.)
    Boots of Elven kind (2500gp) (1 lb.)
    Ring of Sustenance (2500gp) (0 lb.)
    Ring of Protection +1 (2000gp) (0 lb.)
    Monk’s outfit. (2 lb.)
    Thieves’ tools. (1 lb.)
    Backpack. (2 lb.)
    Winter Blanket (3 lb.)
    Caltrops (2 lb.)
    Potions: Magic Fang (4), Pass without trace(1), Invisibility (1), universal Solvent (1)

    Wealth - 276 gp 5 sp
    Total weight - 15.5 lb.

    level advancement stat

    Level 1: Rogue.
    Level 2: Monk
    Level 3: Monk.
    Level 4: Monk, +1 to Dex
    Leevl 5: Monk
    Level 6: Monk

    Background and Appearance

    Size: Medium
    Height: 6' 0"
    Weight: 145 lb
    Skin: Gray
    Eyes: Amber
    Hair: None

    Second generation to the ones who fought the Illithids, Void grew up on stories of exalted and heroic deeds and legends of glorified battles and bravery.
    In recent years, the great Sensai of his temple suspected an activity of Illithids in the Giant infested land of Xendrik.
    Void is asked by his sensei to track any activity that might occur in the ruined land, using his stealth abilities, Void can invade deep into the Giant's land and gather information of probability cooperation between Giants and Illithids.

    Void is a scout, infiltrator type of character, using stealth to overcome obstacles.
    He can't take down powerful opponents in melee but can slow them down with ranged attacks and then disappear.

    Attached Files Attached Files  
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    Block Nac Mac Feegle

    Lo-Kag, meatshield, high-damage melee fighter and tracker.


    Lo-Kag Anakalathai, the Giantsbane
    Male Goliath Ranger 1/Fighter 2/Barbarian 4 (RFFBBBB)
    Alignment: CG
    Height: 8' 3”
    Weight: 463lbs
    Hair: N/A
    Eyes: Rocky
    Skin: Granite
    Age: 31
    XP: 8th Level
    AP: 8

    Str: 22 (+6) [8 points, +1 level boost, +4 racial, +2 item]
    Dex: 12 (+1) [6 points, -2 racial]
    Con: 18 (+4) [10 points, +2 racial]
    Int: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    Wis: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Cha: 8 (-1) [0 points]

    Racial Abilities: Powerful Build, Mountain Movement, Acclimated, +2 on Sense Motive

    Class Abilities: Favored Enemy: Giants +2, Track, Wild Empathy, Bonus Feats, Fast Movement, Trap Sense +1, Uncanny Dodge, Mountain Rage 2/day (Racial Substitution Level)

    Hit Dice: 1d8+2d10+4d12+28 -> 8 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 28
    HP: 87
    AC: 23 (+1 dex, +10 armor, +1 deflection, +1 natural armor)
    Init: +1 (+1 Dex)
    Speed: 30 ft (Barbarian 40ft, heavy armor)

    Fortitude +13 [+9 base, +4 Con]
    Reflex +4 [+3 base, +1 Dex]
    Will +3 [+1 base, +2 Wis]

    BAB/Grapple: +7/+19
    Melee Atk: Large Longspear +14 [2d6+10, x3]
    Full Atk: Large Longspear +14/+9 [2d6+10, x3]
    Melee Atk against Giants: Large Longspear +16 [4d6+14, x3]
    Full Atk against Giants: Large Longspear +16/+11 [4d6+14, x3]

    Raging adds +2 to attack, +4 to damage, +14hp, -2 AC, +2 will saves

    Bull Rush: +14 (+4 Powerful Build, +6 Strength, +4 Improved Bull Rush)
    Raging Bull Rush: +17 (or +13 with knockdown at the end of the bull rush)

    Skills: (24 from ranger, 4 from fighter, 16 from barbarian)
    Climb: +4 [3 ranks (2 fighter, 1 barbarian), +6 Str, -5 Armor Check]
    Hide: +1 [5 ranks (4 ranger, 2 cc barb), +1 Dex, -5 Armor Check]
    Jump: +4 [3 ranks (2 fighter, 1 barbarian), +6 Str, -5 Armor Check]
    Listen: +6 [4 ranks (ranger), +2 Wis]
    Move Silently: +1 [5 ranks (4 ranger, 2 cc barb), +1 Dex, -5 Armor Check]
    Search: +4 [4 ranks (ranger), +0 Int]
    Spot: +6 [4 ranks (ranger), +2 Wis]
    Survival: +12 [9 ranks (4 ranger, 6 barbarian), +2 Wis]

    1st: Power Attack
    3rd: Knockback (Races of Stone)
    6th: Combat Reflexes
    Fighter 1st (2nd Level): Improved Bull Rush
    Fighter 2nd (3rd Level): Rampaging Bull Rush (Races of Stone)

    Languages: Common

    Belt of +2 Strength (4,000)
    +2 Blurring Full Plate Armor (10,650) 50lbs
    Ring of Protection +1 (2,000)
    Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (2,000)
    +1 Giantbane Longspear (8,305) 18 lbs
    Bedroll (1sp) 5 lbs
    Map Case (1gp) .5 lbs
    Flint and Steel (1gp) .5 lbs
    Trail Rations, 10 days (50sp) 10 lbs

    Encumbrance: 84 lbs. Light load <173 lbs

    Money: 37gp, 9sp


    Lo-Kag cuts a rather imposing figure, just over 8 feet tall and nearly 9 when covered in the massive slabs of metal that armor him. Despite all this weight on him, the Goliath warrior moves swiftly and makes surprisingly little noise. Strapped to his back he carries Liberty, his giantbane longspear - its haft and blade covered in intricate runecarvings.


    Beyond his imposing figure, Lo-Kag tends to be a rather quiet and almost shy man, especially with foreign creatures. Given all this it is almost comical that he was chosen by his tribe to travel to the faraway land of Khorvaire to seek aid in their battles against the giants. To most Lo-Kag comes across as a vaguely simple uncultured barbarian.


    Lo-Kag was taken in a giant raid along with 10 other members of his tribe as a child, and made to slave for them, day in and day out. Lo-Kag was strong, even for a Goliath, and so he survived under the punishing labor as he kinsmen slowly grew sick or tired and died. On the night that his last companion died, Lo-Kag stole away in the night, by some stroke of luck escaping the sentries and making his way into the wilds of Xen'Drik. He lived for two years in the wild, living off what he could hunt and hiding from giant raiding parties. In time he was found by a hunting party of his old tribesmen and brought home. From then on he dedicated himself not to peaceful pursuits but to the warrior's arts and the hunting of the beasts that had imprisoned him for so long, and was part of three attempted raids on giant tribes, all of which were beaten back with heavy losses. After the last attempt, the elders realized that they could not continue on this course of action, and decided on a desperate measure. They sent Lo-Kag - by then one of the strongest remaining warriors of the clan - across the sea to seek the aid of other races in the battle against the giants.

    Races of Stone Stuff

    Mountain Rage: When raging, Lo-Kag loses Powerful Build and just becomes size Large, making him take up a 10x10 square and threaten spaces 15-20ft away from him with his longspear. His AC decreases by another -1 for his size, but he gets +2 to strength (on top of raging benefits) which cancels out the attack penalty.

    Knockback: Whenever Lo-Kag hits with a melee attack he can make a free bull rush check against his target without provoking an attack of opportunity.

    Rampaging Bull Rush: When raging, Lo-Kag can take -4 on his Bull Rush checks to knock the opponent prone at the end of the bull rush.
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    Asenfel Giant-killer

    Token Image

    Character Sheet
    Asenfel Giant-killer
    Male Human Warlock 8
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Deity: Sovereign Host
    Region: Breland (Sharn)/Xen'drik
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Hair: dirty blonde
    Eyes: grey
    Skin: fair
    Age: 25
    XP: 28,000
    Action Points: 11/12

    Str: 8 (-1) [0 points]
    Dex: 20 (+5) [10 points, +2 levels, +2 enhancement]
    Con: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Int: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Wis: 10 (+0) [2 points]
    Cha: 18 (+4) [10 points, +2 enhancement]

    Class and Racial abilities: DR 2/cold iron, detect magic at will, Deceive Item, Fiendish Resilience 1, +1 skill point per level, bonus feat at 1st level. Proficient with all simple weapons. Proficient with light armor.

    Hit Dice: 8d6+16
    Hit Points: 53
    AC: 15 (+5 Dexterity) [Touch 15, Flat-footed 10]
    Init: +5 (+5 Dex)
    Speed: 30ft

    Fortitude +4 [+2 base, +2 Con]
    Reflex +7 [+2 base, +5 Dex]
    Will +6 [+6 base, +0 Wis]

    BAB/Grapple: +6/+5
    Melee Atk: +6/+1 (1d6/20x2, warlock's scepter)
    Ranged Atk: +11 touch (5d6/20x2, eldritch blast)

    Concentration +13		[11 ranks, +2 Con]
    Knowledge: Arcana +12		[11 ranks, +1 Int]
    Spellcraft +12			[11 ranks, +1 Int]
    Use Magic Device +15		[11 ranks, +4 Cha]
    Heroic Spirit (1st Level)
    Point Blank Shot (Human Bonus)
    Precise Shot (3rd Level)
    Empower Spell-Like Ability (6th Level)


    Invocations Known:
    Least: Frightful Blast, Eldritch Spear, Baleful Utterance
    Lesser: Eldritch Chain, Fell Flight

    robes (free clothing), -g -lb
    lesser chasibule of fell power, 8,000g -lb (MIC)
    cloak of charisma +2, 4,000g 2lb
    gloves of dexterity +2, 4,000g -lb
    warlock's scepter, 8,305g (MIC) 3lb
    backpack, 2g 2lb
    ~wand of lesser vigor (CL 1, 50 charges), 750g -lb
    ~troll gut rope, 500g 7lb (MIC)
    ~bedroll, 1s 5lb
    ~everlasting rations, 350g 2lb (MIC)
    ~everfull mug, 200g -lb (MIC)
    ~sunrod x2, 4g 2lb
    ~potion of cure light wounds x5, 250g 0.5lb
    scroll case, 1g 0.5lb
    ~scroll of invisibility (CL 3) x4, 600g -lb

    24 lbs, light load
    0-26 light, 27-52 medium, 53-78 heavy

    Money: 27.9g
    Asenfel is average in height and unremarkable in appearance. He keeps his dirty blonde hair loose and his goatee neatly trimmed. His robes are ornate, but not overly so; they mark him as well-off, neither rich nor poor. The only thing that stands out is his scepter: a fire giant's femur covered in highly detailed carvings of arcane mysteries.
    Asenfel is a quiet individual who prefers to let his actions speak for him. He's somewhat of a free spirit and will tend to try to solve problems his own way, so long as the safety of others isn't at stake. On the other hand, he is nearly obsessed with killing giants; the times are rare when Asenfel will pass up the chance to kill a giant, even when doing so will give him a better chance to kill a greater number of giants later.
    Asenfel was born in raised in the City of Spires, Sharn. He had a fairly normal childhood, but when he reached adolescence strange things started happening around him; odd lights, phantom sounds, a constant scent of ozone, and the occasional feeling of an incredible amount of energy pulsing just ... beyond ... reach. This frightened Asenfel as well as his parents, and he was sent to a variety of experts, to no avail. After a tense year of this, Asenfel ran into a man by the name of Samoc, who immediately recognized the boy for what he was: a latent warlock.

    His parents, relieved at finally knowing what was 'wrong' with their boy, agreed to let Samoc train Asenfel, even though that meant Asenfel would travel with Samoc. Samoc was on his way to Stormreach in Xen'drik, and the two adventured together in the wilds of Xen'drik for several years. Always Samoc cautioned Asenfel: "Be wary of the Giants, boy." "Don't anger the Giants, boy." "A Giant could split you stem to stern without trying, boy." It thus came as quite a shock to Asenfel when he returned to their camp one night to find Samoc impaled on a Fire Giant's broadsword. Shock turned to anger, anger to rage, and rage to eldritch blasts from above as Asenfel systematically destroyed the murderous giant and all the others he could find within a mile of their camp.

    Since that day, Asenfel has dedicated himself to eradicating the giants of Xen'drik. He sells his services as a guide and guard in Stormreach, and goes out hunting on his own when the offers are sparse. His prized possession is the scepter he had made from the femur of the giant that killed his mentor.
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    Block Rolzup

    Darvakarrian "Darv" Zelheinskorvan, scholar and adventurer, at your service!

    Darvakarrian "Darv" Zelheinskorvan
    Male Gnome Archivist 8
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Str: 8 (-1) 2 pts, -2 Racial
    Con: 14 (+2) 4 pts, +2 Racial
    Dex: 12 (+1) 2 pts
    Int: 20 (+5) 10 pts, +1 at 4th lvl, +1 at 8th level, Spectacles of Intellect +2
    Wis: 18 (+4) 10 pts, Periapt of Wisdom +2
    Chr: 10 (+0) 2 pts

    Init +1

    Hit Points: 53 (6+4+5+4+5+4+5+4+16)
    AC: 19 (+7 Armor, +1 Dex, +1 Size,) Touch: 12, Flat: 18
    Init: +1
    Spd: 30 ft/x4;

    Action Points: 9

    Base Atk/Grapple: +4 / -1
    Speed: 20' /x4
    Fort +10, Ref +5, Will +12

    +4 Melee, Masterwork Longspear, 1d6, 20/x3, Piercing (reach)
    +7 Ranged, Masterwork Shortbow, 1d4 19-20/x2, Piercing

    Concentration: +13 (12 Ranks +1 Con)
    Decipher Script: +12 (7 Ranks +5 Int)
    Knowledge (arcana): +17 (12 Ranks +5 Int)
    Knowledge (dungeoneering): +19 (12 Ranks +5 Int +2 Archivist Bonus)
    Knowledge (history): +15 (10 Ranks +5 Int)
    Knowledge (nature): +19 (12 Ranks +5 Int +2 Archivist Bonus)
    Knowledge (religion): +15 (10 Ranks +5 Int)
    Knowledge (the planes): +7 (2 Ranks +2 Int)
    Spellcraft: +19 (12 Ranks +5 Int +2 Synergy)

    Languages: Common, Gnome, Giant, Draconic

    Archivist of Nature (1st Level, HH 119)
    Scribe Scroll (1st Level Archivist Bonus)
    Touch of Healing (3rd Level, CC 62)
    Spontaneous Healer (6th Level, CD 84)

    Gnome Abilities:
    • -2 Strength, +2 Constitution
    • Base land speed of 20 feet.
    • Low-Light Vision
    • Spell-like abilities: 1/day - speak with animals(burrowing), dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation
    • Weapon Familiarity: Gnomes treat gnome hooked hammers as martial weapons, rather than exotic weapons.
    • +2 racial bonus on saving throws against illusions
    • +1 modifier to the DC for all saving throws against illusion spells you cast.
    • +1 racial bonus on attack rolls against kobolds and goblinoids
    • +4 dodge bonus to AC against giants
    • +2 racial bonus on Craft(alchemy) and Listen checks

    Archivist Abilities:
    • Dark Knowledge: 5/day, Darv can draw upon his knowledge of aberrations, elementals, fey, giants, magical beasts, outsiders, or undead. If he succeeds at the relevant knowledge check (DC:15), he grants his allies special abilities.
    ค Tactics: Grants a +1 (or more) bonus to attack rolls.
    ค Puissance: Grants a +1 (or more) bonus on saving throws to allies within 60 feet.
    ค Foe: Grants a 1d6 (or more) damage bonus on weapon damage.
    • Lore Mastery: Darv gains a +2 bonus to all Decipher Script checks and to Knowledge (nature) and Knowledge (dungeoneering) checks.
    • Still Mind (Ex): Darv gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against spells and effects from the school of enchantment.

    Spells Per Day: 4/6/5/5/4

    Spells Known:
    0 Level: All Divine

    1st Level
    --Lesser Vigor: Subject gains fast healing/1 for 15 rounds. (*)
    --Bless (*)
    --Repair Light Damage: Heal construct for 1d8+5 damage. (*)
    --Entangle (*)
    --Winged Watcher (CSc 106): Swift spell, turns caster into normal raven or owl for 1 minute/level. (*)
    --Guiding Light: +2 to-hit against targets in 5' radius burst for 1 minute/level. If targets move out of radius, bonus is lost.
    --Longstrider (*)
    --Shield of Faith (*)

    2nd Level:
    --Hold Person (*)
    --Close Wounds: As Immediate action, heal one target within close range of 1d4+5 points. (**)
    --Mass Snake's Swiftness: Allies within 20' burst at Medium range may immediately take one melee or ranged attack. (*)

    3rd Level:
    --Prayer (*)
    --Blessed Aim: Allies within 50' gain +2 on ranged attacks for 1 minute/level.
    --Mass Lesser Vigor: As Lesser Vigor, but affects up to 4 subjects. (**)
    --Fell the Greatest Foe: For every size category of an opponent bigger than the subject of the spell, the subject deals an extra 1d6 points of damage on any successful melee attack. (*)
    --Dispel Magic (*)

    4th Level:
    --Flame Strike (**)
    --Repair Critical Damage: Heal consruct for 4d8+8 damage. (*)
    --Moon Bolt: 1d4 Str Damge/3 levels at Long range, Fort save for 1/2. Undead may be rendered helpless for 1d4 rounds. (*)
    --Spike Stones
    --Panacea: Ends any of the following conditions affecting the subject: blinded, confused, dazed, dazzled, deafened, diseased, exhausted, fatigued, frightened, nauseated, panicked, paralyzed, shaken, sickened, and stunned. It negates sleep effects and the effect of the feeblemind spell, and ends any additional effects from poison, as the neutralize poison spell. It also cures 1d8 points of damage + 1 point per caster level (maximum +20).

    (*= Currently prepared, * = Cast)

    Magic Items:
    Spectacles of Intellect +2 (4,000 GP)
    Periapt of Wisdom +2 (4,000 GP)
    Cloak of Resistance +2 (4,000 GP)
    Healing Belt (750 GP, MiC 110)
    Dimension Stide Boots (2,000 GP, MiC 94)
    Survival Pouch (3,100 GP, MiC 187)
    +2 Chainmail of Easy Travel (5,800 GP, MiC 10)
    Wand of Lesser Vigor (750 GP)
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds (750 GP)
    Quall's Feather Token: Swan Boat (400 GP)
    Masterwork Longspear (330 GP)
    Masterwork Shotbow (305 GP)
    Daggers (2) (2 GP)
    Sunrods (3) (6 GP)
    Backpack (2 GP)
    Blank Book (5 GP)
    Inkstick (3 GP)
    Small Steel Mirror (10 GP)
    Magnifying Glass (100 GP)

    437 GP remaining.

    Appearance: Even in full armor, with a weapon in hand and gouts of fire thundering down from the heavens at his command, Darv looks like someone who belongs in a library, with books piled high around him. Short, skinny, and pale, with large brown eyes blinking behind his spectacles, Darv does not cut an impressive figure. Frankly, he's not even sure if he *could*.

    Personality: Darv is eager to have adventures of his own, rather than reading about those of others. The chance to advance his own knowledge is, of course, nice...but by the heavens, he wants to know what danger feels like! That said, he takes his role as healer very seriously indeed, and strives to keep his companions' best interests in mind. It's just that sometimes, he gets a little...over-enthusiastic, shall we say?

    Not everyone in Zilargo is a spy, no matter what rumors say. Yes, Darv's father was...and his mother...and his favorite uncle, and quite possibly his cousin...but not Darv. He never had the knack. His honest face hid nothing more than an honest heart, and none could really fault him for that.

    He drifted into a life of academia, which somehow managed to both bore him and satisfy him all at once. Yes, he was good at research...but wasn't there something more? Darv was, in truth, more than a little surprised by his own aptitude for magic. But once he discovered it, he threw himself into it whole-heartedly, realizing that *here* was his chance to do something meaningful. And exciting. Girls, they like exciting, don't they?

    Character Role: Healing and support. He can give his allies a bunch of bonuses with Dark Knowledge and the proper spells, he's got the various Cure spells thanks to the Spontaneous Healing feat, and he's capable of making himself durable enough to move around the battlefield. Between battles, he can use the Wand of Vigor and his Healing Touch feat to heal his allies up to full without too much trouble. In theory, at least.

    The IC Thread.
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    Block OnlytheStrong

    Davan Rowe

    Class and level: Cleric 8
    Church: Sovereign Host
    Domains: Strength and Healing  ( You can perform a feat of strength 
                                                  as a supernatural ability. You gain 
                                                  an enhancement bonus to strength 
                                                  equal to your cleric level. Activating
                                                  the power is a free action, lasts 1 
                                                  round and is usable once per day. 
                                                  You cast healing spells at +1 caster level) 
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 170lbs
    Languages: Common, Giant
    Str: 14 (6pts)    +2
    Dex: 12  (4pts)  +1
    Con: 14  (6pts)  +2
    Int: 12   (4pts)  +1
    Wis: 18  (10pts) +4    (16 + 2 skill increase)
    Cha: 10  (2pts)  +0
    HP:  66   (8 + (6x7) + 16 con mod)
    AC:   25 (10 + 9 armor + 2 shield + 1 dex mod + 2 nat. armor + 1 misc)
    Saving Throws: 
       Fortitude: 8 (6 base + 2 con mod)
       Reflex: 3   (2 base + 1 dex mod)
       Will:  10  (6 base + 4 wis mod)
    Speed: 20ft
    Base Attack Bonus:  +6/1
        Grapple: +8/3  (6/1 base + 2 str mod)
        Light Mace: +8/3  dmg:1d6+2  crit: x2
        Light Crossbow:  +7  dmg:1d8  crit: 19-20x2
        Turn Undead: 3 times a day
    Daily Spells:
    Level 0: 6
    Level 1: 4+1 domain + 1 bonus               Save DC:
    Level 2: 3+1 domain + 1 bonus
    Level 3: 3+1 domain + 1 bonus              10+wis mod+ spell level
    Level 4: 2+1 domain + 1 bonus
          Concentration:  14  (12 ranks + 2 con mod)
          Heal:   18    (12 ranks + 4 wis mod+2 misc mod
          Knowledge (history):  7  (6 ranks + 1 int mod)
          Knowledge (religion):  7  (6 ranks + 1 int mod)
    cc   Listen:   6  (2 ranks + 4 wis mod)
    cc   Spot:  6 (2 ranks + 4 wis mod)
       Healing Devotion (from Complete Champion)
       Sacred Boost (from Complete Divine)
       Glorious Weapons (from Complete Divine)
       Augment Healing   (from Complete Divine)
    Healing Belt, Ring of Mystic Healing, Amulet of Natural Armor +2, 
    Ring of Protection +1, Full Plate Armor of Easy Travel +1, Light Mace, 
    Heavy Steel Shield +1, Light Crossbow, Bolts (20), Waterskin, Wand of Light, 
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds, Scroll of Cure Critical Wounds (4),
    Pouch, Scroll of Divination (2), Healing Salve (1st application
    heals 1d8+1 of dmg, 2nd application heals 2d8+3, triple application 
    heals 3d8+5, can only be used 10 times) 
    27000gp - 26689gp = 311gp
    Healing Belt= 750gp
    Ring of Mystic Healing = 3,500gp
    Full Plate of Easy Travel = 4,150
    Carrying Capacity:                            Weight Carried: 81lbs
      Light Load: 58lbs (116lbs while wearing armor)           
      Med Load: 116lbs
      Heavy Load: 175 lbs
    (items from Magic Item Compendium)
    Healing Belt---gain +2 to heal checks, has 3 charges (renewed at dawn):
    			1st charge: heals 2d8 of dmg
    			2nd charge: heals 3d8 of dmg
    			3rd charge: heals 4d8 of dmg
    Ring of Mystic Healing---provides +1 bonus to competence to your 
                                     caster level. These bonuses add on to your 
                                     next cure spell. Has 3 charges. 
                                                 (renewed each day at dawn):
    			1st charge: heals +2d6 of dmg
    			2nd charge: heals +3d6 of dmg
    			3rd charge: heals +4d6 of dmg
    Feat Descriptions:
        Augment Healing = Add +2 points per spell level to the amount of 
                                  damage healed by any healing spell. 
        Healing Devotion = Once per day, you gain fast healing 1, +1 for 
                                  every five character levels you possess. This 
                                  effect lasts for 1 minute. You can activate this 
                                  feat as an immediate action, or if you have a 
                                  daily available, it activates automatically if you 
                                  are reduced to 0 hit points (but not killed.)
                            Special: As a full round action, you can transfer this 
                                       ability to a will recipient as a touch spell. 
                                       Doing so counts as one daily use of this 
                                       ability. If you have the ability to turn or 
                                       rebuke undead, you gain one additional use 
                                      of this feat for each turn or rebuke you expend.
        Sacred Boost = You spend a turn attempt as a standard action to 
                             place an aura of positive energy upon every creature 
                             within a 60ft radius. Any cure spell placed on one of 
                             these creatures before the end of your next turn is 
                             automatically maximized, with no adjustment to spell 
                             level or casting time.
        Glorious Weapons = It allows me to use a standard action to align 
                                   melee weapons (including natural weapons) of 
                                   all allies within a 60ft burst as good. Such 
                                   weapons can overcome damage reduction as if 
                                   they had the appropriate alignment. The effect 
                                   lasts until the end of your next turn.
    Equipment cost and weight

    Healing Belt~ 1 lb 750g

    Ring of Mystic healing ~ --- 3,500g

    Amulet of Natural Armor +2 ~ ---- 8,000g

    Ring of Protection +1 ~ ----- 2,000g

    Full Plate Armor of Easy Travel +1 ~ 50lbs 4,150g

    Light Mace ~ 4 lbs 5g

    Heavy Steel Shield +1 ~ 15lbs 1,170g

    Light Crossbow ~ 4lbs 35g

    Bolts (20) ~ 2 lbs 2g

    Waterskin ~ 4lbs 1g

    Wand of Light ~ ----- 375g

    Wand of Cure Light Wounds ~ ----- 750g

    Scroll of Divination (2) ~ ----- 1,450g

    Scroll of Cure Critical Wounds (4) ~ -----2,800g

    Pouch ~ 1/2 lbs 1g

    Healing Salve ~ 1lbs 2,250g

    Totals: Weight= 81 lbs (not counting scrolls, rings, etc. not sure how much they weigh)

    Money= 27000 - 26,689 = 311g left

    domain spells

    1-Enlarge Person
    2-Bull's Strength
    3-Magic Vestment
    4-Spell Immunity
    5-Righteous Might
    7-Bigby's Grasping Hand
    8-Bigby's Clenched Fist
    9-Bigby's Crushing Hand

    1-Cure Light Wounds
    2-Cure Moderate Wounds
    3-Cure Serious Wounds
    4-Cure Critical Wounds
    5-Mass Cure Light Wounds
    8-Mass Cure Critical Wounds
    9-Mass Heal


    Davan Rowe felt the divine power in him at an early age. His parents sent him to live with the Sovereign Host, which he was both grateful for and resented. He felt like his parents didn't want him at home. He could barely remember them. Maybe that was for the best, since he had been gone for almost 14 years, they were probably dead.

    Davan learned how to harness his divine power and found that he was especially gifted at healing. He loved healing. He didn't know why, but he always found the healing spells the easiest to learn. He even spent his days in "school" collecting objects to assist in his healing powers.

    Davan was reluctant to learn the skills in warfare. He did as he was told, and became quite good at it, but never like to practice his fighting skills. He always figured that it was pointless to fight, as he would just have to turn around and heal the people he beat.

    Davan left the Church's schooling when he was 19, and travelled around the world until present day. He found that being a cleric got him untold respect from many of the people around the world. He did enjoy travelling and having people go out of their way to make him comfortable or the gifts he recieved for his "blessings." He rarely accepted more than a meal or a place to stay though, unless he used some of his divine powers.

    Davan travelled all over the world, except for Xen'drik. He figured it was time for him to head there, so he gathered up his belongings and started to make his path that way.


    Davan is a fun loving kind of guy. He laughs alot, and would prefer to joke his way out of a fight than harm anyone. He rarely gets upset, and is above petty insults. He never drinks as he feels it increases the distance between him and the pantheon of the Sovereign Host (or more specifically, the gods Dol Dorn and Olladra). Davan is would rather die himself than let an innocent or good person die. He knows his place in a fight, and would rather protect and heal those in the fight than shed the blood himself, even though he knows the blood is on his hands too.
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    Name: Morph
    Race: Warforged
    Class/Level: Transmuter3/MasterSpecialist4/MasterTransmorgifist1
    Gender: Male
    Exp:  31279
    Action Points:  7
    Strength (STR) 10        +0  (2pts)
    Dexterity (DEX) 14       +2  (6pts)
    Constitution (CON) 16   +3 (6pts)
    Intelligence (INT) 20     +5 (10pts+lv4,8 increase+2 enchancement)
    Wisdom (WIS) 12         +1  (6pts)
    Charisma (CHA) 8         -1  (2pts)
    Alignment: CN
    AC: 18 (+4 armor + 2 dex +2 shield)
    Hit Points: 49
    Movement: 30'
    Init: +2
    Base Attack Bonus: +3
    Melee Attack: +3 Slam 1d4
    Fort: +7      (2 base +3 con +2 resistance)
    Reflex: +6   (2 base +2 dex +2 resistance)
    Will: +12    (9 base +1 wis +2 resistance)
    Race Abilities
    -  +2 Con, -2 Wis, -2 Chr
    -  Immune to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, effects that cause the sickened condition, and energy drain.
    -  Can’t heal damage naturally
    -  Conjuration(healing)spells only heal half their normal effect.
    -  Affected by heat/chill metal, repel metal or wood, and rusting grasp.
    -  Can take a movement or standard action at 0 hp without losing hp.
    -  No need to eat, sleep, or breathe.
    -  Composite Plating
    -  Light Fortification
    -  Natural attack, Slam does 1d4 damage.
    Class Abilities:
    -  Extend shape:  Morph gains the benefit of the extend spell feat when casting a polymorph type spell to transform into his favored shapes.
    -  Favored Shapes:  Phase Spider, Wyrmling Silver Dragon, Seven Headed Pyrohydra
    -  Bonus feats:  Scribe Scroll(from wizard level), Skill focus(spellcraft) and greater spell focus(transmutation)(from Master Specialist).
    -  Expanded Spellbook
    -  Minor school esoterica:  If a transmutation spell cast by Morph is dispelled in persists for one more round.
    -  Sudden shift(5/day):  As an immediate action Morph can gain a fly, swim, or climb speed equal to his land speed.  If activated during his turn it lasts until the end of that turn, otherwise it lasts until the end of his next turn.
    Skills: 56
    Bluff +1 (2 ranks -1 chr)--Crossclass
    Concentration +14 (11 ranks + 3 con)
    Craft(armorsmithing) +10(5 ranks + 5 int)  +12 when repairing warforged
    Decipher Script +9 (4 ranks +5 int)  +13 when identifying cyclopean glyphs.
    Disguise +4  (5 ranks - 1 chr)--Crossclass
    Knowledge arcana +16 (11 ranks +5 int)
    Spellcraft +21 (11 ranks +5 int +2 synergy +3 skill focus)
    Scribe Scroll(bonus feat from wizard1)
    Eschew Materials
    Spell Focus(transmutation)
    Skill focus spellcraft(from master specialist1)
    Greater spell focus(transmutation)(from master specialist3)
    Fiery Burst(CM pg 43)As a standard action as long as Morph has a fire spell of 2nd level or higher prepared to create a 5' radius burst of fire at a range of 30'.  This burst does 1d6 per spell level of the highest level fire spell Morph has prepared.  DC is 10+Int mod+level of the highest fire spell prepared.  Also, Morph gains a +1 CL when casting fire spells.
    Languages - Common, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin
    +2 Twilight enhancement applied to Composite Plating (9000gp)
    Crystal of Adaption, Least (MIC pg 24, 500gp) Protects wearer as endure elements, attached to composite plating.
    +1 Mithral Buckler (2015gp)(2lb)
    +2 Cloak of resistance(4000gp)(1lb)
    Burning Veil(MIC, pg211, 5000gp):  3/day as a swift action, Morph can activate the veil doing 1d6 fire damage to an opponent already injured by a fire spell this round.  Also augmented with a +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence.  (-lb)
    Artificers Monocle(MIC, pg 72, 1500gp):  After casting detect magic, Morph can concentrate for 1 minute to Identify the item.(-lb)
    Eternal wand of repair light damage(820gp)(-lb)
    Wand of repair light damage 45 charges(750gp)(-lb)
    Two dragon’s tears(CM pg 135, 200gp each):  Optional material component, gains +1 spell level to an fire spell or mind affecting spell as if it were heightened.
    Two applications of fairy dust(CM pg 235, 100gp each):  Optional material component, transmutation spell is doubled in duration, as extend spell feat.
    Potion of invisibility(300gp)
    Scroll of See Invisibility(150gp)
    Skill shard, greater(Decipher Script)(MIC, pg 185, 200gp)gain a +5 competence bonus on Decipher Script check that begins before the end of your next turn and lasts up to 10 minutes.
    Backpack (2gp, 2lb)
    2 potions of Shield of Faith (100gp total)
    Warforged Repair Kit (ECS, pg121)(50gp, 1lb)
    Traveling Papers(ECS, pg121)(2sp)
    Identification Papers w/ portrait(ECS, pg 121) (5gp)
    Glyphbook(ECS, pg121)(20gp)(2lb)
    Spellshard, blank, wizards(ECS, pg121)(3gp)(.5lb)
    2 Belt Pouches(1gp each, 1lb total)
    1 Sunrods(1gp each, 3lbs total)
    1 Tanglefoot bags (30gp each, 8lbs total)
    5' of hemp rope(1sp, 1lb)
    Scrolls added to spellbook(including spellbook costs):
    Repair critical damage(1100gp)
    Rope trick(350gp)
    Glitterdust (350gp)
    Spellbook: 64 of 100 pages used
    0:  All spells except of the necromancy and enchantment schools (17pgs)
    1:  enlarge person, feather fall, lesser orb of fire, magic missile, fist of stone, ray of clumsiness, grease, repair light damage (8pgs)
    2:  alter self, fire burst, invisibility, glitterdust, incendiary slime, rope trick (12pgs)
    3:  fireball, haste, slow, repair serious damage, animate weapon(chosen with expanded spellbook)(15pgs)
    4:  polymorph, flame whips, repair critical damage(12pgs)
    flame whips
    Transmutation Sor/Wiz 4 Components: V, S Casting Time: Standard Range: Personal Effect: Flaming whips Duration: 1 rd/lv (D) Your forelimbs transform into flaming whips, you gain two melee touch attacks with a 15' reach. Each deal 6d6 damage. Attacks with these whips replace any natural attacks you had with those limbs. While this spell is in effect you cannot cast spells with material components, nor can you carry items with your forelimbs. Any items worn on your forelimbs cease functioning while the spell is active.
    Ray of Clumsiness
    As Ray of Enfeeblement, only dexterity penalty instead of strength.
    Spell Prepared(including bonus spells for high Int and for being a specialist wizard) (4/7/5/4/3) CL: 7 or 8 for fire spells; DC 15+spell level or 17+spell level for transmutations 0: Detect Magicx2, Read magic, ray of frost 1: Feather fallx2, lesser orb of firex2, magic missle, ray of clumsiness, grease 2: invisibility, glitterdust, rope trick, incendiary slime 3: haste, slow, fireball, animate weapon 4: flame whips, polymorphx2
    A red bandanna covers the head of this warforged. It's naturally occuring armor sparkles with some sort of magical enhancement. A pair of wands are tucked into his belt, and a crimson cloak covers his shoulders, hanging nearly to the ground. A buckler of mithral hangs on his arm.A monocle covering one eye is chained to where his ear would be. His fist is constantly clenching and unclenching as he looks upon non-warforged in anger, fear, and loathing. Other warforged are looked at with pity. He grits his teeth,flexes his joints, and shifts his weight from foot to foot as if he is uncomfortable in his own skin.

    Background: Morph, hated his kind, mostly because everybody did. As a warforged he was faced with daily discrimination, called "soulless" and "golem". He knew these terms weren't true, but they still made him mad. Tired of the discrimination and hate that he faced, he fled to the Mournland, for he had heard of a refuge for warforged. Upon arriving he discovered that the hate that these warforged had for the softer races was much more than the soft races felt for him and his kind. He left the Mournland and did the only thing he knew he could do. He returned to House Cannith in Sharn. There they heard of his troubles, and thinking to take advantage of a ripe opportunity, spoke of ancient creation forges in Xen'drik and the giant population there that threatened to invade. They planted in his head the idea, that these forges could possibly keep him in another form...permanantly. He could go about his life once changed, and be free of stigma and hate. Morph agreed to go, and the Cannith artificers outifitted greatly with magical equipment. Getting directions to House Medani, Morph walks into the front door, with what one would consider to be a smile.
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    Block OnlytheStrong

    Looking at the cover of the book, does the guy on the ground in front of the first giant have pants on? Or did the giants take advantage of him before they killed him? This game may be more dangerous than I thought................

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