Into the New World gen 1 - Rogue's Gallery
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    Into the New World gen 1 - Rogue's Gallery

    Players, please post your characters here for final approval. I'll also use this thread for important NPC character information and for experience/treasure distribution.

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    Notable NPCs

    Artemisia is nearly 6' tall, but lithe, with long flowing black hair, green eyes, and fair skin. She is in her very early 20's and is still single; this combined with her beauty makes her one of the most lusted-after women in Cuirlen. She is a big-game hunter who works mainly with a bow nearly as tall as she is; she's said to be one of the best shots in the area. She spends most of her time out in the Noonshadow forest, hunting bears, large deer, and boars. Her most famous kill was a dire bear that she shot through the eye, killing it with one arrow.
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    Experience log:

    100 xp (whole party) - pre-volcano roleplaying
    400 xp (whole party) - council meeting RP + prologue complete
    100 xp (whole party) - combat with the four dark spirits at midnight on night 1.
    400 xp (whole party) - first night RP/avoided encounters.

    Treasure log:

    Travelling merchants
    steel short sword (Ryon)
    foreign grain and apple seeds (Cleyra)

    Gifts from the Council (each party members gets one)
    sack containing:
    7 days' trail rations
    a wool blanket
    blue potion (healing)
    red potion (protection from heat/cold)
    green potion (see in the darkness)
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    Alright, here's my entry:

    Thane, Woodsman

    Human Scout/Adept 2
    True Neutral

    Init +4;
    Senses Listen/Spot +7/+7
    **Wilderness: +3/+3
    **Adjacent to Familiar: +2/+2
    **Low-Light Conditions: +0/+3
    Familiar Senses Listen/Spot +14/+6
    **Adjacent to Master: +2/+2
    **Low-Light Conditions: +0/+8
    Languages Common
    AC 14, touch 13, flat-footed 11;
    DR 1/Slashing
    Wound Points 12,Vitality 16
    Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +5
    Speed 30 ft.
    Melee +1 dagger (1d4, 19-20)
    Ranged +4 Longbow (1d8, 19-20)
    Special Actions Skirmish +1d6
    Base Atk +1; Grp +1
    Gear Longbow, 5 daggers, backpack, bedroll, traveler's outfit, leather armor

    Abilities Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8
    SQ Skirmish, Trapfinding, Battle Fortitude +1, Uncanny Dodge, Adept Spells
    Feats Track, Stealthy, Endurance, Spirit of the Wild, Alertness (when adjacent to familiar).
    Skills Concentration +5 (4 ranks), Craft(Fletching) +3 (3 ranks), Craft(Bowyer) +3 (3 ranks), Handle Animal +2 (3 ranks), Heal +6 (4 ranks), Hide +10 (5 ranks), Knowledge(Nature) +5 (5 ranks), Listen +7 (5 ranks), Move Silently +10 (5 ranks), Search +4 (4 ranks), Spot +7 (5 ranks), Survival +7 (5 ranks), Tumble +7 (4 ranks).
    Spells Prepared 0th: Create Water, Guidance, Purify Food/Drink. 1st: Cure Light Wounds, Bless.
    Experience Points: 1000

    Spirit of the Wild: +1 to caster level, +3 to wisdom-based skill checks in the wilderness.

    A brown-eyed, nondescript man of slightly smaller than average height, Thane by habit tends to fade into the background of most situations. His brown hair is long, not out of style, but simply from being a long time between stops in town, though he is still youthful enough to not have acquired a real beard.

    Thane has, his whole life, followed in the footsteps of his father, who was in many ways the model upon which his personality is based. He never knew his mother - his father said she died while he was too young to remember - and so he grew up at first with a series of helpful watchers from the city and then at the age of 7 beginning to follow his father on the long hunts out into the wild.

    Dayan, Thane's father, was not a particularly forgiving man, and he drove his son hard, making him sleep in the open when he could not find shelter, and go hungry when he scared away animals with his clumsy footsteps. This did not embitter the child though, because at the same time his father was a wellspring of knowledge, and not just on the best way to make a hunter's blind or walk up on a deer unawares, but also about the spirits of the wild.

    While he never tutored under the spirit shamans of the village, Thane soon developed a talent for understanding the spirits around him and using their powers to his aid, healing himself when injured, finding difficult paths, and keeping food preserved. Soon Thane and his father began to hunt alone, seeing each other at first maybe once a month, then twice a year...and then this year Dayan didn't come back.

    Despite the fact that his father was the only family member in his life, Thane remained strangely untouched by this. When occasionally pressed during his visits to town about how he was doing, he simply smiled, and responded quietly, "Father has walked among the spirits all his life. No matter what his fate, I know the forest is still watching over him."

    Thane tends to be withdrawn and remote, feeling more at home with animals and plants than he does with people. While generally shy, he can usually be counted on to become more outgoing when the topic of conversation turns to hunting and spiritual matters - his truer areas of expertise.

    Thane has the strange relationship with the spirits of the animals inherent to a hunter with some knowledge of divine magic. He understands and respects the animals, and knows that while he must hunt them to bring food for himself and those he trades with, to do so wantonly without respect for mothers and children is to destabilize the delicate balance of nature that he is privy to.
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    Enko of the Blackfrond
    Race: Human
    Class: Spirit Shaman 2
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Alignment: NG (If it matters.)
    Exp: 1000

    Str: 10
    Dex: 10
    Con: 14 +2
    Int: 12 +1
    Wis: 14 +2
    Cha: 16 +3

    VP: 18
    WP: 14
    Speed: 30
    BAB: +1
    Initiative: +0
    AC: 10

    Fort: +5
    Ref: +0
    Will: +5

    Class Features:
    Spirit Guide
    Wild Empathy
    Chastise Spirits

    Blackfrond's Blessing
    Benefit: When you cast any Conjuration (Healing) spell, you may use an unprepared (not dried) Blackfrond frond as an additional material component. If you do, that spell is automatically Maximized without changing the spell level.
    Self Sufficient
    Skill Focus: Heal
    Skill Focus: Diplomacy

    Concentrate +7 (5 ranks, Con +2)
    Diplomacy +11 (5 ranks, Cha +3, Misc +3)
    Heal +12 (5 ranks, Wis +2, Misc +5)
    Knowledge (Geography) +3 (2 ranks, +1 Int)
    Knowledge (History) +4 (3 ranks, +1 Int)
    Knowledge (Local) +6 (5 ranks, Int +1)
    Knowledge (Nature) +8 (5 ranks, Int +1, Syn +2)
    Profession (Herbalist) +7 (5 ranks, Wis +2)
    Survival +9 (+11 in above ground natural environments) (5 ranks, Wis +2, Misc +2)

    Traveler’s Outfit
    Knife: 2 gp 1 lb.
    Quarterstaff: 4 lb.
    Backpack: 2 gp 2 lb.
    Spell Component Pouch: 5 gp 2 lb.
    Bedroll: 1 sp 5 lb.
    Spade: 2 gp
    Sack x2: 1 sp 0.5 lb.
    Sewing Needle: 5 sp
    Waterskin: 1 gp 4 lb.
    Trail Rations x8: 5 sp 1 lb.
    Healer’s Kit: 50gp 1 lb.
    Herbalist’s Kit 1 lb.
    Blanket 1 lb.
    Blue potion (healing) 0.1 lb.
    Red potion (protection from heat/cold) 0.1 lb.
    Green potion (see in the darkness) 0.1 lb.

    Encumbrance: 30.3 lb.
    Light Load: 33 lb. or less

    Daily Known Spells:
    Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Poison, Purify Food and Drink.

    Cure Light Wounds.
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    Apparently the story is too big to put in the same post as the sheet...
    Enko's Fluff
    Enko has short dark brown hair. He is of about average height and build, and has darkly tanned skin thanks to his constant traveling. He is quite handsome, and has a soothing presence that helps when he is treating the sick and injured.

    Enko was born with the mark of the Blackfrond fern. Living in Cuirlen, he often travels to the outlying farms and hamlets to check on people. Coming across as somewhat timid, Enko actually has an aversion to conflict rather than a fear of pain or punishment. A compassionate young man, some have thought that his kind heart could easily lead him into trouble.

    Enko's mother is a spirit talker, while his father and grandmother are hunters. Additionally, Enko has a (four years) younger sister and an aunt who manages the small stretch of land behind their hut for domesticated herbs. Enko has yet to build himself his own house or begin courting to start his own family.

    When he was three years old Enko wandered into the Noonshadow. No one is quite sure how he survived, but they found him sleeping at its edge thirteen days later. After much discussion his survival was attributed to the strange spirits of the forest. In any case, the even caused Enko’s parents to become somewhat overprotective of him for a long time afterwards.

    Three years ago, Ceryan, a boy Enko had often played with as a child was exiled from the village. Since his parent’s deaths, Ceryan had turned his back on the spirits against the command of the tribal elders. Despite his obviously fragile temperament, the decision was made to exile the boy rather than allow him to anger the spirits of the hunt and bring down their anger upon the entire village. He gave no excuse, leaving quietly, though as Enko watched him run into the forest he saw the tears in his eyes.

    Deciding to follow his childhood friend, Enko made his way into the Noonshadow. Aiding an exile was forbidden, but the boy had been his friend, and though they had grown apart over the years Enko simply could not help himself. As he passed the first tree he found to his surprise that the place was not quite sodark and foreboding as his parents had made it out to be when he was a child. Most likely his parents had merely been exaggerating the dangers to scare him away. Enko sighed as he looked around for traces of the other boy's passing.

    “What are you doing here?” called an angry voice to his left.

    He turned to see Ceryan sitting hunched against the trunk of a nearby tree.

    “I…” Enko started to reply, but trailed off as no words came to him.

    “What do you want… Blackfrond boy? You’re a spirit talker. What are you doing here?”

    “I’m… I just....” Enko stuttered

    “They’ve thrown me to the wolves!” The boy shouted in return, his voice breaking.

    “I don’t… no. Why would you not respect the spirits? You knew what would happen.”

    The boy glared at him.

    “Spirits!? What spirits!? The spirits my mother and father honored every day without fail until the day they were killed!? The spirits let them die!”

    “No!” Enko shouted. “They did not abandon them!”

    “Then why are they dead!?”

    “They-….” Enko once again trailed off. The boy put his head down on his knees and started weeping quietly. It was clear that he did not even intend to try to survive. He had given up on everything.
    “The spirits… they cannot always protect everyone. And that beast was a monster. Perhaps that beast’s spirit was stronger than the one protecting your parents… I… That monster is to blame for their deaths, but they have been avenged… You should be at peace.” The young man looked up, his eyes still wet.

    “Wait here, I’m going to get you some food and a branch for a spear.”

    “I can-“ Ceryan shouted, but Enko had already left. He returned quickly, hauling a sturdy tree branch with a freshly sharpened end and holding his shirt so that it formed a basket full of berries and mushrooms.

    “These are the safe kind. You can tell because of the black rings on the trunk and the slits on the top. Don’t eat any other fungus. The only berries you have to watch out for are the bright red ones that shine in the darkness, and the green ones. The green ones aren’t ripe yet. Therefore the moon spirit shall protect you by showing you the bad berries. The pine spirit shall protect you from wolves, and the spirits of these berries and fungus shall protect you from starvation.” Ceryan stared up at him.

    “Why are you…” now it was his turn to trail off.

    “For the safety of everyone, those that do not respect the spirits, and incur their wrath, must be exiled… But I… I won’t let you die like this… No one deserves to die like this!” Ceryan did not reply, he simply sat there with a thoughtful expression on his face.

    “Don’t go too far into the woods, make a fire. I’ll try to come back tomorrow if I can.” Enko said, turning to leave. He knew that Ceryan already would have done those things. Everyone else seemed afraid of the forest. He didn’t know why, the only really dangerous things he’d ever seemnin here were wolves, and they usually avoided humans.

    He carefully returned to town, and somehow made it back without being spotted, or so he thought. As he came around a building he nearly slammed into a girl who seemed to have been waiting for him, for she immediately reached out and grabbed him, saying in a quiet but urgent voice.

    “You, you’re Enko Blackfrond! You followed him didn’t you?”

    “I…” Enko said, a feeling of familiarity coming over him.

    “I saw you! Did you find him? Is he alright?” She continued without even giving him a chance to answer.

    “Eh… yeah, he’s fine… just, unwell in spirit. He blamed the spirits for his parent’s deaths, so he abandoned them… but I think he might understand now. Um, I know you…”

    “I am… Eleinya…” The girl said, now that he wasn’t worried that she was going to pound on him or expose what he’d done he got a chance to look at her. She was dressed in mostly leather clothes, so perhaps she was a hunter. Like Ceryan’s parents… She had long brown hair that was tied back out of her eyes in a horse tail fashion, and she had a pretty, freckled face with dark brown eyes that bore same red marks around them as Ceryan’s, meaning she had been crying recently. Eleinya continued speaking.

    “You… said he understood… does that mean he can come back?” She asked him hopefully.

    “I don’t know… It’s up to the elders… but… I’ll try to convince them. Maybe because I am an apprentice spirit talker they will listen, but… well I’m only an apprentice.” As her face started to fall he quickly repeated, “But I’ll try!”

    The next day he snuck out again to check on Ceryan, as he approached the point where he had left him the day before he found him kneeling over a dead wolf looking distraught.

    “Ceryan, is something the matter?” the other boy quickly looked up at the sound, fear evident in his eyes and voice.

    “I- this wolf came at me from out of nowhere, I barely had time to reach my spear. It did not fear my fire, and look at it; it is far too healthy to need to hunt one of us.” Enko looked down at the wolf and saw that it had indeed been a healthy creature. Aside from the fatal wound in its side, it had no apparent injuries, and it looked like it had not lacked sustenance.

    “This must be a trial by the spirits! By slaying this wolf you may have earned some repentance.”

    Ceryan shook his head. “Or perhaps it was merely their first attempt to punish me for my betrayal…”

    Enko shook his head more vigorously. “No! You have shown your remorse, even as you spoke just now. You must not lose hope, if not for your own sake, then for the sake of one who loves you. Don’t let Eleinya mourn your death.”

    Ceryan looked up at him in surprise.

    “Eleinya!? You have spoken to her? How is she?” Enko smiled at Ceryan’s reaction, so there was indeed someone living who he truly cared about.

    “She is fine, except that she worries for you. I believe that she hopes to see you again. Don’t you feel the same?”

    Ceryan seemed taken aback by the question and quickly answered.

    “Of course I do! But how am I supposed to do that? I am an Exile. My fate is to die out here.”

    “Don’t say that. This wolf was a trial, please trust me. You must work hard to gain forgiveness and survive, and I will get the council to pardon you.” He left Ceryan to think over his words as he returned to town, carrying several bunches of herbs that he had collected, as the supposed reason he had gone to the forest in the first place.

    On his return he again met Eleinya, and he related to her what he had seen of Ceryan and what they had spoken of. Seeing the hope and joy in her eyes strengthened his resolve and he told her that he would speak with the council that very day. Together they went to plead Ceryan’s case, pleading his case to the council members from Eleinya’s perspective and saying the he was surely repentant now. Enko told them that he had seen Ceryan performing a hunting ritual over a dead wolf while he was collecting herbs in the forest, which while not the entire truth, was in fact entirely true. In the end it was decided by the council that under one condition would Ceryan be allowed to return.

    “It is most interesting that you have chosen to champion this boy’s cause. He is not much older than you, and he has taken to camping in the Noonshadow forest, that once spared you as a child. Because of this, it has been decided that he may return to us as well if he can survive within the forest for thirteen days, starting from the day he was exiled.”

    Neither Enko nor Eleinya were exactly ecstatic about this decision. Enko himself had trouble believing the story of his supposed abduction and return by the spirits of the forest. He had never encountered one since, after all. He told Eleinya that he would return to the forest tomorrow to tell Ceryan of the council’s decision, but she told him that she would go instead. Enko agreed, it would do Ceryan good to see her, and his parents did not like him going into the forest.

    The days passed, and every day either Enko or Eleinya went into the forest to visit Ceryan. They learned that he had slain several more creatures that had attacked him without provocation, though now they approached him openly, plainly showing their aggression as if they were challenging him. Enko read this as a sure sign that he was being tested, and encouraged him to continue fighting, paying respects to the spirits, and using the meat from the creatures that attacked him for sustenance.

    By the twelfth day Ceryan would have been nearly unrecognizable to anyone other than Enko and Eleinya. He had grown a surprising amount of facial hair, and the hair on his head had grown as well. He wore the skins of the animals that had been part of his trial as a sign of respect, and as protection from the claws of those that were to come, wearing the head of the wolf upon his own. He had also gained many wounds, but thanks to Enko’s birthmark, which Enko had taught him how to use, they had quickly become little more than scars. He wore each as a reminder of his folly, and what repentance was worth to him.

    Enko came to him that day, reminding him that in only one day he could return. They both felt joyous on this occasion and even more so when Eleinya came and joined them. In fact, they lost track of just how long they had been there, they only noticed when the forest began to visibly darken. Ceryan looked around suddenly, looking worried.

    “You must both leave now!” he said urgently. “The trial beast will come at any time now. I do not know what will happen if you are here when it arrives. You must hurry.”

    The two of them were reluctant to leave him alone to whatever danger he would face, but he was insistent, and the urgency in his voice eventually convinced them. They turned to leave after bidding him farewell until the morning, and had only walked few paces when they hurt a sound that shook them both to the bone. The sound was akin to that of an angry bear, at least this is what Eleinya knew, but no bear could be this loud. They spun around and the land thing Enko heard was Eleinya’s yell of shock as something collided with him and everything went black.

    He awoke to the sound of chirping birds in the dim morning light. For a moment he kept his eyes shut, feeling perfectly at peace. Then he felt the pain, it was in his left arm, mostly, he tried to move his arm, and the pain became considerably worse. His eyes shot open as the pain brought back memory, and with memory came fear. He looked around him and he saw to his right a massive creature, just, lying there. He had to find Ceryan and Eleinya, and make sure they were alright.

    He tried to get up, but the pain shot through his arm again and he looked over at it. It did not look damaged aside from some small scrapes he could see as his sleeve had been pushed up, presumably when he was thrown, but he realized that along with the pain, there was a strange feeling in his shoulder. He tilted his head to look at it and became somewhat queasy, it was clear that the shoulder was broken, or at least dislocated.

    Quickly he reached over with his right hand and concentrated hard. This was one of the most powerful forms of healing he had been taught, the ability to heal wounds with nothing more than the power of the spirits. In a matter of seconds, his arm was as good as new. It fact the pain he had felt all over his body was also gone. He felt as if he had just woken from a night’s sleep… which he actually had. He stood up and looked around, remembering the others. His eyes quickly locked onto Eleinya’s prostrate form.

    She was lying face down on the ground; her hair had come loose and was splayed in every direction. Enko rushed to her side, to check her for wounds, and a few became immediately apparent. There were several puncture wounds on her back that appeared to be from sharp teeth, and part of her skirt had been torn away, revealing a long gash down her leg that looked like it was made by a large claw. He dropped down next to her and franticly checked for signs of life.

    “Thank the spirits…” he muttered as he felt shallow breathes coming from her slightly open mouth, he was too relieved to consider which one in particular he should be thanking. Judging from the wounds on her back, she had been grabbed in the mouth of that massive beast. Enko carefully turned her onto her back, and found tooth marks there as well. Wounds like this were very dangerous. If they were deep enough they would not heal normally.

    He once again channeled the pure healing energy of the spirits, this time into Eleinya’s body, and the wounds on her chest and back quickly healed. She gasped and regained consciousness, immediately wincing in pain. She looked around, saw him, and immediately yelled.

    “Ceryan!?” He looked around him. “He must be around here. We need to look. Just let me heal your leg.” Enko channeled the healing energy once more, and the wound on Eleinya’s leg shrunk to a scratch. Enko suddenly felt strange, as if he had lost something.

    It was not a horribly unpleasant feeling, but it was strange. Also, it was strange that the wound had not fully healed. He stood up looked around again.

    “Um, come on. We need to find Ceryan.” Eleinya nodded, and he gave her a hand up. They walked towards the beast very carefully, and when she reached it they split to walk around either side of it. Enko soon realized that it was a bear. At least it would be a bear if not for its immense size and the strange boney protrusions sticking out of its fur at points. He made his way around to the other side and saw a sight that made his stomach jump nearly into his throat.

    “Cer…” without even thinking to finish he rushed forward and fell onto his knees beside Ceryan. His right eye was nowhere to be seen, there was nothing left but an empty socket, and the res of him was not much better off. He had terrible wounds all over his body and both his legs looked broken.

    “Ceryan…” Enko muttered, finding to his relief that he was breathing, though his breaths were ragged and weak. He once again channeled the healing energy of the spirits through his body into another person… but nothing came. He stared at his hands in disbelief, now when he needed it most, the power had somehow left him. He sat there speechless. Eleinya came around the other side of the beast and spotted them. She cried out Ceryan’s name and rushed to his side. Ceryan began to stir.

    “Heal him!” Eleinya yelled urgently at Enko, as he continued staring blankly at his hands. “I- I can’t. It’s not working.”

    “What do you mean!? Well then we have to take him back to town and get another healer!”

    “N-no, his wounds are too grave, we cannot move him or he’ll surely die.”

    “Well then, hurry! Go!” Enko started to rise, but then Ceryan let out a groan, and muttered.

    “Ceryan! Yes it’s me!” She replies, staring down at his face.

    “I can’t… really… See you… Is Enko alright?”

    “Yes, he’s fine. You saved us both.”

    “Is… he here” “Yes, he’s just about to go get help.”

    “Wait… I… need to… tell him…” Enko leaned in close to Ceryan and muttered. “I’m here.”

    “G- good… Listen… I- *cough* need to thank… you… You’re the reason… I lived this… long out here.”

    “Do not start saying goodbye, you shouldn’t try to speak! Just conserve your strength, I’ll get back soon, and you’ll be fine! You’ll see!”

    “Enko…” Ceryan muttered, but Enko was already running back to town.

    He ran all the way, the sun rising quickly in the sky. One of his neighbors saw him as they left their house and came running. “Enko! What are you doing out here? Your parents thought you had been taken again! Thank the spirits you’re alright! Eleinya is missing too. They think she may have gone to search for Ceryan.”

    “She was with me!” Enko blurted once he finally caught his breath. “I was collecting herbs, and a beast attacked us. Luckily Ceryan was near and he saved us, but he is badly hurt!”

    “Well… that is what happens to Exiles…” Said the man grimly. “You should go to your parents… but, where is Eleinya?”

    “She’s with Ceryan. She would not leave him. Listen, forget about my parents, I need a healer! Ceryan is hurt!”

    “Well yes, that is what ha-“

    “NO! Listen to me! Ceryan was to be given pardon and allowed to return if he survived to this day! I think that beast was some sort of trial, only our presence interfered and forced him to expose himself to protect us! I must get a healer who is stronger than me, and who is not my mother!” Enko was starting to become desperate now. He did not have time for idle chatter of this sort. He tried to move past the man.

    “Enko, where are you going? There is no need to be rude.” The man muttered indignantly as Enko raced away. He started heading for Lykourgos’ home. If anyone could save Ceryan it would be him. Enko rounded the corner of a house at full tilt and collided headlong with someone he did not even have time to notice, falling to the ground on top of them as they let out a cry of pain and surprise that was echoed by one of his own.


    Enko’s vision cleared and he realized whom he had collided with, and was now laying on top of. By some bizarre twist of fate it was Artemisia, a girl, or rather woman, three years his elder, and in his opinion the most beautiful in Cuirlen, as well as a skilled hunter, though somewhat inexperienced. “Ub…” He exclaimed, as he scrambled aside and accidentally brushed her chest in the process. “Guh…” He muttered, turning bright red as he seemed nearly paralyzed in embarrassment. Not only was his friend dying, he was making an imbecile of himself in front of the most beautiful woman in the town.

    “Enko? Is that you? What are you doing? Ow… Are you alright?” Artemisia stood up, looking concerned. “Don’t tell me you’re all worked up about running me down like that. It’s no big deal, really, I’m fine.” She reached out a hand to him to help him up.

    “Ceryan… hurt… Lykourgos!” He finally managed to stutter. He jumped up without taking her hand and ran past her, blushing profusely as he cursed himself for wasting even more time. He finally made it to Lykourgos’ home and knocked frantically on the door.

    “Lykourgos! Please open up! It’s urgent!” After a moment he heard noises of stirring inside.

    “What? Who’s that? Hold on I’m coming!” Lykourgos’ wife, Penthisilea opened the door, looking like she had just gotten out of bed. “Oh, Enko, whatever’s the matter?” She turned back inside. “Sweety! It’s Enko, I think you had better hurry.”

    Enko heard Lykourgos reply and after a moment the one eyed healer appeared at the door as well “So what’s the matter kid?”

    Enko took a deep breath and started talking; “Ceryan was supposed to be allowed to return if he survived until today and he did but last night Eleinya and I were attacked by a great beast when I was collecting and herbs in the forest and he came to save us, only he’s badly hurt now and I couldn’t heal him!” He took another deep breath and said, urgently, “He needs help badly!”

    Both Lykourgos and Penthisilea stared at him silently for several seconds, in shock. Finally Lykourgos spoke, “Alright, come in and help me get my herbs.”

    Enko hurried inside and a few minutes later they had collected all the needed herbs. Enko hurried to the door, flung it open and started to barge through, only to run headlong into someone who had just been about to knock on the door. Thankfully no one fell down this time. “Sorry!” Enko shouted as he quickly bent down to collect some of the things that had fallen from his arms due to the collision.

    “Enko… we have got to stop running into each other like this.” Said a familiar voice. Enko looked up to see Artemisia looking at him with both amusement and concern in her voice. “I thought you could-“

    “I- I’m sorry Artemisia, but we need to hurry, a life depends on it!” Enko said, hurrying past her, his way was blocked again by a pair of horses.

    “Yes.” Said Artemisia, calmly. “I figured that out, so I borrowed these horses for you and Lykourgos. I figured they might help.”

    Enko whirled around, trying not to drop any of the pouches he was carrying. “Ar- Uh… Thank you…”

    Pentisilea came up with a basket and handed it to Enko, who dropped the pouches in it. Then he and Lykourgos mounted the horses and sped off towards the forest.

    They arrived in considerably less time than it had taken Enko to get back to town, and Enko started leading Lykourgos to the right spot, just beyond the edge of the forest, where light still filtered in sufficiently to see fairly well. There they found the massive beast, as well as Eleinya, crouched next to Ceryan, who lay in the exactly the same place Enko had left them. Enko’s heart sank and his stomach churned as he saw her sitting with her face buried in Ceryan’s chest. Something was wrong. As they approached and dismounted he noticed just how still Ceryan seemed to be. His face was turned away from them, so he could not see the empty eye socket. “E- Eleinya?” Enko called out softly.

    She looked up at the sound of his voice, her eyes were red, though whether that was just because of tears or because if the blood on her face from all of Ceryan’s wounds, he could not say. “He’s dead.” She said, emptily. “You’re too late…” She put her head down again and Enko could hear her crying.

    To this, day Enko is unsure exactly why he did what he did, but at that moment something in him snapped and he was overwhelmed by some urgent fear. Without thinking about it he scrambled back onto his horse and fled, riding all the way back to town. He stayed home for several days after that, not daring to go outside for fear of meeting with Eleinya. He couldn’t bear to see her after failing as he had. Eventually he was able to leave his home again, and he returned to doing what he knew, collecting herbs, and healing. He continued however to avoid Eleinya, feeling that it would pain her to see him, and remember why Ceryan had died.

    This point in Enko’s life served to strengthen his resolve as a healer considerably, and is the main reason that he works so hard to this day. He has dedicated himself to making sure that nothing like this happens to anyone else ever again. This is one reason he started traveling to the outlying farms and hamlets, both to help those in need of his aid as a healer and also to make certain that no one ever again makes to mistake of angering the spirits and becoming an exile.

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    ø Friend+


    Race: Human
    Class: Commoner/Expert (storyteller)
    Level: 1/1
    Alignment: NG

    Str 11
    Dex 14 +2
    Con 12 +1
    Int 12 +1
    Wis 11
    Cha 18 +4

    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 4''
    Weight: 129lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Auburn

    VP: 11
    WP: 12

    Init: +2
    BAB: +0
    Melee: +1 ; club +1 (1d6/x2)
    Ranged: +3; club +3 (1d6/x2)

    Fort +2
    Ref +3
    Will +5


    Appraise +1
    Balance +2
    Bluff cc 1r +4 = +5
    Climb 0
    Concentration +1
    Craft (weaving) 2r +1 = +3
    Craft (anything else) +1
    Diplomacy 4r +2 (feat) +4 = +10
    Disguise +4
    Escape Artist +2
    Forgery +1
    Gather Info +4
    Heal 0
    Hide +2
    Intimidate +4
    Jump 0
    Knowledge (history) 2r +1 = +3
    Knowledge (local) 4r +1 = +5
    Listen 3r
    Move Silently +2
    Perform (any other) +4
    Perform (storytelling) 3r +4 = +7
    Profession (baker) 4r
    Profession (brewer) 2r
    Ride +2
    Search +1
    Sense Motive +2 (feat) +2r = +4
    Spot 3r
    Survival 0
    Swim 0
    Use Rope +2

    Class Abilities

    Expert skills - Perform (storytelling), Sense Motive, Diplomacy, Bluff, Know (local), Know (history), Gather Info, Decipher Script, Sleight of Hand, Use Magic Device


    Negotiator (bonus) +2 to Dip and Sense Motive
    Dodge +1 dodge bonus to AC vs one opponent
    Iron Will +2 to Will saves
    Heroic Spirit (bonus) +1 to attacks and all saves

    Proficient with all simple weapons, and light armour but no shields.

    Equipment: artisan's outfit, club, bronze sewing needle, piece of chalk, clay jug, 1 day's trail rations (bread products), basket, sack, clay mug, belt pouch, entertainer's outfit (not literally for entertaining, but to represent her 'best clothes' for feasts, etc)

    Background and Personality
    Alistia's mother is a baker, her father is a brewer. That's the way things are, my girl, and wishing doesn't change anything. Huh. I can wish, can't I? It must be exciting to go out into the forest and hunt the boars. More exciting than *slam* kneading *whack* stupid bread all day.I bet Kallistrate doesn't make her own bread... and she gets to spend all day with men like Eusathios *sigh*. It must be amazing to be a spirit talker too... to see things and do things no-one else can do. It's all very well Pantheras saying "Alistia, which each have our own gifts, and yours is one without which none of us can live. We will always need bread! blah blah blah"; he means well, but I don't see him tending an oven... Ah, here comes Orephion... probably thinks he can get some cakes, the lazy good-for-nothing.

    Alistia is the middle child of Kereos and Vesita, the brewer and baker - her older brother is apprenticed to their father and her younger brother is more and more showing the makings of a fine hunter. She has ambitions that are for the moment at least, almost impossible for her to attain. She knows that she is attractive, and is known for her wit and intelligence, but is desirous of more than that; she wants to 'know things', to ind out more about the world.

    Anyone she perceives as 'special' is automatically accorded a great deal of respect by Alistia. She envies spirit talkers their gift and hunters their freedom and the excitement of the chase. She views her current life as a trap and seeks a way to escape. More than once she has asked one of the storytellers of the community to take her on as an apprentice, but has been refused, for although she has a natural talent and a good ear, her gift is raw and unpolished. Also, she knows her parents would disapprove.

    Well-liked and well-known, even if it is just as "the baker's lovely daughter", Alistia knows there has to be more to life than this. She always seeks out any peddlers or traders who come to town, in order to find out more about the wider world; she pesters the hunters for stories of their exploits, and likes to entertain people with her skill at mimicry and vocal
    impersonations (often satirical).

    Alistia has many friends (and some admirers) amongst the people of Cuirlen, some of whom she perhaps doesn't appreciate as much as she might. She is fond of gossip and always seems to know who is sweet on whom, and what everyone is up to.
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    Cleyra Tauwesh
    Age: 20 / Height: 5'9" / Weight: 117 lbs
    Human Marshal (2nd) / Lawful Neutral

    STR 10 / DEX 14 / CON 12 / INT 14 / WIS 10 / CHA 16

    Vitality Points: 16 (8+1, 6+1)
    Wound Points: 12

    Fortitude: +4 (+1 CON, +3 Marshal)
    Reflex: +2 (+2 DEX)
    Will: +3 (+0 WIS, +3 Marshal)
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 30 ft.

    Base Attack: +1
    +3 Shortbow (1d6, 19-20, 60 ft)
    +1 Knife (1d4, 19-20)
    +1 Grapple

    Armor Class: 13 (+2 DEX, +1 armor)
    Damage Reduction: 1/Slashing

    Skill Points: 36 (30 Marshal, 5 Human, 10 Skillful)
    +8 Bluff (+3 CHA, 5 ranks)
    +12 Diplomacy (+3 CHA, 4 ranks, +3 Skill Focus, +2 Negotiator)
    +4 Knowledge [geography] (+2 INT, 2 ranks)
    +6 Knowledge [local] (+2 INT, 4 ranks)
    +7 Knowledge [nature] (+2 INT, 5 ranks)
    +4 Intimidate (+3 CHA, 1 rank)
    +5 Listen (+0 WIS, 5 ranks)
    +5 Profession [farmer] (+0 WIS, 5 ranks)
    +4 Ride (+2 DEX, 2 ranks)
    +5 Sense Motive (+0 WIS, 3 ranks, +2 Negotiator)
    +5 Spot (+0 WIS, 5 ranks)
    +4 Survival (+0 WIS, 4 ranks)

    Class Features
    . Proficient with all simple and martial weapons
    . Proficient with all armor and shields (except tower shields)
    . Minor Aura, +3 (Demand Fortitude)
    . Major Aura, +1 (Motivate Urgency)

    . Combat Expertise (1st-level)
    . Indomitable Soul (Background)
    . Negotiator (Grounded)
    . Point Blank Shot (Human)
    . Skill Focus (Diplomacy) (Marshal)

    Medium Load: 34-66 / Heavy Load: 67-100
    . Traveling: shortbow (30gp 2lb), 38 arrows (2gp 6lb), knife (2gp 1lb), leather armor (10gp 15lb), backpack (2gp 2lb), bedroll (1sp, 5 lb), trail rations 2 days (1gp 2lb)
    . Gifts from the Council: wool blanket, trail rations 7 days, blue potion [healing], red potion [protection from heat/cold], green potion [see in the darkness]
    . Home: foreign grain and apple seeds, 77.9 gp worth of crops and essential farming tools
    Cleyra stands above many at 5'9" but has a relatively narrow frame. Her feathery shoulder-length hair is of a light brown hue, a color shared by the irises of her round eyes. Her skin is somewhat lighter than average among her people, but this is more indicative of her parentage than any environmental differences.

    Cleyra is indisputably a remarkably bright young person, but she has a tendency to overestimate the extent of her expertise. Further, she likes to give helpful suggestions to others, usually with good intent, even when such advice is not requested. Despite this shortcoming, she is generally well-liked, and those who are willing to hear her suggestions come to realize that she is, in fact, a very good listener and an overall empathic individual. Above all, she is a born leader, a trait of which she is aware but largely unable to utilize.

    Cleyra holds herself to a high standard and typically expects those around her to live up to that same standard. Although she tries not to be overly judgmental, Cleyra is intolerant of laziness and inefficiency.

    If Cleyra does not understand something, she won't rest until she does. If there is a problem which she can't solve, she won't rest until she can. She respects the members of her community who are more attuned to the world of spirits, the one thing she has accepted she will never be able to reduce to a knowable formula.
    Cleyra inherited the family farm when she was only seventeen years old. Her mother had been sick for a number of years, but her father somehow kept working while continuing to care for her and raising their two children. Cleyra's father's death while hunting was both sudden and unexpected. The whispered suspicions of suicide only made it harder on his children and bedridden widow.

    After only a few days of grieving, it was apparent that the family would not survive much longer without leadership. Someone needed to see to the land, as it was their only means of contribution back to the community. Charging her younger brother, Mathis, with taking care of their ailing mother, Cleyra took up her father's position as the head of the farm.

    She had always had a knack for mathematics and the like, and Cleyra thought there wasn't a problem in the world she couldn't solve. As such, taking up the task of managing the land was something she did with ambition and dedication. Remarkably, after only two harvests, the Tauwesh farm was already showing greater productivity than it ever had under Cleyra's father's management. Even the neighboring farms, thanks to the occasional friendly suggestion, flourished as they never had before, and, before long, most of the farmers in the area began to treat the young woman like a leader.

    The hamlet's unusually productive season drew the attention of Eriboea from the council of elders. Cleyra took Eriboea's commendation of her leadership and agricultural know-how as a great honor. She had a great deal of respect for the older woman, and was pleased not only to be recognized by her, but to get to know her. The two of them had a great deal in common and began exchanging ideas that would improve the next growing season for the community as a whole. As a gift to her new protégé, Eriboea promised Cleyra that her mother would receive the attention from the best healers around, and, after only a few months, there have already been signs of improvement. Although she has still been confined to her bed, Cleyra's mother has been growing more energetic by the day, and the healers have suggested that she may be able to move about again by the end of the year. As their mother has been improving, Mathis has been spending more time helping his sister with farm, allowing her to devote herself more permanently to Eriboea's assistance in overseeing the local agriculture.

    The community's opinion of Cleyra's father was not high. Many of his fellow harvesters felt that he did not pull his weight; some among them were considerate of the man's burdens at home, but most were not as forgiving. Despite her accomplishments, many of Cuirlen's older farmers view Cleyra as only paying back the interest on her family's debts. Among her peers, however, Cleyra is generally respected, if not liked, although her dedication to her labor and her geographical distance has prevented her from establishing many lasting friendships around Cuirlen; her closest ties are to her mother and brother, and, more recently, to her mentor, Eriboea.
    Experience Log
    100 xp - pre-volcano roleplaying
    400 xp - council meeting RP + prologue complete
    100 xp - combat with the four dark spirits at midnight on night 1.
    400 xp - first night RP/avoided encounters.
    1st Level
    STR 10 / DEX 14 / CON 12 / INT 14 / WIS 10 / CHA 16

    Vitality Points: 9 (8+1)
    Wound Points: 12

    Fortitude: +3 (+1 CON, +2 Marshal)
    Reflex: +2 (+2 DEX)
    Will: +2 (+0 WIS, +2 Marshal)
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 30 ft.

    Base Attack: +0
    +2 Shortbow (1d6, 19-20, 60 ft)
    +0 Knife (1d4, 19-20)
    +0 Grapple

    Armor Class: 13 (+2 DEX, +1 armor)
    Damage Reduction: 1/Slashing

    Skill Points: 36 (24 Marshal, 4 Human, 8 Skillful)
    +7 Bluff (+3 CHA, 4 ranks)
    +10 Diplomacy (+3 CHA, 2 ranks, +3 Skill Focus, +2 Negotiator)
    +4 Knowledge [geography] (+2 INT, 2 ranks)
    +6 Knowledge [local] (+2 INT, 4 ranks)
    +6 Knowledge [nature] (+2 INT, 4 ranks)
    +4 Listen (+0 WIS, 4 ranks)
    +4 Profession [farmer] (+0 WIS, 4 ranks)
    +4 Ride (+2 DEX, 2 ranks)
    +4 Sense Motive (+0 WIS, 2 ranks, +2 Negotiator)
    +4 Spot (+0 WIS, 4 ranks)
    +4 Survival (+0 WIS, 4 ranks)

    Class Features
    . Proficient with all simple and martial weapons
    . Proficient with all armor and shields (except tower shields)
    . Minor Aura, +3 (Demand Fortitude)

    . Combat Expertise (1st-level)
    . Indomitable Soul (Background)
    . Negotiator (Grounded)
    . Point Blank Shot (Human)
    . Skill Focus (Diplomacy) (Marshal)
    Marshal class

    Indomitable Soul: Whenever you are targeted by any enchantment or mind-affecting effect, roll your save twice and take the higher roll.
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    Ryon Wolfheart, Human Ranger.


    The Wolfheart's hold a fine reputation as both hunters and herders, but are sought after mostly for their skills at domesticating and trainning animals of all kinds. Wolves are often trained as cattle and sheep dogs that respond to whistles and hand signs, and as trackers for the village's hunting parties that can stalk deer on the darkest moonless night. The Wolfheart's have a way with animals, and Ryon is no exception.

    Enrik and Falla, the current patriarch and matriarch of the Wolfheart clan, and Ryon's grandparents, prefer to take on the tasks of milder animal training, such as horses. Their children, among them Haldin and his wife Risse, Ryon's parents, handle wolves and other, naturally wilder creatures.

    Throughout all his young life, Ryon was brought up amongst all the animals known in the region around Cuirlen. It was important, he was taught, that he know the quirks of each one if he was to become a true beast handler. But just training the animals wasn't enough, he had to find them as well, therefore he was apprenticed as a Ranger. Thanks to his family's reputation and standing in the village, it was Kallistrate herself who took Ryon as apprentice. Years were spent roaming the area for miles around the village until he came to know the lay of the land as well as she. Kallistrate taught him the ways of the animals, and how to track them. She also taught him all she knew of the magical beasts in the area, and of the danger they represented to the people of Cuirlen and it's surrounding villages. These creatures were not for taming she would say, they had to be removed for the safety of all. Thanks in no small part to her tutelage, and to his family's wisdom and love of animals, he came to understand them in a way that was almost frightenning. His skill at training the wolf pups he was charged with proved that he had great promise as a beast handler.

    He'd always had a fancy for cats, but the few Lynx's that were tamed in the Wolfheart compound were far to wild for a child to work with, and his father always shooed him off when he went to see them. When his love of wild cats became known to the few travelling merchants that came to Cuirlen, they would tell him tales of even larger cats. Some lived in caves in the mountains, others prowled the plains, alone or in packs. Some had spots, and some had stripes, and some were even all black or white. The tales always made Ryon dream of finding such magnificent beasts. As a child, he vowed to one day tame such creatures, and bring them back to Cuirlen so that all the village could marvel at their beauty. Now an adult, that vow is still as dear to his heart as it was then. That dream had also sparked annother: to see these other lands, these mountains and great plains, deep forests, and rocky hills. And the animals! The beasts that dwelt there might be great assets to Cuirlen. Some day, he'd venture forth, useing all the skills Kallistrate had taught him. He'd make her proud of him, and return to his family with new beasts to raise and train, and earn his place among them and then some.


    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Class: Ranger Level 2
    Chaotic Good

    Vitality: 18
    Wound: 14
    XP: 1000
    AC: 15, touch 12, flat footed 13
    DR: 1/Slashing
    Init: +6
    Listen/Spot: +6
    Move: 30'
    BAB: +2
    Load: Light = 0-58 lbs / Medium = 59-116 lbs / Heavy = 117-175 lbs.
    Carrying: 55 lbs. (Light)

    Longbow -- +4, 1d8, Crit (19-20).
    Bronze Dagger -- +4, 1d4+2, Crit (19-20).
    Steel Shortsword -- +4, 1d6+2, Crit (19-20).

    Fort: +5
    Refl: +5
    Will: +1

    Str: 14 (6 pts)
    Dex: 14 (6 pts)
    Con: 14 (6 pts)
    Int: 12 (4 pts)
    Wis: 12 (4 pts)
    Cha: 12 (4 pts)

    Skills Trained:
    Handle Animal.................= +11 (5 ranks, +1 Cha, +3 Skill Focus, +2 Animal Affinity)
    Hide.............................= +7 (5 Ranks, +2 Dex)
    Knowledge Geography.....= +6 (5 ranks, +1 Int, +2 Synergy)
    Knowledge Nature..........= +8 (5 ranks, +1 Int)
    Listen..........................= +6 (5 ranks, +1 Wis)
    Move Silently................= +7 (5 ranks, +2 Dex)
    Profession Hunter...........= +6 (5 ranks, +1 Wis)
    Ride.............................= +11 (5 ranks, +2 Dex, +2 Animal Afinity, +2 Synergy)
    Spot............................= +6 (5 ranks, +1 Wis)
    Survival........................= +6 (+10) (5 ranks, +1 Wis, +4 Synergy (above ground))

    Class Granted Abilities:
    Combat Style:
    -Rapid Shot
    Favored Enemy -- Magical Beasts
    Wild Empathy (+2 Synergy bonus)

    Chosen Feats:
    Animal Affinity (+2 Handle Animal / Ride)
    Improved Initiative (+4 Init)
    Skill Focus -- Handle Animal (+3)

    Special Feat:
    Benefit: Your effective druid level for determining the strength of your animal companion is equal to your ranger level. You start the game with an animal companion. (Wolf)

    Buckler -- +1 AC
    Studded Leather -- +2 AC, DR 1/-
    Longbow -- 1d8 Damage, Threat range 19-20
    60 Arrows
    2 Bronze Daggers
    Steel Shortsword
    2 Blankets
    *Potion of Cure Light Wounds
    *Potion of Endure Elements
    *Potion of Darkvision
    Trail Rations x7

    Animal Companion:
    Type: Timber Wolf
    Name: Growl
    Known Tricks (7): Attack, Defend, Down, Guard, Heel, Home, Track (scent). Home is the Wolfheart compound.
    HD: 2
    Vitality: 16
    Wound: 15
    Skills: Listen/Spot +3, Survival +1 (+5 when tracking by scent)
    BAB: +1
    Init: +2
    AC: 14, Touch/Flat 12
    Attacks: 1 Bite +3 (1d6+1)
    SA: Trip (+1, no touch attack needed, no AoO, no retaliation on failure).
    SQ: Low Light Vision, Scent.
    Saves: Fort +5 / Refl +5 / Will +1
    Abilities: Str=13/Dex=15/Con=15/Int=2/Wis=12/Cha=6.
    Feats: Track, Weapon Focus (Bite)
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    I Defended The Walls!

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    Erin the Sorceress
    Name: Erin
    Race: Human
    Class/Level: Sorceror 1
    Gender: Female
    Exp: 0
    Age 17

    Desc: Erin has been blessed with early blossoming beauty, and takes no small amount of pride in her looks. With a sleek figure, full bust, flaming red hair and clear milky skin, she could easily pass for some old friar's vision of a succubus. Erin rather enjoys the attention, and dresses to accentuate, with necklines that swoop a bit lower than strictly necessary, skirts that are slit to show a little leg, and belts that fit snugly enough to show off her slim waist. Though her mother has warned her on several occasions about seeming to 'flaunt,' Erin has only become more daring since she started training her magic powers.

    Strength (STR) 8
    Dexterity (DEX) 14
    Constitution (CON) 14
    Intelligence (INT) 12
    Wisdom (WIS) 12
    Charisma (CHA) 16

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    AC: 12 (10 + 2 Dex)
    Vitality Points: 6/6
    Wound Points: 14/14
    Movement: 30'/60'/120'

    Init: +2
    Base Attack Bonus: +0
    Melee Attack: -1
    Ranged Attack: +2
    Fort: +2
    Reflex: +2
    Will: +3

    Race Abilities
    Bonus Feat
    Bonus skill points

    Class Abilities:

    Natural Talent
    Benefit: You may cast a spell with a casting time of up to one round (including a spell modified by a metamagic feat or feats or a summoning spell) as a standard action a number of times per day equal to your charisma bonus.

    Skills: 16+8
    Bluff +9 (4 ranks + 3 Cha +2 feat)
    Concentration +6 (4 ranks + 2 Con)
    Handle Animal +4 (1cc rank + 3 Cha)
    Perform (Sing) +5 (2cc ranks + 3 Cha)
    Profession (weaver) +5 (4 ranks +1 wis)
    Craft (tailor) +5 (4 ranks + 1 Int)
    Knowledge: Arcana +2 (1 rank + 1 Int)
    Spellcraft +2 (1 rank + 1 Int)

    b Persuasive
    1 Eschew Materials
    1 Night Haunt (Dancing Lights, Prestidigitation, Unseen Servant, each 1/day as SLA)

    Languages - Common, ?

    Spells (caster level 1, save DC 13+lvl)

    0 - 5/5, 1 - 4/4

    0 Electric Jolt, Mending, Message, Launch Item
    1 True Strike, Greater Mage Hand

    Money -

    Weapons -

    Armour -

    Gear -
    Backpack, 2gp, 2lbs
    Bedroll, 1sp, 5lbs
    Waterskin, 1gp, 4lbs

    5 sq yards linen, 20gp
    1 sq yard of silk, 20gp
    13 sheep, 26gp

    Background: Pending

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