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    Vicroar Shadowfall:
    Race: Elf
    Class: Scout
    Gender: Male
    Height: 4'11''
    Weight: 103lbs
    Alignment: NG
    Str: 11   +0 mod
    Dex: 17  +3 mod   (15 + 2 racial)
    Con: 10  +0 mod   (12 - 2 racial)
    Int: 11   +0 mod
    Wis: 14  +2 mod
    Cha: 8   -1 mod
    HP: 8
    Speed: 30ft
    Saving Throws:
       Fortitude: 0 (0 base + 0 str mod)
       Reflex:   4 (2 base + 2 dex mod)
       Will:   2 (0 base + 2 wis mod)
    AC:  17 (10 + 3 armor+ 1 shield+ 3 dex mod)
        Flat Footed: 14
        Touch AC: 13
       Base Attack Bonus: 0
       Grapple: +0 
       Shortbow: +3  dmg: 1d6  crit: x3
       Dagger:  +0   dmg: 1d4   crit: 19-20x2
    Class Abilities:
        Skirmish +1d6
       Hide:    7     (4 ranks + 3 dex mod)
       Knowledge (geography):  4 (4 ranks + 0 int mod)
       Knowledge (nature):  4  (4 ranks +0 int mod)
       Listen:    8   (4 ranks + 2 wis mod + 2 racial)
       Move Silently:  7  (4 ranks + 3 dex mod)
       Search:     4    (4 ranks + 0 int mod)
       Spot:   8  (4 ranks + 2 wis mod + 2 racial)
       Survival:  6  (4 ranks + 2 wis mod)
       Studded Leather Armor, Buckler, Shortbow, Arrows (20), 
       Dagger, Belt Pouch, Waterskin, Tindertwig (10), Caltrops
    100g - 91g= 9g
    Upkeep (5g/month) included 1st month
    Carrying Capacity:                       Weight Carried:
    Light: 38lbs                                   37 lbs
    Med: 76 lbs
    Heavy: 115lbs

    Vicroar Shadowfall loved scouting. He loved being in front of the advancing group, searching for dangers. He loved seeing the surprise on some nasty creature's face as the ambush that creature had set was ambushed itself.

    Vicroar was raised in the typical elven society. He was the typical young elf, but slightly reckless when compared to his peers. One night, a group of humans came into his village to speak with the elders. It was his first time to see humans, and became curious about them. When they left, he followed.

    He followed them all the way back to their own town, even prevented them from being attacked by a dumb goblin. Vicroar spent days on the outskirt of the town, watching as many of the humans as he could. He slept in the trees, ate what he could hunt and gather. He was nervous about going into the village, but knew he had to soon.

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    Stat Roll:17, 17, 15, 12, 12, 11

    Name: Aredal Light
    Class: Cleric of Pelor 1
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 148lb
    Eyes: Deep Blue
    Hair: Blond
    Skin: Fair
    -Sun (Greater Turning 1/day)
    -Healing (Healing spells at +1 caster level)
    Str: 12 (+1)
    Dex: 11 (+0)
    Con: 12 (+1)
    Int: 15 (+2)
    Wis: 17 (+3)
    Cha: 17 (+3)
    Level: 1        XP: 575
    BAB: 0          HP: 9 (1d8+1)
    Grapple: 1      Dmg Red: None
    Speed: 30       Spell Res: None
    Init: 0         Spell Save: 13 + spell level
    ACP: -1         Spell Fail: 0%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10     3     0     0     0     0     0    13
    Touch:               Flatfooted: 
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      2     1           3
    Ref:                       0     0           0
    Will:                      2     3           5
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Light Mace                1       1d6+1       ??
    Languages: Common, Elven, Halfling
    Turn Undead, Spellcasting.
    Endurance, Negotiator
    Skills: Points: 4x4+4=20
    Max Ranks: 4/2         Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Concentration            4     1           5
    Craft Jewelry            2     2           4
    Diplomacy                4     3    2      9
    Heal                     2     3           5
    Knowledge Arcana         4     2           6
    Knowledge History
    Knowledge Religion       4     2           6
    Knowledge the Planes
    Spellcasting: 3/2+1
    0: Light, Purify food & drink, Mending
    1: Protection from Evil, Shield of Faith, Cure Light Wounds(D)
    Equipment:                                 Weight
    Studded Leather 25gp                         20
    Light Mace 5gp                                4
    Backpack 2gp                                  2
    Sack 1sp                                     0.5
    Bedroll 1sp                                   5
    Waterskin 1gp                                 4
    Trail Rations x 3 15sp                        3
    Flint % Steel 1gp                             -
    Wooden Holy Symbol (Sundisc) 1gp              -
    Torch x 3 3cp                                 3
    Artisan's tools 55sp                          5
    Upkeep; Common 45gp                           1
    22gp, 7sp, 7cp                                1
                               Lt     Med       Hvy       Lift    Push
    Max Weight:               43lb  44-86lb   87-130lb    130lb   650lb
    Aredal Light
    A bit overzealous cleric of Pelor who hates undead with fervor matching that of clerics of Wee Jas. Aredal was adopted by a clergyman when his parents fell to a plague that was spread by zombies in a now-forgotten village in Furyondy. The priest took him to Crockport and he was raised by the clergy who believed he is destined to become a great saint of the faith. Aredal grew to be a compassionate young man who doesn't deny healing from anyone needing it. But two years ago his adoptive father fell battling a vampire and this reminded Aredal of how his real parents too had died because of undead. He decided to devote his life to not only bring light to the world but also to destroy the darkness that is undeath. And an ancient prophecy told of sole survivor of a deadly plague who will become a great high-priest and saint of Pelor. Some clerics believe it told about Aredal. After the death of his adoptive father, Aredal took to wandering the Flanaess and when he came to Dyvers he heard of the troubles in Hommlet. Aredal decided to go and see if there was anything he could do to help.

    What Aredal himself don't know is that his adoptive father didn't truly die. He too became a vampire. If Aredal were to find out of this he would face a difficult decision. (This part is to give you an interesting plothook if you want to use it. If not, that's good too.)

    Aredal is somewhat short man with deep blue eyes and blond hair, giving him a bit angelic looks. He wears the normal yellow and orange garments of his faith. Aredal is aware of the prophesy and knows the fact that many priests believe it tells of him. But Aredal himself is a humble man and have decided to wait and see. If it is his destiny it will come when it will come, and if not, well, in that case it told of someone else. Aredal has a pleasant voice and a face people like to trust.
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    Dolan, son of Danath

    Ability scores: 16, 15, 14, 10, 9, 9
    character sheet

    Dolan, son of Danath
    Neutral Good
    Male Dwarf
    Fighter 1
    Experience: 425

    Initiative +0
    AC 18 (10 +6 Def + 2 Shield) Flat-footed 12 Touch 16
    Damage Conversion: 4
    HP 13
    BAB +1
    Move 20'
    ACP -6

    Str 16 (+3)
    Dex 10 (+0)
    Con 17 (+3)(15 +2 racial mod)
    Int 14 (+2)
    Wis 9 (-1)
    Cha 7 (-2) (9 -2 racial mod)

    Fort +5
    Ref +0
    Will -1

    Class Abilities
    Proficiencies: Basic Weapons, Axes, Picks and Hammers, Crossbows, Light Blades

    Weapon Focus (warhammer)
    Blind Fight

    Climb +1 (4 ranks, +3 str, -6 ACP)
    Craft (armorsmithing) +6 (4 ranks, +2 Int)
    Intimidate +2 (4 ranks, -2 Cha)
    Jump +1 (4 ranks, +3 str, -6 ACP)

    Equipment 160 gp.
    Scale Mail (50 gp)
    Warhammer (12 gp) +5 1d8+3 20/x3
    Heavy Steel Shield (20)
    Throwing Axe (8 gp) +1 1d6+3 20/x2
    Light Crossbow (35 gp) +1 1d8 19-20/x2
    20 Bolts (2 gp)
    Backpack (2 gp)
    Bedroll (1 sp)
    Flint and Steel (1 gp)
    Artisan's tools (5 gp)
    50' silk rope (10 gp)
    Waterskin (1 gp)
    Whetstone (2 cp)

    Meager Lifestyle (5 gp)
    Left to spend: 8 gp, 8 sp, 8 cp

    Dolan, son of Danath, grew to the age of majority in a small holding in the Lortmil Mountains. His childhood was typically dwarven. He learned to smith, to fight and to drink. He also learned the importance of tradition and unity in the face of adversity. All of which makes the fact that he has recently separated his fate from the master artisan he trained under at his parents' behest very puzzling. The fact is, he has discovered that he has much more of a taste for the open road and adventure than for the hot forge, and thus he signed on as a guard for a caravan that was passing by his clan's holding, bringing goods from the Duchy of Ulek to Verbobonc.

    In Verbobonc, Dolan quickly discovered that city-dwellers have a different set of ethics than those in smaller communities. He found that nobody cared about his well-being, and nobody was willing to help him find work or other necessities. The only kindly face he encountered was that of Garnor Thickwaist, a dwarf with a bit more experience in the wide world than Dolan. It wasn't until he woke up in an alley with a tailings-filled hangover and without the last of his savings that he grasped Garnor's true motivations.

    Disgusted by the decadence of the city but unwilling to return to a life of stoic complacency, Dolan set out to find a place more to his liking. It was then that he heard of Hommlet's troubles. Listening to one of the count's messengers talk to several guardsmen about the opportunities for wealth and fame in the small village, Dolan began to forge a plan. Later that very day he set out for Hommlet, hoping to prove himself and earn fame, fortune, and a bit of belonging.

    Dolan a dour-looking dwarf with the early version of a full-bodied beard. He carries a thoroughly dented hammer (a family heirloom) and wears a still-shiny, if a bit imperfect, set of scale mail, his most recent effort at the forge. His granite-grey eyes search newcomers distrustfully, but behind the shield of experience can be seen the glint of an idealistic and adventurous spirit.
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    Ability Scores: 17, 15, 12, 11, 11, 9

    character sheet

    Drynethael (Dryneth) Midurien
    Male Elf
    Lawful Neutral
    Duskblade 1

    Age 142
    Height 5' 1"
    Weight 94 lbs.
    Hair Blonde
    Eyes Blue

    Init +4
    AC 18 (Base 10, +3 Class Defense Bonus (Using Column B - overrides +3 Armor), +1 Shield, +4 Dex*)
    Damage Conversion: 3
    HP 8 (1d8)
    BAB +1
    Move 30'*
    Armor Check Penalty -2

    *See Encumbrance for speed and AC while traveling without mule

    STR 11 +0 mod
    DEX 19 (17 + 2 Racial) +4 mod
    CON 10 (12 - 2 Racial) +0 mod
    INT 15 +2 mod
    WIS 11 +0 mod
    CHA 9 -1 mod

    FORT +2
    REF +4
    WILL +2

    Racial Abilities:

    Immunity to Sleep Effects; +2 vs. Enchantment Effects; Low Light Vision; +2 Racial Bonus to Listen, Search, and Spot checks; always gets a Search check near a secret door

    Class Abilities:

    Weapon Group (Basic Weapons), Weapon Group (Bows), Weapon Group (Light Blades), Weapon Group (Heavy Blades), Weapon Group (Maces and Clubs), Weapon Group (Spears and Lances), Proficient with all Armors and Shields (except Tower), Spells (listed later), Arcane Attunement, Armored Mage (Light)


    Weapon Finesse

    Spells Known: 0 level - Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Ray of Frost, Touch of Fatigue
    1st level - Lesser Deflect, True Strike
    Arcane Attunement - Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Flare, Ghost Sound, Read Magic

    Spells/Day: 0 level - 3/day
    1st level - 3/day
    Arcane Attunement - Combined Total of 5/day

    Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Sylvan (Realized I left languages off the original sheet)

    Skills: (only noted skills with ranks or special racial modifiers)

    Concentration +4 (4 ranks, +0 Con modifier)
    Knowledge (Arcana) +4 (2 ranks, +2 Int modifier)
    Knowledge (History) +4 (2 ranks, +2 Int modifier)
    Listen +2 (0 ranks, 0 Wis modifier, +2 Racial modifier)
    Ride +6 (2 ranks, +4 Dex modifier)
    Search +4 (0 ranks, +2 Int modifier, +2 Racial modifier)
    Sense Motive +2 (2 ranks, +0 Wis modifier)
    Spellcraft +6 (4 ranks, +2 Int modifier)
    Spot +2 (0 ranks, +0 Wis modifier, +2 Racial modifier)


    Rapier (20gp) Attack +5 (+4 with shield) Dmg 1d6 18-20/x2 Type (P) Wgt. 2 lbs.
    (in scabard on the right side of his belt - wields it left handed)
    Shortbow (30 gp) Attack +5 Dmg 1d6 /x3 Range Inc. 60 ft. Type (P) Wgt. 2 lbs.
    Quiver with 20 arrows (1 gp) Wgt. 3 lbs.
    (slung over shoulder)
    Dagger (2gp) Attack +5 (+4 with shield) Dmg 1d4 19-20/x2 Type (P or S) Wgt. 1 lbs.
    (tucked into left boot)


    Studded Leather Armor (25gp) Bonus +3 Max Dex +5 Check -1 Wgt. 20 lbs.
    Shield, Light wooden (3gp) Bonus +1 Max Dex - Check -1 Wgt. 5 lbs.
    (Usually worn on right arm)


    150gp starting money

    Traveler's Outfit
    (Black and Grey Shirt and Breeches with Deep Purple Cloak)
    Spell Component Pouch (5gp) 2 lbs.
    1 Belt Pouch (1gp) 1/2 lb.

    Satchel (Backpack) (2gp) 2 lbs.
    (In backpack - currently on mule)
    Bedroll (1sp) 5 lbs.
    Flint and Steel (1gp)
    1 Day Trail Rations (5sp) 1 lb.
    Whetstone (2cp) 1 lb.
    Waterskin (1gp) 1 lb.
    2 Torches (2cp) 2 lbs.

    1 Pack Mule with tack and harness

    Total Encumbrance: 47.5 lbs. with satchel/backpack, 35.5 lbs. without satchel (during combat)

    Medium Encumbrance while Traveling (with backpack) Max Dex +3, Speed 20 feet
    Light Encumbrance during Combat (without backpack)

    Upkeep: Common (45gp) - 1st Month included

    Remaining Wealth:

    0 gp 3 sp 6 cp

    XP: 375

    Sorry for the length of the original background, Airwalkrr. I guess I didn't realize how much I had typed out. I'll try to condense it some here:


    Drynethael Midurien was born and raised in the elven community of Celene. His mother was a retired ranger, and his father a retired wizard. Both were well respected in the community and wealthy from their many adventuring exploits.

    He was tutored by his parents, leading a relatively sheltered life in his early formative decades. His father tried to press him to study magic, and he did half-heartedly, but his true passion was practicing swordplay in the woods with his mother. He would often neglect his magical studies to practice with his sword or spend time learning the ways of fighting from his mother. So that was how it went with Drynethael for many years.

    One day, while out in the woods practicing with his mother, the pair of elves were ambushed by a band of human bandits. A great fight ensued, and Drynethael and his mother slew a great many of them, but, just as the bandits were starting to rout, Drynethael saw a hidden sniper aim his crossbow at his (Drynethael's)mother. The sniper was too far away to attack with his sword and he didn't have time to draw his bow, so he tried casting a spell to stop the human. Unfortunately, his inattentiveness with his father's arcane studies showed itself, as the magic failed him during this crucial time. He was unable to do anything but watch as the bandit's crossbow bolt slew his mother. He struck down the remainder of the bandits, and afterwards wept as his mother died in his arms.

    When Drynethael told his father what had happened, the old elf flew into a rage. He blamed Drynethael for his wife's death and, after settling the inheritance of his wife's belongings, kicked Drynethael out of his house, effectively disowning him.

    Drynethael brooded for a long while, but finally enlisted with the Knights of the Hart. He threw himself into his studies there wholeheartedly, balancing his martial training with arcane studies in an attempt to both honor his mother's memory and respect his father's wishes that he study magic. Thus, Drynethael became a Duskblade for the Knights. It was about this time that rumors of a great evil trying to resurface in Hommslett found their way to Celene. Drynethael was only too eager to volunteer to investigate, ready to make his mother's spirit proud of him and to redeem himself in his father's eyes...

    I realize it's probably still a little wordy, but I tried to cut it down a little, while still containing the gist of his background. I hope that's better. Finally, his appearance:


    With shoulder length blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a slender frame, Drynethael Midurien looks very much like a stereotypical elf. However, his demeanor is almost always businesslike and aloof - sometimes even arrogant - and the mirthful laughter typical among his kin is all but absent.

    Drynethael wears the traditional colors of the Duskblade, exemplifying the dual nature of his training. His clothing boasts the colors of the sky just after sunset. His finely woven tunic and breeches sport various shades of grey, while his studded leather had been dyed black. The metal studs in his armor have been polished to a fine shine, appearing as stars against the black background. His cloak is a deep rich purple, the color of the western sky just after sunset. At his right hip he carries a rapier, while at his left is a quiver of arrows resting next to a belt pouch with strange runes traced into its leatherwork. A finely made elven bow is slung across his shoulders. A small wooden shield, traced with the leafy filligree typical among elven craftsmen, is strapped to his right hand, which helps support a leather satchel that Drynethael carries slung over his right shoulder.

    EDITED character sheet because "Fey" is not a language (Replaced with Sylvan). That'll teach me to select languages without a book in front of me.

    EDIT 1/02/08: Added Damage Conversion and Class Defense Bonus Optional Rules into character sheet

    EDIT 1/11/08: Updated Character Sheet to include current XP and pack mule purchase

    EDIT 1/20/08: Updated Character Sheet to update XP total
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    Block Voda Vosa

    Character sheet
     Name: Mulnock Dilngbor
    Class: Spellthief
    Race: Gnome
    Size: small
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: True Neutral 
    Str: 11 +1 (0p.)     Level: 1        XP: 0
    Dex: 17 +3 (10p.)    BAB: +0         HP: 9
    Con: 14 +2 (6p.)     Grapple: +1     Dmg Red: 
    Int: 14 +2 (6p.)     Speed: 20'      Spell Res: 0
    Wis: 5 -3 (2p.)     Init: +3      Spell Save: +1
    Cha: 12 +1 (6p.)     ACP: -2         Spell Fail: 20%
                   Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:          10    +4    +0    +3    +1    +0    +0    18
    Touch: 14              Flatfooted: 15
                               Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      0     +2          +2
    Ref:                       0     +3          +3
    Will:                      2     -3          -1
    Weapon                Attack   Damage     Critical
    Kukri   		+4     1d3+1      18-20x2
    Shortbow                +4     1d6           20x3
    Languages: Dwarven, Common, Gnome, Elven.
    Class: Trapfinding, Sneak attack +1d6, Armor proficiencey (Light), weapon proficiencey (simple), Steal spell(1), 
    Gnome: Low-light vision, +2 save vs illusion, +1 dc vs illusion spells cast, Weapon familiarity, Spell like abilities (Speak with animals, ghost sounds, prestidigitation, dancing lights), +1 attack against kobolds an goblinoids, +2 listen & craft (alchemy), +4 dodge AC bonus vs giants
    Feats: Weapon proficience martial, weapon finess
    Skill Points: 32       Max Ranks: 4
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Escape artist             4    +3          +8
    Sleith of hand            4    +3          +8
    Tumble                    4    +3          +8
    Hide                      4    +3   +2    +11
    Move silently             4    +3          +8
    Bluff                     4    +3          +8
    Use magic device          4    +3          +8
    Equipment:               Cost  Weight
    Chain shirt armor   100 gp  20lb 
    Kukri              8gp   3lb
    Shortbow                 30gp  2lb
    Flint and steel           1gp    -
    Backpack                  2gp   2lb 
    Sack x4                   4sp   2lb        
    Bedroll                   1sp   5lb   
    Arrows (40)               2gp   6lb
    Ration, Trail(1 day)      5sp    1lb   
    Travelers Outfit             
    Shortsword                10gp
    Money: 7gp
    Age: 135
    Height: 3'11"
    Weight: 45 lb.

    Mulnock Dilngbor, is one of the many sons of the Dilngbor family. His father Drumock Dilngbor, is the "Locks and related devices expert" of town, and he always have a story to tell, most of them, from when he was recruited to save the village from the horrifying evil worshipers! Drumock was in charge of unlocking entrances and doors, finding traps and the sort. Dilngbors have been known for their talents with locks, traps and many mechanical devices, that their thin fingers can get. Most of his brothers are locksmiths too, or trap finders. But Drumock, Drumock was always the black sheep of the family. Deciding he wouldn't became a locksmith, he travel to become a powerful mage. Or so he said.
    After many traveling, and some real life lessons, Mulnock learned to do things the easy way. Instead of learning and studding for years or decades, he developed an innate talent to steal the arcane energies from the spellcasters. In Mulnock words, "Arcane gestures? magical components? Giv' me!"
    A few years from the start of his journey, he heard of evil, rising in his homeland, this was the opportunity to show his parents, that he was as capable as his father, and made them proud.
    Mulnock changed his itinerary, next stop, Hommlet.-

    Mulnock is a short gnome, with black hair, and a curled mustache, and a pointy beard. He has big black eyes, and is always asking questions. Anything wakes his curiosity. His lettle hands are always moving.

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    Block Bihlbo

    Daonil Riventha

    Character Sheet

    CG Male human savage bard 1; follower of Procan
    Init +1
    AC 14 (+1 Dex, +3 armor), touch 11, flat-footed 13
    hp 7 (1d6+1)
    Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +1; (base 2/0/2)
    Speed 30 ft.
    Base Atk +0; Grp +1
    Melee +1 trident (1d8+1, x2)
    Ranged +1 javelin (1d6+1, x2, 30 ft.)
    Ability Scores
    STR 13
    DEX 13
    CON 13
    INT 10
    WIS 9
    CHA 15
    Feats Basic weapons (club, dagger, and quarterstaff), Weapon Group (spears & lances: javelin, lance, longspear, shortspear, and trident), Weapon Group (light blades: dagger, punching dagger, rapier, and short sword), Dodge, Quick Draw
    Class Features Bardic music, bardic knowledge, countersong, fascinate, inspire courage +1
    Skills Gather Information +6 (4 ranks), Knowledge (geography - especially the sea) +4 (4 ranks), Perform (drinking songs) +6 (4 ranks), Survival +3 (4 ranks), Swim +5 (4 ranks) (+3 after ACP), Use Magic Device +6 (4 ranks)

    0-level (2/day)
    detect magic, ghost sound, mage hand, mending

    4d4x10 = 110 gp
    Standard upkeep

    Trident 15 gp 1d8 x2 10 ft. 4 lb. Piercing
    6x Javelin 1 gp 1d6 x2 30 ft. 2 lb. Piercing
    Dagger 2 gp 1d4 1920/x2 10 ft. 1 lb. Piercing or slashing
    Studded leather 25 gp, +3 AC, 1 ACP, 30 ft., 20 lb.
    (37 lbs. worn)

    Backpack (empty) 2 gp 2 lb.
    Bedroll 1 sp 5 lb.
    Block and tackle 5 gp 5 lb.
    Fishhook 1 sp x5
    Flint and steel 1 gp
    Rations, trail (per day) 5 sp 1 lb. x2
    Rope, silk (50 ft.) 10 gp 5 lb.
    Sack (empty) 1 sp 1/2 lb. x2
    Waterskin 1 gp 4 lb. x2
    40 gold, 2 silver
    (backpack: 30 lbs.)

    Level Advancement

    This is to record plans for future leveling, or to make it easier to later catch up, in case the character starts at level 6 much later in the game.

    Level 2
    Bard, level 2
    +1 BAB, Fort, Will
    Learn 1 0-level spell
    Learn 2 1st-level spells

    Level 3
    Barbarian, level 1
    +1 BAB; +2 Fort
    Fast movement, illiteracy, rage 1/day
    +3 Weapon Groups (flails & chains, bows, exotic weapons)
    Character level feat

    Level 4
    Bard, level 3
    +1 BAB, Ref
    Inspire competence
    Learn 1 0-level spell
    Learn 1 1st-level spell
    +1 Cha

    Level 5
    Bard, level 4
    +1 BAB, Fort, Will
    Learn 2 2nd-level spells

    Level 6
    Bard, level 5
    Learn 1 1st-level spell
    Learn 1 2nd-level spell
    Can replace one spell
    Character level feat

    Level 7
    Bard, level 6
    +1 BAB, Fort, Ref, Will

    Level 8
    Bard, level 7
    +1 BAB
    Learn 2 3rd-level spells
    +1 Cha

    Level 9
    Bard, level 8
    +1 BAB, Fort, Will
    Learn 1 3rd-level spell
    Inspire courage +2
    Can replace one spell
    Character level feat

    Level 10
    Bard, level 9
    +1 Ref
    Inspire greatness

    Level 11
    Bard, level 10
    +1 BAB, Fort, Will
    Learn 1 3rd-level spell
    Learn 2 4th-level spells

    Level 12
    Bard, level 11
    +1 BAB
    Learn 1 4th-level spell
    Can replace one spell
    Character level feat
    +1 Cha

    Level 13
    Bard, level 12
    +1 BAB, Fort, Ref, Will
    Song of freedom

    Level 14
    Bard, level 13
    Learn 1 4th-level spell

    Level 15
    Bard, level 14
    +1 BAB, Fort, Will
    Learn 3 5th-level spells
    Inspire courage + 3
    Can replace one spell
    Character level feat

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    Block airwalkrr

    OnlytheStrong: I think you get 4 more skill points. I only counted 7. What is Vicroar's alignment?

    Voda Vosa: I believe you are also entitled to 4 more skill points.

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    Block OnlytheStrong

    Um.......alignment........good question..........

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